Friday, October 31, 2014

Letting Go

Letting go can be hard, especially for a mother. Letting them take the car for a long drive to see a friend. Letting them go to explore and try new things you have not dared like skiing down a slope. Letting them go on a flight overseas to visit other lands without you there at any of these times to watch or hold their hands.

Watching them gain independence and learn to stand on their own. Letting them go so they can grow and try new things alone. Letting them go to leave the nest and get their own place and sending them with gifts of plates and towels and other things they need to start out and your best wishes.

It can be hard, like the first time they walked to school and asked you not to accompany them. But letting go is a gift. It is the wings they need to succeed. It is saying I believe in you as you hide your worry. Letting them go as they move miles away to make their own home.

Not seeing them for months at a time but allowing them their space is a gift too. A gift of love. Keeping in touch is important as is encouragement. They have solid roots and will bloom wherever they are for they know who they are and that they are loved.

You send little care packages to remind them of home and of a mother's love. You share pictures and long telephone calls. Cards and letters make their way across the miles. They are always near to you in your heart. You are there for the good times and there for the bad times.

You're a mom and you find that they are there for you too. To encourage you in new things, a career change, going it alone. You share laughter and tears. You brag about them to your friends. They too have children far away. They understand. But love knows no distance.

Their presence is alive in all that you see and do. It will be time for a visit soon and you'll share their favorite foods and places that they've missed or they will show you their new discoveries in what is now home to them. Letting go is empowering and filled with faith.


Thursday, October 30, 2014

Where I need to go

You are always with me,
as are your angels....
I put my life in your hands,
and my future...
Your guidance will take me
where I need to go...


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I don't

I realize now
that I didn't talk enough
I didn't contribute myself in total
to what we were
so leaving our love to die
of starvation...

Instead I overpowered you
with my presence
overcaring... smothering
avoiding personal questions
that would leave me vulnerable
not asking of you
truths I know would hurt
that is only half giving...
shutting our eyes to what we don't know
if we don't ask
but if we didn't know
why was the question there?

I wanted to say
"stop the world for me"
there are no others
let it be me instead

So afraid of being demanding
in this one area
I let everything die instead
not even able to walk away in dignity
I struck back...
using pity as a weapon
and untruths
leaving not love thoughts
but guilt
shaming myself in the process

I always said
"you don't really know me"
and you didn't
for without communication,
guts, and personal truths
can there ever be knowledge
of who someone really is?

The telephone rings... you are there
I want to say "I love you"
but I don't...


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Without Fuel

I'm not good at games
with men
it's not my forte
I'm too up front
to be a flirt
it's been so long
I've forgotten how to play....

There's no alternative
that I can see
for a relationship with one man
that being close
one man... one woman
I see no other recourse for me
I'm an echo in the void....

Something in me
keeps holding back
I feel uncomfortable, vulnerable
even now I'm satyric
and dislike my infrequency
my mind wanders to transgress
but my fire's without fuel


Monday, October 27, 2014

The more you give

Because you wanted...
and because I care...
I removed my affections
but my love's still there...
My body can grow cold with age,
but a warm heart beats still
even though it doesn't show...
I love you now and always will.
Do you think I must be near you
for this love of mine to live?
It doesn't need to be within walls,
it's from in your heart you give,
and like the wind that blows the leaves
into the world... everywhere,
I may not see my beloved again
but my love will always be there.
It is one thing that only grows,
the more you give, the more you share.


Sunday, October 26, 2014

Do not visit me

you could smell it
was a visitor
in our garage
its putrid odor
was invading itself
through the cracks
into the house
into everything
an evil visitor
the cat
had been murdered
had bashed its head in
and stuck it in the fan
its mouth
with the lips eaten away
only teeth left
in a painful tight grimace
its hair dying away
maggots breading
only sickness such as they
could live on
feeding upon death
god it was horrible
Death do not visit me
so cruelly again!


Saturday, October 25, 2014

Spring in New England

A crumple of old snow
still covers the earth
bleached weeds and grasses
poke through,
showing not a sign of life
the birds pipe lonely,
occasional cries,
and dark rivers run ominously swift,
flinging along branches and patches of ice.
Still I can look at the grayest day
and and see in it promises that dazzle my eyes
visions of green - -  everywhere green
green as only New England can be
I feel a friendly warmth
overlying the uncharitable chill
its light touch comes and goes
and then persists
between the puddles of melting ice
and pockets of worn down snow,
earth softens
for a day or two, it gives off
the sumptuous scent of thaw,
smelling more wonderfully of spring
than even violets do
I breathe it in... and smile
crocuses pop up in miniature bravado,
and then collapse under
the astonishment of late snow
one day, while the ground is still spongy,
the faintest possible haze of green appears
in last year's grass
trees are discernibly in bud
I savor every little sign of spring--
notice everything... my very soul insists
there are promises in frosty mornings,
in clouds thinning where the sun insists
and in simple souls like mine
it makes me feel there's still something
to have faith in...


Friday, October 24, 2014

My biggest fear

My biggest fear
to forget those
I hold dear
leaving me exposed
no past to adhere
my mind decomposes
ripping away years
as age does impose
my biggest fear


Make a difference

What can I do to make a difference? Not just today, but everyday. Help me to help others God. Let what I say and do, the example I can be, help others to believe in you. Help me to be a witness to how you work in the lives of those who seek you.

Teach us how to be more forgiving and caring. May we see your spirit in others and not just their color, their gender, their beliefs. We are not just our outer appearance but a spiritual child created in your likeness that lives within.

We may feel separated at times but that is an illusion. What is within us can never be apart from us. You love each of us more than we can possibly love ourselves. When we put our faith in you our whole life undergoes a transformation.

Suddenly the whole world opens up in ways that we never thought possible. Often times we struggle needlessly when all we have to do is reach out to you, call your name and ask for assistance. You are so patient with us, Dear God., you do not interfere with our free choice but sometimes our own free will actually brings the heavens to tears.

We can only change ourselves. Each one of us can choose to change. To seek enlightenment, honor our universe, love one another, be less judgemental and more forgiving. Clean up what we can and try to do no harm to others or our environment.

To protect the trees, the wildlife, be careful of what we put into the waters and the land. To learn to simplify instead of always seeking more. To realize that "things" are not more important than others. To give respect to our fellow person and know that together we can accomplish much more than each of us can do separately but not to be afraid to take that first step ourselves.

To reach out our hand instead of waiting for someone to ask. Often we see what needs to be done but are always waiting for someone else to do it. Today is always a new day, a new beginning. We can choose to change, to be aware, and to do something.


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thanks for what I can do

Help me to pray, Oh Lord, for those who do not know how to pray, or don't take time to pray, for those in doubt of themselves or of your existence. Help me to live as an example to others and to trust in your guidance in all things.

Prayer and conversation with you are the most important cornerstones of my life. It is the beginning and ending of each day as well as many brief conversations along the way. I don't not pray for "things" but for others, for strength, wisdom, a loving heart, for advice and guidance and in thanksgiving.

To be grateful each day for your many blessings big and small. This is the most important thing we can do to create a life changing awareness in our life. Each and everything we experience can be examined for the blessing in it from an accident, that no one was injured, to the fresh fruit at the market that we take for granted but that is not available or affordable to many others.

For the ability to read and write when many are unschooled. There are so many things we take for granted that are true blessings in our lives. Things we forget to notice until we start listing them each day, and many still we do not see until we are deprived of them.

Help me to learn to have patience when I am now struggling with tasks that were once so easy and to be grateful that I can do them at all, no matter how slowly. For this too I am grateful.


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Never fear, God is here

It is comforting to know that God hears our prayers and shows His love so generously and in so many ways. I cannot be worried when I know that my life is in God's hands for I do not doubt that as my loving Father He only wants the best for me and as my loving Mother She keeps me always in Her care, watching over me and guiding me.

I am blessed with many angels who have been put into my life both human and of the spirit. For all the experiences that have brought me to whom and where I am at this point in my life. Experiences are lessons we can chose to grow by. I am also blessed by the very real lessons of hardship and struggle.

I do not know exactly where God intends to lead me but I am sure that He will show me the way. I pray that my loved ones find joy in their work and lives, and that brings purpose to them. God has given me an angel for a sister one not of blood but of choice and she too enriches my life as well as my children, grandchildren and many other friends.

I appreciated the others angels whom God has given to help me through some of my struggles. Thank you for listening when I needed an ear dear God. May I be able to repay you by doing your work while I can in this world and the next one, in this life and in the next.


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I've seen you before

A hug and kiss
and smiling face
I've seen you
before this
forgetful bliss
oh, your name
evades me
gone, no trace
it's inhumane
dying memory


God teaches us

Help me to strengthen my faith God. To reaffirm my belief that you are in charge and know what is in my best interest. That I will continue to put my life in your hands and follow where you may lead me. I am grateful for your continued abundance and the knowledge and lessons you have brought into my life and the guidance you have provided me on my spiritual path.

My I continue to grow in your love and light. I cannot know what the future holds but you do. Each day I look forward to learning a bit more as you reveal a new way of thinking and living to me and make me more consciously aware of so much more than I ever paid attention to before.

You have given me a new fullness to my life, as well as patience and a sense of peace I never would have thought possible. Everyday to spend time and thoughts with you and of you begins each day in harmony and spiritual balance. God you are the center of my being as well as my life.

I feel a connectedness not only with you but with all existence and I know that I am never alone. I feel the presence of my Angels, even though, as yet, I do not see them. You have opened my eyes, my heart and my life and everything is brighter, more magnified and has greater clarity.

I do not worry for the future but live in fullness each day enjoying the gift of the present and releasing all the sorrow and pain of the past. I believe in myself because you believe in me. You have shown me that life does not depend on my clinging to a job, place, routine or on others for my livelihood or my happiness.

You have shown me how liberating forgiveness can be and to be more giving to others from the heart and the spirit expecting nothing in return for all that I need I receive from you. Today is beautiful God. I think you for the gift and the awareness to enjoy it.


Monday, October 20, 2014

Preparation Time

Each day I look forward to my time with you, Dear God, and for the new lessons you teach me and the wisdom that you give me. It is the most peaceful time of my day and I am grateful to start it with you. God, you have taught me how to be silent, to quiet my mind, and to go within.

To not only listen but to truly hear. To recognize your worlds and the still small voice within. God you have taught me patience and trust. That all things will be revealed in time, but meanwhile to accomplish, one step at a time, what you have given me to learn whether it be a new computer program, a difficult lesson, or to relax and enjoy a vacation.

To me more aware of the beauty around me and to do all things in full consciousness. God you have shown me the way to encourage others as well as myself. To be there when I am needed and to be mindful of the commitment I have made to you.

God you are teaching me how to release my doubts and fears and to trust that I can achieve whatever you want me to achieve and set before me. To stick to the goals I have created and to not give up in frustration. You have provided abundantly for me.

Dear God, you have shown me the wisdom of releasing the negativity in my life and that forgiving is liberating. To not take to heart the discouragement offered by others but to put my faith in you and that you would never lead me on a wrong path but only to one that will serve my higher purpose.

Even though I cannot see what is around the bend or over the hill, you know and therefore I am at peace and leave the unknown in your hands. I understand that this is a period of preparation for greater things to come and I will endeavor to do my best in all things that what I learn will be used to serve you in some way. I thank you for the opportunities you have granted me, for friends, family and each new day.


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Let me help

I am grateful that others reach out to me. Help me be a little tool in your hand that I may help serve you. Help my work touch others in some way, to remind them that they are loved, watched over and cared for, and to open their eyes and hearts and you will fill the emptiness that they feel.

Let me help others to be more aware of the beauty around them and that all things were created by you and therefor should be revered. Let me help others find the joy that is possible in each of our lives and to concentrate on the positive and all the possibilities instead of the negative they cling to.

Help me be a source of inspiration that it is possible to make a new beginning at any time and find fulfillment and abundance in doing the work that we love. Let my work always reflect the continued spiritual growth you give us when we seek it and ask your guidance.

Let me be an example of how we can rise up again and make a new life for ourselves. That it is possible to see our dreams come true, to follow a new and richer path, have our own home and that you will supply the abundance to make those dreams come true.

When we know you we also honor ourselves. Let me teach others that life can be lived gloriously, that we can plan and save, travel and see and we can achieve. Let me teach others that our joy comes from within and is not dependant on a particular job, person, or things acquired but is the simple abundance of truly living each day to the fullest, consciously.

Let me show others how much there is to be grateful for if they truly look and start counting their blessings instead of concentrating on hardships. Help me to show that when we trust in your anything is possible and to never give up but have faith.

You will always see us through, Oh Lord we can but ask to help you in small ways to help others. Thank you for the work you give me God.


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Me and tree

Where can "tree" live and flourish seems to be the same question I ask for myself. We both need to be in the right climate to start anew and we are both "hanging in there" in faith that you will guide us to a place of new promise.

It is here that we shed our old way of life that we may be reborn in new faith and strength. Show us the way, Oh God. Nurture us through your teaching and guidance that we may be made strong. Help us to be patient and to rejoice in each day and to be thankful for its blessings.

Show us how to be unafraid in our uncertainties. A tree is not just a tree but a wonderful creation of God as are we all. When we cling to the hope and promise that God brings us we consciously try to be the best that we can in all circumstances.

Each day holds new wonderment and we greet it each morning, together outside on my patio, me and tree. I tell "tree" to lift up its branches as I lift up my heart to you. Only you, Oh God, know our future and where our path will lead us. You have never deserted me or let me down but have given me a new life and greater awareness, a new consciousness of living and an abundance to provide for more than my needs.

Tree and I would love to have our own space, somewhere to plant our roots deep and to reach our full potential. Somewhere not quite so congested where the air is clear. A place of inspiration and peace. Somewhere where you can sit and not just see other buildings and cement lined areas but more trees and space to grow.


Friday, October 17, 2014

Live God's Way

Sometimes what we plan is not the way our day or our life goes. Sometimes God has other things in mind for us. Instead of struggling to have our way in life, it helps to ask God what we are meant to be doing for God wants more for us than we do for ourselves.

Not in material things although He will supply us in abundance but in living our lives joyfully and fully in service to a greater purpose. Nothing is this life is an accident or random so we need to look for the lessons in all things for greater understanding and spiritual growth.

Make every day an accomplishment. Live consciously, not in self-pity or idleness. Give to others from the heart not for acknowledgement or boastfulness. Live enthusiastically, counting your blessings, for when we live in the glory of God they are many and nothing is taken for granted.

Love what you do and do what you love, God will direct your way and open many new doors for you. Set aside time to relax, to just be, for friends and family. Spend time daily learning something new and on the spirit that it may grow.

Make nature a part of your life, spend time each day outdoors, buy yourself flowers, plant bulbs. See the hand of God everywhere for everything is a creation of His hand. Live in peace but not in ignorance. Learn compassion not intolerance.

Do not mimic the behavior you dislike in others or use the excuse your are paying them back in kind. Always ask yourself if God would approve and live accordingly. Do not spend your time in criticism but lead by example. Do everything in the spirit of love.

Ask the angels to be with you each day. Ask them to teach you and they will. God provides instructors both visible and invisible, He is not limiting. Whatever we need God is willing to provide but we must first learn to ask, to communicate, to listen and to be still, to observe.

To recognize the inner voice that is the Holy Spirit. To not demand but to live patiently. God does not live in our time schedule but His own. He gave us life here to make the world a much better place, and to love Him and one another.


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Spend time with children

Take time for others. Give of yourself not just in worldly good. Take time to make memories that will last a lifetime and beyond. See the joy in each moment. Praise others not only for their good behavior but for the work they do, especially the children.

Praise goes further in encouraging the best we can to than berating someone for all their faults. To spend time with children is to learn great patience and to see the world from the eyes of innocence. Be observant that you may see the traits they are developing.

Their joy in giving to others, of creating, their love of music. Their willingness to share and to do for others and their acknowledgement of the joy it brings them as well as the recipient. We can learn so much from the children in our lives.

Let them know that you too have to struggle with certain things, that you are not perfect but to always do your best in all things. What we do together is more memorable to children that what is done for them. Include them in decisions that are appropriate for their age that they may feel an active part of what you do.

Be firm when they misbehave that they may learn from their mistakes. Learn to listen when they speak. It makes us all feel important to receive undivided attention. Teach them the importance of not just expecting but giving to others as well.

Teach them that they cannot always have everything they want for if they don't learn it now they will learn it later in life and feel betrayed. Give to children lots of love and affection. No one can have too much love, but do not smother or suppress them for we learn too from our own discoveries and mistakes in life.

See the wonder at life through the eyes of a child and the compassion they feel for even small things. Teach them to be gentle and caring. Give them age appropriate responsibilities, and laugh often with them. We all have a child within us.  May we love and celebrate that child too and heal any wounds suffered in the past.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Cover Faces

Cover Faces
Madonna and Sean
just dusty traces
of days long gone
and times displaced
a passing renaissance
Madonna and Guy
a cover response
that too passed by


God slows us down

God wants us to be humble. To realize His importance in our life. Sometimes this requires that He slow us down so that we may have time to truly see and be in greater awareness of our life, how we live it, and our values.

Sometimes He uses an accident or an illness as an awakening. He tells us to leave our worries behind and put our faith in Him. God will care for us, lead us, provide for us if only we put our faith in His will, His teachings, His lessons and His great love for us.

Why are people always in such a hurry, seeking more and more, never seeing the blessings they already have? God does not want us to live this way! He does not want us to be vain about accomplishments, for whatever talents we possess are gifts from Him to use in His service.

Not just that we may amass wealth and possessions but that we may touch the hearts and spirits of others on our journey. Life is not just about us but what we do with it can make a difference when we follow His guidance. Ask to be shown a greater purpose in living and it will be given to you.

Be in awareness of each day's gifts and thank God for the blessings you receive. When you ask God to show you the way and release yourself into His hands life takes on a whole new meaning. Miracles begin to happen and a synchronicity of living.

When you look for the message in the events you begin to see with greater clarity, you learn how to pray, not with a grocery list of wants but for a greater understanding and in new appreciation. You will find that you get what you need when you need it to follow the path He has directed you on.

When you need rest He will provide rest, a pause in the routine. When you need financial help He will provide the abundance for you to continue on your way. There will be time for play, time for learning, time for laughter and time for work.

Be humble and listen. Slow down that you may see where you are going the direction God is leading you. We need not stumble in the darkness. God shows us the light.


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

We will see

Before the ice is on the ground
before the birds all go
or the virgin autumn ends
tarnished by the snow -

Before the stars are blemished
and laid on the Christmas tree
before all this has come and gone
God's wonders, we will see

Oh let me touch the waters
waiting for this day
and walk upon the sunrise
on Jesus' birthday

That which speaks of love, do so
when everyone's together
Christmas night will be aglow
no matter what the weather


Monday, October 13, 2014

I seek you when

Dear God I always rely on you for the words to say, especially when it is a touchy subject, advice someone seeks or is upset for any reason. Give me the wisdom I need when I speak and also to know when to keep quiet. Teach me to listen well and not to compare previous situations I may have experienced to what the other person is going through.

Help me to be understanding when others snap at me because of their own tensions and not take it personally. Let me be quick to forgive even if the other person is not. Let me seek you as a counselor first instead of others that things that may be said might be repeated to others that words may be misinterpreted.

Help me to keep in harmony in our family, among my children and that we all respect other's right to live their own lives. Help me to remember that everyone is unique and not to expect them to conform to our way of life. Help me to be flexible God, non-judgemental and that I may be an example of Christian love.

Help me to see the beauty and the blessings in each and every day and to live joyfully. Help me to be the best I can be at all times. Help me to be in appreciation, for everything is a gift ultimately including the lessons that we learn from.

Teach me not to take things for granted but to live in awareness each moment. Help me to treat others with the respect I myself would like to receive. Help me to be able to laugh even at my own shortcomings and not to take everything so seriously.

Help me to remember to thank you for all that you do for me and that you are the source I rely on and to keep my own ego in check. Help me to be more humble God and not to be in fear each time I see my finances dwindle or I am away from home and that you watch over all.

Help me to be generous in my giving and in my affection for love is a great healer in all things. Thank you for showing me that I am precious to you dear God. Thank you.


Sunday, October 12, 2014

Intentions become reality

When we open ourselves to our desire and set our intentions, we draw that dream into a reality on our life like a magnet.

Let my reality become one of peace and tranquility for all my days to come.


Saturday, October 11, 2014

We choose how we live

God says, "as ye sow, so shall ye reap" and "do unto others as you would have others do unto you." In these words he is instructing us with the importance of how to lead our life. That to all of our actions there is an equal and opposite (in kind) reaction.

When we do good, good is returned to us in kind. When we are loving love is returned. When we are generous we are blessed in our heart, but when we are selfish, greedy thinking only of ourselves and material things, it dry up our spirit making us open to the evil that is always around us.

Material things and money in themselves are not evil, but if we choose to gain at the expense of others, if we choose it over friends and family and their welfare, even of strangers, then we allow that bit of evil to manifest in our lives.

We need to ask ourselves "what is our intention" in all that we do. What purpose are we serving in this life and are we making a difference by being here at all? Be conscious of how you live, of the energy you generate, of the good that you can do, of how you treat others, for what you do in this life is exactly what you bring back into your own life.

For our energy is like a magnet drawing to us what we believe. Our fears become our reality. Our thoughts influence our actions. Our inaction in itself brings a reaction. For doing nothing when we can be making a difference is also a choice.

Nothing material is everlasting, but the good we do generates more good and keeps growing and expanding beyond us like a pebble thrown into a stream creating ripples that spread ever wider. We cannot always see immediately the results of our actions be we should live in full awareness that there is indeed a cause and effect and act accordingly, consciously.

Doing no harm if we can help it but bringing joy whenever and wherever we can. We always have a choice in how we live. Be aware of the consequences of your choices.


Friday, October 10, 2014

Help me be better

Oh God please help me not to be judgemental, but to reach out in love and truth. Give me the words to say that will make a difference and may they reach the spirit of the intended through you. Give me the wisdom God to be loving and considerate in all situations.

Let me not be in fear about my financial or other situations but to put my faith in you knowing that when we seek your guidance that you will always lead us on the right path and for the best outcome. Give me the energy for my work and the exercise to maintain my health.

Give me the strength to do what is right in all situations. Help me to see the greater truth in all things. To not be quick to react but to seek you first for enlightenment. Help me God to be the best that I can be and to always serve you in whatever capacity I can, knowing that you make all things possible.

Give me faith when I am in doubt. Give me strength when I feel weak. Give me courage when I falter. Give me love when I feel critical. Show me the way when I feel lost. Give me joy when I am in despair. Give me patience when I am frustrated. Enlighten me when I am being stubborn and insisting on doing things my way or no way.

Help me to reach out in friendship to others. To follow where you lead me. To always be willing to grow instead of thinking I know it all. To see the blessings in life instead of concentrating on what I may not have or coveting what others may have.

Let me seek simplicity instead of searching for more "things". Let me be generous to others not just with monetary gifts but of my time. Let me laugh often, enjoy the beauty of music, nature, the soft breeze, the sound of the ocean, the smell of new mown grass and a rose in bloom.

Let me see the beauty around me and truly appreciate it. Let me value my friendships and my family and always extend a hand to others. Let me be gentle with children and animals and grateful for each day as it comes, not waiting for tomorrow.


Thursday, October 9, 2014

Release the fear

When we find ourselves in a state of fear, for whatever reason, it is time to turn to God and ask His help in releasing it. Fear serves no purpose but to paralyze us in inaction. We can accomplish nothing in fear and it serves no good purpose.

God created us, He loves us, and will never abandon us. We need not struggle but ask for God's help. He is only waiting for our request so that He can raise us up, strengthen our beliefs and give us miracles if that is what we need.

When we examine fear, we ask where did it come from? Usually from our false sense of lack. We cannot overcome all things alone, it is true, but God gives us what we need, when we need it if only we believe. Fear cuts off the channels of receiving like a blocked up pipe but faith can remove that block and open the channel to be free flowing once again.

Compare fear to a dam with the flood gates closed. The water stays unmoving behind the barricade but let the wheels be turned to open the gates and the water again flows out with tremendous power. We need God's help in harnessing the fear. We can make the choice to ask Him to help and we will receive it.

Fear teaches us we have choices, to stay blocked by the dam it creates or to let God show us how to be open in faith and manifest through belief. The first is to know want and to live in a state of constant darkness and insecurity.

The second is to be in the light, acknowledging God's love and accepting His abundance and to live in joy and sharing the good news. It is always our free will. Which would you rather choose? We should embrace the fear as an opportunity to practice our faith, to seek God again and again, and to thank Him for the lessons that lead us back to Him.

Desire, ask, believe, receive, and release. Release everything into His hands. There is nothing too large, or too small for Him to handle, including fear.


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

On fear and children

In the beginning there was not fear. What we call fear is in actuality a by product of our separation from God. Because we do not remember our true home and our connectedness of spirit we have the misconception that we must rely on ourselves and others for our needs.

In reality God is our only source. What we are here for is to learn and to grow in spirit. We are creations of God and an expression of His love. Through us He also experiences life. Part of living and learning is to remember our greater purpose.

We can facilitate that by seeking God's help and guidance. We are never alone and there is nothing to fear because fear itself doesn't truly exist but is a creation of the ego in its striving for control, status, possessions, and feelings of lack.

When we forget God's promises it is because we are listening to ego instead of spirit. Seek the small inner voice within, which is the Holy Spirit and He will shed the light of truth on all situations and bring us back to a state of peace.

We also have a misconception about our children and feel as our creations we are responsible for them, when in fact we are only co-creators with God who has entrusted them to our care. He will give us what we need physically, emotionally, and spiritually, when we ask, to provide for their needs in all things.

We are to teach them according to God's will. God wants us to encourage them in the gifts he has blessed them with, not to try to control or mold them according to our egos. They are not reflections of us so much as reflections of God's love.

We need to learn to let go in order that thy may grow, we need to give them a foundation of love and respect and to encourage them in their endeavors. We ourselves need to see things in right perspective by seeking God's enlightenment instead of clinging to the ego's misperceptions.

The earth is a learning field and we are the student of God's academy. Do not seek the illusions of this life but endeavor to live our true purpose of love.


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Spilling the past

An empty shell
devoid of time
spilling the past
absently away


Turn to God for help

Fear not! God has said for I am with you always. When we have feelings of unworthiness, doubt in our abilities and feel unloved - turn to God. Ask Him to release these insecurities from you, to give you strength, and enlightenment. Be assured of God's love even when others ridicule you, defame you, harass or persecute you.

God's love which is limitless and unconditional is all you will need to succeed. God knows you better than you know yourself. When God tells us not to judge that includes any judgement of our own selves. You are made in God's likeness, do not depreciate that. You cannot control others but you can accept your own self as the loving child of God that you are.

Know you are never alone but surrounded by Angels sent by God who is within you as He is everywhere at once and at all times.God will show you the way to be at peace. Always act in a manner befitting one who is so loved by God.

Do not repay unkindness with the same or any negative treatment. Instead pray for them that they too may see the light and will not choose to continue acting in an unloving manner. We are all spiritual brothers and sisters of the one  Father, some just don't recognize it or are caught up in the ego of their own making.

They do not see their gifts as blessings from God but as their own creations and therefore feel superior. God gives us all gifts and the greatest is to love and be forgiving. Jesus taught us in His own words "forgive them Father for they know not what they do." Do not define yourself by the opinions of others for that is only their misguided perception.

Perception is neither truth nor fact. Only God knows the truth about what is in our heart and soul for God is all knowledge. God does not judge but guides. He leads us on the path of righteousness. He sets a table before us in the presence of our enemies. He restores our soul. Though we walk in the valley of death we shall fear no evil. Do not worry about the swords of sharp tongues, but be conscious of God's love.


Monday, October 6, 2014

Peace comes from within

I have found that being at peace is more important than position, status, wealth, fame, fancy houses or other "things" that we think would bring us what we feel we need. Peace cannot be bought but is a state of being. It comes from inside and is not dependant on exterior motivation.

Peace requires an acceptance of who we are and does not require that we compete with others. Peace puts us in appreciation of each moment of each day and to recognize our blessings. Peace takes time to be quiet and just experience and listen.Peace is releasing instead of trying to control situations.

It is striving to be the best you that you can be. Peace is possible for everyone who seeks it. Peace cannot be bought or earned but it can be acquired by going within, by knowing your authentic self, by seeking your spiritual path, by learning to meditate and pray, by slowing down and learning to see what is around you and appreciate the wonderful gifts that God has blessed us with.

Peace is learning to see the lessons in what we experience and growing through them instead of struggling and fighting and saying "why me?".  Peace is understanding that we are never abandoned but always loved. Peace is having a personal relationship with God and realizing that like other relationships it requires that we put time and effort into it.

That we set aside time everyday to be in His presence, to speak and to listen, to ask and receive, to get and be grateful and to give thanks. God, like everyone, likes to be acknowledged and is pleased when we seek Him out, and when we include Him in all aspects of our life making Him the pivotal point.

Life takes on a whole new meaning and a sense of peace is our reward. We know that nothing is impossible "with Him" that everything can be overcome "with Him: and that life is more joyful and purposeful "with Him". Ask Him to show you the way and He will. It is as simple as that. Ask for His forgiveness, His help, His comfort, His guidance, and He will fulfill your requests and more.


Share all things with God

Turn to God for healing as you do for all things. Ask Him for strength in times of hardships, for understanding when there is misunderstanding and forgiveness in all things. We do not need to understand the minds and hearts of others but only what we harbor in our own heart and mind.

Cleanse it of anything that is not loving, for God is complete love and will reside where there is love. Do not let ego fill you with doubts, unworthiness, mistrust, anger or any negativity toward others. We cannot control others but we can control how we ourselves choose to act and react and we are only responsible for our own judgements, convictions, charity and love.

To give love, to be love is always the answer. Do not let your mind be troubled then but release all things to God. Give all things to God and know His will for all outcomes will be for the greatest good. If others have closed hearts only God can open them.

God doesn't just love some of His children but all of His children. If someone is harboring resentment against you give it to God. Only do your best in your own life to live as an example of love. Treat others as you wish to be treated yourself. See the good and overlook the bad.

Pray for understanding and acceptance in all things with God as your guide. God will never leave you or mistreat you. He will walk with you each step of the way. God will shine love and light upon you and help you to bear all things.

God will bring peace into your heart and to your life. Accept everything and look for the lessons to be learned in them instead of agonizing over them. Learn to grow through your experiences instead of clinging to them. Forgive others the pain they cause you and thank them for the opportunity to grow spiritually.

You are always complete in God and the Holy Spirit and are never alone whether in times of trouble or in times of joy for God shares all things with you.


Sunday, October 5, 2014

waiting in emptiness

I part my legs
the fruit
that lies within me
is waiting in emptiness
for that within you
to come fill it...


Saturday, October 4, 2014

Had I known

Had I known… That loving you
could trouble you so
I would never have told you
you don't know… how badly I feel
because I do care,
to see you in such discomfort… Until
I avoid your having to see me
ever… anywhere.
Had I known… and because I'm a friend
I would never have been vulnerable
and allowed you to cut me deep
so my insecurities were laid bare,
it cost much too much… In what one loses
and now I'm caught within myself
you don't know… All the abuses
caused upon my heart,
everything that was close to me
my whole life… has fallen apart.
How can you say…
I'm sorry for loving you?
Had I known… it would hurt you so much
would I have done differently,
begrudged myself your touch?



Remembering the times
you peeled me down
and laid me upon
the carpeted ground
and would tongue
the soul of me
until I was lost
on your endless see
of passion's ebb and tide
and all that was
locked up inside
would be loosened
from my heart
and all my defenses
would depart
but I was wronged
when your love did end
and now on whom
can I depend
if this love of ours
wasn't real
then what is this
that I still feel
or maybe it's the way
I must atone
to love you still
but to love alone…


Dry Ice

We met mouth to mouth
tongues touching
exchanging… Nothing
sliced in two
as a fruit would be
leaving two halves
nothing whole
we mingled our juices
in sexual satisfactions
leaving acid burns
from the dry ice
your penis... cold, eyeless
serpent without feeling
entering and leaving
without memory
I tried wrapping you
in my warmth
you didn't melt
you froze...



Out of synchronization
a misstep in the rhythm
of the world
a season out of place
I am
using all the capacities
I have at hand
to climb as far
and to stay afloat



Defeat may serve as my sole victory
to shake my soul and of all its glory
tears cleanse the soul and so I cry
and pace the floor throughout the night


Examine Yourself First

We teach what we believe through our behavior. If we believe we are being assailed in some way we behave defensively and even in anger. If we believe we are limited we behave guardly as if we will lose what is truly not ours anyway.

When we believe we are not worthy we will behave unlovingly. Our behavior clearly exhibits our beliefs and in order to change our misconceptions we must look closely at our behavior. What is it we are saying about ourselves to others through our actions?

For others often treat us exactly as we expect and that we are drawing to ourselves through our perceptions and our own behavior. How we treat others also is a statement of our beliefs and we also need to examine them. Do we treat others as we ourselves would like to be treated?

Do we see them as equals, or do we see them as subservient or our superiors? We all are equal in the eyes of God. We all are unique and worthy and created in His own image. Instead of making judgements and correcting others we must look at our own selves for answers through our beliefs and behavior.

Therein like the answers to our interaction with those around us. The change must begin with ourselves within and without. If we want to be loved we must be loving, if we want to be understood we must be understanding. If we want to be respected we must be respectful.

We cannot change others but we can teach them through our behavior how we expect to be treated. The old saying "let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me" put the perspective in the right order.

We must begin with ourselves, take the first step ourselves, examine ourselves truthfully to see what others see and then we are able to make changes. The first change is to realize that we are worth and loved in the eyes of God and as such we must also love ourselves and to be careful of our behavior for we are teaching others.


Friday, October 3, 2014

Family Blessings

To have joy in family is a blessing, to spend time with those that we love, to share our thoughts, our time, and our abundance. To break bread together, to pray together. To share our dreams, our happiness and our goals. To create together is a special blessing.

To give our encouragement in their growth, their accomplishments and their struggles. To laugh and play together and to create memories together. The smallest things are long remembered. It is important to take time to spend together. To be there for the hard times as well as the good times.

To be interested in what others are passionate about and not live as if everything is about you. Take time for each to share, ask questions, actively listen and then when you talk about what interests you, they will listen in return. Then your joys can become their joys and theirs yours.

The return is worth the investment of time, interest, love, giving, and sharing. It is the building blocks upon which our relationships grow and many memories are created. Take time to do what others love and invite them to join you.

Remember that all things are a gift from God, and treasure each moment. To live in consciousness is to be aware of this. Time is the greatest gift we can give another. It cannot be bought, or earned, but must be shared freely and joyfully.

Be authentic so that others may have the opportunity to know the real you. Do not try to be what you think others want you to be. That is not the way of true happiness. Know yourself and celebrate who you are. You are God's gift to the world. Family is God's gift to you, embrace it.

Do not expect perfection of it or be judgemental. Work to bring out the best and forgive the worst. Put misunderstandings behind you instead of dwelling on them, and remember to forgive yourself as well, nobody's perfect.

Seize the moment. Remember your blessings. Each day be grateful for what God has given you. Live abundantly. Joy shared only grows, never diminishes. We lose nothing by what we give.


Thursday, October 2, 2014


Waves of recognition
fall away in the breeze
blowing away yesterday
days beyond recall
are my tumbleweeds
caught on the fence
of fading imagination


A change coming on

There is a lesson to learn in all things. Sometimes we need to ask God for clarification and to help us to have greater understanding. To ask that He enlighten us. Instead of just reacting we need to learn to look deeper. We need to ask God for His guidance and for our own patience and for insight.

What are we meant to learn? Where is God trying to lead us? Oftentimes things will become more chaotic just when a new path is due to open for us. It may be God's way of getting our attention to changes that need to be made. That it may be time to open a new door and to close an old one.

To ask God "Is this where I am supposed to be at this point in my life?", "Is there something else I should be doing?", "How can I make a difference?", "What is the lesson?". Sometimes we become far too complacent or are fearful of change. We may feel secure where we are even though we may have spiritually outgrown it and it no longer serves our purpose.

I think the best thing we can do is listen to God, ask Him how we can be of service, and prepare to make changes in our lives. When we seek God's help and listen for the answers He helps chaos become order as He leads us beside the still waters.

Then we need not fear for we release all things into God's hands in faith. God loves us and knows our purpose here. It is often more than we want for ourselves or feel capable of. But God knows what we can accomplish, especially in partnership with Him, for God is never limited.

Trust in Him for He is the light, the truth, and the way. What have you got in mind for me now God? I can feel a change coming on. I know this time of school and study is soon to come to an end and a new door is waiting to open. I feel a location change coming on too. A place with more space and quiet. I do not know where but you do Oh God, and all we be revealed in your own time.


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Always take time

Be grateful for what you have and do not envy others their life, but be content to live yours to the fullest and in gratitude. Life is a gift from God, as is each day. Look for the blessings and discount the sorrows. Live in awareness and see the beauty around you.

Treat all others with the kindness you would like to receive. Do not waste your time or your life on self-pity and negativity. Be grateful for the rain as well as the sunshine. Do your best in all things. Take time for God in your everyday, make Him a part in all that you do.

Hear the music that is in nature as wells as on the stereo. Take time to be quiet and go within. Take time to laugh and time for friends. Find work that you love and put your heart into it. Take time to nurture a garden and to see it bloom.

Take time to share and bring joy into the lives of others. It will bring joy and contentment into your own life as well. Take time for family, for children and grandchildren. Take time to tell stories of the past. Take time to listen to others. Take time to learn new things that you may find a new path in life.

Take time to be outside, even for a few minutes each day. It feeds your spirit. Take time to read for it helps you to grow. If you have the opportunity to share stories with others or help them learn to read do so. Giving of yourself and your time is important.

Take time to break bread with those you care about. Be patient with yourself as well as others. Do not always be in a hurry. Share your gifts with others. Share your songs, your art, your abilities, your recipes, your passion with someone who wants to learn.

If we each one teach one what a better world this would be. Take time to grieve over a loss but do not get lost in it. Take time to smile at those you pass along the way, it might just make their day. Take time to be courteous, to thank others, to call and say hi, to let someone know they are in your thoughts and heart.

Live each day as if it were the most important day in the world and at its end give thanks for all the blessings it held.