Saturday, January 31, 2015

All things are gifts

I can accomplish more with you than on my own, Dear God, which is why I ask for your help each day in all that I do for you give me the inspiration I need and the joy in what I do that carry me through all the asks at hand. You let me see each accomplishment not as a chore but a blessing.

There are many in this world who would cheerfully put their spirit into their home and maintaining it but are physically or emotionally unable to do this. So I thank you Dear God for the abilities I have instead of Grumbling at the work I have to do. And I thank you for the time I have to do it in that I can work at my own pace and take breaks as needed.

Each day I can give thanks for the work I have done and that more waits for me tomorrow giving purpose to my days. As I clean and scrub I am aware of those who are homeless and do not have a place of their own and I feel blessed that I do.

They would take joy in their own space, that some of us take for granted, so I thank you God for the housework I have and the cores that are mine. How lucky indeed I am as I load the dishwasher or the laundry I am reminded of those in the past who had to do all this work by hand without the help of all the appliances. We forget to be grateful for that which takes such a load off us physically and spares us many burdens and blesses us with time for leisure.

I am grateful to live in the age that I do and to be more conscious of those blessings. I am doing an extra careful spring cleaning in anticipation of my daughter's visit and I am reminded of many who do not have family or friends to prepare for or have an alienation in their relationships that deprive them of this pleasure of preparedness and anticipation and I know I am blessed.

I am grateful to you Oh Lord for giving me these insights today that I may take more joy in all that I do. I thank you for my health, my abundance, my shelter, the food I eat, the timesavers with which I clean, a family and friends who love me, and a greater awareness in all my life. You have changed the way I look at and see all things and not to look at them as hardships but as gifts. Thank you God!


Friday, January 30, 2015

My new home

My new home
set me free
no more struggle
in the wild to be
at one in nature
a mountain so lovely


God can do it all

"This too shall pass". This time of limbo, we all go through, is a trial to strengthen our resolve and our faith, out of which we become better people provided we heed the lessons before us.

You dear God, put into my life what I need not only to learn by but in the abundance to see me through. You have fulfilled my needs both physically and spiritually as well as materially. You have but the teachers that I need to learn from in my path. How can I not trust in you?

I wish that I could help others to see and understand that releasing their fears into your hands is the first step to freedom. That they can stop struggling like a fish out of water or one trying to swim upstream against a constant current going against them.

To help them realize that you can smooth the waters and bring peace and calm into the turbulence of their lives. But first we need to ask and believe in order to receive. Some people feel unworthy of asking and some seem to feel that it is limited and are afraid of asking for too much help as if God rations us.

But the biggest part of their difficulties seems to be in believing. For unless you truly believe you cannot release the outcome into God's hands. That takes a leap of faith. Send each paper you need to submit with truth and a prayer.

Do not try to hide or manipulate anything and believe that you can accomplish what God wants you to accomplish or He would not have led you on this path. God gives us the tools and the abilities to do what we need to do to get where He wants us to go.

God never abandons us. He is not limited in His power, in how many He loves and cares for. God can move mountains, part seas, walk on water, turn day into night and provide for all your needs.


Thursday, January 29, 2015

Share the abundance

Sharing and believing are the basis of abundance. Believing that God is our supply, not a limited universe, we are able to share with others. Not just in material things but of our time, our teaching, our thoughts, and our love. God tells us to leave our material things behind and to follow Him, through the words of Jesus. And through Him, in our faith, are all our needs met, and more.

Be willing then, not to grasp too tightly to things but remember your brothers and sisters in their need. If you have two of something share one with someone who has nothing. I remember a story of Mother Theresa's, she had been told of a family whose hunger was desperate, so she brought them rice, that they may eat.

The mother then divided what was given in half to give to another family also in need. And so teaches the Lord, for He will always reward you in your generosity. There is no lack in God. He humbles us in His unconditional love and teaches us to share with others in that same spirit of love.

When we give we do not lose for it is returned to us, in abundance from whatever source God sends it. Believe and you will receive. Love is the only thing that can heal the world. It can cross mountains and vast seas. It can build bridges and fill storehouses that stand empty.

It can lift up those that cannot find their own way. One kindness always begets another and that is how faith is born. That is how we come to recognize that nothing is impossible with God and all things are possible with Him.

God knows no boundaries or limitations and in faith He teaches us as well, this is so, through faith, love, sharing and gratitude. Each one of us can make a difference in the life of another. All we have to do is reach out in faith. Believe in God's abundance and share what He gives us. This is how we truly learn to experience joy and purposeful living by sharing and giving.


Time for a tune up

Sometimes we need a spiritual tune up just as our car needs a regular tune up to keep it running smoothly. We get to a spot in our spiritual growth where we take God and His loving care for granted then the light goes on to "check the engine" and we immediately turn to Him in prayer.

Why does the light need to go on? It's not that we don't pray but that God becomes routine to us, as does our prayers, and our everyday lives. Then we need to check on what we are doing and how we are doing it. To give special attention to all the small things.

Perhaps to even consult a specialist to tune up our faith. To release the worries, fears, neglect and any other blocks that are keeping us from being in true harmony with God. Do we ask Him to ride with us each time we go out? For His presence in all that we do, think, see, feel?

Not in a routine way but as our guest of honor. Do we keep our home and car clean that we are prepared to throw open our doors and to welcome Him in? Maybe we need a light to go on in our lives at times to remind us of who we are and the source of all our blessings, who is God.

God in His infinite goodness and as any loving parent not only wants us to do our homework but to do it to the best of our abilities. When we stumble He lifts us up. When we behave unlovable He loves us unconditionally.

When we are neglectful He tells us to check our engine that is our life so that our faith as children of God may be in good working order. To bring us back into consciousness, aware of our blessings and the true source of them all day and every day.

Let the light shine in our hearts, our minds. To light up our spirit knowing that God is with us faithfully even when we fail to appreciate the fact. He is saying here I am. Open your eyes, take care that you overlook nothing and know that my presence is within. It's time for a tune up!


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Through the cracks

I lost myself
locked inside
a bit at a time
subtle at first
memories hide
identity shelved
a past submersed
with no road back
just a missing self
fallen through the cracks


The Bank of God

I feel as though God has given me a parable to teach me, when I think of my little checking account getting depleted. Every month money is deposited to it, but it never seems enough. This is what I receive from the world, although it is abundance it it is never adequate, for without God nothing suffices.

When this happens I find myself needing to visit my big savings account which represents God and His infinite abundance, love, and blessings. We go to Him in our need, and He provides for us. Thus we are continuously blessed.

Without this need sometimes we may forget to turn to Him in our daily lives. So the universe is always a little short until we add God to the list of what is needed. When we remember Him as our source, sometimes these withdrawals are not necessary, and He surprises us with extra unexpected blessings.

The reserve God has to fill our needs may come in many different forms. It may be emotional support, an answer to a prayer, physical healing, reconciliation, a need to be at peace, separation from someone we love, or help with our finances.

Whatever we need, we can come to the bank of God where He has put into savings a provision for all that we need, and we can withdraw as much or as little as we need. It reminds me of a dream I had as a child of a magic pocket book and a $20.00 bill.

Whenever I withdrew from it, the $20.00 was always replaced as a never ending supply as long as I remembered God was the source. He is still my source in all things. No prayer goes unanswered. When I release my anxieties into His hands all is made calm and I again am at peace.

Now whenever I need to think of replenishing my financial supply I will remember the bank of God is my source, my reserve, my savings as well as my savior. God has given me this supply as He has provided for all my needs. Thank you God for this lesson.


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

God sets the tempo

Time management is important but time management starts with God. Put Him first on the list and you set the tempo for the whole day. You can start it in peace and in love and ask Him to accompany you all through the day and He will.

God is always with us and loves us to take time to converse with Him, not just to ask His help in our times of stress and sorrow, although He is there then too. Even as we humans love to hear from our loved ones and friends, God too loves to hear from us.

He loves to shower us with love, to answer our prayers, to provide in abundance, to guide us and to make our way smooth. When we take the time to look around us we are constantly reminded of God in all His creations.

We too are a creation of God and if we look we can find Him within. We need to take time to do this, to shut down the exterior noise and to quiet our mind. It helps if we have a particular spot we go to when we talk to God each morning whether it be a spot on our patio or a sacred space we created in our home.

Whenever we go there then we are emotionally prepared and in anticipation of God-time. Don't just talk but remember to take time to listen as well. God speaks to us in many ways, one is the still small voice within. We hear Him say that things will be okay, to trust in Him, and we know we can for God is the truth.

He never lies to us and always wants what is best for us and He always knows what that is, even if we do not. We can call on God 24 hours a day as He never sleeps and is always aware, caring, and prepared to answer. We never need to fear when God is near.

His promises to us are great for that is how much He loves us. Let Him start our day and walk each step of it with you and to close each day with Him as well. Remember your gratitudes and to give thanks for all the blessings He has provided as well as all the troubles that He kept from your door.


Monday, January 26, 2015

Ask, listen, wait, receive

God so loved His children that He gave them His only begotten son who died for us that we may be resurrected. If God loves us this much do you not know that in His love He will provide for your needs also. Ask and it shall be given to you says the Lord.

Seek and ye shall find. God also asks that we are to give to others as it is given to us by Him. God works in mysterious ways and through His teachings He teaches us. We learn to give and to share. God speaks to us in the quiet of our heart and thus guides us according to His own will.

He tells us to be generous of heart and that we will lack nothing in return. He says to us that whatever you do, in my name for the least of my brothers, you do for me. If God offers you words to give others do not hesitate to speak them for they are His truths.

Pray for others, even God's smallest creatures, for God loves them too. Do not give to get but do it out of love for your brothers as well as God. Do not be in fear for God is always near. Also do not give that you may be praised by others for if you do then that is your reward and not God's blessings.

Do not pursue money for its own sake. Wealth itself cannot buy you happiness or good health, lasting friendships or the key to heaven. God gives us what we need including the talents we are born with. He cautions us not to waste them but to trust in the Lord to use them for our benefit as well as the benefit of others.

What we do not use we ultimately lose. When we use our talents and follow His will God multiplies them. Ask God for guidance in all things, thanking Him in advance for His blessings, then listen, wait, and watch for His answer. If we do not listen we cannot hear when God speaks, for he speaks to us in the heart and the mind and the still small voice within. He answers in ways we do not expect. So expect the unexpected.


Sunday, January 25, 2015

Let it be

I see I can find you anywhere. And everywhere. When you smile, I smile. When you don't smile, I smile on you with love. Let your open-heart be light. Turn toward the light. Let it be.


You are the source God

God you keep me going and continue to teach me. Sometimes through reading, through the experiences of others, through your words, and the example your son gave to all who are willing to see. We are the ones that make life complicated, seeking others to fulfill our happiness instead of realizing we are responsible for our own.

That it must come from within. That peace comes not from acquiring more things but from inner serenity. Love doesn't have to be earned, it just is.  You provide all that we need and all you ask of us is to believe. To have faith. To treat each other as you would.

When we learn to enjoy the simple things in life we gain a richness of living that is not possible when we chase blindly after attaining more that we quickly lose interest in anyway. We can find you in the quiet, in a rainy day, in a breeze that rustles the leaves of the trees, in the magnificence of your flowers, the freshness of the air, the sun sparkling on the waves as they build to the shore, in a walk in the woods, in a smile, and children's laughter.

When we become quiet and seek we find you. Instead we choose to drown you out in loud music, violent movies, constant T.V. endless chatter, chat rooms, shopping sprees, video games, and endless busyness, and wonder why we feel incomplete.

It is almost as if we are afraid to be alone with our own thoughts, of sharing our inner selves, of vulnerability. Thank you for giving me the strength to seek a different way. To help me work through my pain, regrets, lost vision, false security and fear back to you and your wisdom.

Thank you for the guidance that is leading me down a new path and the serenity and gratitude you have brought into my life. Thank you for healing my spirit and giving me a greater awareness of all the beauty around me.

Thank you for slowing me down and making me conscious that all things worthwhile come from you, Dear God. You are the source of all the blessings and abundance in my life. My joy within and my desires to share, to reach out, to teach and touch others.


Saturday, January 24, 2015

Release the fear

We must give up the fear in order to live more fully in faith and to follow our path to our true purpose. Fear binds us in its shackles. Faith sets us free! I have learned that to conquer the fears we have is part of the reason we are here at all.

For in our fears lies some of our most valuable lessons. They are part of our journey, embrace them for the learning they hold. They strengthen us as we conquer them one by one, release them, and move on. They are but tools to be used in our spiritual growth, that God in His infinite wisdom has given to us.

They are not meant to hold us back but for us to move through. They are courses in the school of life. Today in synchronicity, in two different books, I came upon different authors discussing the same topic of fear. How we cling to a job we dislike in fear, or for some of us a false sense of security which is also fear, that keeps us from realizing our true calling.

When we are doing our life's work we feel a passion for what we are doing and a sense of joyful accomplishment. We give from spirit and get back in love and make a difference with our lives. Others of us cling to a relationship that we know is wrong for us in the fear of being alone, of failure, of starting over on our own.

Instead we are miserable and are not honoring our spirit. It is better to be alone in joy than live our lives in an unhealthy companionship. As long as we cling to a relationship that is not right for us we prevent the one God has selected for us that will bring us true happiness and fulfillment.

A new door cannot open until we have exited and closed the old one. Trust God to lead you out of fear and into the joy of your true purpose. Truly look at your fears and see them for what they really are. Just lessons in our book of life.

If we examine them from all sides we can realize that they are not as powerful as we thought. What is powerful is faith for it can conquer mountains, fly across oceans, and take us down the path to a new enriched life following our true purpose.


Friday, January 23, 2015

God has taught me

God is the source of my attitude adjustment as well as other changes in my life and I am grateful. He has taught me that fear is a waste of time but not prayer. To be in appreciation of all the small things and to be in awareness and release worry for it will not change a thing.

I have learned that God is the source of my abundance not anything or anyone else. I have learned to trust where He leads me and the purpose and path will be revealed in time. To just accept that the teaching and teachers as well as the opportunities will come as needed.

I have learned to see the lessons in events and try to learn from them and grow in spirit instead of dwelling on the events themselves. I have learned that God loves a humble spirit and one who is willing to serve however He guides us to.

I have learned to have more patience and to just be grateful for each day as it comes. That God works on His time schedule and not ours. I have learned that faith is not just a word but a way of living. I have learned how very much God loves me and cares about every aspect of my life.

I have learned to discuss all things with God first, and to ask for His help without dictating the outcome and it always turns out for the best. I have learned that each day runs smoother when I start it with God, putting Him first.

I have learned to truly see, hear, smell, feel more acutely. I know that God is within me and in everyone else whether they are aware of His presence or not. I have learned to slow down and not rush through the days, or through my life, in busyness and that I can actually accomplish more.

I have learned it is okay to say no and not feel guilty. I have learned to live with a greater sense of joy and harmony. To not sweat the small stuff. I have learned that most things work out in time with our without our dwelling on them.

I have learned, finally to be at peace with myself. To accept who I am and to be the best that I possibly can. To not accept the negativity of others as fact but rely on God for the truths in my life.


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Dreams of France

I do not live just in the future waiting for my plans to take fruition but in each moment of each day. I've discovered that so much more is possible than I ever imagined or felt possible and I feel truly blessed with a whole new vision of life.

It is beautiful, bountiful, magical, and spiritual all at the same time. I can picture myself flying to my destination, hardly sleeping in anticipation. To see the towns of Brittany and the clear coastline, the fishermen bringing in their catch, the old churches, and I can almost smell the air alive, salty, brisk being breathed in by me.

To meet and greet family that stayed behind while my own branch immigrated to different lands. Oh the stories we will share. Such are my dreams of France.


Cause and Effect

When we share we receive as well as those we bless with our giving. What we learn we also teach by example. When we change our state of mind we also change our life. When we think positive thoughts we elicit positive reactions not only from others but from the universe itself.

There is a cause and effect principle to all things. I would rather live joyfully then in reclusion, sorrowfully, stressfully, or feel myself a victim in some way. Life is full of possibilities but we must be open to claim them. We can change our circumstances only by being willing to make the 1st step ourselves.

God will meet us the rest of the way. If we do not ask, or seek or even try we cannot blame others or circumstances entirely. Life truly is what we make it.

We can see the beauty, seek peace, choose a new path, or we can stay where we are and wonder why life is unfair. Life is never unfair, it is full of lessons when we choose to see them. We can progress through them and move forward or stay still and stagnate.


God is always there

God never lets us down. He knows what is best for us and leads us to it in time. We must first prepare ourselves through release of what we, often mistakenly feel is in our best interest, of self-pity for what we feel has been done to us, of any resentments we may have and practice forgiveness not only of others but ourselves.

We must learn to open our hearts, our minds, and our spirits that we may receive. We must learn to seek God, to ask for guidance, to know He will fulfill our needs. To have faith even in the storms. To remember that God is all-knowing and that we are not.

He can see down the road into the future while we are blind to what is around the bend. We need to practice joy as well as meditation for God does so love a joyful heart and when we are still we can more easily hear what He has to say to us.

We must learn to be at peace in all things for God truly is in charge. We must learn patience for God time is not our time and it is not that He doesn't know what we are going through but that He is preparing us for our continuation of our journey and the plans He has in store for us.

God gives us more that we would ask for ourselves. We must learn to take time for the beauty around us and be grateful for all the blessings in our lives. To thank God each day for these gifts. We must learn to see the lessons in all things for the growth factor in them instead of concentrating on the problems.

We must believe in our worthiness of God's love for He created us for a purpose and behave as the loving children that we are created to be. We must not be blind to the needs of others but to reach out with love and assistance to serve the Lord.

We must not be afraid to learn new things, accept new challenges, to start over as often as necessary, but always to seek God's wisdom and guidance in all that we do. We must make God a priority in our life and all else will fall in place.

We must believe, not only in God but in ourselves and that no one is given more than He can bear, it is what we do with it that matters. God loves "all" His children and so must we. Reach out in love.


Wednesday, January 21, 2015


It's December of the soul
the past frozen and cold
I retreat slowly within
my end now begins
past days become fraile
and memories veiled


Help me learn more

God let me come to you in all things for guidance and wisdom. For help in ways I never thought to seek your help before as in organizing and accomplishing my housekeeping and cleaning, for help with my procrastination, and for patience.

You have helped me in so many ways already. You have strengthened my faith, led me on a new path, provided wisdom as well as abundance. Taught me to see each day as a joy and helped me release the stress and anxiety that plagued my life, and to eliminate the "what ifs" from my thinking.

You have answered my prayers and showered blessings upon me. You have taught me that you are the source I should seek in all things. I am just learning step by step the all things are "ALL THINGS" including the mundane, each decision, things I put off and hate to do.

If I have your help in every area of my life by asking for it, and seeking it, I know you will teach me much more than I have already learned. I am eager to get started on this new partnership for there is so much more that I need to learn. Starting with a different attitude.

I want my home to be a place of peace and not disarray and clutter as you have helped my spirit be. To live consciously I must do it in all aspects of my life including cooking and cleaning. Help me to be more orderly, Dear God, that my exterior reflect my interior.

Before you can give me more space I must learn to utilize what I already have. I know that now. Help me learn to be patient with myself as well. Help me to learn to set aside maintenance time for that is as important to you as the other work you have given me to do for it will aid in my interior peace.

And where peace is, you are there also. Let my home be a dwelling to welcome you as my spirit, my heart and my mind. You have helped me rid the clutter from other areas of my life and now I ask for your assistance in the everyday upkeep on my home.

So often it looks like a tornado blew through. Thank you for the tools to help accomplish this. The new vacuum, broom, spot cleaners and all the others. I too am just a tool but with your help and guidance I can accomplish much.


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Time for all things

There is a time for all things under the sun. A time to work and a time for rest. A time to study and a time to put our house in order. A time for company and a time to be alone. Just as there are seasons to life. Put your whole heart into each one asking for God's help and guidance.

In the spring plant for it is the season of new life, just as new life comes into a family. Rejoice in that. Even though others may feel that God has rejected them as parents, it is not so. It is not their time as yet and they may not be in a position to be emotionally and spiritually prepared for it.

Their hearts may be closed to options available to them and they may have forgotten to turn to God for His help. Pray for all your children that they may seek God and make Him an important part of their daily lives. We learn to appreciate freedom only after we are willing to trust God and give up what is oppressing us. To move on in our lives.

For we cannot learn when we are stuck in anxiety, when stress has us enslaved in its clutches. It is not until we reach out to God that He can lift us up and show us a new way of living. Only God can completely release us from the bondage we falsely believe is security.

But first we have to seek Him and ask Him to show us the way. I am so grateful for the peace I now have. To know that God cares even for the smallest things in my life and brings me joy whether it be sitting alone to talk to Him, sharing time with family or friends or planting a rose bush.

God is the source of enlightenment, peace, and contentment, of a simplicity of living and a gratitude in each day. He teaches us how to live in a greater awareness and to recognize even small blessings for the gifts from God that they are.

Whatever I need, God supplies from the fresh morning air to the grand sunset at night. He gives me wisdom to recognize not only the beauty in the world but in others. That I am responsible for my own joy and that things are not the source of my happiness. Every day I have reason to be grateful and I can look forward to each new one with anticipation knowing God gives us nothing but the best.


Monday, January 19, 2015

Interact with God

I ask for God's help in all that I achieve even to the simplest task, and to see the importance and joy in all that I do. God helps me bring order into my life, in my home, in my heart, and in my spirit. He helps me see what is truly important: my friends, my family, sharing, loving, being there for others and mostly in having faith and a daily relationship with God, my father who is the sources of all my blessings.

He has taught me a lot about fear and how useless it is. To trust and have faith, and how they are their own rewards. God has given me serenity instead of turmoil and anxiety. A new awareness to all things, where as before I was too blinded by worry and stress to see.

He has become my only source of abundance and I now know I can rely on Him for all things. I had read this many times but am now living it. God has taught me intentions are as important as actions for they influence our very thinking and living, our doing and whether we succeed or not.

Our being does make a difference, even as each grain of sand does, so be grateful you are here and live in such a way that you can, in some small way, touch the lives of others. Love everything you do and you will accomplish it with more joy.

The best way to start the day is with God. To ask His help in all that you do, and accomplish all things in awareness. See the beauty in each day and be grateful for all the blessings you receive. Everything is a gift. The important thing is not to live richly but truly live in spirit.

Be open to new experiences, share your knowledge with others whatever your talents. Someone can always benefit from what you already know. As God to send the angels to you for guidance, He himself will provide the abundance.

Laugh often for the sheer joy of it. Talk often to God, He loves to hear from you, not just to ask but to share your thoughts and feelings. It's not that He doesn't' already know, but so that we understand and put a greater importance on involving Him in all aspects of our life. This interchange gives it new meaning and God sends a synchronicity, answers, abundance, and overwhelming love in return.


Sunday, January 18, 2015

Awareness and Beauty

Thank you God for all the beautiful things you create and their perfection. The wee hummingbirds with their beaks half the size of their bodies. Their speed and their frolicking and their stillness at times. It teaches me we must take time for both work and rest. For the joy I have had feeding them these past years and the company they have brought to me.

My patio has been a place of peace, of prayer, of reflection, good company and of solitude. It has indulged my passion for growing things. The snail plant is in bloom. Its lovely lavender blossoms remind me of sweet peas. It is the only thing in bloom right now but in the past I have had an abundance of colorful flowers with an attraction for the hummingbirds who came to enjoy their nectar.

Many a neighbor commented on the cheerfulness of my garden. That is a blessing from sharing...


Saturday, January 17, 2015

God is truth and joy

God's gifts to us are truth and joy. These cannot be bought but are available to everyone. They can be given but never taken away. Through truth we know we are loved unconditionally and desire to make ourselves worthy and to be the best that we can be.

To help others and to be examples of love in action. Joy grows when it is shared. The more we do for others the more joyful we feel. When we realize that the importance is not in things but in who we are and how we choose to live then we live in greater truth, in a greater consciousness and appreciation of all life and of God's blessings in all things.

God will and does provide for our needs when we seek Him and He gives us an abundance that we may share with others and teach them also of His generous ways. Joy opens our heart enabling us to give more generously, openly, and in gratitude for our own blessings.

When we pass it on we are ever widening the circle of love and joy. Bringing a realization to those who have forgotten to believe in a life of joy. Joy is not just an attitude, it is a state of being. It recognizes God in all that we see, all that we meet and in all that we do.

It is living not in fear but in faith. It is recognizing the brotherhood in all men whether they be rich or destitute. It is treating everyone with the respect given to God's children. Joy lightens our heart and makes every day a good day for it is the day that God has created and we should be thankful.

Joy cannot be forced but must rise up from the spirit. Joy is greater than happiness which is fleeting. It overcomes sorrow and hardships. It is an awareness that we are never alone. Joy brings us into the light where truth dwells.

Truth is the absence of misconception not just the opposite of lies. Truth is without ego because it is not about self. Truth never hides or misleads. It makes no false promises and is attainable by all, no matter their circumstances. Truth is where God lives for He is the source of all truth. As His children we are born in truth.


Friday, January 16, 2015

Dead Letters

They know my name
at the dead letter office
the one who can't be found
who's forgotten your name
the one with no face
locked up someplace
return to sender
she's no longer around
nor can she remember
another unanswered letter
making its rounds


Thoughts on a butterfly

Thank you God for the sight of the beautiful, big, gold and black butterfly I see this morning as I have for many days. It reminds me of the glory of your creations that we all have a purpose, even a butterfly. You dressed it in radiant color so what should we worry that you would do less for us, your children.

You give it the ability to fly as well as give us the ability to soar in spirit. It reminds me of peace and harmony and your love for all things and all people. The pleasures and lessons I learn on my daily endeavors engulf the whole world.

You fill my life with study, new knowledge, new people, and a new outlook. My cup runneth over. Thank you for all the things you bring into my life. Help me to truly appreciate them and to remember that they are gifts from you God.

Help me to grow through the lessons. Teach me that I do not need to heal for I already have a oneness with you and everything in your eyes is made perfect. We only need to let go and Let God and you will open our eyes and our hearts.

Teach us to give to others as you give to us. Teach us to be generous with our time, our words, our resources, and our abundance. Show us how to be more loving with your son Jesus as an example. Make us more aware.

Teach us how to reach out instead of waiting for others to ask. That we can speak first in greeting instead of only responding. That we can do a kindness without recognition. That we should always do what is right and not necessarily what is popular.

To offer others encouragement instead of finding fault. To look for the joy in each and every day. To count our blessings and to be grateful. To not tune out nature, but to truly listen to it. To be the best we can be at all times.

To not repeat an unkindness said or to share in gossip. To investigate a rumor before acting on it. To concentrate on the positive and let go of the negative. To realize we create our own reality with our beliefs and when we put our faith in you then we know that miracles are possible.


Thursday, January 15, 2015

A sunny day in the snow

The sun is out bright and beautiful today. The rain never came and the clouds have moved on. The birds are full of song, as if in appreciation of the warmth and beauty around them. Some sitting on the very crest of the trees voices in song giving praise to God. We're blessed with this sunny day in the snow.


Teach me more

God leads us where we need to go to achieve our way of serving Him on the path He has chosen is the way. He gives us all we need to succeed including our abilities or talents, our joy in our work, the abundance we need to carry on, and more importantly our faith in Him to lead the way.

We learn not to compare ourselves with others but that we are all unique in the eyes of God and that only we can do the work we came here to do, and that with Him and our willingness all things are possible. He leads us through experiences that humble us fo that we may turn to Him for our strength.

We learn it is not our desires but His desires that bring us the greatest joy and that our successes are really His successes through us, we are really but the tools He uses. Even in the things that seem difficult to us, the things we don't enjoy doing we can seek His help that we may see them in a different light and do them in love knowing that here too we are serving God.

In all the daily cleaning, cooking, laundry, shopping, we are of service. God brings order into our lives, when we ask Him. We must learn to seek Him in all things for without Him we are nothing. God has taught me a greater appreciation and joy of each day, of learning new things and feeling a sense of accomplishment.

Now I ask His help in feeling a sense of joy in what I have not previously put my heart and spirit into. That I may have a greater awareness and love in all that I do, even the most menial task. I pray that He enriches all areas of my life that everything becomes an act of love.

Each day I learn more and more on the path He has put me on. It is a continuous journey of enlightenment. When we agree to serve him it must be in all things and not selectively. He wants our full attention in every way in everything that we do.

I know that I have much more to learn and that God is a willing teacher. Each trial we endure contains a lesson for us to learn. Now I have learned to look for the lessons gratefully instead of seeking self-pity and I have learned to be grateful that He loves and teaches me.


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Empty Rooms

Weeds fill my rose beds
choking the life
out of my memories
aging a bad joke
leaving nothing
but empty rooms


Our time

Time spent in anger, bitterness and despair only leads to regrets later. Do not waste your days with a troubled mind for then you miss the beauty and peace that is God's gift to you. Be quick to forgive and put differences behind you.

Do not spend time trying to even the score with others, instead ask God to help you mend the wounds, to heal the hearts, and to spend that time creating beautiful memories. Time is precious and we never know what tomorrow may bring.

Live each day to the fullest in complete consciousness. Always thank God for your blessings and concentrate on the joys He has given rather than on any negativity in your life. When we fill our minds with all the hurtful words that have been said, any unkindnesses we have experienced, doubts, fears, and other petty issues it is as if we are blind.

For a troubled mind prevents us from truly seeing the gifts and beauty of today. Live in joy and forgiveness. Release everything else into God's hands. The greatest gift we can give to others is love, not resentment. What we give is also what we receive.

Be an example of God's love in action. What would Jesus do in this situation? The more we act in love the more we are at peace within ourselves, the more people want to be around us and to find their own inner serenity.

When we look back on our lives these issues we worry about today will seem as a grain of sand so why do we fret so about them today? Put things in perspective in your mind and heart. The sooner we forgive, the sooner we heal.

Do not let small things poison your spirit, erode your God-consciousness and keep you from being the best you can be. Sometimes God gives us these experiences in order for us to grow. They are part of our journey in spirituality, our lessons in order to be better Christians and people.

They make us aware in order that we may be more conscious of what we inadvertently say or do and the pain we may cause others. For none of us are perfect. "The ill timed truths we might have said, who knows how sharply they have stung?" Thank you for this lesson, Oh God, that I may learn to be more conscious of what I say and do. Help me to learn dear God and to be quick to forgive.


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Blessing of Friends

Sometimes all we can do for others is to simply help them through what is put in their path. To give them our love, prayers, and support. To be an ear to listen, a heart that cares and to accept them as they are, but also to encourage them in all that they can be and to pray their faith will see them through the difficulties.

Friendship is a gift, a blessing and a responsibility to not just be there in the good times but at all times, unconditionally. That is the mark of true friendship. I am blessed with a sisterhood of friends. Sometimes we call ourselves the angel club.

We've built a prayer chain when it is needed not just for friends but for anyone they know who needs them. We strengthen each other by just being there. We let each other know that through thick or thin we're there, just reach out.


Monday, January 12, 2015

We're never alone

Give me patience, Dear Lord, with others as well as with myself. Help me to look for the good in others and not be judgemental of faults for as humans none of us is perfect. Help me to be contented and grateful for all that I have and see the blessings that fill my life.

Help me to feel joyful today and not anxious. I worry about my children and yet I know they are being cared for by you and your angels who watch over them. Sometimes I feel lonely, as do we all, but I realize that I am never alone.

Even as I write this I start to feel the presence of your angels around me and the force of their love and my heart lightens as does the sky at dawn. You have given me many reasons for gratitude and the gift of a beautiful new day.

Even though I have much to accomplish I know I need to take pauses for God time so that you may recenter my thoughts, my priorities, and to just absorb the love you give me in abundance. The peace I seek always lies with you.

Nothing in this world is without your notice, each bird, each tree, as well as me. Each see spider, and raindrop. I ask your help today in all that I do and accomplish and that I may do it with joy in my heart. I remember how Jesus suffered and died for us and rose again that we may be saved by His love.

He cares about all that we do and walks with us each step of the way. When I feel without guidance I turn to you to calm my uncertainty. We cannot know what the future holds for us, but you do. We can only live each day in awareness and be and do the best that we can.

To treat others with the love that you give to us. To pass on the abundance that you give to us. To increase our faith and help others along the way. The first step is always to ask for your help. To seek clarity when we feel confused.

To take time to pray, to just talk to you God brings a calm stillness to my spirit. I need have no fear or anxiety for I know that you have charge over all things. You hear each thought and no prayer goes unanswered. You are the source and the light from which love exists.


Sunday, January 11, 2015

By lessons we learn

Do not knowingly cause paid to another and do not repay like with like, and unkindness with a rebuttal. Do not reject others but open your arms in love. Always look for the good and remember you may be entertaining angels unawares.

We teach with our actions as well as our words. The heart that is closed cannot receive so be open so you can accept love as well as give it. We are all human, we make mistakes. Remember always, forgive as you would want to be forgiven.

Do not carry pain and resentment as they are a burden that will weigh you down. Learn your lesson from what you experience and move on. Seek peace not to understand what someone else is thinking, that is between them and God.

Do not judge others but allow them to know, gently, that they have hurt you so that they too may learn by the experience. Ask of yourself "what would Jesus do?" and try to follow His loving example. Release the sorrow you feel and experience the joy of spending time with those you love.

Do not let event dampen your time together. You cannot be responsible for others, only for what you yourself do and feel. Look for the goodness that you may be grateful and count your blessings. Know that God will provide what you need not only monetarily but spiritually.

This visit is a gift, embrace it. Feel not the rejection for that is not what it is. It is an error in judgement that, in time, will be regretted. Release it to God who can make all things whole. Jesus heals the wounds, even of the leper, do you not think He can mend this also, in time.

Lead by example in silence. Embrace those who have cause you paint that they may be healed also. Do not let it diminish the beauty of the world around you or make you deaf to the songs of the birds. Do not let it dampen your joy in the day or the coming visit.

Let God show you the way. Be a peacekeeper in times of strife. You cannot erase what has happened but you can forgive and let go and let God. He is always there for you and will make sorrow a blessing in disguise. Teach me through life's experiences Oh Lord, to love more.


Saturday, January 10, 2015

Reasons for gratitude

When I start to worry I have to remember my many reasons for gratitude and that you, Oh God, have seen me, my children, my family, and my friends through all things and the outcome has always turned out to be a blessing.

I've been touched by friends and we've made wonderful memories of times and experiences together. I've been provided with so much, so many blessings, that I've left in awe and everyday I give thanks and share all in gratitude.


Friday, January 9, 2015

for yourself alone

I think of your mouth
so cruel and yet tender
I think of your skin
so tan and smooth
and your black thick
wavy head of hair
surprising the rest of you
has very little,
the animal scent of you,
even your eyes sparkle
when after your prey
I think of your chest
and pounding of your heart
as I lay on you
and the tufts of your pubic hair
with your hard core rising from it
and your umbilicus
so round, as I search my tongue
over your abdomen
you radiate heat to me
and I work my way
up to your nipples
and I draw you into me
and love you
for yourself alone


Thursday, January 8, 2015

Time for all things

Sometimes are the times for doing and sometimes are the times for sitting, just being, and listening. Learn to listen with your heart. Learn to hear what is not spoken as well as what is said. Learn to listen to the pauses as well as the words.

Learn to listen to the tone, whether it is cheerful or sad, whether it reeks of anxiety or rings with laughter. There is more to listen for than merely words alone. It is like learning to truly see, to notice light and shadow and not just colors.

To recognize new growth among the old. To see when roots are crowded and it is time to replant. To see variances and veritables. To notice when it is time to water and to feed and nourish. To hear the differences in the bird's song and the sound of the wind.

Learn to notice all things, that is how to live in full awareness. Life is never truly silent even before a storm. Learn to read the signs, that is how to live in full awareness. That is how one knows when it is time to reap and time to sow, time to laugh and time to cry.

Know these things through awareness then you will hear more often the still small voice that guides you. Your path will be disclosed when you are ready, one step at a time. Do not worry for taking time off. This is also time to play, to visit with loved ones, to travel, to work.

Each time has its proper place in our lives. In order to live fully we must learn to make time for all things. Trust that God knows what He is doing and that everything will fall into place as He has planned. You are being guided to where you need to go.

Have faith, be patient, all is well and you are being guided along the way. You have worked hard and now it is time for a pause. To enjoy your family and your time. Soon enough you will be asked to work hard again.

God cares for each of His children but not all of them have learned, as yet, to truly listen, to see, to hear or to be aware. Be at peace with your life. There is much to accomplish yet. You serve God also when you sit and wait. Be of great joy, my child, listen to the wind for I am speaking through it. You are loved.


Wednesday, January 7, 2015


I love how you created variety God. In the birds, the trees, all blooming things, and in people too. We also have the seasons. You must love change very much for it is your vision that created it all. I am grateful for my ability to see, hear, smell, touch, and appreciate all the beauty around me. To have an awareness of my surroundings and to be entertained by your glorious nature.


New Growth, New Spirit

I should not worry, for all things are in the Lord's hands. He knows that we need and sends us lessons to help us grow in spirit. He gives us the strength to endure all things. I see the rose that I trimmed back that looked so poorly just a few days ago and it is covered with sprouts and new growth. New branches are forming and new leaves are opening. That is how our life is when we put our faith in God.


Break with God

Sometimes we feel we have so much to do that we get emotionally drained before we even get started. That is the time we need to take a break with God to talk and more important to listen. To slow our breathing and to relax not only our bodies but our minds.

To release the negative energy and to just be. To observe the beauty and peace around us and to allow the tension in ourselves to be replaced by a serenity only God can give. To watch the eagle soaring high above gracefully circling.

To watch the birds collecting twigs to build their nests and the hummingbird collecting nectar flower by flower. To listen to a multitude of bird calls that make up a symphony in variety. To watch a plane flying to an unknown destination and to hear the sound of traffic carrying people to appointments, work, or just for an outing.

Notice how the trees are getting their new spring leaves and the landscape is greening up. This is the only today you will have so take time to see it. You may need to get things done but take God breaks along the way. It restores your spirit and rejuvenates your energy and puts all things in new perspective.

Realize today is a gift to be enjoyed as well as a time of accomplishment. Be in balance as is nature. When we think we can't stop, that is exactly when we should for it is God who can recharge our batteries and remind us to be in appreciation and of our blessings.

He fine tunes our spirits and we once again remember we can accomplish more with His help. Ask the angels to join you in your work as well as at play. Put on some uplifting music and sing along, if you choose, while you do your chores and make them a joyful experience not a draining one.

Ask God for the energy that you need and you will receive it. When we do things in joy, we can do more. Accomplish what you are doing in full awareness not with your mind on the next task. Live life in participation not in anticipation and you will find that you can accomplish more. And when you take a break thank God for what you have achieved instead of dwelling on what you need to do.


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

I am but a tool

Oh God, even though I am being tested, I put my faith in you for I know that you see to the best outcome for all things. You have taught me both patience and faith. You have provided for my needs and more. You have given me an abundance and taught me a deeper sense of gratitude for all the blessings in my life.

To just sit peacefully on my patio is a blessing. My friends and family are a blessing. To learn and create are blessings. You provide me with my very sustenance both at my table, in my home, and in my spirit. You have quieted the fears and the "what-ifs" that used to plague me.

You have put me on a new path and provided all that I need along the way, from the teachers, supplies, the encouragement, the creativity, and the inspiration when others try to discourage me you encourage me. Others that I deal with may not know you are in charge but I do.

Each morning I spend with you starts my day with serenity so that no matter what happens I can deal with it knowing you are with me and your angels watch over me. When I seek your help you always provide it not only for me, but for those I come to you in prayers for.

I see your miracles at work in life. When we include you in our everyday it takes on a joy we never before knew. No one is ever alone for all they have to do is reach out and your will lifts them up, knock and you will open the door, call and you will answer, seek and you will show them the way, ask and you will shower abundance on them as you have done for me.

Now I couldn't imagine a day that would not begin without our conversing. The messages you fill my heart with contain the greatest love I have ever known. You help me to touch others through faith and to journal my continuous growth.

You expand my horizons and I know that no matter where I may be you will be there with me. I need have no fear for you are everywhere and you are within me, the light of my spirit that I can share with others. They ask me about my peacefulness and I can spread the world of your goodness and love. I do not affect others but you God touch others through me.


Monday, January 5, 2015

No Flowers Now

It was magic
days of love
songs on the wind
the warm sun
and fresh air
all was new
the future bright
a time of youth
that falls now
from memory
one petal at a time
leaving no flowers
on which to reminisce


Seeking God's Advice

Dear God when I am troubled there is no one to go to but you, for no one understands me, or loves me unconditionally like you. You created me, love me, accept me, no matter what. You also guide me as no one else can, for you are the light and the way. You understand what I cannot. You see answers where I see only confusion. Help me not so much understand but to accept. Help me harbor no bitterness but to release everything into your hands. Show me the way, Dear God.


No Accidents

There are no accidents in bringing events into our lives as well as people. It is up to us how we react to them and the opportunities they present us with because we have free choice. We can choose to ignore them or embrace them. If we allow ourselves to be open to what God sends us then we become truly blessed for we are living according to His will and God enriches us more than we can possibly achieve for ourselves.



I will not permit any man to narrow and
degrade my soul by making me hate him,
or to harbor any bitterness toward him
in my interrelations with other people.
A rattlesnake, if cornered, will become
so angry it will bite itself. That is
exactly what the harboring of hate and
resent against others is... a biting
of oneself. We think that we are harming
others in holding these spites and hates,
but the deeper harm is to ourselves. I
try always to do right... simply because
I feel it will astonish most people...
every time I see you, you accuse me of
some new hurt against you and not all
the kindness I have shown, the asking
for your friendship, or giving you love
will change your mind about me because
you want to believe I am as bad as the
rest. That way it makes it okay to
treat me with hurt in return. I have
always found so much goodness in you
that I could overlook the rest but then
I try to do that with most people. I
find to believe the best of everyone
is enough. I never believed that you
would say or do what I heard was directed
toward me. I am deeply hurt that you
feel I would be so small that I could
forget all the beauty that I believed was
there and condemn  you with ill will. If
I considered you worthy to love than I
would be condemning my own beliefs. Who
am I to judge anything you do?


Sunday, January 4, 2015

Fleeting Interlude

I was just a fleeting interlude
for you... someone to conquer,
but being with you
I felt I was the only person
who mattered... at the time
and I could have come all night
and never tire...
I was totally selfish... in the sense
that I was doing... something
I had always wanted to do... with you.
And after... I always remember
the looks you gave me
when you thought no one else was looking,
as if you knew some secret... shared.
For me there was always... excitement,
anticipation for the next meeting,
I don't know exactly when love began
or precisely why... we... had to end.
I do think this world needs
a little more... unconditional love
... to be given.
Most people can't seem to do this.
Love should at least... remain friendship.
I am a contented woman
to have found the love I wanted
even if only briefly... sexually,
I did not unite with you
to make you less whole
and because I care... and you wanted it
... I let go.
But you must know...
that when all else turns against you
.... I'll still love you.


Saturday, January 3, 2015

I'm truly blessed

I truly am blessed to have my own place and my own space for I know others that do not. I am blessed with the fresh fruit and foods I have in abundance for there are many hungry people in this world. I am blessed to be at peace and to have you so near to me God to know you are guiding me, providing for me, loving me and that you send your angels to watch over me for there are many who are lost, who feel alone, who have no direction and live in fear.

I am blessed to appreciate the beauty around me and know it is created by your hand for there are many who are blinded to your glories either physically, emotionally, or spiritually. I am blessed with a new path in life and to know it is never too late to pursue a dream and to use the talents given to me, by you, for they are gifts not to be wasted and I realize the most joyful day of my life was the day I put it in your hands.

I pray for the many others who are afraid to step out in faith, who cling to unhappy lives, afraid to make change because of their fears, or a false sense of security in their jobs, not trusting that you will lead them to greener pastures.

I am truly blessed by the friends you have put in my life, especially those who are like sisters and those that are my prayer partners, we give each other a great deal of joy through you and share our good and bad times.

I am blessed with wonderful children and grandchildren and even though feel estranged from my family at times and do not enjoy the close relationship with my mother that my children have with me, I love them still and am grateful for the lessons I learn through our bonds.

There are many who have no family at all and no friends to speak of. God has truly blessed me with an abundance. I know that we can never ask too much of God or give too much back to others. When we reach out we also are filled and blessed in return. Have faith God's love is the most abundant thing there is.


Friday, January 2, 2015

A wonderful year

A new year has arrived. It is a time to reflect back on the past year and to give thanks for the many blessings it held for us all. It was a year of new transitions and for some of us a relocation. It was a time of self discovery for some and a road to recovery for others.

For some dreams were fulfilled and battles won. It was a time to learn new vocations and to set closure in motion for some of us. It was a year of gratitude remembered. To be there for others in their need. To share in love and friendship.

For some it was a time to end painful relationships and to begin again. It has been a year to discover what truly is important and a realization that God will provide when we cannot. It was a year to release fear from our lives and to strengthen our faith.

It was a year of greater awareness for many of us. It was a year to stop worrying about the "what ifs" and to be grateful for the "what is". For many of us it was a year of greater spiritual growth. Of learning to trust in the synchronicities in life and to look for the lessons we need to grow through.

It has been a year to speak more openly of our beliefs and to learn to listen more clearly to that still small voice within. It has been a year to ask for guidance and of revelations. It has been a year of encouragement, evolution, and revaluation.

Many people have learned that things don't bring them the happiness they thought they would and have begun to look inward instead of outward for the joy they seek. More people are reading and more spiritual books are being written. May the year ahead bring more new beginnings and true faith.


Thursday, January 1, 2015

Today's gift

Be prepared for a new day. To greet it with joy and anticipation. We cannot know what surprises it holds as it slowly unfolds. It's like a package that contains many other boxes and layers and wrappings. Be alert that you may notice all the wonders this day holds as each gift is slowly opened and its beauty is disclosed.

Be aware of the people you meet and the conversations that ensue, of the weather and of nature. Step outside yourself and of your home and workplace and breathe in the air and to truly look, see, feel, hear, smell and become a part of all-that-is.

Take a walk, watch the clouds, hug a tree, pick up a pinecone or other treasure to bring back with you. Laugh often, hum to yourself, smile a lot. Make eye contact when you speak with others and really listen. Treat them with the attention you would like to receive.

Open up your heart and your consciousness to this day. Take time to call a friend or a loved one, and tell them how much you care. Be of service where you can. Go the extra step beyond the necessary. Buy yourself flowers. Send a car just to say hi to someone you haven't heard from in awhile.

Talk to God often. Share your thought and feelings, your joys and disappointments not just a prayer said by rote. Do everything with a heightened sense of awareness. Treat this day special, as the gift it is, and yourself as well for you are a wonderful child of God and He loves you.

As the day unfolds treasure the memories in the making. Keep the best and overlook the rest. Release any negativity instead of dwelling on it. When you come home may you be greeted with love and a sense of peace. May you have a sacred place of serenity to go to where you can center yourself.

May the angels walk with you throughout the day and watch over you as you slumber. Take time to read and be in touch with your thoughts and not just be mesmerized by the TV. Treat yourself well. You deserve it. Don't rust the day but savor it as the gift it is. It comes from God.