Friday, August 31, 2012

Void Stares

The reflection never gives anything back,
just void stares, leaving one to guess,
and fill in the blanks...
to make the image what you want it to be



Your lips moved,
so I knew that you were lying,
lots of empty words,
so it didn't matter what you were saying
ring your bell, lead your herd


An empty chair

He tells the world he cares,
but an empty man
can't fill an empty chair


Something Found

I found your letters in my drawer,
words I'd never seen before,
locked away for all these years,
tales of heartbreak and tears...


A long night

Clouds pass over
hiding the moon
removing the stars
leaving the world dark
illuminated only by memory
a long night it will be



How can I put into words
This agony that I feel
It's unreal...Unreal


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Clearly, alone

It is so beautiful outside
Today...The sun is shining
So brilliantly....Maybe that's
Why everything is blurry...
Or can it be that these tears
Still come mercilessly...To
Tell me it's too beautiful to
See clearly...Alone...


My word garden

My word garden is in bloom today,
with adjectives, verbs and nouns,
with which I play



These threads to a distant past still tug in subtle ways,
heartstrings on which songs once played.


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A touched soul

To my soul and heart
...You are beauty...To
my eyes...Though limited
The aura of beauty is all
around you...for you have
...touched my soul with yours.


Running Man

Running man
from the forces of truth
Running man
from a peaceful heart
Running man
from a tranquil soul
Running man
in fear of it all


Toxic Love

Toxic is the love
that blocks the light
Toxic is the love
that kills the bloom
Toxic is the love
that steals the night
Toxic is the love
that ends too soon



searing green
destroying dreams
the green of jealousy
the green of youth
the green of corruption
the assult of politics
little pieces of paper
that blind


A holocaust not forgotten

Death wasn't silent
it was packed into cattle cars
screamed into open pits
gasped in chambers filled with gas
and permeated the air with ashes
Its echo is still vibrating
across this earth
and will through the centuries
a holocaust not forgotten


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Some things not meant to keep

A single touch remembered
is all you have of me
a day of holding hands
there beside the sea

Once loved beyond all else
a passion locked away
as far from me and my sea
gone with yesterday

In tender sunset light
my eyes have turned to gaze
sinking down beyond my sight
into a purple haze

No hands to hold, just my two
all alone am I
granted peace, for my sake
and allowed love to die

So greater than the ocean swells
the sea breeze blows
some things not meant to keep
like love lost, goes...


Monday, August 27, 2012

You'll pay the price

You'll pay the price...
It might not be today
or tomorrow,
but surely one day
the road will be filled with sorrow
unless you change your wicked ways


Mandarin Oranges



Simple Truths

Simple truths get tangled in our words
Sifted through our emotions they loses meaning
Leaving much unsaid, unfelt, and undone


Of what it is

I have traveled
many miles through time
left so much behind
to discover more
always searching
I have seen the mountains
covered with snow blankets
the rivers swollen
over pregnant with waters
green valleys
sandy beaches
rushing oceans
oh I have seen so much
and felt so much too
I can never forget
who and what I am
is not my means
of escape, no
it is an enriching
of what it is


A luminous landscape

Yours was a luminous landscape
of mankind's dreams
that of infinite space
and endless possibility
your steps gave us a future of imagination
where hopes and dreams
do come true...


Walking on the moon

Your steps fulfilled our dreams,
giant leaps of possibility,
walking in a moonlight gleam...
Humble optimism a reality...
leaving us all too soon,
back to the heavens, a formality
like giant steps left on the moon


Out of time

It all adds up to what we make of it,
this world of ours, and that's mostly nothing,
and so the days fall one by one,
until there are none


I stand in your shadow

So you have gone from me,
and yet...
I feel that forevermore
I stand in your shadow.
No...never alone
on the steps of my door
of my individual life.
I don't command my own heart,
nor bask in the sunshine
peaceful as before,
never to forget...
the sense of you once more.
Your touch against my face,
so gentle...
No matter what resort
you took to part us,
your heart was left in mine
so now it does beat double
and you are part of my every night, every day
my fruit of the vine...
couldn't taste sweeter.
And when I kneel to pray
as I often do
to God for myself,
I also mention you
and he can see within my soul
my shadow casts... of two.


Sunday, August 26, 2012

A game of chance

Fate lays down the hand
that we're left to play
turns and twists the plan
with luck to help along the way


Souls cross my path

Souls cross my path
claiming their destiny
some seek salvation
others unleash their wrath
one road so heavenly
the other is damnation
destination's aftermath


Ours for the making

Divinity in nature,
order in the cosmos,
molded like clay...
our souls gifts to nurture,
our personal creation
to shape and form...


Time is passing

Pick up your feet and go,
the world won't come to you
life passes by just as the wind blows
the treasure is the journey too
time is passing, it never slows


Machine Failures

We have the world...
just one click away,
all the time...

Seems our machines can do anything,
but teach us to get along.


Counting stars

Summer evenings spent counting stars
and watching wishes fall from the sky,
the luxury of time that comes with youth


Collecting Memories

Whenever we had to part
and say goodnight
I would look for a place
to be alone...
so I could recall
each little occurance
of the time we had
just spent together...
and then getting
each detail clear
I would add it to
my memories...
I have quite a collection know.


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Moments of understanding

Wish not
for a long life
so smuch as
an understanding
and awareness
for each of life's


Except to time

Perhaps I am
the way I am
because I never
gave up my memories
for anyone...
except to time...



The pain of the past left in ashes
once forgiveness passed this way
parting the shadows of hurt with light



The wind and storm meet
to walk the seashore singing
and the waves arch up
to meet the elements
only to crash down again
rolling upon the sand
the eye of the storm thus blinded
the water approaches wth caution
only to climb blodly upward again
spitting in its face...


Enter love

When the heart is most in gives it wings
so that it may sour above...
the clouds and circle the sky
All things are possible....
when one enters into love


Reality of my dreams

When I wake from a dream of you
it's almost as if the waking
were the dream....because my
dreams of you are so vivid,
and it stays with me such
a long time after...and all
my movements of wakefulness
are as unreal,  in comparison
It's as if I'm in a mist...
trying to find my way back
to the reality of my dreams
...and to you


Friday, August 24, 2012

We're made out of time

We're made out of time
that slowly breaks away
filling moments with memory
day after day
the long road lonely
as the world starts to fray
We're made out of time
that slowly breaks away
losing moments to aging,
a heartbreaking treachery



There are words we all fear
words that will bring our world crashing down
words that will rip our hearts apart
they can't be spoken nor whispered
and are better left unsaid
there are words we never need to hear



Maps were supposed to show us the way,
we'd spent so much time planning,
studying the terrain....
trying to avoid narrow streets and alleys,
ours was to be a short trip to emerald city
to live the life of our dreams...
our efforts failed us,
and we got lost along the way,
creating our own twists and turns,
wandering without direction...
next time I'll just go wherever  the road takes me,
and spare myself the grief of dreams that don't come true...



What can I say about blue?
I love blue
I hate blue
Blue is the promise of a beautiful day
Blue is the melancholy since you went away
Blue are the notes of the heart
Blue is the music that stirs my soul
Blue is the parting magic of the night
Blue sets all the world right
Blue a song and a goal
Blue is something I always come back to...


Freedom to depart

I love you...
I am not ashamed to tell,
confess, to anyone to hear,
I loved you from the start
I do not blush at their knowing
The fire that courses through my blood
has made of us one heart
that loving you,
I gave to you
the freedom to depart...


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Know what you seek

Seek and you shall find,
that is if you know what
it is that you're looking for...
if not, why seek at all?


You left but crumbs

You left but crumbs
and hunger in your wake
unnoticed by eyes fixed
cold hearted
chasing prizes
belonging to others
harsh were the nights
you forced others to survive


slow your steps

Love me with the door left open
so the freedom to stay
is my own choice.
And if you'e ahead of me a way
slow your steps
that I may follow.

Love me with your soft voice
no one else's like it
and with your gaze
that makes me blush a bit
knowing what you're thinking.

Love me with your sweet smile
that lights your face
whenever me.


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

on a quest that never ends

We set out on the road
seeking our pot of gold
on a quest that never ends

We chased lost love
sought good fortune from above
on a quest that never ends

We missed our turn
watched our dreams burn
on a quest that never ends

We didn't know we we wrong
what we needed we had all along
on a quest that never ends


Trespassing on my youth

I've been trespassing on my youth,
my days of fantasy and lore...
when the world was a grand place,
and all I wanted to do was explore...
when the road held no complications,
before my knowledge of heartbreak and war...


What to do

It was wonderful to have you there
to lay in your know you cared
but what am I to do...
now that there's no longer a me and you?


Time is a thief

Time is a thief
it takes our loved ones
it robs us blind
takes precious memories
and empties our minds


Making Music

I want to sing my own songs
of sorrow and joy
expressions of rights and wrongs
a simple melody to enjoy
like an old folk song
sung along the Delacroix


Let me be

Today you haunt  me,
and that's not good...
I was done with your memory,
yet like a ghost there you stood...
go now and let me be


to fill the waters

The depth of me
is further down
(though I am small)
than underground
My love for you
is deeper still
and all the world's hollows
it would fill
and still be love
enough from me
to fill the waters
of the sea
to fill the sky
and all the air
even more than this
is how much I care....


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

You never looked back

You never looked back,
perhaps you couldn't take the tears,
or broken hearts...
maybe you just didn't care
about a family left behind...
never quite able to pick up the pieces


Once is enough

Those old times tend to haunt me,
the hardships and struggle....
They sneak up when I'm down....
getting through them once is all I need


Kept in the past

Don't feel the need
to cleanse yourself
of the skeletons
you've kept in your closet
the past is to be kept in th past
and if you should feel the need
please remember
one who loved you
only in kindness
and omit that passage
in your life


I never got to say goodbye

I never got to say goodbye,
it was too late for that,
you'd forgotten who I was.

It was a sudden shock,
realizing you were gone,
as I looked into your eyes.

You were lost in failing memory,
here, but mostly gone...
and this is how I remember you.

In passing I hope you find your way,
and that we'll reunite one day....
your loving daughter....


A lonely place

Lonliness is
a rainy night
with no one there care
that your lover
has turned away
and all the clouds
...of grey
shower upon the earth
like the tears
that trace down your face
and you're alone this lonely place...


Monday, August 20, 2012

The Magic of Summer

The magic of summer
filled with the laughter of children
making lifetime memories
things they'll treasure for years
a time when they're free
to explore and play


Box of resentment

It was eighty years in the making, my box of resentment.  It started out small, a stachel at best, filled with momentoes of girlhood joy, collected on the journey of youth.  Along my path I'd occasionally take a fall, of which I'd keep reminders too, in my stachel, now a bag.

And how my bag did grow, with each passing year.  The wrongs I felt taking up ever more room in my growing box of fear.  There was no more room for silly memories that had faded over the years.

Bigger and bigger my box grew with each passing decade.  It's contents needing ever more curation and care, taking all my time.  It consumed me.

So, now it's time to put my box away, six feet down and filled with my bones.  It's been a long strange trip, and my only regret is to not have put my resentments aside.


Emotions are like weather

Emotions are like weather,
some days filled with clear blue skies,
others dark and gray,
still others bring the rain of tears...
and the seasons bring us change too,
our spring of youth,
and an aging decline of winter years


This need

This need
I have had
since you
is still here
I have to
to search
within mysel
to fill it...
this need
I am...


Sunday, August 19, 2012

To nourish my soul

To nourish my soul
I've got the wind and trees
birds in flight do console

Changing shapes of clouds
drifting aimlessly free
blanket the landscape in a shroud

So quickly the summer storm does pass
rainbows, clouds parting, tranquility
the beauty of nature dreams can't surpass


Old Memories

Rummaging through old memories,
seemed like the thing to do today,
get rid of the dust and webs,
remove some of the clutter

There was hurt in the corner,
and many tears too...
heaps of sorrow,
so much to remove

Such a big job,
where do you start?
by brushing off the love
and the joy

Hearing the laughter,
seeing the smiles,
feeling the warmth
of old memories that have filled a life


Return to your dreams

Return to your dreams,
the days of wine and roses,
and lofty flights of fancy

Return to your dreams,
the nights of skies filled with stars,
some falling to grant our wishes

Return to your dreams,
squarding days of youth,
and a lifetime full of summers

Return to your dreams,
filled with smiles and laughter,
where all we imagine is possible


Letters and Mail

They'd come at random times
and tell tales of grand adventure
or stories of heartbreak and sadness
a new family member would arrive
or one would depart, all in the same fashion
I noticed a little as the visits tapered off
and noticed a lot when they stoped altogether
becoming bits and bytes I never see,
along with the postman who'd carry them
to me....


Knowing Tears

are the strangers
we pass
and see
and wonder at
but somehow
get to know....


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Bit by bit

Separateness or unity
does it really matter
for where I walk
you are with me...
I taste your tears
as I lay down to sleep
I feel your pain
I don't need to see it in your eyes
and my heart bleeds for you
You are killing yourself... bit...
and killing me too
Life is so beautiful
live it for both of us...


No tomorrows

I have no memories
for memories are to share
I have no love
for you are not here to give it to
I am cold inside
for there is no one to smile
warmth into me
I'm numb with non-feeling
is this what it's like to be dead?


Friday, August 17, 2012

Unexpected stops

An unexpected stop changed everything,
I was on my way to great heights,
chasing dreams....
until you came along
another dream, this one come true
or so I thought, I was wrong



There is a love
that comes
in the evening
and unsure
and leaves
in the morning
but certain


Thursday, August 16, 2012

blackberries and raspberries

My treat,
blackberries and raspberries,
picked on a morning walk,
to grace my table, or
sweeten a morning dish,
oh how they brighten my day


Another sky

Another sky has come
this one wild and bold
the sun has gone in hiding
leaving us wet and cold
The dark clouds come rolling
never mind say the trees
I will drink the water
meant for the ground and me
come down into my garden
and come and fill the sea


Perfect Times

The drummer kept perfect time
counting off in fours
as I finished my soda and lime
you walked out the door
a rainy goodbye
in a Paris Cafe
I sat and cried
hoping to see you again one day
near the mountain of the martyrs
together again under the stars



The people I love
never seem to wait
those that love me
spend their whole lives


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My higher ground

My higher ground,
surrounded by trees,
part of nature,
my troubles set free...
so soft the wind in sound,
stars twinkle for all to see,
here my soul can be nutured,
my mountain of destiny


Like Film

Like film in days of old,
slowing we develop,
some of us to be images
of what the world wants us to be,
and for the fortunate,
to be images of what we truly are...


A little respect

Judge not which you do not know,
a little repect will serve us all so well


Sleep Walking

We were very tiny walking
across the endless sand...
In the night we drew closer
just us two, hand in hand...
I smiled into your eyes
and neither of us spoke
You breathed warmth into me
and suddenly I awoke...


Not for me

Soft faces
warm places
hair that hangs around
painted eyes
loving sighs
sadness of a clown
endless yearning
tossing, turning
wondering, wishing why
is not for me
the little sparrow cries...


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Those times, together

I had absolute faith in you
and whatever you decided to do
I thought that perhaps
we could be together at times
and happy....
I never asked permanence of you
Cetain moments in my life
stood out... and made me blue
for I find all the times
I want to remember are the
ones...I've spent with you
but I forget them
they fade day by day
aging takes those times away
nothing, even memories
is here to stay


Monday, August 13, 2012

love, a constant

You can't stop my heart from loving
or my mind remembering...
even my skin reacts to the thought of you.
You can banish me from your sight
but what of your thoughts?
Do they ever drift back in a quiet moment?
Does a certain scent, or smile,
or the way someone walks
ever bring back memories of me?
Love itself is a goal
as well as a way of life.... unending.
Did you think I would forget you... easily?
Twenty, fifty or more years...
from now...
my love will be constant,
you're that special... to me...


Sunday, August 12, 2012

When dreams soar

Our dreams may dim
like sunlight obscured by clouds
they need to be given wings
so that they can take flight
to rise above the storm
and shine brightly in the light


Odds and Ends

Odds and Ends,
the gap between
illusion and reality
slowly filled by age
and fading memory


Our Foundations

One miracle can undo
a lifetime of doubts
and disbelief...

and thus crumbles
the foundation
upon which many
a life is built...


Without Limits

My love for you is without limits
I have given up a world for you
and would gladly give more
--I could die--for love of you.
Since first I laid eyes on you
this madness has possessed me
as if all the air would disappear
if you were to go from me
and I would suffocate your loss
for there is no life for me without you
You are all nourishment to me
my reason for being...


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Rigged Races

I can't tell one from another
all these asses look the same
a vote for me is a vote for change,
yet nothing does
it's a corruption game...
if we were lucky,
all these horses would lose the race



Don't mistake sound bites
for compassion,
nor promises for anything but lies...

There are those who'll
do or say anything,
who'll try to sell you the skies

They're wolves,
and we their prey,
unless we see through their disguise


Live the truth

Do a new thing,
live the truth...
cast out your doubts,
and fears...
grasp the universe,
so big, encompassing...
draw it near,
it's pulse of life,
song and verse


Mr. Wrongs

It was an age of fairy tales,
I was the young girl who belived in them...
love and happiness, all the days of my life
me and Mr. Right and our little family

That is until the revolution came,
Women's lib, and sexual freedom
and Mr. Right became Mr. Wrong
he now had an excuse for this...

and the fairy tales of today?
tramp stamps, hook ups,
and single motherhood...
and an army of Mr. Wrongs


Aging memories

Aging memories
that improve with time...
oh, those good times,
of raptue and love...
In stillness we were,
holding each other...
through the early
moring hours....
the approaching dawn,
breaking our spell,
and bringing back the world
we'd pushed away....

Aging memories,
can bring bliss...
a wistful happiness
remembering things
that did, and didn't


Moments of transformation

Moments of transformation are rare,
often lasting seconds, minutes at most,
and in the midst of these moments,
be they good or bad, we know
that things are going to be different...
we've passed through a portal of change,
of that we're keenly aware....
and there's no going back.


You and me

I return to the beach... "our" eternal beach
and a cool mist kisses my face
softly the breeze touches... and I reach
down and run my hand through the sand.
When I walk in it... the feeling
of loneliness returns.... where is your hand
I held so tenderly, the time you were there?
The sea is alive... the surf crashing down
to reach for the distant shore... where
it lingers for awhile... my personal guide
to calm the storm I feel inside
to comfort my loneliness... this beautiful sea
I wish we could go there together... you and me!


Friday, August 10, 2012

I knew everything

I knew everything, once
when I was young...
back then I didn't listen,
you couldn't tell me anything
I didn't already know

I knew everything, once
but grew younger with the years
and realized I didn't know a thing
but foolish youthful pride
yes, we're just learning as we go


Disguising truth

We try to bend truth,
make it suit our needs,
we push the world,
and it pushes back...

Facts are facts,
truth needs no defense,
just our willingness and courage,
to accept it for what it is......


We roam

We roam, seeking comfort and ease
a quest for shelter...
notice not the forest or trees
scarity drives us...
to spread war and disease...


Thursday, August 9, 2012

never came true

So many old people
with vacant eyes
because the dreams
they dreamed
never came true...


First Steps

I remember your first steps
nervously I watched you stumble along
and catch you when you'd take a fall

It was a time of great joy
you were starting to make your own way
the start of your life's journey...

I realized then we take many first steps
your staggering along were also first steps for me
one of the many I'd already taken

Daughter, wife, mother and more
along a path of many forks....

Taking many first steps in new directions,
where I'd occasionally fall..
and when I did....

I'd remember your first steps and falls,
and how you'd just get back up,
and try again, with a little smile


only remember, me

Let me live a free bird
up, up in the sky
surely death will come
and free me by and by
Let me fly within the clouds
up in the sky so blue
my thoughts blowing in the wind
dreaming, dreams of you
Let the breeze take away
all that I could be
and only make me like the bird
forever to be free
free... free...
to forget all knowledge of you
and only remember... me


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A misfit

It's like breaking in two
as though the very air you breathe
is choking you with anguish
a misfit we were
so I left


The Heart of the World

The heart of the world
beats within places
that have to be believed in
in order to be seen


My Mother's Shoes

My mother's shoes
seemed so long and narrow
with toes so far away
I'd slide them on
and sneak out to play...
she'd catch me and scold me
hug me and hold me
My mother's shoes
taught me grace and balance
that serves me to this day...


Keeping watch

Angels at the corners of my bed,
wisper and sing softly as I sleep,
keeping watch over my dreams,
companions since my childhood,
and the days of my earliest prayers...


A time of truth

As death passed over me,
the time of truth had come,
it's what we all wait for,
in one fashion or another,
for the veil to be pulled back,
to see clearly, the majestity of creation...
to finally know the spark of life,
and the meaning of the gift,
so long taken for granted...


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Those days

Those days, were they really so good?
my memory doesn't serve me well,
some days it seems they were,
and others just a blur and murmur...

Time passes into vagueness,
a series of highlights,
from which we pick and choose...

Our love
Our children
things that warm the heart

Yes, those days really were so good


Elections and Lies

The lies get bigger,
the faces change,
two mud slingers,
with different names...


Crossing time

We walk
in different worlds
but still want
to hear what the other
is doing
sort of like climbing
back into
another life...
reflection of the moment
The times disappearance
of what we were
looks in on us
Voices echoed
across yesterday's
bridges to tomorrow...


Monday, August 6, 2012

Not at all

You walk through the mists of my memory,
crossing the rivers of my mind from time to time,
sometimes they seem so real, those long ago days,
as if I could reach back to touch them, and you,
and yet, sometimes it seems as if those days never happened,
not one of them, not at all...


As clouds float by

Clouds pass by on sunny days,
some bring rain, others go their way...
you brought me both before you departed,
bringing me great joy, leaving me broken hearted...


Mending Fences

Some fences you just can't mend,
it's no trick to know the damage is too severe,
nor that the effort will be wasted building one again...
It takes courage to just walk away,
and even more to let the hurt go...
one of life's biggest challenges, so hard to master...


Reaching up

Walk the world with me,
with grace and love...
accept and receive,
we're no longer alone...
reach for the skies above...


Be present

Be present,
cast your nets
into the stream of life
your catch awaits
to fill and nourish
but only in the moment
not in some field
far off under
clouds of


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Taking control

I have felt resentment, dislike, unhappiness, fear, despair, and many other things control my life... until the day I chose to follow my heart, and live my dreams... that's when the world became mine.

All it took was a leap of faith...
in myself...


Building Dream Worlds

I walk the streets,
from England to France I go,
to Greece too,
I travel the world in my dreams...
In the Holy Land I fly with angels,
and sing the praises that bring salvation...
an abundance of spirit, these dreams are,
and all I have to do is choose to believe...


Making Choices

The fork in the road was unmarked,
untraveled, taking the chance,
that's the path I took,
it's not for me to know where the other path went,
we live with our choices,
regret not for making them,
regret is for not making them,
and living in the world of what if...


We change forms

We change forms
become new illusions
to ourselves and others
over years...
so many shapes we take
that we often forget
just who we are...


In the wilderness

In the wilderness I still hear his voice,
carried on the river and streams of my years,
borne from the spring rains of my tears,
parted by force, more destiny than choice,
so innocent our hearts, love trumped fears,
our moment in the sun so bright, so right...
so blow wind, carry away my memories,
let this moment pass like day to night...


Saturday, August 4, 2012


To do:

find work I love
eat right
sleep right
find love
make love
be happy
enjoy the time
get things done
make a difference

oh, how we complicate our lives,
instead of just living them...


all these thing I am

all these things I am,
and more



I don't say
I love you
I'm afraid it might
slip beyond my sigh
too soon
awakening to the sound
of my voice
it's time to go...


Friday, August 3, 2012

Quality of life

Quality of life is equally, no, actually more important than length.  Each day that we're alive and well is a blessing not to be taken for granted, a lesson lost on our young.

But youth has the luxury of foolishness, for it is through aging that we gain perspective, learn what's truly important, and hopefully make the world the better for it.

Let us bestow the quality of our love upon our family and friends.



of the heart
an accident
blood and wine
to see me through
shadowed valleys
with scarce a road
but cross I did
and found my way back



I was developed
in the dark room
taking shape
as a photograph
first faintly shadowed
slowly becoming
more clearly defined
a subject in negative
do not
expose to light


Thursday, August 2, 2012


I am not sure
or as certain as
I used to be
The question has
arisen occasionally
about what was real
Sometimes I doubt
the thoughts that I feel
Where there moments
I really spent with you
or is this romantically untrue
solitude bearing in on
me, maybe
I haven't found the time
to examine all of me...


Driving moments

Driving the streets
or freeways
cars, peopled windows
Their mouths move
but you don't hear them
The cas have
come to life
powered by robots
going to... coming from
but getting nowhere
because there's always
the returning
motor driven cycles
of life's moments...


Remember me not

I have felt guilty
without apology
eternal estrangement
with no returns
please discard
after using...
I have learned to practice
selective inattention...
Remember me with anger
it is much better
than disinterest,
pity, bitterness
or don't remember me
at all


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Your gift to me

I sit alone in the cafe where we met,
the rain slowing collecting in pools outside...
like all the tears I shed for you over the years,
they reflect the cloudy skies, and passing storm...
my loss was never too much to bare...
for I know I lived and loved,
I felt and cared, your gift to me,
before you were taken away...


A time of release

Death breaks the chains that have kept us from being free,
our souls no longer bound to a world of struggle,
it's not a time to be feared, it's a time of release.