Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Liars and cowards

The truth's been masked,
fear of losing money and power,
distorting reality a media task,
protecting liars and cowards....


A media concoction

This disaster a media concoction
to sway the voters and election
as if incompetence can be forgotten


A pleasant pause

A pleasant pause,
A season change,
A day in my life...


A spiritual touching

Beauty depends on a unity of
souls, man and woman...
a spiritual touching
of their beings...


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The winds roared with fury

The seas tossed and turned,
while the winds roared with fury.
It's safety and shelter we yearn,
praying nature shows some mercy.


The arms of the sea

The arms of the sea
reach out to me
like a lover's greeting
and the foam in the air
the sound everywhere
of the surf's endless beating
brings my mind back in time
so I continuously find
remembering our lover's meeting...


Monday, October 29, 2012

Running from a storm

On the campaign trail,
running from a storm
chasing its tail...
A pause from empty promises,
and souls for sale..


Sharing life

Marriage without love
can be hell...
To share life with one
you love
is to dwell...
in the heavens of your
Love thus shared will
not depart...


Sunday, October 28, 2012

I have no pictures

I have no pictures on my blog,
I'd like to I guess, but writing,
well, that's what I want to do...

I'm still an analog gal,
I miss film, and simplicity,
my digital cameras go unused

My kids try, that's true,
but mom's from another era,
and easily confused...


A tangled impossibility

Moments I'm unsure of,
are they memories?
Tales of loss and love,
dreams and possibilities,
these gifts from above...
now a tangled impossibility.


The fury of nature

The fury of nature,
beyond measure,
beyond control,
and yet....
man thinks he's her master...


Forever at your feet

Why does my heart keep saying
to you all the things I mean
and forever at your feet laying
words that go unseen
feelings of you that are so dear
and still so much is unclear
how to make you understand
you're all the riches of my hand
the touch of you is something gained
but the balance is not maintained
for to you I'm just a goal
how can you not see the soul
of the woman that is me
who only wants your company...


Saturday, October 27, 2012

That's when I knew

"Who are you?"

"I'm your daughter."

"No, you're not!"

"Yes, I am, Pops!"

That's when I knew my father was gone....


fleas on a dog

If there is a universal truth,
it's beyond our comprehension,
we're just fleas on a shaggy dog


They'll be gone forever

Memories float by,
like leaves in a river,
sometimes I cry,
knowing they'll be gone forever


Leadership luster

You've got nothing left to offer,
so, why should we elect you again?
The country continues to suffer,
you've got a record you can't defend...
We need some leadership luster,
not someone who likes to condescend...


The many people I've been

Till this day,
I'm still trying to sort out,
the many people I've been...


My old journals

I've been going through my old journals,
oh such much has been forgotten....
The only proof of my youth,
aged and yellowish paper,
with fading words....
Soon to be swallowed in the sea to time,
like me....


Impossible to digest

This digital age is amazing,
and scary too.
It allows one to do and share so much,
while making one feel they've been buried....
A landslide of information,
impossible to digest...


The welcome of you

No matter how terribly tired I am
I never have a dreamless sleep
for in the peacefulness of the night
thoughts of you always creep
...into my half consciousness
and I toss and turn and miss you so
What happened to my peaceful dreamless
times...before I came to know
the touch, the feel, the warmth,
and the welcome of you... and still
you invade my dreams every
night... and I know it will continue until
into eternity I will go...


Friday, October 26, 2012

You were a bad choice

We need to bounce you out
and take back our nation
you were a bad choice, no doubt


Our displeasure

The storm that threatens us isn't the weather
it's our own government in every measure
it's time we spoke up, making clear our displeasure


Circled by mirrors

I still do not think I chose badly
maybe unwisely...with passion.
Some would probably say it was
wrong to love you...
joining our roots together.
I was quick to learn your moods
as changeable as the weather...
I only doubt my own worthiness,
painting myself into a corner,
circled by mirrors
to watch my downfall...
my talents didn't touch you,
and neither did I...


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Losing moments

Fixed in time
the things in my mind
some so vivid
memories I rewind
others fading and conflicted
losing moments, so unkind


Oh, what to do?

All this is so new,
to tweet or not to tweet,
that's the pintrest,
oh, what to do?


Sea of technology

Is it just me
drowning in the sea
of technology?


The cries of injustice

Raise your voice,
start making a difference,
stop waiting for it to come....
our silence will only echo
the cries of injustice...


Sorrow, always new

Sorrow does not make it
easier to live with more
pain and sorrow...we are
not strengthened by it in
that sense...each time
is a new raw sensation of if we never
experienced it before...


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Vote you out

Duties neglected
to get reelected...
Warnings ignored
to seek four more...
You've got blood on your hands,
the death of an innocent man...
You've lost the nation's trust,
vote you out, we must...


At love's door

You left me at love's door
closed it behind
to be opened no more
how did it feel to walk away?
it took less courage
than it would to stay....
We did compliment each other well
enjoyed our brief time together
that is until...
you took the stars out of the sky
made life all darkness
and said goodbye.
It really can't matter anymore
if cobwebs are growing
around loves sweet door.


Until I find salvation

Hope is a fragile scaffolding
on which I stand in tribulation
each step piled upon another
until I find salvation


What was it?

What was it I was looking for?
feeling whatever it was
that it was contained in you
drawn like a magnet
to its opposite pole... zap
I imagined you the most
wonderful of all....
and worse yet, I believed it!


Hollow Points, Hollow Man

You danced around the issues,
a debate of hollow points...
open wounds, torn tissues,
an economy held at gunpoint,
excutive powers abused...
You've been a disappointment,
hope and change never produced...


Elections are sold

Promises filled with holes,
your safety net of lies
will cost you your soul...
This deceit game of compromise
is how elections are sold...


It couldn't be anything else

My love is like the mountain stream
and like the ocean wide
it travels all corners of the earth
and comes to join the tide
it's like the sky stretching forever
and like the sunset so grand
it's everything from the universe
to the tiny grain of sand
what I feel for you
is so very much...
it encompasses all I see and feel
and everything I touch...
all that is on the earth
and everything above
it couldn't be anything else
it certainly must be love...


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dragging us behind

Your reigning decline
dragging us behind
an economic bind
these bad times


A fun house place

My life is like a
fun house mirror
distorted in the shapes
reflected in the glass
elongated memories rippling
warped visions...
seen through prism eyes
fragile lady
with unclear face
laughing, mocking
first stretching...and
then shrinking... is that me?
caught here in this life,
a fun house place


Monday, October 22, 2012

Flames on the horizon

Flames on the horizon,
we call it dawn,
our new day

Troubled dreams
fade with the night
and go away


The menstruum

The menstruum
you have poured out upon me
has liquefied my body
slowly turning it jellylike
in substance
oozing out of itself
I am dissolving
in my own outrage
I no longer question who I am,
but what am I....


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Jobs down the drain

For those who can't decide,
you'll only get more of the same,
another do nothing ride,
with more jobs down the drain


Waiting roads

We rolled down the road
that had been waiting for so long
for someone to move down
its twists and turns...
chasing adventure
before we find ourselves
six feet under


So much left undone

Looking back at all the years,
they've passed by in a blink,
filling my life with many joys,
and so much left undone...


Saturday, October 20, 2012

No pot of gold

Love is like a rainbow for the moment
yet, promising no pot of gold
on the other side...


A syllable of moonlight

She shook, and sighed, soft whispers
while he makes love to her
a syllable of moonlight
across the floor...

she moans, yes

I dreamed of you again
....last night


Filling empty spaces

Who can say what love is...
for each of us is searching
for something different
to fill our need...
I only know that with you
I felt complete
for the first time in my life...
you filled all the empty spaces
left in me
and made me whole...
if this isn't love,
could anything be better....


The wholeness of both

People are not meant to be
just part of a unity
they must be a whole seeking,
fulfilled, enriched individual
in their own right
for two halves of anything
are incomplete
two wholes, self nourishing
when joined add a dimension
to the other and compliment
each other and that is unity
the wholeness of both overlapping
each other, that is truly one....


Dreams in the wine

You sought solace in a bottle,
looking for dreams in the wine,
just getting lost along the way,
very slowly losing your mind,
an addiction you had to obey,
there was nothing there to find...


I feel therefore I am

I feel therefore I am,
I feel therefore I am,
I feel therefore I am


Until I needed you

You were there
until I needed you...
you didn't really care


Like Bullets

I put my hopes and dreams in a bucket,
little by little, year by year, more and more,
my treasures, like little gold nuggets...
I'd let my dreams of the future soar...
only to find, things undone are like bullets...


False Faces

False faces,
masks I could never see through,
haunt me to this day....
I never learned to let it go...


Angel of freedom

angel of freedom,
break these chains
that hold me here...


I blinked

I blinked
and fear bested me
I blinked
and dreams were gone
I blinked
and life passed me by...


A cool stream

a cool stream
winding its way
down down down
over rocks,
it winds and flows,
filling the ocean,
so far below...


Black is the void

Oh but for death
that dividing, estranging angel
of darkness...
who whispers in the night,
oh these restless dreams,
black is the void...


Floating, in dreams

Floating in the pure
white clouds of freedom
I dreamed I was home,
again, with you...


Guide me

Angels hear my prayers,
Angels watch over me,
Angels guide me too....


We build shells

We build shells
and hide inside
to keep us safe
from our fears...
no longer free


As above, so below

As above,
so below
you give me love,
you fill my soul...


Friday, October 19, 2012

The media pretends

The media pretends
that what they say is true,
and that debates matter...
If only belief could be suspended,
and the sky wasn't blue,
we wouldn't be stuck with the mad hatter...


Remaining Vulnerable

Funny, the things we do,
and sad the secrets we keep...
All for fear of losing ourselves,
or exposing our souls....
All the while remaining


I never guessed

The whole strange relationship
was never fair
for all the questions
you asked
for all the answers
I never gave...
for all the waiting I did
and all the leaving
you did...
left nothing but a moving away
from each other
and I never guessed...
until the end.


The pain of you

I'm alive
the pain of you
reminds me so...


Scraps of you

Fading words
on tarnished paper
these scraps of you
are all that's left


We pretend

We pretend because we can,
me the role of loving wife,
you the role of faithful man,
and thus ignore the pain and strife...


My heart and soul freed

You provide in my time of need
thank you...
You nourish and feed
thank you...
My heart and soul freed
thank you...


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Such was our world

When our love was new,
the world shined
with vivid clarity....

Every blade of grass
upon the mountains
called out to me...

Wild creatures
of passion,
blissful majesty...

Sparkling sands
below us,
harnessing the sea...

Such was our world,
until it ended
with crashing severity...


Anatomy of my life

I was cleaning out my past
and found a book of poems
something you left behind...
funny now,
like the anatomy of my life,
a cancer removed,
leftovers from a life,
that two people once shared...


We're done with you

When you go away
take your poison too
you lead us astray
we're done with you


Leadership contrived

Leadership contrived
policies unwise
we're lucky to have survived


Not worthy of praise

Failure's the phrase
to sum up your days
you're not worthy of praise


Truth has arrived

You've got nothing
we're not buying you lies
we know you're bluffing
truth has arrived....


An autumn morning

A beautiful autumn morning,
the sun greets me softly...
I'll watch no news today,
and just let my spirits fly


Truth sets us free

Only truth will bring us harmony,
with ourselves.... and the world
around us... it sets us free


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

We lack the will now

We built the Empire,
We Built the Boulder,
When times were tougher,
but no more....
We lack the will now,
We lack the know how


Meaningless sparring match

A meaningless sparring match
of single digit accuracy
just a farce to watch
during a faltering economy


Time will wash them away

The difficulties we face will pass,
like tears in the rain,
time will wash them away


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I mourn the loss

I find myself at times,
like today, giving way
to the dispair that has
grown a great wall within
me...the wall you created,
blocking out all happiness.
And the tears flow down
I feel so...alone.
I feel so exposed and
raw...pain and suffering
make me feel so alone.
No one can be with me
for it shuts all else out.
I mourn the loss of you so.


Monday, October 15, 2012

Walking Dead

An election
A choice
The walking dead
The incumbent
The other guy
An easy selection


Scarcely a trace

On a sea of time we drift,
aimlessly and carefree,
before we're swallowed up,
with scarcely a trace,
of ever being....


As time passes over us

Years pass quickly now,
memories lost along the way...
as time passes over us



A nation you've ignored
need only look at your record
and say loudly nevermore


You're no inspiration

You're no inspiration
to an ailing nation
you treat with indignation
you've become an irritation


Media Mistrust

The media isn't something to trust
to them the truth is something to combust
the public looked upon with scorn and disgust


Town Hall Farce

The nation readies
for the town hall farce
with two stooges acting trendy,
a forum where solutions are sparse


Run through the mill

We've been run through the mill
by a corrupt government
reigning from Capitol Hill
their will, our torment...


My thoughts stray

I am both happy and sad
thinking of you...
Happy because you have
shown me what loving is...
sad that you will no
longer...allow me to share with you.
Every moment when my
thoughts aren't crowded
with all I can cram into them
they stray...always back...
to you...
God, I love you so...


Sunday, October 14, 2012

You're not devine

For four years you've presided
over our Nation's decline
a country you've divided
surely planned and designed
expecting to be deified,
you're a failure, not devine


The last clown show

The last clown show
foe against foe
a farce called debate
the winner holding our fate
skimming over issues
political residue
another media carnival
focused on the superficial


A tough rebuff

Time to take off the gloves
and give failed policies their rebuff
to tame this recession you need to be tough


Revealed in Fragments

All the days of my life
haunt me in quiet moments
times of toil and strife
revealed in fragments
love and loss, that cuts like a knife


Saturday, October 13, 2012

The realm of judgements

Truth exists
outside the
realm of the
we make


Gone are my concerns

Peace is with me now,
gone are my concerns
for inconsequential things


If what you find

If what you find touches you,
follow the path you're on,
your travels will prove useful


Without a prayer

An angel came
without a prayer
as they so often do...
I know not why,
but am grateful...
it's troublesome
when they don't


My grain of sand

My grain of sand
is a world of possibilities
grasped in my hand
no limitations, no boundaries


Yesterday's not forgotten

Yesterdays left me blind,
possessed my mind,
true love hard to find,
and life cruel and unkind


Friday, October 12, 2012

yet you chuckle

The nation is suffering
yet you chuckle
our businesses shuttering
yet you chuckle
war drums thundering
yet you chuckle
the recession overpowering
yet you chuckle
our growing debt towering
yet you chuckle
you're a useless underling


This day is mine

Life is best lived simply, one day at a time. Not to be hurried through but savored, like a fine wine. In the early morning hours, in the serenity of my mountain haven I watch the day being to unfold. Each day dawn renews itself ever uniquely. It unfolds like a rosebud opening to the warmth of the sun slowly. A slight radiant pink tiptoes gradually beyond the mountain spreading like watercolors on a wet canvas and the sky slowly lightens from the gray night’s end to take on the lighter blue hues of day. It’s like a personal greeting from the universe itself with you the only audience. A show put on for the attentive.

This day is mine!


Time passes this way

I repeat myself
even on good days
and still not remember
time passes this way


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Vice of corruption

The vice of corruption
isn't a thing to debate
this political obstruction
you so well orchestrate
will bring about our destruction


Fiscal Cliff

As the nation heads towards a fiscal cliff
you play a dangerous game of chicken
your lack of leadership lets the economy drift
you're a babbling political mannequin
who's given the country the short shrift
you're nothing more than a charlatan


Side by Side

Love cannot exist side by side
with doubts and fears... it may
share sorrows through the years
or joy for aways or for a day...
It cannot live with deceit and must be open and free
or something dies...Secrets
unknown, unspoken or left behind
to burrow in the depth of the heart
and help us to understand more
of what is love...unfathomed
secrets we all search for...
Your hands to caress, to soothe
the pains of today's strife...
and help me through the tomorrows
of all the years of my life...


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Distorted Media Spin

If you ran on your record
you'd surely lose the election
so you hide behind a yellow bird
and distorted media spin


The reign of a jester

Birds and feathers
your reeelction endeavors
your failures fester
four years we've weathered
under the reign of a jester
time for a new leader


Picturing it

We're together always
in my thoughts...
that you can't control
I can picture you
doing all the things
you loved...
your hockey games,
teasing all the kids
I miss you desperately
but you can't make me
stop loving...
it's the easiest thing I do
and comes so natural
like breathing
We are apart...
and yet together
in my thoughts


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Let's end our acquaintance

You've feigned substance,
an effort to hide impotence,
deluded with self importance,
you don't see your repugnance,
it's best we end our acquaintance


Big Bird

While you played with Big Bird
a nation's woes went unheard...
Your rhetoric of empty words
sounding more and more absurd...


Failure on a grand scale

Riots on the streets of Greece,
ignored along the campaign trail,
inept leadership that won't cease
to pursue failure on a grand scale


Tall tales

We're not buying
what you're selling
we know you're lying
tall tales are telling


We are all children

We are all children
of circumstance
we sing our songs
we dance our dance
and I am cruel
it seems to you
to love you now
before summer's through
to hold you
in my arms awhile
to rest content within
your smile
I see the sun
beyond the day
I feel the wind
of autumn play
a wistful whisper
through my hair
it seemed so right
to want to care
for you...


Monday, October 8, 2012


We didn't expect you to part the waters,
just lead the way, but you've stumbled
and faltered....


Twists and bends

Foreign policy,
just testing the winds
a leadership fallacy
of twists and bends


The fault of others

Taking credit where none is due
is what politicians like to do...
unless it's something gone wrong,
then it's the fault of others...


Low Tide

Low Tide at the Sea Lion

These wet rocks where the tide has been,
barnacled white and weeded brown
and slimed beneath to a beautiful green,
these wet rocks where the tide went down
will show again when the tide is high
faint and perilous, far from shore,
a place to dream, to let troubles lie
I wish we could share these times once more


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Lackluster Politicians

This is an era of expanding corruption,
a dying republic to be reigned over,
by an inept lackluster politician


A Corrupt Pollyanna

The recovery has been a farce
and truth hidden by propaganda
face it we must, however harsh
lies and political extravaganza...
it's leadership for which we starve
and not a corrupt Pollyanna


A sickening farce

It's a candidates war
waged on a sea of lies
the truth stretched too far...
the corrupt don't hear our cries
these droning dwarfs
a sickening farce


In time, let go

For this is wisdom; to love, to live,
to take what fate, or the Gods, may give,
to ask no question, to make no prayer,
to kiss the lips and caress the hair,
feel passion's ebb as you greet its flow,
to have, to hold, and, in time, let go!


Saturday, October 6, 2012

The price of power

The price of power,
a simple soul
buys an ivory tower


Reelection Kabuki

Stories of your political booty,
plundered for reelection,
another term of kabuki
that fails close inspection,
leaves the nation feeling gloomy


Believe in tomorrow

You help me in my vision of things,
to paint my life with rainbows,
people and dreams
to have hope and goals
and to believe in tomorrow


Friday, October 5, 2012

A media with an agenda

A media with an agenda
is hardly one to be trusted
as there's no way to be objective


Political Poser

The debate was a bother
you all but slept through
you were a boring impostor
at a tedious rendezvous
just another political poser
living a life of ballyhoo
lost without a teleprompter


Our dreams erode

You can't clothe failure
standing naked and exposed
you plea for four more years
as our dreams erode


The little things

When we think of all the large
things in life we want to realize
the small accomplishments
seem inconsequential
but it's the little things
that make life matter...

Thursday, October 4, 2012

You've understood

You live in all the memories
of times shared
of laughter and tears
great joy and deep despair
loss and fulfillment
you have understood
and accepted me
you are my friend


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Four years too many

Four years and still
unemployment's over eight percent
you promised to rebuild
yet reigned over our decent


Rhetoric of taxes

Expecting to appeal to the masses
by inciting a war of the classes
with the shallow rhetoric of taxes
our dreams reduced to ashes
not all things deserve second chances


A battle of the ego

It's a battle of the ego
feigned from a Colorado
media tent show


My odyssey

Something must be dreadfully
wrong with me
Millions of people may be
suffering across the sea
and it seems to affect me
but little
and yet one man can
affect my life so
somehow it's out of balance,
ridiculous I know
but they are the masses
unknown to me
while you are the object of my odyssey
I feel there now is a wall
and all my love for you
goes unseen


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Rigged Debates

The debate took little rigging
to feign a look of quibbling
avoiding any real issues
or sincere media reviews
gone are the days of the republic
and government that serves the public
candidates bought and paid for
democracy a dead dinosaur


The fleecing of fools

The fleecing of fools
by the Potomac cesspool
caused an economic whirlpool
politicians on the dole
a population they ridicule
just what you'd expect from a mule


It just doesn't last

Time does not heal the wounds; as they said...
Who told me time ereases pain; instead
I miss him today, as if time didn't pass
love does not die, it just doesn't last


Monday, October 1, 2012

Reign of descension

You haven't been paying attention
sitting in your citadel of power
keeping promises never your intention
from the truth you hide and cower
there's no political redemption
you've left the nation to flounder
enough of your reign of descension


Debate of the misguided

Focus groups for the undecided
trying to get the apathetic excited
about a debate of the misguided


Once a natural thing

Freedom soars on wings
reaching impossible heights
once a natural thing
now lost to fright
in servitude to the king


War Paint

Candidates in war paint
pointing fingers without restraint
deaf to a nation's complaints
this is what they call a debate


We need no oracle

We need no oracle
no media pundits
to see we're in trouble
corruption  and politics
have rotted our nation's soul


Freedom was once ours

Freedom was once ours
it wasn't handed out
at the whim of politicians
We want it back
it's that simple



I am searching for
something I cannot even
put a title to...something
I don't know what
I just know it's out there
for the right time
when I am ready to accept
whatever it is...