Thursday, March 31, 2016


I sit quietly just considering
all that's around me
such beauty, such blessings
the breeze in the trees
the clouds in the sky
all that there is to see
the rainstorm passing by
all created by the Almighty
gifts for you and I


All good things

All good things,
light, freedom,
peace, love,
wait for us
to make them so



The soul always seeks the light, always. It is the part of us that grants us enlightenment. The purpose of light is to grow through our fears. It is God's gift. It opens a door into fresh air, and sunlight, where fear cannot follow.

When we shed our fears life becomes more vibrant and alive. Colors are brighter, the air is sweeter, and our senses are more attuned to our blessings. Our soul self yearns for the light and for love. Peace can become our natural state when we relese fear. Then we are truly free.

We limit ourselves with fear. In light our consciousness expands, and we bask in greater awareness. In the light we can heal ourselves of the wounds we have created with our fear. We truly are safe and loved.

The willingness to turn fully into the light is the ability to touch with love all things and all who we encounter. It is a release of expectation and the freedom of acceptance. It is a conscouness of a deeper oneness with all creation.

Stop fearing your imperfections and forgive them for you are only human, and in foregiveness is release, and peace, and the capacity to grow to your fullest possibilities. Fear is needless for it changes nothing and accomplishes nothing.

It only blocks the voice of God for we are too busy listening to our fears. We create life anew each day, and we can choose to create it free of fear. We choose what we believe. It in the light of truth, of love, of divine order.

There is only one reality, but we can choose how to view it. Don't let fear limit your life. Stretch beyond these beliefs and you find freedom, and light, and your God self within.


Wednesday, March 30, 2016


God does not send illness and affliction. We do this to ourselves. Individually we need to question why we feel a need of punishment. What guilt are we harboring? Why do we abuse ourselves physically?

It too can be a lesson if we listen and learn from it. God loves us all equally, and does not burden us will illness, we choose the sickness whether it be physical or mental. Illness is a form of fear and belief.

If you can seek out the fear, you can release the cause and find the cure. Fear is a denial of the reality of God. The soul leaves the body when it is ready. Illness is not necessary. Human consciousness has a great power to heal if we listen to it.

Unfortunately some souls do not wish to be heald. Only our own desire can heal. Love can heal but again we must allow it. We have but to accept the Divine Spirit and wholeness. Death is not an excape from life but a continuation of the growth process.

What we have not learned in this lifetime will come back to visit again. Life and death are but a swinging door. There is nothing to fear in the universe, certainly not death, so do not fear to live, truly live, in full conscious awareness.

We can find peace, light, love, and well-being here on earth through prayer and meditation. To be here in your entireity, in a completeness, and oneness, with God is to truly live in a level of more intense existence. To be free. Once you are filled with the true sense of self, you recognize the oneness of all things ane are one wtih God.


Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Life's lesssons

Do not cling to the false image of being superior to others. All were created equal in the eyes of God. We come here to become more aware, not more wealthy, more prejudiced, or more controlling. Listen to the inner voice of spirit to guide you and let God provide as He sees fit.

Cherish the earth, the birds and flowers, and feel a oneness with nature itself, for in that way you become a greater part of the light of God's love and all-that-there-is, and a total knowing with the earth.

This will help your consciousness expand to greater wisdom and understanding. We are all part of evolution of a greater potential. We must experience the whole process of our evolution to gain in greater knowledge.

There are no steps to be skipped along the way but to find your path and follow it to the end. Our task is not to avoid experiencing, but to transform it into a higher good. There is always time enough to accomplish what your true purpose is, so release the anxiety and let go of worry, and you will find an eternal beingness within.

Breathe in the essence of spirit. There is energy itself in acceptance. Nothing in life is an accident, there is only truth and lessons to be learned. Physical illnesses, even alcoholism is a crying out of the spirit for us to listen, to stop and redirect our course.

You need to assess the problem and see the conflict for the healing to take place. For somewhere there is a resistance to the life force of soul consciouness. Denial of purpose is expressed in the physical. Heed the guidance of the spirit. Let go, let God, and be healed.


Monday, March 28, 2016

You touched my life

Because we are all composites
of experiences, mistakes
accidental happenings
we live not just one life
but many....
as we keep evolving
and developing into.... something
someone new
sometimes things we love
and touch....
things that have touched us
must move on
and it's just wonderful
otherwise can you imagine
all the people you had ever met
and who had influenced you
in some small way
were around you....
how smothered you would be
I've been very, very blessed
to live the life I have lived
and still to feel as I feel....
that my life is just beginning
for I learned long ago
to count lifetimes in days,
and each new day
is a new beginning
to look at each new day
you see
as the first and the last....
as if blindness
were to arrive with the sunset
is to extract the fullest gratifications
from the moment
and to live in wonder
that one such as I
have been given the privilege
of seeing such majestic beauty
if we look for the gift
in each moment
and all we meet
and allow it to touch the soul of us
to become a part of us,
some minute quantity....
that is a composite of what we are
because you have touched me
in some small way
you too are now within
part of what makes me.... me
there's not one thing in my life
I would undo, not one
because look at who I am
I am so grateful
to be who I am....
so uniquely me,
to have laughed a lot
because I enjoy life,
to have been greatly loved
and to have loved greatly,
to have cared deeply,
to have cried....
I hope that I too
have influenced others
to have touched some chord
respondent in them
to have made someone laugh
when they were down,
to have given love
when someone was empty,
to have been a friend....
and thus to forever be a part
of what and who they are...
for then even when my life ends
what I am will go on and on
a sort of immortality
of being....

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Open your heart

Thank you God for the gift of new life in my home. Four wee kittens were born to a very young cat, lost and abandoned. When we open our hearts those that are lost, they find comfort and welcome, a place to rest and be safe, to not be alone in their time of trouble.

We have the power to share our blessings, to not be blind to the lost and lonely. To give warmth and comfort and love. Isn't that what we would want for ourselves and our loved ones? That someone would reach out in love and share their abundance to comfort us and remind us that God loves us and we are never alone?

God puts into our path at times, someone or something that needs what we are able to give, to nurture, to mentor, to share, and to serve. There are blessings for all in the sharing, to those that give, and those that receive.

Sometimes we're on one end and sometimes the other. It is a gift of the spirit and of love. There is not limit to love, it does not deplete as we give, but grows and expands. We are all God's children and He created all things, even the wee kittens.

To honor their life is to honor your life and God, and the miracle of creation itself. It is a joy to watch the development of new life from helplessness to curiosity and learning. Taking new steps and finding self-confidence.

To becoming independent, and all the while having loving guidance through the trails and errors. We all need guidance at times, mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. We all need to be wanted and needed and loved.

We all begin in helpless innocence. That is the way God created the world to be in His great wisdom. God also puts in our path what we need when we need it through His infinite wisdom and love. And so today I share my home with four wee kittens and their mother.


Saturday, March 26, 2016

Inner Peace

Seek what makes you happy, what brings you inner peace, and the joy of living. Only when you have these can you experience contentment and a sense of true success. Money alone cannot buy it, nor fame.

It is something that comes from within. An acceptance and love of self and those around you. An appreciation of the beauty of God's creations. A sense of harmony with your spirit and your environment.

Be authentic. God created you as a unique being. No one else in the world can be you, has your experiences, aspirations, gifts. They were given to you alone, use them well. Only you can fulfill your destiny, your purpose, your journey.

Take time to go within, to the silence where the inner voice speaks. Take time to be quiet mentally, physically, and emotionally. For only in quiet can we receive direction. When we are in chaos God could be shouting and we couldn't hear Him.

The spirit is Divine, a part of all-that-is. Through spirit, when we silence the exterior chatter of the ego, we connect to the ultimate wisdom and receive the knowledge of all-that-is and a sense of serenity that reinforces the knowledge that we are on the true path of life.

For there is peace in right living, and a sense of inner healing. A oneness with the Universal Devine. God always fulfills what is for our highest good when we are open to receive, when we accept and believe.

God did not create us to be unworthy but entitled us to experience life in all its glory. In order to do this we must be aware, and willing, otherwise we miss the blessings when they arrive. The small miracles go unnoticed. Life is not a dress rehearsal, but is taking place now. Don't spend your time looking elsewhere.


Friday, March 25, 2016


We have come to be part of enlightenment. Speak the truth you have learned joyfully to all those who will listen. Your heart will lead you with love, you only need listen and follow. This is your journey. This is the truth of your inner-soul-experience to self-fulfillment.

Release fear, it is not needed when your God-self is near. This is a time of awareness, of enlightenment, of self-discovery of our truest purpose. There are more seekers in this present time than have ever existed before.

It is a time of collective consciousness. It is a time of recognition of the oneness in all-that-is that we are part of. It is a time of remembering that God that exists in all of us, empowers us to live in the light, as true believers and to come forward in truth to bear witness.

Pease is a possibility for everyone who seeks the power of enlightenment. How can we serve is the only question, not how we can be served. The more you perceive, the more you receive. There is empowerment in the Divine plan when we are willing to serve in the true spirit of enlightenment of knowing, of trust, and faith.

It is a new birth of spirit, of truly "being" within yourself. The great reality of enlightened self is a who new consciousness of living fully in every minute, every molecule of our existence. Everything around us becomes part of who we are, for all is part of the greater whole.

It is mutual existence. To honor all-that-is is to honor yourself and the Divine. It is loving in total love without any semblance of fear or separation. Love is total light, no darkness exists. Respect creates a return image, and love enlightens the world.


Thursday, March 24, 2016

Honor your spirit

We honor the divine spirit in ourselves by reaching out to the universal divine, which is God, in times of need through prayer. Instead of a negative reaction, seek in prayer an interaction that will bring you peace and well-being.

For the Divine has the power to heal any situation and transform it into a positive experience. God can transform fear into faith, anger into peace, and chaos into love. And we have the power to choose to turn to God for a solution.

He is the passageway of the heart that leads us to greater consciousness in all choices. He helps us to live in truth. Life is but an experience and it is influenced by our mental perception. What we believe is what we receive.

But we have the power to change our minds and thus our experiences, to move them out of the negative and into the positive. To remember that we are co-creators of our own destiny. We can choose to walk in the light of faith or the darkness of fear by simply releasing the fear.

When we surrender fear we find the presence of love and a world of possibilities. Love empowers us to live fully in each moment, and to enjoy the wonders around us. Love is a choice that heals. Wisdom is not a result of aging, it comes from right living, learning, experience, and knowledge.

Study and spiritual homework are tools of gaining wisdom through knowledge, of openning your heart to Divine truths. It is a path to greater remembering of our true selves. It is an acknowledgement of the spirit within that came to grow through this life's experience and this journey.

Make it in love and joy. Relish your life and give it greater meaning through conscious awareness. Be a full participant in all that you do. Surround yourself with love and light and beingness. Embrace your existence in divine joy. Welcome to the world.


Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Testify to love

We are witness to God's gifts, just be open to believe and to receive. Testify to God's goodness and blessings that others may know. Spread the word that God is active in our lives, all we need to do is acknowledge Him and He is there.

Ask for guidance and He is there. God wants to provide for our highest good. Not just in necessity, but in abundance. God also wants us to share our blessings, joyfully, with open arms. Not just financially, but of our time, and of ourselves.

He wants us to give the best we have, not for any reward, but for the joy it brings, not just to others, but to ourselves as well. Be of service, someway, somehow. Surprise someone with a gift of faith, a gift of gratitude.

It will affect their life as well as yours by bringing God into the everyday. Make Him an honored guest in your home. Acknowledge Him daily. Talk to Him like the closest of friends, confiding all the things of the heart so private you would tell no one else.

God loves us unconditionally. God doesn't begrudge us worth, happiness, a loving home, furnished well, vacations, or any earthly joy. He just wants us to make Him our first priority. Not greed or power, fame or anything we think will bring us unlimited feelings of prosperity.

Success is right living, doing what you love most, and being paid for it. Having loving relationships with family and friends. Being appreciated for your authentic self no matter if your not rich and famous.

Success is being at peace. Know God loves you and spread the word. His blessings are like a rainbow, you can never find where it ends because it doesn't.


Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Running on empty

If you are feeling empty, no matter your accomplishments, no matter how much you possess, no matter your trophies or awards, you are following goals that are not the truth of yourself. There is never enough to fill emptiness if we are not on the path of self-fulfillment and light.

We did not  come into life to be hollow for that is living without spirit, in separation and joyless. Things are but possessions and will never satisfy anyone, only create a need of more to fill the void that is bottomless.

To find the essence of your true self where there is love, light and peace, is to truly experience abundance and wholeness, an ever-flowing spring of fulfillment and contentment. This is the joy of living in the moment, of the now, and being aware of every raindrop, every ray of sunlight, each sound of the birds, the rustle of the breeze, the smell of the sea, the beauty of a shell or a flower.

All of God's gifts become alive to our senses, filling every crevice of our being with new life, new awareness, and the joy of being. Each breath is an experience of love. Every corner of your existence, within and without is filled with the power of love and you feel whole.

This does not mean possessions are bad, for abundance itself is Divine Law, but that first we must recognize and honor our spirit-self within, and remember the love we came here to experience. If we open our heart to all the possibilities that love empowers we heal that emptiness within and there is no void, but a oneness with everything and everyone.

To be open is to embrace life with a full heart. To remember why you have chosen to experience this life, to explore your true destiny of being, to be at oneness with the universe, to fulfill your purpose is to be unlimited.


Monday, March 21, 2016

God is in charge

God is the only power that is in control in life. God is within us and within all things for everything is His creation. If we are aware of the Divine nature within us we live more fully. There is a Divine order to life, even if we do not recognize it at the moment.

Each stage of our life is where we are meant to be in the Divine unfolding of life. Our experiences are to help develop our awareness, to bring it to fulfillment. When we live in awareness, we live in harmony with Divine law and are blessed with its rewards of peace, joy, abundance, love, and gratitude.

Let your life be a reflection of God's love. Choose to live in awareness of Divine purpose. Everything you need will be supplied. It is difficult to be centered each moment, but when you become aware you are not, be still, and listen.

In the stillness, you will find your spirit and Divine truth again. When we live with the Divine as a partner in our everyday life, we learn to live in truth. When we live in truth we live in trust and faith for God is our sustenance in all things and provides for our needs.

For He is all powerful and through Him all good things come. Trust God to handle all situations and outcomes for He touches the Divine spirit within. Invoke the Divine in all your decisions, in all circumstances and you will be rewarded with the best outcome with Divine wisdom and Divine love.

God manifests in many ways and through many people. Quiet the chatter of the mind and listen for the guidance of the Divine. God is always a positive outcome.


Sunday, March 20, 2016

Life is a promise

We are not our experiences, but what we choose to become through our experiences, for they are only circumstances of life. It is not who we are. Trust in the peace of the soul's growth, and not in the stress and fear of the mind.

Life is but a promise of all the blessings to come when we are open to them. Let your heart be free and open the door and it will take wing and soar. There are so many possibilities to choose from when we let go of fear.

Do not worry over the past or fret about the future, but be fully aware in the now. Design your life by believing in God's promises and see all the potential for joy and abundance by facing your fears and releasing them.

Love life. Mistakes are only stepping stones to inner-growth, and transformation. The moment we release fear we enter the light where love lives. We are all worthy of love.

The world is abundant with giving, be open to receive. There are no limitations to God's blessings. Walk with an open heart and a sense of gratitude and you will find yourself receiving in abundance for God loves to give.

Be still and be aware that way you will not miss opportunities when the come knocking. Quiet your mind through meditation so you can hear and receive. Recognize the spirit within that is part of the oneness of the universe.

Quiet the mind to hear the Divine. This is part of the growth process to a new life. The energy of the spirit within us is activated through our stillness, our letting go.

Let go of fear, expectations, doubt, guilt, and all negativity to let in the light of hope, love, peace, abundance, and endless possibilities. Life is full of promise.


Saturday, March 19, 2016

Our hearts

The laws of the divine are our providence, handed down, often hidden in the wisdom of our guiding angels, concealed from unbelieving hearts. Our to embrace once we learn to have faith and give to the Lord what is His. Our hearts.


Friday, March 18, 2016


Service to others is our ability to give of self, without an attachment to the expectations of rewards or recognition. Working with a consciousness of love in acts of unselfish giving. It's a shame we're no longer taught to serve others.


Thursday, March 17, 2016


We are in the process of living, which is not a stagnant state, but a period of growth and exploration. We can move through it knowingly, in full awareness, or we can hibernate and wait for events to move us along until it ends.

A willingness to seek is the joy of all journeys, the fulfillment of finding. Honor life with your beingness for therein lies peace. Go within and you will discover tranquility, it is part of your awareness.

Surrender to your being, and be at peace. Be peace. Breathe peace. It is wherever you seek it, and without seeking, for it comes from within. It is tranquility in action, and we all have the capacity to create it in our own lives.

We can claim it right now, at this moment, it is our choice. Within peace lies true love, without compromise. Love of self and all that exists around us, for we are at one with it.

There is no past or future, just the now in tranquility, and oneness. Share in the wonder of it, leave anticipation and stress, and find rest, in the knowing of all life.

In the moment, in the now, there are no restrictions or limitations. All is possible. Fear and pain cannot exist within a tranquil state. Here exists bliss, inner prayer, and knowledge.

Here your spirit can communicate with you, within this process of being, and you will know what it is speaking within you and you will remember.

Within tranquility is color and light and absolute stillness as well as perfect love. Surrender to the being of love and your heart opens to receive.

An open heart is a doorway for blessings to enter and a connection to the oneness of all existence. Breathe and release. Be in the light, the warmth, the peace of true tranquility.


Wednesday, March 16, 2016


We all have "dreams" which in actuality we are referring to desires, aspirations, thoughts, pictorial representations of feelings, expressions of what brings us joy.

We rarely remember our true dreams or the source of them. Dreams are a form of guidance, of inner needs, of a recognition of truth of spirit speaking to us. They are spiritual messages with great imagery.

They are a correspondence with our spirit selves. They are a delight spoken lovingly in thought and joy to the heart. Surrender to your dreams and look for the truth in the message they send.

Are they indications of a need or desire to change direction, of relocation, of emotional or spiritual need? Are they a seeking of peace that you are not living?

Maybe the are omens of a new journey. Be open to receive what spirit is speaking. Seek a spiritual consciousness of knowing an underlying realization in your dreams.

Dreams can be a door to our inner feelings we deny in the daylight. They can help us resolve an issue. Pay particular attention to reoccurring dreams.

Trust that they have a message, surrender the active mind, release all expectations of what it should be and in the proper time you will receive the knowledge within.

Write down your dreams, journal your thoughts and feelings. Go with the flow, don't force it. The Angels speak to us in many ways, and in dreams particularly.

Have no judgement, or fear. Trust that all will be revealed to you. When we understand our dreams, we then act accordingly. Dreams can enhance our lives when we willingly listen.


Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Be yourself, your true self, and let the Holy Spirit guide you. It is up to us, individually, to do our own inner work and seek the truth. To find that we are on the path already, and it is here.

It is beneficial to spend time in silence for then we are prepared to listen and to acknowledge the spirit, meditation is a wonderful tool to inner silence, to serenity.

Release any thoughts, especially of judgement, and seek inner oneness. Soothing music or chants sometimes help us in meditation, to calm and quiet ourselves.

Accept the silence and go within to inner peace. Do what works for your spirit to reach this serenity, there is no perfect practice that works for everyone.

The purpose is to set your spirit free, to lift yourself up beyond the daily human experiences so that you may achieve higher knowledge, and be at peace.

God promises we are never alone, but if we are too busy rushing through life sometimes we forget to listen and acknowledge Him.

For when we rush around constantly chasing unseen goals we are living in illusion. To pause in silence is to ground ourselves in truth, to remember our dreams and visions, and acknowledge our path.

In this way, we can expand and grow and we can honor the spirit within. We can then become more centered, more clear of vision, and more loving.

This helps us to live fully in joy and wonder with each new day a blessing. To live in truth is to renounce fear. Worry does not speed us on your path, it is only extra baggage. In silence, let go and let God.


Monday, March 14, 2016

Look and Feel

Truth comes in colors
reds, greens, and blues
floating on the winds
glowing with the sun
and falling with the rain
all we have to do
is to look and to feel



The greater reality is not touched in everyday life without the aid of meditation and prayer. In that greater reality is a part of all eternity. To be in awareness is to be closer to God's truth.

Your entire reality becomes broader and broader until you are fully aware, constantly, in all your daily activities and your consciousness becomes higher, and more evolved.

God provides the tools and gives us a choice, we are not alone, we can seek to communicate. Greater communication can become a part of everyday existence when we are ready to receive the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

There are steps to take on the stages of growth. All we need do is take that first step and the spirit will guide us on the journey. This is the path of bliss and enlightenment, a more expanded, more creative way to live filled with greater love.

This will become more apparent as your willingness to hear beyond the expected is developed, through time. It is an awakening. An ability to expand our own spirit and make God part of our daily world.

All is one in spirit. Here and now is the time. Great wisdom and expanded consciousness are received, as well as guidance from the Holy Spirit. That does not mean we may not stumble occasionally along the way, for we are but human.

Only that we regain our footing, dust ourselves off, and continue on the path of light and consciousness. Prayer will heal all pain.

We need not live in darkness for the Holy Spirit offers us eternal light. Seek and you will find your true self and greater understanding for this is the reality of spirit.


Sunday, March 13, 2016

Storm Watch

It's time for the quail family to take their morning walk. The father in the lead is always, it seems, in a great hurry and, at times, the ten babies following have to take flight to keep up. Mother always brings up the rear, counting heads as she goes to make sure her brood are all accounted for.

I can remember the first time they appeared to show off their wee family to me. They came within a foot of me, parading down the driveway, heads high in their usual order of father leading for my admiration.

Baby chipmunks as well have been romping in my yard but not brought for my inspection by their parents although I know they must be nearby keeping watch.

I saw the most beautiful butterfly today. Its wings a pattern in dramatic simplicity, a white stripe and one golden dot against a black background on each wing. I have never seen one decorated so before.

The day started out bright and sunny, but my noon the sky is rampant with storm clouds and the air is heavy in anticipation of more rain. I hope it is gentle and steady as was yesterday's rain, instead of violent with hail and cascading waterfalls of cloud laden waters causing rivers in the hills and new erosion that did not previously exist.

With a roar of thunder like a drum roll the rain came as well as a significant drop in temperature which had begun to be palpably oppressive. The birds took shelter in the oak trees and the squirrels and chipmunks retreated for cover,.

Within minutes the heavy sound of hail hitting hard surfaces echoed off the decks, accompanied by heavy rain pulverizing the flowers and leaves of the plants as they struck.

So far no evidence of lightning, but the mountains are shrouded in a thick mist barely visible to the eye. There are no winds so the rain falls like straight arrows from the sky, the ground below the target that it seeks. The sound varies as does the violence of the storm ebbing and flowing like the tides. It's a good day to curl up indoors with hot tea and a mystery.


Saturday, March 12, 2016

Sacred Space

Create a sacred space within your home where you can always go to meditate, to pray, or to just be at peace in silence. Put upon it things that you cherish that reflect your true self as well as candles and incense.

This is your sacred space, not to be used for other purposes or by others. Let it always be ready for you that you may go there at any time to be in touch with spirit, wisdom, oneness, God, and your higher self.

Let no one intrude upon this time or space. This is where you can go to feel a sense of connection or just to be. Keep it sacred. This is your space for forgetting the world's cares, where there are no barriers or requirements, only peace and love.

Be in silence or listen to soft chants, or soothing waters, whatever will release you into that sense of peace. Disconnect the phone and other distractions as that your mind and spirit are free to achieve serenity.

Choose a time daily, you can set aside for yourself and go into your sacred space, for it is an inner journey with an outward symbol. Early morning or evening are usually optimum, whatever works is the right time, just be consistent.

When you are in your sacred space, truly "be" in your space. Quiet the mind of all thought, all purpose, all worries, and need-to-be-dones. There is the rest of the day for all of that.

This is your time, spirit time, honor your inner being time and God's time. For you may receive inner messages. This often happens when you are at peace and open to receive.

Keep a journal nearby and when you are entirely finished with your meditation, your spiritual break, write down any impression or messages you have but do not interrupt your spiritual quiet to do so. Just be and the Lord will speak.


Friday, March 11, 2016

Everything is temporary

Love who you are, no matter what you experiences for you are God's child and are a creation of love. Accept your life for the experience it is, both good and bad.

No storm lasts forever, and the sun eventually shines, the rain stops, the snow melts, and the roads are clear again. We have the power to choose consciously, to live fully, to love greatly, and to be fully aware in the moment.

Acceptance is merely to recognize events as they happen and to recognize that all will be well. Everything in life is temporary. Don't let fear or anger rule your life.

Don't be attached to outcomes for what you cling to may not be for the highest good and even greater rewards might be possible. Be open to receive without restrictions.

New wisdom is granted when you are open to growth and change. A new way of intuiting life's experiences that sees the truth in them instead of the fear. A greater trust and faith evolves through your interior work.

It is seeing life in a whole new way and making a conscious choice to expand in awareness and to honor the divine spirit within us, trusting that our needs will be provided. This is strength of spirit.

It is allowing of ourselves to acknowledge the needs and concern of others, thus respecting and honoring them. Be patient with yourself in your spiritual growth. The world was not made in a day, even by God, but took time.

It is a slow evolution. Have faith that you will make the right choices, for God grants us wisdom when we seek it. We will be provided with everything we need to accomplish our purpose, including time.

Time is a great gift that we should not take for granted. There is a purpose for everything under the sun and the right time to do it.


Thursday, March 10, 2016

Wet snow and rain

The winds howled through the night and the snow kept falling as well as building up to ever greater heights. Then the rains and wet snow came creating a heavy mush which is hard to move in.

I cleared the decks only so I could put out the food for the squirrels who come despite the incliment weather. The are more punctual than the post office. The quail come in droves running down the hill as if a pot of gold were waiting at the bottom.

Everything today has been seen as though through a layer of gauze as the moisture in the air is so thick. It's a good day just to stay indoors and relax.

The air is crisp when I step out for a break from sitting and I add another layer of clothing to ward off the chill. Today is a good day to concentrate on my correspondence with friends.

There is a treasured feeling to the written word, a cheerful card arriving in the mail that an email cannot substitute for, although they too serve their purpose.

I believe we put more thought into a written greeting than an electronic one. I have letters from my childhood and they can recreate memories of times gone past, resurrect a loved one as I trace an old signature and lovingly written words.

Sometimes I come across a pressed flower inserted within, still recognizable as a pansy or a rose. I will try to make my words today meaningful to those who receive them and seal them with blessings and send them on wings of angels so that they too will know they are loved.

The winds come up in the evening, just as I'm finishing up with my letters, in a new frenzy of cut through to the core cold. Big white billowy clouds gather beyond the mountains and the haze is not quite so dense. Now, at last, I can see the houses behind me and the smoke rising from their chimneys, and count my blessings for such a wonderful day of wet snow and rain.


Have some fun

We can get so caught up in the process of life, the responsibilities of life, what we want from life, that we forget to have fun. Life is a joke. Life is a game. Games are intended to be fun, but we work at our games and turn them into work. That's no fun!

We get so caught up in the work of we've made of life that we forget to play. We forget what's fun. When that happens, we aren't really living anymore.

When we set aside time for fun, for playing, life gets much easier. In doing so, we realize there's much more to life than working and paying bills, when you have something fun to look forward to, life takes on a completely different tone.

Fun gives you a new outlook. It helps you expand your mind and your spirit. It keeps you young and vibrant. Fun allows you to think about something other than what you don't have or cannot do, and the best part is that fun is absolutely free. So, got out and have some fun.


Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Let me be a witness
to the lifting of the veil
when all becomes clear
and I remember once again
who I was, who I am


Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Try love on, like new clothes and discard the old garments of fear, for it is too confining. Clothed in love we are lighter, more illuminated. Love is a transformation of remembering, of acknowledging our God spirit, and honoring it.

In this way, we live more fully. The purpose of remembering is greater love. The image of love is God for only He is perfect love.  Today is the perfect time for awakening. The world is ready and so are we.

We prepare to be an openhearted witness to life. This is our journey and we're ready to listen. As love increases, fear decreases. The power of love individually can change the world. Love is truth speaking.

When our spiritual faith deepens we sense our higher power within and feel less vulnerable and thus are more capable of greater interaction, more compassion, and oneness with others, with life itself. We no longer feel separate in this world but are as witnesses to a great change.

We gain strength of purpose and therein lies peace and joy. God's promise that "no one walks alone" is true. The more we spread the news of the power of God in our lives the closer we come to the vision of a world existing hand-in-hand with God, and the more blessings we receive.

When I remember God's message to chose love I feel free. It is a constant choosings, sometimes several times a day. To do this, you must live constantly aware. Love, faith, truth and God are the only safety nets we have, all else is an illusion.

Be in the moment and learn to soar. This is just the beginning of our awakening for our journey is long and the path is sometimes uphill.


Monday, March 7, 2016

There is no distance

To bond with another is to no longer be separate for love creates oneness, a unity with others. Even though distance may divide you, the love and closeness is always there, as if you were together.

It is a joy to us that they are fulfilling their lives and that they are following their heart. There are so many modes of communication now that distance is never a problem when you have an open heart, and express your love.

Allow others to be who they are and share in their joys and sorrows. Release expectations and give the gift of acceptance unconditionally. Do not pressure others toward your own ideals. Love speaks in its own language of the heart.

The entire planet is a creation of God, therefore time and distance are but thoughts, not reality. Follow your own light and share it, and allow others the same, and you will all be rewarded by growth.

There is much to enlighten us all in our progress. Do not try to maintain power or control over others for that will create negativity in your relationships. Look to yourself for satisfaction, not for others to fulfill us.

Let each seek their own light and their own path. Trust in the wisdom of their seeking and be glad. We empower others through the strength of our love and it can cross mountains and endless seas to reach them.

The purpose of life is not to shield others because we love them, but to set them free, willingly, and with love. In that sense, we all experience learning and it is reflected back to us with greater love. The purpose of life is self-discovery and new experiences. May they be of wondrous beauty and our homes filled with love.


Sunday, March 6, 2016

Light of love

Love is the most powerful force in the universe. In it, you are safe, infinitely so. Limitation and hopeless are gone, as is futility. We can release our fears and live fully and freely, taking comfort as we walk through life in the light of love.


Saturday, March 5, 2016

Less than love

The greater your reluctance to face your fears, to accept and embrace them, the more power you allow them to have. Fear is nothing but the unknown. It is not reality. It is not a matter of destroying fear but of seeing it as a less powerful force than love.


Friday, March 4, 2016

Leave it behind

Fear is a marvelous motivator
It's not a solution
Always the cause of much pain
Sorrow  and discomfort
It's an illness to overcome
Put behind us we're free


Thursday, March 3, 2016

Meditation while shoveling

My few days break from shoveling is over and I accomplished it in three sections with long breaks in-between. The back is sore, the shoulders too, but not as bad, at least not yet.

There have been small snow flurries but nothing substantial as yet, but dark clouds are beginning to gather again this afternoon and we're still on storm watch.

Three hours after I finished clearing the snow from the driveway the latest storm hit in full force. The visibility is almost zero over the mountains. Within twenty minutes the driveway was no longer visible but again blended into the white hills siding it, an inch of soft, damp, heavy snow fell in the first half hour.

It was not a deterrent to the birds or an ambitious squirrel who came to the front deck to raid the bird feeder. The street has again disappeared from view and a lone bird cries into the void, breaking the silence.

The absence of stars is noticeable, and no moon can be seen to announce nightfall, only lights of random houses appearing out of the mist.

I watch the darkness close in leaving only shadows, window lights, and the soft white snow steadily falling and building drifts higher with each layer of flakes.

I know that the morning holds more shoveling, but I have come to accept it as good meditation time when I clear my mind and yet have an acute awareness of all the beauty around me, of the activity of the birds, squirrels, and that the wind create even as I move snow a shovel full at a time.

It strengthens me spiritually as well as physically, and I feel close to the Creator of all things, including snow. I realize the blessings it brings and that without it there would be drought.

That I am privileged indeed to live in an area of such natural beauty, of open spaces, forests, and God's creatures and that where there is privilege there is also responsibility. I do my little part by clearing and praying, by appreciation and thanksgiving, by hard work and deep awareness. Thank you God.


Wednesday, March 2, 2016

How we grow

Faith does not make your life easier. What it will do, however, is make it easier for you to move through every experience that may confront you in life.  Having the courage to speak your mind and tell the truth from a position of love rather than anger or fear, being open to the views of others without feeling threatened or defeated, relinquishing the ego's need to be in control by demonstrating the willingness to do whatever it takes to establish peace. This is how we grow.


Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Meet the divine

Standing at the portal
willingness and perfect timing
still my heart in silence
breath held, imagination soars
it's time for me
to meet the divine