Sunday, July 31, 2016

Nothing is ordinary

Nothing in life is ordinary for it was created by the Divine. Look at the detail in a leaf or a flower. There are more colors on the palette of nature than man can create with his brush and pigments.

See the imagination that causes a plant to grow from a tiny seed put in the ground. Feel the strength of a tree and how even it reaches toward heaven in adoration.

The sky can be clear or cloudy at a whim. Clouds can be billowy like fluffy cotton and change their shapes, take on different forms, gather water for rain, sleet or snow, and release their energies down to earth.

Stars and planets twinkle at us from millions of miles away and the man in the moon changes faces nightly while the sun comes out to warm the earth and all its inhabitants on its daily round. Basting the world on all sides.

Everything that grows is an infinite variety of perfumes. Plants give us food in a myriad of varieties, tastes, textures and colors. They grow under or above ground. They climb if they can and hang from trees.

The breeze is invisible as is the air, yet we know it is there. It can caress us at times and blow our whole world away at others.

Water covers much of the land. It is a source of food, of fun, and of travel. Man can never completely conquer the elements, no matter how hard he tries.

We don't often enough treat with respect what God has given us. We fill our lives with so much doing that we forget to take time to just be and to look around us in gratitude.

To breathe deep and to feel blessed. To walk the beach, gather shells, and to see their beauty and uniqueness, as are we, creations too by the Divine in a variety of color, sizes, tastes, and talents. Nothing is ordinary, not even ourselves.


Saturday, July 30, 2016

Today's blank page

We all seek to find a greater meaning to our life. It is our deepest instinct. Like a gravity pull of the spirit seeking a richer Divine connection. Our purpose is to live our life not crowded to exhaustion, but with quiet purpose.

It is not continuous excitement our soul needs but inner peace. Each day is a new page we write. What we choose to put on it is our choice. We can decide to make it one of value, of joy, of awareness, filed with love and acts of kindness instead of a myriad of useless activity.

We can start it with prayer and end it with gratitude. We can choose a simpler path that cherishes life and Divine creation. We can take time to sit quiet in nature and to realize its beauty and wonder.

We can value the gift of the day. We can share what we have with others even if that sharing is only a thought, love, a kindness given. Offer the gift of this day to your Divine spirit. Be at peace, not impatient. Breathe in the energy of life.

There is power in quiet contemplation and a feeling of being centered. Listen to your spirit speak to you. Release all anxiety. To be quiet is not passive but a passionate consciousness. The hidden is revealed in our awareness.

Each leaf, each breeze, each sunbeam, each flutter of a butterfly wing takes on a richer meaning. and an illumination of all life in the world. Be a child for a day and explore the garden, see pictures in the clouds, feed the squirrels and birds.

Lay down on your stomach and see a pet's eyed view of the world. It's enchanting. You can take time to nurture and still accomplish much. Prepare a surprise for someone you love. Just because. Realize there is more happiness in small things than in saving up for one big one that may never come. The greatest gift we have is love and its expressing is free.


Friday, July 29, 2016

Time to enlighten

God brings us the information we need not only when we need it but when we are ready for it. He prepares us not only through events but random bits of wisdom, songs, programs and books that He puts into our lives, which is not really random at all, but just seems so.

It is synchronicity in action. Words touch our heart as well as our spirit. The right people come to teach us at the right time in a myriad of ways. If we seek, if we ask, we will find what is necessary to our continued growth.

Thus, to our spiritual advancement. it is the purpose we are here for. To learn and to grow. But we must ask, we must seek. This is a journey, a quest, and we are the explorers of our soul. We do not seek a new world, but a new way, an enlightenment, increased faith, a conquering of fear, an understanding of purpose, a connection with the Divine that exists within us.

What we experience the Divine also experience through us, and with us. Together we seek perfection of the self. At present, there is a plethora of spiritual energy, of Angels among us, of light in the darkness.

The Divine wants us to be loving to ourselves as well as others. Judgment is not ours to pass, but to release to His greater wisdom. Do not even judge yourself as unworthy, but instead, seek to be humble for therein lies peace.

Peace, in itself, is a miracle in times of turmoil. What greater gift can we receive in this life? Follow the graces which are gifts. Be in gratitude for the senses we have been blessed with that makes even a simple life rich with the pleasure of Divine creation.

We are never alone for when we reach out we are always answered and angels walk with us as well as spirit guides and best of all, the Divin is within us and when we reach out to others we are doing His work.


Thursday, July 28, 2016

Blessed are the senses

Blessed are the senses which are gifts of the Divine. Grateful are those who don't take them for granted. To see the dawn, a rainbow or a butterfly take wing are gifts of wondrous beauty and bring joy to the spirit and make us pause for a moment or more.

The sight of a storm, or a tornado's funnel, the earth being uprooted makes us in awe of the Divine power of the elements. The sound of silence speaks its own language. The sound of music is listening to the act of creation

The sound of the winds, the bird's cries in untold varieties, the crashing of the surf are nature's symphonies and can awaken us to the world better than the sound of the alarm in the morning.

The aroma of coffee perking can start our day. The scent of a lavender bath steaming can relax us before we ever enter the water. The scent of flowers in bloom, remind us it is spring and the scent of a spring rain refreshes us.

When we smell good food cooking we start salivating before we've taken our first bite. We can wear scents that become associated with who we are.

The taste of an ice cream on a hot summer day or a cooling air or even iced water can revive our senses. We can prefer the bitter or sweet, the spicy or bland. Our taste is as individual as are we.

To feel the sand beneath your feet is sole soothing and soul soothing. A massage relaxing. Touch can be intimate or friendly. It can jar us awake or frighten us. Silk caresses, wool is warm. The sun can burn and the wind chap.

The Divine in His infinite wisdom gave us the blessing to know life in so many different and at times unconscious ways that we take them for granted. Today try to be aware of the gifts of the senses. Open yourself to experience the wonders and gifts that they are. Be in tune to life.


Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Today's small possibilities

Our days are made up, not of grand events, but of small possibilities. Not all of us have our days filled with important events, but what we do is important to the events of our day. Do we take time for silent reflection before we begin our day? And do we end it with gratitude for all the blessings the Divine has bestowed?

Are we willing to slow down, to be aware of each day's passing? Or do we rush through life never knowing where it went? Today is a gift, open it slowly. Savor each new moment, the unfolding. All that it encompasses and all who we meet along the way.

Be open to receive. Be aware of small graces and the beauty in the mundane. Take time to breathe in the aroma of life and of nature. Truly listen to what is said and unsaid. What is sung and unsung. For there are messages between the pauses and in the quiet.

In order to hear them, we must be willing to listen. In order to hear the Divine speak in the silence, we must become quiet, in our actions, and in our mind. In order to see, we must take time to look. When we ask for guidance we must pause to hear the answer.

In order to be aware, we must live consciously. Make each thing you do a prayer, whether it's driving or doing dishes. Do all things well and with joy. Realize what a blessing it is that you can do these small things.

Many cannot and yet are still able to contribute to the universe. Prayer itself is a contribution and a gift. Pray for others, the known and the unknown. Pray for peace that enough energy may change our world.

Pray for those who don't know how to pray. Pray for the lost, the homeless, the abused, the neglected, the saints and the sinners. For when we pray we are opening communication with the Divine who gives us greater enlightenment and fills our days with joyous wonder. Mostly be thankful.


Tuesday, July 26, 2016

I've been awakened

All my life I have been waiting for that magical someone who would come and awaken me. That would show me what life could be. That could change my world. And I have finally found her, she is me!

When I was given this gift of time it was the self of me who started this inner journey, this discovery, this enlightenment, this seeking. It was my spirit that needed to grow and expand and find a greater self-knowledge.

As awareness grew I embraced it with a hunger that has been trapped inside waiting for this opportunity. To realize the journey must begin within before the change can transpire without.

I have analyzed each fear I have been hoarding and using as a block to my personal growth. I have examined the whys of who I am and excavated my dreams and desires of who I am in the process of becoming.

I have worked on releasing what is no longer desirable to hold on to. Asked for Divine guidance and received it. I have honored the spirit of my authenticity. I have learned worth and acceptance can only come from the self.

I have cried for the lonely misunderstood child I was who did not know how to ask for what she needed, and I have learned to celebrate the accomplishments she has grown into as well as the talents that were a Divine gift.

I have learned to share my growing wisdom and to be in truth with myself. I have experiences a greater synchronicity and to trust in my intuition. I have learned to seek peace and a quietness within so I may better hear.

I have learned to listen to the quiet little voice within, which is alternately my guardian angel and the Divine speaking. I haven't all the answers yet, for the journey is far from over. I am not an accomplishment, but a process, and life is good, and God blesses us with abundance.


Monday, July 25, 2016

It's time for a pause

The Divine gives us pauses in our lives for the soul purpose of clearing our senses. For only when we are clear can we reevaluate our life and if necessary make a conscious choice to redirect it. To choose again, more wisely.

Our senses are an intuition of the soul. Unfortunately, when we are rushing through life we drown them out. That's why pauses are important. To give us time to go within. To be quiet and listen.

Instead of being in fear when we reach a pause we need to look at the opportunity. The gift it bears to bring new possibilities and greater insight. Be grateful, breathe, and reconnect. Pauses are sacred blessings.

Make the choice to seek Divine guidance and clarity for the path on the journey ahead. It is a time to seek peace in a troubled world. To find a greater meaning to your life. To be in touch with your spirit and intuition.

A pause gives us time to revisit places necessary to revitalize our inner self. For some, it is the beach. The sound of the waves lapping on the shore. The smell of the salt air.

To others, it is a quiet meadow. The majesty of the trees around you. The hum of the insects pollinating. The flutter of a butterfly's wings. The scent of damp earth, pine needles, and wildflowers.

Whatever feeds your spirit, take time to do it, and to remember who you are, a Divine creation of God. Remember you are an expression of Divine love. That life is a purpose, not a collection of random disconnected acts.

In the pause take time to know yourself. The who and where you're meant to be. Cherish the time to revisit your senses. To go within so that we may choose to rearrange what is occurring without.

For we must first make clear the interior before we can change the exterior. This is the pause that refreshes our spirit, ourselves, our aspirations, our life. Be at peace.


Sunday, July 24, 2016

I'm still climbing

I am so grateful for the time I have had to go inward, which has brought me to where I am now. Not at the top of the hill, but climbing. I have traveled the dark forests and experienced the dark nights of my soul.

I have seen glimmers of the light. I have found rest in quiet meadows and by the sea. In reflection, I can see all the small events and choices that were part of what molded me today, and I can still choose again.

Mainly I choose to release the fear that has kept me from moving forward. Frozen as a dear in the headlights of life. Fear is the great immobilizer. I have learned to release regrets and to see the lessons of growth in my experiences.

Mistakes are but tools to wisdom. When we become more conscious in our awareness we are able to see the greater picture. That each step was essential to leading us into our purpose. Even if it has been a long and winding road filled with pitfalls.

We are able to forgive, even ourselves, when we see that life is not random, but leading us to where we were meant to go. To become who we are meant to be. To contribute to life, that which we are here to accomplish.

At some point, we seek and accept spiritual guidance. When we do it allows the climb to be easier. It encourages us and brings us peace and clarity. We are no longer lost but slowly we learn to find our way and a bigger picture of life is revealed to us in the synchronicity we experience and in our dreams.

Truths are unveiled to the questions we didn't know to ask. We look for the lessons in the events. We know them to be building blocks in our foundation of continued growth.

We learn patience to accept that life unfolds in Divine time. What has taken place is but a proceeding to what will be. It is the small things that are the stones on the mountain we climb and beyond.


Saturday, July 23, 2016

Family by choice

There is family, and then there's family. One by birth and one by choice. I have often read that we choose our parents for lessons we needed to learn in this life. It is a preparation for what is to come. And some of us feel we never belonged to the family who birthed us, by the way they treated us, because of instinct, or omission.

We've always felt an outsider trying to get in, And there are those we meet in life with whom we feel an instant kinship, a bonding. We recognize a connection of family found. We have come home. But we take our childhood lessons with us, as part of our character.

What we experienced helped forge us, the rest is by choice. We can choose what we are, to grow, to release, to choose again. To go beyond the limitations others have set for us.

My closest family are my children and my friends. I have one of my own who often feels the same as I do. I can feel his pain and sometimes we really connect. He feels no real closeness or family ties to with his biological family.

He's always been searching for that spiritual family he knows he has, and if he can't find it, he'll create it. He is growing into who he is, and because of that he likes himself better. I give him space and love and that seems to be a tool to help him more.

I have made peace, myself, with my inner feelings. I have accepted that there cannot be a closeness where none existed and I am blessed by the abundance of family I have recognized in life and the bond of love we share.

I no longer feel lost or alone. There are challenges in knowing your uniqueness. The quest to belong. The finding that you always did. For we all have a Divine connection guiding us to our true home and inner peace.


Friday, July 22, 2016

Today is a gift

Today is my blank page. How am I going to choose to color the day? I have choices to make. There may be a list of to's but there is always open space to fill as we will.

Begin your day with thanks and with thought. How do you want your day to unfold? What do you want to accomplish? What memories do you want to create? Be purposeful in your choices.

Each day is a gift you can give yourself. The precious moments that are yours to fill can be chosen wisely instead of wasted. But don't be so rigid that you eliminate spontaneity. They are gifts of the Divine.

Take time to go outside into the world, it refreshes you. God didn't' create the day for us to miss it entirely, locked up in an office or the house.

Take time to breathe deeply. To clearly see the wonders that are Divine creation. Including ourselves. Be aware of your authentic self and all the passion for life within.

Live aware. Fill the day with possibilities and purpose. Celebrate life. Invite God and the angels to share the day with you and it will be more joyful, more alive to the moment, more productive and more conscious.

Life isn't meant to be lived on automatic pilot. We can choose to be in the drivers seat, each day. To open our heart to all it holds. To be in anticipation instead of postponement.

If we live waiting for our life to start it never will. Today we can choose to change the world by changing our outlook. Each day we are reborn to a new beginning.

It is our history in the making. It is our spiritual journey. Our destiny is in our hands. It is our story to write. Our page to fill. Our choice on how to live.

Each day is a precious gift to be treasured. When we open it let us do it with more thought to how we will use it so that at the end of the day we can give thanks for its blessings.


Thursday, July 21, 2016

Not circumstances but choice

Circumstances are just the experiences of our life. The life we create is our own choice. Therefore the circumstances we work through are the choices we have made as part of the lessons in this lifetime. Take a closer look at them.

If they keep repeating themselves, what are you not learning? Nothing is beyond our control. When we choose to rethink our choices and how we react to them, how we participate in them, we can move through them and on to something else.

Change the pattern and you change the picture. Reach for the something more that you have denied yourself. The possibilities that you told yourself you can't accomplish, are unworthy of, don't have time for, can't afford.

If we don't reach we are disempowering ourselves. It is not circumstances. It is choice. Be truthful with yourself. Be willing to do a spiritual examination of self. Bring up the pain and old wounds that you may heal them and move on.

We have to look at the hurt to heal. Hiding in victimhood of circumstances gets us nowhere but where we already are. Do not diminish yourself. You are part of the Divine, and He is waiting for us to ask "is that where I am meant to be? Help!".

Seek guidance. When we ask, we receive. When we ask, He answers. The someone we have been waiting to rescue us is ourself. We just weren't looking in the right place. Start living with purpose, not circumstance.

Start giving yourself love, not regrets. When we accept responsibility we gain empowerment. Don't wait for someone else to inspire you, inspire yourself. You have the power to do it. It is a matter of choice. All the possibilities already exist. Decide to accept the gift of honoring the fact that you deserve more than you yourself have allowed.


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Ask love how to live

If, in each situation, you acted in love, what would love do? Love is not unkind. Love is forgiving. Love is patient. It bears its sorrow with dignity. Love believes in the best we can do, and cheers us on to do better. Love, real love, is unconditional.

We can even leave in love. Love keeps the unkind words unspoken, but never the praise. Love speaks the truth with a generous and gentle heart. Love allows us to make mistakes and accepts that others make them also.

Love is nonjudgmental. Love does not suffocate or smother, but allows us to be free to soar. Love isn't insecure or painful, but a releasing of all that is good and powerful within us. Love wears a smile and knows how to laugh.

Love sees the beauty in the world around us. Love gives us wings so that we can fly. Love shares. It doesn't horde. Love brings pleasure to the lives of others. Love is like a gentle spring water, it soothes the spirit.

Love doesn't postpone but realizes the importance of the now in life. Love isn't perfection. It is generosity. Love isn't something we must earn but a gift from the heart. Love is something we should give ourselves, and often.

If we stopped and consulted love first, we would speak kinder, even to ourselves. We would hug more often. We would express our love in all the everyday things we do as well as with words. We would not meet anger with anger, but with love.

Love sees the spirit of each of us, not the color of our skin. It celebrates our differences as unique to our person, and sees Divine purpose in the creation. To seek to live in love is a choice and an inspiration to others. Love can change the world. How we exist is our decision, or we can ask love how to truly live.


Tuesday, July 19, 2016

God sent an answer

When you ask for Divine guidance you are shown a sign. When someone else asks for Divine guidance and you have been instrumental in their path you may be chosen to be included in delivering the answer. That too is Divine purpose.

God in his infinite wisdom guides us where we usually do not go to find what we are searching for. He lets us know that our smallest thoughts are heard, and that which see seek, we find, if it is in our best interest. Especially when we seek Divine guidance and request a sign. The small inner voice is there for us, if we but learn to listen.


Monday, July 18, 2016

Share all the times

Even grief shared is love. To come together in illness and loss, to embrace in the not-so-good-times, and to be there for each other. If we only allow those who love us to see the best of times, to put on a happy face when that is not the truth, is to deny those who care the bond of complete love that encompasses all life has to offer, and to grow through it.

Sharing is being open even to our pain and being grateful for the comfort of love to fill us. Sorrow and sickness are special times of grace, that we may reach out and give. To be present and accounted for. To share our strength and our love.

It is a sign of devotion and one shouldn't be ashamed for others to share it with us. Love given no matter the circumstances is still a gift. Do not deny yourself or others. Welcome the gift of the presence of others.

God reminds us that when two or more of us are gathered in His name many blessings are bestowed, and so they are. When you cannot grieve properly, or share that bond of grieving you feel denied closure, comfort, love.

We are but visitors here, our home is elsewhere. At times, we forget this in the everyday. Illness and loss are the reminders to be grateful each day not only for what we receive, but also for what didn't visit us this day.

It brings a new awareness to what is precious in life. The sun seems warmer, the sky bluer, flowers and colors more vivid. The air fresher, cleaner. The wind is a caress. Angels walk with us each day. Through good times, bad times, at all times. Be an angel for those you love, whatever the circumstances. That's why we're here.


Sunday, July 17, 2016

Make Today Count

It's time to wash away our sorrow and our fear and start living, consciously living. Choosing a better way, every day. Making it a priority of choice to celebrate life.

Bless the new day when it begins and finish it with gratitude when it ends, and in between make each moment count. This is the only today you have. Rejoice in the gift of this new day.

Bring yourself flowers. Treat yourself with kindness. Send cards to friends to remind them they are not forgotten, but loved. Share your spirit with others. Meditate a few moments each morning and evening to open your spirit to receive all the blessings of the Divine and seek His guidance for today.

Help me be wiser, more at peace. Give me patience not only with others but especially with myself. Let me not neglect to notice all the beauty in the world around me, and to be thankful after.

Life is not only a journey but a treasure and a gift. Do not be unconscious to its presence by living in a hurry, worry world. We can actually choose, each Day!

If we ask we will receive greater awareness. Comfort. Peace. And unconditional love. It's a state of mind, not a condition or a place. When we change, our circumstances change. It's a natural phenomenon.

Like a chemical reaction of spirit. We are in control of our lives. Take charge. It's your Divine right to be in a state of grace. It's not what you have, but how you live that counts.

Be of service when you can. The joy of giving is a blessing that comes back to you in many ways. Like a boomerang, it always returns. Let your spirit fill the day. It will bring you more to be grateful for.


Saturday, July 16, 2016

Practice Love Talk

Why do we prefer to see ourselves through the eyes of others instead of the eyes of God, who is all-loving, unconditionally, always and forever? He created us in love so that we may experience it on earth as well as teach it to others.

Why then do we spend so much time in petty negativity, speaking unkindnesses, gossiping? Wouldn't that time be more fulfilling if we were living it in love? If we replaced all pain filled thoughts or criticism with loving energy. What a better world this would be.

When something negative comes up, stop yourself before you continue to think it, or express it and replace it with love. Realize the love of God is everywhere within and around you and release anything else as unworthy of His children.

Be patient with yourself. You're still in the process of becoming, and so are others. Bless them, don't berate them. You'll get better results! You cannot make others feel at peace but you can seek it for yourself.

You can honor the Divine which is within us all. Speak to that part of those you are in contact with, in loving truth. Do not diminish yourself or others by being unkind, but seek instead Divine energy that released inward will shine outward and bathe your space in love vibrations.

Before you have a serious conversation or confrontation, center yourself. Think about what your loving Father would say if He spoke through you now. Think love and you will speak love.

It takes practice and improves with time. We but need to rethink how we express ourselves, even to ourselves. How can we criticize a Divine creation, for that is what we are. Now practice gratitude. You are blessed.


Friday, July 15, 2016

Go in peace

To be spiritually empowered is to seek truthfulness within ourselves. For only when we seek the truth can we grow. All else is living with blinders. To go within to our own truth is itself a spiritual journey from which we emerge wiser, stronger, with greater faith and insight.

It is a journey without end for we are constantly evolving. It is in itself, when we seek it, Divine guidance. It peels away the onion skin from our eyes and awakens us to experience life in a new awareness, and what a beautiful treasure life then becomes.

We can wonder how we managed to live so long in the shadows, without vision. Divine love is unconditional. We are the ones who struggle, feeling unworthy, thinking and living limited lives. God's truth is in His abundance.

He wishes to share all things with us, and in silent seeking all things will be revealed, and the truth will set you free. Listen with discernment for truth is always spoken lovingly from the heart. It is never harsh or judgmental.

Love yourself for you are a child of God. Respect yourself for you were created in His image. Live with purpose for you are on life's journey only you can fulfill. Live as an example that others may learn from you.

How we behave speaks more Divine truth than what we say. Let God's love shine through. Seek peacefulness and simplicity in your life and you will find it.

Give back to others that you may share your blessings and that they may realize theirs. Always wish others to "go in peace" that you may harbor no resentments. That is the truth of Divine love.


Thursday, July 14, 2016

Seek answers in silence

We always had a choice. Even when we didn't exercise the full options at our disposal, we were making a choice. We were choosing to drift instead of choosing change. Sometimes fear kept us riveted in a place we should have moved on from long ago.

We can choose to conquer the fear through conscious faith. Through going within to the spiritual connection to the greater power of all-that-is and realize we always had the potential. We've forgotten who we are, that's all.

To have the time to rediscover all the blessings and possibilities we were born with is an enlightenment of spirit. When in doubt reach out. The Divine always answers. He is as close at that still small voice within.

That's God speaking. To listen well we must seek the peace of silence. Close down the chatter of the mind. Seek what it is you desire to know, then ask. Listen, and believe.

For you will receive the answers. Not always immediately, but they will come. The more we practice this inner quiet, the more attuned we become to hearing the Divine messages and their guidance.

When we are full of stress, anxiety, and constant motion, outward and inward, we have closed ourselves to receiving. We can open up by going into nature, becoming quiet without and within and asking the Divine to release the negativity within us.

As you repeat this, slowly you can physically feel it leaving, along with the tension. Your body and mind feel lighter and suddenly you are more aware. It is as though a fog has lifted.

Always seek this silence when you need change, the answers will surely come and you will know their truth in tranquility.


Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Building your future

There comes a period of time in all our lives when we can no longer be contained in the home of the spirit we have built ourselves and it is time to reconstruct our lives with guidance and faith. We need to search deeply to know the new foundation that we want to lay, for this is where we will be grounded as we set upon a new journey.

It is the site of the spirit within. It contains our dreams, and aspirations. Do not be afraid to make it large enough to contain many rooms so that our interests may be wide and varied. This is the house of courage to begin a new journey.

Your visions, plans, and goals are the blueprints, you yourself, draw up. Create it as a shelter for all that you love. Let it be built in peace, joy, and love, that you make know contentment here.

Be passionate in your design for it contains all your possibilities and hopes. The hearth is the center of a home, as the heart is the center of the soul, make it a thing of beauty and comfort. A place of welcome, of warmth to draw close to.

Make your timbers strong for they support your faith in the future and in yourself. Lay each brick with care, building one upon another that they may withstand the storms of life.

You choose the design. You lay the bricks and you fill in the cracks one step at a time. This is progress in Divine guidance. It is the pathway that leads to the door.

We fill our home with our choices. We can rearrange it however we choose or replace what does not work in our life. Hang a welcome sign that the Angels may dwell with us, guiding, sheltering, loving, protecting. This is your future, create it well. May gratitude and peace accompany you along the way.


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Purpose in the valley

It is important to have faith that God will provide for our needs no matter that it takes longer than we anticipated. It will always come at the right time. God has never left me stranded. It is only my own fear speaking that blocks the abundance God is always ready to bestow.

When I release my will to God's greater will, the outcome is always for my best interests. There is purpose too in waiting for it strengthens our faith and opens the soul in our searching.

Waiting is the valley of spiritual growth, of preparing for a new path, of releasing unnecessary burdens from the past and of healing old wounds. It is a time of preparation that we cannot rush through.

God knows when it is the right time to move on. Until then we need embrace the time as a period of transformation, of readying ourselves for the next experience of our journey for it leads to a new evolution of self.

One of greater awareness and possibilities. This is a time to "be", not to do. To absorb the lessons we are here to learn. It is not a time of conflict but to seek peace. To recharge your spirit and to undergo God's perfecting of this creation called self.

It is a time of testing in truth but God will see us through and we will emerge strengthened by the experience, grounded in spirit and in greater appreciation of all things.

We are right where we are supposed to be at this period in our life. There is a greater plan than we cannot see. We often experience greater synchronicity during this valley time. Be aware that these are Divine messages and be open to receive. Each day we are one step closer to our purpose. Be grateful.


Monday, July 11, 2016

We create by choice

Sometimes life isn't knowing what we want, it is eliminating what we don't want, and what is left are our choices and possibilities. The remainders are our foundation we can build on. Our dreams are the cement between the stones of experience, education, self-knowledge, talents, accomplishments, and hopes.

We lay them one by one in the process of life, and we fine-tune them so they fit well. Our own creativity is the design. Opportunities are the windows, we, ourselves help to create.

The door is our spirit that opens to the world. We can open or close it at will. We bring into this house the values and standards we choose to live and love by. We furnish it with our aspirations, principles, and goals. Chaing them from time to time during our evolution.

Our visions are the pictures we hang on the walls that they may come to life. Mirrors are reflections of self. Love is in every corner and every fine touch that personalizes our sacred space.

When we welcome the Divine, our truth of being resides here, and Angels watch over us. Nothing is ever complete as long as we are growing, learning, experiencing. We always have the power to change this life as long as we continue to make new choices.

Nothing truly is an ending because all we encounter in this life becomes part of who we are becoming. We are a continuous process in evolution in this life, and beyond.

Each day is a new beginning, greet it with the joy of discovery as do the birds each morning, and each night be grateful for the blessings of that day, and release all regrets that they don't carry over into our tomorrow.

For living with regret is like bolting the door to new opportunity. Clean the windows that your perceptions may always be unblemished and your future bright.


Sunday, July 10, 2016

A children's performance

Nothing is more joyful than a child's performance, on stage, at school. Their eyes search the crowd until they see you are there and then light up with gladness and gratitude that you have come, and as they sing and dance they check your expression for approval.

And when you smile and applaud their face and heart literally light up, and they glow. They bask in the love they feel returned and the pride that is a gift they have earned. As a grandma, I am privileged to be included.

The children pose readily for pictures as if they understand this even is worth recording on film. Some don't remember the words but mouth along. They all listen anxiously for the cues and the music to start.

At first they are nervous but as they progress and see that their audience is loving their show they relax into it and enjoy their own voice and movements. The want to be the best of the best, just for you. Each song elicits more enthusiasm, and their voices get louder and more distinct. I can pick out the voices of my granddaughter, it resonates within me.

Kindergarten is just the best of times on stage, my grandchild front row, center, beaming. When they dance the macarena she is a little imp shaking her bootie and loving it. Afterward in the classroom, she feels quite the little lady and all.

Those with someone there feel that sense of importance. They gift you with crepe paper flowers they made themselves in various shades of colors from the vibrant to the subdued.

They act the host or hostess, serving their guests lemonade or cookies and showing you where they sit. I take her picture with her teacher and her smile is like sunshine and she feels important, which she is.

To be there for the children is the greatest gift we can give. Their self-esteem is encouraged and they reward us with love. It really doesn't get any better than that.


Saturday, July 9, 2016

Share your knowledge

Learning is an ongoing process through life. It stimulates us and keeps our minds active. We are never too old to learn something new. Knowledge is the key to life. It is what we can here to glean. When we learn we are gaining knowledge.

To seek is to be in uncharted waters leading us in new directions to new destinations. When we let God steer we know we are on course. At times the waters may be rough for life is not all smooth sailing and it is how we learn to handle the difficulties that develops our character.

How we handle adversity speaks volumes. Do we seek Divine guidance? Do we remember to be grateful for small blessings even in hard times? Do we remember to share with others less fortunate? It is not just in times of prosperity we need share our blessings but at all times.

For it is in giving that we receive. But do not give simply to get but for the joy of it. For thus we are doing God's work. And it is in giving that we learn to recognize the Divine in all others. And when we open up our hearts we find the gift knowledge others share with us.

For we are all teachers and all students. We do not know that the lowliest man was not once a professor or a carpenter. Treat others with dignity no matter their station in life. We all have God-given talents.

Take time to teach that we may pass on what we have learned and someone may benefit from our knowing. Especially the children that we may inspire them and give them purpose and enthusiasm to learn and succeed. For to help a child is to invest in their future and in ours as well.


Friday, July 8, 2016

Call on Angels

Sometimes we need the help of many angels to get us through the day. We feel at low tide or frantic and help is on the way. We need one just to lift us up, another to bring a sense of peace. One to guard the threshold of our mind, and one to keep us centered.

Some to keep the chaos at bay and some make us smile, and a found feather or two to remind us of their presence. They bring tranquility and order with them. They guard our home and car when we are away as well as when we are there.

They keep us safe on our journey. They locate lost items. Save a parking space. Give us inspiration and guidance. They remind us we are never alone and always loved. Some have specialties and some do not.

They are always full of grace and remind us to seek the best of ourselves. They comfort us in our sadness and help celebrate our joys. Their wish is for us to call on them and to answer and aid. Never to intervene unsolicited unless it is a life-threatening situation and it is not our time.

They can take human form. They can be seen and unseen. Sometimes they are that little quiet inner voice. Always you know it is an angel guiding you when you feel at peace with the answer. There is never confusion or uncertainty with angel advice for it comes with pure love and it originates from the Divine.

Do not feel guilty when asking for extra help for their legions are many and to assist, teach, and love is their purpose. Their wisdom is uncluttered by human worry and their source is all-knowing, all-powerful, and everywhere.

And we may also direct our request directly to Him, or send an angel message. It is the same. For we are all part of all-that-I-am and the universe. Sometimes we just forget and need to be reminded. An angel will do that too.


Thursday, July 7, 2016

It's festival time

Festivals are a celebration. An occasion to get together, with friends, and loved ones to tour the booths, to start your Christmas shopping, to get new ideas, and to be in wonder. It's not something to be rushed through, but savored like fruit in season, for a short time, that you have waited all your to enjoy.

Imagining over and over how it will taste on your tongue. That first bite, how sweet, or crisp, or tart, or juicy. The anticipation itself is more than half the joy of the experience and the rows of countless booths of exotic, erotic, and American fare of food. Jambilia, shish kabob, calamari, pizza, polish dogs, corn on the cob, and so much more.

It is a dieter's nightmare as you give up the idea of being good in line after debating what to choose. Maybe you each get something different and share. The desserts are scrumptious and your belly rebelling and the music is foot stomping, it's a day of delight.

You feel like a child at the circus. There are crowds and crowds of people and you line up for everything, even the andy gump. Someone brought the germicide hand cleaner. Someone else brought a camera to record the day, but you didn't get a chance to stop, everyone's too much on the move.

Someone forgot their sunscreen and is turning red. No one remembered their hats. There's children in strollers and babies in slings. Even a newborn in the midst of a heavy crowd and you think they are crazy.

Some people rush through the booths pushing and jostling like they are on a race with time, others linger. Everyone fights for attention and you're grateful it's not a daily event. You keep your hand on your purse and your eye on your companions because you surely don't want to be separated.

You many not find each other again the they're your ride home. On your way home you but a flat of strawberries and start to eat them in the car, bagging the stems, a perfect ending, a truly grand day. A blessing from above.


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Peace Happened

Did you remember to count the good things that happened today? Or like the news, do you only pay attention to the bad things that occur? Did you reflect on the sun that was shining or did you say it was too hot to be out of doors?

Did you notice the squirrel that came out to play or just complain there's a rodent in the way? Did you see the light pattern brightening up the leaves or just notice the day lacked a spring breeze?

Were your ears attuned to the birds' conversation or did they mess on your car and give you some aggravation? Perception is the way we look at the world and whether the smallest blessings catch our eye or the one negative ruined our day.

For that is what the ordinary consists of. Oh, there are going to be calamities, for sure, for life itself is no calm sea. But often in each wave that comes to shore small gifts are deposited on the sand.

The miracle of a perfect shell, grunions in season, a gulls dinner. We need at times to look beyond the obvious to find the beautiful. The buried treasure beneath years of rubble.

The good that comes later when the community gets together to help each other rebuild after a tornado. The unsung heroes that take time to rescue a trapped cat.

Life, the majority of it, is made up of small events that can be looked back upon with a smile. But it requires us first to notice them. Record them in the history book of our mind. To say a silent thank you.

And at the end of each day's closing enough gratitude to make it a worthwhile endeavor. If nothing else be grateful for the things that didn't happen. On a dull day, there can be a lot of that, it's called peace.


Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Just be yourself

Be yourself. How many times have we heard that and never really given conscious thought to whether we were truly being authentic in our daily lives, our interactions with others, our in our choices?

Did we truly select our vocation or were we trying to fulfill the expectations of others? Sometimes we put our own dreams aside as unrealistic because that is what others have told us. So we try to remold ourselves into someone we are not.

And we live with this stranger who is not really ourself. Then we wonder why we feel a failure in life when we cannot conform to a mold we were never meant to fit into. It was not our path to take, but we didn't understand it at the time.

Eventually, we start popping out at the seams and wonder why our life has gone awry. To be at peace we need to be in balance, to embrace our authenticity. We cannot fulfill someone else's purpose for we came here to fulfill our own and only we can do it!

We have the power to change by listening to our instincts, to the compass that is our inner voice. In order for our life to be different, we must choose to allow ourselves to acknowledge that we are different, unique, with a journey in life that is only ours to make.

No one can do it for us and we cannot reshape ourselves to fulfill another's aspiration. We must choose our own direction, make our own choices, decide our possibilities individually, do our own soul searching and accept our own authenticity.

I am the only me there is. No one else on earth can be the me I was created to be. The choices I make are my own. Others may travel with me but I choose my own path. My purpose is to make a difference by being who I was created to be and accomplishing what I came here to do and no one else can do it for me.


Monday, July 4, 2016

You can choose again

Make the choice to open the doors to your dreams. This is the first step to making them come true. For only when we are open do we allow that there are possibilities. We are the barrier to there being "something more" in our lives.

We are the key that unlocks the hopes and lets them out. Allows them to be free to grow from a possibility to a reality, one step at a time. This key is called faith, and the door is our heart and the means is the Spirit which is connected to all-that-is.

A willingness to see the adventure that life is instead of the routine we created. Life is meant to be more than we ever, ourselves, planned. Out tunnel vision sees limitations in an infinite world. We can choose a different destiny and each day can bring us a step close be each little change we allow ourselves to make.

It is like getting glasses and realizing that before you really could not see clearly. Until we put them on we don't truly realize how blind we really were. Like the words in the song "once I was blind, but now I see", it is a revelation, and a whole new world seems to open up.

This is how our life can be if we take off the blinders our choices have made us wear. We can make a choice how we wish our day to unfold and affirm it each morning. We can make a choice each day to ask for Divine guidance and thus receive it.

We can make a choice to see hope instead of despair, joy instead of sorrow, to be more conscious. Life is not a burden when we choose to release them. It is not an endurance test but a gift and a new discovery, each and every day.

Our life is what we choose to make it and we always have the option to choose again. Be conscious in your choices and your life will move ahead in full awareness, seeing more clearly that ever before.


Sunday, July 3, 2016

Be there with love

The best thing we can do for someone we love is to be there for them. Not just at the high points in their lives like graduations, marriages, and birthdays, but especially in the lowest times that they may know they are loved, no matter what.

We can be there for them in our prayers asking for God's intervention at times and blessings at others. If they are too weak to speak we can be their voice in the wilderness so that the Divine can be their light in the darkness.

That's what love is all about. It is patient and kind. It is unlimited. It can reach across miles. It will go the distance. It doesn't expect perfection. We only need ask. Sometimes we feel that we cannot receive God's Divine guidance because we are not perfect enough.

We feel we must reach a certain state of spiritualness before God can hear us or will answer us. This is foolish, for we will be continually waiting for that elevated moment in order to reach out when it is already available.

God already knows how we feel. He is but waiting for us to speak. Not to punish us, but to guide us. Not to admonish us, but to exhibit His great love for us. His unconditional love. He has given us free will. That will includes whether or not we seek the Spirit that is present within us all.

If we ask, God will answer. If we have fears that block us He will remove them, if we but ask. When we seek God, we receive peace. There is no ritual prayer that is necessary. No special place to be. No perfect position to assume.

We only need open our mind, our heart, and talk to God about what concerns us, moves us, makes us fearful, to ask for guidance, or assistance, and to be open to that little small voice within that is an Angel or God speaking to us in return. To let His miracles work in our lives and to give thanks.


Saturday, July 2, 2016

The mist

Oh, this universe of wonders. I step outside into mystery, a world shrouded in the damp fog that's rolled in. The trees and hills hidden from sight, lost in quiet. Me, engulfed in the moistness, alone in the grey, I find a world of discovery.


Friday, July 1, 2016

Good Morning World

I am up way before the day. My mind has been a factory of churning ideas all night but I feel rested none the less. They sky is clear except for a group of clouds hanging over the mountains out back.

A golden glow peeks through the trees of the mountain out front and could almost be mistaken for a bright porch light except for the glow that back-lights the trees on the horizon and you know it's Mr. Moon sinking to bring night to other areas of the world as Mr. Sun arises to the day.

A large steller Jay comes to sit on the pinnacle of the neighbor's roof and the squirrels begin to arrive for breakfast. The sound of the quail on the hill across the road comes drifting in the windows before their appearance, as the run, sliding down my hill after crossing the street in twos and threes.

The birds arrive in groups and varieties of color and song to welcome the new day. Good morning world, you're up and so are we, ready for another wonderful day in God's country.