Friday, July 31, 2015

Winds of remorse

Wires crossed
letting sparks fly
we called it love
passion burned
until we were ash
left to blow away
on winds of remorse


Thursday, July 30, 2015

A shadow

I never got to say goodbye
I just vanished one day
gone in the blink of an eye
a victim of memory decay
a shadow waiting to die



Our well of love
stagnant and stale
the still waters
bitter poison
toss no coin
make no wish
it's too late
for all that


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Blessed Love

The time is short now
reach deep within
know with each breath
what ends begins again
and waiting for us
around each bend
is blessed love....


Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Words are life
spoken, sung, written
our collective thoughts
our shared experience
they define our existence
and breathe life into dreams
making the imagined real
and love and truth ours


The world awaits

A moment of prayer
silence too
my thoughts
heard clearly
let's start the day
the world awaits


Fear falls away

Fear falls away
from open hearts
that behold wonder
and are touched
by God's love


Monday, July 27, 2015


My world
you cannot see
my children
do you miss me
memory crippled
a frail skeleton
exiled refugee
of the netherworld


believe, believe

This truth
by trumpets
believe, believe
set yourself free


Gone Again

It is you
gone again
I'm without
clothes on
bones and fears
your love


Sunday, July 26, 2015


I was incomplete
without a goodbye
left to wander
and wonder why
our love obsolete
lost and squandered


Saturday, July 25, 2015

Future Harvest

We scale the notes
of joy, cultivating
our love, embracing
this growing hope
a gift for planting
to harvest in faith


Friday, July 24, 2015


When I let go
then I am
and in being
become one
with nature
by God


Thursday, July 23, 2015

All I needed

Consciousness and truth are our power and freedom, and ultimate purpose. Light revealed does not return to darkness. I am in control of my life and my experiences. All I needed to was open up and ask, seek, believe.


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Reach Out

Be patient
not angry or afraid
don't lie to yourself
it's the truth that's waiting
just reach out
set yourself free



My spirit
knows not time
nor space
it's not confined
My spirit
is free to reflect
love, simple love
so perfect


Leaky Plumbing

My plumbing leaks
days pouring away
my well running dry
my memory depletes
a little more each day
of my long goodbye


Our making

We create our lives and our experiences. I am all I have ever experienced. I am the creator and creation of my own life and I need to trust the wisdom of my own soul. We need to have more conscious awareness, a heightened consciousness to heal our planet, to a join in a oneness of purpose while we are here and with those beyond, in the realm of knowing, and being.


Tuesday, July 21, 2015

So far away

My world beyond
me or recognition
now, fading, me too
with my yesterdays
nothing to hold onto
no way to respond
afraid, withdrawn
you're an apparition
staring from the mirror
from so far far away


She visits again

She visits again
this mysterious friend
who twists and bends
alights and suspends
hides and blends
takes and lends
on her I can depend


I am one

The spiritual and human side of myself need to walk more hand in hand, then I will learn to recognize the divinity within myself. I am one with God even in my humanity.


Monday, July 20, 2015

Imagine That

I ask for guidance in my life and along my path that I may walk with the Angels God sends all of us and in a greater awareness of the blessings He provides in our daily lives.

All the beauty of His creations, the sweet sounds of nature, the colors of the rainbow and flowers, the strength and purpose of the trees, and the glory of the clouds that pass before us, the breath of air that refreshes.

Everything in our world is a gift, a joy, a blessing from God. May we remember to be grateful for all the gifts we receive and not be mournful for more monetary things.

God gives us all we need and what we have is more than enough for it comes from God. When we put our faith, not in the world but in the Almighty the outcome of all situations is always for the highest good, even if we cannot see it at the time.

If we wait all blessings will be revealed to us. It is okay to ask God for enlightenment, for an understanding of the truths and to let go of a fixed outcome to a situation. God always gives us more than we ourselves could imagine.


Sunday, July 19, 2015

A dove flies by

You send me the sign of a dove that I may know peace in my heart and in my daily life, and you send me the sign of the heart.

The heart represents so much, the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Is also represents opening our heart to the Lord and our heavenly mother and to all God's blessings.

To be open to the word that we may learn and experience. To be open to love and to all those we meet on life's way.

May we live in a peaceful manner and remember to pray for peace for our universe and all men that they too may find the glory of God and the peace our blessed mother wishes for all of us.


Saturday, July 18, 2015


I feel at peace and in awe, here in the mountains. I've found a connection to all that is, my link to the universe. I feel as the tree reaching heavenwards, and yet, rooted deep in my beliefs. I feel as fresh as the snow covering all that I encounter and having the power to change what I can. I am as the clouds taking different form, being in motion, sometimes light as a feather and other times, fuller, deeper, ready to share all that I have with others.

Nothing in life is separate but part of a greater whole. My part here, contemplating nothing in the scheme of all, as evening comes, and the clouds again recede, the slip of a moon taking it's place in the sky, is complete.


Friday, July 17, 2015

The wrong thing

We may obey perfectly
and remain unfulfilled
by a world of futility,
depression, and emptiness
it's not because we're
it's because
we've pursued
the wrong thing


Mine in passing

I'm mesmerized by the swirl of clouds above. Sucked in by their pull, in wonder as the sun peeks out and lights up the whole area, touching the tips of the trees, and lining the clouds in gold. Turning the mountains into patterns of shadow and light and texture. This touch from above, mine in passing.


Thursday, July 16, 2015

Forgetting Breeze

Can you remember
who you really are
days before, or after
time strips them away
minute by minute
memories now dust
just floating away
on the forgetting breeze


Watching Cloud Formations

The air this morning is brisk and cold but the sky is a deep clear blue with wisps of clouds being blown across it in fragmented, ever changing shapes. Though the day never warms and heavier clouds, with a fog like density, take over the sky I am grateful for the beauty nature has bestowed on me, and I let my soul soak it in.


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Address Unknown

My secrets forgotten
my reality too
blended wisps
a vortex of time
sliced memories
a shuffled deck
missing cards
my identity gone
address unknown


Be Courageous

Be courageous enough to be who you are, a child of God created in love, free to experience an abundance of events in this existence. Be courageous enough to open your heart to all the possibilities in this lifetime.

Honor your spirit by being courageous enough to live in truth and love. Peel away all the false illusions, find your wings and soar. You chose to come here in this time, to this family and we have the freedom to choose how we react in consequence to our life experiences.

To be as limited or open as we have the courage to be. We can feel burdened or enhanced, withdrawn or willing, released or in fear. It's all up to us. Be courageous enough to hear opportunity knocking and open the door. God is the source of all possibilities and they are endless and amazing when we allow Him to guide us.

When we have the courage to reach out our hand and let Him free our spirit we have found the light and love we seek, and the oneness of all existence. In this oneness there is no separation, but all-that-is. True awareness and truth are courage, and freedom.

It is a journey of love and beauty, ever expanding light and knowledge which is greater consciousness. There is no void or fear in the light, only peace. We have the power to choose to live in the light of self awareness, to embrace it, to be whole, to acknowledge our greater self.

All we have to do is have the courage to return to remembering who we truly are. When we do we are never lost, never alone, we just are. Allow your feelings to flourish, unlimited in freedom so that your spirit can fly in the lightness. Courage is God's child without fear.


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Be a magnet to good

We are a magnet to our beliefs. As the old saying goes "be careful of what you ask for, you may get it". Be careful of what you believe to be true for "what you believe is what you receive". We attract our intentions or misconceptions to us.

Clarify your thoughts. Strain them of all negativity. Purify them with love. If something was marked poison most of us would not purposely eat it. But we allow it to grow in our minds like a cancer taking root in the cells of our being.

When negative thoughts come up delete them, reprogram your beliefs. What is in evidence is that we have the power to be positive, loving, joyful beings. Focus on all that is good and beautiful in life. God creates all the colors of the world, and a multitude of variety in the flowers and allows them to grow together side by side in the same garden.

Would that we behaved like the plants we would see that together our individuality combined is more beautiful, that there is no one superior or inferior in God's eyes for he obviously loves an assortment in all His creations.

Our opportunity is to plant our roots securely in spiritual belief and love. Fertilize it generously with faith and trust. Water it with right-living. Let the rays of peace and tranquility allow it to grow. Let it bloom in overwhelming joy and progress.

Let the seeds of good will blow upon all we touch in life, that others will gain from our friendships. May we attract the blessings God so generously grants. That each day we may receive just what we need to continue to thrive.

That we may focus on sharing our abundance that others may experience God's love. That we welcome everything with an open mind, and that we know in our hearts that all is well in God's world.


Monday, July 13, 2015

My time

The mirror of friends
reflecting warmth and love
even in my decline
the things I've dreamt
are in heaven above
when it's my time



I see you
and through
you too
my mind
thinking who
no answer
to find
the past
at last


God is in control

I have been in doubt most of my life. My doubts kept me from pursing my dreams by reinforcing my own sense of unworthiness. Doubt is an offspring of fear, as is worry. Doubt and worry seem to go hand-in-hand. I have felt a lack of control fir most of my life and only felt I gained it when I "let go and let God", and allowed my life to change direction.

I realize it is impossible for me to control the situation as it is not in my hands. But I can take the path into the spiritual. To seek to know the divine within us all. To release worry, fear, and all the other negative emotions that have been cluttering up my life and keeping me boxed in the cage of my creation.

Release is freedom to choose again. It is allowing God's will for our highest good. It is an accepting of the truth of a situation without fear for God is in control. In order to be a magnet to blessings we must accept our part in creating by self-awareness, conscious living, and releasing our hold on a predetermined outcome.

Believing God blesses us with more than we could imagine. He never fails us but sends His angels to guide us through. Affirm yourself, be grateful for the experience, release all fear, feel joy in the moment, release the outcome, have faith in the divine, believe you will receive all that you need and more.

When we remain focused on our inner spirit instead of our outer desires our intentions are a greater reward of divine will. For with God in control nothing can go wrong. God is the truth of abundant living. Belief is joy on a daily basis, led by God, all is good.


Sunday, July 12, 2015

Falling Stars

Rain is predicted for tonight, but the sky is clear and the stars are shining like beacons to heaven. The wind has come up and the odor of logs burning in fireplaces is carried along with the chill it brings. In silence I watch the stars fall, each bring a new wish to mind. My dream has arrived.


Saturday, July 11, 2015

Honor Yourself

Remember to honor others every chance you get as well as honoring yourself. Treat yourself as the worthy person you are and give yourself the gifts of joy, relaxation, a good book, a sacred space. Remember each day to honor your spirit and to be grateful for all your many blessings.

Share your blessings with your favorite charities, surprise your friends, give gratitude and daily prayers to brighten the lives of others. Make an effort to keep in touch frequently, it shows you care. Practice random acts of kindness to strangers.

Grow flowers to brighten your world and those that pass on the way. Feed the birds and the squirrels. Adopt a pet. Crochet blankets for gifts and don't forget to make the leftovers into blankets for the needy and the homeless.

Visit the aged, take them shopping. Bake some cookies for a neighbor. Be creative in giving but give of self as well as financially. It opens your heart to the world around you and changes not only your life but the lives of others you touch along the way.

Reclaim the wonder you felt as a child. Be creative. Smile at everyone you pass, it's contagious. Cook a little extra and share some with an elderly neighbor who doesn't cook anymore. There is no end to how you can give.

Put your mind and your imagination to work, you'll be surprised at how much pleasure it gives you. Encourage others to pass it on and they will find the joy of being the in spirit too. It costs very little but the pleasure it brings is priceless, not just to others but yourself.

It's a gift of cause and effect. You cause a change in the world around you and the effect is priceless. To alter an attitude with kindness effects our consciousness, remembers our spirit, honors ourselves by honoring others and brings a little sunshine to the world as well.


Friday, July 10, 2015

Awaiting Me

My soul remembers
love's sweet dreams
peaceful destinations
all awaiting me...



be free


Be in truth

We affect our life here on earth by our beliefs. That is why it is so important to be conscious, to act in conscious awareness, to be in truth. Much of what we have been taught from childhood is not truth, it is a perception.

We create ourselves in our beliefs and we can recreate ourselves in truth. We are constantly recreating ourselves through our experiences which may not be truth but a defensive reaction, or an ego-based reaction, or an offensive reaction.

To be in truth is to release the negatives within that are barriers to our divine spirit and make us slaves to such feelings as unworthiness, self-pity, anger, prejudice, fear, emptiness, and all the other illusions that crowd our spirit, preventing us from being in our natural state which is love, divine love.

When we examine and release the negativity we make room for God's abundance to fill us. We free ourselves to exist in an unbound freedom illuminated with love. This is our true purpose. We are exactly who we are supposed to be, here to do what only we can do with the gifts only we possess.

Each one of us is unique and each one of us is love. God's love made visible in the material world. Celebrate who you are. Make a conscious choice to be the truth of who you are. You have the free will and power to release your spirit, to be fully aware in your existence, and to make it a reflection of the love that you are created to be.

We can choose to be our highest selves, to demonstrate the highest good, to be content, joyful and at one with peace. It is all possible. Believe, receive, and be in truth. God's gifts are not illusions but truth.


Thursday, July 9, 2015


The lines of life
erased, removed
memory deprived
yesterday closed
I'm past deprived



The power of liberation
freedom falls at our feet
nothing left in our way
after love fills the soul



When we allow ourselves to open up we can reach new levels of understanding. The road is through our heart, our inner self, our deepest desire, it knows no limits of awareness. When we have reached all we can learn on one level we go to the next.

God is our guide. The spirit helpers will be provided. The more awareness we accumulate, the greater the light. Many are being called to awareness and we recognize each other on the path of enlightenment by our willingness to speak God's truth.

To be open. To be love in action. Our guides shine their light on our paths and we must be willing to take each step for they can but guide us. The first step is forgiveness. Forgive all the past hurts. Forgive others and especially forgive yourself.

Release all expectations.


Wednesday, July 8, 2015

One Last Bow

We walk through the doorway of death
into realms that exist in the beyond
some bring us back to live again
righting our wrongs, lessons learned
setting the stage, focusing the light
for our final performance, one last bow
before the curtain comes down
and at last we're set free, on our way


Mortal Coil

Somewhere deep within
a dim spark remains
waiting for a new life
after this mortal coil
has long been left behind


One and only you

You are valuable, precious, one of a kind. You are the only you that has been created, even if you have a mirror image, still they are not you. Honor yourself as the creation of God that you are. You deserve all the abundance Gods sends.

Do not underrate yourself. If you were not worthy, you would not be here, experiencing life. See the uniqueness of your being amidst the endless variety of others and be grateful for who you are, for the life that is yours, and the gifts you came with.

Be present in yourself for no one else sees the universe quite like you. The birds sing just for you. The sun's warmth is yours to enjoy. The particular raindrops falling on you are not falling on someone else. If you didn't exist you would be missed.

The world would not be the same without your presence. There would be a void. There is an angel assigned just to you whose life purpose is to be with you. Your task is to experience life as who you are right now, this minute.

Be conscious of the moment in you existence. Breathe it in. You have all the possibilities, not in the future but right here, and right now. Change is constant as is growth and we are never the same. Take delight in each day as the gift of now and live in full consciousness, totally aware and grateful.

Tomorrow does not yet exist, why wait for it. If you always wait, to begin tomorrow, you will never begin. That is existence, not living. Allow yourself to absolutely be in the moment, aware of each note of music, each breathe inhaled and exhaled, each precious scent, sound and sight that is yours to enjoy as it unfolds.

Believe in yourself and your consciousness will expand. You are a precious child of God.


Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Once More

Follow your soul's blueprint
heal the wounds of conflict
seek a conscious recognition
of your hidden apparitions
you've lived in times before
returned you are once more


Simple Acceptance

Be what you are
realize eternity
is within reach
simple acceptance
will take you away


Heaven's Grasp

The earth between my toes
enlightens me from within
a warming sense of bliss
slowly fills me, I'm calm
enveloped by heaven's grasp



Set aside time for relaxation, for fun, and for play. It is good for the soul as well as hard work. We live in a society of constant busyness, which leads to exhaustion, and a spiritual deficit. Take time to be still, mentally, as well as physically.

Without stillness, we do not take time to listen. To set aside time to rest was told to us by God. There is purpose to rest. It honors the spirit as well as the body. And honors the divine as well. It is not necessary to fill each hour, each minute of each day with busyness in action.

Running hither and you, to and fro, never stopping. Filling agendas to overflowing is like being in the desert, near an oasis but tying yourself to a tree so you can never reach it to refresh yourself. Relaxation, rest, and release is not wasted, unfulfilled, useless time.

Rest is worth its weight in gold. This time out allows us to be in touch with ourselves, to experience joy. It is a recognition of the value of spirit, of self. It is being in touch with all-that-is and the divine within.

It is not selfish but selfless for it refreshes us and we can then resume activities more joyfully, interact with others in a more conscious manner. It rejuvenates our energy and heals the self in many ways and contributes to our well being.

Schedule time for yourself, for it is important, if not more important than anything you accomplish in your life, and your are capable of accomplishing more when you remember to take time out for yourself.

It is a responsibility for your spirit within. It is not a luxury, but a necessity. It encourages self-growth through self-examination, release, and a wellspring of peace and joy.


Monday, July 6, 2015

Find your way back

Find your way back
from the labyrinth
the dull days of forgetting
if but for a moment
if but for a smile
if but for me
age pulling you away
age erasing yesterday
when loved ruled
and warmly embraced us
in wholesome wholeness



There's no true detective
to find the missing pieces
or all the hidden clues
to a past that's slipped away



Sometimes I know
there in my bones
answers I'd forgotten
little things to most
like my daughter's name
or times that have been
strangely grasping at them
they evade me once again



Out limited mind cannot imagine the infinite, thus we put limitations on everything in our world. Infinite is loving beyond all expectations. Infinite is faith that you will always be provided for, no matter what.

Infinite is believing you can accomplish anything you set out to do, prepare to accomplish it and work to succeed. Infinite is the power of choice, and to choose again and again. Infinite is how much God loves us.

Infinite is all the possibilities beyond imagination. There is no end. Whenever we think we have limitations we can go beyond those expectation to newer and higher levels. You can alter your thinking, thus altering your consciousness and expand your awareness beyond illusion which we mistake for truth.

Truths are being changed all the time as new discoveries make old truths obsolete. Knowledge is limited, wisdom is infinite. The only truths that are constant is divine truth for they consist of the wisdom of God and are given to us by the Holy Spirit.

In the greater reality we are part of infinity, of all-that-I-am living a limited existence in the experience of this earthly lifetime. There is a greater reality than who we are at this moment. The true essence of our spirit is beyond this time and place.

When we expand our consciousness, we realize a greater reality and move beyond who we think we are and awaken to the infinite in ourselves. To the oneness of all-that-is. Thus our spirit can burst from the confines of limitation and we know true joy.

Honor yourself and live in consciousness, in love, acknowledging all the wonders in infinite changing, miraculous beauty and possibility. Listen to the voice of spirit showing you the way.


Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Journey

Make your intent clear, visualize, then give it to God. If it's for our greater good it will manifest in the right time. In the meantime do not sit idle, but prepare yourself so you will be ready. Your heart will tell you if you are on the right course.

The heart is like a compass to the soul. Listen to the self speak in your quietness. Do not drown it out with fears. The place you feel when you are on course is an answer itself. Be very conscious of your choices and think them through.

Do they honor your true feelings? Do they serve your right purpose? When we have outgrown a life choice we have made a dissatisfaction that starts invading our consciousness and again we need to listen and reevaluate why.

Has our path changed direction? Is it time to pursue a new dimension to life? Listen for the truth and do not fear change, but embrace it. For our right purpose will be served whether by choice or default. This is growth.

Follow your calling and you will be following your heart. Be committed to the journey for the path is your own and when you listen for truth you will not lose the way. Life is an adventure and each of us is a seeker.

Experience the journey both inward and outward for it is a journey of the spirit as well as the mind and the body, only more so. The spirit seeks the light which is the truth of the path, follow where it leads. Listen to the inner voice.

Release the fear of change and moving forward, else you will stagnate and be resentful. We are never too old to grow, to learn new truths, it isn't only for the young. Spirit has no age and neither does enlightenment.

It is accessible to all who journey. The divine is at the core of our being, always with us. He will carry us safely onward.


Saturday, July 4, 2015

Doubt Vs. Trust

Life is a symphony that can be either in harmony, that stimulates transformation and peace or a chaos of noise that is fear, doubt, and what if's shouting in your ear. To expand beyond doubt is to be in trust. Faith is trust enhanced.

Trust and fear cannot coexist in your spirit. One negates the other. To exist in fear is to live in constant worry. In this state you block out the ability to receive for you have closed the door. When you open yourself to trust, you awaken the spirit and clear out the doubts which leaves room to be filled abundantly with all the blessings God bestows.

Doubt crowds your spirit for it is always growing, filling you with what-ifs, fears, worries, and negativity. That is why when you are in fear you feel so heavy and sluggish. When you have faith and trust your spirit is free to soar.

You feel light and refreshed, and as if you could fly at times. Trust manifests love, light, joy, and wonder at the beauty of the universe. Trust in truth and that truth is eternal. Trust leaves us free to expand our consciousness.

We come to realize through trust that we are not separate beings only, but a part of all-that-is, and we realize a greater wholeness. Let the symphony of harmony speak to you. This is enlightenment and it transforms fear into love.

With love all things are possible. Love is the energy of all things. We have the gift of choice, therefore, we can select the more desirable way to live, in truth or in doubt. It is an alternative that frees us. Lightens us. Honors us.

To get here, we need to let go and let God into our lives. To live intuitively, to listen to the still small voice withing, guiding us. Bringing harmony into our lives. We are able to be more focused, to make conscious choices and to live harmoniously, in tune with our spirit self.


Friday, July 3, 2015

It's here

Now I await peace descending
I feel it invade my soul
happiness never ending
all my years of love
made whole
a time to repair my past hurts

A time to regain
to end the pain, to once more attain
my goal
I am a cup now filled

I have waited so long
taken so many years to think
to learn how to lead, not follow
well filled, not hollow
let me hold it and enjoy it
this is my year, now
not that to come

oh no,
not to rush through it
now that it's here
my year


Thursday, July 2, 2015

Remember love

Remember love
it's who you are
when all else fades
and the world goes dark
let love light the way
to heaven's gate
and there you'll await
for the grand reunion
with familiar faces


Eternity of forgetting

There is no hurry
in this eternity
of forgetting


To nothing

In forgetting
remember that
the soul lives on
continuing our journey
as we age away
to nothing


Dance Again

Dance again
in memory
moments pass
in salvation
of tomorrow


Once Natural

Strange how my heart, not at all prone
to love again.... is beating loud
and I find I miss you, when alone
or maybe more.... in a crowd
I have no peace at all, bewildered heart
you pound too loudly within my breast
ravishing me and tear my soul apart
love is not the best place to rest
and struggling to breathe in air
something I once did naturally
I find you brought me to terms and made me care
I'm not as free as I used to be
and more shameful, within my heart I know
I really would not want to let you go


Wednesday, July 1, 2015


My garden of bliss
where I lose myself
within the glory of nature


Until the Spring

Shape and form
beneath the blanket
of winter white
this bitter cold
holds the world
silently in hand
grasped tightly
until the spring