Wednesday, December 31, 2014


This gal is gone
just a few bars left
of my swan song
for the bereft


This passing

This passing
without  words
now, garbled
no dancing
nor laughing
just gnashing
as worlds
of yesterday
fall away
all gone


Years end and begin

A new year starts like a new book, at the beginning again. It opens to new promise, new goals and achievements we are not even aware that will be accomplished. It begins with hope and joy. The old year ends on a note of celebration and time to spend with loved ones.

A celebration of renewed birth and a reminder of what is truly important in life. The year that's ending has been on one of great spiritual growth for me. It has brought me an increased understanding of the synchronicity in my life and in the lives of others.

A seeking for a greater truth and a serenity of living previously unpossessed. I have learned when I start my day with God it is enhanced, and when I close it with gratitude I gain a greater awareness of all the blessings  that have taken place during the day.

Each little thing becomes of more importance and I feel fulfilled in ways I never understood before. When I release things into God's hands, instead of worrying over them, the outcome is always better than I would have anticipated.

God truly knows what is best for us and guides us on the path of enlightenment. He provides for our needs in greater abundance than we ourselves could supply. He inspires us to be better and to do better. To share with others that they too may realize His generosity.

He has cleared my vision so that I am more aware of everything in my environment. I have learned to truly see, to believe, to live in faith, joy and love, each day. He has even brought nature into my life as the birds come to my patio, flying up to my face with no sense of fear.

A frog came and sat on my table, within reach, as if for a social call. They feel no sense of anxiety in my presence and I feel it is a gift from God. He sends feathers to remind me that angels are always near. I have learned not to hurry and not to worry.

Learned to treasure the peace in my life while at the same time working harder to fulfill the tasks and goals God has given me to achieve and to be grateful for them and to hope I am making a difference.


Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Trial Strengthens Us

Instead of asking how long this trial will go on ask God for the faith and strength to see it through. Believe it is in His hands and He is working in your best interest as He has been all along. Be in faith that all will be resolved as God, not man, sees fit.

He works miracles every day. Your continued abundance is assured. We cannot see the larger picture but God can. What you had thought was impossible you are doing. He is building your strength through adversity. Your knowledge through living. He is preparing you for what is to come next and only God knows what that is.

He has work for you to do. Things to accomplish in His name that only you can do. Be of good heart. Believe and you will receive. When has God ever failed you, really? It is good to pray for strength and understanding. Many trials come up in our lives.

It is how we get through them that counts. God hears our prayers, knows our thoughts, sends angels to guide us. Prepares us for the battles ahead and tells us to stand back and let Him handle them on our behalf. He tends to the birds, the trees, the flowers, insects, animals, and all life.

Do not imagine that your own is not important to Him. There is a time for all things and in patience and faith we can see the work in progress unfold. Like a picture it is accomplished one brushstroke at a time. Painstaking at times when we work on intricate details and at other times in broad strokes as we fill in washes for background.

God will guide our hand and our heart. He puts the means and the inspiration into our lives for us to achieve all that we are meant to accomplish. Trust in God with your whole heart, with your mind, and with the spirit of God within you. He will reward your faith and bring new light into your life. He will bring closure truly so that a new door can open to you.


God's Synchronicity

Synchronicity in words is God call out attention to what is being said. Synchronicity is always God's message. His way of saying "pay attention", "this will help you" or "you need to know and understand this". It's always a "wow" moment that if we don't immediately recognize it as so, its effects linger to remind us and make us aware.

I find that as my consciousness increases so do my instances of synchronicity. It is as if I am on the right channel to receive more frequently. God is continually speaking to us, and reaching out to us, it is just that we are not tuned in or that the static we create in our own lives keep us from hearing; we get so caught up in busyness that is not truly important in the way we are here, to our true purpose that we cannot hear the higher messages that are being sent.

In order for us to do this we must learn to quiet the interior chatter to learn to be quietly conscious whether through meditation or learning to "just be" in order to receive. Our antennas need to be tuned into our spiritual self. The self who remembers who we are and why we have come to this life, in this lifetime and what we have come to accomplish.

When we are on the right path we will recognize it by the joy we feel in what we are doing and the synchronicity of events that take place. Events will fall in place. The people we need to meet will come forward and the teachers we can learn from will come into our lives.

God is the source of all synchronicity. It's His way of saying "yea" and sending us encouragement to carry on where He is leaning us to. When we are doing the right work we will accomplish it with joy and God's help. He gives us all that we need to succeed including the abundance that sustains us.

Synchronicity say "do don fear, but listen". Tune into the channel of hope and purpose. God enables us to do more that we could on our own. He opens the doors to a new future with those that also are on our path. He brings us all together in a new consciousness and synchronicity is a tool He uses to accomplish it. Have faith that He is leading you and follow.


Monday, December 29, 2014

We are never alone

When we feel lonely we should remember God is with us at all times and in all places. The angels walk with us wherever we are and watch over us as we slumber. All we need do is ask for their guidance and their company.

Listen for that small inner voice that speaks to you. It will remind you that you are never alone. Share your thoughts with them. They will dry your tears, ease your fears, bring joy into your life, keep you company on a cold night.

They will never leave you and neither will God. Learn to talk to Him as you would your closest friend. He will give you faith to overcome your troubles, light your darkest hours and answer your prayers. When we are unsure God will show us the way.

When we are lost He will guide us home. When we believe God will supply what we need. Put your life in His hands and let Him cradle you in His love. God never lets us down. He knows the plan for our life and will lead us on the journey through the valleys and over the hills to our destination.

He will make the rough path smooth and supply all that we need to succeed. Wherever we are, there God and His angels are also. Take time for Him. He always has time for you. Give thanks - He appreciates hearing from you.

Enjoy the beauty He has created in the world - it is for our enjoyment. Life wasn't meant to be lived as a race, caught up in an endless cycle of deadlines. Let Him take charge of your life and make it a thing of beauty and service.

God will give you the time to not only smell the roses but to plant them, water them, nurture them as He will do for you. God loves to hear us laugh and wants us to have time to play. The angels will sing and dance with us - they love to make a joyful sound unto the Lord.

Give your thoughts, your loneliness, your life unto God and He will make it a thing of beauty and fulfillment. You are never alone.


Sunday, December 28, 2014

Slow Down

God sometimes wants us to slow down that we can better appreciate, that we can truly see, so that we can listen and truly hear His voice and the voices of the angels that we may be guided on our journey. For as humans we get too caught up in what we think are the "have tos" in life often overlooking life itself which is the real purpose to our being here.

When He slows us down we learn to reevaluate life itself. What is it we need to accomplish? How can we live a more genuine, fulfilling life? What gifts did God give us that we are meant to use? How can we make a difference?

When we slow down we take time for others and most important, we take time for God. We learn that we are not alone. That we can rely upon Him for our abundance and we need not hurry and worry through life in order to survive.

When we learn to listen the blessings start pouring in. We find ourselves being led on a path that is more satisfying than the life we were living in haste and overload. We notice the birds singing and the smell of the fresh air.

We learn to enjoy our work for it is God's work we are now doing. Instead of working to live we now live to serve and what we do makes a bigger difference not only in our life but in the life of others for we are fulfilling our purpose and through it we reach into the heart.

We learn to put God first and to take time to just be in the world. We truly understand that there is time for everything under the sun and we learn to take time. We don't need to fill up each minute of each day with busyness.

We don't need to spend fourteen hours a day at a job in order to survive. That was never God's plan. We as a people have forgotten to ask God what we were meant to do. We have forgotten to take time to listen. Then God helps us to slow down and when we do we can hear the angels speak and life is good.


Saturday, December 27, 2014

God leads the way

To have abundance we must rid ourselves of our limited thinking and believe that we are worthy of abundance. God is ready when we are, and we receive what we believe when we feel unworthy or that we are limited in any way then we are.

God only gives us what we feel we deserve. Why do we feel undeserving of His blessings? God loves all His children. Ask and you shall receive He says and it is true. I have come to believe I am worthy and God has blessed me ten-fold.

I have also learned to believe in myself and the talents that are gifts from God. I no longer listen to the naysayers who tell me it is impossible for me to achieve and that I am not worthy of success. I now know it is in God's hands and my hard work.

That is is more important to listen to that small inner voice than the many outer voices. The inner voice is spiritual and is from God and He wants the best for us and knows the plan for our life. The outer voices may come from others who feel threatened or jealous.

They want you to believe you cannot succeed. But I now know that through God all things are possible and where He leads me I will follow. I trust in the wisdom of the Lord and the new doors He has opened to me and I am no longer afraid.

Fear has no place in our lives when we have faith. To do that creativity I am guided to do and that is serving God and my true purpose. God has put me on a new path and is lighting the way and He has showered me with the abundance to achieve.

I have learned to open myself to listen and to be grateful. God is the one constant in my life. I rely on Him in all things. Since putting my life in God's hands it is fuller, richer, more abundant and joyful. God reveals to me what I need to know when I need to know it.

On faith I follow His guidance and know whatever I achieve will be through Him. His is the way and the light, the truth and the means. God provides.


Friday, December 26, 2014

Meaning behind words

Look closely at the words people say and instead of anger you may detect insecurity or fear. Learn to truly listen behind the words to the hidden message that you may encourage others in their growth. Reassure them of their value and your love.

Hear the pain they have experiences instead of passing judgement. Remember the teachings of God that love is not conditional, it just is. When we are at peace with ourselves we do not feel threatened by the assessment of others but ask God's guidance in seeing all things more clearly.

We cannot listen beneath the words when we are busy reacting in return. Ask God for clarity before you act negatively in return. Go within and seek peace, wisdom, and guidance. God is always ready to listen without judgement as so should we be.

Take your concerns to Him and He will show you the way to help them and yourself resolve any differences. To go beyond the fear that caused the hurtful words, actions, and decisions with loving reassurance. When we learn to look deeper for answers and turn to God we will receive them.

All things will be made clear. Thus we can give kindness and love in return. Instead of rejection we can embrace others in healing love. The same love God gives to us when we turn to Him in our fear, our anxiety, our insecurity.

He knows what is in the heart of us all. He sees our imperfection but does not run away. With God's help we can put our pain away in search of truth and receive peace instead. God leads us when we are willing to learn. When we see the lessons in things then we can learn by them instead of reacting to them.

Their feelings and words are not necessarily about us but arise from their own past pain. Their inner child. See the child and love the child and you can heal the wound not only in your own heart but in theirs. When we learn to see beyond the moment we have made another step on your spiritual journey.

For God says blessed are the peacemakers. We can all be peacemakers when we allow and seek God's teaching to reach a greater understanding in all things. Words cannot hurt us unless we allow them to, but they can lead to healing.


Trust in God

Things happen for a reason. Don't get stuck on the how or the why. Just know that God is watching over you each day and each hour that time goes by. He knows what is best for you and always keeps you in His care. You may not know the why or how but trust He is always there.

He reminds us of His bottomless love with small miracles you cannot explain. With an angel whispering in our ear telling us to carry on and to climb up and try again. He knows what our needs are more than we and will guide us on the path we need to accomplish every task.

Just ask God for His assistance and He is always there to love, to guide, protect and teach and give you abundance and some to share. He loves us more than we do ourselves and knows what we can do to make this world a better place for others as well as you.

He has entrusted us with a plan that is our purpose here and slowly He reveals to us each step to getting there. He gives us others to care for and love and sometimes show the way as partners or parents or mentors so that we can make a difference today.

Life isn't about big homes and fancy cars although they are nice to have, but the difference you have tried to make in His spiritual behalf. Take time to look, take time to see the beauty of everyday. Take time for peace and meditation and gratitude and remember to pray.

Live consciously every day in appreciation for the gift of life that was given to you and what you do with it. God gives us each a talent whose purpose you should use for the good it will bring, be careful what you choose.

There is no want in the world of God, that comes from the greed of man. When we learn to love and learn to share there will be abundance in every land. Don't hold on to what you're not meant to keep but bless it on its way. It's gone to someone who needs it more. Just trust in God today.


Thursday, December 25, 2014

Give thanks to God

Today is a day of thanksgiving and sharing of ourselves, our time, friendship, good food and the wonder of life. To be generous with others and have an open heart. I have many reasons to be grateful.

I am grateful for my closeness with my children no matter the miles that separate us and for the wonderful friends I have been blessed with. I am grateful for each day and to appreciate the beauty of the world around me.

There is no guarantee in the material, only the spiritual, and through faith can we find true happiness and greater purpose. God is what completes us.

Without Him it seems as if something is always lacking in our life. We may not be able to put a finger on it but we continually search for that which will make us whole, whether it be a person, recognition, right livelihood, adventure, abuses of alcohol, drugs, sex.

We keep trying to fill what only God can. I do not know where my path will lead me but I know that God is there guiding me each step of the way and I am at peace. I share my space with my cats, my flowers, the angels and most of all God and Our Blessed Mother.

The morning is peaceful. The hummingbirds are coming to feed. The flowers are all in bloom. The clouds are heavy with a prospect of rain. It is still except for the bird's soft greetings and a barely noticeable breeze. It seems like an expectancy is in the air and I am thankful for this day and all the blessings it holds, as yet unrevealed.


Wednesday, December 24, 2014

God is waiting

God created us all special, unique. He gave us the qualities we need to fulfill our purpose in this lifetime. Within each one of us resides the spirit of God ready and willing to guide us along our path. It is no accident that we were born, but divine destiny.

The little things, that seem overwhelming at the time, are really as nothing in the greater scheme of our life. They are but lessons to be learned along the way that contribute to our spiritual growth and tools that we will need in accomplishing our life's work.

Live each day as if you make a difference and you will. Life should not be put on hold while you wait for a revolution, the right person, a promotion, for your dreams to be fulfilled. Each day is a gift, how you use it is what counts.

Learn to live in faith and in perspective. Things that seem overwhelming today may turn out to be a blessing tomorrow. The question is what do we learn from what we experience? Know that you are special to God who loves you.

Don't compare yourself to others or your experiences to theirs. Although sometimes things seem to parallel, nothing is exactly the same for the players, the parts and the feelings are unique to them. But neither are we alone in the events of our lives.

We may feel isolated in our sorrow or our pain but we never are. What we choose to do, how we act or react affects those around us. So be in awareness. We cannot always prevent the pain we cause others nor should we remain in a situation that is wrong for us to appease another. It will bring no one happiness, only prolong the pain.

We must learn to release what is not ours to hold on to and trust that God will open a new door into our future. If we turn to Him, God will lighten the heaviness of our hearts and show us the way. God gives us all that we need to succeed.

It is fear that often keeps us from moving forward or blinds us to the opportunities presented. Step out in faith and He will take your hand. Move forward and He will show you the way. Ask and you will be answered. Seek and you will find. God is but waiting.


Prayer Vs. Worry

Oh God, teach me not to worry over things I have no control over but to pray. Worry is useless but prayer has strength. Worry leaves us feeling helpless and alone but prayer reinforces our bond with God. Prayer is a release while worry keeps our spirit in captivity.

Worry has never solved anything, but God in His power and love has answered many a prayer not just with insight and answers but where needed with miracles. Nothing is impossible with God. Prayer is a reaching out in faith.

It raises our consciousness and it teaches us how to listen and to believe. God has answered many, many prayers for me. He has in His answers shown me a new path, restored health, mended relationships, saved lives, enlightened not only me but others whom I have prayed for.

He has provided abundance where needed, fed the hungry and taught me how to be of greater service to Him. God has taught me a lot about faith and that it is an absence of worry and fear for they cannot co-exist. Through prayer and meditation He has taught me to slow down, to take time, and to be in greater appreciation and awareness.

He gives me what I need when I need it and He is the source of my inspiration. God has restored my hope and taught me to believe in myself as He believes in me. I don't have all the answers but God does and He has revealed to me a new way of living.

I have turned my life over into His hands knowing that God only wants the best for each of us and that He will show us the way. God has shown me that my talents are to be used, not wasted, and He has sent me the teachers, books, and tools to use that I may be better equipped to serve Him with them.

He has taught me not to pay heed to the negativity of others but to rely on the truth of Himself. What He says we can accomplish, we can make the world better, and each day I give prayers of gratitude.


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Today's lessons

I am grateful for the lessons this day holds. To give to others what I can whether it be a birthday wish to someone far away, to listen patiently to someone who needs to talk out their problems, their fears, and their thoughts, to give of my time when someone needs help.

These are all ways we can honor our spirit and do God's work. To give of yourself is more important than to just write a check. To be there when you are needed even though you might prefer being elsewhere. To do things joyfully from the heart and not begrudgingly.

Some things money cannot purchase. Love is one of those things as is caring, patience, time, and sharing. These things we need to give our children whether they are small or grown, as well as friends, and family. Do not begrudge it as it is time well spent that lives on in memories long after we are gone.

Make the most of each day. Take time to pray and to be open to learn, to laugh often and at times to cry. Call and write to those you do not see often to keep in touch, to let them know you care and to keep the communication lines open and the relationship close.

We need not let our ties unravel or lose contact, only neglect can do that. Use pictures for postcards that they may not only hear from you but see what you see. Share your thoughts, your photos, your poetry, your prayers, and your caring.

It is the next best thing to being there and may brighten someone's day, lighten someone's heart, bring a smile, and let someone know they are never alone for they are in your heart and thoughts. Be thoughtful in your everyday life.

Let someone in a hurry go ahead of you in a checkout line. If you see a little thing you like buy an extra one to share with a friend. Share stories as if you were writing for a magazine. It will bring your world alive in theirs. Be open to enlarge your circle of friends. Plan outings that you can create memories together. Friendship days are beautiful celebrations, the only requirement is time together.


Monday, December 22, 2014

Days now done

wave goodbye
my dear passing
are days and dreams
faces and names
numb, torn, faded
until they're all gone
my days now done


Ode to joy

Joy is increased when it is shared. The more we give to others the more we receive in return. Giving opens our heart to the universe as does prayer and meditation. It is the simple things that bring us joy. It cannot be bought, does not have a value in money but is precious indeed.

It is a treasure without price. To anticipate a new grandchild is a joy. To hear the voice of a loved one long distance is a joy. To share a day with good friends is a joy. To get up early and watch the sun rise is a joy. To receive a thoughtful note in the mail is a joy.

To review old pictures and happy memories is a joy, and to share them is a double joy. I have truly been blessed with much joy in my life. I can appreciate the soft breeze and feel as if I am wrapped in angel wings and when it touches up my face I feel as if an angel kissed me in the place.

The sound of the wind soft and sure is like the sound of angel voices clear and pure. God talks to us in many ways. Listen to nature and hear what He says. When we see a flower beautiful, its color profound, we see
God's love in action without a sound.

Everywhere we look His glory is unfurled whether it's in our little corner or all over the world. The evidence shows in every bird and bee and the majesty in every tree. In the clouds that gather overhead and the soft rain that falls upon the flower bed.

He shows us in the sunlight and the stars that shine at night how much he dearly loves us and why He gave us sight. Nothing we create can ever compare to the work God created, His artistry is everywhere. He also created me and His plan is that I be the best me that I can be.

That I reach out to others every place and everywhere to remind them to notice just how much He loves us and that He really does care, and to always give thanksgiving for the joy we share.


Sunday, December 21, 2014

Just change your mind

We manifest in our lives what we believe to be true. If we think we can accomplish things we can. If we think we are helpless then we are. If we believe we can overcome obstacles, with God's help, then we can. If we live in fear that we will be abused, taken advantage of, financially challenged then we will be.

If we live in faith that no matter what happens, we do our best, we put our lives in God's hands and follow His guidance and know we will prosper according to His will, He will provide for our abundance and our needs, and so He does.

We are like spiritual magnets in that what we believe is what we draw into our lives. We have free will in thought, in belief, as well as in action. God and the angels will not usually intervene unless we ask them to. How can we change our life?

By acknowledging that we are a creation of a loving God who wants only the best for us. By knowing that we are created in His image and thus are a part of the great I AM. That all we need to do is change our mind to change or life.

No one can do it for us. We are free agents in the universe. We can live in love or live in doubt. We can be in faith or be in fear. We can ask for help, release all the negativity we have been clinging to and find a new life of peace, joy and abundance, or not.

It is not an easy road for it requires that we do our interiour homework, follow a path of constant learning, that we be of service in God's name. That we live in a greater awareness. That we are conscious of what we do, say, think, feel, and that we desire to bring only goodness and truth into our lives.

That we withstand the trials that come before us with continued faith and be willing to be an example and a witness to God's love for all. To be of service when and where we can and to have an attitude of gratitude at all times. To be grateful for the lessons as well as the blessings.


Saturday, December 20, 2014

My heaven on earth

Homecoming after we have been away is filled with pleasure. Of being in our own space, sleeping in our own bed and being being greeted by the familiarity that says this is our haven. Over my door I keep a blessing for all who enter here and as I step over the threshold I too feel blessed.

The angels have watched over my home in my absence. My kitties show me affection and let me know I have been missed. I wake up and have my tea in my familiar garden and thank God for all He has given me.

Traveling is wonderful. To see other horizons. Watch the sun set on distant shores. To explore new landscapes. To meet new people and visit loved ones and to always have a place waiting that we can call home. I reach out to friends to see how they are doing and to give thanks for all my many blessings.

I have learned to slow down, to be more aware and appreciated in my life. My joys are not in big things but in all the small things that are part of each day. God has granted me many blessings. This is a special time of year to remember all that the past year has brought us as well as all the many other years that have led to the present. The now of our lives.

If I had not gone through the challenges of the past I would not appreciate as much the present. It is life lessons that help us to grow. That prepare us for a new season and teach us gratitude. My life is still unfolding but now I observe it with more wonder than before.

I wonder too where the road will lead. Where my future home will be. A little more in nature I hope. I have come to love the sanctity of nature and the peace it brings to me. I would like a bigger area to garden. Life too is about planting and reaping. For what we sow in life is what we receive in return. May I be able to give to others some of the blessings God has given to me.


Friday, December 19, 2014

The meaning of Christmas

This is the beginning of advent and of the Christmas season. It is a reminder to us to have faith and in the difference one person can make in the lives of many. Miracles are disguised in simplicity. In a baby born in a manger. A child growing up in a loving home of a carpenter and his wife.

It was not a life free of difficulties but filled with faith and obedience to God. Through example we were shown the power of love, commitment and sacrifice. God so loved the world, and all of us, He gave us His most precious gift of redemption.

This is the season to give to others in abundance, from the heart. Not in things with a high price-tag ; but in time, service, generosity, sharing, thoughtfulness, in reaching out. It is the time for forgiveness. For putting aside grievances and in opening our hearts and our homes.

It is the time when memories and traditions are made. It is a time for family and friends. It is not about who got or gave the best gift but the love we shared. Take time to pray, to be thankful and thoughtful of others. To remember the true meaning of the season.

To do for others as you wish others would do for you. To not neglect a kindness or a smile. To remember "peace on earth, good will toward men". Gifts are symbols of the wise men not the meaning of Christmas. Santa too is a symbol of giving that we should remember.

He too is not about the gift but the giving. Advent is a good time to reassess our lives and what has the greatest meaning to us. To show our love. To take time to be in touch. To listen, to slow down and see the beauty of the world, the needs of others, and the greater meaning of the season.

To not take Christ out of Christmas but to remember He is the central part of the celebration. His birth. His purpose. His sacrifice and His great love. What is the best way to honor His life? Make the season a time of joy. Follow the star, it lights the way.


Thursday, December 18, 2014

An empty vessel

not lovers... such as we
not whole... broken
what kind of future is there
for... us two, too
now and then
like an empty vessel


Let it rain

It is raining as I sit here
just what we need to clear
the stuffiness out... I am
so tired of this dusty
sunshine... of the past few
the lightning is like golden
chains from heaven... striking
just here... then somewhere
else. It is a great game to
guess where it will be next.
It started with big splashy
drops at first... but I prefer
a soft mist that kisses your
face softly, deliciously, when
you walk in it. Now I lay
here and listen to the steady
beat of the rain on the roof and
running down the gutters and
splashing on the ground... and I
think how beautifully clean everything
will look tomorrow... It will
be a golden sunshiny day... I know


What's in a name?

I have finally come to realize, after these many long years, that nothing is random or merely coincidence. Everything has meaning that will be revealed in time and is all a part of our personal and collective journey, including a name.

Thy mystery of why and how I came to be named is all part of a greater puzzle that is slowly being found piece by piece. It is like a clue that has given me the desire to search and like new doors opening has led me step by step into a new dimension of self discovery.

It is not so important where the journey began as it is where it leads. Everything before was preparation for what we come to experience. Nothing is random. The more I learn the more I want to explore. Others in my family were experiencing the same need at the same time, what we all described as feelings of disconnectedness.

We were in different states, in different countries, and in completely differ circumstances. Some of us had met many years before and some of us didn't even know of the other's existence but this driving desire led us all on the same journey and a plethora of people, information and global interconnections.

I know this is not an ending but a wonderful new beginning and none of us knows the extent of where the ripple effect might lead. Some family members are genealogists who happened to have the right connections to have classified and/or obscure information revealed.

Some had the time and means to travel and search. Some are talented in surfing the web to find connections and information others wouldn't have a clue where to begin. This search has brought many of us together, some while just passing through.

Synchronicity, I'm finding is a wonderful thing. It is part of a grander design at work in the universe that we are not even aware of until it brings us together. I look at my life with greater wonder now and see the roads past as the ones necessary to travel to reach the destination to where I am meant to be.

So what is in a name and the meaning of who bestowed it upon you? Much more that we see at first glance... it is the beginning our our personal journey.


It is up to us

Know that God has plans for you and even though the way is not clear to you, it is to Him. Trust in Him and follow where He leads. Be always in awareness of the blessings that each day holds instead of missing its beauty while your eyes are on the far distant horizons of the future.

Each day is important, its beauty, our accomplishments and our joy. It is not to be wasted for the tomorrows that are yet to come. Love everything you experience and see the lessons in them. For all is a learning experience for you to grow, expand and be the best that you can be.

It is important to be aware of your inner spirit and to nurture it, for this is the true you, not the shell that houses it. Be in touch not only with yourself but with your angels for they are here to assist you and guide you as well as to watch over you. Ask them for clarity that you may better understand.

Be not impatient for tomorrow but have patience for today. God will take care of the rest. Try to learn something new each day. Keep active, eat healthy, nourish all of you - your mind, your body, and your spirit. Take time for play as well as work.

Keep a positive attitude. When we look for the blessings in each day we are too busy to be depressed or angry and we actually increase the blessings we receive and the same for our abundance, when we stop feeling we are its source and open ourselves to the universe we find it comes in many forms and from places and in amounts that we never expected.

God will provide when we believe and thus allow ourselves to be open to receive. We also learn that miracles are possible all the time. Synchronicity becomes a common occurrence as our  whole attitude changes into one of living in faith, trusting that God will provide as He has promised.

We are free to choose how we will live, what we will believe and what we can accomplish. It is up to us to allow the doors to be opened. God is waiting.


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

No preconception

What is my dream?
to capture and contain all the beauty around me
I guess that's quite a start...
and even as I'm beginning to blossom forth again
I feel your pain...
I sense your withdrawal...
but let me tell you friend
what I have learned....
people are lonely only because they build walls
where there should be open sea
dams where there should be free flowing waters
sometimes the depth of these housings
we cannot cross
your tears and fears are also mine
I am your strength even in my quietness
we are expressions of all earth's life
not separate entities only
and it is not right to withdraw within
for we cannot ever get away enough from ourselves
and all those who care about us
we move as the ocean... ebbing and receding
as it is part of all great growth, in great swells
as all earth moves
important to the totalness... of all
and I wouldn't want to
for then who would be there to share the view?
I am still so raw from pain
and your love has been all strength to me
in its restful way...
as all nature is
as peaceful to me as the sea I love
you have asked of me no measure to conform to
I hope you accept me for myself....
and I am awakened happy each morning
just to be able to love you a little...
to share the same earth with you
nothing you could ever do would disappoint me
I have no preconception of what you are
or what you should be, or say, or do


God's daily gift

Try to accomplish something each day but first take time to share with our Lord to talk and pray. Take time to see the beauty around you everywhere no matter what the weather, God's touch is always there. Do an act of kindness every chance you get to friends and family, and loved ones and to those you've never met.

Always put a smile upon your face, it is one of God's small gifts and you never know if the smile you gift give will help someone's troubles lift. Live each day in gratitude for all the blessings you've received and pass them on to someone else to help them to believe.

It's not always the big things we do that makes a difference here but the small act of kindness of which others are aware. It's the loving way we respond to those we meet along life's way. It's remembering to say thank you and I wish you a good day.

It's taking the time to listen to what someone has to say. It's remembering them in our hearts and in the prayers that we pray. It's taking time to notice the small kindness others do for what we give to others is what comes back to you.

Take time for fun and joyfulness and time as well to play that you can make the most of each and every day. Listen to the music that rustles through the trees and each tiny bird song that is carried in the breeze. Take time to read that you may grow for there is knowledge to be had in the experience of others from self-help to the Iliad.

Wisdom comes from many sources so be prepared to learn by keeping an open heart and mind and awareness at every turn. When we truly learn to hear that wee small voice well, what we hear is the sound of an angel voice speaking in our ear.

But first we must learn how to quiet ourselves and to simply "be," for that is when I can hear the words God has spoken to me. He tells me that He loves me no matter what I do and He tells me to share that love in a sense of gratitude.

He tells me I am His child and He wants the best for me and when I leave things in His hands He give the best to me. Everyday is a gift, this I already know and it holds the possibilities through which I continue to grow.


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Colour my canvas

You are the counterpart to me
the other side of my image
we are as two waxen figures
once, one, now melded into two
still your thoughts pass through time
and space and foreverness to be with me
when you hurt inside...
I feel the pain too
when you cry...
I know why you weep
sometimes even before you speak
I know what you will say...
you of all people would understand why
I had to leave so much behind
and pull my shell up tight around
to discover who I really am
only by living inside myself
was I able to survive...
as a butterfly needs its freedom, so do I
only by running did I find myself...
but through all the closeting of my emotions
you, especially you, came through
I feel as though the soul of me
is finally beginning to weave itself together again
oh, but I'm still so frightened to react out
and again I am feeling the stirrings, and desire
to say in my own way
how beautiful it all is
to reach out and colour my canvas of life again
I want to be alive with every breath within me
to experience all that is happening
now and in the tomorrows of my life
and to feel each moment to the uttermost
I am capable of...


His Hands

His hands
mold me
shape life
build wonders
to behold
is eternity


God gives me words

Sometimes I just sit here and wait for words. Words that come over me in the quiet chill on my patio in the early morning. I pray and ask God for the words each morning and He fills my heart and guides my hand. Sometimes, later, I share the words, sometimes not.

For more than two years this has been my daily ritual. It is a spiritual journey on paper. It grows as I grow. I can look back and see my progress. I also keep gratitude and dream journals. The funny thing with my dreams is that they always seemed to evaporate until I started keeping a journal.

Now they are remaining more clear as if God has a purpose for this too. Ready too is a book on synchronicity but it remains, as yet, blank pages. Though I've been sharing my thoughts on this here on my blog.

In time God will have me fill it too or He wouldn't have given me the idea to begin it. Sometimes the thoughts seem frivolous and sometimes deep. Sometimes they are poetic and sometimes not. They are ever changing as I am.

God has brought other things into my life: an abundance that is more plentiful than I ever expected, a sense of serenity I have never lived before, a knowing that there is a purpose to my life even though much of it is as yet unrevealed.

I know I am right where I am supposed to be to learn and to listen. God has put the potential for a new career at my disposal and the wisdom to open up and enjoy the lessons. He has given me the opportunity to be nearer my family and recently the upcoming opportunity to see new places.

I know I am going to relocate but I have no idea where. That too is in God's hands and will be revealed to me in time. He has given me a new sense of awareness and appreciation of the beauty of His creations. To be alive in the moment each and every day.

I receive the encouragement of friends and family who no longer doubt that God is guiding me or in the talents He has bestowed upon me. I no longer live in fear or doubt but in faith. The "what ifs" are no longer a part of my vocabulary. Now I open myself to God and seek what is.


Life is for living

To read, to know, to understand, to grow. Life is constant change and learning. We learn to overcome what we thought was the impossible, to adapt to different places, new situations. We experience loss and gain. Each day is a new possibility to treasure.

Look forward to it because you do not know what joys it may hold or what lessons it has to teach. Life is about reaching out, offering friendship, being there, and about love. Not love of things for they soon pass away but to love life itself and see it as the gift from God it is.

Count your blessings and you will find that they grow. Sorrows are but pit stops along the way, don't cling to them. Don't spend your life never getting started while you are waiting for the perfect opportunity. Take a step to begin. Use the talents you were given, don't waste them.

Don't live in fear for nothing is attained that way. Celebrate often, just for the joy of it. Celebrate a rainy day or a sunny one, the first snow or spring flower. Celebrate a new accomplishment or just trying with a joyful heart. Celebrate family and friends, pets and people.

Encourage others, never hold back a word of kindness for you never know what a difference it will make in someone's life. Dance when you feel like it and laugh often. And always, always keep learning. Learn to be quiet within so you can better hear the wee small voice of the angels speaking.

Learn to appreciate all the beauty of the world around you and to "just be" a part of all-that-is. Learn to slow down and not always be in a hurry. Learn that there is joy in everything from cooking to cleaning. Take pleasure in all that you do.

Talk to God at every opportunity and be open to the answers you receive and to His guidance. When He leads you in a new direction, willingly follow for God always has a purpose and knows what He is doing even if we don't.

This is called faith. To allow ourselves to make a leap or take a step into the future trusting in God knowing He would never lead us astray. Do acts of kindness for the joy of them, not for recognition. Life is to be lived.


Monday, December 15, 2014

Time's hidden agenda

Time's hidden agenda
to steal my treasures
taken away by dementia
my happiest pleasures
forgotten or dilemmas


On motherhood

The gift of life is so beautiful. A new child comes into the world and it is filled with hope and promise. Their eyes seem to speak to your soul and your heart is theirs forever and your life will never be the same. Each accomplishment they make in life is a milestone for both of you.

The first step, the first toothy grin, the first smile, the first word, and it seems to gather momentum until it is the first day of school, the first date, the first solo drive in a car. Eventually comes the day they declare independence and move into their own place or miles away.

As mothers we cheer them on and applaud their successes. We watch them when they are newborns and almost count each breath they take as they are sleeping. We run with them as they learn to pedal their first two-wheeler and we learn to let go so they can soar.

We read to them when they are little and learn to listen to them as they grow and develop their own ideas. We encourage their talents, attend their activities, and cheer them on. We are their best audience for our love is unconditional.

If we do it right we reap the benefits of their respect and friendship, and a bond that can never be broken. We attend their graduations and their weddings. We share the important stuff like holidays, birthdays, and mother's days.

A visit is a major occasion and a cause for celebration. They can also be the source of your encouragement as you try out new dreams, new vocations, hard times and happy times. To you they are a success no matter what they do, be it a cook or a corporate manager.

You just encourage them to be the can at whatever they do. You try to teach them to be kind, to look for the best in others, to be free of prejudice, and to share. To know right from wrong, that cheating and lying are bad, to be a friend in order to have one.

You want the best for them, but also realize from pain comes strength and we make mistakes in order to learn, that everyone has disappointments but to have gratitude for their blessings, see the beauty in each day, to have faith in God and themselves, and that life is a gift.


Winter on the way

I awake to another day of bone chilling winds that make it too cold to shovel the snow that fell overnight, they eat right through my layers of clothes and even the squirrels retreat to their homes without finishing their meals.

The winds always seem to precede the storm and the air begins to take on a hazy texture that is snow laden as clouds begin to gather. Nature is telling me that winter is on its way.


On communication

Nobody is richer than those with a loving family and friends for these are gifts no money can buy, as is health and peace of mind. I am grateful for the blessing of many wonderful people in my life, for their generosity and their love.

Reach out and touch others. Act and appreciate. With you, Dear God, we only need think and you know what is in our mind. You have a direct link to everyone and everything and there is never a busy signal or need for call waiting for you can deal with a multitude and still give each of us your undivided attention.

There is no greater one-on-one than with God. Each day you teach me more and you are at the forefront of my life. I can turn to you for all things. To watch over not only me but all my loved ones, no matter how far away.

To advise me and guide me. To fulfill my needs and to supply me with an abundance that I may share. You have brought me out of turmoil and taught me how to achieve a peacefulness I never before knew. How to go within.

You have guided me on a new path and led me each step of the way, revealing what I need to know a little at a time that my faith and trust are in you and that I may know what you are the true source of all that is good in my life.

I know you have a plan for me even though I cannot see it fully at this time. I will follow where you lead knowing that you always know what is best for us and that where I go on your path will be filled with love and light.

I see the wisdom in all your teaching and feel loved and cared for, the presence of not only yourself but your angels around me at all times. I am grateful to put my life in your hands and those of my children and grandchildren and all my loved ones. For you can be where I cannot at all times.


Sunday, December 14, 2014

Twisting Road

We plant seeds and they grow. God plants seeds and they become. The seeds we can only plant, God has already created. Sometimes we struggle in this world because we think we know what God intends and we get stuck in that moment or perception, and we think that if we change it we are giving up.

God doesn't see it that way, He just has new plans for us and wants us to be open to them. Life is a cycle and within that cycle are many periods of growth and change. When in our youth we anticipate change, we expect to grow and learn, whereas later in life we fight against it.

We think we know by then where our duty lies, what our life's work is, and what to expect in return. Then life throws us a curve and we wonder why. Quite possibly it's because we haven't been listening. God says you've accomplished that cycle, it is time to move on.

He has new plans for us if we would only quiet ourselves to listen. But instead we close our minds, or scream of life's unfairness, wallow in self-pity, or keep repeating the mantra that what we feel defines us. Guess what, God's changed that definition, he wants to plant new seeds and have you grow, to become something more, something better.

Instead of struggling we need to quiet ourselves and ask God what He plans for us, what new directions are we meant to take in our life's work. For certain it is always a more fulfilling path He has in store for us.

We should look forward to the new beginning with anticipation and wide-eyed wonder and put our faith and trust in God knowing it will be as the fulfilling as the twists and turns of life have been so far.

For the road of life is never straight and sometimes we come to a pause as we wait for the light to change but if we admire the scenery on the way, joyfully greet new faces and experiences we will know life is full of God's blessings.


Saturday, December 13, 2014

God's truth

God grants freedom and truth by releasing ourselves from certain expectations and specific outcomes. By living in the abundance that He alone can grant us and seeing the truth of what is. We tend to judge by what we have been taught which is not necessarily God's truth.


Friday, December 12, 2014

The snow is melting

The sun is out and it is warm. The sound of water running off the roof is more than an indication that the snow that has blanketed it for more than a week is melting. The icicles are dropping like spears to the ground below and everywhere is the thumping and crashing sound as large piles of snow that have been clinging to the tree branches fall.

The green leaves of the oaks and pines are predominant again and I, at last, am able to clean the sunflower husks that have been frozen to the glass table outside. For days the squirrel feeder was frozen there also. In the mountains in the distance more brown earth is revealed that formerly was white with snow.

The branches that were bowed under with the weight of winter are beginning to straighten, except my small maple which is still resting its head on the ground. The sound is of rainfall in a forest. The clouds this morning were crimson and gray floating like individual puffs of cotton candy while the quarter moon still hung high in the sky greeting me with its pale golden light. I love daybreak.

The beginning of a new day. It's like the opening lines of a good book leaving you in anticipation of what is in store as you continue reading. Each sunrise is as individual as the inhabitants of this little town, as are the houses and the lives within them.

As the sky brightens activity increase. Soon the sound of birds breaks the silence, and my resident pesky little squirrel, for once, arrived early announcing his coming with footfalls or rather paw-falls, on the roof. The cats ran to greet him at the window that looks out onto the deck.

He acknowledged them in his usual grandiose style as if he were a start in a play and the curtain had just risen. All that was missing was the applause. He always eats the peanuts as his first course.

The snow is beginning to recced from my barrel planter and the bulbs I was concerned might have frozen are showing their little heads, green and healthy despite their long sojourn beneath a foot of snow. I was grateful for their hardiness and determination and anticipate their future blooms.


God Heals

God heals you because he loves you child, seek the Lord and He grants you all that you ask and more. The blessings of the Lord are upon you. Do not worry how you fill your days but that you are at peace. Joy is yours in the flowers, the birds, and all of God's creations.

God is giving you the vision to see what others take for granted. Time itself is not wasted for time is irrelevant in the moment, this is God's gift, accept it in gratitude, soon enough you'll long for this peace, for your hours will be filled, you are not idle, you are doing God's interior work.

He wants you to spread the word that he lives through us when we seek him. When we are called to action we must be prepared to go at once. There is no turning back once the path has begun. May we not be blind and deaf to our calling, and the gifts God has given us.


Thursday, December 11, 2014

Aging disguise

I close my eyes
and rest in passing
memory floating away
with time, and me
with it....
in aging disguise


Day of promise

This is a new day full of promise and I will fill it with only good experiences. If all I accomplish is inner growth and wisdom, that will serve me later, my time is not wasted. Each day has brought me new insight and a loosening of negative blocks that have been hampering my growth, negative beliefs that kept me from being, my authentic self, negative self-esteem that has prevented me from accomplishing my soul's desire.

The time spent on self growth and affirmations and release will lead me out of the valley of darkness that has bound me and hogtied me into being less than God meant for me to be into the light of God's love and endless possibilities, to be all that I can be and more.

I now realize I cannot be responsible for the doubts and inner struggles that are holding others back. Forgiveness, love, and understanding have to be learned by each of us, on our own, in order for us to find our own path in life, and open our eyes and hearts to the world around us.


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Words of Wisdom

Be careful in what you say but be equally careful in what you don't say. Do not hold back words of love and healing. Treat others with the kindness you wish to receive yourself. It is better to swallow bitter words than to speak them.

Do not hold on to words or actions that have wounded you but instead be quick to forgive. Let peace and healing begin with you instead of waiting hopelessly for another to apologize or to mend a riff for that might not happen. The longer we wait the bigger the chasm grows.

If someone lends you money repay the debt before you buy one new thing for yourself, that you owe no one but God. Honor your friendships by keeping in touch. Be there in the good times and the bad. Be a good listener and not always quick to give advice that was not asked for.

Sometimes all that one desires is a good listener and a compassionate heart. Be the first to reach out to others. True friends are as precious as gold or the finest of gems. Respect others, their goals and dreams, their right to privacy and that they too will make mistakes even as we do.

Do not expect perfection for it exists only in God. Take time for the simple things in life, sometimes they create the greatest memories. The small act of kindness, the encouraging word, the thoughtful card may be just what is needed to make someone's day, to bring them out of the valley of despair and to take the new step into the future.

Challenge yourself to always do your best and then to do better. Be positive in your attitude. If we look for troubles they surely will find us. See others in clarity and not color and remember God loves variety that is why He make so many different flowers, but they are all His creations.

Put on a smile when you go out for it brightens the world and the hearts of those you pass along the way. Take time for God every day. The day that begins with Him begins in joy and will not end in sorrow. Count your reasons for gratitude each day of your life and I guarantee a change of attitude for you will see many blessings you once took for granted and will know you are truly blessed. Be the person, you yourself would like to be around.


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Take nothing for granted

Precious is the day as it opens, the sun rising in the sky, the birds singing as the sky lightens, taking joy in its promise. Each day is a gift God has blessed us with not just to rush through unheeded but to be savored and enjoyed. We may have work to do, so do it in joy for many have no work at all.

It may entail lots of traveling, be grateful, for many cannot move from one spot. It maybe that we work indoors all day but be grateful you can take your breaks and your lunch outside. Do not eat at your desk but go outdoors and relish the beauty around you.

Remember many are shut in and cannot make that walk out the door. Our day may require us to interact with others and calls on the phone and messages sent. Be thankful for the ability to speak and write. Do it with joy in your heart and kindness in your words for many were born silent or have had their voices lost to them in some way.

There are many who would love to just be able to hug a loved one, let alone to communicate with their hands and there are those whose hands are their speech and if they lost their use may be silenced for life. Take time to walk and look around at the sky and the trees, the colors of nature, the aroma of wet earth, of the sea, the smell of pine or eucalyptus for many can't walk, or see, or smell.

They cannot hear the crash of the ocean or the leaves rustle in the breeze. Be aware for you are blessed. Take time to go within, to think and contemplate and remember many have lost this ability through illness or accidents.

What a joy it is to meditate and pray. To think through problems and make decisions. We are truly blessed who have sound minds. Those who are aware and who take the time are truly blessed, who value the gift of life and each day.

For many are caught up in greed and possession. They cannot see the beauty that is free to all created by someone more talented than we. Let your mind and heart soar with the birds who circle on wings up high. They look down where we are and see the earth as they fly above us in the sky. Each day is a gift and when we see it so we are enriched.


Monday, December 8, 2014

without a sound

I wrote everything down
in a vain attempt to remember
but age came around
my past's been plundered
removed without a sound


Lessons of the birds

Watch the birds and you may learn much. See their freedom of flight and know that we all were created to be free. See them soar in the sky and catch an air draft that enables them to ride the wind and know that God carries us too when we are following His path.

Watch a flight of birds and see how they take turns leading and when they tire they fall back and let someone else come forward to lead for awhile and realize that we don't always have to be the one out front at all times. That there is a time to lead and a time to follow.

A time to rest and a time to work and that when we do things in harmony we can accomplish much more than alone. Watch the birds when they are building their nests, gathering their seeds and that they are provided for them.

Trust that God will provide for you also. Watch as they care for their young. How they take turns going for food and feeding and caring for their little ones in total cooperation. And when they are old enough to fly how together the parents teach and encourage that their children are able to leave their nest and know the joy of accomplishment as they take wing on their own.

Listen to them as they sing joyful praises each day. The harmony of many different birds joining together in praise and song. This is how we should be with our brothers and sisters here on earth. Each in our own way, together, make a joyful noise unto the Lord in love and cooperation one to the other.

See how the birds live in a community and in communication. They realize that God provides enough for all and that at times they must hunt for their food and at times be aggressive doing it but that they always share and provide for family.

They have the freedom to live wherever they want and travel at will returning to home in tree or nest. They take their responsibilities quite seriously. God provides their clothing and color, their voices and for their needs.

Does God love us less? When we turn to Him in our lives He provides for us as well. We too need to learn to be grateful and to thank God for our daily blessings. God thank you for today!


Sunday, December 7, 2014

Relax your mind

Be grateful for what you have and take time to be not in mindlessness but in consciousness. Try to be aware of all that is around you, the soft breeze, the sound of fluttering butterfly wings, bees buzzing, motors running, nature providing. See the bird circling overhead as a saw buzzes in the background.

Watch the shadows as they move with the air and the light as it reflects off the sun. See the piles of stacked shingles on the roof and the blueness of the sky. See the blades of skuff growing in the dirt being moved by the wind and hear the car going by.

Watch the airplane flying to an unknown destination growing smaller until it disappears from view and hear the dog bark two doors down. What is he being distracted by? Life is all around you, feel the essence of it and the cool water as it trickles down your throat.

Feel the beat of your heart and count the waves of the gull's wings in the sky as it pumps and then drifts and then pumps again. Hear the voices afar "come down" and smell the freshness with a faint scent of sea air. Slow your mind and your thoughts and just listen, feel, see, and become part of all-that-is. Don't think, just experience.

Know God in the vastness of the sky, in the warmth of the sun. Be touched by Him in the caress of the air, slow your breath and feel at one with everything. This is peace. The dragonfly circles the yard and then lands gently on the wooden fence. Is it resting or is it too just "becoming" as are you?

You hear the sound of a nail dropping in the distance, ping, ping, ping, then silence. What is it like to be the nail, the bird, the dragonfly, the wind, the sound of a train? To expand beyond mere self? To close your eyes and then, hear and feel and see and be?

To feel the rhythm of life around you, and within you? Nothing is separate but a symphony of motion and sound, of being touched by the universe. Sense the direction of things as it encompasses you. Breath deep and long and slow. Relax all of self.

Feel the presence of the chair, of the cement beneath your feet, the feel of the glass beneath your hand and it begins to feel as if you are all one. No inane thoughts, no worry just being one with God, the angels around you, the birds and the sky above you, the ground beneath you. All one, all feeling, breathing, existing, expanding. Now focus on God.


Saturday, December 6, 2014


Help us be tolerant, Oh Lord, of the aged and their forgetfulness; of those that are different in nationality, color, religion, in likes and dislikes; in the infirm and the handicapped, mentally and physically. Let us not look for differences but see the beauty of God in all people.

Help us have patience with ourselves as we age, become forgetful and with aches or handicaps ourselves. As our vision, our hearing, and our memory shrink in acuity. Let us remember God loves all of us just as we are and helps us strive to be the best we can be at all times and at all ages.

Help us, Oh God, to look for the best in everyone else and the blessings in all situations. It is our own vision of things that can distort what we see. When we look with gratitude we see the blessings. Let us live each day to the fullest, in awareness, being an example of love in action that others may be grateful they crossed our path, are our friend and are part of our family.

Let us enjoy each day that we have instead of always waiting for a better day to come. We cannot know what tomorrow brings but we can celebrate the gift of today. So many people waste their summers waiting for fall or their winter waiting for spring that the present is lost to them and the future may not be.

Help us be tolerant of the weather and see the beauty of a rainy day, make snow angels when the opportunity arises, take a dip in the summer warmth, notice the fall leaves and the spring flowers. Like life the seasons are cycles of birth and growth, of loss and change.

Explore all you can and in awareness see all the beauty of God's creation. Take time to be outdoors, even for a few minutes each day. God knew what He was doing when He created differences whether it be in the weather, the animals, or in us.

Angels too are not alike but individual, each one unique as are all things. How can we help our planet, each other, all life? Practice kindness in all that you do, not only to others, but to yourself as well. Remember that everything and everyone is the product of God's love.

We are all here for a purpose. Each wave that breaks is serving its purpose and each flower that blooms. We too are here not randomly but purposefully to serve God. Do it in joy and gratitude.


Friday, December 5, 2014

Holidays are here

The air is brisk and sharp today. The breeze is softly blowing. One thinks more of holidays and loved ones this time of year and the joy of being together. Of sharing good times, remembering times past and of memories in the making. The time of closure to another year is just around the corner and we recall the changes it has brought into our lives and our many blessings as well as our hopes for the future.

It is a time of peace and goodwill toward men. Of remembering the Christ Child's birth. A time to express love and contact those near and far. A time to let go of grievances and release any negativity from our lives. That we may start again with a clean slate. As if we too are newly born.

The sky is a clear blue today, free of storms, and reflects my mood of tranquility. Today I will prepare things to share. I'll thank my angels, and count my blessings, and reflect on the love of family and friends. It's my good fortune to feel their warmth across the miles and to share with them their joys and sorrows, their laughter and tears, their thoughts and dreams, as well as their plans.

Love is forgiving, releasing, never controlling. It is wanting them to be happy and only the best for them. Love sometimes is allowing others to make their own mistakes knowing they have to experience on their own in order to grow. And cheering them on through the good and the bad times without judgement.

I have learned more about faith by embracing it. Learned to know we are where we are meant to be at this time in our life. Learning what we are meant to learn and that the greatest gift of all is love and that sharing keeps it growing and returning.


Thursday, December 4, 2014

God sends angels

Oh angels of God... you who sing His praises also teach us to have faith. You watch over and guide us on this road called life. You announce great events such as the Christ child's birth, and you speak in a still small voice within us that all will be well.

You are messengers from on high and your calling card is a feather left to tell us you are here - all around. The angels are not a thing of the past written only in the good book, but of the present and the future. God gives us earthly angels too that lead by example of their goodness and giving their service to others.

When we ask someone to "be an angel" we are really asking them to perform a good deed. There are many examples of a stranger appearing when someone was in need and then just disappearing in the blink of an eye, not into a crowd but into the unknown.

Later we come to realize it was an angel and we were blessed. They can come in any form including animal. They can disguise themselves as the poorest of the poor. We can never tell when we may be entertaining an angel, so treat each circumstance as a possibility and you will not disappoint yourself or God.

Look for the messages that are brought to you. See God's hand in all things. What is the lesson we need to learn? Are we open to receive? Do we ask for guidance? God wants to be involved in our life. Each of us has a purpose to fulfill.

We may not see it but God knows it and will guide us through events, synchronicity, angels and if we are living consciously we will follow. Fear is what keeps us from hearing and seeing. There is no room for fear in faith for it is complete trust in our Father's guidance.

Not all messages come written in stone. Some are just whispered in the wind. No one is too unimportant for God or His angels. He loves us equally. This is the season to remember, to be prepared, to give and to share and to be open to the possibilities of miracles. God loves us all!


We are never alone

We are never alone. When we feel cut off from the world we only need to reach out starting with God. He is always with us. Angels surround us ready to guide us and to show us the way. Feel God's presence in your life even on the bleakest winter day.

Go out into the world and see the wonder God has created and feel His nearness. Feel the calm within as you look into the skies and see a bird's flight high above. Inhale the freshness of the air, crisp and cold. Bundle up and take a walk with the Angels.

Soon there will be windows filled with Christmas lights and trees hung with ornaments. The scent of fireplaces warming the inhabitants within their homes. See the anticipation on the faces of the children and know that the miracle of the Christ child's birth is soon to be celebrated.

Winter is a special time. It brings the beauty of the pristine snow and the sound of carols. It's a time of sharing and love. Of mailboxes filled with greetings from those near and far. The Angels too sing God's praises and remind us of what is important in life. It is not how much we buy or fancy place settings.

Is not how much we have but what we share. It is time to reach out and make difference in the lives of others. To remind them that they to are not alone but that God is there. Buy a toy for needy child. Crochet a blanket to keep someone warm. Visit at children's ward at a hospital or an old age home.

Seek out someone who needs to be cheered. Donate a few dollars so that a homeless person can have a holiday meal. Set an extra place at the table and invite a neighbor who is home alone. Be one of God's earth Angels. We can all help in some small way.

When we are feeling alone it is time to get busy. God has work for us to do and He is with us every step of the way. This is the season of sharing and caring and counting our blessings.


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The lesson of patience

This week I seem to be given many lessons on patience in one form or another. It is something I obviously need to learn or God would not be grating me so many opportunities. Now I am able to recognize them as lessons instead of simmering in frustration and I am able to be grateful as I know that God is preparing me for whatever lies ahead and strengthening my faith in the process.

God does give us what we need when we need it including lessons that will serve us well in our spiritual growth. In each little thing let me grow and to let go and let God. He will sustain me through all things and I thank Him for showing me what I need.

I am trying to prepare as He paves the way for me. As I desire to find my roots God shows me the path that leads to a treasure of knowledge. He has put put people in my life to assist with this search, to teach me and to enrich my life. He knows the desires our heart and answers.

He makes the dream a possible reality. It is what we believe that we receive. For now He is teaching me patience and to take one step at a time. To announce my intentions by my attitude, perseverance and making preparations. To wait for the good things that lay ahead of me.


Walk with God

Take time to rest when you are weary, listen to your body and your mind. Take time to be quiet within. Do not drowned out your own thoughts, feelings and God wotj constant busyness and inner static. Put aside time for serenity, prayer, meditation, and just being at one with the spirit. Especially during busy holiday seasons we need to seek time so that we may ground ourselves, be at one with nature and revitalize our spirit which is the essence of who we are.

Take time away from the crowd, and just be alone. Listen to your inner voice. Don't accept more invitations than are humanly possible. Honor your own self as well as others. Take time to breathe. This should be a time of joy not of obligation. Love what you do and who you are with.

Do not forget the meaning behind the occasion. Christmas is about Christ not gifts, parties and overspending. It is a time of great faith, a new birth, and God's blessings. For peace on earth and goodwill toward all men. It is a time to love and share. For unselfish acts of kindness, and a preparation for a new year, a new beginning.

Take time to think upon the blessings and changes of the year ending. Of accomplishments made, of new directions sought in the possibilities yet be. Take time to give thanks. To ask for guidance and direction in the coming year. We often take time for re-evaluations but forget to numerate our gratitude.

How can we better serve? Give back? Make a difference? When we start each day with God we set the tone for the day ahead. We include Him in all that we do, that we cannot do it alone. And when we walk hand-in-hand with Him all things are done in a more conscious manner and with greater love.

He enlightens us and lifts us up. Life itself becomes clear and He blesses us with an abundance we never thought possible. For this season and next year make it a walk with God.


Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A new beginning

It is a wonderful time in life for me. I never thought getting older would be a blessing but it has been. It is a time for new doors to open. To not hurry so much that I don't notice the day. It is a time to enjoy the quiet, my own thoughts and being alone. But we are never truly alone and I have learned that too.

God is very near me in my life and the angels are all around. I don't find it strange anymore that they speak to me. I'm used to that still small voice within and I have learned to listen and to ask questions. The phone and the computer are my good friends. They keep my in touch with my children and friends when we no longer live near one another.

I have learned to take time for me and to not feel guilty. I enjoy my own company, good books, soft music, the out of doors, and life in general. God in his wisdom has put new learning into my life. It is a new beginning and I look forward in appreciation.

I don't miss the hectic pace of my youth. Life is simpler now but more profound and my priorities have changed. God now is first on my list and I greet Him each morning before I start my day. I take time to truly see the beauty around me.

God has taught me that I can rely on Him. To exchange faith for fear. To let go and follow where He leads. Each day is a gift and I try to be wise in my use of it. To not waste time hurrying and worrying. To be more giving. To make time for others.

To not live on a schedule but by God's plan. To love new challenges, new ideas, and new technology. To believe in myself and my abilities because God created me as I am and means for me to use the talents he choose for the to touch others somehow.

To not waste what I have receive but to use it to the best of my ability. To listen to the guidance I receive and to be always grateful. This is the best of times for now I realize the beauty of God's gifts. Life is just beginning.


My birthday blessing

I couldn't do better than sharing my birthday with God and in the same month we celebrate His son Jesus' birth. I am in good company indeed. As a child, I always felt cheated because my birthday was in December and my parents couldn't afford extra presents so my Christmas presents were also my birthday presents.

Now I realize how wonderful it is to share this month with our Savior. With the holiness of the season and the meaning of peace on earth, goodwill toward men. It is a month when people try to be a little kinder, be more charitable and loving.

A time of sharing and giving, and I feel blessed. I love the winter coolness even if the toes and fingers get chilled. I love the lights and the smell of pine trees and the warm smiles on the faces you pass. The sharing with others at holidays.

Friends, family,  and greetings across the miles. Each day the mail holds surprises. Carols fill the air. Songs of inspiration, love and hope, as well as peace. It is an opportunity to give not just receive, and now that I am an adult I realize the importance of giving to others. Not for thanks or acknowledgment but to help make life better for those who are not as lucky as me.

To pass on the blessings I have received. To let others know how special they are and that God cares. Through us He spreads love to the world. We can light the darkness in someone's life and make a difference. We can set an extra place at our table and invite someone who would spend the day alone.

We can open our spirit and our heart. Buy one a gift for a child who otherwise would do without. Pick up some extra mittens for cold hands, warm socks for cold feet, and help supply a warm meal for empty stomachs.

It is blessed to be born in a month that symbolizes caring, sharing and giving. God has truly blessed me on this birthday!


Monday, December 1, 2014

The Christmas Cactus

The Christmas flower is a thing of beauty only when it blooms. The rest of the time it is quite plain looking. It is God's symbol of love even in the coldest months, when all else has become dormant. The little Christmas flower opens its blossoms as God's love is always present even in the darkest times.

We need not worry, His love will always shine through and open our hearts to the beauty around us. We learn that there is a time for everything and like the little Christmas flower await our time to bloom. It sits patiently waiting while all the roses and asters, marigolds, lilies, and all the other flowers bloom through spring, summer, and fall.

And just when we think the world a plain thing slowly it opens its buds to the world in profusion and beauty. It is a cactus without thorns or leaves, but on the tip of each flat branch lives hope and wonder. The trees may be bare of leaves, the ground covered with snow.

When other things are bare, it blooms. See, God says, I have not forgotten you. All is well with the world and Christmas is coming. Remember this is a time of birth and beauty. New life and new hope. A time to rejoice and to share your love with others.

A time to give and a time to receive. It is not about how much we give but what we give and the most important of these is love. We don't need to wrap it in fancy packages or tie it with bows. For as the plain little Christmas cactus its beauty is in how it blossoms.

When we give things of time and care, when we have patience to wait, when we learn to be open and giving, when we learn not to compare but be who we are, God gives us all that we need to grow and to bloom. Dear little Christmas flower thank you for reminding me of all the blessings of today and the abundance of God's love.