Thursday, April 30, 2015

Again Whole

Kissed by warmth of sun
time does pass slowly
immersed in spiritual lore
miracles at the door
truths of times before
when Eden was expunged
angels stood guard
to comfort the lonely
and came to teach
that heaven's within reach
a waiting peaceful place
calling out to our souls
just waiting to embrace
and make us again whole


An old song

The pain tore through me
with burning intensity
like waves racing out to sea
once was
and what is
lost in forgetfulness
a song carries
each day away
as I hum the melody


Savor Life

The world is not meant to be observed or just lived, but felt in the heart, and breathed into the soul. It is God's gift to us on a daily basis to be embraced, not overlooked or accepted passively. Allow yourself the patience to not always be doing but to just be, for it is often in the silent pauses that God speaks and in the quiet we are able to listen.

To live in a state of worry accomplishes nothing but to live in a state of grace brings us peace. We never have too little to share, if it is but a smile. You never know what a difference it may make in the day or life of another.

Giving to others is not an obligation to be fulfilled but a return investment of the heart to be passed on in the endless chain of kindness. The treasures of my being are those who have touched my life and spirit along the way.

They may pass on from my presence but they have forever taken root in my soul. They may be a family member, a mentor, a friend, or a brief encounter, but they made a difference. We too should live in the awareness that our actions, interactions, beliefs, hopes, and joys may unwittingly and unknowingly be a life changing experience for another.

Live as if God is watching your every action, He is! Do not put off the opportunities God gives us to make a difference. We can teach more by example than words. Fear suppresses, love expands us. There is wisdom in the words "treat others as you would like to be treated".

If we practiced that in every encounter with every person who crossed our path in our journey in life we would live with no regrets whether they responded positively or not. Grant everyone the respect you desire for yourself.

Smile when you speak. Remember to express gratitude for all that is given, we all welcome appreciation, even for the little things. Take nothing for granted, it could be gone tomorrow. Take time to really listen without hurrying to inject your own circumstances, opinions, or comments.

Remember it's not always about you but it may be something you can learn from. Don't be in a hurry to move on to the next thing, but savior the gift of now. It's irreplaceable.


Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Follow God's Teaching

Always do unto others as you would have others do unto you. Do not repay an unkindness with the same. Rather ask God for guidance, for forgiveness for those that hurt you, for patience and understanding, for perseverance that you can accomplish what needs to be accomplished.

Ask for help when you need help and if others do not respond ask God to provide the help you need. Remember to hold no grievance against anyone, for when we hold spiteful feelings within, it contaminates the vessel that contains it.

Give only love and love will be returned to you. We have no control over others, only ourselves, and it is our own behavior that we are responsible for. Always remember God's teachings and act accordingly.

Let His will and love become yours. God teaches us to seek peace not vengeance or retribution. He provides for us and will give us all the strength and help that we will need. Go in peace wherever life takes you and in whatever situations you encounter.

The more we love, the more love that is returned to us. Be in appreciation, each day, of all the blessings God provides for you. See the beauty around you, and always keep a positive attitude as well as one of gratitude.

Has God not brought you this far? Has He not only seen to your needs but known what they are before you even ask? Others may let you down but God never will. Always be as generous with others as God is with you.

Teach by your actions, for they say more than words ever will. Be an example through all that you do as with all that you say. Think before speaking. Do not hesitate to reach out to others, do not wait until they ask.

Be positive in your attitude. Take time to refresh yourself, to rest, to have an ongoing conversation with God. Ask His angels to provide strength and they will lift you up and help move you. Miracles happen every day so keep your eyes open and give thanks.


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

He gives me all

God provides. There's no shame to be totally reliant on him for all our needs, without expectations. As I empty myself of fear, of needing to do, of desires, of all stresses, He fills me with peace and contentment, a unity with the divine, and the universe.

He fills the void with a wondrous joining and release and stillness. He gives me all I need and I feel loved as I never experienced before. I am reborn to a new life. Wherever it leads it will never be the same.

There is nothing more important in my life than spiritual growth and becoming. To have the presence of the spirit within is being in the light, being encompassed by love. The peace in not just with me during meditation, but all of the time.

I now live at peace, and in greater consciousness. To be in contact with the divine is an ongoing communication of spirit. A self discovery of a more fulfilling way of living, of total acceptance, and overwhelming love.

It is living in truth and total trust. Living in the fullness of the moment without fear, knowing God is in charge and I am in His divine care. The future is full of possibilities just waiting to be received.


To Grow in God

God is the power within me, and guiding me on my journey. He puts so much information at my disposal filled with love. The divine energizes me to know more and to share more, through the Holy Spirit within me. He also has taught me to silence myself, my mind, my body, and go within and just be. To let go to receive, and to be open and believe. And this is how I grow in God.


What I have learned

I am grateful for the kindness of others. When we look for good, we find it. What we give out to others is returned, and we are blessed. Our perception of the world is up to us. I perceive the world as the beautiful creation of God that it is.

Those that I meet along the way are basically loving and giving. People offer assistance unsolicited. There may be exceptions, but they are few. Let us learn to treat others as we would want to be treated.

Let us give openly as God teaches us, knowing that it is always returned ten-fold. What we give never depletes us but instead is returned to us. When we realize that God is the source of our abundance, we need have no fears.

He brings into our lives all good things. His love is unconditional and limitless. He has truly blessed me with many reasons for joy in my life. My four wonderful children, who are loving and giving. My grandchildren who are a bonus blessing!

God has given me an appreciation of life and of each day, to live in true consciousness, that I am aware of the leaves that fall, the smallest bird, the love of my cat family. To be blessed with loving friends and a joy of gardening.

To realize the fullness of my life and the grace God has given me. What wonders there are when we truly learn to see and are not blinded by our own doubts and worries but learn to release all things into God's hands know that, in His great love, He will always have our greatest good in mind.

I wish that I could help everyone learn to see what God Himself has taught me. To let go and let God and accept His blessings.


Monday, April 27, 2015

No charge

God's blessings are many that do not cost us a thing, the warmth of the sun, the blue of the sky, the gentle breeze, the shade of the trees. We are rich indeed. Thank you God.


Promises to consider

When I'm alone
memories now haunt
no smiles nor knowing
if they're real or not
When I'm alone
listening to ghosts whisper
their eyes glowing
with promises to consider
When I'm alone
the world opens up
my tomorrows floating
no past to reconstruct


God Delivers

When we practice faith "God delivers". He brings miracles and meaning into our lives. God can make our own home a possibility or find a part for our car that saves us hundreds of dollars, and even have it delivered.

God has no limitations. He is not just the essence of hope but in making all possibilities a reality if they are for our own good. We can never ask too much of God for He is infinite, omnipotent, all powerful.

Why do we try to put restrictions on God? Ask and keep asking, God will attend to all of our needs including financial abundance. God desires for us to not only be happy but to be blessed. He can create a miracle at any time.

Seek His guidance and then listen. God will lead you to the right home, for the right price. Where to purchase a car that will fit your needs within your budget or provide the finance you need for the purchase.

It is we who limit ourselves with our own negative and limited thinking. In faith, all things are possible, through God. Start living in partnership with Him. Include Him in all that you do, in every decision that you make.

Ask His advice and know that He will answer, not as we demand but in ways we would not even imagine for ourselves in our limited thinking. Leave the door open for Him, without restrictions. You will be surprised with what He blesses you with.

When you think you can't, remember that God can. There is no more powerful force in the universe. God is not just into the business of miracles but into helping us with our day to day living.

When we ask Him to be part of it we experience peace where there once was chaos, faith where there was doubt, truth where there was misconception, love where once was a sense of unworthiness and even anger.

Life stops being a struggle and becomes a thing of beauty and appreciation. We realize the many reasons for gratitude instead of practicing negative thinking. God knows what we need before even we do. Desire, ask, believe, receive. Then leave it in God's hands.


Sunday, April 26, 2015

No I

The trees were budding,
the birds were singing,
the grass was wet,
the whole earth was shining,
and suddenly I was the trees,
and the flowers,
and the birds,
and the grass,
and there was no I at all.


Saturday, April 25, 2015

Human too

I have no desires to see you
let me just uncover you
for I love you for who you are
not for something or someone I wish you to be....
I'm not anything but human too
not any interrelations of two people
should give one possession over the other
every two individuals are exactly that, individual
unique in their designs and needs
in friendship as in love
the two together give purpose to each other
to attain heights together one could not reach alone
there are no rules for friendship
it must be left to grow on its own
we cannot force either it or love
but I know in order to love someone
you must also be their friend
for the two walk hand in hand, as do joy and sorrow
I am so tiny in all this vastness
microscopic against the enormity
but lucky enough to be a part
of nature, to absorb and see its beauties
and to give love freely
my heart has found its own place of restfulness
in my mountain retreat
surrounded by wind swept trees
with the pounding of the sea nearby
a place we once shared happiness together
here my knowledge of you lives on and on
as it does in my heart
my love...
I didn't know
that love could be this all encompassing
I didn't know that love
could be my whole substance
my warmth on cool days,
my visions at nighttime,
my dreams,
my thoughts,
my joy
and my sorrow
I do not worry about whether or not
I will see many more tomorrows
I only know I am prepared to enjoy them, each one
only because of you
now that is no small thing
if you think you are nothing
then my love is nothing too
for I think you're beautiful
not because you're perfect
because you're you....


Friday, April 24, 2015

Now I sit

We fought so gorgeously!
We fought like one boxer
and his punching bag.
We fought like mismatched twins.
We fought like the secret sharer
and his shade.
Now we're apart.
Time doesn't heal
The baby to the womb.
Separateness is real
and keeps growing.
Some get insomnia...
The poet's disease...
and sit up nights
nursing at the nipples
of their pens
I have
kissed you where you are
I have cursed my curses
I have
cleared the air
and now I sit here waiting,
breathing you.


Thursday, April 23, 2015

Kathy's Poem

Oh but for death
that dividing, estranging angel
of darkness.
My world so small, dark in isolation
except for my dreams, these still
a link in the chain
My nighttime hope, here you still remain
Death leaves no dignity, we struggle in its call
when all else is still, the eyes alone alive
too weak to speak except with your eyes
Tubes in your heart, hands gnarled in pain
nothing of your old self, now linked with death
shall remain
They lowered your body in the waiting ground
newly dug, dark with moisture still
The eyes of those you loved, bowed down
or upturned to heaven in prayer
each word, each tear, each silent stare
joined in the dirt, the hole to fill
did I really see a spade
or hear the reaper's blade
crying my love, my heart
now in the grave
from the corner of my eye
they covered the mound with flowers
here on this hill, here you lie
you were so young, your dreams
were visions still
here they're buried too up on this hill
Oh but for death
that dividing, estranging angel
of darkness
My world so small, not yet isolated
in my dreams
another day, gone are our, the link
broken in the chain
look around the room, reminders still
linger and remain
not yet! in silence I yell inside
time was so brief
death snuck in
Oh that unwelcomed thief
he took the best there was
and left me alone
here with my grief


See me cry

At least, my love
you did not stay to see me cry
I'm sure you too must have felt
some pain
sweet memories of forbidden moments
a rush of passion can forgive a lie
a smile.... until you held me again
no, you did not see me weep my love
you did not stay to see me cry

I find in my collection in my desk
poems, cards and photographs I once
gave to you
I could not leave them there
but not one letter or small note
to me
from you to say you care
just one small drawing of a fish
your only reply
you did not stay to see me cry

Not that you ever kept a tally upon my heart
no books recorded each smile or touch
just love given and then - depart
no list written of each lonely sigh
in the empty room
you did not stay to see me cry

It is only remembered now
the moments in the dark
before sleep descends upon me
my mind searches out
and adds one mark
in my favor
my last gift to you
though love did not last
you never saw it die
you did not stay to see me cry


God is my teacher

Oh God, I am overwhelmed with how much you love me and how much you have blessed me. You have answered so many prayers for me and have changed my life and it is wondrous. It is as if I was blind and now I see, and feel, and am conscious to everything.

I live in peace and joy. When we put our trust in God and His will, our life not only our outlook changes, everything changes. It is if we awaken to a whole new world. I do not walk alone for I am now conscious that God walks with me.

When I ask for His help, He guides me. I have learned a deeper appreciation of life, a greater wonder, and a sense of freedom I had never known before. I realize it is possible for the whole world to feel this if only they knew that to release is to gain control.

Before, I worked, lived in debt, and fear, and felt both helpless and hopeless. I had neither joy in my life or in my work. I suffered from anxiety and sleepless nights. The only change I needed to make was to ask God to take charge of my life.

To ask for His guidance and to release me from the hell I had created for myself. In that moment my life changed. The Holy Spirit came within me and opened my eyes, released my fear, removed me from an unhappy work situation that was actually toxic.

I learned to rethink the way I see things and how I valued my own self. I am not defined by my work or a paycheck, or my family, or what car I drive. I am a spirit inhabiting this time and place who has come to learn and to contribute to the world and others. God is my teacher and in my new awareness I experience life in joy.


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

This is my year

This is my year, let me hold it
close to me
watching dawns, and sleepy sunsets
a time of peace and tranquility
mornings touched with frost
feel the damp grass beneath my feet
nighttime finds me wrapped in warmth
of the fireplace's protective heat
this is my year, coming soon
filled with sunshine and silver moon


All God's Lessons

Lord, thank you for the things that strengthen my faith, that teach me more about the wondrous miracles that you perform, and how we can all ask to serve you and to help others through our prayers and our deeds.

When we dedicate time to you we are starting our day with blessings and allowing you to guide us in all that we do. Everyday we can see your miracles working in our lives as well as the lives of others. When we keep track of our prayer requests as well as your answers we become more aware of how active you are in our lives.

We learn that you do hear and you do answer. That  some answers are longer in coming than others, and that some answers are not just as we requested but that all are according to your will, and thus we learn to leave things in your hands and ask not that our will but your will be done, as it says in the "Our Father".

No prayer goes unanswered and we see your involvement and your love in all our our lives. We also begin to see that some people choose adversity and illness in their lives and define themselves not by who they are but in what is happening to them.

It is true that what we seek, we do find. We too cannot change people's wills through our prayers for it is a gift you gave to all of us. But we can pray for their enlightenment and they can learn to love themselves for the child of God that they are and allow you to heal their heart.

To not cling to illusions but to seek God's grace and unconditional love. To stop judging ourselves as well as others. To seek unity instead of division, peace instead of chaos. To count our many gifts of gratitude instead of our sorrows.

When we spend time serving you, Dear God, and helping others, we don't have time or reasons to feel sorry for ourselves. Our life in you is filled with joy, purpose, grace, gratitude, as well as giving. Thank you for the lessons I learn and your answers to my prayers.


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Be open

My faith is drowning out the sound of fear. Fear is not of God but of the darkness. God is faith and truth and light. God is pure love, and those that live in God's light need never fear. God provides for all our needs and once we release the fear we can see this more clearly.

He knows of our choice to be in God. To accept God into our lives. He knows what is in our heart, in our mind, and in our soul. He has watched our journey through life. Each path along the way He has traveled with us.

He is prayer. He is the light and the way. He is all life, all things. He is the all-that-I-am. He is within us and guides us if we let Him to become greater than we thought we could be. He is all possibility, all hope.

He is the candle in the window of darkness when we have lost our way. Only seek to find. Only knock to have the door opened. Value simplicity for He is in the simple blessings all around us. We needn't wait to seek Him in a high cathedral, only look around and you will find Him everywhere.

He is in the eyes of a child, the cry of a baby, the laughter that rings out, the song that makes your heart swell. In a family gathering, He is an honored guest. He is the grocer, the mailman, the mechanic, the neighbor, and His angels are everywhere.

Open your heart, for when you are open you can receive. Open your mind that you may better understand. Open your eyes to all creation, that you may see. Open your ears that you may hear the choir of angels and the voice of wisdom, and the words of God's love.


Garden of my soul

God has blessed me with so many friends and is constantly putting potential new friends in my path that I may continue to grow. Friends nourish the garden of my soul.


Insight and Time

Insight is something we as humans have to develop and we seem to do it better with age because we slow down and listen. Where in youth we constantly deal with hindsight, always thinking "if I had only known". But the real problem was we never stopped to think anything over, but rushed headlong into it.

When we get older we actually spend time reviewing our lives and although we may have some regrets for missed opportunities, we usually are grateful for our many blessings and realize we wouldn't be the person we are today without the experiences we lived.

So, it might all have been God's plan anyway. We also realize we still have the opportunity to accomplish much more in our lives and that we can still accomplish some of the things we were waiting to do and we can share some of our knowledge with the youth of the world for all we have accomplishments that took years of training to develop.



There, there where the tide walked away
on the whitened rocks the mollusks stay
clinging and waiting for the shore
to cover their hiding place once more

Open for a minute to the sky
quickly now before their whiskers dry
the cold tide comes back to cover
until it is time to break another

Under the ledge, against the white rock
safely they hold on where no man will walk
their own world the in and out of the sea
safe are the mollusks in ocean infinity

(can they feel, do they know
or are they just putting on a water show)


Monday, April 20, 2015

Bones and Dust

Between here
and there
bones and dust
a home just
waiting for me
to lose memory


Matters Not

What is time now to me?
A minute or eternity
when love turns to bitter gall
time matters not at all
I find it now quite possible
to just be free


Breaking Time

Touched twice
smiling faces
of my dreams
wither away
breaking time
moving non-stop
until all is gone



They're all gone now
all dead
mother... father
my little sister
and even uncle Fred
killed at Treblinka
father shot
mother… uncle
gassed to death
oh how sister fought
those German sadists
who raped her
kicked… beaten
her last breath
begged for her mother
of all our family
I alone
lived… survived
their death, my guilt
why me… alive?


Sunday, April 19, 2015

Life changing attitude

It is important that we count our blessings every day so that we may realize the fullness of our lives. To realize how blessed we truly are and how much God loves us. The universe is alive with color, sounds, growth, blooms, songs, and a freshness that is palpable.

We live in an age of wonder where with a call we can reach out and touch friends and family. I enjoy such a freedom of being, a gift from God that allows me the time to see the wonders of nature. Just a few weeks ago I watched the trees, so recently bare, sprout nubbins of green and now they are in full leaf and providing shade.

The sky, which two days ago was heavy with clouds and depositing a load of rain is now clear blue with not a cloud in sight in any direction. The air is crisp this morning but promises to be a warm spring day. Thank you God for this time and awareness of seeing, and appreciating this gift.

Let me remember to come out often during the day, to take time to truly see, feel, breathe, and know of your creations. Let me remember to honor you and be joyful. No money on earth can purchase this beauty but you have given it as a gift to all.

We have the choice to be in awareness or not. To be grateful or not. To be a part of all-that-is, or not. Free to everyone willing to see, listen, feel, enjoy. Rich or poor, young or old, black, white, brown, or green, powerful or dependant, believers or not.

This day is a gift we can choose to embrace joyfully or blindly ignore. When we seek you it is as if scales are removed from our eyes, sand from our ears, and blocks from our  hearts and everything is seen in greater wonder, sounds clarified and our spirits enriched with love, gratitude, and consciousness.

You have enriched my life, Dear God, in ways large and small. When I start my day with you it is always fuller, more generous that I once thought possible. I am able to be more productive and still have time to just be. I wish I could teach everyone to slow down, to be more aware, to realize their blessings, to include you in all things so that they could experience how wonderously you change their life.


Saturday, April 18, 2015

A rich man

It's not by the gold in his pocket
that measures the wealth of the man
but by the gentleness of his touch
as he says "I understand"

It's the love in his eyes
the warmth of his smile
and the openness within his heart
that makes others feel worthwhile

It's the richness of friends that surround him
for of himself he's willing to give
it's love returned by those around him
wherever he happens to live

Wealth is not just in a palace
for the richest of men
lives within the hearts of others
whatever his home has been

He could be the poorest of travelers
without a possession for others to see
but the goodness that is all around him
makes him a rich man to me


Friday, April 17, 2015

God answers prayer

God answers all prayer, not always according to our desires, but in all things in what is best for us. God does not have tunnel vision, as we do, and He knows what is for our greater purpose. When we pray, if we leave our will out of it, and leave the outcome according to His will, we will never be disappointed.

It is only when we try to dictate what we feel we need that we, at first, do not recognize what He gives us is better than anything we would ask for ourselves. God does have a plan for us and He does know best how we can serve Him and fulfill the purpose we were sent here for.

God realizes what will bring us joy more than we do ourselves. What makes us feel fulfilled, where we should be at each point in our lives. He will provide all that we need to fulfill our purpose. So the best prayer is the one He taught us "thy will be done," and to stand back and see the miracles He brings into our lives.

It is when we stop trying to control things that they start working to a greater advantage than we would ever have imagined. God certainly knows what is best for us, even if we do not. God does have a plan, even if we don't recognize it.

Release all things into His hands and be at peace. The life that you are blessed with, by Him, will by far surpass all that you would have dreamed for yourself. He makes us rich in ways we never imagined.

And in the course of letting go we become more conscious of all we have. We become aware of the beauty around us and stop struggling to fit into a plan that was not created for us. Or in work or relationships we have outgrown.

God cannot give us all the blessings He wants to bestow while we stubbornly cling to what is not meant for us anyway. He will not take away our free will. When we realize the depth of God's love and in our faith learn to let go and let God, only then do we realize a life totally free and blessed.


Thursday, April 16, 2015

Away I fade

My blank pages
never to be filled
with fading ink
of days gone by
of memories made
with season's changes
time is now still
days indistinct
me unoccupied
away I fade....


Washed Clean

The shores of my memory
washed clean
with time
here I once played
in youthful spring
when the future was mine


In contact with God

Always God! I ask you for the words to say to help enlighten me, to show me the many reasons to be grateful each day. To teach me how to pray, not just by saying prayers by rote but really talking to you and feeling a deep communication in my heart.

So that you touch my spirit and expand it. That you send the Holy Spirit and the angels to guide me, and that you have strengthened my faith. Now it is part of my everyday to be in contact with you. Not just in the morning but all through my day and in everything I do.

I have learned to recognize the blessings in all things and to look for them instead of seeing things in a negative light. I realize that you are the guiding light in my life. I have given over my will to you, Dear God, and have experienced a life of radical change.

It now consists of an awareness and a seeking of peace. Of a greater capacity of love and acceptance for myself as well as others. A realization that only God is perfect and to be more forgiving. I have learned to speak of you freely and openly and to be more encouraging to everyone.

To give all that I can in gratitude and encourage others to look for the positive in life instead of concentrating on the negative. To give thanks and to realize that the positive attracts more positives in our lives and to release the negatives instead of clinging to them.

It is the biggest life changing thing we can do, to have a gratitude attitude. I realize that I am very, very blessed and so many wonderful changes have come into my life that I would have never have imagined me accomplishing before.

Thank you God for teaching me to see things in a new and glorious light which allows these changes to take place by allowing you to work your will and thus be blessed with all your work to give all of us in your unconditional love.

All we need do is seek and we will find, ask and i will be give to us. To allow you to work the miracles that only you are capable of and to have faith in you.


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Up Early

Do not stay up late
to fail
but rather get up early
to succeed


Child of wonder

Oh the wonder of discovery and life through the eyes of a child. Children have a natural wonder for all things. Life is an exploration of climbing trees, finding and chasing bugs, seeing magical shapes in the clouds.

Their excitement is almost contagious. They believe in fairy tales and magic and super heroes. They look up to us adults to take care of their problems, to soothe their hurts, and kiss their boo-boos. They can be enchanting and aggravating. Noisy and excitable.

They are God's wonders and a gift we are blessed with. It is not a responsibility to take lightly. We need to guide them on the right path, gently and firmly. To encourage their dreams and their hopes. To give them praise as well as discipline but mostly love.

Lots and lots of love. For we all feel secure when we know that we are loved. We need to teach them to play fair and to respect the rights of others. To be gentle, with each other, with their pets, and with themselves.

We need to teach them to always do their best and they will never need to be ashamed of their accomplishments. We need to remember that there is a small child within each of us and to love and shelter that child as well.

To encourage ourselves to express the joy and wonder we can all feel. To always be willing to discover new things and not be afraid to try a different way of doing things. That as long as we live we have potential to learn.

That it's okay to dance in the rain, to fly a kite, to laugh and play and not take life too seriously. Mostly to know that we too are loved. Just as we love and guide our children and grandchildren so too does God love and guide us.

Life is never static but always changing. Be willing to explore, to learn, to grow and to be constantly evolving. Teach your children how to pray, to believe in miracles and the God that creates them. To expect the unexpected and to be open to the impossible. Make the most of each day and love!


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Reflections on Our Father

Lord help me to have patience. Let me remind myself that these wild unruly children are your children and that you love them. When I am feeling that they are trespassing upon me let it remind me to be forgiving, for as I forgive trespasses so too will I be forgiven.

Let me remember to put things into your hands and let your will and not mine be done. Let me trust you, Oh God, to be their teacher not me. I pray for the other children, as well, the ones they were calling names, just because they are different.

Let us not learn to see color, but spirit and brotherhood. Let me remember that you are everywhere, at all times on earth as thou art in heaven. Let me feel your presence and may all others feel your presence as well.

Teach us all to be respectful of others. To treat them as we ourselves would be treated. I am reminded that you Dear God provide all things in my life. My home, my pets, friends, and family. The food at my table, the abundance you have given me and the love.

The ability to share with others. My gifts and talents. Let me not feel tempted to feel superior to anyone in anyway. Let me always remember to be grateful each day for all the blessings I receive. Let me remember to call on you in my need instead of taking things into my own hands.

Keep me from any thoughts that are not worthy of you. When I think on the "our" father, help it to remind me that it includes everyone and is not restricted to a few. Help us all find our way back to you God.

Help us to teach our children and grandchildren of your love. Let us live by example and thus teach your word by how we consciously live our life. Remind me each day of your words and your great work, Oh Father.

Nothing is impossible through you. Remind me to thank you for the lessons as well as the blessings for they too lead to my spiritual growth. Teach me patience, Oh God. Not just with others but with myself as well. We are all but just works in progress. You are the master craftsman.


Monday, April 13, 2015

Learn to wait on God

You have to learn to wait on the Lord for God works in His time not ours. A waiting period is a healing period as well as a learning period. As we wait we learn to listen, for God speaks quietly within.

We learn to be in silence and just observe God's world around us. We can see His hand in all things. We observe the birds and the butterflies, the trees and the flowers, the mountains and the oceans, all maintained by God and all in His loving care.

God fills us with hope and love. We can learn to receive and to be open to God's gifts and to be grateful. To journal our progress is a wonderful why to chronicle our personal growth, to look back and see how far we have come.

God will always give us what we need when we need it. Waiting teaches us to let go, to put things in God's hands, trusting His greater wisdom and to release our resistance. This is faith. Impatience is a condition of the body, not of the spirit.

When we learn to be still is when we receive and realize we are sheltered in God's love. Waiting is a time of rest as well as a time of grace. To be still and know. And to allow His presence to grow within us.

It is a dark time of the soul coming into the light of God. It forever changes us and we become committed to a deeper spirituality. Waiting is a period of being perfected. It also prepares us to be ready, for when God calls us to move it will be at the blink of an eye to take up our burdens and follow where He leads.

The  years can be a fluctuation between waiting and following like the seasons coming and going or like the tide, rising and then ebbing. Know in waiting that God's time is the right time.


Sunday, April 12, 2015

Stand Back

God is not limited, His power is infinite. He can move mountains, and part seas, but what God gives that is the greatest gift is unconditional love, to each and every one of us. We have the power to change our life, just by giving it to God.

When we release it to Him and stand back, He starts working wonders that we never even dreamed possible. We also realize that God has faith in us to do what He gives us to do. He gives each of us gifts to use in this life, they may be artistic, scientific, social, or solitary.

No matter what He has given in way of talents, God wants us to use them in His service. When we are willing He will show us the way. We only need make our will His will to see great changes take place. Life then takes on a new order.

When He speaks we learn to listen and to have faith that He can make the impossible possible for "all things are possible through Him". He takes the struggle out of our life and makes the way smooth just as He calms a storm.

We then find ourselves at peace and in a state of grace. God can and will do this for all of us but we have to invite Him into our lives, for neither He nor the angels will interfere with our free will. God wants to bless us, to pour His abundance on us, to fill our hearts with joy and our life with love.

Trust in Him above all things and see the miraculous change in your life. For God indeed does work miracles. I was lost but now I'm found thanks to His amazing grace and to the day I put my life into His hands.

I found that God answers very quickly when we are willing to listen. He gives us opportunities that never even entered our mind. He lifts us up and opens our heart and gives us a capacity to do more and be more than we ever thought possible.

If you haven't invited God in as yet, just ask Him. Let go of trying to force things to your will and let His will guide you. Then stand back, miracles are coming!


Saturday, April 11, 2015

Memory's Graveyard

I'm here, hiding
within my heart
still me, fighting
slowly, fading, hard
my past is sliding
haunted, unguarded
there's no abiding
confusion bombards
my days degrading
time discarded
oh, this bitter aging
in memory's graveyard


He dwells with me

We are never alone, the Lord our God is always with us. He will see us through every trial and celebrate with us every joy. We can ask anything of God for He listens to all requests as well as knows each thought we have.

God knows we need challenges to strengthen us but never gives us more than we can bear. When we dedicate our life to God and include Him in every aspect of it we find that all things run much smoother.

Who better can we seek counsel of than God? He knows all things, will never ridicule us for asking or feel anything is too small for His consideration. God will never give us false information or false hope.

He answers always in truth. We may not always get what we want but often we will get much more than we ask. God asks us in return to have faith and do for others even as He does for us. To let others know of His goodness and His love.

God appreciates our show of gratitude. No one, not even God likes to be taken for granted. It is good that we set aside time for Him each day and for us to remember He is wit us at all times. God loves us so much He has given each of us angels to watch over us.

They too will always be there when we call. They willingly share their knowledge with us in loving guidance. How can we ever feel alone when we are surrounded with such an abundance of unlimited love?

Through Him I can accomplish more than I can alone. God is the source of my inspiration, of my joy, of my ever deepening consciousness and my serenity. Whether I am in a crowded apartment complex in the city or at home in the mountains with my own place.

I invite God to reside with me, as well as the angels. To bless my place and help me create a holy space within. God brings peace to me wherever I live, even in turmoil. All I need do is ask. To know Him is to know love.


Friday, April 10, 2015

Acknowledge God

Pay attention to the signs God sends you and the still small voice within which is the Holy Spirit, speaking and guiding. When you ask, God always answers. But you must remember to look and listen. To be aware.

Once we learn to include God in our life then we cannot go back and ignore Him as if He isn't there. God wants to be included in all that we do, not just when we feel frightened, or alone, have suffered a loss, or are in a panic.

God wants to share the joyful times as well, He wants to help us in the small things, in all things, and He can. We can share our thoughts with Him, our joys, our thanksgivings, and our gratitude, each and every day.

We don't need to wait for special occasions or special circumstances. Invite Him into your home. Ask God to be in your heart. Set a place for Him at your table. Create a sacred space in your home that is reserved for time with you and God.

When we realize that all things come from God then we learn to include God in all things. In our work, our play. In our relationships, our interactions, in choosing a home, in our finances, and our decisions.

We ask Him to be present in all that we do and our life becomes fuller, more conscious. God can help us conquer any fear, any difficulty. He can teach us how to better interact with others. To recognize sincerity when we see it and who is being false with us.

He makes us not ashamed to be spiritual and to seek greater knowledge. We find more reasons for celebration, to share, to give back to others because God gives so much to us. Life takes on a whole new meaning.

Everything is clearer, more colorful and fragrant. Sound is enhanced, as is touch. It is as if our senses are awakened after a long sleep. For we are born anew. We have become aware of the connection within that is a direct line to God. We acknowledge that we are part of all that is and that all we do does make a difference.


Thursday, April 9, 2015

Give your life to God

All I need remember is that God is in charge, to let go and let His will be done. God will do amazing things in our lives if we step back and allow Him. We are not losing control when we do this but are placing it in His hands instead.

There is nothing that God cannot accomplish. Nothing is too large or too small for Him. God is all powerful. It is our own feeling of unworthiness that puts us in doubt. Do not doubt God, instead accept His love for you, which is unconditional.

We erroneously think we must wait until conditions are right, until we have learned more and gained further perfection. God tells us the time is now and the only one who can perfect us is God himself, through the Holy Spirit.

The only thing we need contribute is our willingness. Rely on God in all things, for all things, at all times and wherever we are. Do not call on God just when you think you need Him, but instead include Him in every aspect of your life.

In fact, turn your life over to Him and you will be amazed at the wonderful changes He brings into it. Each day will be more glorious than you ever imagined. God will bring order to disorder. He will open your eyes to the beauty of the world and your heart to the brotherhood of all men.

Joy will reign in your life and abundance will be as natural as breathing. God will show you the way, the truth, and the light. The work that you do in His name will give purpose to your life and will bring you not only satisfaction but joy.

God will guard you, guide you, and teach you. For these are what all loving parents do and there is no more loving a father than God. Life needn't be a struggle, it is we that make it so.

Our purpose is to learn and to grow and this can be achieved more rapidly when we allow God to show us the way. Trust in God with your whole heart, your whole soul, and your whole mind, and you will find peace, joy, serenity, and love. Fear has no place in God's world.


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Make it so

God works through people and can at times make angels of us all, allowing us to open our hearts and our pocketbooks, dash into fires, aid strangers, give shelter to the homeless, help our four legged friends, find cures for disease, and perform miracles.

When we look for the positive we start to find it in abundance. It's like having our eyes opened to what the world could be if we but make it so.


A place of tranquility

Today I ask God to release my fear and anxiety, to strengthen my faith and to bring me peace. I know God only wants the best for me and will lead me to where I will be at peace, can be the most productive, and serve Him at the same time.

God loves me and only wants what is best for me. He knows my needs and what is in my future. He is trying to prepare a place for me and to lead me to the still waters that will restore my soul. God will shine a light of love around it and I will know I am home for now, until He leads me elsewhere, or I join him in heaven.


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

There for the asking

Beauty and wonder are ours for the asking. Serenity is a possibility for anyone who chooses to journey toward it. Peace is a reality we can all claim. It is the easiest thing to attain. Just ask God and open your heart to all He is waiting to give you.

It is a magnificent place to be, at peace with yourself, at peace with God, and at peace with the world. Don't agonize over trivial worries, give them to God and He will resolve them. Be open. Open your heart. Release your spirit, and bear your soul.

Relax. Open your eyes to all the beauty around you. Smile. Seek not only to receive but learn to give, truly give. Give from the heart, joyfully. Bless those you meet along life's way. Be open to angels in your life. They are truly there. And when you take off the blinders of worry and fear you recognize them.

Greet life in peace and joy.


This is what it's all about

Evolution of time marches on, but some things do not change, like the face of a child searching the audience for a parent's face and then when they find them - that moment of relief and then pride. You notice them lean over to a friend and then point you out only this time you're there as a grandma watching the next generation and it still feels wonderful.

And the hug afterwards when you tell them how wonderful they were and how proud you are, the glow and the beaming smile are your reward. And then later you go back in time remembering and reminisce with your own child and the pride is a recognition of your own and they are remembering too.

You share a bond at that time and it's good to be included. This is family, this is love, this is what life is all about, to love one another.


Adventures with God

Maybe it's time to conquer my fears. To have faith that God will watch over me and let me be at peace with Him. He is with me always. God alone is my power and my strength, my peace, and tranquility. This life is our adventure, together.


Monday, April 6, 2015

Into the vortex

The darkness is fear
of losing, and forgetting
all that we hold dear
the loss so perplexing
on this aging frontier
we're pulled into the vortex



May we learn to be more mindful of each day and all the wonder and blessings it contains. May we learn to recognize the God-Self in the world around us. God speaks to us in many ways. May we be aware of his messages.

There is music of God and the angels appearing in songs every day, there is the internal voice of knowledge we receive when we become calm, that speaks to us. We have a sense of overwhelming love when we become quiet and open our heart.

God wants us to remind others of the possibilities open to them, especially the possibilities of love and joy available to us all. God is the highest form of pure love beyond any physical love we could ever experience.

Be open to receive His love for it is itself pure joy. Nature, God's gift to us, is a place for us to walk in the beauty of His creation, to feel the trees of life and experience the animals and birds in a myriad of variety.

Where you can hear the trees speak through the wind and the quiet and truly open your consciousness. Open spaces and forest areas are conductive to this. When something keeps cropping up in your mind, it is a message, follow the thought and act on it. Release into the retreat.


Love Rising

Once more alone, my daydreams few
my heart palpitating from the sound
of sweating bodies upon the ground
dangerous thoughts remember you
within my dreams enact anew
of passion spent, once easily found
I feel your love rising,
entering my sacred mound


Sunday, April 5, 2015

So alive

Fresher are you than any flower
richer than corn silk is your hair
loving you is more than I can bear
your smile, your eyes, your all male power
leaves me breathless, where can I go
my face flushing, my eyes dart here and there
looking for refuge,you look right through me, I swear
your smile I drown in, I cannot utter no
day after day you are in each thought
is this love? I cannot bear much more
to feel this much seems a shameless sin
I'm intoxicated with the joy you have brought
to each minute, each hour, each day, that before
once closed, but you are not like other men,
you make me feel so alive, in love again.


Saturday, April 4, 2015

Empty Darkness

Come share my night, share my love
greedily drown and wash ashore
feel each ebb and tide shove
and lie at the edge, the waters pour
let's share our warmth upon the sand
come and lay your nakedness near
entwine yourself in my outstretched hand
and say the worlds I want to hear
but would you go out in a night so black
and leave the comfort of your bed
to save this lost soul, and bring her back
and breathe life into a soul so dead
don't leave me alone tonight to face
the empty darkness in this loveless place


Friday, April 3, 2015

Once my yesterdays

The days of creation
left behind are they
no new memories
and more fade away
a void of meditation
once my yesterdays


Mr. Wrong

When all my walls
came crumbling in
you made me feel beautiful
when I felt like
a ship in dry dock
you shared the sunset...
you brought out the stars
for me to count
and left them like diamonds
in my hand
you gave me rainbows
when all my days
were like grey clouds
you shared my summer shower
and taught me to smile, again
you made me feel
so love, and wanted
too bad you forgot
to tell me you were married


Thursday, April 2, 2015


Tangled in thought
a web of yesterdays
indistinct, frozen
slowing breaking away
the past just naught
with memory erosion


Living Hell

This is not life, this is a living hell
more pain than anyone should bear
we walk among the dead, no one to care
if one more starves and another fell
we know the torments of the devil very well
no one to stop the pain, no one to mourn
in blindness we walk, our souls torn
to cry out against the spell
that makes them treat us less than human, it's not fair
what's to be gotten, what fortune will they gain
to make us bear what is impossible to bear
our tortured souls wreathing in pain
surely this time is unreal, or am I insane
I walk into the shower room where
breath deep
death comes
blank stare


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

To leave a mark

I do not want to be just a shadow
but the sun the shines before it
I do not want to just like something
but to love and to adore it
I do not want to follow a dream
but let it build inside me
to always have faith the lord
is beside and He will guide me
I do not want to have just been
but to leave a mark on life
to be my own unique person
in this world filled with strife
let me grow and let me be
much better everyday
and let me touch the souls of those
who pass me on life's way