Friday, January 31, 2014

Road Kill

Used lovers
on the side
of the road
dying, trying
to hitch a ride
left without
a goodbye
on the highway
of broken hearts



It was our Olympics
of love, going for gold
I came in a distant third
and took home the bronze
a meager reward
for selling my soul....



I'm dust today
ashes of a former
self, drying up
and fading away


Take off the blinders

Sometimes we run from ourselves in obvious or obscure ways. We deny the truth of our actions until we either wake up or are forced to recognize events out of our control. Sometimes God intervenes in a myriad of ways causing us to awaken to the truth.

Sometimes angels are dispatched to save us. Sometimes we ask for help and at times others do it for us, through thought, through prayer, whatever it takes to get us there.

In order to complete the change we must want it and accept the responsibility of our actions. We must look truth in the face and own it. Only then can we accept another way, a better way, a more spiritual way to live.

Only when we admit wrong can we ask to be pardoned, to be shown the way out of the darkness and into the light. Only when we value ourselves will we be valued.

Remember to ask, for only when you ask, will you receive. If you don't knock how will anyone know you're at the door? If you don't seek, and know what you're looking for, how can you expect to find it? Or recognize it when you do?

Sometimes we're blind, deaf and dumb, and can't understand why our life doesn't get better. We can pass hundreds of signs along the way and fail to notice they say Stop! Danger Ahead! Sharp Curve! Dead End! It is time to take the blinders off. To see the truth, own the truth, accept the truth, and embrace the truth, so that we can change to a new and better truth of being.

To stop look and listen before we cross the road to the other side. To a better more conscious existence. One where we treat ourselves with love and not loathing. One where the authentic self we were created to be can shine. That we reflect the spirit of our creator that others many recognize it in themselves and be grateful for our passing their way.


Thursday, January 30, 2014

Spare me

You might think
it wasn't love
but my broken
heart says otherwise
no words need
be spoken
spare me the goodbyes


Pain too is a gift

Let me take care of the pains of today so I can prepare for the joys of tomorrow. I need to work on my physical restrictions and a true assessment of all that exists so that I may work on strengthening them gradually as I have my faith and my inner spirit. Let the body show me the way, let the mind adjust, let the journey continue.


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Bargain Shopping

Below the gallows
were used clothes
no longer needed
by those twisting
slowly in the wind
such bargains
not easy to find



The long daily commute
from the suburbs of hell
is no winning consolation
for the sacrifice of living
in exchange for existing


France of dreams

I dreamed I was in France
walking with my ancestors
in green fields together
watching the gentle breeze
waves of spring crops
awaiting the harvest
stretched out over years
and the oceans between
now, and then


days gone

My mountain of yesterday
high above the valley
of now and then
lush and green
before the winter
of days gone...
by and bye


My life unfolding

As I sit across from people I used to work with daily, I see them with new eyes, and a renewed heart. I have released the past and any anxieties, angers, frustrations that were a part of that existence. I can only wish them God speed on wherever their path takes them for I know it no longer my own.

I feel a divorce of the emotions I once felt. I see the stress that still controls their posture and I relax into myself and feel at peace in God. I thank him for the reminders of what once was so that I may have a greater gratitude for what now is and the tomorrows that are yet to be revealed.

Life is an unfolding and when we release what no longer is, we allow ourselves and our future to begin again. To experience a sense of what can be. There is no going back, only a forward path leading to new experiences.

I feel no regrets, only a new anticipation and a freedom of spirit as I leave behind my past and close the door. I have looked upon an existence I can no longer relate to or have any desire to do so. I am a survivor and I will treasure the knowledge I have gained from that part of my journey and the spiritual strength it has enabled me to increase ten-fold.

The hope it has instilled in my heart, and the faith that I walk with the angels in attendance and a little nearer my God to thee. I can see their confusion when I don't react as if I've lost something, and I can tell they just don't get it when I smile an uplifted smile of joyful relief and release as I leave.

God is with me. Life has never been so uncertain or so beautiful. My vision has never been clearer. I have never had more control than when I gave up control to walk in the shadows cast by God to a greater freedom in the future and a blessed sense of peace in the now.


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Poetic Complications

Poetic complications
await conflicted souls
unable to face truth
unwilling to freely love


Future glow

What is not present
will one day be
a future of our making
one that will set us free
love's light phosphorescent
in spiritual waking


Monday, January 27, 2014

Don't wait

Don't wait until
you've got a foot
in the grave...
to make the most
of each day...
give love freely,
before it's too late
it's the best of gifts
and happiest of


Music of forgetting

Our goodbye
the music
of forgetting
all faded


Keys of song

Eighty-eight keys
a love melody
sings out to me
blue tears refrain
twinkle for me again
and let my heart mend


an instant away

Share your fears
your dreams too
reach out to me
between the wires
floating electrically
only an instant away
in a world of technology


The Monkey

Like the monkey and the cat
you don't want the monkey
clinging on to your back


Painting the past

You can't paint over the past
forgiveness won't change it
mistakes will always be
but the future doesn't hold
the errors of our ways
if we're honest and we pray
to not make the future
just another yesterday


Awaiting Mercy

There's a throne of grace
I've come to kneel before
time has ended my journey
I await mercy and light
and hope I've traveled well
my end, heavenly delight


Sunday, January 26, 2014

Outside of dreams

Four minutes till midnight
soon they'll take my slippers
and send me back
to a world outside of dreams
plain days of wanting
that which will never be


Mask of winter

Behind the mask of winter
lies a frozen heart
waiting for the spring thaw
of love and youthful
desire, once lived
oh, so long ago


The star of truth

Truth stands alone
unmasked, free
beyond the realm
of selfish humanity
a constant force
a lone star
to guide us along
through our journey


Saturday, January 25, 2014


Our exile in the making
stripping the trees of fruit
nothing left for the taking
the future has been uprooted
this hell will be our breaking


No turning away

We were dying
day by day
the arrows launched
no turning away
you left me crying
love unquenched


Bag of Poems

I've got a bag of poems
scraps collected for years
some speak of great joy
others written between tears


Friday, January 24, 2014

Sweet Honey

I'm going away
to a special place
where the little things
count more than money
no more torn and frayed
I'll wear a smile on my face
enjoying what life brings
savoring its sweet honey


World gone wrong

In this barren alien land
a world gone wrong
it's hard to make a stand
when you don't belong


Behind the mask

We boldly mask our fears
standing behind arrows
waiting to let them fly
in moments of discontent
a noon time plague
with no place of refuge


Abacus of time

With abacus I count
the passing years
bones growing brittle
memories growing soft
in my orbit of time
weaving away stories
of so many days
on this path of mine
almost able to touch
all the loves
that have passed
and all that died


Thursday, January 23, 2014

No Conditions

Love comes without conditions
love is truth, love is life
we need to accept it as is
or let it pass us by...
we can't mold or shape it
only experience and embrace it


Borrowed Time

Remember tomorrow
yesterday a dream
it's time we borrow
living in between


An understanding

Today I'll be
someone else
and you be me
if the shoes fit
we can walk
and together
an understanding


the sixth day

On the sixth day
laughter filled the universe
the joke was on us
and we still don't know it
it could be any other way


Virtue and Grace

The virtue and grace
all around me
bestowed by nature
for my embrace
from mountain to sea
such glorious adventure


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Never too old

Each ache
a reminder
we're alive
old age
no reason
to stop


Out of range

My worries out of range
age has taken them away
and I'm letting life change
year by year, day by day


A saucer of milk

Rose sat in her garden
with lemonade and cookies
and a saucer of milk
for the cat that visited
she loved to spend
her afternoons this way


No substitution

My vision is now clear
gone is the confusion
after many long years
love has no substitution


Making Peace

I take refuge
under the wings
of angels
I take comfort
in the love
of friends
I make peace
with myself
in the end


Pulse of life

The small
of life...


Age Takes All

I tried to remember
I really did
and told myself
I would
for eternity
but age takes all


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Break Away

Freedom brings smiles
tension gone away
I wish you well
you know I really do
one day you may
break away
and leave your shackles
behind... and move on


A lost moment

Set your mind free
and just drift away
the world a song
just for a while
a lost moment
with no troubles
to refresh the spirit


House of love

We built our house of love
upon a pile of sand
what were we thinking of?
it's no surprise it couldn't stand


Words and Images

Words call out to me
from the void
to give them sound
to write them down
to make them be
a part of reality
like images on celluloid
existing to be free


Wishing Well

Coins down the well
bring forth my wishes
chanted from these lips
for a shot in the dark
for dreams to come true


All I got

At seventeen
I traded dreams
for security
or so I thought
life unseen
bursting seams
of obscurity
was all I got


Monday, January 20, 2014

The giving deed

I gave all the pieces
of me, my heart
my soul, my all
away, again
and I'm fuller
for the deed...


This alchemy

Love is in the air
breathe deeply
savor it slowly
this alchemy
our moment
our magic
our chemistry
Love is in the air
share it generously
without atonement
life's tragic


When our essence speaks

Truth turns darkness into light
chaos and confusion melt away
miracles all fall open, revealed
our essence speaks openly
and we become aware of the way


Touching Moments

The moments
when hearts
truly touch
carry us away
in never ending


Inner Light

There's an inner light of truth
that leads our way
should we open our eyes
and follow our hearts


Songs of love

Angels sing sweetly
of peace and grace
songs of love
to nourish the soul


My voice within

My voice within
speaks honestly
a providence
so divine
and uniquely


Today is a renewal

Today I will take time to be with nature. To notice the trees, once winter bare, are now fully dressed in leaves. To see the variety of plants in bloom. To share my small private world will all who cross my path.

The bushes are all tipped with bright new growth, some flame red, others a yellow green. It speaks of a renewal. It all reminds me that my life too is on the brink of a new beginning, with each new day.


Sunday, January 19, 2014

Hush, don't cry

Some take the time to lie
thinking it's proof they care
telling us to hush and not cry
as if this is love declared
never seeing things awry


My army

My dreams an army
of millions and millions
to move me along
and protect me too
along my path
in a world so harsh



Thirty days in the desert
thirsty and lost, wandering
looking, dying too
waiting for cleansing
praying for salvation
and release from the heat


Their Voices

I sat and listened
to nothing at all
but that of nature
critters big and small
hidden, yet everywhere
their voices did call


Saturday, January 18, 2014

Beyond the graveyard

Beyond the graveyard
there's a spiritual awakening
subtle and sublime
where ancestors await
to open the gates of mystery
and lead us into regions of love


Eating Apples

We lay naked no more
clothed by our sins
cut off from the truth
from beginning to end
age stealing youth
burdened by the chore
forced to pretend
we were never seduced


Pool of eternity

Prayer fills my plate
with love and possibility
that all can be
this time on earth
when angels watch over me
just a lone drop
in the pool of eternity


My soul reaches up

My soul reaches up
touching the universe
with prayer and belief
moving me along
my path in faith


Edge of sunlight

Yes the dark parted
to the colored streaks
flying by in round
twisting excitement
one by one
this was a race
and past goes red
there was a job to be done
onward blue and green
yellow following them down
every color parting the cloudy skies
and then put into place
by the edge of sunlight
and so, with a radiant glow
proudly smiles the rainbow


Friday, January 17, 2014

Soul Theft

I've weathered many storms
but they've taken their toll
wearing me down year after year
the world pushes for conformity
and constant total control
it governs by fear
with threats and scorn
until at last you've got no soul


A better life

Iris headed off to California
her husband had just been locked up
so she had a brief chance to escape
the drunken rage and cruelty
she'd hoped that he'd never find out
that he wasn't really a father....
and her son could live a better life



I sold my one way ticket to paradise
for a truck load of happiness
but inflation took its toll
and my riches grew small quickly
and now there's no tomorrow


Thursday, January 16, 2014


Blind jackals dine on my bones
with frantic movements they tear
and rip and devour me....


Meaning seeps into reason

I don't think I'd ask to die
or press the assailants for reasons why
hassles to time anger and threat
and meaning seeps into reason, and I know
a wall, an end, an impassable stop
enraged tonight
do it quick, make it now
the moment passes, excuses end it all


The Termination

I was born through a rushing explosion
brought to life in the darkness
sparking my first thoughts of existence
left to grow into formation...
waiting for what the light would reveal
movement around me, my mystery home
daily I contorted into a different shape
waiting, waiting for completion and escape
liquid moving slowly to let me unravel
mother and father out there
let me join you
share the freshness, share the air
still waiting
visitors come one by one
long metallic and cold
nine in all scraping me away from my home
on mother's wall
I can see some light
the time has come
the pulling, dreadful suction
tearing at me, stretching me
shattering my formation
dragging me into destruction
this is the termination...



Odd numbers on a shelf
murmurs of doubt
from my former selves
begin to sprout
years passing in stealth
until the final knockout


searching for whys

I know that feeling
I know it too well
there is no time to confuse
heaven with hell
for if heaven was on earth
and not pressed
between cosmos in the sky
and the horrors of hell revealed
we would not be searching
for reasons why...


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

No sweet resurrection

Evolution is confusing me,
am I supposed to feel better,
before or after the pain?
When does it stop?
When does it go away?
Has growth been stunted?
This is no sweet resurrection,
no peace, no comfort,
waiting for time to bring
the scars that I'm told
are the clothes of healing...


Paper and Ink

My words are painting
the worlds I'm seeing
thoughts and dreams
slowly taking shape
by paper and ink



There's no security
sitting in a cage
a vast obscurity
and growing rage
your only company


Margarita day

Margarita day
a tired thump
space age technology
strange man
strange truck
change of mind
change of luck


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Veil of dreams

I could never see
beyond my veil
a gauzed world
my dulled reality
of dreams failed
twisted and gnarled
a living frailty


By the walls

Think I'll thaw some love from my heart for you
to kindle slowly over delinquent fires
while I wait next to Gibraltar walls for you
to take me completely...


Monday, January 13, 2014

Make a difference today

Today is a day of service. I will serve the Lord, and all those He puts in my path today, with Joy. I will not struggle to be in control but to listen and learn. To know that the will of God is always for our best interests. To look for the lesson to be learned in all things I experience and that not everything in life is about me.

I will endure things that I may learn patience. I will be grateful each day for all the blessings it has brought me. And in seeking gratitude I am enriched by a greater awareness. I will learn the joy that giving of oneself brings not only to others but to my spirit as well.

I will look for the truths in the events that unfold. I will be more loving in my relationships and exhibit greater understanding. Take time to go deeper, to really look, listen and be open to what is truly being revealed. I will seek to follow the lessons of the angels who are the embodiment of loving kindness, generosity, understanding, patience, and goodwill toward all.

I will not look for the faults in others, but seek to overlook them instead. Seeing the good that is not always at first evident but does exist. I will not be judgemental. I will not think myself better than another. Angels may appear in rags as well as in glorious winged form. I will realize we are all God's children, no matter our circumstances.

I will try to be an example of divine love in all that I do, say, think and in my actions today and everyday. I will seek to be at peace in my life. I will remember to love others first and foremost for only then do we learn to love ourselves more. But above all I will honor the Lord.

Through Him all good things come. I will treasure life as the gift it is and endeavor to make a difference in the lives of others.



If you live long enough
life will take away
all that you love
leaving you waiting
in the end
to be reunited again


The wild unkown

I bought some books
new worlds to explore
and a steak to treat myself
before I head out
to the wild unknown


Sunday, January 12, 2014

Lonely Fight

We made it through
the long dark night
lost together again
in love's lonely fight


Dancing Alone

Cole Porter removed the silence
from my lonely room, until your
return, there wasn't much else
to do, dreadful thinking of you
constantly, and dancing alone


When time stops

I'll try again
until the end
when time stops
and dreams begin
waking and sleeping
are just one
and endless joy
that awaits us all


Saturday, January 11, 2014

This encounter

The piano softly played
desperate love songs
from somewhere distant
while we locked eyes
briefly, on the fence
you and I
what distance
this encounter
would take us


Until the morn

The dreams bring me peace
and gratitude for time
alone and together
once again, in bliss
wishful seasons
our love, your kiss
until the morn....


Friday, January 10, 2014

Under Gray

It was a sad day
lonely and quiet
everything hanging still
under gray...


Love's a bitch

Oh, you bitch love
don't you turn your back on me again
don't play this game
I can't take your dark twists
this is the last, razor's clean and sharp
Oh, you bitch love
you deceitful thing, laugh
as ready rests
grow empty from the veins


It's me

I'm shorter than I'd like to be
and a little too filled out you see.
My eyes are brown
my hair the same
I have neither fortune or fame.

My nose is just a dont on my face
my ears are in the right place.
My feet are small
and awfully wide
and I waddle side to side.

My legs are heavy ones you know
and my brain is a little slow.
When in the mirror I look
I try never to get shook.
For whatever it is that I see
it certainly all is me.


Thursday, January 9, 2014

Leagues of Angels

Leagues of angels
visited this morning
an unexpected surprise
they'd heard me praying
seeking guidance and advice
Leagues of  angels
here to show me the way


Can I be your lover?

Can I be your lover,
not just the wednesday afternoon
at the inn kind,
or the four times a year
in Macaroni kind,
but a real lover?

Someone who can make you laugh
and forget the hurt,
or cry
and through her tears
restore your manhood.
Someone who cares
really cares
how you feel.

A special person who never asks
only gives,
and in her giving
makes you want to give again.
A special person who takes
your simple gift
and in the way of taking,
transforms it,
makes it worthwhile.

A lover who loves the days and nights
and extracts the joy and happiness
from every moment,
a lover who touches,
not just your today,
but your soul too...


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Black Seas

Black seas carry us
tides without control
an approaching dusk
to hide our lost souls
until our sails trussed


New World Chance

We were frogs
from the old country
just off the boat from France
standing on freedom's rock
lost, tired, and hungry
seeking a new world chance


Heaven's Stairway

Pieces of me
litter the highway
in my quest to be free
I've made little headway
rushed and hurried
along life's speedway
frantic and worried
seeking heaven's stairway


Other arms

Your constant needs
sucked the life
out of me
I crawled away
with nearly
nothing left
watching you
walk into
the arms of another


Rushing Forward

Cut open the host
and let life explode
rushing forward
the dream realm
beckons and awaits
our imaginations


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hindsight bites

Sorry I never heard your silent
cries for help
or the screams of frustration
between your subtle words
and now I only have fear
that it's too late
as hindsight bites bitterly
into the depths of my soul


Something to do

Hey man
I had a quart
but, hey man, Joey had a pint
and Suzie had a fifth last night
the bottles grew bigger, man
last time I saw them
they turned blue
they turned red
as they swam in and out of sight
fun man, laughter
fun man, tears
slow motion dare with puff and chew
yeah man, sounds like something to do


Before work

There's excitement on the corner today,
seems that there's a celebration
of old men, mice, and minstrels...
They're here dressed in their finest
in coats with tails...
This is the land they come to
hands out, ready to play
They have no remorse about leaving bed,
like children they want to be up and about
It's such a good time here,
running and rambling,
till the return of the first workday....


Pen in hand

Happy endings made in jest
just tell me your story
and I'll do the rest
as I sit in the corner pen in hand
I'll listen to your unhappy past
and make it sound like fantasy land


Gentle Grace

The gold in the eyes of a child
shines brightly like the sun
holding the future in their gaze
the world unknown and wild
days ahead of laughter and fun
all to unfold with gentle grace


Second Chances

Second chances do come along
yet, we don't take them often
blind to our need of them
feeling unworthy and broken
but like a fork in the road
they can change the course
we've been on, and led us away
from the hurt and pain
and fill our days with salvation
each day, a second chance
for something better than
the day before....


Monday, January 6, 2014

Vending Machines

Vending machine love
the latest rage
ten cents later
and you're engaged
twenty cents more
and you're taking vows
and if that's not enough
there's a family plan
think I've said too much,


From beginning to end

Old age is acheivement
enough to me
I've dared to dream
big and small
shared many a tear
and a thousand smiles
traveled far
from desert to sea
making many a memory
over these many years
and in the end
it's still love
that mattered most....


The burbs

Hell has suburbs
we shared a house
there on the outskirts
of falling apart
and we're still
picking up the pieces


Forgiveness takes time

It took so long
to find my way back
I'd strayed too far
from the path
mistakes were many
and hurt plenty
foolish and blind
to all the hurt
caused by me
lovesick, lonely
and wrong
faith brought me back
takes time


Sunday, January 5, 2014

It rained all night

It rained all night
what a blessing
from the heavens
to wash the world
clean, once more


Bottle of demons

The bottle stole our time
it couldn't hold it
and we'd just forget
the good, the bad
the lies and schemes
there was joy
in the beginning
but the bottle
held demons
that we couldn't
put back inside


Here's your dime

Sister I'd give you a dime
if I had it, surely another time
your old man ain't treating you right
you can't take another fight
he's always putting you down
when he comes around
sister you ain't his toy
find some love and joy
send that man a packing
and learn to do some living....


Box of angels

You kept your angels in a box
hidden away for emergency
afraid to let them out
your box got lost
now you've got no one
to answer your prayers


Fresh Flowers

I'll bring you fresh flowers
bright and colorful ones
like you used to grow
and put them on your grave
we can spend the day together
and talk about old times
you may be gone
but you're always on my mind


A steep climb

We shared our aches and pains
and helped each other at every turn
sometimes holding each other up
other times crying as we pushed ahead
other times laughing at circumstance
the road of aging a steep climb
so nice you were there through time


Saturday, January 4, 2014


My guide is in the heavens
lighting up the skies for me
sending angels and blessings
I couldn't ask for more


Friday, January 3, 2014

Rain Clouds

These clouds full of rain
tears don't make love grow
they only mark the pain
of having to let you go


Thursday, January 2, 2014


Yea, I'm a successful man now
styling with the latest luxuries
my money can buy
Yea, I'm a successful guy
I got all those childhood dreams
Yea, I'm living beyond my means
now that I've got everything I could
want out of life
money, power, kids, and wife
I'm walking tall
but tell me Lord what do I do
with it all?


Long Ride Home

Red faced steamer man
jumping up and jumping down
running thru darkness and then diving down
screams and hollers, laughter and fun
wheels running rolling
fast then faster
hitting turns
swing left, swing right
sixty miles and on
strapped in lights go out


Wake up call

Sorry I'm not down like you
listen man
I've got better things to do
you're a longed faced cat
with a grinning frown
talking like you're a jester's clown
but time will tell
when deeds are done
and the talley is added
if you're sick or well
so your transmissions are jammed up
and your wires are crossed
the pictures are blurred on memory
turbulent currents of emotions
jumbled and tossed
toiled and turned
love is drawn from drunkard's potions
your eyes are glossed over
as anger's fires start to burn
the bells start ringing in your head
and decadently you rise from bed


Even Then

Time does not bring relief, you all have lied
who told me time would ease me of my pain!
I miss him in the weeping of the rain;
I want him at the shrinking of the tide;
the old snows melt from every mountainside,
and last year's leaves are smoke in every lane;
but last year's bitter loving must remain
heaped on my heart, and my old thoughts abide.
There are a hundred places where I fear
to go, so with his memory they brim,
and entering with relief some quiet place
where never fell his foot or shone his face
I say, "there is no memory of him here!"
and so stand stricken, so remembering him,
even then...


Wash away the past

Wash away the past
with tears of joy
for the many hurts
and countless laughs
with loves and loved ones
for a life lived fully
one day at a time



In all my dreams
I am the girl
awaiting the return
of her fathom,
Hawaiian lover
He comes to me
in the darkness of the night
and the smell of him
is like fresh Macadamia nuts
and I taste his tongue
tart like fresh Pineapple
sharp to the senses
He enters my body
of my dreams
his black curly hair
massed on his forehead
and I run my hands through
his trophies hanging down
between his legs
which leap towards love
his body is tan and sweet
loins dark as a tree
he speaks in such a hushed voice
like the soft wind blowing
I wind and unwind
my legs around him
as if I could hold
him to me forever
in my dream
My scent of Jontue
rises to meet his senses
my eyes fish for his
and my mouth reaches
for the taste of him
while he makes love to me
in the moonlight
of my dreams
yes, I dreamed of you again
.... last night.


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Dreams Exalted

I could never fly
with two feet planted
looking at the ground
instead of at the sky
too deeply rooted
holding myself down
until wings untied
and dreams exalted
turned my world around


Marking Time

Each day a new beginning
regardless of how we mark the time
some days are good forgetting
others joyful and sublime


Love Alone

Remembering the times
you pulled me down
and laid me upon
the carpeted ground
and you would tongue
the soul of me
until I was lost
on your endless sea
of passion's ebb and tide
and all that was
locked up inside
would be unloosened
from my heart
and all my defenses
would depart
but I was wronged
when your love did end
and now on whom
can I depend?
If this love of ours
wasn't real
then what is this
that I still feel
or maybe it's the way
I must atone
to love you still
but to love alone...