Tuesday, May 31, 2016


If you feel you have not faults, rest assured you're lost in pride. If you feel your faults and defects prevent you from seeing the  faults and defects of others, remember you may be the only contact with God someone may have today. Serve Him. Of that, you can be proud.


Monday, May 30, 2016

God is in control

God, I have to remember to tell myself these things:

I cannot make anything happen
Thy will, not my will, is done in the perfect way at all times
The Divine Presence in me cannot deny itself any good thing
Surrender will eliminate my fear
Surrender will eliminate my anger
I must be willing to do the work to overcome my shortcomings

When I forget, please gently remind me dear God. Thank you.


Sunday, May 29, 2016

Open the way

If we are not in alignment with our spirit, it simply means we must do the work to make ourselves so. Surrender allows us to face the thing we fear before it becomes a reality. Most of the time, the thing we fear has absolutely no power, yet we brace ourselves for the worst possibility.

In that defensive posture, we keep our minds fixed on what could or might happen. The fear of facing that imaginary negative outcome is what keeps us paralyzed. Surrender places us in the offensive position.

It gives us the opportunity to plan, and to move according to the plan. When we surrender, we mentally go to the end, through the thing that we fear, which in effect releases fearful thoughts from the mind. It helps you realize that no matter what happens, you will be able to handle it.

Surrender helps you to become willing to live through the experience, without giving your entire life over to it. It also makes room in your heart and mind for the Divine to give yo a new idea, a new thought, a new direction.

When you surrender, give up the fearful thought, and give up the control of a situation. This will help you to open the way for a miracle to take place and for faith to guide you.


Saturday, May 28, 2016


Surrender is the active reminder that there is a divine law in operation, and that we are always accountable to the law. Surrender is an admission that we cannot make anything happen. However, if we are in alignment with the law, we will always get what we deserve. So, surrender to good.


Friday, May 27, 2016

Let go of fear

I was afraid of exposing myself to strangers, afraid of being judged. When I finally realized that I was afraid to face the questions, judgments, and rejection of my own making, that I expect nothing less, I had to surrender.

I had to admit I was afraid. I had to allow the fear to work through my brain. I had to feel the rejection, and from that position I had to trust that whatever happened would be for the best. And that's how I learned to let go of caring about what others thought.


Thursday, May 26, 2016

Winter hanging on

Mother nature is not ready, as yet, to let go of winter. This morning she has unleashed another serious snowfall. The flakes are big and moist, falling in a heavy sheet. The challenge to many, at this point, is to see the beauty in each one.

So many of my neighbors who couldn't wait for the first snowfall as a wondrous sign of winter here in God's country are now bemoaning another storm instead of being grateful for the blessing and the gift.

Too soon it will be over and spring will be here, already small signs are raising their heads anxious for their turn. The squirrels, up early, have arrived for breakfast, life is present, snow makes no difference as long as they have food and shelter.

The cats and I have that and more, a warm fire, a dry shelter with a wonderful view, hot showers, entertainment, and a shovel when the snow subsides. God provides me with all that I need and more, and the ability to enjoy, not wish away, the gifts of today and to see it with eyes of wonder still.


Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A hummingbird friend

I arose to a new snowfall this morning. We will have no shortage, it seems, of water this year. It lasted a little over three hours, but was not a deterrent to the squirrels, the birds, or my high spirits. At nine the sun is out and as I opened my front door, I was greeted by a hummingbird, an in-my-face encounter.

It was as if he had two messages: "spring is coming" and "where's my food." I had not put out any hummingbird feeders, as yet, as I have not expected them so soon. It's time to rethink my expectations.

There are little blooms I'm finding in the yard, here and there, another sign of spring. I took out my trusty shovel and expeditiously cleared my driveway, the berm, my car, and my stairway. It was good to be out and exercising, and meditating in rhythm.

Life has seasons and I'm blessed to be in touch with them now. At peace and in touch with God's creation. Let the hummingbirds come, I've much to share with my new friends.


Tuesday, May 24, 2016

As spring comes

The snow is melting more every day. In some ways, it seems like the reverse, like the ground is growing. Sometimes there is just an inlet of white connecting two areas of snow with brown dirt, rocks, and plants becoming more exposed.

It is almost as if a rebirth. At night, from above, it almost looks like a map with oceans of snow against continents of land. Large land masses and smaller islands. My hill is part of my own little world, constantly changing, evolving, growing and developing as am I in this new area, and phase of my life.

I am starting a whole new chapter of my life and a new way of thinking. My work now is more mental and creative than physical. My exercise comes from the energy I put into my yard and home. God is in charge and He has brought me to this place for peace and a purpose.

I am learning new things each day, making new choices, seeing with new eyes, and always growing. I am not the same person I was a few years ago, and I feel the presence of the angels very near me. The expanse of sky has never been as clear or bright elsewhere.

The stars winking like diamonds speak of another world. Nature is part of all our lives in God's country. As evening progresses, the lights dim and go out in the houses around me, and it is just me and the night, and God.

The air is fresh and clean, without the heaviness of the City. There is a sound to silence, it is called serenity through God's grace. My fruit trees are beginning to bud, a sure sign that spring is on the way.

More and more bulbs are making their way to the surface and soon it should be a riot of color in the front flowerbed. My small pine tree has unearthed itself from the snow and seems to be taller than when winter began.

The igloo that my grandkids made in the yard caved in long ago and is slowly melting into the earth, and water runs down the hills in a fast moving stream during the day.

In the early morning when the air is still cold there can be a danger of ice. I am looking forward to seeing the diverse gardens here as spring turns into summer. I understand many others up here enjoy their gardens, and roses, poppies, tulips, and many other flowers. This connected to nature I don't blame them.


Monday, May 23, 2016

Butterfly Garden

More butterflies are coming to my garden as the flowers increase in bloom: small yellow and white ones, orange with rust ones, and the other day a giant monarch. I feel it is a blessing from God whenever I see one.

At times they are gathering pollen and other times just sitting among the flowers, slowly opening and closing their wings again and again as if to stir the air. I am grateful they feel it is a place of serenity for them and to have them visit.

I try to plant things for their enjoyment as well as mine. The bees too are busy gathering nectar and small lizards come out to sun on the boulders I have placed along the edge of the hill. The fruit trees are getting buds of fruit and soon I will know what the mystery tree is.

It looks as thought I will have a very good crop this year, an abundance to share. I need to increase my crop of boulders as well. I want to make a short wall around the base of the hill where it connects to the driveway.

As it is, small rocks are constantly running town to be run over and walked upon, which is hard on the feet. The driveway needs another coat of asphalt and, as yet, they have to come to fix the potholes in the street.

It's funny, people I run into in town wonder what I do to keep busy now that I've retired. They have no idea how much work there is to do up in the mountains. They also have no idea what a joy it is to be so close to nature that you feel at one with it.

I feel like the butterfly, in constant motion, and in constant awe. The view from my upper back two windows still mesmerizes me with its constantly changing real life landscape, better than any painted by the most famous of artists.

Today it is clear blue skies over tree-crested mountains and at others times I watch white clouds endlessly change shape as they move across the horizon. Sunset is never the same, but always wondrous. The sounds of birds singing drifts in through the open windows as does the scent of fresh mountain air. Oh, how blessed I am. Like a butterfly in the garden.


Sunday, May 22, 2016

Mountain Nightlife

The moon is full and a golden haze against the dark storm clouds rising over the neighbor's roof. The rain has come only in sporadic spurts but we did have bursts of roaring thunder that followed impressive bolts of lightening.

It's just one of those summer humidity storms that never really happen. The bats are flying, dark boomerang shapes against the night sky. I watch the moon appear and disappear behind the clouds, and an occasional star peak through.

The humidity lately has been a heavy weight, luckily the window fans help stir the air to tolerable. The valleys themselves are unbearable and I consider myself blessed to live up here in God's country. The sounds of crickets and full frogs echo up for the forest floor below as I relax on my upper deck.

The silhouette of the tree covered mountain is a backdrop to my hill which is highlighted by the light from my windows. As evening progresses I watch the moon drift in and out of the clouds and periodically hang, as if a golden ornament in the sky, before again peeking out.

The stars hang low as if they too are decorations. As the lights are exciting, wished at one at a time. In the surrounding house I alone, it seems, keep watch. With my cats and God for company, I enjoy the peace of the tranquil evening, the beauty of the star formations suspended in the heavens above.

As night progresses and deepens their numbers seem to increase as does their intensity. Some seem to flicker like fireflies while others are constant like beacons guiding a lost ship to shore. The freshness of the air is an exhilarant, filled with the scent of pine, oak, and all the elements a maintain haven can have.

The quiet cannot be expressed in words, but must be experienced. Each subtle sound registers on my consciousness. A movement through the carpeted forest across the road catches my attention. Is it a deer, a racoon, or perhaps just a rabbit?

Unless they break cover, it is up to my imagination to guess at what my eyes in the darkness cannot see. I experience each moment in the now. It is more than just existing. It is being one with all that is above, below, and beyond. It is a connection and an experience of the spirit of God.


Saturday, May 21, 2016


There are footsteps in the snow leading up, leading out, crossing the hill in ways roundabout. They're caught, ever captured from the porch in the light like a frightened rabbit being chased, seeking safety in the night.

Was it a hawk, a coyote, just what did it fear that caused these footprints across the snow to appear? God does not give this snow covered beauty just for me, but for all those here who have the vision to see. Not just with eyes but with love and spirit too.

When we truly can see God's hand in everything we experience we see anew. We have a choice, we can make each and every day to be in joy, be in grace, to be fully alive, to see the blessings in all things or to merely survive.

Each day is a gift and it's slowly revealed with the sun rising or the passing of clouds overhead. The lilt of a bird's song, the sparkle of snow can be blessings in awareness, our tracks to follow. If we're willing to follow, to be open to change, to see each dapple of sunlight, soft falling rain or wind driven snow not in cost, but in gain.

To not see a hardship but a beauty bestowed in each sparkling snowflake swirling and twirling from God in the heavens to the ground below. Think of each raindrop as a tear filled with love dropped down by the angels and our Father above.

Footsteps can assure us of life all around like calling cards left in the snow on the ground. I am so very blessed to live in the most beautiful place filled with nature, and seasons, and led here by grace.

Each morning when I arise I give thanks for this day and promise to be aware of each breath that I take, of the squirrels and the birds, to both share and partake of each moment, each sunbeam, each golden flower, to savor each minute, treasure each hour.

To not complain or bemoan another snowfall, but to be grateful to live where it comes down at all. Help me slow down to walk in the path where you have led me in peace to follow your tracks. God is the footprint I find in the snow for He lives in all things and people I meet or know. He can take any form when coming to call, so be grateful when you see footprints, and know he has passed this way to guide us.


Friday, May 20, 2016

Garden Visitors

Another cold day in the mountains. The clouds are breathtaking, visions constantly reforming themselves, at times deep gray to purple, golden and pink-tinged, white and fluffy like huge popcorn kernels, but not rain or snow.

They cast shadows across the mountains and the light peeks through and shines on other areas. Early this morning the cottontail rabbit came visiting again. My garden has become its daily spot, nibbling on the new clumps of grass or on the tulip leaves.

This morning I caught it eating the rose leaves and shooed it away from that spot. Later in the afternoon, a new squirrel came calling that I have not seen in my yard before, a lone large brown squirrel with a long tail that looks more like a cat's tail than his species as it is very short haired.

It was right near the front deck and stayed and investigated its surroundings for quite awhile as I watched in amusement from above.

The fruit trees are in bud. The little one still seems to be struggling and I doubt it will do much again this year. The other two are well established and glory in the new spring rebirths following an unusually heavy snowfall this winter.

Nests have begun to appear in the trees. Soon it will be time for babies to appear in training to fly, to search out food, and to learn independence. Children of the wild do not stay long with their parents, but must learn to feign for themselves.

Rows of birds sit on the rail of the front deck, only moving briefly as a squirrel runs across it to steal as much of the seed as he can get for himself, a pan full and peanuts is never enough for this bottomless pit of a squirrel.

The pitter-pat of little squirrel feet is a sound I am used to, but always aware of now. Today I saw a northern oriole with his bright orange underbelly, black head, and wings with their white wing bar, very distinctive. He is a new visitor of spring time, and I expect there will be many more. I'll be ready for him too, with seeds and a smile.


Thursday, May 19, 2016

Paint and Pictures

It's a beautiful day before me. God's sun and warmth shine down upon me. As I look out my back window I watch the sky lighten and the mountains take on a more distinctive flavor of color.

Dark shapes become trees and clearing, houses awake, and life stirs in nature's beyond. The clouds clear to smooth endless sky and the squirrels and birds begin to arrive and a natural activity begins to bring breath to the quiet.

It is time to get back to work on transforming my space. Today I will tackle the hall and create a clear white space where the paint is chipped and a dingy pinkish beige some might call Navajo white sits now.

Time to mask, paper, and prepare my workspace. As my roller was lost to the winds and my paint tray is buried in the snow out back, I only have a brush to work with, but that will do nicely.

I feel such satisfaction as I work and the fresh coat of paint is like opening a window and letting in the light. When the season's snows are completely over I need to have the carpets cleaned and put a protective cover of clear coating on the stairs as they take a terrible beating and are extremely hard to clean.

When I am finished and all is dry, I rehang the family pictures. All is ready now for the stair rail to be installed and to hang more family faces to what I call my rogues gallery. I'm making a home, for me, for God, for family. A place to make memories, a place where I can enjoy nature, a place all my own.


Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A fulfilling day

The sounds of nature this morning was joyous, it was like a chorus of one thousand singers in complete harmony with a full blown orchestra in accompaniment. Almost as if a riot of color in song. What a glorious day they were saying and I agreed.

There has been much activity at the bird feeders. It is funny to watch the small wren chase away the larger finch, and of course, the blue jays try to dominate everything.

The squirrels were playing a game of chase clear across the year, up the side of the neighbors house, and onto the roof. Of course, I realize it is not for fun but a declaration of territory. I refilled all the feeders, including the new one, with a variety of flavors and put the new bird feeder in the back yards and stayed to watch the investigation.

First the blue jay tried to stand on the side with little luck as this one is built for smaller birds, then the finch tried feeding and finally a gray squirrel was going from branch to branch, from tree to tree, in an attempt to get it for himself, unsuccessfully.

He finally left to steal the seed from the tree feeder he usually robs. I am grateful to be getting a few that are squirrel resistant or the poor birds would be going without. I'm excited to be going off the mountain again today of a road trip into town. It makes returning to my sanctuary all the more meaningful and me more appreciative.


Tuesday, May 17, 2016


What you can do when rage, fear, or any other negative emotion engulfs your mind and being, is surrender. Admit what you feel. Feel it and then give it up. You must surrender before you engage the influence of the negative. Respond positively to negative emotions and grow. You're on a spiritual path and this will help you move forward.


Monday, May 16, 2016

Don't forget

It is very dangerous to believe that once you get on the spiritual path, you will be able to see everything that everyone else does in a spiritual light. It if foolish to believe that you will always be able to bless your enemy and think good thoughts about people regardless of what they do. Don't forget you're human, on a path of becoming better, and nothing more.


Sunday, May 15, 2016

Life, Unfolding

Life unfolds from the inside to the outside. There is a creative principle that brings life from inside darkness to the world of light. This is the way of all things. This is our passing. From darkness to light, and back again. To be reborn into perfection.


Saturday, May 14, 2016

Become Whole

May people believe that once you embark upon the journey to spirituality, you should not get mad. That you should always be loving and understanding. Get a grip! We are human beings! We must also remember the incident when Jesus kicked the table of the money changers over. He certainly was angry!

A spiritual consciousness does not make you immune to normal human response to human experiences. What it does, however, is give you tools to work with. We realize we need to surrender to a higher power to become whole.


Friday, May 13, 2016

Our Connections

Peace comes with evolution
the growing of the soul
and our connections
to love, life, and all


Thursday, May 12, 2016

Finding Freedom

In a flash came some insight
it helped me to find release
for myself, and my children
allowing me to set aside judgement
and the death grip I was held in
this was the day I realized
that the truth determines all
within it is all right and wrong
and thus I finally found freedom


Possibility waiting

You closed the door
putting my past behind
there way only forward
moving on, once again
and it was there I found
a new door waiting
ready to be opened
holding such possibility



I'm released in surrender, where I find mental anguish vanish and freedom to be uplifted. And thus, I acknowledge the spiritual, nourish my soul, and let God take control.


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

What a beautiful day

What a glorious day it is today. No sign of any rain appears, but instead an unexpected warmth that allows me to shed my extra winter clothing and appreciate this special gift from God. It is not so hot that it melts the hill of snow, so it is like having the best of two worlds at once, dual seasons.

The squirrels are in the mood to play and arrive very early for their breakfast. Much time is dedicated to catching up on chores around the yard. Outdoors, in nature, I feel at one with the universe.

My afternoon mail run is made along the high roads thanks to the wonderful weather. In the hills, I see the world from a birds point of view. Oh, the glory of it all. I'm fascinated with the ever changing scenery, the mountains, the sky.

No two days are ever alike, but there is always a sense of being in a spiritual environment. My soul is nourished by my growing relationship with all living things, and with the powers that govern the universe and all-that-is.

In the early evening, great billowing clouds come over the mountains resembling fields of cotton opened to the sun, begging to be fixed. Areas highlighted as if they were spotlighted by God. Soon comes an avalanche of fog, heavy clouds creeping quickly down the mountains as if an invasion were taking place by a for of nature that could be seen but not touched.

By mid-evening, the air again holds a bone-numbing chill urging a necessity to again find warm wear. The clouds have gone elsewhere and the stars have made their appearance. Tomorrow will be another God given surprise to be revealed.


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Predicting Rain

More rain is predicted for tomorrow which may mean more snow here in the mountains. So far tonight the sky is clear and the stars stand out like a tray of diamonds against a background of black velvet.

Out back two lights from the house on the hill shine like a double moon or beacons guiding an airplane onto a landing strip at midnight. Of the actual moon there is no sign. The houses themselves cannot bee seen from my mountain lair, but you know their location by the lighted shapes of windows and doors hanging in space.

It is quite serene tonight. The hoot owl is silent and the coyotes have been heard in the near vicinity for weeks. It is comforting to sit in the rocker on the deck, bundled against the cold and just be. Not concentrating but a part of all that is around me, one with the universe, and one with God.


Monday, May 9, 2016

Grow in the spirit

We must be willing to do our homework to grow in spiritual knowledge. If we consider it important to learn human skills, how much greater is our need to achieve spiritual growth and to make it a part of our everyday life.

For what we achieve in the spirit will enhance everything else in our life. Not only in knowledge but in joy. We will reap the benefits in all that we do and in all who we deal with in our lives. It allows us to deal with all things in joy and to achieve the best outcome in all things.

When the spiritual is a priority all good things follow. We serve best what we believe, and what we believe is what we achieve. To do everything in the spirit of the Divine is to achieve all things at their highest level and to make God a part of all that you do, thus elevating it to a higher level.

Start each day in quiet meditation that all will begin well and you will end it in gratitude for the many blessings living in the spirit brings. When the spirit is active in our life everything we do becomes a prayer, an offering and an act of love.

We ourselves become love in action. When we living in spirit we recognize the spirit in all others and our brotherhood in the Divine. Then no one is a stranger to us but part of our loving family here as we ourselves are to experience this life.

Acknowledging this makes us more open to any messages we may receive along the way and the ability to treat others with a greater kindness for we recognize within them the children of God that they are. That we all are. When we strive to live in spirit we will find peace and love.


Sunshine on snow

The sky is so beautifully clear today and Mr. Sun is out bright and shiny for the first time in at least a week. To be in the moment is to appreciate and embrace the experience and the gift. Right now it feels like God is smiling and the world is in a state of joy.

Everything the sunlight touches glistens and the air is filled with bird songs as if they are extolling God's praises and their gratitude. The squirrels came early for breakfast anxious to begin their day and the neighbors are off early, I presume for a trip to town.

They have seemed to have a bit of cabin fever of late. If it had been this nice yesterday I would have lingered longer in town. The squirrels, I notice, have completely broken the bird feeder on the front tree and the seed is now scattered all over the ground below.

They are joined in the foraging by the quail and the blue birds, all trying to get the greatest share. Their antics ground me with the joy of connection to nature and the blessings at my feet. Let the sun shine on in these snowy mountains.


Sunday, May 8, 2016

Reminded I'm loved

Two deer came today the neighbor said, a stag and a doe, while I was gone running errands. I missed them, and I missed my kids, especially my oldest daughter who always planned something special and has always been there for me, as have all my kids.

She doesn't realize it, so far away, but she was there this year too, in her heart, her thoughts, and her desire, and I felt the love through the miles.

I sent her a card from her baby as a keepsake of this special year, her first as a mother herself. I know of all my children she will have a special blessing for she is very loving and giving and will create a bond with her own daughter that she will only realize in time.

Some day, down the years, maybe thirty or more, she herself may have a Mother's Day when her child will not be able to share it in person, but she will reach out in love, as do all my kids do to me, and this day, that card, and the memory will remind her how much she's loved.


Saturday, May 7, 2016

On Nature

I love the peace of God's country in the early morning hours. To watch the sun come up over the mountains as the sky slowly and gently lightens and the birds begin to call the world awake.

Occasionally I see the two does go up the hill across the way. The rabbits come hopping, looking for grass and other edibles, including my flowers.

The squirrels are always here early for breakfast and the wee chipmunks come out from beneath the porch and from their woodpile homes running up the hill and around the yard, looking for seed and playing chase.

The quiet is serene and I am at peace. The quail come in pairs looking for seeds that have dropped from the feeders above, not in the large groups that came before.

My backyard appears to be a crossing zone to where they reside. I know see red-breasted birds in the area as well as the many other varieties I have already identified. There is one red-capped bird that is quite striking, yet to be identified.

The stray gray and black cat has been hanging around in hopes of catching a meal from the wildlife in my yard. The birds and squirrels sound a warning whenever he appears and all take shelter until he leaves to look elsewhere.

The spring young are becoming noticeable, a fawn, baby rabbits, wee squirrels, but as yet I have not seen any young quail following their parents crossing the road.

The wildlife seem to interact well with each other and even socialize. The gray squirrel runs up to the quail as it crosses the road as if to say good morning.  The chipmunks and birds may climb into the water pan at the same time.

The chipmunks frolic up the hill while the birds are there looking for bugs and worms and the rabbit hops along among them. The one they all see to avoid, besides the cat and hawks, is the blue jay, who is a predator and at times seems to have a nasty disposition. My kitties like to take their place in the windows to watch the events of the outside world. Nature, balance, peace.


Friday, May 6, 2016

Flowers and Butterflies

Today I saw my first spring butterfly as yellow as a sunflower, dipping, and rising with the breeze. The bees have been here nestling in the center of the tulips performing their job of pollination.

The ants are busy building tunnels everywhere they can. The fruit trees have a glorious array of flowers, the peace in pink bloom, the pear dressing in white, and the unknown with a few at the tips of two branches.

Last year it did not even have leaves and hopefully, this year, it will be revealed what fruit it will produce. I work on the pictures for my cousin Marie-Danièle and a wee note letting her know how very much we enjoyed meeting her. My lovely french connection.

Technology has been such a blessing to me, letting me discover my roots and better understand my past, and the mystery of my family history. Interesting times we live in. One of flowers and butterflies, as well as bits and bytes.


Thursday, May 5, 2016

Preparing the soil

A new month begins and what better way to spend it than in the garden planting and preparing for new growth. This is the season of fruition and as we sow so shall we reap. Thus, much time is spent feeding, watering, mulching, trimming, and encouraging each plant as an expression of love for all God's creations and as a gift back to Him for all the many blessings I receive.

Three new roses are added, a golden brush, and perennials in many colors. The iris stands proud and tall while the Japanese ornamental bamboo stands light and whimsical. I talk to the bare roots praising them for each nub and leaf they sprout that they may feel challenged to the fullness of those roses in tubs that already had a head start.

The last two roses I bought already had flowers in bloom and new buds soon to follow. My neighbor is surprised how well the new pants and the wild sage and rabbit bushes look together. He pulled all the natural bushes of the area out of his yard and his hill is bare except for the aspen and wee pine he planted.

He keeps a watchful eye on all I am doing from the terracing, to the planting. The blooming from a large variety and array of plants he never thought to mix together. Both he and his wife come down my drive to look up on the hill and see its transformation.

At first, he would tease and discourage, but now he compliments and encourages. People often think a woman alone cannot create a garden by herself, especially one that has the added challenge of a steep hill, but I am not alone.

The angels are beside me as well as the memories of helping my father planting in my youth. His guidance lives on as well as his love of roses and creating a thing of beauty out of bare dirt.

Gardening is like food to the spirit not only for the one planting but for those who pass along the way and are circled by the beauty created. Even the birds come to sit among the plants and appreciate. To look for a nibble in the newly sown dirt. My garden a heaven to butterflies too. All started by simply preparing the soil.


Wednesday, May 4, 2016

God shows me the way

I am grateful to start my day with prayer, with thoughts of God and others. To remember all the blessings S/He has brought into my life. My wonderful children and grandchildren. My friends and others I meet along the way. For my father, mother, brother, sister. For my childhood and the values I was taught.

But mostly I am blessed by my relationship with God in my life. For recognizing, without Him in my life I would not have this wonderful awareness of everything in my world and a deeper appreciation for every small blessing.

I have learned to be grateful not only for what has happened in my life and each day but also for what is coming into my life through God and through His guidance. I am grateful for the knowledge that I am never alone.

God speaks to me in the sounds and sights of nature. In the wee small voice within. I release my anxieties and fears into His hands and know His will is for my greater good. I am grateful for the Angels S/He sends to me and for their help in small as well as large things in life. As well as for their guidance and protection.

Everything in my life is provided through Divine abundance. S/He has taught me the blessings of a gratitude attitude. I acknowledge that God's gifts, when we release our will, are far greater than we would imagine for ourselves.

Being aware brings pleasure into the smallest things we do and we learn to take nothing for granted. Thus life becomes a constant source of wonder and joy. Peace reigns in our heart. For we know we can do nothing alone, but that all things are possible with God. Let Him show us the way.



You hold your sabbot
mixing in your cauldron
love taken,
regret felt,
a heart of snow,
abortion of feeling
lust... greed
and other
odds and ends
blue-black steam rising
fingernails melting
to feed the sacrifice
to your needs
sadism gratified
masochism personified
or is it
the crawl out
one by one
bloodless offerings
of your using
shame drained
of what once was
used lovers
of yesterday tears


Tuesday, May 3, 2016

I'm Critical

Someone lied when they said
time heals all wounds
some sores keep growing and spreading
widening the gape of hurt
insomnia is my nightly companion
and tranquilizers my daily crutch
and loneliness an emptiness
to fill the void of my soulessness
my soul to keep, my days to weep


Monday, May 2, 2016

We are tools for God

Seek, not wealth, but peace. If we first have inner peace, faith, love, and gratitude then monetary gain becomes not an end but a means. It helps us to serve instead of bringing us the service of others. Wealth itself is but a state of mind, for when we have the blessings of friends, family, performing work that we love, the ability to share with others, our health and happiness, we are rich indeed.

Money is a substance that can be lost in a moment and we can never take with us anyway. So why do so many cling to it as if it were life itself? To see others hungry and not share when we ourselves have a full larder, to see others shivering in the cold, dressed in rags, while our cupboards are filled with spare blankets and our closets overflowing with garments we hardly wear, to see others exposed to the elements when we are warm and cozy and to do nothing is worse than being a beggar, it is being ungrateful for the blessings we have.

To pass by someone injured without offering help is being more than selfish, but unchristian. Do we think our purpose if to live in comfort while others suffer unnoticed? Do we think we should raise our children privileged and unaware?

What would we want to be remembered for when we pass beyond this life? Live consciously doing God's work. Life is a lesson to be lived and learned from. Make a difference in the lives of others. Be a brother or sister to those who need one and a friend to those you encounter along life's way.

Open up, not just your pocketbook but your heart. Do not look for reward or acknowledgement but contentment in knowing you were of service today even if no one else is aware. God knows how we live, think, and feel. He knows what we do and neglect to do, and from Him all good things come, we are merely a tool for good.


Rested and Waiting

Angels appeared
be at peace they said
putting my mind to rest
ending all possible pasts
in joy I finally stood still
rested and waiting
at heaven's gate


Sunday, May 1, 2016


Today, I realize that all things have a season and that all seasons must come to an end. Today I realize that all things fulfill a Divine purpose to support my growth and evolution as a unique and noble expression of life.

Today, I realize that there is no end. There is only now, and this now begins a Divinely new season and purpose in my life. Today, I choose a new beginning over the pain-filled memories of the past.

Today, I choose a new season filled with purposeful thoughts and activities. Today, I choose to close the door to yesterday and open my mind, my heart, and my spirit to the blessings of this moment.

In this moment, I am filled with light, I am filled with joy, I am filled with love that brings Divine understanding. For this I am grateful.