Monday, March 31, 2014

What is love?

Love comes when we learn to seek and recognize the truth. When we learn to look into our patterns that are causing us repeated pain. When we recognize excuses, denials and blame for what they are.

When we release guilt in the search of peace. When we admit that we are worthy of love we can acknowledge that we always had it - God's love.

Before we seek love from others we must first learn to love ourselves. We must know what love is before we can give it away. We must see the truth of what love is and not the distortion we have created in our mind.

Love comes from the heart and the spirit, not the ego. Love is forgiving not only of others but of ourselves. Love doesn't blame, it just is.

God doesn't put conditions on love and neither should we. Meeting a criteria is not love, it is judgment. Love isn't fulfilled by expectations, it is an open door.

Love is generous, for real love has no limits. It is a bottomless well constantly replenished. Love isn't about control, it is a gift given freely.

Love allows us to be the best we can be. Love is not a condition we are in but a spiritual release. Love energizes, not depletes.

It is constant not a veritable that comes and goes, like the tide. We are beings of love, created in love. Each day is an opportunity of love.

If we start with love all good things will follow. We don't need to look elsewhere for love. It is something that exists in all things. We need but learn to recognize it by being in truth of who we are, a child of God.

Love gives greater purpose to life. It changes our outlooks and blesses our life. Love is an energy that can heal, bring peace, accepts us as we are and makes us one family.


Sunday, March 30, 2014

Change your point of view

The problem is most of the time we only see things from one perspective - ours. We judge things from our vantage point and forget that others cannot see from where we are standing because they are not only not any where near where our feet are planted but are looking in an entirely different direction.

We get frustrated trying to explain what we can see clearly and they in turn feel exactly the same. It can be possible that we are both right, it is our perspective that is wrong.

If either of us moved our position we could possibly see that immediately except that we know we are right where we should be standing and they, in turn feel the same.

Sometimes we can even be in the same spot but are on different floors. Our vantage is east and theirs west and still what we see, in truth, is an entirely different landscape. Or we can be in the same place but not at the same time.

So when issues arise we need not only to pause but to listen so that we can understand which direction they are looking toward, at what vantage point. Is where we are standing so rigid that we cannot move to a different view?

The landscape might be still attractive from a different angle. Sometimes it helps to see things from all sides. It might be a refreshing change and a new path might open that we never noticed before.

Sometimes we are so used to seeing things from vantage point we are afraid to move to a new one because it is all we know. It is familiar so we keep our eyes glued to that horizon while in the meantime our ship is coming in from a different direction.

Be willing at least to turn around so that you can see what is happening from every perspective. Welcome change and a new outlook.


Saturday, March 29, 2014

Like us all

I still care
deep down
when I can
your name
your face
our time
fading, yes
like us all


Keep Climbing

We all choose in life, in fact before birth, to deal with issues that will contribute to our spiritual evolutionary growth. When we deal with them consciously, thus mastering them we gain power, light and greater understanding.

We grow in wisdom and compassion and attain a higher level of love. Then we are able to move on to a higher path toward perfecting our spirit.

When we continue to give in to the issues, unconscious of our life path we continue to relive the same issues in various forms until we recognize them for what they are, learn from them and release them into the universe so we can move on.

Until then we are stuck in the same plateau, reliving the same play with different characters even into different lifetimes over and over again, until we suddenly have that light bulb moment.

Isn't it easier to seek a conscious existence now. First we must be willing to examine our life and recognize the issues for what they are, our path of spiritual growth. For without recognition we will never take the first step toward change.

To own up to your issues is to be empowered and each time you deal with it consciously you grow in power and light. It is as if a burden were slowly being lifted from you and you are finally able to take a fully expanding breath. And when you release it you feel physically lighter, brighter, and certainly more aware and in control.

There are other lessons to learn, new roads to travel, different mountains to climb, but once you are in a state of awareness you are more conscious of them when they arrive, thus more prepared .

This does not mean the next will be easier to deal with but that you know how to climb from the pit to the peak and survive and grow.


Friday, March 28, 2014

Realize God's Love

For years I was seeking love from outside sources as so many of us do. From my parents, friends, marriage, children, and whomever and wherever I thought I recognized it. But never having felt truly loved I wouldn't have recognized it if in came knocking at my door.

Because I didn't know how to love myself I felt unlovable. I felt defective. I was bringing to my experiences what I subconsciously felt I deserved. They were reflections of interior pain, fear, betrayal, rejection, feelings of unworthiness and a lot of other self negativity.

I didn't even believe that God loved me, but I did believe that He was judging me, keeping track of every mistake in life I made. Including every thought I had.

I never thought of Him as noticing the good things I did because I only concentrated on my mistakes, always trying to please and never feeling as if I succeeded.

Until one day, through a misfortune, God opened my eyes. I realized in that moment He loved me unconditionally. That He loves all his children.

Through that experience and time, I have learned to love myself. I have learned to release the fear, to release the anger and pain I was clinging to and to forgive. Especially to forgive myself for not feeling worthy of that love.

God led me step by step through spiritual growth. To a state of awareness and greater consciousness. That we create the experiences we need to learn from and through them we have the choice of continued growth.

When we replace fear with faith and make God a priority in our life we know nothing but love and joy. It's like removing blinders and letting in the light.

It bathes us in its warmth and He gives us the beauty of sharing that love and the abundance He blesses us with. There is so much love in my life now. It's overflowing.


Go toward the light

Choice is about taking responsibility for our actions, our reactions, and for our lives. Being a participant in every aspect consciously and being aware of our intent in all that we do. It is called living in the light of consciousness.

It is knowing what we do creates energy in the universe, either positive or negative. When we live in awareness we harness that energy with our positive actions, thoughts, emotions and choices.

We recognize that we have the power to shape our own lives and we assume control. Living unconsciously is actually giving your power away to others. To be in emotional darkness.

One way leads to spiritual growth, the other lease us lost in the wilderness, or claiming we're only a victim of circumstance. We can choose to let the ego take control, or let our spirit guide us.

The spirit within is our higher consciousness and therefore always has our highest purpose at the forefront of all circumstances, at all times.

To be in the spirit is to be at peace within which leads to peace without. There is no negativity in the spiritual part of us. It sees only the potential and possibilities and seeks the pats that leads to the optimum growth within this lifetime.

We can choose to live randomly or consciously. It is always within our ability to make the choice. We can release the debris of pain and hurt we have acquired in our experiences or hold on to them.

Only one way leads to growth and the other to stagnation. Spiritual cleansing may cause some initial pain as we review what we have been clinging to. But then we feel the power and spiritual lightness when we choose to let them go.

The negativity we keep within is like compost to the spirit. It deteriorates and becomes toxic by constant self inflicted wounds. When we release it to the light it is no more than a nutrient that contributed to our growth. That helped to bring us towards all that we can be.

Be in the light.


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Be conscious of intentions

We are in the age of consciousness. That does not mean we do not have an initial reaction to a situation, but that we stop and examine our intentions before we act on them.

That we question our motives whether we are acting out of a sense of anger or integrity. What is the right thing to do in each situation? When we know that our intentions are for the highest good in a situation then we know we have acted in the best interest of all concerned and can release the outcome.

We learn over time not to follow our first impulse which may be a reaction of the ego and although our final decision may be toward the same outcome we will be acting toward a higher purpose.

To do the right thing for the right reason trusting in our spirit. For we are aware of our own intention behind our choice. Therein lies the key.

Is our intention toward harm or good? Is it for self-recognition or honesty in all things? When what we do is a conscious choice then it is an action of awareness not a reaction of ego and is made responsibly.

The person who is aware of the effects their choices have on others as well as themselves takes time to examine all aspects of their choice including their intentions and is truthful with themselves.

It is the path of greater spiritual growth. It does not mean that we won't worry that we have done the right thing. Be grateful that your spiritual self is developing to the level of awareness of your own intentions in your interactions and that they are an important part of your decisions, experiences, life lessons, and the resulting energy you put out in the world around you.

What we release into the universe comes back into our own lives. We mirror our own intentions, make them consciously.


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Music and Wine

The groove is fine
moving me along
with rhythm in time
such a joy this gift
of music and wine


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Praise the children

Take time to share in joy and love with the children that they may know of your caring and learn from
your wisdom and patience.

Teach them to appreciate that beauty of the world and the arts that they may see what love creates up close and not the fantasy only of the televised world.

Show them that they may see the fullness of life and expand their vision of things. Help them to grow and to be empowered. It is important to experience and not to be saturated by mindless observation.

Take time to play, to sing and dance. Take time to read for the sheer enjoyment of it, that there truly is a world of wonder in books and stories.

Teach the children about their history and about God. That they understand they are always protected. That angels are always near and that their Heavenly Father loves them unconditionally.

Teach them to respect their elders and each other. That how we treat others is how we are treated in return. Teach them that we are all part of all-that-is, no matter our external differences and that the Holy Spirit dwells within.

Teach them that quiet time is good and we need not always have constant outward stimulation. Take time to pretend as it builds our own imagination and a visualization of our on creativity.

Teach them to be kind and gentle with their animal friends that they may learn to care for and show love to all living things.

Encourage them at all times and praise their accomplishments that they see their self worth. Let them make their own mistakes but try to keep them from harm. Often children are too daring and don't understand the dangers in things they do.

Take them to museums, circuses, the zoo and to story-times at the library. Let them run and play freely in the park and pick flowers in the garden.

All life is precious but children especially so. They are our blank slates. Have care with what you create.


Monday, March 24, 2014

So steady

Christ, you're my light
my salvation too, always
each and every day
so steady an illumination
waiting, for me


Sunday, March 23, 2014

So true

My soul is inspired
by truth, it's free too
to soar with wonder
that being is and more
oh, such glory before
the light of life so true


Make your intentions clear

Things don't always go as we planned and people don't always react as we would like them to. That's life! We cannot be responsible for every event or everybody. What we can control is ourselves. How we feel. How we react. How we allow ourselves to be treated.

We can control our intentions by looking within and honoring our spirit. We often times spend more energy worrying about what others will think than how we feel. Get over it!

Life isn't smooth sailing all the time. Storms come up, big ones and little ones, but we can be in charge of our own lives and how we will weather the storms.

We don't need to feel that we are responsible for creating every situation. Not everything in life is about us, although sometimes it involves us.

We can choose, through intention, our depth of involvement and to release what we have no control over. We cannot predict or be responsible for how others choose to react but how we interact with them.

We should not do things for others our of a sense of guilt but from love. When all our actions come from a state of love, we have done no wrong by intent. Do not hold on to a set outcome or you will be often disappointed. Only be aware of your own intentions, do the very best that you can, and let go of any set expectations.

Life does not always give us what we want when we want it but it often times gives us much more than we ever expected. Count your many blessings and be grateful.

Look for the lessons in all things that you may continue to grow spiritually. May you always examine your intentions and know that they come from a place of truth and love.

What we can change is within, and when we do the universe and those we interact with respond in kind.


Saying goodbye

Saying goodbye is so hard
you feel further away...
at that moment than any other...
when it's someone you love


Saturday, March 22, 2014

Frozen Memory

The spirit moves me not
as I thought it would, no
it's just a frozen memory


Friday, March 21, 2014

First honor your-own-self

You must learn to honor yourself first and foremost. If you do not honor your-own-self how can you expect others to honor you? How we feel about and treat ourselves puts out an energy around us that others actually respond to.

When the energy is negative what we receive back is negative in return. When we are in a state of depression our energies are actually low and we feel depleted.

When we consciously see ourselves as loving, honoring ourselves, and treat ourselves in a loving manner our energy is that of light and love and attracts to itself like energy and people.

We are like magnets in that we attract what we ourselves feel and we repel that which we don't honor within ourselves.

We create our own energy field and what orbits around it. Like attracts like. When we feel that others are taking advantage we need to ask ourselves what message we are putting out, that they are receiving, that it is okay. Are we allowing it over and over while we simmer inside?

When we change our minds about how we allow ourselves to be treated, they will change theirs. It comes from within, not without.

Our values is not in how much we do for others but in how we honor ourselves. Unless we do something in joy and love we are not doing it for the right reason.

It is not selfish to say no if instead we do something out of resentment instead of love. It honors no one and will not create love where none exists.

Do whatever you choose to do out of love. The energy you actually feel in this state of mind is palpable not only to yourself but to anyone around you.

Do what you love and love what you do. Open the door to your heart and let the light of your spirit shine in all its glory.

Be a love magnet in the world. The more positive energy you put out, the more that is returned to you and so it grows.


Easy to forget

It's easy to forget
that life needs balance
to ebb and flow
like the tides
it's a gift
we let slip away


We connected

The angels descended
and we connected
briefly though it was
all was well and good
and my path had changed


Birthday Gifts

I missed your birthday
or so I've been told
we used to celebrate
together as sisters
but we drifted apart
over something, I forget
what it even was
too stubborn to let it go
year after year drifting
in a growing silent void
it's too late to mend our rift
and rejoice over cake
and birthday gifts...


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Brief Romance

I'd rather you dance
at my grave, not on it
joyful given the chance
blessed by love's visit
oh, that brief romance



Our souls are circles
we come round
from beginning to end
lost and found
again and again...


I gaze in wonder

On the rocks above the rising tide
the ocean stretches far and wide
on this day, the beginning of spring
I gaze in wonder as the wind does sing


No rush

The Lord is always with me even in my pauses, His blessings too numerous to count. In my soul searching I have found peace, this too is a gift from God. My greatest luxury is time, this too is a gift and blessing God bestowed. I do not rush to fill it haphazardly but to savor its glory and beauty. The smallest event, such as a rose in bud is a celebration of life and I am in awe of God's creativity.


Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Remove the spirit
to roam at midnight
haunting the world
on moonlit winds
roaming till the dawn


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ask God for help

Ask God's help in all things. He understands the new and the modern as well as what we consider simpler times before technology in the world.

All things come from God. Even the ideas that created the means to enter space, use the internet for correspondence, modern communication that allows us to see what is happening around the world now instead of weeks later.

Nothing exists that is not touched by the hand of God. Why do people feel He does not understand in our present age? God knew before we did that this age would arrive. In times past He dictated the means to create an ark that could not only stay afloat in the worst storm and flood in history but carry a tremendous load of animals of every kind.

Only He has the knowledge to part the sea without a dam or other contrivances. God knows more than we can possibly ever know. So don't hesitate to ask for His help with difficult things. He is the source and inspiration of all creativity.

His is the master hand that made the tress, the birds in the air which are the inspiration of flight, the waters and the fish in them. Do we not copy them when we swim?

When we seek inspiration, even in art, seek the master. He is the inventor of color in its endless hues and variety in all things from plants to people.

God loves variety so why do so many harbor prejudice? Ask Him anything as God is the only source that knows all the answers in life.

His word is the source of all wisdom into infinity. He sent His only son not only as our savior but as a teacher as well. It is only through His knowledge that we will attain peace and greater understanding.

Wisdom is learned as we grow and develop. The path is made smoother when we seek the master builder, the giver of all life.

We have not even begun to understand all that God knows.


Empty Pit

Cynicism the engine
it runs the world
pushing out joy
and love and hope
leaving an empty pit


Soft Repose

Limitless in spirit
I fly to the heavens
in soft repose


Monday, March 17, 2014

to run out

The past
grows cold
as it dies
friends gone
family too
no one left
to talk to
just me
for time
to run out...


Cloud's View

Make all things new
left me high up today
enjoy the cloud's view
for this I do pray...



I've slowed to a crawl
thoughts and actions
and passing days
lost in reflection
it happens to us all
as we slowly fade away


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Twice Removed

Make something new
a self cleansed and ready
to bring the world on down
to a bedlam twice removed


Saturday, March 15, 2014

Join In

It was a holiday,
a cat dance festival
of forgetting, nor
caring who'd see
or laugh at me
I was lost in the moment
of just being free,
some silly dancing,
purring festivities,
let go, join in, and be


Friday, March 14, 2014

Tangled in love

Come let's fly
you and me
to the land above
where dreams be
and so will we
tangled in love


Reborn in spirit

You are here
reborn in spirit
seeking  newness
another direction
that will come
like lost awareness


Thursday, March 13, 2014


Loose every thing
let it all go
empty yourself
be still and silent
and you'll evolve


We wait again

Early morning
before the dawn
we wait again
for the world
to appear once more
broken dreams
pushed away
we wait again
for another day


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Before a prayer

You were an answer
before a prayer
salvation I needed
had I known, you'd
still be here....


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Haunting of love

I was there that night
the night she was killed
one hundred years before
a burning haunting of love
a blurring of the senses
shadows changing shape
a shallow dance of seduction
from which there was no escape


Monday, March 10, 2014

Time bends over

Yesterday isn't
anymore than now
today isn't either
when you can't
sort them out
time bends over
to touch itself, again
and things that never
happened, happen
loneliness becomes friend
this is the beginning
this is the end...


Sunday, March 9, 2014

All is fine

Limbo is forgetting
everything in time
names and places
reason and rhyme
life's sun is setting
run no more races
just know all is fine


Saturday, March 8, 2014

No tear

No tear rolls down my face
No absolution comes
No redemption either
To the grave with me
I'll take this bitterness

Making Peace

We can make our peace
or we can live it daily
the choice is ours
so simply said
like meeting our maker
for the living and dead


Friday, March 7, 2014

Not alone

You're gone now
the wait is over
and so is the pain
on your way home
to see loved ones again
you're beyond fear
beyond the unknown
on a new adventure
death took you away
but you're not alone


A big feat

I've no words today
living to the age
of giving up
is a feat, a big one


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Future of wishes

We began by giving up
needing to know more
for the bad, and the good
held in the future of wishes
that might never come to be


To bitter end

We were on the mend
moving with high waters
watching the world bend
a lifetime getting harder
from start to bitter end


Out of breath

I've been in limbo
between life and death
watching it come and go
a wheel just spinning
leaving me out of breath


Call on me

Call on me
I'll strengthen
your stand
with love
will, honor,
and faith
your power
is belief


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The light will be

The fire of truth
burns brightly
to guide our way
we need but look
and we will see
no mater how dark
the light will be


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Limbo Between

The limbo between
blows in the wind
a hollow breeze
where we've all been
where dreams do die
in vanishing tomorrows


Poor and Haunted

I had my kids
they were my life
I did what I did
fought against strife
often we wanted
we struggled and tried
poor and haunted
we still had our pride


Monday, March 3, 2014


Stand in the light
like a master come
to visit with Jupiter
behind shield we wait
for your transformation


Sunday, March 2, 2014


The venom of the ego
spilled upon the rocks
it wasn't me you loved
you had yourself for that


Saturday, March 1, 2014

Watching the lucky die

The snows fell in silence
with them came freezing death
bullets bounced off targets
these woods our last stand
blood colored icy red snaps
we shared last rites together
while watching the lucky die


Another realm

I've little left to share
my voice grows quiet
my words so few
waiting for the end
another realm waiting
all that passed before
will be waiting there