Sunday, September 30, 2012

As the king panders

As the king panders
and sells his lies
political gangsters
their slander
while a nation cries


A green economy

A green economy
nothing more than bribe money
corruption on a grand scale
built on policies that have failed


No crumbs of cake

You offer them no crumbs of cake
other's hard earned pay you take
from things you claim they didn't make
you've been exposed as a fake
let's hope we've learned from our mistake


A show of impotence

The tents will go up soon
for an excange without substance
politicians howling at the moon
the debate a show of impotence


The almighty dollar

In the almighty dollar we trusted
only to see those dreams combust...
out of the ashes we're offered hope and change
we're fools for believing in the deranged
who doubled down on the corruption game
for all this failure, we've got ourselves to blame


The raindrops

The raindrops come to kiss the earth
God sends them from the sky
as the clouds open and give birth
we know not when or why
I like to think the rain that falls
are the tears that come from he
falling on the trees so tall
come to cleanse you and me


Saturday, September 29, 2012

We expected so much more

We expected so much more
four years later we've got nothing
but voter's remorse
You've delivered on nothing,
all those things you promised
just eletion lies, have reinforced
you're nothing, just dishonest


Almost laughable

Accusations of hypocrisy
from an old mule
of the aristocracy...
from the citadel they rule
another failed bureaucracy...
it's almost laughable


You reign impotent

Don't feed the sharks
there's enough blood now
in the crimson waters...
like the Prince of Denmark
bonds disavowed...
we're not ready for slaughter
Our eyes have been opened
to your lies and betrayal...
behind a biased media truth distorter
you reign impotent,
a naked posturing spectral


In love only

There are no mountains high
enough...that love cannot scale
There are no rivers wide enough
that enough love cannot cross
It is the strongest force in
the universe and has existed
since the beginning of time
In love only beauty exists...
even in the wasteland of the heart
There are no eyes too blind to
not see beauty where love exists
Love transcends all
is the reason for our being...
Without love...where am I?...
now I exist only in dreams
but in love I am part of...
the source all life stems from,
the fountain of the soul...I am
the light of love...the very
...heart of life


Friday, September 28, 2012

Just now

This instant is all I have,
it's all I ever have, now
just now, for the living


On wings of prayers

Angels come
on the wings
of prayers
they part
the darkness
and lead
the way


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Red lines of war

Red lines of war
drawn in the desert
all but ignored
our leadership sequestered
campaigning evermore
like a wayward drunkard


So far astray

Behind you hides the truth
your lies will come home to roost
sooner or later...
your concern forced and labored
is worn and frayed
how did things go so far astray?


Bleeding, again

It's best to let
old wounds heal themselves
get a tourniquet someone
I'm bleeding... again


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Polling Manipulation

It's a numbers game,
all about distortion,
and pushing a name,
there's no proportion,
just a king to ordain


Chasing our tails

A nation shackled with incompetence
and blantent coruption, falters and fails
blinded by media propaganda,
our only solution is chasing our tails


For me

Another day
has come
and it well go
without you...
I'm creating
a life
that you
will never
be able to
enter into...
I was so
to you
I don't know
if I was
good for you
but now
I'm going
to be
good...for me


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sliced Time

Each night as the dark clouds
of sleep overtake me
you are my last thought
of the day...
Each morning
when a new day greets me again
you are the first thought
I begin each day with...
I relive each moment
of our times together,
though very few...
I cannot sit still too long
at any one time
for then thoughts of you
take over my consciousness
and I miss you so
it's as though part of me
is gone...


Monday, September 24, 2012

Hollow Words

We all make promises,
with the intention of keeping them...
You lied with confidence,
just to win an election....
You're words are hollow,
so why would we vote for you again?


Rainbows and Unicorns

The recovery was a myth
sold by network news,
like rainbows and unicorns,
all we had to do was believe
and that would make it so...
but we knew the truth,
we who had no work
or lost our homes,
often times both...
this isn't the change
that will win votes...
let's just hope
you're forced out....


For the morrow

Man is a prisoner of his love
he cannont stop its flow
only feel with me...a time
my love...oh, let me show
my faith in you...console
the heart...and wipe the tears
and return my love
and help me through the years alone and cold
I've resigned my heart
for the morrow...prepared it
for the sorrow...when you depart


Sunday, September 23, 2012

No reason to reelect you

Tough talk from a sitting clown
won't right the wreck he owns
the mess of a nation is his now
an economy in ruin too
four more years of nothing
are no reason to reelect you


Who owns who

The experts claims weren't true,
they were never the best or brightest,
for that we're paying the balance due,
politicians aren't honest in the slightest...
follow the money, and see who owns who...


you couldn't stay

Small trees on the mountainside
do you really think you can hold back the tide
when the rains come to wash you away
like me... you'll find you couldn't stay...


Saturday, September 22, 2012

The way the world works

Pride, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Anger, Greed, and Sloth
are the seven virtues our politicians lay claim to...
for sale to the highest bidder,
owned by unions and special interests,
it's the way the world now works


The breast of government

The naked emperor
spreads his message
on the virtue of failure
creating more victims
to be nursed forever
on the breast of government


Blood on their hands

They're rebels on the march
freedom and power on the rise
their cause beneath the arch
but campaigns are on based on lies
a haze of smoke and ash
that obscures the protester's cries
in the streets bloody rioters clash
while candidates parade in disguise
spinning webs across the land
ongoing schemes being devised
to hide the blood on their hands


Whistle past the graveyard

Inside or outside is of no concern to me,
we all know that political double speak
is just words that carry no meaning...
there's no way to hear what your saying,
when you aren't saying anything....
two sides of the same coin
busy claiming virtue
calling grey skies blue
not a word remotely true...
there's no real conviction
just a graveyard nation
that you whistle past


Sleep in peace

Today and yesterday are done
I shall forget them and
put them behind me...I
have done the best I could
for this day...I really screw
up sometimes, but not
intentionally...there is no
point in dwelling on it...
I shall look toward
tomorrow and begin anew
hoping always to do better,
tonight I'll sleep in peace


Friday, September 21, 2012

Freak show of the absurd

Two cash collecting campaigns,
waging a war of shallow words,
flinging a lot of mud their aim,
a freak show of the absurd


Through it all

all these months
of tears
and heartaches
is the one
I have
for salvation
Truly loved...
Can everyone
the same?


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mud Slinging Clowns

A failed nation
national joke
two clowns
mud slinging
A tired population,
media lies spoken
from town to town
in the balance our future is swinging


Our better days

Our better days,
now just ghosts of the past,
our children have been betrayed,
a dying nation takes a last gasp....


Word twisters

Word twisters
the media
where truth


Still some cracks

My friends
picked up the pieces
you left
laying in the dust
like a jigsaw puzzle
and then
sorted them out
and slowly
fitted them all
back together again
there are cracks left
that weren't
there before
but I'm a complete
picture again
I'm proud
they cared...that much


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Beyond the tipping point

We're beyond the tipping point,
we're in accelerating slide...
pushing us past our breakpoint,
a growing population seeking a free ride...
facts that don't fit the media's viewpoint


No fishing allowed

We'd rather give away fish,
ban fishing, and wonder why
so many hungry abound...
just makes you cry...


Unblessed by you

Love is a flame burning my heart
consuming me in its fire
melting my emotions, stirring
my passions...filling me with desire
I swing from the object of my love
as a pendulum between bitterness
and sweetness and feel so...
lost and lonely and unblessed
by you...and as one struck dumb
by love's overwhelming pain
I am silenced, in awe, numb...
and I ask my heart...tis' so,
this is love...that stirs my heart
at the sight, remembrance of you
that freely took...and then did depart
I am as in a thick fog...groping
left with this raw pain inside
but still what was created in a left here, where I cried
once consumed by love's fire...
though numb...still filled with desire


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Make clear our dissatisfaction

Is it too late?
Have we sold the farm?
It's time to clean the slate,
we need leadership, not charm
Our fate hangs over an abyss,
things have gone seriously wrong
Look around everything's amiss,
we need to pull together and be strong
We can no longer sit idle,
we need strong bold action
anything less is homicidal
We need to make clear our dissatisfaction


A Nation We'll Revive

We ask not for you to do anything for us,
but to get out of the way...
for too long we've been told you're just,
and to receive your generosity we must obey

Let the torch pass once again
to the young and their future...
they'll right the troubles we didn't attend,
and break the chains of government stupor

We'll cast aside the shackles of you,
our hearts still beat of freedom...
it's what we most value...
victims no longer of your fiefdom

We will lead forth the land we love,
removed from your veil of lies...
our life and liberty gifts from above,
with which a Nation we'll revive...


Digging Down

I am tired
of the erosion of self
I have caused
entrails of acid burns
eating me inside out
It's not my stomach
that needs the operation
It's my heart
bile rising in my throat
filled with a life of sorrows
I'm not apologizing
just analyzing
lie down on the couch...self
let me dig to the root
of this problem...


Monday, September 17, 2012

Freedom, a forgotten word

Constitution Day
and nary a word
oh, the naivete
masses undisturbed
by the freedoms taken away,
protests unheard
too afraid to disobey...
no rememberence occured
on Constituion Day
Freedom, a forgotten word


As the fires of protest burn

As the fires of protest burn
you blow smoke and make speeches
failing give reason for a second term
governing above a swamp of leeches
four years of failure are making us squirm
time for the hard lessons that history teaches
hope and change haven't addressed our concerns


Bailing out a sinking ship

Bailing out a sinking ship
has proven to be futile,
as hopes and dreams slip,
and the world grows volatile,
the promise of the future is eclipsed,
all the while politicians wag their tails


Protectionist illusions

Protectionist illusions
like those of the past
just empty words
doing more harm
than good...
election sanctions,
political folly...
just more smoke
to hide behind...
such are the
election games


Together we walk the edges

I live with regret
he sits with me within myself
shadows of each other
bloodless ghosts of past happenings
singled out in the moonlight
haunted eyes
sink beyond level
into burning sockets
which one of us stares out
I will not tell
together we walk the edges
of what had been my life
hoping not to slip
off the precipice


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Global Relapse

The world is on the brink of war
and economic collapse,
we've seen all of this before,
we're in a global relapse


Take us home

The skies parted
our prayers answered
angels arrived
to take us home


Saturday, September 15, 2012

We the people

Pressing matters
of lost importance
of the masses
and their struggles
fall upon the deaf ears
of those seaking glory
and riches,
and the ill got gain
from selling out
we the people


The love of power

Corruption it seems,
is the end and means....
Power and glory
fools and folly....
the power of love
sold out to the love of power


We made slow music

Whispers and sighs,
our lyrics of love...
we made slow music
under the stars above...


You occupied the imagination

You occupied the imagination,
but didn't change a thing,
you had no real cause,
wanting only change

You occupied the imagination,
but couldn't articulate your vision,
the media loved the noise you made,
making it easy to exploit your situation

You occupied the imagination,
but offered nothing, not hope,
your voices are silent now,
barely a historical footnote

You occupied the imagination,
but where are you now?
Your cause lacked foundations,
just empty words and vows...


The moment of missing you

I do not get past the moment
of missing you...stomach
tight to hold back the tears
It's a reaction not just of my
senses...but all of
seems to start in the pit
of my guts and radiate out
to all of nerve
endings are all raw on the
edges or at least seem so
The reality of not seeing you
isn't any easier as time's a prolonged agony


Friday, September 14, 2012

An opus of failure

An opus of failure,
that's what we leave
for all the children

Divisive are the times,
and divided we are,
on all things, big and small

And so the Republic
crumbles and falls

An opus of failure,
that's what we leave
for all the children


They called it a spring

They called it a spring,
but from it flows only blood,
and death, of lives and dreams....
destruction the end and means


As the republic fails

This is an era of historic failure,
as the great recession lingers on,
the republic fails, aided by the legislature,
hope for a better future is gone


Stimulus that doesn't

It's a banking shell game
a house of cards
deceit with another name
stimulus that doesn't
the suffering stays the same


Sorrow seems to wait

Peace, I cannot reach
one ripple on your sea
sorrow seems to wait
forever, just for me

Thunder and a rain cloud
no rainbow for a frown
and heart break hill around me
that's where I can be found

Heavy is the afternoon
though for peace, I pray
still there's beauty in a storm
across the sea today


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Endless Plight

A cold wind has blown
our house of cards down
The future isn't looking bright,
the great recession's endless plight
has lined the pockets of the few
who make the rules for me and you


If it were up to me

Why did you shut me out
wasn't love profound
if I told you too often
I'll promise not a sound

Won't you give my another try
only just one more
I'll try to be much better
don't just shut the door

Oh and if it were up to me
and you came a tapping
I'd answer joyous your little knock
and greet you, laughing


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dark Places

There's no need to try and understand hearts filled with hate,
nor ponder the dark places they dwell...
Their actions say all we need to know,
how much more innocent blood will we let them spill?


Just Once

Just once
we rolled out after midnight
two strangers who took a chance
and shared a night
I still remember that brief romance


Soft rhythms of the soul

We danced in the evening shadows,
to the music of our own making,
notes of murmurs and whispers,
soft rhythms of the soul


It's alright

When I'm stuck
I seek out quiet
and push out
all those voices
except the
small one
it's alright


Pain and Creativity

Pain crawls out
from the very deep
not surface
but surfacing
It is a necessity
of creativity
not an entanglement
but a giving birth
waiting on the edge
of awareness
and utterly, exclusively
your own.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Happy Endings

I want to write of happy endings
like all fairy tales did
It's the story of my life
I should be able to
write it the way
I wish
it to be...
or have been....


Remembered through life

A memorial to blood
a site of death...
like scorched earth,
a place void of life...
is this a fitting tribute
to those who lost

Yes, we we should remember,
but by living, as they did,
for that's what life's for...


Such is the aftermath

Tragic was the day that turned the world black
a senseless loss of so many souls
still in mourning for those that didn't come back
there's no filling the void, no becoming whole
such is the aftermath of an evil attack...


Waters of truth

Wash away your fears
in the waters of truth...
see the stars, senses clear
bathed in the fountain of youth


Monday, September 10, 2012

Stimulus Games

Stimulus games
are more of the same
grand corruption
theft of a nation
it didn't work before
and yet, here comes more
our elected officials have failed
for their crimes they should be jailed


Corruption in Trenton

Corruption in Trenton,
is anyone surprised...
government is
nothing else.


Failed Schools

Failed schools
strike at a nation
with failed hope,
political pawns
in an era of


My book of dreams

My book of dreams,
torn and tattered,
fading over the years...
Lists of things never done,
falling prey to my fears...


It's a finger pointing game

As they strike in Chicago,
politicians cross the country
collecting more loot...
taking credit if they can
for any good they had
no part of....
It's a finger pointing game,
do not, but blame...


Fear not

Fear chokes a garden of love
and poisons the waters
Fear hides in the shadows
it can't take the light
It takes the truth
to drive our fear away


Sunday, September 9, 2012


The earth tumbled and rolled
houses fell...
Mountains bounced
and rivers swelled
upon us Nature shook
and pounced


Key to power

There's no real fanfare for the common man
just a phony bill of goods being pushed
for the one thing that politicians hold dear
our votes, their key to power and its spoils



Change, like the seasons
is part of life, yet
we fear it
reject it
and just can stop it
maybe it's time to
accept it


Politics has no shame

You shore up your positions with fear,
playing on emotions, not truth
exploiting the meek and weak
all for personal gain...
politics has no shame


Our moment of truth

Let's dance through the night
slow magic moves of touch
and soft emotion

Let's whisper spells
and float in trances of love
until the sun brings a new day

Let's hold each other
until our two hearts
beat as one

Let's remember this moment
in it's glory and luster
as our moment of truth


Saturday, September 8, 2012

It's up to us

There's no magic to rekindle,
it's too late for that...
The man behind the curtain
has been exposed
there's no going back...
the damage that's been done,
there's no ignoring that
if we want things to get better,
we've got to take our country back..
it's up to us to get things
back on track


In all directions

The western sky glows with the yellow of love,
white clouds blow north with knowledge from above,
as the eastern skies fade to black like mystic waters,
the blue waters of the south beckon like loving daughters


No better than the rest

We rolled numbers in our youth
and spent our days in protest
only to find in the end
we were no better than the rest


Pulling their strings

The conventions may be over,
but we've still got two puppets,
high atop their sticks, yapping
like sick dogs

Soon they'll face each other
in a house of mirrors,
in a farce called a debate
as the puppet masters
joyfully pull their strings


Putting us in our place

Raging winds,
nature's fury,
ripping and tearing
at everything in sight...
A tempest not to be
bargained with...
putting us in our


Rainbow of hope

Fear left with the winds,
hope arrived as a rainbow,
Gone, the dark winter of doubt
and the cold rains of sorrow


Vigil of angels

They whisper softly over me
during their nightly watch,
as fragments of dreams, free
the vigil of angels above me


The past is truly over

The past is truly over
when you've learned
to forgive...


Inside out

You're an abstract vision
probably not
as I remember you
at all...
Someone said
you look so much older now
like time or life
has written you penalties
and sins for others to see
sketched them on the map
of your face
Are all your dreams
falling away?
You let loose of so many
people...afraid or
which one is good
picking the rotten fruit
each time...
wondering why then
everything tastes sour
bitter gall swallowed up
like acid to etch
writing what's inside... out


Friday, September 7, 2012

Head in the sand

You'd have to have your head in the sand
not to see the misery and grief across this land

Speeches won't solve the hardship in the country
nor provide a job for a long hurting family

Hard are the times knocking at the door
as we silently pray while we pace the floor

You'd have to have your head in the sand
not to see the misery and grief across this land


Giving away their lives

Give me, Give me, Give me
they chanted over and over again
to their candidate of false promise
on an alter made of lies,
a platform of deceipt....
A growing cult of parasites
giving away their lives


This storm is passing

In the early morning hours
just before dawn, the clouds thin
and part to reveal a half moon,
and a few stars...
all glowing in the pale light,
this storm is passing



Cold as ice
dead to the touch
a void
where love
once was


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Skip the speeches

Sound bites fade from forgetting ears
as the misery drags on and on
dreams fading year after year

Skip the speeches, you're not sincere
it's time for you to move on
that's become perfectly clear


The circus is in town

The circus is in town
propaganda juggled around
by jokers and clowns

Electric Kool-Aid
and rose colored glasses
were the party favors
at the tent revival,
while a nation struggled
for survival


Matrix of lies

A red pill or a blue pill
the choice still takes you to
the same matrix of lies


More of the same

It doesn't matter how many lies are told,
the faithful will hang on every word,
cling to every promise with hope,
and though nothing changes,
they come back for more of the same


Yesterday's Love

My heart is possessed is my mind
by yesterday's love...
life is so unkind.


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

You didn't build that

A better America,
You didn't build that
Hope for the future,
You didn't build that
Change for the better,
You didn't build that
Transparent government
You didn't build that

This land of Freedom
We built that
This Great Nation
We built that

You built a wall of deceit
You built a great divide

We've got to let you go,
and we'll build a better future
and we'll build a strong economy
and we'll re-build the American Dream


You wear it well

You wear it well
the mud you sling
a victim of your own ego
believing your own lies
failure becomes you


Just walk on by

You couldn't charm a snake
clothed in the rags
of a fallen emperor
we see through you disguise
we hear your empty words
of false promises and lies
stop selling disappearing dreams
just walk on by....


You're not welcome

You'll find no sanctuary here,
no words of encouragement,
no thanks, no gratitude

Sleep in the bed you've made
walk the road alone
you're not welcome here


Raw Wounds

Sometimes I feel as though
I've recovered all that I lost
and I'll put myself together again
no matter the cost...
I can look out and see beauty still
the mountains all around...
the trees, the sky, the clouds
this beauty does abound
It's a healing poultice
to my heart...
that has been as a raw wound
from the moment we did part.
I'd like to find the secret
of this beauty balm, this ecstasy
so the times when I come down to earth
I could take it out to comfort me.
I am as a creature wild
struggling against God's plan
How can I accept
what I don't understand?


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

We took it for granted

We took it for granted
our liberty
forgetting what it meant
to be free
letting slip away
into history


The Dream Died

The dream died
along with our freedom
speaches and lies
will never bring it back


Every Empty Word

Tent show
all the same
just different names
A frenzy of emotion
for the faithful
who follow
and stumble
over every
empty word.


Behind Love's Sweet Mask

If love cannot be resisted
is it then a treasure
or a prison made by
our desire for the pleasure
of one so craved physically
but more, much more
beloved for be
thought never done before
entrapping us in its grasp
a prison behind love's sweet mask
to shroud and campaign of sorrow


Monday, September 3, 2012

Wasted Opportunity

I find no hope in your empty gaze
nor comfort in transparent promises of change
the world isn't your stage
we're not fooled by you
nor the stooges who prop you up
you've done nothing
but wasted four good years


Hope for tomorrow

Our tears fill oceans
and bring rising tides
of heartbreak and sorrow

Love a waning potion
that falters and slides
leaving hope for tomorrow


Truth Prevails

In my dreams
there's no need for defenses
In my dreams
no heart ever breaks
In my dreams
we are together again
In my dreams
there is no emptiness
In my dreams
doubts fade away
In my dreams
the world is whole
In my dreams
truth prevails


Finding purpose

Our purpose,
will come with tasks
and deeds of love...
We forge our souls
with pain and joy
and blessings from above...


I'll never thurst again

My empty well has been filled
I'll never thurst again
nor want for joy....
since love has come along


My Gifts

My gifts come from above,
an empty heart to fill with love,
a curious mind to fill with happy memories,
and a hungry soul to nourish for eternity...


Just Waiting

Realities resting beyond our dreams
like far off planets in the heavens
waiting for us, just waiting


Drifting in time

Whenever I think of you,
I find myself
drifting through time,
aware of everything
you are...


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Cycles of nature

The summer is gone
departed on the wind
soon autumn leaves will fall
before the world grows still
under blankets of snow
until spring starts the cycle again


Snake Oil

Every four years we pick a new liar
or keep the same one...
but nothing ever changes,
just the faces selling the snake oil
all the while corruption eating away
at the soul of a nation....
Is the truth too much to ask?


Just go away

We've been listening
yet you've never had anything to say
gone are the promises
nothing's changed
and now we hope
you just go away


Can there be me?

It's the lack of your physical pesence
in my life...
that makes me want to give up
the fight...
and sink into the blackness
of the sea...
darker than
the darkest night...for
without you...can there be me?


Saturday, September 1, 2012

Truth you can't control

Our fight for freedom
is our constant
the foundation of this nation
it's never stopped
and never will....
Freedom is a sacred truth
we pursue...
Foolish politicans...
Liberty is in our blood,
it's not a thing for you
to take, nor grant
at a whim...

Our fight for freedom
is constant, never ending
it's a truth you can't control


We know the way

We want our dreams back
get out of the way
We want our country back
we'll lead the way
We want our future back
we know the way


Each silent stare

Oh but for death
that dividing, estranging angel
of darkness.
My world so small, dark in isolation
except for my dreams, these still
a link in the chain.
My nighttime hope, here you still remain
Death leaves no dignity, we struggle in its call
when all else is still, the eyes alone alive
too weak to speak except with your eyes.
Tubes in your heart, hands gnarled in pain
nothing of your old self, now linked with death
shall remain.
They lowered your body in the waiting ground
newly dug, dark with moisture still.
The eyes of those you loved, bowed down
or upturned to heaven in prayer,
each word, each tear, each silent stare.


Not much to offer

The only thing I have to offer
other heartsick lovers...
is the truth of my own pain.