Saturday, February 28, 2015

Mornings with God

The serenity of the morning is my time with God. I look forward to it as the highlight of my day. Even when I have plans for an outing with friends or to take a vacation. Nothing overshadows my mornings with God. I try not to concentrate on what I have to do this day but to put all my thoughts fully on Him. And to take time to quiet my thoughts and just listen so that I may hear His council.

Since I have begun starting my days with Him they are more peaceful and my thoughts come back to Him many, many times during the day. Periods of ongoing conversation, of messages, sharing, guidance, blessings and increased instances of synchronicity.

When we put God first, it is as if we ask Him to bless our day and so He does. Everything we do has a greater clarity as well as everything see. Even the beauty of God's little creations are not lost to us. We realize to be at peace is to minimize the chaos in our lives and that if things are not neat and orderly it distracts our mind thinking of what we need to do.

We also begin to think of our home as a temple that must be kept orderly to please God as a reflection of our interior spirit. We want both ourselves and our home to be welcoming places for God's residence. This we find ourselves putting flowers, candles, incense, and things of meaning on display for His enjoyment as well as ours.

As we maintain our morning with God we give time too to all things, our home, our work, our studies, our family, and friends. We welcome change and new knowledge, new challenges, and giving of ourselves to others. We remind ourselves during the day "what would Jesus do?" and then listen for the answer.


Friday, February 27, 2015

All the better

I am part of history and wonder at seeing the new pages of time forged from imagination. Let us pray that we can make peace a reality and the world all the better for it.


Vanquished Identity

I stare blankly
up into the heavens
of vanishing intensity
with confused expression
this my vanquished identity


Giving thanks and prayers

Help me to offer up prayers to those who need it, Dear God, sometimes that is the only way we can help. You hear every word we speak and even our thoughts before them. You know the sincerity of our hearts. I don't remember a day when there is not someone I pray for.

There is not only much tragedy in the world but those who feel helpless and depressed. Those who don't know how to reach out to you themselves. Those who are lost, weary, ill, oppressed, hungry, homeless or so caught up in material things they have forgotten what is important and that life is a spiritual journey.

My favorite prayers are those of gratitude for all the wonders, miracles, and blessings you work in our lives and for your sweet unconditional love. For your guidance and abundance. For the faith you have taught me that continues to grow and brings me peace.

For the beauty all around me that is your creation. For my friends and family. For what I can give to others in your name. Thank you for showing me the way. For teaching me, but mostly for your love. For all your forgiveness and the lessons you send that I may learn.

Thank you for the angels who watch over me and protect my loved ones as well. Thank you for the wind and the rain, the sunshine and flowers and thank you for the joy in my life.


Thursday, February 26, 2015

Some deny themselves joy

My heart bleeds for those who deny themselves joy. Those so concerned about control that they live in fear and therefore have lost their ability to allow themselves joy. They are afraid of sharing, fearing that what they give to others will somehow deplete what they possess.

They do not understand or accept the principles God teaches us, and thus they let their ego drown out the voice of the Holy Spirit and cannot hear or receive His teaching. To live thus is worse than being stranded in the desert, alone, without water or nourishment.

It is devastating to the spirit. We cannot change them. They have to desire the change themselves. Only we can open our hearts to receive. God gives us free will and never forces us into change. He sends us the Holy Spirit, guides and messengers but without our cooperation and openness we cannot see or hear what they have come to tell us or see what it is they show us.

We might as well be deaf and blind. The ego encourages our fear, our jealousy, our guilt, and our anger. For without these there is no need of the ego. In God there is only joy and peace, total acceptance, knowledge, and love.

God will provide for all our needs in abundance. Faith and prayer are answered. Sometimes a wake-up call is necessary for people to open their eyes. Sometimes even this is ignored. For the blindness of the ego can be complete.

Even when the opportunity to experience joy is offered to these lost souls, they turn away from it, making excuses not to participate and are resentful of those that do. They do not recognize the brotherhood in those around them but instead feel threatened by them.

They look for faults instead of goodness and thus receive what they seek, as we all do. For what we believe is what we receive. Goodness is not something we practice for an hour on sunday. It is a way of life, of being, of giving and sharing. It is a joy that can only be lived with God!


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

To share is to give love

The greatest gift we can give is to share. For what we share brings joy into our life as well as the lives of others. When we put things out of sight so that no one but us knows it is there, in the fear that someone may take it from us or that they also may want what we have also, and therefore we will not be unique in our possession, we are acting out of fear.

Of a desire to be special, of selfishness and greed. There is no joy in any of these feelings which leaves us as if in darkness. Sharing brings in the light, not only to our life, but the lives of others but into our hearts too. God means for all of us to share in His love and He loves all of us unconditionally.

He asks us to return that love not only to Him but to share it with all our brothers in Him. God is pure light. He is the absence of all darkness. Our fear is our own ego. Fear does not come from God. Only love does. When we close ourselves to others, that is not love.

When we deny our brothers what we can give or share, that is not love. Nothing we share decreases anything within us. Love and sharing are actually portents of our own power. We cannot make anyone less in the eyes of God, then we are.

To diminish another is to diminish one's own self. One who knows he is loved and is secure in him own self is able to give willingly to others from love, for they have found their own peace, nothing of this life can we take us, so why do we cling so desperately to things?

It is because we do not recognize our own immortality or our kinship to God. We are in fact denying Him with our own actions for we are denying His love as well as the love of our brothers which He commanded us to love as ourselves.

Therefore if we cannot love our brothers we cannot love ourselves either. We cannot hear the Holy Spirit speak to us for we have drowned Him out in our own fear. The Holy Spirit only asks that we release these fears unto Him and He will bring us back into the light and therefore we will know love.


Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Just as day follows night or a rainbow shines after a storm, we too will again find ourselves in the radiance of God's blessings and see our times of trail as necessary to strengthen us and our faith for the expansion of knowledge we have acquired.

God never abandons us. It is we who are in doubt and must be brought back into the light. It is prayer during these times that sustains us. It is looking beneath the surface for the lessons we need to learn and embracing them with open arms and thanking God for the experiences, for through them comes a greater consciousness, greater patience, and yes greater humility as well.

Only God knows what He is preparing us for and none of our lessons my be equal in our service to God. Be we all are equal to the task before us. God sends each of us the teachers and experiences we need for our particular path.

We should not doubt Him but do our best at whatever He sends us to learn knowing we will be using it in the future in our service to Him. He may have some of us instructed to teach, or draw, to heal, to write, or any number of things.

Trust that God knows what He is doing and that you are up to the task. Know that in His infinite wisdom God makes no mistakes. Learn joyfully. Offer the pain we overcome in thanksgiving. Know you are loved and that rainbows await you.


Just waiting

We may be experiencing closure with one period in our life and awaiting that new door to open, and it surely will, as God has promised us. This period of waiting and the trails and lessons we experience are often described as "the dark nights of our souls", but do not let this frighten you for God is but preparing you for better and greater things ahead.


And I will trust in the Lord

Sometimes we feel that we are in a place or position where we cannot thrive but God tells us we are right where we are supposed to be at this time in our life to learn the lessons we need to learn to serve us on our path in life.


Teach me, Oh God

Let me be accepting of what I can change, which is me and my attitude. Let me give all that I can give in love, friendship, acceptance, support, help, prayers, and a sharing of faith. Let me be the best person I can possibly be.

Help me to be generous of heart and to concentrate on the good life brings instead of lingering on the negative. Help me to live each day joyfully God for you are with me each day, showing me the way, guiding me, instructing me, but best of all - loving me, wholly and unconditionally.

We have a choice to make of our life what we will. There will always be good times and bad times. All we can do is accept them as they come and know you give us the strength to carry on through all circumstances.

Just as, after a rain, the sun shines again, so too do all hardships pass. I think you God for the lessons in all things. Nothing is wasted when we learn from the experience. I look forward to each new day and what will be revealed to me through it.

I see the blessings for what they are, even those that only will be revealed in time. Help me not to be judgemental, God, for I know not the hearts and minds of others. The only thing I can control are my own actions and reactions.

Let me always seek you before I speak. Let me not hide anything from you God but share everything with you that you may help me grow in spirit and wisdom. Help me be quick to forgive as I myself would want to be forgiven.

Teach me how to laugh often. To reach out as an ambassador of God, willingly giving all I have to give. Let me learn to accept gracefully as well as gratefully all that is given to me. Thank you God!


Monday, February 23, 2015


Temper and impatience help nothing, they only inflict wounds and leave scars. When we are patient and pray for God's help we receive the assistance that we need.


Fear not

God tells me not to fear. Others my not agree with my choices, but I have confidence in myself and in God in all matters. God is working through me to bring about the best outcomes to whatever situations I may face.

I am grateful that God is up all night anyway and is always willing to hear my concerns, to sooth me, and to bring me peace.


Sunday, February 22, 2015

God helps me through

I still get periods of unnecessary anxiety that keeps me awake at night or leaves me unsettled during the day until I remember to turn to God. That in all circumstances He is there for us. Thank you for the message and songs of angels to remind me.

God has also reminded me that I am His beloved child and sent His faith in Him to calm me. To relieve me of my stressful feeling so that I can sleep well, pushing away my bad dreams. I know that whatever the situation is, God is with me.


Saturday, February 21, 2015

Time for change

That you for the cooling rain today God, to herald in the fall. And it certainly is fall and my patio is covered with leaves. The maple trees are beginning, barely, to show a change of color, but I know soon that they will be brilliant with reds, oranges, yellows, and dropping their leaves to the ground.

Change is exciting and good. It creates keepsakes, fills the imagination, a makes for many memories.


Friday, February 20, 2015

Last Gasp

I can almost hear
the silence
in the shadows
of my past
struggling for balance
standing here
in a meadow
at memories I grasp
lost in fear
I can almost hear
the sirens
taking my last


In tranquility

There is a kind of tranquility
that can only be
a realizing afterward
the quiet following a word
spoken... the happiness
when things are done.... the list
of things to do all crossed out
when it's all alone and quiet...
there's no doubt...
you can see your experiences
as a whole... you should try it
this feeling can only be
a recollection in tranquility


Thursday, February 19, 2015

you her child

Embrace the earth
your muse she
waiting for you
like the moon
you'll discover
solidarity in nature
you her child
from birth till death


We took our time

We took our time
building a place between
now and then
filled it with silence
and seasons
from white to green
resting in the shade
of our passing through
before the world forgets
that we were ever here


No doubt

Perhaps I have written too freely
of my love for you
it is hard for me... really
to keep back the things I am feeling
especially this love for you
somehow I know there is no healing
my heart can endure
for even though you rejected me
my love was pure
and purity in love is not like a smile
a wistful thing
that can come and go.... I do not
need a ring
to prove you've been here... my love will grow
... I know... and I will blow the dust
from my heart.... though we did part
and all the colors of the rainbow
will come streaming in.... blue, yellow, rust
gold, green, red... and they will fill the spaces
that were left there in your stead
and through my soul will shine
all colors... every here
and there will be no doubt of mine
about my love for you


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Love's Butterfly Wings

Why do I call it
Love's Butterfly Wings?
Because love like the butterfly
is elusive
the harder you chase after it
the more it evades you...
when you find love
everything takes on a translucent glow
because this is how you feel
like looking through stained glass windows
when the sun is shining
or like a butterfly wing
it gives a similar effect
your world revolves around your beloved....
when you suddenly lose love
it is an unbearable loneliness
an isolation of feelings
so hurtful
you can only disbelieve the truth
that he... or she... really means goodbye
you feel bewildered
and question what you could have done wrong
and how to right it...
when you finally realize it is true
when it really sinks in
you feel betrayed
and want to strike back
or just suffer from emotional exhaustion
it's still somewhat unreal to you
and there's always
that little glimmer of hope....
when you realize even that is gone
you feel angry.... rejected
you gave so much of yourself
for what?
Since you can't fight a decided thing
which you had no part in closing
you withdraw into yourself
and reject love as an answer
and you fear losing others close to you
you become numb....
as if in limbo
all life is suspended


We need only ask

Sometimes we forget what is truly important when we are caught up in worry, in mundane trivial things of life. Instead of being grateful, we worry. Instead of seeing the beauty around us and all the blessings we received daily from you, Dear God, for we are blinded by our own fear.

Let us lift up our eyes instead of being downcast. Let us be open to change instead of mired in the unimportant. Through faith we are released when we allow your will to become our will and live in the joy, peace and greater consciousness that you bring to us.

Life needn't be difficult if we stop struggling and turn to God for the answer. He is always awaiting us, never too busy for us, and will always answer us. I have learned that often God's response is almost immediate and at other times we must be patient and always believe for the answer is forthcoming.

Sometimes the answers are not as we expected but it is never less than what is for our greatest good. When we leave things in God's hands our life becomes a series of miracles at work. We can ask His help in anything and know that it is forthcoming.

It is always best to be ready when we call upon Him. To be prepared for marvelous changes, new vistas, a greater abundance and a life changed way of living. For once we invite God into our life He becomes a full participant and everything takes on new meaning.


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Count your blessings

Everything I read affirms that prayer is answered. When we reach out to God He not only answers, He lifts us up and changes our life. When we think we are reaching an ending in our life, we are actually experiencing a new beginning instead.

One door has closed and a new one has opened. Trust in God and step through into a new joy and fulfillment. God has nothing but blessings for us, for God is the bearer of unconditional love. Do not let fear keep you grounded in the past but let faith lead you into a new glorious future that God has prepared for you.

Keep your dreams alive but do not stay enmeshed in rigidity. Let God's will lead you to blessings you never dreamed of for yourself. For God will fulfill your purpose and more. With Him our cup truly overflows with goodness.

There are no negatives in God's world or in ours when we learn to follow His guiding light. Nothing before the day I gave my life into God's hands was ever filled with such peace and joy. Never have I experienced such and abundance and such hope.

What I had been clinging to were illusions. Now God has opened my eyes to His truth and His love is the guiding force in my life. Now I ask God's guidance in all things and await His answers, knowing they always come, many times with greater blessings than I ever anticipated.

Once we take one step forward in faith, God brings us the rest of the say. We learn to see things through new eyes, listen with new ears, and speak only from a loving heart. We recognize God in all others and see no one as our enemy.

We keep an open mind and see the possibilities in all things rather than any negativity. We are truly aware of the beauty of God's world and the gift of each day. Life is what we make of it, with God's help it is more amazing and filled with love and miracles. The old saying "count your blessings" is ten-fold when you live it in awareness and with God's guidance. Be at peace.


Monday, February 16, 2015

God gives insight

I am grateful as always for the insights you give me, Dear God. To know that what I experience in life are the lessons by which I grow. To look not on the faults of others but to see the reasons for their development. To know that discipline is necessary in order to learn from our mistakes.

To not be stagnated and to be understanding. To not feel threatened by the success of others. To not judge my life in comparison to others. We each came here for our own purpose and to seek and fulfill that purpose is what we need to concentrate on, not on the perceived wrongs or pain we feel that others have caused us.

We need but be grateful for the lessons that allow us to change and grow. Nothing is as it seems and we must not rush too quickly into judgement but learn to look deeper into cause and effect to be tolerant and loving. To let go of fear so that we can grow through our experiences and be grateful for them.

Each of us has our path and our responsibility is our own behavior, our own growth, and development. To not concentrate on the past or worry about the future but to be aware of the present as the gift from God it is. We cannot change the past and therefore should release it, extracting only the lessons and releasing the pain.

God does not make mistakes but we do. He has given us the power of choice, of understanding, of being loving and forgiving. There are no faults, only lessons to our personal growth. We can choose to ask God into our life to be our personal teacher and guide.

To give us the insight to change and expand. To love even the unlovable. To be tolerant and giving. To spend less time worrying about the behavior of others and concentrating on continually improving our own.

When we learn to recognize and release our hidden angers, only then can we be at peace. We can ask God for His help and He will teach us to release for only then can we truly love and feel secure in God's love which is unconditional.


Sunday, February 15, 2015

Be empowered

We cannot always control the circumstances of our lives but we can control how we react to those circumstances. That is what choice and free will are all about. We can take responsibility for our own actions and reactions.

To blame others, to blame life itself for our behavior is to disempower ourselves. When we do this we are also abdicating our ability to change. Only when we take 100% responsibility for who we are, how we behave and how we live can we change our own circumstances.

We have the power of choice. In this context, there are no victims but empowered individuals who can not only make a difference in their lives but in the lives of others. When we choose to take control of our own life it affects the way we think, perform, how we treat others, our work, our home, our relationships, and our experiences.

Because we choose to view things differently, we react to events in a different manner. We may view a misfortune as merely a challenge whereby we have an opportunity instead of a setback. We don't give up and give in to a "poor me syndrome" but instead regroup, reevaluate, and move on.

We see the lessons in the circumstances and learn from them rather than feel sorry for ourselves and look for places and people to lay blame onto. We can learn to take charge of our life. When something happens we can decide what we are going to do about it.

How we choose to act or react. It is always within our power. When we realize that life is constructed of continuous lessons we can learn by, we start seeking them in all circumstances and therefore we continually grow.

To abdicate them to others or to the world is to say that we are helpless and without power in our own lives. To retain a positive attitude and to seek strength from God, as well as wisdom is to be at peace. To think constructively and release blame is order to experience change and growth. To realize there is a purpose to all things.


Saturday, February 14, 2015

The gift of gratitude

Gratitude is one of the greatest things we can experience. It is an awareness for all the blessings in our life. It is an attitude that teaches us to look for the good in all things, instead of concentrating on what we feel has gone wrong.

When we start listing our reasons for gratitude each day we find that the reasons for gratitude grow instead of diminish. It is an attitude that changes our whole way of looking at life itself and all our daily experiences. Gratitude strengthens our faith, teaches us a new way of communicating not only with God but with others.

It creates a desire in us to want to share our blessings so that others may experience that joy as well. Gratitude helps us to develop a desire to be of service, to make a difference, to teach these principles so that others may understand this consciousness of living gratitude brings, as well.

Gratitude teaches us to have a closer relationship with God, to our fellow man and all creation. It teaches us to live responsibly, to be aware of the consequences of all that we do or fail to do. A gratitude attitude enlarges life in ways that were unexpected.

Gratitude increases love, eliminates intolerance and teaches us to see everything in the light of God. Gratitude is more than appreciation, it is being spiritually attentive in live. It is always striving to be the best that we can be, of being aware of our actions and a desire to make a difference in our existence.

We learn through gratitude to reach out and touch others. It becomes, not as much about ourselves, but all things. And all things become a part of us. We learn not to overlook the smallest kindness. It changes negatives into positives through a new way of seeing and of being thankful.

It changes things from an obligation to a joy. It increases all our senses to a new height of awareness and it brings us into a state of peace. Gratitude is not a school curriculum but it is one of God's lessons. The more of it we have, the more we learn to give, and the greater joy we live!


Friday, February 13, 2015

Moving to new levels

It is easier to remember and practice faith in the good times, but our faith increases ten-fold when we hold on to it through the hard times. When we remember that God is with us each step of the way, that He never abandons us and that we cannot see clearly through a situation and where it may be leading.

Do not try to judge a situation, at all, as right or wrong. For only God knows what valuable lessons are contained and what joy may be waiting at the end of the road. Ask for peace, strength, and increased faith during times of struggle, doubt, and anxiety and God will see you through.

He will relieve of us all our negative thoughts, which are forms of fear and bring us back to truth. How can we have doubts, when all things come from God? He has much to teach us and we have many lessons to learn. One of them is strength and faith in adversity.

It builds spirit and character. God hones us so that we are prepared to deal with all things. When things are difficult we should not see them as bad. Things are simply more difficult at times, but that is how we learn. Compare it to school when each grade our level of learning becomes more advanced.

So too is life. Understand that, when we learn to work our way through problems we are achieving a higher curriculum in life lessons. We are advancing in spirit, and so we should be grateful too for the opportunity to learn more.

Instead of being in doubt, have faith that the purpose to all things is increased knowledge, and that peace is possible at all times. Trust in the Lord, and give thanks. Dear God I thank you for the lessons you are teaching me today.

For the opportunity to learn, and that I may be conscious of the beauty of all creation even in times of adversity. There is always reasons to be joyful and to be grateful as well. The sooner I learn, the sooner I can move on to a new level of understanding, always in your peace and love.


Thursday, February 12, 2015

Remember to give thanks

Give thanks to the Lord every day; give thanks for there are blessings in all things. When I no longer had a job I gave thanks and God provided me with ability to learn a new occupation, one that has brought me much joy.

When I no longer had a regular paycheck that I could count on I gave thanks and God has provided me with an abundance I never had before and a realization that He, not me, is the source of my abundance.

When I felt down I gave thanks and God in His wisdom has lifted me up with the worlds I need for spiritual growth and to be at peace. He has set me on a new path of enlightenment, of greater consciousness, and awareness in all things.

When my back, shoulders, arms and hands, as well as my fingers are sore and at times I am unable to sleep I give thanks for the discomfort reminds me of the many who are injured worse than me, even paralyzed and cannot feel pain or the tingling of numbness and would be grateful to change place in my pain, which is tolerable.

I give thanks for my sight, my hearing, my sense of touch and smell. To know the beauty of God's creation and above all to recognize the blessings in my life. To realize I am learning through everything I experience and to give thanks. God gives us the ability to be grateful.


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Looking Back

I will treaure these days
looking forward to the future
when looking back is easy
filled with joy and smiles


Be Prepared

We must learn patience for all good things take time. We must learn to prepare ourselves for the long journey as well as the joy of the moment. Preparation means that we need to work on our spiritual growth on a daily basis, not randomly.

For when we keep contributing in the good times we will be well grounded and prepared in faith to get us through the hard times. It is the journey that is important, the day to day living that fuels our spiritual tanks. Take time to be with God, to seek His advice and guidance.

Take time time to pray, to read, to grow, to see the beauty around you, to live in awareness and to know that God walks with you each step of the way. He gives us adversity to strengthen us. At times we must wait to achieve our goals to teach us patience.

It is what we are doing between the big moments of life that count, not the moments themselves for they can be fleeting. So we prepare ourselves daily. We choose to live each day to the best of our abilities. To bestow kindness to others. To serve and to love.

God will give us what we need when we need it. But it is what we do while we are waiting that determines our character. Each day is a new opportunity in our preparation of life's journey. To train spiritually, mentally, physically to increase our faith and our God connection.

Life is like a marathon race where we should take one mile at a time, one day at a time. Instead of concentrating on what the future holds we need to embrace each day for the wonders and blessings it holds. If we keep our eyes on the horizon often we neglect to see what is in front of our face.

Life is meant to be lived and appreciated in the now. To be grateful for all the blessings we have now as we continue to work and prepare for what is yet to come. If God should call upon us would we be ready? Make each day count, do you best at all times and live in gratitude.


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Off somewhere

I'm off somewhere
without a care
or a friend
I can recall
no voice or words
left to share


Help me, help others

How can I be of help to others Dear God? How can I encourage them, what words can I use to make a difference? I trust in you for myself and I have experienced your grace in the peace of my life and you have led me on a new path that is very fulfilling.

Because I believe in you I also believe I will succeed and that what I do will make a difference. I am grateful to be able to encourage others. We all have difficult times for that is part of life and of learning. How can I help others God?

I know only you can make the difference but since I care to help too, give me the right words to make a difference. Help me to show others how faith can change their life. That fear is only a tool and not a state of being but of growing beyond.

That they can overcome the fear and depression through faith and taking that step, or leap, that will lead them into a new life where they too can be productive and make a difference. I too have been lost but now I am found.

I asked for you help and I received it. Others too need your help and I am asking on their behalf. Help them see the possibilities that are open to them, and please Dear God, help with the abundance that will make it possible.

The devil loves to torment us, to make us doubt, to keep us in the darkness for it keeps us away from you God. Help them to choose to reach out their hand so that you can pull them up. Show them that miracles are possible. Help them to regain their faith and to be productive. Enlighten their path and help make the way smooth. Thank you.


Monday, February 9, 2015

Prayer Partners

Even if you don't believe. Believe that I believe for you. When we pray for others we are professing our faith that we can act as intercessors on their behalf. Even when they are in doubt the faith of others will be heard on their behalf.

We do not know the lessons they need to learn as we do not know the lessons we are yet to encounter. But we can have faith for ourselves and for them that God works for their best interests as He does for us. God loves all His children, even the prodigal son and those that are lost as the sheep.

We each have periods of the dark night of the soul that does proceed and follows times of change, of a new path. Believe that you will come out of this tunnel and into the light and that God will guide your steps. God wants us to release our fears into His hands that He may work miracles, small and large, in our lives and give us new faith.

When you are in doubt seek spiritual prayer partners that can pray with and for you. When you have doubts they will have belief for you for they trust in God and His unconditional love. All prayers are heard and when one or more of us pray together in His name a powerful force is created.

God cares for each and every little thing in the universe, nothing is too small for his notice. He knows everything you think and feel, all of your fears and anxieties. God wants you to ask for His help, his guidance and will give you what you need when you need it.

Do not be afraid to ask. He will provide you with abundance, with a place of your own, the right opportunities, all that you need to succeed. Just as He gives the earth the rain, the birds an ability to fly, nectar for the  bees, so too will He provide for you.

But when we are in fear we block our own growth and abundance therefore seek a prayer partner for their strength and prayers that will act on your behalf. From their lips to God's ears.


Sunday, February 8, 2015

Our own destiny

We need to follow our destiny wherever it leads, for each of us has a purpose here in life. God has set a path before us that is uniquely ours. He has given us each our own lessons to learn in this lifetime. Each lesson is for our spiritual growth thus should we embrace it and be grateful, even if, at the time, we cannot see the benefits it holds for us.

Only God knows all things, ask for His guidance along the way and you will receive it. Life is never stagnant but always evolving. To continue to seek knowledge keeps us moving forward on life's path. Each step leads us forward. Take time to be in appreciation each day.

Continue to set new goals, to be of greater service. Live in joy your own life not in envy of others for we never know the difficulties others may be experiencing but we can always realize our own joys. Always strive to do the best you possibly can at whatever you choose to do but do not be competitive with others.

Seek to do work that you love for you will find greater purpose in it. Make of your home a reflection of your spiritual self and invite God to abide with you there, asking Him to bless it and all who enter through its portal. Be authentic with yourself and others.

Do not strive to be someone you are not. God created you perfect, just as you are. Be grateful for no one is exactly like you. We are all unique and each his his own path, his own destiny to fulfill. No one else can achieve what you were sent here to accomplish and it is never trivial in God's eyes.

We cannot all be famous in the world but we are never less that another in the eyes of God. Learn to love yourself as God does. God does not make mistakes, only perfection. What can you do to make a difference while you are here?

What has God called you to do? Embrace it with joy for you are serving God's will for you and no one else could do it better.


Saturday, February 7, 2015

Love's soul

Love's soul
beats within
a time so slow
the day begins
my memory strolls
back to my prince
who made me whole


Perfect Day

A perfect day
this day
so let's say
and go our
on this perfect
the last
the last
we'll care
just another
this perfect


Love's decay

We tested our love
in vivid clarity
those silent embraces
frozen breaths
of yesterday
held in trances
together in step
before love's decay


Help me do more

I can do more than I have been doing and I can share more than I have been sharing. I have so many blessings that I need to box some up that others too may benefit. I have clothes hanging that I never wear, and shoes. Please God help me take the time to go through what I no longer use that someone else may benefit that needs and can use them.

Teach me, Dear Lord, to share more, give more, care more, and thank you for reminding me. What I don't use I obviously don't need. Let me unburden myself, create space, bring more light into my life, and harmony into my home and heart.

Help me to let go of those thoughts as well that are not of a positive nature. Teach me, Dear God, to do things now instead of always putting them off. Show me the way, Oh God. I think you for the thoughts you give me each day and the lessons.

Help me to incorporate them in my life. Just keep pointing the way God and I will try to follow. You continue to overwhelm me with your abundance and gladden my heart, my days are filled with joy, and I know love with you.


Friday, February 6, 2015

I forget

I forget
and faces
I forget
and places
I forget
and hours
I forget
in ciphers
I forget
and all
I forget
not young
to recall
and so...
I forget


Pray for others

When we pray for others we also are blessed, for when we give we also receive. When our prayers for others are answered we experience joy, and it increases not just their faith but ours. It leads us away from fear and makes us more conscious of a world beyond ourselves.

We learn to care about the suffering of others and to give back, if only in prayer. We acknowledge a higher power and seek help and guidance. We know we are never alone and that God can do what we cannot do for ourselves.

In return we receive faith, joy, peace, and a greater awareness. It is good to be concerned about others. It is important that we believe. Nothing is impossible with God. He works miracles everyday. Be open to the possibilities that we too can receive miracles in our lives.

When we pray don't limit God but be open to the possibilities that He will give us even more than we ourselves would ask for. Be generous with others, affirm your abundance and your belief that God will provide.

Acknowledge your belief that God loves you unconditionally. He does not ask that you earn it, only accept it and do likewise. God does not turn away from us, it is we who turn away from God. Sometimes we say we are not worthy, or are too busy, some of us claim to not even believe.

It doesn't matter, God believes in you. He always has time for you and God will show us how not only to forgive others but to forgive ourselves. Just ask Him. Prayer doesn't have to be formal. There are no set formulas to prayer just open your heart and your thoughts.

Share your life, your joys, and your sorrows, your concerns and your triumphs, and remember to thank Him for all your blessings. Abundance is possible, so is love, rewarding work, friends, and family, and a peaceful existence. All we need do is include God in our life, believe so that we may receive, and be grateful for all that we have.


Thursday, February 5, 2015

Before Twilight

My last fight
shaky in the ring
days of fright
to the past I cling
memory takes flight
forgetting stings
lost in plight
a final string
before twilight


Pray, trust, release

We must trust in God, even when we pray. Know that God hears your words, knows what is in your heart and will answer. Release your prayers to Him, do not cling to them like a lifeline afraid to let go. For it is only when we release that we can hear and receive.

It is saying "I have done all I can do, now it is up to you, Oh God". We offer up our prayers and lay them at God's feet. Then we wait in faith knowing that His answer will come. Often we are surprised by God's generosity and abundance, or at the speed we receive an answer as if He has been waiting for us to ask, and often He has been.

We do not pray to force God to our will but to conform us to His, for His plans for us are greater, more magnificent, than any plans we have for ourselves. We cannot see the larger picture, but God can. When we put our life in God's hands all kinds of miraculous events begin to happen.

Our life becomes a continuous product of synchronicity as God sends to us what and who we need when we need them. Things begin to fall into place like a jigsaw puzzle piece by piece becoming clearer as it becomes filled in and that path is made known.

We wonder why we spent so much time in struggle when all we had to do was release it to God. To give Him our fears so that He can give us faith. To release our insecurities that He may show us the way. We have but to ask, but ask we must for God has given us free will and it is us who must be willing to relinquish it in order for Him to give us more than even we would ask for.

God only  wants to show us how much He loves us as any parent does. Call Him abba, know Him intimately, put your trust in Him and you will never be disappointed. Learn to listen, to be open and ready to follow where He leads you.

Be willing to accept the abundance that He gives and to always be grateful and to share. Teach others to believe and pray for them that they too may find the way.


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Along with myself

I long to stay
in these moments
of passing
lost in thought
and losing them
along with myself


Accept God's Full Abundance

Each day there are new lessons to learn and I thank you for teaching me, Oh God. Today you showed me how often we turn down your gifts, as we ask for and expect, and thus receive less than you would bless us with. When we open our hearts wide you generously fill them to overflowing.

Help me to see God your abundance and to accept it from whatever source you choose to provide, in whatever amount. I read the story of the room in heaven filled with the many gifts, we in our lives have declined, that God has sent. Or that we have chosen less than God would have sent is there.

They sit with our names on them but never have been delivered. I know you want to give us many blessings. Help us to believe that we are worthy of receiving them as true children of God. Sometimes they come to our door and we blindly send them away because we are waiting for a miracle in another form.

We have often read the parable of entertaining strangers unawares but we don't expect them to come to our doorstep or that it may be disguised in another form. When you give us opportunities God let us not only be grateful but willing to accept the full abundance that you want to send us. Let us not be so stuck in our tunnel vision that we refuse your gifts because we didn't recognize them.


Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Help me to learn

Help me to be patient, Dear God, and to realize that I can only accomplish forgiveness and change within myself and cannot force others to change. The best I can do is be an example in my own life and pray for those that need it.

I can forgive myself for all my past mistakes and any I might make in the future and realize others will also make mistakes and even when we are hurt by them we need not return like with like but neither do we need to take untruths to heart.

God you are the only one who can judge and you are more forgiving than we humans are, please show us the way. Help me to accept what is and stop expecting more. Thank you for teaching "me" how to express myself to others and to tell them that I enjoy their company.

I understand from my own experience that we need to say the words. So I thank you for my own spiritual growth. Thank you too for the angel friends who have taught me how to hug, to say "I love you" and "miss you" and "appreciate your thoughtfulness".

They have been angel teachers to me who have opened their homes and their hearts. My life is better for the people you've put in it.


Monday, February 2, 2015

God handles all things

When we leave things in God's hands He always resolves things for our best outcome. God has given me closure on one area of my past that I may continue to move on confidently into the future for I know that He has plans for me and will reveal them in greater clarity in time.

I put my life and my faith in God trusting in His greater wisdom and in His love. I feel that this is another small miracle in my life and that He will resolve any outstanding issues so that there may be complete closure to old wounds.

God has taught me how completely He loves us and wants us to rely on Him. That He truly will open new doors for us and that they will lead us on paths that are greater, more fulfilling than we could ever imagine for ourselves.

God is the greatest teacher of all and He cares about each and every one of us. No problem is too small or too large for Him to handle. We can never turn to Him too often, for His love and care are unlimited. I wait with anticipation for the new surprises He has in store for me.

I know each day as a blessing and live fully and consciously in each day, and give thanks to the Lord. I am inspired by the wonder and beauty He creates. I am grateful for the friendships He has led to to and to see them grow and be strengthened my our faith.

God has answered my prayers and worked miracles in the lives of my friends and family. He has cared for our health and blessed me with the anticipation of a new journey. He has shown through His constant devotion to our lives how much he loves us.


Sunday, February 1, 2015

God's small miracles

I believe that God has created miracles in my life. I have been taught that release can give you the miracle of faith. That if we take small steps toward Him, God will lift us up the rest of the way. He has given me the miracle of releasing my anger, bitterness, fear, resentment, blame, and unforgiveness.

All the negativity that was keeping me from growing in spirit and closer to God. He given me the miracle of truly seeing and appreciating the beauty around me and in others. God gave me a new opportunity to use the talents He blessed me with and new goals and more importantly faith in myself that I can succeed, and not to believe in those who tried to discourage me.

When I prayed for positive people to deal with, ones who would listen and have understanding hearts, that is what I received. They were and are kind and supportive and give me encouragement. They have succeeded in giving or getting me what I need to pursue the path God has put me on.

That is a miracle in itself. God has given me the abundance to supply my every day needs and beyond. Whatever I have needed from a computer to an encouraging word He has provided it for me. But beyond that God has healed my heart and taught me that forgiveness not only brings release, it brings peace.

It teaches us to also seek forgiveness for being willing containers for the negativity we have clung to and sets us free. Free to pursue a new life and a new way of living, new goals, and new visions. I have learned not to cling to certain outcomes and to know Gods knows best in all things. To use my energy to move forward, to help others, to spend time in calm meditation with God. To ask for and receive, but most of all to believe in God and miracles.