Friday, May 31, 2013

A joyous victory

Green and amber of the past
burned into memory,
across a thousand springs I dash
a joyous victory...
so short, life gone, in a flash


The fabric of life

The fabric of life
woven so tight
from love and strife
over days and nights
with dreams and fears
with joy and fright
all our days and years


That golden glow

When we were together
Everything had a golden glow
It really was like that
for me... it was is if
the whole world...
were in bloom... or like
the bright autumn colours
the yellows, rusts and oranges
and sweet smell of
everything... like after a rain.
It was a warm and golden
time... in my life
all the hills were covered
with green growth... and
the trees seemed to reach
for the sky... the sea
sparkled and glistened
as it never had before
and almost seemed to
talk to you with its
melodious sounds... coming
up to lap around your feet
wet and warm... oh, the
feel of it... and the salty
smell of the air... so brisk
maybe it's just the way I felt
that there was an extra
something that spring...
or maybe it really was
that way... because of you.


I like being me

I know I am different
accept me for my differences
I do not strive to be
one of the crowd
this has never been my goal
hardships and pain
have created me as I am
but love too...
One makes me indestructible
one makes me care
to flower in the sunlight
take time to know
the real me
not the facade I put up
to protect the inner self
I like being different
I like being... me.


Thursday, May 30, 2013

Banishing a world of sterility

As all this land soon will be
covered by waters of the sea
clouds raining down in tranquility
the earth freed from captivity
our dreams no longer an improbability
imagination will reach out infinitely
banishing a world of sterility


Finding Home

We traveled the rocks
gathering barnacles for fishing
playing with the sea creatures
the crabs peeking out at us
strangers to their environment
the waters lapping to and fro
trying to catch our feet
with its wetness...
laughing, happy day
the surfers riding high
upon each wave
carrying them in to shore
sometimes wiping out
peeling their wetsuits off
sitting on the back of their truck
with no embarrassment
to their nakedness exposed
the sunbathers drinking in
the warmth from the sky
sailboats showing their sleekness
counterparts to the speedboats
racing across in hurriedness
whitecaps breaking around them
the sand is people specked
swimming with all humanity
trying to come back to nature
they cannot capture
its expansiveness
touch the surface
of all its secrets held
I climb upon the rocks
and know... I am home


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A thousand deaths

I have died a thousand deaths
and yet, have not truly lived...
for without love... is life complete?
Without someone to share your
all... are you really whole?
Can there be satisfaction in...
half life?
Having known you... How can
I settle for less than...
What I am sure can be beautiful...
You are so afraid... you hide
from me in the shadows of your
life... It's almost as if you...
punish yourself by not allowing
yourself real happiness.. You
never think you're worthy to
have a good loving life... and
you're afraid of hurting so many
... So you hurt then anyway...
by hanging on when you don't
really care... by letting go
when you do.
I wish you love... for I love you.


Homesick and Blue

The warmth of you
a haunting memory
homesick and blue
reuntied we will be



There are many things
I have put aside
in my life... dreams
that could never be
reality... gone
a gentle touch long ago
left behind... but not forgotten
somehow it doesn't matter
I once had... love
that counts...
not everyone is lucky enough
to find something so special
to care as much
and to build sandcastles
in their minds...
true they are washed away
but they once were there
that reality...
is still there... undenied
and to share
all that I am with others
for only by sharing
do we grow...
I realize some things
will never again be
but I can still give you
love... to share
this greatest gift
I give...


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

All that is

Time will take everything away
a new born  baby, an old lady
all that is with us today
will be gone one day


Respect for slience

I pity people who have not
had the opportunity to be...
alone... by themselves... with
themselves... to discover themselves.
For you are too bound up...
with everyday trivia to really
sink in deep into the subject...
The presence of another person
shuts out the world... but
locks you into their world
with them... Oh, and it's
so beautiful to be alone...
There are times when we
all need someone else but
we also need our private... me... times.  There
are times when I want no...
one, absolutely no one...with
me... to be able to drink in the
countryside or the seashore
and realize the immensity of
it all and to feel a part of
the whole cycle of life... to go
beyond the small things and
to feel incorporated into...
the universe... but sometimes,
if you are the right people,
you can be alone together...
each locked into your own
thoughts and...yet...sharing
that intimacy of being...
with each other... but few
people have learned that
speciality of... respect for silence.


Monday, May 27, 2013

Unraveled Dreams

I've come a long, long way this year
shut many a door
traveled a lifetime on paper
I never had before
I thought I wouldn't survive these days
and here they've come and gone
I've unraveled all the dreams I had
and I don't know if I've lost or won
or if it even matters in the end
for to love and be loved
is all that matters now


Haunt someone else

Invisible man
dream lover
of the past
time to move on
and haunt
the dreams
of another...


We couldn't be friends

The bonds were broken
long ago, unbound from
you I've moved on,
and yet, there you are
from time to time
racing through my memory
and I lament the fact
we couldn't be friends


Love is all we need

Don't let yourself be trapped in negative emotion, fear, anger, worry, self-pity, unworthiness, greed, or doubt.  For when we open the door of our hearts God fills them abundantly through love.

When we realize God's love of us and all he has given us, we can release the ego's untruths and follow the intuition of spirit to guide us.  We can accept that we are part of a divine purpose.

We can be in our natural state which is love.  We can be of service to others and the world.  We can share the love and blessings we have been given and know that what we give we receive back ten-fold.

Practice gratitude daily.  Do not clamor to be acknowledged in appreciation, only know that God is aware of all you do and of your right purpose.

Always give your best as if you were serving God himself.  In truth, you are, for we are all part of the divine all-that-I-am.  Give for the joy of giving, of serving, of making a contribution that the world may be a better place for all of us.

Be an example to others of love in action.  We are never given more than we can handle, no matter how it seems at the time.

Trust that God knows us better than we know ourselves.  He wants us to succeed.  Sometimes we do not see the grace behind the challenge, but God knows it is there.

Through God's grace is growth.  We are in the right place, at the right time, serving the right purpose with the right people for this moment in our life.  God does not make mistakes.

It is part of the process of this lifetime.  When we are ready to move on there will be new experiences, new people, new roads to travel.  Love and faith are all that we need.


Courage to love

How easy it is to hide behind blame,
and shut love out.... it takes courage
to love, to grow, to feel, to be...


Paint the world

Angels guide my brush
as I paint a world
of faith and trust...


Escape from time

When at last
we escape
from time...
We will
truly be


My old plates

My old plates
served decades
of meals
at countless celebrations
and holidays
such fun and cheer
My old plates
now empty for years
I tossed out
my old plates today


Letters await

Letters from Canada
sit on my table
news from relations
and turning events
My reply so slow
in coming, it's time
slipping away
lost to me now
as new letters
arrive to await
their own



I can count
twice as far
back or more
as ahead
funny how time
works that way


Old Books

The books upon my shelf
yellow with each passing year
words fading like memories
a different face I call myself
the end of the journey is near


Lord keep my heart open

Lord keep my heart open
let nothing but love live there
don't let any bitterness seep in
and take root inside somewhere
Let me always be proud
of who and what I am
and always strive to live
the best life that I can
It's not money and greed
the needs that one should feel
but a striving for truth and beauty
things that are so real
to fill our storehouses
for when time has past
and all things money can buy are gone
these things still will last.


Sunday, May 26, 2013

Measuring Time

Time isn't counted by clocks,
nor measured by seasons,
or the sweeping hands of a watch...
it's the seconds of love that count
adding up to full hearts and lives


Each day is a blessing

Each day is a blessing and a gift from God.  He provides for our needs.  We put our faith in him and he is generous indeed, for he gives to us in abundance that we may share.

Ask God when you are in doubt and he will answer.  Send out the energy of love to those in your life and to those who pass along life's way.

Do not be afraid but listen to the messages he sends, they are to comfort you.  Others don't understand and think you are idle or lazy but God knows the truth.

He sees into your heart and knows what is in your mind.  This is a time for personal growth and to eliminate blocks that are keeping you from your path.

You must first clear away all the debris you have been carrying with you and lighten your load.  Then the Lord will pave the way.

God has called others to find their way at the same time, there is no coincidence  but a purpose and you will know it in time.

It is not hard to wait when you are busy preparing and that is what internal growth is, a preparedness, a cleansing, an inventory for God.

Tune into the channel for heavenly message and listen, tune out the static of naysayers and seek peace.  The words are all around you.  Tune in for you will know the truth when you hear it.

God is calling.  Many are called but few are chosen, so be prepared.  Listen for the sound of angel wings as soft as a breeze for they are around you to guide you on your way.


What am I to do?

I have the desperate feeling
that things will never...
be the same between us again.
I have never felt right about
it since we parted... superstition
...some might say... The apartness
from you is overwhelming...
Like my soul is being torn
apart and separated from...
my body... I feel so completely
alone... even in a crowd.
I felt that we couldn't...
stop once we'd started
being one... You felt that we'd
never started... it was just an...
episode... You'd had others before.
This hideous waiting and...
searching my soul for want..
of you... What am I to do?


Saturday, May 25, 2013

Dear Angels

Dear angels be beside me, now,
guide me through each anxious moment,
as you did the saints in their trials of faith,
lead me down the path of love...
and give me strength, each,
and every day...


Open Spaces

The world is shining in vivid colors,
such rich blue in the skies,
carried on a spring breeze...

I am caressed by the wind,
entertained by the hummingbirds,
entranced by the clouds...
moving in constant change
across the sky, as I wonder
at each flower unfolding.

This drama of nature,
reaching out to my soul,
for my spirit to drink it in...

My eyes are witness to life,
and wonder, a spiritual
blending of nature
found in these open spaces
alone and still, absorbing,
quiet, and a part of all
that is...


Life is a choice

Life is an adventure and we ourselves can be the detective who looks for the clues in the past and the present to discover just exactly who our authentic self is and how we want her/him to continue to develop.

We have the opportunity to research exactly what events developed the person we are today and how we can consciously change the direction of our life.

We have the ability to mend old wounds, to rid ourselves of blocks we have created and to become the person we would most admire ourselves to be.

It is not creating a false persona but helping to develop new patterns, releasing unwanted baggage we are carrying that weigh us down, by meditating that we may better know the authentic self within, by being consciously aware of our thoughts and actions and choosing to redirect them in a more positive manner.

We can choose to see ourselves as worthy of our own love, the love of others and accept that God, foremost, loves us unconditionally.

God does not make mistakes, and even if we were told we were an accident or unwanted, there are no accidents of creation in God's world.

He created us to experience this lifetime.  We can choose to make the experience a glorious one.  To be aware of every moment of every day, of the contributions we make to our own existence, of experiencing life in a bird's song, a soft breeze, a pet's dependence on us, serving others.

We can be in harmony with our surroundings, in our home and in our heart.  When we are in harmony, we are at peace with ourselves, our environment, with others, and with God and are our authentic best.


You're only human

The things I've kept to myself for years
out of foolishness and fear
hasn't served me well, nor you
after all, you're only human too...


God gives us freedom

God gives us freedom, love, and the beauty of the world that we can explore as much of it as we want and discover the magnificence of his creation.  Within ourselves too we can explore the inner landscape of our soul for here too is God's creation and he resides within us.  We only have to acknowledge and be aware of the abundance in our lives and give gratitude and it is returned to us in greater measure that we may share God's blessings.

We must quiet ourselves in meditation that we may better hear the quiet inner voice that speaks his messages and promises.  He will never ever desert us, but is always with us and within us.  He is with us in the dark times and ushers us into the light by seeking the spiritual not the material life.

God has promised to provide for our needs so we must not worry.  God will give us the confidence and understanding to face the challenges in life.  Life is a journey, both inward and outward, traveled one step at a time.

The future is filled with the surprises that life holds.  It is like a play unfolding in which you cannot wait for the next act to begin in which God is the producer, director and choreographer and we can accept any role of our choosing.

Let us pick our roles wisely.   We've got the freedom to make the most of our activities and the purpose of our lives.


The truth of heartache

The truth of heartache and pain
is that we have to take a hard look
at ourselves and start over again


Enjoy the moment

What are the rules and who makes them?  Sometimes we govern ourselves with so many rules we postpone our life until we have fulfilled our check list.  We've abandoned spontaneity, creativity, and life itself.

Why does dinner have to be precisely at a certain hour?  If you feel like a walk first, enjoy the moment.  Dinner will be waiting when you get back.  We've made life rigid and it shouldn't be.

Will the world really crash if we do the laundry a day late?  Opportunity is happening while we're completing our check list of have-to-do's.  Add time for yourself, time-out, time to rediscover your spirit to the list and sometimes, the the whim strikes, abandon it all together to explore, to experience life, to be alive in the moment and enjoy the beauty of God's creation.

Be patient with yourself.  Trust that the mundane things in life will still be accomplished.  The truth is, the time spent worrying about it all could be used to better purpose.  God didn't create schedules, and the spirit isn't called free because it lives by them.

Make life fun.  Have a party on the patio and do some nature watching.  Take a picnic lunch to the park.  Look for shells on the beach and watch the crab feed, patiently, bit by bit.

Time out when we're feeling overwhelmed rejuvenates our spirit and gives us renewed energy to tackle all the chores when we return.  Practice playing as part of your weekly routine.  It makes for a joyful heart.

Children especially must be taught about spirit, nature, and the wonders of God's creation.  Too often in today's society we just use T.V. as a teacher and a babysitter without being truly conscious of what kids are learning, while adults live vicariously through soups and sitcoms and think that is is a reflection of real life and wonder why theirs doesn't live up to the script.

Life is meant to be lived, not observed.  Get a life!


Friday, May 24, 2013


were hard to take
when I was with you
for you were not there
it threw me off guard
and I lived in
secret hope
for Monday with you
now you're gone
time has healed
and Sundays
are my day
of rest and freedom
my day of leisure
and peace
surrounded by love.


Life is waiting

The life we've yet to live is waiting while we're stuck in the have-to's of today.  We may suffer from stress, depression, hate our job, feel unfulfilled but unable to see our way out.  We're suffering from tunnel vision, afraid to take a chance.

We don't have the faith to say "is this what I'm meant to be doing God?", and if not "show me the way".  Sometimes it is only when we get off the merry-go-round that we can see we've been going around in circles.  We only need to take one step forward, a leap of faith, to realize that when we are living our purpose we feel it.

We have a sense of contentment, satisfaction, a feeling of giving back to the world and we look forward to each day with joy and purposefulness.  We can choose to follow our dream.  Start taking classes, look into grants, make a change of occupation, or do some community service.

It's never too late to learn.  Or maybe we need to learn to love what we do.  If we cannot learn to love what we do, then we need to do what we love.  Trust that God will show us the way.

The first step is but to open ourselves to the possibility.  We have the ability to change our life by changing our mind.  Grandma Moses showed us, you can become an artist late in life, if you choose to.

It is possible to live your dream, but first you must recognize that you have one.  What have been calling to your spirit?  Take time to be quiet within and listen.  Meditate and go within to your inner spirit.  What makes you feel at peace?

Release the negative feelings that are locking you in the cage of "have to" living.  Life isn't a rehearsal, it's the real thing.  How do we want to live it?  Take time to spend in nature, it will speak to you and help you to find yourself, your true, authentic self.  The one that is clamoring to get out and fulfill the purpose of life.

The time to live is now.  Start planning your future today.


Thursday, May 23, 2013

An angel is near

The angels are with us today and every day.  They watch over us, comfort us, and encourage us.  To know your angels begin by acknowledging them.  They are our counterparts from God and take joy in the recognition of their existence that they may better serve your needs.

Ask an angel her name, you may not hear it, but you will feel the answer.  Let their love shine through in your life.  Trust in their guidance for they always have your best interest at heart.

Practice what the angels do, lighten up, be in joy, and give to others from your heart.  Remember you are never alone for the angels walk with you.  They know the truth of who you are and only want to give you love, unconditionally, for they are true spirit and are sent by God.

Some have been with us many lifetimes and down many roads.  They are our oldest friends.  They see into our heart, encourage our spirit and bring many blessings when we release doubt and fear.

They let us know in many ways that they are here, a part of the divine, as are we.  Sisters in another dimension to be with us down life's path.  They are pure energy.  They can help us increase our faith in may ways.

They are our companions, invite them in as welcome guests, old friends, our nearest and dearest.  They are not to be worshiped, for they are not God, but come from God.  You could say that we are their assignment.

They help us to weather the storms and to celebrate life.  The are pure faith in action, pure love in spirit, and messengers on duty.  They will carry your words and prayers to the highest ears and bring back messages of hope and love.

They help us move beyond our fears and speak to us in the silence of peace.  They come in our dreams.  They warn us of danger, and they teach us we don't have to do things alone for God is at hand.


Prolonged Forgetting

My prolonged
forgetting is nearly
as vision fades
and memory too
I can no longer
picture your face
You're nearly
all gone
and I am


Butterflies are free

The beauty of a butterfly's wing
is not a slave to purpose.
It is random ebullience
to be enjoyed in its own right.

The freedom of the butterfly
is beauty itself.
Butterflies are free
and so must we be.


I'd rather be alone

There's no market for love... today
people have reduced it to sex
in its commonest form
Prostitute yourself for 5 minutes
of processed love...
Step right up folks

But don't let anyone love you
certainly don't let anyone care
Because then you become vulnerable
and might care back
and that might lead
for even so small a quantity
of love to enter into your life...
How revolting to modern man

Better sex on the side
a lay on schedule
a seduction of virtues...
Throw it all in the garbage can
I choose to stay alone


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Right before your eyes

In moments
Worlds come to life
Hear them
Hear them
They speak of truths
Hear them
Hear them
Let imagination
Bring all to life
See them
See them
Right before your eyes


Go into nature

There are days when we are unable to concentrate, to feel rested or at peace.  These are the days we need to go out into nature and release and renew.  We can always feel a stronger sense of God when we go into the beauty of the natural world of God's creation and see the majesty of the trees, the sound of water running or crashing, the wind gently playing, the birds greeting us.

We don't have to go many miles.  The nearest park can do, or a trip to the beach.  Here we can find our serenity and our joy again when we are feeling depleted.  We can release the tension, stress, negativity and again connect with the blessings of God that we are a part of.

Release, release, release and be at peace.  It can do more for us than all the headache medicine in the world for it puts us back in focus and renews our intent.  It reminds us of the beauty God has given to the world and that we need to take time for ourselves.

To just be at peace, experience wonder and find our joy within.  We often forget, in our busy schedules, to take time for nature, to see the roots of life, to acknowledge the great beginning and that there is "more" to life itself.  A greater purpose than the everyday, endless lists of accomplishments.  That there is a path that our check list of "progress" cannot evaluate.

We cannot predetermine our lives, be we can take time to honor them and the Creator.  To abandon our preoccupation and truly see.  To feel a part of all that is.  Nature itself is a kind of prayer.  It says, look what has been created that you may find your spirit.  It says, come and be replenished.  It says, God provides for the birds, the trees, the plants, flowers and the constant flow of tide.

Do not feel he loves you less and know that He will provide for you also.  Be at peace and you will find the joy within.


It shows in your face

You don't have to tell how you live each day,
you don't have to say if you work or play,
a tried, true barometer serves in place
however you live, it will show in your face.

The false, the deceit you bear in your heart
will not stay inside, where it first got a start,
for sinew and blood are a thin veil of lace,
what you wear in your hear, you wear on your face.

If your life is unselfish, if your others you live,
for not what you get, but for how much you can give,
if you live close to God, in his infinite grace,
you don't have to tell it, it shows in your face.


The accidental touching

The accidental touching
the forces that bind
the freedom of loving
that joined your world to mine.
To be deeply in love
is an experience to free
a liberating force
for you... and for me.
The loved one is the liberator
each member frees the other
I was the exception to the rule
when I encountered my lover.
The sheer joy of being loved
changed my whole world
like the sails of a ship
my life... unfurled.
Although I was frightened
when you beckoned, I had to go
this first step in our relationship
from this small start... it would grow.
It was a world I was eager to explore
I was freed to action of my own
and thus I did learn more
of you my love... I love alone.
For the first time I had a sense
of value and confidence
but total freedom hardly exists
there's always restrictions on this bliss.
The second set of restrictions
are the ones you, yourself set
the freedom of privacy you denied us
you were merciless... and yet
I thought it was because you loved me still
as I know... I always... will.
How we had struggled to be alone together
this was a new ordeal for me
but total isolation is not normal in life
when you're in love you want others to see.


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

On wings of light

Fires of imagination
burning through the night
smoldering passion
sets the world right
a spiritual visitation
on wings of light


Only Half

I am
only half
the possibilities
I could be...
like a spring
half wound
not taut
to run
as smoothly
as I could..
With you
I was
like a Rolls Royce
running with
silent strength
and precision...
and care
make the difference


Monday, May 20, 2013

Where are my tomorrows?

None of us wants to face
how much someone else
has come to mean to us
because then we admit the need
I miss you terribly...
now that you're apart from me
I was afraid to realize...
how much I had come to care
when we were still there
There was such a short time
to say things
and I always put them off
thinking tomorrow...
tomorrow... tomorrow...
and then it was gone
and nothing was said
that should have been...
Where are my tomorrows?


Sunday, May 19, 2013

The circle of the soul

The circle of the soul
the essence of seen
and unseen too
that of light and darkness
follows its path
from birth to death
before starting all over



In the wee hours of the night
my memory keeps me company
long before the morning light
reliving the times of you and me
wishing insomnia would take flight
so I could dream again, happily


Special too

There is a magnetism about you
I must admit that draws my
thoughts back to you over and over.
I always seemed to make you
nervous and so exasperated with me
because I wouldn't conform to your
mold... I remember your quick,
keen, darting brown eyes... looking
at everything but me when you
tried to tell me something... It
was as if someone had chained
you to the chair and you wanted
to take off in flight... To escape
the unpleasant moments... How
do you make it easy when you
tell someone who loves you that
you never, ever want to see them
again... I feel as though I
have something dreadfully
wrong... You didn't really make
the reasoning of it clear... Just
left me hanging there in my limbo
wondering... Waiting... Feeling dead
inside... You know it's impossible for
me to walk on to another love this
way... I don't love easily and then
I would have to find someone very
special.. Like you... But then he
would have to find me special too.


Saturday, May 18, 2013

Youthful Dreams

The past so dim
from a future fading
of the bright promise
seen in youthful dreams


Soaring on wings of bliss

Soaring on wings of bliss
no wants or needs
no hunger or strife
above the world in peace
looking down at life
from these heights of passion
my soul is set free


These roses are for you

These roses are for you
dear mother
so vibrant they glow
in every color
my garden of love
keeps us together
until I join you above


All things in their time

In time the truth will set me free
but first I must seek the honesty
to acknowledge the good and bad in me
and thus begin an overdue journey



You're a habit that's hard to break
invading my mind the moment I wake
stealing my thoughts with each breath I take


Our four letter words

Our four letter words


Give life some  meaning
you'll find there's a balance in between


A dead world of sameness

A world of sameness
so cold and sterile
fought for by the masses
is our pending peril
this dead world of ashes


In all my foreverness

This loneliness comes upon me anywhere
anytime.. before I realize... and
I am suddenly numb all over...
and so cold inside... almost like
a death in time and space... and
I am so frightened to think I will
be without you in all my foreverness
and I feel so hopelessly lost...
an eternity of nothingness... ahead.


Friday, May 17, 2013

Dry is the river today

Dry is the river today
the tempest held at bay
and worlds just slip away


Nourish imagination

Limitations don't hold back
nor does the imagination
when we ignore one
the other flourishes...


No doubt

My eyes cannot hide... nor my face
what is written in my heart.
Love's message is written well
and though I try to hide... this part,
the secret I could not speak
myself... In silence it does sing out
it's anguish, sorrow, joy, bliss
All this... for you, no doubt.


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Burn the past away

Fire rages through the mountains
destroying everything in its path
as nature clears away the old and dead
making way for renewal and growth
a green jubilant future awaits us


Such as we

You are as a candle
in the dark corner of my life
come to enlighten it
and ease some of the strife.
Love eases sorrow...To
give consolation to the heart
for sorrow is a well so deep
that only love can reach that part
of the soul... when in distress.
In my heart is a beautiful
world... vivid with colors and light
and songs that lift... it is so full
that it passes beyond all possibilities
of containment... as if it would
overflow with joy or sorrow at
any moment... Oh, if it could
utter a word... I know what
it would be... it would speak of
you... and me... two spirits
so free... We flutter above
all others... understood in
the quiet silences... love brings.
Love speaks with its eyes and
smiles... and the way the heart sings
not with words... they are for mortals
not lovers... such as we.


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Peace at my doorstep

In one cosmic moment
I made a truce with my soul
and set it free, triumphant
no longer fighting for control
peace was now at my doorstep


Poor pitiful creatures

Humans are by far...
The most jealous creatures
I have ever encountered.
If you aren't careful
they soon have you wrapped
up into a possession.
"MINE"... How ridiculous!
No one can own someone
else... people can't be
treated like private
property... guarded lest
someone trespass... of
course they are somewhat
affectionate but they seem
to dole it out in measured
amounts... so afraid of
being taken advantage of
poor pitiful creatures
...we are.


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Abandon yourself

Abandon yourself
without restrictions
Cast aside anguish
and your heart
will truly be open....


Dust in a grave

Like dust in a grave
old memories
don't serve me today


Much too much

When will this love die
and my soul in hunger cry
...out from missing you
All my life I have been true
waiting for your touch
to light the fire of my desire
I love you much too much.
When will my heart heal
from this pain you made me feel
as if the very being of me
were drowning in the endless sea,
all alone since you've been gone
What, my darling, went so wrong?
Did a mere tear or two
separate me from you...
Is giving in the tiny speck
that caused you to lose respect...
Where before you looked with ecstasy
today you are too blind to see.
Did telling you how much I care
send you away in despair?
I guess you wanted just my touch
and I loved you much too much.


Monday, May 13, 2013

Let the past slip away

Changing yesterday
would do no good
things are meant this way
so even if you could
it's best to let the past slip away


Fooling myself

Fooling myself with dreams
that only I could see, my one day
a land of kings and queens
that grew further and further away


During those dark days

During those dark days
in the valley of despair
faith showed me the way


Once, vibrant and alive

I feel so tired and dull
it has been a long time
since you...
...Beautiful and loved
I felt wonderfully young
and vibrant and alive,
just being near you.
It's been like a long...
silence, and slow degeneration
of my spirit since I can
no longer be with you...
Independence can be the
loneliest form of self exile
there is... I would love
to be able to lean on someone
...But I'm too scared to
give anyone that much
leverage over me...
But somehow I didn't know
how much I was missing
until you came along to
show me the difference
I would have given the
world to you... If I could.


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Cleansing rains

Night skies
bring cleansing rains
God's tears
to sooth our muffled cries


Early morning hours

Words of love
slip beyond my sigh
in restless sleep
I reach out, enough
you're gone
without a goodbye
empty and alone
in early morning hours
I lay and cry


Joyful Solitude

In quiet remembering
this joyful solitude
the warmth of  dreams
I live in gratitude


This world our menagerie

My mountaintop paradise
breathes between sunsets
in glory of nature's enterprise

A Heart filled with love
breathes between sunsets
grateful for this treasure from above

An elderly couple sitting in bliss
breathes between sunsets
reminiscing back upon their first kiss

Mother and child out for a walk
breathes between sunsets
basking in the sun along the boardwalk

Filling our days, our memory
breathes between sunsets
this world our menagerie


Well worth the risk

If loving is living
it's well worth
the risk to feel
this wonderfully...


Locking away our souls

With board and nail
we build our worlds
shutting out nature
locking away our souls


Wounds make us stronger

Wounds make us stronger
if we let them heal...
picking away at scabs
only makes the pain
go on and on
and never pass
as it should...



these roses
I grow for you
with tender care
year by year
so bright
such joy
my colorful
of you
in my heart


We live in moments

We live in moments
in them and by them
Treasure these moments
for in the end
they're all that matter


Lust for satisfaction

Bewildered no more
am I at the hurt you created
pulling me along the wrong path
with good reason I hesitated
yet your snake tongue
convinced me to follow, not run for cover
so easily you fool the vulnerable and young
your lust was for satisfaction, not a lover


Saturday, May 11, 2013

This blood of delight

A place of balance
between darkness
and such sweet light
love fills an empty chalice
with salty bitterness
this blood of delight...


With the ticking of the clock

Choices run out
with the ticking of the clock
there's just less about
with the ticking of the clock
goodbye a whisper, not a shout
with the ticking of the clock


Small miracles

Small miracles
all around
like air particles
they abound


Reveled in mystery

It was an intensity
I knew not, just
and reveled in
its mystery....



Abandoned without
restriction or doubt
just anguish all about


Like never before

Raw is the sensation of loss,
and pain that tells us we've
truly loved, like never before


That's what love costs

We never recover
that which we've lost
that's the price we pay
that's what love costs


This silence not so golden

The ties that bind
once broken
fall to the ground
to hurt beholden
with no one around
this silence not so golden


A time of one

For so long
this time of agony
just waiting for love
to stop, to stop
I pray for it
to stop....
A love gone
fills my mind
A time two
once filled, now
a time of one
so alone and blue


A spiritual touching

Beauty depends on a unity of souls
a spiritual touching of their beings...


The nature of shadows

Out of your shadow
I'm never alone...
for I've got a shadow
all my own...
Some call it doubt
and others fear..
What these shadows are about
takes a long time to become clear


Out of reach

My memory fades
putting things out of reach
like sharing love and days
together on our eternal beach


A dying sea

The shores between us
a dying sea
could have carried us
to a land of odyssey


Finished Chapters

All times I've lived
finished chapters
in this story
of my life



Oh, I am so homesick for you,
my love... for your touch,
your warm moist mouth
that I love to sink my
tongue into... you kiss
so well... most people
don't... you know... or do you?
When I said you were
a good asked
me in comparison to who?
To no one else...for you are
my world...other men don't
exist for me...I cannot
remember my past since
you...and there is no
future for me without you
Let me come home... the warmth of you.


Friday, May 10, 2013

The weight of us

The weight of us lightens
with each passing year
our togetherness fading
forgotten, unclear


Thursday, May 9, 2013

The center of life

Love kept within yourself
surely will not grow
it will hide inside itself
like the sun afraid to show
hiding there behind the clouds
not giving warmth today
in both cases the people go
the coldness drives them away
Love is the center of all life
it revolves around its core
the more you give
the more you have
don't try to keep it locked behind the door
within your heart the storehouse
let it open and be free
traveling the roads
to where others will be.


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I walk with thee

I walk with thee in dreams
on this road of faith
together in measured steps
so carefully practiced


mostly love

is it a question
or the answer?
the beginning
or the end?
I do not know...
It is a joining
many times
followed by
a separating
It is a unity
of two souls touching
meeting somewhere
in between
It requires
constant work
to keep it so alive
but mostly


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The soul knows this

is found by open minds
is found by open hearts

The soul knows this...

The voice of a tranquil soul

Peace is an opportunity
that we must seek from within
It is the voice of a tranquil soul


in glorious flight

I release the day
and welcome the night
letting dreams carry me away
in glorious flight



Am I a good person?
I'm not sure
but I think so...
I believe in God
my children
the sanctity of life
the beauty of nature
the honesty of friends
each must interpret
the meaning of goodness
within themselves
I have studied myself
as a subject
for a long time
and I try to do good
I will not be submissive
in what I think is wrong
killing.. war
hatred and bigotry
you do not learn living
surrounded by heartless humanity
but in one to one interactions
with individuals
and then
coming into your own


Monday, May 6, 2013

Eyes of faith

Truth isn't an opinion
it lives in our hearts
waiting to be seen
by eyes of faith...


Ours only to forget

The essence of the moment
is recognized in its passing
there's no turning back
the experience is gone
it's ours only to forget
with each passing year


The Climb

It was infinitely small of me
to think you were the axis
of my world
that the pain
on each intake
each expiration of breath
upon your leave
was soley the result
of being separated from you
which was only a natural,
normal, consequence
of the evaluation of life...
The sun rises
and sets each day
the winds in time do blow
and the world
and our souls
must keep growing outward
into new destinations
yesterday is gone
not to be retrieved
not to be desired,
looked back upon, at all
tomorrow are the steps
to climb, up and into
our new destination
the road lies beyond this hill
the only necessity is
the climb


Sunday, May 5, 2013

My shroud of velveteen

Moment to moment
and every in between
a passing atonement
of a fading routine
memory an amusement
my shroud of velveteen
joy and life nourishment
but death we can't contravene


This dull reality

It's no mystery
this experience
between dreams
this dull reality
lacking magnificence
let's blow it to smithereens


An impulse

An impulse
this spirituality
inherited by angels
my soul's intermediary



Woman divine
in all we see
brings us infinity


One Promise

You never left
unbroken promises
instead you made it
so painfully clear
there would be no
Do you ever get
in an unsuspecting
moment... a little
thought message
I have sent you...
a letter sent
transmitted in the air?
I have written
one promise kept
to myself...


Saturday, May 4, 2013

You ran

You ran
when love got hard
You ran
when I needed you
You ran
into other arms
You ran
again and again
You ran
because that's all you do


A tango of love

The rhythm of drums
our heartbeats
This music
of the night
A tango of love
until blissful
dreams come


Cover Me

Cover me
from the coming rain
Cover me
from the cold of night
Cover me
from invading pain
Cover me
and hold me tight


My heart turned black

My reason for being
isn't you anymore
you made sure of that
bitter and sore
my heart turned black
living a constant chore


Friday, May 3, 2013

All the days of our lives

It was the same
in the beginning
as it is in the end...
a world of wonder
and glory to behold
all the days of our lives


My mind remembering

My mind remembering
you've been a constant
like the waves and sea
always with me
that is until lately
when even you
fade from memory


Thursday, May 2, 2013

If it wasn't love

If it wasn't love,
if you called me now
across the old echo chamber of the ocean
and said
"Look I never loved you,"
I would feel
a little like a fool perhaps
and yet it wouldn't matter!
My business is to always feel
a little like a fool
and speak of it.
And I am sure
that when we love
we are better than ourselves
and when we hate,
And even if we call it madness later
and scrawl four letter words
across those outhouse walls
we call our skulls
we stand revealed
by those sudden moments
when we come together.
or was it just my dream
waltzing with your dream?
My nightmare kissing yours?
There in your silent office...


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Lived and experienced

Love is to be lived
not talked about
Love is to be experienced
the joy and pain of it
Love requires no understanding
it's something we never forget


Answered prayers

An affirmation
of belief
A visitation
in grief
A confirmation
brings relief


and love

I was utterly secure
in my love for him
and there was no guilt
only respect... and love.