Sunday, March 31, 2013

A traveling hymn

Doorways to the future must collapse
year by year as we pass through them
It's progression of time that erases the past
our journey becoming a traveling hymn


Solar system of years

Images spin
in my solar system of years
memories within
grow dim and less clear
as my journey into the void begins

Setting for love

I love the cool feeling of the night
with the daylight tucked down out of sight.

Frogs hopping along the ground
and crickets chirping all around.

The stars shining from up above
there's no more perfect setting for love.

A dew kissed grass cool on your feet
and the night blooming blossoms of oh so sweet.

The delicious feel of the night air
a moment seeming oh so rare.

The moon smiles down at your from above
there's no more perfect setting for love.


I love this earth

I feel the ground beneath my feet
the mist upon my face.
I love the sounds upon the earth
the wonders I can taste.

I smell the fresh new spring grass
and the perfumes of the flowers.
I hear the song whispered by the trees
how I could sit and listen for hours.

I love the feel of the falling rain
a kiss from the heavens above.
Everything about the earth
all these things I love.


Lucky to forget

Don't feel the need
to cleanse yourself
of the skeletons
you've kept in your closet
the past is to be kept
in the past
and if you should feel the need
please remember
one who loved you
only in kindness
and omit that passage
in your life...
there are things we
all try so hard to forget
and sometimes, if lucky
we actually do...


Saturday, March 30, 2013

Stretched Silence

Silence has stretched
out to mock me
this past year
I turned to it with anger
at first
but have learned to
greet it as a friend
I drift on its wings
carrying soundless
messages you don't realize
you are sending
that you cannot as yet
face me
not knowing the bridges
built of silent walls
are imaginary... but they
won't tumble down
if we should pass
in the darkness


Friday, March 29, 2013

The toll

Once I got off track,
wandering and lost,
not caring if I ever came back,
the toll was a heavy cost


The endless sleep

If I saw the world
through the eyes of a child
how big and great it would seem
and how slowly the days
and months would go by
Christmas would seem forever away.

If I saw the world
through the eyes of the aged
how tired life would seem
having traveled a lifetime of looking
the days speeding one upon another
would I wish to close them forever
and greet the endless sleep?


Thursday, March 28, 2013


Confounding is a world
that insists on complexity
leaving us lost and bewildered
smothering the simplicity
given to us from above
this sinful impurity
of life without love


True necessity

My true necessity is love,
a thing God gives me plenty of...


The making of a saint

Though she is quick to learn
and admittedly clever,
her natural doubt of herself
makes her so weak
that she dabbles brilliantly
in half a dozen talents
and thus embellishes
but does not change
our life.
If she's an artist
and comes close to genius,
the very fact of her gift
should cause her such pain
that she will take her own life
rather than best us.
And after she dies,
we will cry
and make her a saint.


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Joyful Simplicity

I've shed my life of  complexities,
a web spun over many years...
finding comfort in joyful simplicity,
free from old doubts and fears...


Two Habits

Two habits have taught me
how to keep back my tears...
The habit of concealing my thoughts,
and that of darkening my lashes
with mascara...


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Slipping from within

My mirror to get back
is faded and cracked
like the places I've been
they're slipping from within


I'm a wound

I have no photograph of you.
At times I hardly can believe in you.
Except this ache,
something longing in my gut,
this emptiness which terrorizes you
because if there is emptiness this deep,
there must be fullness somewhere.

My other half,
my life beyond this half-life
is like a wound
which dreams of being healed.

Is love a wound which deepens
as it dreams?

Do you exist?

I've been conjuring you
in palpable absence
my longings left exposed

I'm a print of darkness
on a square of film

I'm a garbled dream
told by a breakfast table liar

I'm a wound
that's forgotten how to heal.


Monday, March 25, 2013

Searching and Accepting

I am searching for
something I cannot even
put a title to... something
I don't know what
I just know it's out there
somewhere... waiting
for the right time
when I'm ready to accept
whatever it is...


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Heaven's Door

Being is something we are
from here on into eternity
every word, act, and chore
meant to give us the key
to life beyond heaven's door


The garden of salvation

Working in the garden of salvation
is hard honest work and long hours
planting and tending to the seeds
that will be our bounty in heaven


Something is gone

I don't believe I can ever
live in the world with the
freedom I had... something
is gone from me... You.


Saturday, March 23, 2013


Gifts aren't meant to be kept,
but to be shared freely,
given away, to truly be
the blessings that they are...


You found me

I sliped
you caught me
I fell
you helped me up
I got lost
you found me


Outside of nature

We scorched the earth in our passing
leaving all dead and barren in our wake
yes, this is how we gave life meaing
living outside of nature our mistake


It could have been

I know that many of yesterday's
hurts and disappointments
separate you from me
but it could have been
so right... and it was
for a short time
I haven't weakened
in what I feel for you...
under all the pain
love is still the answer...
for what is in my heart
beats truer
than all the logic
in the world...
and is still just as intense
though time
and distance
separates us...
and who knows
what tomorrow
may bring...


Friday, March 22, 2013

Stepping outside

When I step outside of myself
I get the perspective to see
as I should,
problems shrink,
become manageable,
trivial and small,
like distant stars...


Returning love

Give me love, and I'll ruturn
that love to you... I don't
have so many friends
that I can turn them away
I don't have too much love
that I can toss it away
I love to love I know
and cry watching it go


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Curious company

I am grateful for curious company.  The birds that come to sing to me, and the stray cats who beg for food and then sleep on the patio chair next to me in the warm sun.  The breeze that whispers the secrets of nature, and the passing clouds in constant changing shapes.  The sun, moon, and stars too.  All such wonderful blessings.


You just count the days

Saying goodbye is so hard
you feel further away at
that moment... than any other
when it is someone you love
I sat there after and I felt
so dead inside... and I
wasn't sure how you keep
going on... day after day
...alone.  The mind is a
great trickster... sometimes
almost as if I can feel
you physically here... with
me.  It doesn't matter
how far away a person is
... it's their physical absence
that counts.  All that
matters is getting through
the days and you count
the days from sunrise
to sunset... that is all.


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Between young and old

The grand kids were lost in amusement
with the ornaments we made together,
bright and colorful memories they'll hold
added to each and every December...
a magic bond between young and old.


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The time together

I'm grateful for the times we had together,
the joy of family, friends and lovers,
even as they slowly fade away...


An innocent time

In my dream I'm Audrey Hepburn
and the world is black and white...
and yet so vibrant and warm,
an innocent time, such sweet delight


The season of renewal

In the countdown to spring
the wildflowers get an early start
one last winter rain moistens the soil
to fuel the burst of vibrance
and start the season of renewal


The price they cost

I feel hurt
and sometimes want to strike out
and tired
perpetually tired
and I don't give a damn about
the things I used to
I'm tired of all the worst coming true
about you
and about so many other things too
It's like living in a nightmare land
such little things
grow into monstrous dreams, out of hand
and nothing is right
in my whole world anymore
my insecurities
are in the open... and I don't care
I'm much too tired
and hurt...and used...and lost
and all things
are much too dear... in the price they cost.


Monday, March 18, 2013


Faith, love, and friendship
get us through dark times
foundations that don't fail


You showed me

You have taught me so well
You showed me heaven
You showed me hell
You showed me what love can be
and then you took it away from me.


Sunday, March 17, 2013

The last shave

The only person Robert let call him Bob was Ted, his closest friend and barber. 

They'd known each other since they were kids, fought a war together too.  Both,
lucky to make it home alive.

Robert talked Ted out of retirement for a day, for a lather and and a shave in honor
of his fiftieth wedding anniversary.

On this monumental day, no one knew that Ted and Bob wouldn't see it end.  The
spasms from Ted's heart attack saw to that.

A shave too close for comfort.


Wednesday meant shopping

Meg rose early as was her habit,
donning her tattered and frayed apron.

She would fix a bowl of cereal,
then clean the kitchen in silence.

Wednesday meant shopping,
so she'd wait by the door,
purse in hand patiently for Fred.

It would be hours before she'd
wander back to the bedroom
to discover Fred had died...



It was late, very late,
even the ghosts had retired for the night
leaving me, only me
struggling to stay lucid
wandering through the recesses of my memory
and though I was alone
I found so many people there
long lost friends
and departed family
oh, so happy to see me
and I them, once again
reunited we're destined to be
soon, never again
to be apart


Shields and Armour

The shields and armour
over our hearts
protect us from nothing
just keep us in the dark...


So much to ask

I am trying so hard
to be courageous...
To build a life that
doesn't include you...
My loneliness is for
the everyday you...
I don't think of you
as some special conquest...
It was no intention of mine
I had loved you for so long
and I never meant it
to go that far...
but how do I turn back time
I want so to be your
friend again...
I miss talking with you
Just looking at you
when you didn't realize...
It's so hard
not being able to see you
Is that so much
to ask?...


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Martha's Garden

Martha had no visitors
to share her garden with
the flowers lovingly planted
and tended with such care
gave her comfort in solitude

Martha's children seemed
to call less and less, far away
they didn't visit either

Another spring,
another year,
flowers in bloom

Martha shared her garden
with a stray cat that visited
everyday they'd chat
exchanging stories

This fancy feline friend
got a new name each day
in Martha's garden
they'd while the time away


The phone

The ringing in the distance
calling to me, pulling at me
faint and hard to comprehend
as I drifted in freedom
unrestrained in dream
the phone....
bringing me back
to earth again....


For this soul's sake

Oh winter day: cold, clear, wind chilled bliss, the year has come and gone now.  Time is beating its wings on the window, tearing this youth away; making old what was in its prime.

The day, the year, the world has gone and yet before the sun sets fully this last night let us hold and touch, not to forget the climb, the fight, the conquered height of small gains accomplished by the flame of the fireplace glowing, now turned to stone; each small recognition won, came hard won, but by each I've grown, and this night shall pass on and dawn break upon a new year of striving for this soul's sake.


Friday, March 15, 2013

Outside of time

The future is a consideration,
an awareness of possibilities...
like dreams and visitations,
outside of time, in eternity...



The most minute transformation
 is a pebble dropped into a still lake.

The ripples spread out endlessly...



that's all it takes
to express
our gratitude
for God's


Balance Zero

This change is a settling of accounts
the balance zero, debts paid in full
this journey of life filled with surprises
things to slowly forget
day by day, one by one


Accepting this parting

I must remember you
every word lovingly spoken
every look and gesture
your touch...
The scent of you
oh, your smile
each time we loved
and made love...
Your hair all mussed
The way you ran your tongue
over your lips... sensuously
I must get my memories
of us together...
Maybe when I have everything
in its place...
I can accept this parting
and go on with my life.


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Out of the slump

I feel terribly elated tonight
electrified with excitement...
More or less... I don't know
why...really...I seem to have
stepped out of the slump...
I was in and can smile...
and laugh again...and even
bubble a little...I have been
thinking and I realize one
thing...that loving you so much
has taught me how wonderful
this giving I have
to find someone to shower...
it on...I'm not going to
bottle all this delicious,
beautiful gift up inside...
it grows with the sharing
and only becomes stagnant...
by keeping it...
and I take courage from this.
Maybe someone will learn to me too.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Love, Immortal

Tenderness that touches us
So makes it worth our stay
here on earth... It makes this
barren wasteland of our existence
as if a paradise... Love itself
will not change, it is as
constant as the sky itself...
Only man and his desires
change... For we are but
mortal beings and love is
... Immortal.


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Truth is divine

God is truth.

Truth is divine.

Truth is eternal and constant.  It never changes.  God is within every living thing, which means there is a divine and eternal truth beneath everything I see.

Truth is greater than any problem on the physical level.

The truth is that God believes in me.


Do a new thing

Do a new thing!  Live the truth of the universe.  By holding on to the perfect, immutable truth of the Divine and incorporating it into every aspect of your being and your life, you are freed from the chains of habit.

By reminding yourself daily that you are a perfect and unique representative of all that God is, you will find your are equipped to handle anything.  This process will help you remember and practice the truth of your soul.


If I am

If I am the land
you are the waters that cover me
If I am the earth
you are the sky overhead
If I am the flowers
You are the bees I give my pollen to
Whatever I am...
Relates to you... in some way
If I am the rivers
you are the sea I fill
You are the mountain
While I'm just a hill
If I am a sparrow
Then you're an eagle so grand
I am a woman.... you are my man.


Monday, March 11, 2013

The river of memory

The river of my memory is running dry,
times I've treasured float on by,
the jagged edges left behind make my cry


Give chase to dreams

Give chase to dreams
and flights of fancy...
sail on the wings they give you
to soar to heights only imagined


A glimpse of the sun

Many people come and go
through the doors
of my life,
taking what they need
and giving what they can.
Our moments were only seconds
of a lifetime
but so important
because we shared
what we could.
Only a glimpse of the sun
but enough to warm
the heart.


Sunday, March 10, 2013

A poetic adventure

It is hard to say goodbye to a
million dreams,
a thousand promises,
and you.
Like reading a good book,
I am reluctant to finish the last page,
but the memories of you are written
well within my life.
They are the things that can't be taken from me.
I have set aside a book for them
on my private shelf,
a poetic adventure in the volumes of love.


Saturday, March 9, 2013


The sea
washes away
at the shells filling it
bringing treasure
we search for
saying, look what the sea created
If erosion
is a creation,
why do we cry so
when other things crumble
ground by life's
of emotions
isn't that natural also?


Souls left behind

You walked away
four souls left behind
and me, broken,
shattered, pieces
that never fit
together again...


It wasn't there

Was it I
who lost myself
searching through
my memories
for something
that said
somehow, sometime
you had loved me
just a little...

It wasn't there.


Friday, March 8, 2013

Until one day

We go through our lives
rejecting each other
and being rejected
until one day
we reject ourselves
and die...


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Wish Not

Wish not
for a long life
so much as
an understanding
and awareness
for each of life's


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Ignore your doubts

Doubt sows the seeds of destruction,
fear flying with the winds,
taking our dreams away from us,
freedom comes by ignoring our doubts


Tomato Soup

My lonely group
My Community of one
Eating tomato soup
and watching the setting sun


Things, gone

Christmas came and went

No cards
No carols
No candy canes


Some of my favorite things


Dream World

At night the clear sterility
of the day
turns into happy times
when I play
out all my dream fantasies
of you
and in my sleep world
they all come true
if but for only a brief time
we will be one, again
enjoying happy times
until the dawn...


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The thought

When a person loves
the thought consumes
the pleasure
and the pleasure
is lost in the thought
it takes
a certain amount
of selfishness
to destroy
the thought
to make the pleasure
physical again...


Monday, March 4, 2013

Era of discovery

Dusty books upon my shelf
the words now worn away
journals of my yesterdays
an era of discovery of self


The World

What is the world
but that which we
build about us
and the people we gather
around us
and the things we collect
to surround us
the places we go
the things we know
what we eat
that special seat
where we gather our thoughts,
each thinks his world
is better or worse
and still it's all up
to our own choosing...


Sunday, March 3, 2013

In a hush

In a hush
old memories
barely whisper
so hard to hear
what they're saying
as they fade from me...


My garden

My garden
My dream
come true



Dreams and visions
haunts of ancestors
voices of the dead
these lamentations
of things unsaid


Too soon dawn

In darkened
once you stood
as lovely now
as lovely would
your hair fell round
in metered curls
the wind sighed softly
to the world
of lovely mornings
too soon dawn
times when love
seems hopeless, gone
and moments
when your world
stood still
but if you sigh
I'm sure it will
be better....


Saturday, March 2, 2013

Our new temple

The living room
our new temple
we worship
on the couch
to the alter
of television



built on mountains of years
the falling of the leaves
melodies and Christmas cheer
the fragrance of the seas
fields of springtime flowers
family, friends, happy memories
age and time do devourer


My Restitution

My words a fusion
of past and present
a time of resolution
a future iridescent
finished is my restitution


The Radio

In the darkness of the night
the radio softly did play
chasing away my fright
keeping my fears at bay


Unbound and Free

Alone, I stand in crowded streets
people rushing past in chaotic beats
like a ghost I move unbound and free
invisible to a world that doesn't see me


Seek instead of struggle

Be a witness to God's love through the example of your life.  Be obedient to His word.  What God says is wrong is not for our reinterpretation but our acceptance.  The Divine alone has infinite wisdom and asks us to follow in faith.

Too often we exhaust ourselves in needless worry instead of seeking Divine guidance.  In all things God has pointed the way.  When we follow the truths of His teaching we will not falter but triumph.

What is the Divine teaching in each thing that challenges us?  Seek the source for an answer.  God has left us His word to follow.  He has also taught us about prayer that we may seek Him directly.

He has given us the gift of the Holy Spirit which speaks in a still small voice within.  Do we listen?  And do we obey?  God does not desert us but is always available.  All we need do is turn to Him for guidance.

Open the door that He may enter.  Invite Him in to be a constant source in our lives that we will never be lost for we have His guiding light within.

Take time each day to seek Him first before anything else and each day will have a good beginning.  Take time to be grateful at the close of each day and it will have a good ending.  That way each day starts and ends with God and we know He is with us in the in-between, each minute of each day.

He is the course we sail by, our compass in life and all that we do and accomplish.  He is the pilot as well as the North Star.  We can always check our direction by consulting these tools He has given us.

Life is not easy but we make it harder than it should be by our struggle when He would give us all we need if we would but reach out to Him.  Seek and you will find.  He is the source.


Friday, March 1, 2013

Memories burn away

Memories burn away
leaving scraps and ash
I'm desperate to hold onto



A smile can whisper many things
bygone memories of other springs.
Dreams of yesterday, or long ago
the sight of sun on new fallen snow.

A smile can speak of love to last
or a sweet flirtation in the past,
of a waltz across a ballroom floor,
many memories and many more.

A laugh sometimes follows a smile
and stays around to echo awhile.
A smile at times shows deep grief
or gives a glimpse of inner belief.

A smile can bring beauty to a plain face
and bring a ray of sunlight into a dark place.
So for whatever reason you have found
smile awhile and cheer all those around.