Wednesday, February 28, 2018

End of February

The moon lit up the sky last night and there proved to be no storm forthcoming. The stars glittered and winked as if sharing a small joke with me and I smiled in return. Today has arrived with clear deep blue skies, a lack of clouds and grateful birds chattering and singing their own joy.

I caught the squirrels raiding not only the birdfeeder on the front deck but the one hanging in the trees as well. Formerly they left this one alone but once they learn how to grab and tilt one none of the rest are safe, except the feeder hanging from the eaves that they haven't been able to breach.

It's hard to believe this is the end of February already. I have been so busy keeping winter at bay shoveling, feeding the hungry birds and squirrels, and working at my cards, it is come and gone with the winter roar and yet barely a whisper. Tomorrow we will see March in; will it start like a lion or lamb?

I sorted through my many packets of pictures and put them in albums as well as sent some off to friends and family. I need to get back to my genealogy and organize my many emails and pictures I have received.

I am anxious to get my hall painted before the railing goes in and I need to get to town for some supplies, especially the spackle to fill in the holes and some sandpaper. I need a new paintbrush and pan as those were lost in one of the snow storms and are now located in the forest and will be found when the snow melts enough. If I get some more plastic bins I can empty the dresser and the garment boxes that are standing in my bedroom taking up valuable space. My mind his as active as a beehive wanting to accomplish several things at once. I will begin with the stairs.

Evening has come and my friend made it through surgery. Now he is considering refusing the one that will require hospitalization for five days all because of his nicotine addiction and also that he is worried about money. He hasn't done anything to help with the situation. I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers and hope he sees the light.


Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Crossing Rivers

Powerful dreams lead me
I followed them all night
surrounded by animals
drinking at the river
The Sioux came to me
together we crossed
to seek what's been lost


Monday, February 26, 2018

Tend the garden

Worldly honor surrounds us
bearing its sweet heavenly fruit
if we but tend to the garden
humbly, with love and faith


Sunday, February 25, 2018

Let it be so

Help us be the creatures of light we're meant to be,
that which we truly are.
Let love live in the center of our being,
filling every cell.
Let us give our hearts to the world,
giving it substance.
Our essence is to live and love,
let it be so.


Saturday, February 24, 2018

Under a veil

No dreams, no prophets,
just a veil to hide behind,
until the ceremony is done....
no angels, or vibrant skies
release is waiting for the brave
for all the rest will find none


Friday, February 23, 2018

To lift those clouds

Today, I postponed my work on the hill and planting to rest and go to town with friends. We visited another nursery with beautiful blooming roses and I encouraged my friend to add one to her purchases, instead, she added two, as she could choose between them: majestic white and glorious orange, as well as healthy lavender. I saw large wisteria and a lilac that would, either one, look lovely climbing up the side of the deck, the first I must prepare the flower bed by enclosing it in rocks, for which I bought a bag of cement, and then break up the hard dirt and add mulch in planning mix. If it is meant to be, the right one will still be there when I return. I must remember the proper preparation always comes first; the rest is in God's hands.

I found a cookie jar for my daughter's kitchen. She needs little surprises to let her know she is loved, even though she's across the country. The ties that bind are strong and reach far. Little things can and do mean so much.

My friend here is still suffering from depression, as is my daughter, one over finances and one over hair loss. Things will work out for both of them but when you are in the dark night of the soul it is hard to see the sun's rays breaking through. The clouds seem thick and dense and almost enshroud us until we learn to really see. Then we find they are but a mist that can be blown away by the breeze or lifted by the warmth of the sun. So too can we be lifted up when we allow God's light to shine through and help us look with greater clarity and less fear.

Sometimes what we experience are but life's little lessons to strengthen us and to prepare us, like a flower bed, for the beauty that will come into our lives and grow and prosper, that will blossom profusely and bring joy not only to us but all who behold the radiance of God's work fulfilled.

There is a time for all things under the sun God reminds us inpatients and faith are but a few of the lessons we learn.


Thursday, February 22, 2018

New flowers for the garden

I'm off to town today, as I have to take care of some business and will take advantage of being there to search out more plants and find them I did. I bought two large roses already in bloom, Angel face that is lavender, and garden party, which is a greenish yellow pink tips. Another lavender was calling to me, and I don't think you can have too much lavender in your garden, and I love the fragrance. I bought Rosemary to put in a pot, the cuttings I got from a friend are already in a pot and seemed to be doing well, I may plant some up on the hill eventually.

I found four ranunculi in vibrant color: purple, yellow, pink, and white. In the herb department, I also got some oregano. The herbs seem to be doing well dispersed around the flowers. I bought a small flat of dianthus to add more color and two Japanese bamboo shrubs to give some height and a sense of laciness to the garden. I also found a baby breath, which blooms profusely in small white flowers and reminds me of lace. They had some very unusual gladiola bulbs and I bought three packages of different colors, as well as an iris with three beautiful blooms and another shrub called a broom that blooms yellow and grows 6 to 8 feet in height. I've seen them growing around here and they seem to weather the snows quite well.

When I arrived home, I took all the flowers out and put them on my deck, transforming it in a riot of color as if announcing that spring itself has arrived at my doorstep.

I am a little worried about the bare root roses I have planted as they are not getting new shoots very quickly, as they should. One, which is a beautiful shade of lavender when in bloom, has no shoots at all. I had one before in a container before I moved here but it died from the heat on my patio. I hope this one starts responding and does well. I still would like to find sterling silver, which is my favorite. It has the most magnificent long-stem lavender blooms and delicious fragrance of any rose I have ever seen.

Tomorrow will be time for planting and watering and putting my new floral purchases in their new home.