Sunday, October 22, 2017

Just Waiting

My spirit soars
free from worry
infinite plenty
fills heaven
all for us
just waiting


Saturday, October 21, 2017

Break time is over

Today I must attend to the driveway snow I took a holiday from yesterday. The penalty of it is large patches of hard ice I'm unable to get up. I hope the sun, later, will melt it off without turning it into black ice making it into the possibility of a dangerous fall. I walk aware of my every step. This round of forgot to put on my gloves and had to return to the house after only 15 minutes, and a good deal of shoveling, to unthaw them. I'm making good progress despite the ice.

The big gray squirrel was sitting in the pan and stayed there eating as long as I didn't move from the porch. When I did he jumped out and quickly returned for just a few more bites. They are getting quite used to me and I am recognizing their individuality. Besides Pesky, I have named one Peeker because he's always spying on me. The big one I have named Gutsy because he is the most unafraid and bold his actions. There are more unnamed as yet. The one with the torn ear, whom I seldom see, is Shredder. He looks like a real scrapper. They truly are sources of constant amusement.

The sky forecasts a sunny day and my son and his families contemplating a visit if the roads are safe enough I miss my children and grandchildren look forward to seeing them but to not want them to put themselves at risk.

The icicle refractions are back, giving an appearance of starbursts through the window. Another storm is predicted for tomorrow when my neighbors will be making their way oh. I wish them a safe journey. They will call me for a weather report.

I try to live each day as a soul experience, welcoming the gifts that it brings, to see the blessings of beauty and gathering strength through activity and to exercise my brain as well as my body and to be in a conscious state of awareness. To not rush through the day but to savor the moment, concentrating on the now instead of dwelling on the pastor being in anticipation of the future and thus missing the gift this moment brings.

I found the blue scarf the neighbor lost. It was peeking out of the berm across the road. I have retrieved it until we meet again as I do not know where he lives. I put it out where he can find only to discover someone is brought it to my door.

The snow tracks tell stories of passings we have not personally seen but are still a witness to, like spirit invisible but imprinted nonetheless.


Friday, October 20, 2017

Off to town

Yesterday was the first day with such an abundance of snow people were not able to get out and go to work. Many enjoy the holiday, especially as it came right before the weekend. It snowed off and on all day and for the first time I was not able to finish my shoveling as I was in too much pain and it was coming down too fast, but almost!

This morning there is not one twinkling star to see, even though I'm up very early, as there is a blanket of clouds and the soft fall of snow continues. Only about 4 inches of fallen since I last cleared the deck about seven in the evening. The quiet stillness is soothing.

The sound of the snowplow breaks the silence a little after six. I can hear the slow steady whirling long before his beacon lights the hills ahead and then comes the strobing yellow flashes and I know he's getting nearer. He pushes on down the hill, the snow partying in his wake, building the berm ever higher. Then he passes out of sight to return in the other direction. This time it is the large yellow plow, not the smaller trucks fitted with a shovel up front. Then the morning peace returns to enfold me.

That the birds have now been using the new feeder, as the level of seeds has dropped considerably. At first, they would not go near it. The quail and the birds are pecking at the snow trying to scare up some buried seed with not much luck. I filled up a large pan that a flowerpot would drain into with seed and set it out in the snow for them and they came flocking to get their share. The gray squirrel is climbing the roof and trying desperately to reach the new feeder again. He also comes around the corner and peaks at me as if he is studying the human species. When I turn around he stares for a while then quickly out of sight.

Once the roads were opened up I had the opportunity to visit the big town with a friend so I gladly abandoned my driveway clearing for the day in order to have my snow pictures developed and have lunch at a new barbecue restaurant recently opened. I know the snow will still be there when I return, and it is, glistening in the twilight of the now clear evening sky. The constellations, planets, and moon are waiting to greet me, seen so clearly in the mountain of home. No new snow has fallen in my absence and my cats eagerly greet me out the door. I'm grateful to be home, in God's country.


Thursday, October 19, 2017

Sore but still moving

We had another 6 inches of snow last night. As of yesterday my neighbors were asking in November "and December "where is the snow?" and "when will he come?" are already complaining that we're getting it all at once and making plans to get out of town. To me it is still a beautiful world and I marvel at its newness each day.

From experience I know the snow must be removed while it is soft as feathers. Not only is it easier, though still a chore, but also once you walk on it you pack it down to hard ice and then it becomes impossible, especially when one has bad shoulders, to remove. Some neighbors have done absolutely no shoveling at all, others sparsely and then have gotten their vehicles stuck. I may not be able to drive my car because it is not equipped but neither do I want to completely buried and frozen in place, which is already happened once.

The clouds are dark and heavy, forewarning of more snowfall throughout the day. Today I will have to proceed with caution, less enthusiasm, and more frequent breaks, as my back and shoulders are still sore from yesterday. The physical work may make me sore but it keeps me limber. Also the elements will continue to bless us with more, even as I remove what is already here. The sky is like looking through fog covered glasses.

The pez snow is now started to fall but I have cleared both decks, which will make it easier the next round, for I'm  certain it will keep coming today. Without the view and with a good imagination it could almost seem like looking at the fog over San Francisco Bay as you search for the outline of the Golden gate Bridge. Everything seems surreal as if coated with a layer of heavy plastic and nothing is distinct.

When I come into rest I spend my time making greeting cards to catch up my friends on my adventures in the beauty of being a mountain woman. I feel truly blessed when I think of how much more snow my Canadian relatives of getting an feel a sense of satisfaction at how far I've reached already. Each day is its own blessing. I look forward to developing more pictures and to create a line of greeting cards. Work is important but joy in what you are doing is a gift from God.

Before I come in for the day I have a big pan of seed for the birds. They have been unable to scratch any that snow has buried, and they too need to share in my joy of life.


Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Another sunny day

It's wonderful to be up and active in the early mornings and a blessing that the more I shovel and scrape at snow the less my muscles ache. They are building confidence, as is my spirit up here in God's country. The beauty is spiritually uplifting. I have no sense of aloneness but on infinite peace, and serenity of being.

Today the sky is blue and clear and holds the promise of a sunny day, filled with warmth and inspiration. The birds are taking advantage of the feeder being out early and Pesky's late arrival to have the first choice of the food makes of nuts, fruit, and seed.

The cats are playing chase upstairs, obviously filled with vitality and stop periodically for a wrestling match, mother, and son, although old lady Pretends not to be watching but she obviously is enjoying their antics.

My energy is high this morning as well in by 8 o'clock I have already clean both upper deck's and half the driveway and thrown several scoops of seed out for the birds and onto the snowy hill so that they can feast while I take a break.

Another storm is predicted late tonight so I will embrace today to the fullest, with the deepest appreciation and awareness.

The new feeder I bought is providing much amusement to me and my neighbors and lots of frustration to one squirrel. He is determined to reach the sunflower seeds and to prove his acrobatic skills. He is hung on the roof icepack feet, tried swinging over from the side of the house. He managed to hit the feeder and put it in motion, which almost got am knocked off the wall. He tried from above, below and every which way but was unable to succeed, so it appears the feeder is safe from my fluffy tailed friends. Amazement good laughter rang out as we watched with the sounds of "look, look!." Only one of us felt he might be able to do it eventually.

The telephone lines are finally repaired after many arguments with the voices without faces on the phone and I can dedicate my other line back to the computer. It was to do a faulty spliced wire outside that would get damp and none of my equipment, as he claimed. He knew what it was right away as he had done the shortcut instead of replacing the faulty line when he was here before. Thank you God, I am no longer cut off from the outside world.


Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Help me strip off the mask of illusion,
to see myself truly, beneath it all,
and find the love inside me...
that is my essence,
hiding underneath


Monday, October 16, 2017


Let God's love be my guide,
let it light the dark roads...
showing the world justice