Monday, January 22, 2018

Unexpected change

The mountains this morning are covered with low hazy clouds moving in and a cold biting wind is blowing. It looks as if another storm is attempting to visit God's country and as if winter is reluctant to let go of her grasp. Pesky, the squirrel, ever the early riser, was at the back deck before six-thirty this morning seeking his breakfast. By then the birds in the forest had started their morning serenade and the big stellar Jay came caw-caw-cawing out front. Morning gets well announced the mountains.

A half-moon shines in the pale blue sky hanging like a slice of lemon as dawn lightens the clouds, the night recedes, and now only puffs of gray clouds remain over the mountains behind. A new day is opening to the world.

After an unexpected call, my plans for the day become altered and I ready myself for a trip into town instead of the continued exploration of Pine Mountain. The high point is to develop two more rolls of film and to have the evidence of what I saw through a small eyehole revealed onto photo paper. Some are too shadowed but have promise in Photoshop where separate areas can be lightened without bleaching out other areas that do not need it, a wonderful tool. Parts that do not enhance the picture and actually distract from it can be cropped out. I look at the photos with the discerning eye, they are works of art to be re-created after their development. I am anxious to play with them on the computer but will have to wait for now.

I find some wonderful rose plants on sale. I've started a rose garden with one small patch of my hill and these will join the three small dwarf roses I have already planted. I also found a Carnation in a beautiful shade of rose pink. I am told they would to well up here so I will add it to the landscape. I'm still debating the best way to terrace the hill and where to start. I need some materials to work with. I have rocks of course but everyone up here has rocks. Do I add bricks or railroad ties? I need to look through more do-it-yourself books because that is what I will be doing. I am the worker as well as the thinker and creator but for tonight I am grateful just to be home and to have time to relax and rest my body and mind.


Sunday, January 21, 2018

As spring comes

The snow melts little more each day. In some ways, it seems like the reverse of winter, like the ground is growing. Sometimes there's just an inlet of white connecting two areas of snow with brown dirt, rocks, and plants becoming more exposed. It is almost as if a rebirth were taking place, which in a way it is. At night from above, it almost looks like a map with oceans of snow against a continent of the land, large landmasses and smaller islands, all waiting exploration.

My hill is part of my own little world, constantly changing, evolving, growing, and developing as I am in this new area and phase of my life. I am starting a whole new chapter of my life and a new way of thinking. My work is now more mental and creative than physical. My exercise comes from the energy I put into my yard and home. God is in charge and He he has brought me to this place for peace and a purpose.

I am learning new things each day, making new choices, seeing with new eyes and always growing. I'm not the same person I was a few years ago and I feel the presence of the Angels very near me.

The expansive sky has never been as clear or bright elsewhere. The stars winking like diamonds speak to me of another world, a heaven that awaits that is beyond imagination. Nature is a part of all our lives in God's country. As the evening progresses the lights dim and go out in the houses around me and it is just myself and the night and God here soaking in the silence. The air is fresh and clean without the heaviness of the city. There is a sound that silence makes, it is called serenity through God's grace.

My fruit trees are beginning to bud, a sure sign that spring is on the way. More and more bulbs are making their way to the surface and soon it should be a riot of color in the front flowerbed. My small pine tree has unearthed itself from the snow and seems to be taller than when winter began. The igloo that my son and grandchildren built during their visit caved in long ago and is slowly melting into the earth and water runs down the hill in a fast-moving stream during the day. In the early mornings, when the air is still cold, there can be a danger of the ice on the ground. Something you learn quickly when you move to the mountains.

I'm looking forward to seeing the diverse gardens up here as spring turns into summer. I understand many others besides me enjoy their gardens and roses, poppies, tulips, and many other flowers, all of which will soon be in bloom transforming this paradise I call home once again.


Saturday, January 20, 2018

Culture Shock

I count my blessings for the sunshine and to visit my dearest friend, as I have missed her company, her warmth, and her humor. We have shared our lives for many years and have a closeness I do not share with my own family I grew up in.

The first thing we did was share a big hug, then pictures. She shows me the changes she has made and I give her a card I had made just for her to give to her brother upon graduation.

I noticed all the changes in the area since I visited last, which wasn't even six months ago, especially the new housing tracks that are so close together and I am grateful for my own home in the hills of God's country and my land and trees and space. I feel a lack of breath in this closeness, the noise and the crowded, cramped, feeling of being on top of each other. It wasn't long ago that I lived in such an atmosphere and it was this impersonal, overpopulated way of living I wanted to leave behind and do not miss.

Her garden is a series of pots on the backyard deck and one orange tree in a corner. There is a lack of Birdsong and no scampering of little critters. Her view is of the neighbors instead of the mountains, open sky, magnificent clouds, forested areas, and the beauty of God's creation.

I miss my friends but not city living even though I must travel to do my major shopping and banking. I know when I am through I can return home to the peace of my mountain home. It is worth putting up with snow and winding roads and long drives. When I exit the freeway and point the car toward home I become aware of the beauty and feel it deep serenity and anticipation as well as relaxation spread through my veins and circulate in my blood. My whole being rejoices at the sight of the trees and beloved mountains, to take deep breathes of clean clear air that carries the scent of snow and pines. I do not hurry but take time to admire the beauty as I slowly wind my way home knowing that peace and serenity is but a short drive away, and the culture shock of the city is behind me


Friday, January 19, 2018

Night and Day

There is nothing like the stars in a clear cloudless sky in the mountains set against a backdrop of a black border with trees and house shapes along the horizon in all directions. The world seems so vast up here and yet it is a fairly small community. The peace at night is something I treasure, as well as the chatter of nature during the day.

The wee birds who nest on my deck in a corner to catch some sleep or in the flower beds in the dirt along the sides of the house, their heads tucked beneath a wing and their eyes closed to the light but always alert to what is going on around them. At night they all return to their safe havens to awake in the morning when they will return to my house for more seed.

There is a rat nesting in my wood box and he has chewed away a the corner for easy access in and out and, of course, leaving droppings all around. I'm going to have to take action against it as it will not move and it is unhealthy so close to the house and he may try to find his way in. I know that rats are God's creatures too, but I cannot tolerate them. I do not know if it is eating in the birdfeeders or what.

I am appreciating the warmth of the past few days. I have actually been able to wear a T-shirt and to put away my sweater until evening. I've also been very tired and have suffered many headaches lately. I do not know if it is a sinus infection of a migraine. But each day's beauty is a gift and a blessing here nevertheless.

I have been concentrating on working on my genealogy and making progress although it can be confusing tracking the family back and forth and losing my place temporarily. My cousin keeps trying to send the GedCom file from France, without success, both to me and my son, perhaps it's just too large.

The snow is beginning to melt off. The driveway is clear, as are the flowerbeds, and more golden flowers are opening during the warm days. I have planted two small blueberry plants and will wait to see if they take root. The three little roses that have survived the winter indoors I planted on the hill and said a prayer that they too will prosper. The junipers look as if they have survived the winter and are greening up for spring. Here on the mountain, in God's country, I marvel at nature both night and day.


Thursday, January 18, 2018

Moving Forward

My consciousness of the spirit within me is my unlimited source and connection to the divine power of God. It will give me back the years eaten away by locusts, fire, famine, and flood. It makes all things new, lifts me up to the heavens. This awareness, understanding, and knowledge of spirit appears as angels before me, making the road I need to travel visible.  Let me travel it wisely.


Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Sing Praise

There are days when even the birds choose to be quiet. These are the dark days of the soul. Know that God always helps us to rise again, the clouds pass, the sun shines once more and then the birds sing their praise for us. For this is the way of the world. If we didn't have the dark, we wouldn't appreciate the light, if we didn't have sorrow, we wouldn't know joy. There are days when we will feel still and empty, accept them, own them, and let them pass. Be troubled not, for a new day always dawns. So be grateful for each new day, for each has its own message for our hearts and souls. Be still and listen.


Tuesday, January 16, 2018

It doesn't always rain

Hardship makes us strong, remember, we must keep trying and learn to preserve. We must not close our hearts, but continue looking to the joy in everything, in the smallest things we do there's room to find gratitude. True, not every day is filled with rainbows or sunshine, but neither are they filled with rain. So, have some faith.