Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Thanks Be

Let us pray for those who cannot or will not pray because of ignorance or stubbornness or false pride. Seek and ye shall find, knock and the door will be opened to you. This is your child knocking Dear Lord to thank you for your daily blessings.

For the beauty of the flowers, the greenness of the trees, the sun for its warmth, the light of day and the stars at night. For the perfume of nature wafting on the soft breeze. For the food at my table, the love of my family and friends, the coolness the quenches my thirst, for life itself. Each day is a gift and a blessing and in God, I am rich indeed. Thanks be to God.


Monday, January 30, 2017

Light of Truth

God provides. There are no needs on earth that He will no fill. The only thing barren are that which turns away from Him, and yet He waits with open arms for their return. Let us seek the light of this truth.


Sunday, January 29, 2017

He Provides

God is the source, the almighty supplier, the supreme being, the creator, He is all. We are His children and like any father, when we turn to Him He listens, when we are lost, He lights the way, when we are hungry, He provides a table before us, when we are naked, He clothes us, when we are troubled, He comforts us.


Saturday, January 28, 2017

Let love reign

Prayer makes love grow. Our lives again become as a peaceful garden, blooming in joy, enriched and cared for. When we care about the fate of our brothers and sister in God, that they may also reach out in love and faith, in prayer, then the power of God is unleashed against the evil in the world and peace again reigns within our hearts, and we live in global prosperity within the light of the Father.


Friday, January 27, 2017

Growing Stronger

It is important to pray, pray for people and our souls, pray for our planet, and pray for all life. Pray especially for the children and against all the violence and turmoil in the world. Pray every day and as we pray the light of love will grow stronger.


Thursday, January 26, 2017

A thing of beauty

Just be, for a time. At one with nature. This too can be a form of meditation, this just being. Feel the energy of all life calling to us, filling us, enlightening us. With love and faith.

The path sometimes is not seeking, but silence. Here is our soul, breathing in life. God calls to us in the birds, listen. This too is nourishment, growth.

A quieting of the mind so that we can know and appreciate all life. My garden is a gift to this life, a quiet sanctuary for me and nature.

Its blooms are gifts for me and the hummingbird, bees, and butterflies. It is small but blessed and in it I am allowed to become a part of all nature and at the same time, a caretaker.

In it I am accepted as part of the living earth, in abundance in search of the depths of my soul. Love and peace and joy are my companions and all life is a thing of beauty.


Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Take time to greet nature and sit quietly and become part of all life, not just an observer. To breathe in the air, open our ears and our eyes and our hearts and be aware, to become life itself in an outpouring of gratitude and love.


Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Love what you do and do it in love. Let your days be filled with joy and enlightenment. Take notice of life, don't waste it, but realize the gift it is. Be thankful to wake up to a new unfolding every day, to seek out all the blessings and love all it contains for us.


Monday, January 23, 2017

As far as the eye can see

We've been blessed with gifts in abundance. Yeh, God has given all that we may rejoice in all the wonder around us. He gives us the ability to look inward, to seek our soulfulness, and find meaning and know.

He asks that we walk in peace and love the world and our brothers and sisters, and all life which He created. We are never alone with God. He gives us angels to be with us even in our solitude.

He gives us purpose to fill our life, and vision to appreciate the abundance He's given us and to use it wisely. He gives us joy and song, heartfelt love, beauty, compassion, family, pets, poetry, and broad vistas. Gifts as far as the eye can see.


Sunday, January 22, 2017

Kindred Souls

God speaks to us in the birds, when like St. Francis we commune with them in appreciation, in silence, and without fear, they come up close as will the others animals who recognize kindred souls.


Saturday, January 21, 2017


There is a purpose to every life on earth, to each day, to everything under the heavens. God has said it is so, therefore it is. We grow into our purpose as it is revealed in God's time until then we cannot know our purpose in this lifetime, only have faith that is.

There is purpose too for every event in our lives, that we may grow, that we may see, that we may feel, that we have joy and laughter, sorrow and tears. That we may learn to pray that too is purpose.


Friday, January 20, 2017

To Bloom

Spring is the time of new growth. May we make it a time of growth within as well by cleaning out unwanted debris we've been carrying, of any hostility, feelings, of unworthiness, or emptiness, feelings of abandonment, of hatred, prejudice, dislike, unloving thoughts too.

Clear the closets of uselessness and put yourself to purposefulness. Give to the needy what you don't need, therefore making it something of worth.

Sweep away the cobwebs of doubt and distrust. Open the windows to love and laughter and joy. Organize the disarray that you may find what you are searching for. Inventory your pantry of abundance.

Take the time to pause outside to rest and open your eyes to the world in gratitude. At the beginning and end of the day take time for thanksgiving. Aways live in awareness, unclutter you remind of doubts and troubles and let in the light of trusts and appreciation.

God gives us this time of renewal for ourselves, as with nature, so that we too can bloom with love.


Thursday, January 19, 2017

See Purpose

Everything we experience is for a purpose. We cannot always see the greater purpose in events at the time, but God knows, and the angels know. Our purpose is to grow, grow in God's love, to love others, to learn tolerance, to be at peace within ourselves and with others.


Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A Greater Whole

In quiet meditation, I become aware of the self within and out flows a warming fulfillment as I become aware of truth. This is the secret of life. I relax in the knowledge that we're all one with life and part of a greater whole.


Allways Know That

I am part of a greater knowledge, part of the cosmic whole. Love everything for it is all a gift, whether or not we can recognize it as so or not at the time.

Thank God anyway for there is a deeper meaning in everything, and all is a blessing. We do not need to recognize every lesson, in time we will, for God Himself is aware and we are in God's hands, always know that.


Tuesday, January 17, 2017


In gratitude, I thank the Lord for all the events in each day, for good and for bad, for it is all part of life and fills my days. I'm grateful for the times of quiet and solitude, they ground me again when all about me the world has been in havoc.


Monday, January 16, 2017

Plant Love

Pray for peace and healing, love and charity, for joyfulness in all we have, for not just a kindness toward our brothers and sisters, but a truly loving attitude, for love is what heals, not just us, but the whole world.

Without love, peace cannot exist. Love abundantly, be generous in love. Love everything, even problems and faults, and a healing will take place. For where love is planted weeds of hatred, animosity, greed, prejudice, jealousy, bigotry and violence cannot grow.


Sunday, January 15, 2017

In touch

Make silent the mind in appreciation of all the blessings we already have and give thanks. Be aware of all the beauty in your life by opening your eyes to all that is around you. Take time each day in silent thanksgiving. Know that each of us is part of the brotherhood of man created in the likeness of God, and as His children, He keeps us in His infinite care.

Think more on this and less on the trivia of life. Be in touch with yourself, meditate and learn to know thyself. Live in this consciousness for the betterment of self, and the world.


Saturday, January 14, 2017


Inner faith brings a sense of peace and contentment, a letting go of everyday worries that cannot be solved by inner anguish anyway. Prayer is as necessary in our lives as is eating and sleeping, for it is nourishment of the soul.


Friday, January 13, 2017

Road of faith

To change we need to listen to our inner self, what is it we are seeking? Truth is the way to change and conscious reflection is the way to truth. Prayer paves the road of our faith.


Thursday, January 12, 2017

Part of the flow

In quiet meditation, my self fades away and I become aware, within me is total fulfillment. This is truth. In this moment I've found the secret of life, this my new knowledge that passes through me. I'm aware of the flow, the radiation, and from within comes creative energy, and growing faith pouring out from the Divine. I become part of the flow.


Make it so

We have openings and opportunities in our lives that we may choose to alter our path, to pursue different goals, to seek inward instead of outward, and to find our soul and be at peace. In order to do this, we must recognize the opportunities when they come and to actively seek change in our inner and outer worlds. Prayer helps to make it so.


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Held in magic

To just be alive in the moment is enough for now. The world is a thing of beauty when we open our eyes to fully see it and enjoy the magic of all that it holds, evolving in a constant cycle of change. Let us give thanks to the Lord for all His gifts even if we do not recognize them as such at the moment.



There is a time for all things under the sun, so it is written and so it is in life. When the body and mind are weary, rest. When the heart is joyful, sing and make merry. There are times when we lack energy, then too, the body is speaking, and the mind and soul, our necessity is to listen and respond in tune with our true, natural, self.

The quiet times are as important as the busy times. They refresh us, as does the rain over the land and sea, refreshes the earth. Be easy on yourself today, rest your mind, your heart, your soul, your being. Let your faith be restored. Tomorrow is soon enough to reenter the race of life.


Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Rain is one of God's blessings He sends down to earth to kiss all growing things and to nourish our spirit. Give thanks to the Lord for all His gifts and blessings. We all need a little rejuvenation in our lives and a freshness in the air to clear our minds as well.


Monday, January 9, 2017

Time to rejoice

May we learn to respect our world as the blessing of God that it is and treat is so. May we learn to cultivate a giving nature, for to share is to love.

Let us love everything, for all that exists was created by the Father. Cherish each day in thankfulness. Seek serenity within our homes and our hearts.

Take time to rejoice in all we have received and open our arms widely for the benefit of all for we live in the abundance and love of the Lord.


Greeting the day

The day has just begun, give praise to the Lord our God for this new day. The birds are singing their joyous chorus in gratitude and love, and the sun slowly rises to warm the earth and our hearts, sing with joy, blessed be this day, this month, this year.

For each day is a gift and this day will never be nor pass the same again. Live and love it fully that you may embrace all the joy it contains. It is such a blessing to have to time to great each day on my patio and in gratitude to welcome the day without thoughts of hurry and have-to-be's or do's.


Sunday, January 8, 2017

Face to Face

We are never alone with God. The more I meditate, the more aware I become of God's blessings in all things. I see life with new eyes because now I take the time to look at everything and truly see. I am surrounded by beauty in the flowers that inhabit my patio with me and wherever I look I see the world in glorious bloom.

These are God's blessings, I hear the birds in their conversations and hear it too as praise of the Lord. How abundantly we are provided for. We are rich in gifts when we open our eyes to the world around us. Praise God for all the wonders in the world and the vision and time to enjoy them.

Make time each day for this gratitude, for this is the road to inner peace. Life was not meant to be hurried through. We fill our lives with constant bombardments of T.V., and computers, and videos, and such, that we have forgotten how to sit and just be and experience the world around us.

It is much grander than any automation that man has created. Just watch a bird in perfect flight, soaring through the sky, without trouble he glides in the air. And pollen light as air floats by in slow motion. The lights and shadows of nature are more magnificent than any captured on canvas.

There is constant movement, constant growth, constant change, and all we need do is sit quietly and feel a part of all existence. The trees wave their branches at me in greeting the and pansies impishly lift up their faces along with the violas.

We learn from nature, what needs sun, and what needs shade, to feed when necessary and quench thirst and thus we too are as caretakers in our world. I do not want to waste this gift of time, but use it well instead.

I pray to God daily to guide me, to help me to grow even as the flowers grow and lift up my face to God. The day will come when we are face to face, on that day I can thank Him for all the wonders He created and for this gift of life.


Saturday, January 7, 2017

Reach Out

Faith is like a flower bud, it starts out small and closed and slowly grows and takes on color and gradually as it enlarges it opens to the world in glorious array, displaying its face for all the world to see.

As the mustard seed, it is dressed in God's fiery clothed in beauty. It bends and sways with the winds, but its roots are deep. It succors the need with its pollen, which is as food to the birds, bees, and butterflies, who come to seek nourishment.

So too does faith feed the multitudes, and in abundance, their needs are met. For he who believes in the Lord is sheltered in His love. God's blessings are everywhere we look in appreciation with open eyes and hearts.

The birds sing of His glory, listen to their songs of praise. Know that you are never alone with God. He surrounds you with loving angels who's charge is your loving care. Be at peace knowing you are watched over day and night.

In loving brotherhood share in joy the blessings you receive. Reach out to one another in love and peace and brotherhood. We are all as one in God's eyes, children created in His loving image. As birds and flowers come in a myriad of color, so too do the children of God.

And as the animals, He created us both male and female that we may be fruitful and flourish, and in love be a neighborhood, living side by side, in peacefulness, recognizing that we are as on in the eyes of God.

Put aside any ill feelings toward one another, but open your homes and hearts in welcome and love. For he who welcomes his brothers and sisters welcomes God in his home as well. Does not the sun shine down on one and all?

Does not the rain too equally touch all of us? So too does the wind caress. Nature knows no one a stranger to her blessings, so too are we commanded to treat all alike in our hearts, our souls, and our minds.

Faith is a gift for all as we are on in God's house. Share in the abundance of the Lord, in prayer reach out, love all, seek peace in all things and you will be blessed.


Friday, January 6, 2017


I feel more rested after a meditation than I do after a good night's sleep, for there is no restlessness when you travel inward, at peace, seeking God. We give in our hearts, minds, and souls a peace to our brothers and sisters all over the world and love to everyone and everything, everywhere, when we're rested and at one.


Thursday, January 5, 2017

Boiling it down

God exists in the abundance around us, as well as in our hearts. He reminds us every day in many small ways how much we are loved, be mindful of the messages, and the love He sends our way.

This energy of love grows within us and the more we give the more we have, this expanding wealth of love. It is in the gift of life to go and grow in love, this very simple meaning of life, is to love.

Love itself is the blessing, to share love, the joy of it, and to have it returned is the abundance of life. There is a meaning to everything in life, much of this can be discovered in time, and it all boils down to love.


Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Let it all go

Rest well within the Lord, releasing all into the universe, into His hands that you may be refreshed and renewed. Life is only burdensome when we feel it is so, it is not our natural state, so let it all go.


Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Touched Truth

When we seek God we find ourselves in glorious awareness. With Him we know we are never alone for He takes our hand and raises us up and we are filled with rapture so pure we feel reborn. There is no worry within God, nothing troubles the spirit, there is only tranquility, harmony, peace, and Love.

More love than we felt the power to experience and more awareness. The trees are more majestic, the breeze more caressing, the sun radiates healing power, and all is right with the world. I have learned what it is to feel gratitude in a richer abundance.

To be grateful for so many things unnoticed before. Even the flowers seem to speak now, as they lift up their faces to God. All of nature is on the same wavelength. I am aware of some cosmic existence that I never knew before, of rainbow lights and sun streams surrounding me in a silent communication and acknowledgment.

Discs of light approaching and a feeling of anticipation of change, a new awareness that never existed, a new dimension, and a loss of time. I feel as if I'm enraptured, healed, and changed deep inside, where the soul of me exists.

Surrounded by angels in ever increasing numbers. I watch the sunset and feel a change, a difference somehow taking place, my heart within knows this. I've touched truth.


Monday, January 2, 2017

Seek the soul

Make spirituality and its seeking a priority in your life. God is always available. You do not need to travel to find Him, only look inward and there you will find the way. Take time for quiet meditation, quiet the mind, seek the soul, open the heart and go within.


Sunday, January 1, 2017

Endless Rewards

Anytime is the right time to seek the Lord. Each day make time, take time to pray, to meditate, give time to spirituality as yo do the business of life. Schedule time for God. The rewards will be endless.