Sunday, November 30, 2014


Illness can serve useful functions. It often forces you to think carefully about what is really important in your life. Those who survive serious illnesses seldom return to the fierce pursuit of status or material goods. Other things become more valuable, and lifestyles are frequently redirected.

You develop of a vivid realization that every moment counts and is precious. Surviving illness heels the mind, since negative thoughts are replaced by positive thoughts. Inner peace comes to the survivor and they take control of their future, filling their lives with love and purpose.


Dark night of the soul

Dear God; I am searching for deeper purpose to life and I know this time of "waiting" is a gift you have given me to seek that purpose, and to heal my past, rid myself of the anger and anxieties I have carried around so long so that I may prepare myself, through your guidance, to a new path in a better, more fulfilling way of life.

During this "dark night of the soul" I have the opportunity to become more open by removing the mental and emotional blocks that hamper my growth, confront my fears and beliefs that will lead to a spiritual transformation when I release them.

I seek to live in the present moment and consciously rid myself of any and unfinished business that may hamper me, and I feel more alive to all that is around me than I ever have before in my life.

At times I feel absolutely exhilarated and I feel I am making breakthroughs spiritually like a light going on in my life and even my creativity has reached a new level. To live inward largely is to experience more joy than any outward accomplishments and possessions ever could and is more permanent.

The spiritual journey of the "dark night of the soul" one experiences in between paths is the greatest opportunity to strengthen the spirit and to be in touch with your soul–self one can ever have but it requires and strengthens faith.

Prayer and meditation are important when going within, and healing your inner self. These lead you to a new tranquility in your life and surrender. There is a new you with a new identity and purpose who emerges. Let go of attachments to places, things, career, and rigid ideas. Let go and let God.

This period in my life is only a reference point to a new beginning. Prayer is our own personal contact in conversation with God. Our goal is to grow in spirit and acceptance of what change brings, life is never static, change is constant and conscious awareness is a result when we were embrace it and live in the moment.

I look forward in anticipation to a new path and willingly release the bonds that were tying me to the old. I cease to dictate the outcomes and put my trust and faith in the Lord through whom all good things come. I look on this "waiting" period as a blessing and a gift and use it to continue to grow. It is a beginning as well as and ending, and a more conscious and aware one.


Take me home

Take me home, I'm tired, lonely, spent, and confused. The days of wine and roses are behind me. My life's been full, challenging, difficult, rewarding, and a blessing each and every day. I know this now. I thank you, and await the day you come to take me away.



God tells us not to judge. Isn't finding fault judging? Instead we should just acknowledge the pain that exists, with love help to heal the pain and release any guilt is not essentially important. We're all guilty of causing hurt to others at some time in our lives.

Forgive yourself and forgive others and don't dwell on it. God taught us how to forgive for even as Jesus was dying on the cross he said "forgive them for they know not what they do".  Learn from the master. Is our pain greater than his pain was?

I will no longer look for blame in my life but to heal, to create love around myself wherever I am. To release pain from my life instead of embracing it. Thank you for teaching me sweet Jesus. Amen.



Dear God; how come so many people don't realize the importance of love and only worry about blame? How easy they find it to shut others out of their lives. To never write or call or care. It is important to teach our children the value of loving and honoring others, valuing friendships, truthfulness, being generous of heart, giving of themselves, keeping commitments, being honorable.

For to be an ethical person you must be one of honor. To always mend hurts and misunderstandings with haste that a gulf may not develop between people. To wait while you establish fault is useless for no one ever admits responsibility for destroying a relationship. If you leave out fault and substitute healing and concentrate on that you would be able to retain more relationships.


Endings and Beginnings

Winter is here. There's a chill in the air. It's time to bring out the mittens and warm socks. For hot chocolate or spiced tea. For sitting by a warm fire and reading a good book. Winter is also a reminder of our blessings. To say thanks, to share, for family, friends, and loved ones.

To send greetings to those near and far. To remember past times and to make new memories. It's a time for get togethers and to make new resolutions. It's a time for giving and receiving. For old traditions and new beginnings. It's a time to re-access our lives and for setting new goals.

It's not the gifts under the tree but the love in our hearts that counts. It's in being the best that we can possibly be. It's making the difference in the lives of others. In genuine caring. It's important to preserve what God has given us and to appreciate the gift of life we have chosen to experience.

It's starting each day with God and ending it with gratitude. It's in a willingness to learn new things. It's in actually seeing all that is around us instead of being so busy we are unaware. Nature is a gift only God could create. Take time to admire His artistry.

To see the changes of the leaves. The beauty of a snowflake. The crackle of ice crunching under your feet. All the animals with their winter coats. The birds in flight. The stars that light up the night sky. The sun as it rises over a mountain or sets over the sea.

The sound of a creek running, the icy freshness of its water. The crickets and frogs joining in conversation. Take time for it all. Winter is truly a thing of beauty. It is a time for us to slow down and to appreciate. To bundle, cuddle, for laughter and cheer. It is an ending of an old year, a shedding of what is past and a hope for the future. It is a part of the cycle of life. It can be the best of times.


Saturday, November 29, 2014


Fear kept many doors closed
and the world around so dark
so my dreams were disposed
while my world fell apart...


God shows the way

I am not afraid for I know that God has a plan and I am but a tool He has use for me. Somewhere, in the life of someone I will make a difference. To pass on the wisdom, knowledge, and love, He has given to me. To teach others the beauty of living in more conscious awareness and to have faith that they will be provided for.

When we reach out to God, He takes our hand, and shows us the way. Life is richer when we live it with God. Everything we look at we see more clearly, hear more distinctly, and feel more deeply. We realize we are a part of a greater whole and God not only has a need for us but loves us unconditionally.

No one is forgotten. No one is beyond God's love. It is unconditional. But when we choose to make God a priority our life becomes a thing of greater beauty. We can all serve the Lord in our own way. Make a difference that we have been here and in the lives of others.

Like the old saying "open up your heart and let the Son shine in", and the Father and the Spirit. It is pure joy to realize that we have never been alone even in our darkest hour, and we can climb up anytime with God's help. We too have the power to reach out and touch someone.

To pass on the message of love. To care and share. The message is we have the power to change the world. To live differently and more consciously. We can learn to respect and preserve our beautiful world. We can end pollution, replant our forests, clean our waters, our air, our land.

We can stop being destructive and become constructive. It's up to each of us. God shows us the truth, and the way. We are responsible for our own ability to listen. Life is not about who has more toys but who brings more joy. God is the source of all joy. He wants to share that with us. To keep us safe in the palm of His hand and show us the wonders of a loving world.


Friday, November 28, 2014

Let God lead the way

Where will I be at the end of this path? I do not question I just keep going. Each day itselfs is a new wonder and a learning. So different from before when each day seemed as a parody of the one before. It is funny that I am less afraid than when I thought I had some job security and now each day is a blessing full of new surprises.

The difference is, now it is guided by God and He is my security, my abundance, my light in the darkness and my inspiration. I know He has a plan for me and it will be more fully disclosed in time. It is a period of the most wonderful revelation. Time not wasted but filled with consciousness and a completion of bits of knowledge that will lead me in a different direction than I was formerly going.

Now I look to each new day joyfully. The present is a gift from God. It is a time of unfolding and enlightenment, of new and deeper faith. It's like living in a discovery zone and each step leads to greater wonder. To an appreciation of the beauty of life.

A time to marvel at nature, get acquainted with the birds and to be a part of life itself not just going through the motions. As God promises in the bible He has seen to my welfare even providing the abundance to meet my smallest needs, and to be able to share with others.

He has given me the wisdom to be in appreciation instead of living in fear. Never before have I felt so loved and so aware. God has taught me how to release my anxieties, my resentments, my self-doubt, and insecurities. Truly to let go and let God.

To let Him more fully into my life and to trust that where I am is right where I am supposed to be and all that is to unfold will be revealed, and its purpose in good time. That all can make a difference in our own way and God will show us the path that will lead us, all that we can be, and the good we can do.


Thursday, November 27, 2014

God clothed me

God has clothed me almost as beautifully as the flowers He creates with new blouses and shorts, shoes and sweaters in a variety of colors. He sends me off to in good cheer, and gratefulness.

God keeps me company wherever I go, at home or away. He is my constant source of strength, inner peace, wisdom, teaching me always to see things in a new and deeper way.


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

In fear seek God

Be truthful in all things for to be in denial or to lie is to be in fear. When we are in truth God is with us. And in truth we put our faith in Him and He blesses us and brings us abundance. God's messengers, the angels, tell us "do not fear".

Each time we conquer our fear our faith is strengthened. We will be tested many times in our life but each time, as we practice faith, it becomes easier to release the fear and to turn to God for our answers and our guidance, and He responds.

I used to live in such fear and in false security until the day I turned fully to God. The answer came more rapidly than I anticipated as if God were only waiting for me to seek Him out, to ask, and to release my fears and my future into His hands.

He has been walking with me each step of the way since. Now I know to immediately turn to God when doubt or fear try to raise their ugly head and He always leads me to a positive outcome. God has not revealed to me my future but has lead me step-by-step on the path toward it, guiding me.

When I have brief instances of doubt or fear I only have to recall all the miracles God has working in my life thus far. To remember that He will reveal what I need to know at the appropriate time and in the meanwhile to be grateful for all my many blessings He has provided.


Tuesday, November 25, 2014


My new tradition
between months
of deconstructing
random family visits
faces once known
afternoons just sitting
or hallways roamed
and holidays alone
hardly remembered
like the world around


See with your heart

Sometimes what seems a thing of beauty can spoil the image by just opening its mouth, and sometimes what seems to us as flawed turns out to be a thing of beauty after all. We cannot judge solely by outward appearances but how we feel as we spend more time in the company of others.

To see the beauty of the spirit within and not just the exterior appearance without. True beauty does not depend on perfection but accepts the uniqueness God blessed it with. Nothing is decreased by a handicap when it is blessed by a loving nature that reaches out and into the heart of others.

We spend our time looking for perfection when nothing is perfect in this world. We are human therefore flawed. For only God is perfection. Some flaws are just more apparent than others. What we need to look for are the blessings just as we do our gratitude for the gifts we receive each day.

God blessed each of us with special gifts unique to ourselves and our purpose. It is how we use them that matters. Do we use the for greed or do we use them to give? Everyone makes a difference in the world somehow. We can choose whether we make it a positive or negative difference.

We can go through life blindly, which has nothing to do with our vision, or we can live in awareness and be conscious of all that we do and say. God gave us the ability to choose. Some of us will only make small differences and others will contribute important changes, but none of us knows when something we say or do affects the life of another.

Try to live as an example of your beliefs. Don't neglect the kind word spoken that may enrich the life of another. Encourage goodness, kindness, charity, love, tolerance, and humility. For we all live and we all die, it is what we do in between that matters.

Don't postpone the good that you can do today, it may never pass again. Look beneath the surface of things and into the heart. Don't be fooled by false appearances but see the beauty in all things. Remember to be thankful no matter how small the deed. It encourages others.


More than human

I am in this world but not of this world. We associate that with Jesus but essentially it also is about us. We just don't recognize it as so. We get so caught up in the everyday doing, in our jobs, our families, the office politics, in making ends meet, that we forget this whole life we are leading is temporary until we can return to our true home with God in the heavenly realm.

We come here to learn and to grow and all we experience is part of that growth in spirit. But we forget that in our everyday experience of life. We worry about things that are inconsequential, like that latest fashions, the stock market, the price of gas, instead of slowing down and going within.

We are in such a hurry to be doing we forget to take time to be aware. Instead of inventorying our closet we should be concentrating on our spirit. We are not here to be isolated but to experience, to share, to give and to love.

God and the angels are all about love. We are created in love and love is what we are here to give and share. When we become more aware we can actually feel that love growing and expanding to include all things, for they are God's creation.

Each leaf on each plant is a work of God, unique from all others as are we. God breathes life into every flower, animal, insect, plant, bird, even to each blade of grass, and even more to each of us, His children. We are here also to remember from where we come.

That we are not just a human body, an earthly form, but a spirit as well. We need to nourish all that we are spiritually as well as physically. To take time to see, to be in wonder, to pray, meditate, and absorb what kindles the fire of God's love within us.

God exists not in some far away place but within. The spirit of all of us. That is why it is so important to go within. To seek the all-that-I-am within and to connect with the divine in our spirit. It is a living connection that grows stronger and brighter each time we take the time until we come to live in a state of full consciousness each minute of each day.

Aware of our breath, our thoughts, our heart beating, our place in the universe. Then we live to make a difference with all we encounter. To be a part, actively, in what we experience in our soul's growth.


Monday, November 24, 2014


Enjoy the memories
that you make
soon enough
they'll be taken


God's Angels

The angels are with us every day. Each moment from the time we are conceived. Some only feel their presence in times of danger but when we become aware we feel their closeness at all times and they teach us to live in greater joy.

They are pleased to help us in ways large and small from locating missing items, saving parking spaces, to warn us of hazards, and to teach us in ways of the spirit. They inspire us in our creativity and comfort us when we are feeling down. They are with us in times of loss as well as in times of joy and as we become more aware we see signs of them everywhere.

They are actively making themselves known in the world for everywhere you look, on the T.V., in songs, in magazines, in statuary, and books, the faces of angels and their words in music call out to us. Their purpose is as messengers, to remind us God loves us.

The are here to guide us and to watch over us. To let us know we are never alone but surrounded in God's love. They are ready to help, all we need do is ask. For centuries artists have been drawing angels. Their pictures can fill a large museum and then some.

They are beings of light and joy. They bring us a sense of peace and desire to live a more spiritual life. To be close to God in all that we do. To take the time to be grateful for all the blessings we receive. To see the beauty around us.

To help others and to serve God in whatever capacity we are guided to do so. They light up our lives as well as our hearts. They make us feel lighter as if we too could take wing and fly. They teach us how to reach out, to share, to open our hearts and to be more loving.

They are our companions in the light of day as well as the dark of night. They watch over us as we slumber and at times come to us in our dreams. At the end they are there to escort us to heaven. They are that still small voice within that warns us or tells us all will be well, to be without fear. To be in faith and to be the best that we can be, for it pleases God. They guide us along our path in life, a beacon from God.


Sunday, November 23, 2014

God's lessons on life

God gives us lessons that we may learn. He gives us blessings that we may share and learn gratitudes. He gives us hope that we may be in appreciation. At times He gives us despair that we may seek Him out and learn that He is the source of all of our joy and our abundance.

God gives us what we need when we need it so that our faith may grow in His almighty power. Sometimes God needs to give us a wake up call in order that we may change our life and look to Him to guide us to the right path.

Life itself is a learning process. We learn what works and what doesn't. We also learn that when we make God a constant part of our life we have a greater understanding, appreciation, and awareness, as well as a greater sense of gratitude for all things.

What we thought was important loses its relevance once we are spiritually enlightened. The things like a new car, a big house, fancy clothes, lose their value. God puts our life into perspective and teaches us what to truly value, and the simplest things become of great worth.

The beauty of the day, the sweet call of the birds, a gentle breeze, the love around you whether from a pet or a parent. Time spent meaningfully with a friend or a child. To not rush through your days unconsciously, but to savor each moment. To be truly alive and in a state of clarity.

To be a part of all-that-is, and to live joyfully. Life becomes not a series of duties but a gift to savor. We learn to look for the lessons in all things instead of reacting. We learn to live simply, peacefully. To take the time each day to put God first and not to begin our day without Him.

To acknowledge His presence in our lives and the great difference that makes. Take time to talk to God and to listen. To see more fully and to accept not only the gifts He brings us, but the blessings and the lessons to inspire us and in our continued spiritual growth.

Without God we are as nothing but with Him all things are possible. Nothing is too great for God to accomplish. He can move mountains and create rainbows. He is aware of the smallest creature as well as what is in our hearts. God wants only the best for us and for all things.


Saturday, November 22, 2014

Life is evloving

God gives us rainy days and sunshine, dark clouds and white moons, winter snow and spring flowers, autumn leaves and summer breezes. All things are gifts from God and therefore good. He gives us changes in our lives just as He creates changes in the seasons.

From childhood to maturity is the gift of growth and discovery and a preparation of purpose. Life isn't to be wasted but savored. Lessons are for the learning. Like steps on a ladder they help us climb higher spiritually. Learn with intention. Ask for guidances.

Be open to change and new directions. Life should never be stagnant but constant movement like the streams it carries us to new places, new knowledge, new people and new growth. We are never too old or young to grow, to experience new things, to start a new career, to find new ways to be of service, to make new friends and to see new places.

One thing that never changes is God's constant love. Some people have the misconception that God is too busy for us individually. They are so wrong. God loves to hear from us. He wants us to share our everyday experience. He is generous in His abundance and guidance.

God has the capacity to be everywhere at all times. To hear everyone who seeks Him and to answer. He is not limited but all powerful and when we turn to Him, He acknowledges us. He sends what we need when we need it.

The greatest thing we can do is serve Him with the gifts He has given each one of us to use. No one's gifts are greater than another's but the tools each of us needs to fulfill their particular purpose in this lifetime. God has prepared us. He never deserts us and we can call on Him anytime night or day.

We all encounter periods of storms in our lives but the sun always shines again. Take time to notice the beauty around you, to go within and be at peace. Take time for gratitude and be prepared for change with an open heart.


Friday, November 21, 2014

Edge of the sea

Nothing on the horizon
but the edge of the sea
and that's where you'll
find all that's left of me


Live in God's light

God is the light of the world and when we seek Him, He brings that light within us and a joy of living and we see all things with a new appreciation, and a sense of wonder. It is an inner light that warms our spirit and causes others to tell us we are looking well.

They don't know what it is about us, only that we seem to be happy and contented but it causes them to comment, "you look really good."  It is faith shining in our eyes. An awareness of all-that-is. A releasing of mortal fear and an embracing of the spiritual. To know God loves us unconditionally.

He provides for our needs and is aware of our very existence. We are never alone but in His loving care and surrounded by His angels we are entrusted to who guide our way, encourage our spiritual journey, open our eyes to the beauty around us, lead us to a place of inner serenity and greater faith.

They take care of the smallest things in our lives when we ask, such as saving us a parking space, helping us find lost articles, and elevating our consciousness. This same light can be within all of us but we rarely seek it. We busy ourselves with cares that God would gladly relieve us of if we would but ask, seek, believe.

Release, release, release and let God's light and love fill you and shine upon you. He will feed you and clothe you, provide shelter for you, give you time and space that you may know of Him, walk and talk with Him and be at peace and in the light.

All things then become brighter in your sight. You see the plants reflect the light and you see it in others as well as in nature. Life itself becomes an enlightenment as you grow in spirit. You feel an inner warmth of being, of experiencing each day.

The light clarifies and purifies, and you live in joy. Nothing is too small or too large for God to handle and He will in order that we can spend our time in a greater knowing, and in a state of being. He provides us with our purpose that we may serve Him and the teachers we need to learn. He brings us out of the darkness and into the light of His everlasting love.


Thursday, November 20, 2014

befores, gone

Our last day together
unplanned, unexpected
a drop of the hat
and all that was, wasn't
gone, all our befores


Friendship's Blessing

The gift of friendship is truly a blessing from God. He puts many people in our path and gives us the opportunity to bond with those that seem to be on the same spiritual journey as we are. Sometimes those we have known for some time, through circumstances, become a lifelong friendships.

They are the ones we can share our hearts with. Our true friends. We learn from each other, we share our dreams and our growth. Isn't it a wonderful world that we live in a time where communication is so much easier? Where we can reach out on the phone or the internet to touch those that we love and all our friends.

But we must not forget the written world either. To put our thoughts to words and give thanks. To take time to document our dreams and our progress. To take time to tell others we care, to wish them well and to bring a smile to their faces when your messages of love, friendship, and caring arrive.

These are keepsakes of the heart. Isn't language wonderful? That God gave us the tools to express ourselves. When God gave us "the word: He quite literally did in more ways than one. When we share our blessings He gives us with others we are sharing the news of God's love for all of us that they too may believe.

Reach out your hand in friendship to all that you meet and embrace with your heart the knowledge that we are all God's children. Listen for the message He sends to you through others. See the synchronicity for what it is. God is working in your life and in the lives of others.

He brings us together for a purpose. Live in awareness so that you may recognize the greater purpose in all things. Know He is preparing you for even greater blessings. Have faith that God will show you the way. Look toward the light and reach out your hand in friendship to all!


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Aging Consequences

So much out of reach
just beyond touch
a shattered world
that makes no sense
names of things
fall away, day by day
reason swirls away
round and round
hard to say much
such an effort is speech
life unassembled
forgetting now
my consequence


Be grateful for today

It's lovely to sit and just be part of life. Listening to the rustle of the leaves on the trees as the wind blows through them. The branches waving so gracefully, almost as if they are waving and the occasional leaf falls. Their height is majestic, reaching always upward as do my thoughts.


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Reel to Real

Each day is new and beautiful and I endeavor to make the most of it for I know all too soon it will be gone. It is surprising how fast time passes by. But when we slow our own mind we can see and hold on to much more. It is as if we are ingraining memories in our minds.

Savoring each delicious moment. I do not want to waste it on mindless television where you don't really see, or think, or feel but become engrossed in an endless saturation of reel life, which in not real life at all. Lord help me to see the beauty in each day, in each thing and to truly see, feel, live, experience in a greater capacity through you.

Open me up to a greater knowing and being. With you I feel a part of everything, a greater reality. You are wherever I am and wherever I am you are. I am so grateful for your blessings.


Lessons from the birds

Are we aware of the bird's call in the morning? Each of them greets the day in their own way. To be aware is to be conscious of their voices calling to each other or just praising life. God provides for their needs, the trees to nest in, the warmth and beauty of their feathers, their wings so that they may soar, nectar, worms, seeds and all manner of food that they may dine abundantly.

From their vantage point they may see many things. The have learned to live in a community with others and of varying breeds in peaceful co-existence. The love and care of family is obvious. They care diligently for their young, provide for them, teach them how to fly and when it is time send them off to live their own lives and build their own nests.

Many pair for life. When a group fly they take turns leading the way and following. We can learn much from them in community living, sharing, parenting, providing, and group effort as well as living in peaceful co-existence with your neighbor.

We need to remember that what affects the health of the planet in one area affects us all. That the children everywhere are our future. Education should be a right for all if we are to improve and preserve our planet. Those that learn more do more. We are all equal in God's eyes, and as He provides for the birds He will provide for us if we let go of the greed and learn to act more as a community instead of individually.

God wants us to reach out to others not in pity but in humanity. To see the brotherhood in all men. To not just provide but to teach so that we can enable others to fly, to have a vision of possibilities. If we each one reached out to one other person what a glorious world this would be. Eventually we would link arms around the world in peace, harmony and love. Together we could change not just our life but our lives.


Monday, November 17, 2014

Hunger for yesterday

Random thoughts wander
from here to there, and back
like my passing days
on scraps of memories I chew
and hunger for yesterday


Visualize your dreams

When we learn to truly visualize we learn to bring our dreams to life. To manifest what we need in order to achieve our destiny. Struggle isn't always the necessity we think it is. It is only one means of gaining knowledge.

We could choose another means. Life is about choices and purpose. When we willingly seek to achieve our purpose the information we need and the abundance to succeed will come to us easily in a variety of ways. The universe, through God is our supply in demand.

The information we need will come to us through the media, books, overheard conversations, a chance encounter. God provides what we need, when we need it. When we learn to release fear and open a channel, for the knowledge and abundance without the struggle we have assumed is necessary.

We are astounded to discover that we have made life more difficult than it needs to be. We have been struggling against the current instead of allowing the spirit to guide us, and by seeking God instead of immersing ourselves in worry and fear allowing the tide of His love to carry us safely into the harbor of your life's dream and destiny.

We only need to look for the lesson and then release the struggle and God will carry us the rest of the way. He is only awaiting your invitation to become a part of your daily life and in all that you do. It is a miracle that all things become grander, is seen with more clarity and light and experience with a greater sense of fulfillment as well as a sense of humility.

We see the world with an overpowering sense of beauty and an ability to heal not only ourselves but the world as well. "Through God all this are possible" is not just a saying, it is a reality of living. It is contained within the gift of consciousness we choose to live.


Sunday, November 16, 2014

Discover your passion

Our job isn't to follow. It's to find new paths that our spirit my discover its true purpose for being here. Paved roads only lead where others have already been. To places they have built from their own dreams, necessities, or greed. What are our dreams?

What do our castles in our minds look like? Do we want to live someone else's dream or our own? We need to discover our passion and follow it to our try purpose. Look deep into your spirit to see what brings you joy. What is it of yourself you want to share with others and the world?

This is the product of your vision. Following its path will lead you to a life filled with promise, joy, creativity, sharing, accomplishment and peace. When we serve others that our life's passion our life holds no wonder, expectation or fulfillment.

God brings the abundance we need so that we may serve the purpose we chose to come here and fulfill. We get locked into occupations, jobs, duties, places, because of fear and uncertainty. We lack the faith that we will be provided for.

That we can accomplish our heart's desire, make a difference in the lives of others and ultimately the world and earn a living from it. This is an archaic way of thinking that we learned from others. Perhaps in childhood.

The world is opening to new ideas. A more spiritual way of living, of seeking to follow through intuition, synchronicity, and an acknowledgement of what brings us inner peace to seek our sense of right living, of making a personal difference and of living fully in the spirit.

We learn it is important to be quiet in order to truly hear our inner voice speaking. To not be afraid to do things in a new way. Of creating a new path that yet others may follow. Of climbing the mountaintops that we may better see the beauty of creation, and searching within instead of without to find where we are going.


Saturday, November 15, 2014

Be a receiver

Sometimes we have a sense of change in the air and a conscious vibration from others here and in the beyond. We feel an unrest because we are not taking the time to listen to what they are trying to communicate.

It is more productive to sit in an atmosphere that is conductive to receive, quieting ourselves and going within. To open our spirit that we may tune in. Otherwise we find ourselves in a state of restlessness doing busy things unable to truly concentrate and release our spirit self.

We have a sense of being out of tune and don't know why. When the answer comes we understand it perfectly and wonder why we didn't follow our intuition. To seek the peace that would have guided us to being a receiver for the transmittal.

We are new at living intuitively and can unknowingly block our consciousness. We say we are only feeling restless or ungrounded when what we have forgotten is that in order to hear you have to silence the inner chatter. It's like having your telephone wires crossed and all you are getting is static or interrupted conversations.

You must remember to re-center yourself and breathe, to seek that inner peace. To empty your mind and open your spirit. To be in quiet meditation. That's how you hear the word of God and how you can also receive the thoughts that others are sending and to be in tune with the universe.

We must learn to listen actively by allowing ourselves the optimum conditions. Continue to seek a sense of peace within for when you do, you become part of the universe within and without. You bring yourself into harmony with all-that-is and out of the shadows of the physical world only.

There are many dimensions to the universe right in your own space. Open the window to let in the light and to receive the knowledge from here and beyond!


Friday, November 14, 2014

A good day

Today, such a good day for walking lazily on the beach watching the water lap on the shore as the waves came rolling in. Collecting shells and walking barefoot in the sand. Seagulls circling overhead, the sunlight sparkling on the water casting reflections, glimmering and tumbling.

Sailboats riding further out bobbing in the ebb and flow. Their bright sails adding color to the horizon. An occasional kite flying overhead kicking in the wind while children and dogs romp on the beach. Picnic baskets wait for an afternoon meal, and surfers ride the waves.


An age of consciousness

There are many enlightened ones in this present time who see the possibilities of change resulting from their actions, thoughts, prayers and positive energy as well as many others all over the world. In other countries, cultures, religions everywhere people are realizing a higher consciousness and that there truly is effect from the "power of positive thinking" and that creates a more profound change when we seek help from higher sources including, and especially, the creator of all.

We each have spirit guides and angels to assist and guide us. We can increase our energy levels through nature, uplifting thoughts and releasing the negativity within us. We must learn how the power of negativity influences our lives and our interactions with others.

The world has never been more conscious before, that changing the direction of our thinking can change the direction of the world, and that a greater change can come about through conscious thought than in any other field we are exploring.

We are reaching out as never before and seeing the difference one person can make that creates a chain reaction in others. Mere children are establishing ways to help other children in other lands, to change laws that enable others around the world to have an education.

To not be bonded into forms of slavery caused by economic impoverishment. The children are showing us the way. How can we not follow? Love is the answer to all things. And to recognizing that all of us were created in the image of God.

That He comes in many colors. In a variety of shapes, sizes, languages and cultures. That we are all entitled to the dignity of being recognized in the spirit of love we were created, God's love. We must learn to reach out in love and trust in a brotherhood everywhere we are. Sending our angels before us to light the way!


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Falling Away

The scrapbook of memory
torn, faded, and tattered
pictures falling from pages
losing bits my own history
my mind broken, shattered
mysteries are faces and places
unknown, falling away from me


Peace in the garden

I am grateful for a peaceful morning without hurry or worry. To be in my garden and be in appreciation of all the flowers in bloom. I always feel a sense of restfulness in the garden and peace. Here too is where I always come to seek you in conversation, Dear God. Here is where I start my day and I realize all the beauty that is around me was created by you.

You are the source of my inner tranquility. Even when I have company I need this time alone with you to feel grounded. You are like water to the flowers in that you nourish my spirit, without you I would wither from spiritual thirst, but with you I bloom like spring flowers.

When we come to you in prayers and conversation you help us to see more clearly, to be in greater appreciation of all that is around us, and you bring a greater sense of joy into our life. When people ask us to pray for them you are giving us the gift of opportunity to come to you more often.

It is a privilege to be asked to pray not an obligation. None of us has a greater sense of being with you for we all have the opportunity to seek you, it is our choice. You have given us all free will but it is not until we include you in all aspects of our life that we fully realize a greater consciousness in all that we do.

A leaf does not fall in our presence that we are not aware of it. We recognize the rustle of the leaves and the feel of your presence there too. We sense the angels all around and know we are guided. We recognize the uselessness of worry and release any fear that tires to come into our beings.

We recognize that when we put our faith and trust in you that our experiences are just lessons toward our continued growth and we look to see what we need to learn from them. You even smooth the way in small things like a parking spot when we need it, good weather for our travels, and the flowers on our patio for our enjoyment.

In return we give you our gratitude and love. You teach us the benefits of forgiveness so we may realize all that troubles us. To not cling to negativity but to let go and let God and each day will be the best it can be.


The road to kindness

We must try to be conscious of why we were called to this life. What is our destiny and how does our existence make a difference in the world? Not all of us were created to be world leaders, or saints, inventors or philosophers.

We may in fact think our life is mundane, but all of us make a difference in someone's life. We must be conscious of the examples we set, of what we say, of our morals and convictions. No one passes through life unnoticed. As parents we are teachers of children.

When we work with the public our interactions make a difference in their perceptions. Do we treat others with kindness or impatience? Can we see beyond the exterior and remember that they too are spiritual beings created in God's image?

Do we practice tolerance of others as well as ourselves? Can we see the bigger picture in life instead of concentrating on the little day to day hardships, aggravations or feel we are caught in a sameness day after day? We need to open our eyes to the beauty of the world and as the sources of energy it creates within us.

We must remember all the reasons God gives us to be grateful on a daily basis. It helps us to develop a greater life vision and to see the goodness all of us are granted that we constantly overlook. When we dwell on the good in life it increases in volume and the irritations and hardships shrink in importance.

We learn to shift our values to the positive which causes a greater synchronicity in our life. We live knowingly and act knowingly, think and speak with greater thought. We want to pass on to others the sense of blessing, peace and joy we feel in our lives. To share the wealth more or less. It helps us to become kinder and more loving people.


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Just goodbye

We've changed for good
there's no going back now
no bridging forgotten years
no fixing wrongs, no shoulds
no promises, no more vows
just goodbye, death, and tears


Growing Spiritually

You are being called to help others understand how to live more consciously. To question their intentions so that they serve the true purpose for their existence. When you seek the information for personal growth and increased knowledge, it will be given to you for your spiritual growth.

At this time it is God's desire that we all are more spiritually aware. That is why there is so much information being made available, and why He is influencing those who have the ability to write, to produce and bring to the world the message He wishes us to have at this period in world development.

It is a very important era we are living in. The era of spiritual wisdom and intuition. To be in touch with our total being of the spirit as well as the physical. To know that our conscious awareness makes a difference in our lives and living to the fullest possibilities.

Thus we can accomplish more through conscious intention. It is important that we do this for the benefit of all and not just for personal gain. To teach others how to truly see and appreciate raises the spirit to a higher level and increases the energy fields of the world.

When we consciously make love a greater part of our intentions we draw others to us in a desire to share that radiation of harmony they feel when in your presence. To increase that energy you must be willing to release any negative thoughts, feelings, resentments, and past hurts that will restrain your spiritual growth.

When we release that energy it is necessary to continue to release any negativity that we encounter until we become beings of love. When we are, everything in our environment becomes much clearer, more radiant and it too boosts our energy level and becomes part of our spiritual growth.


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Thank you God

Thank you God for the blessings you bring into my days. For the lessons I am learning and the new knowledge I am gaining. Thank you for teaching me how to set my intentions and the importance of them in my life. It has helped me create a clearer and smoother path and to accept a responsibility in my own choices.

Thank you God for helping me have a clearer insight and a greater appreciation of life and the beauty of the universe around me. Thank you God for helping me to have a greater patience with myself as well as others, and a greater vision of the possibilities that are open in my life.

Thank you for giving me the courage to learn new things and to follow a new way of life. Thank you God for teaching me the power of forgiveness and to release any resentments, anger, envy or other negative feelings and thoughts that were blocking me from achieving my higher purpose.

Thank you for teaching me to remember to be grateful for all the small blessings I receive each day. Thank you God for the wonderful friends and loved ones you have put into my life and helped us to achieve a greater closeness by being able to express our love without restrictions or fear.

Thank you for helping me to have a deeper understanding of faith and the importance of releasing the fear in my life. But to also understand that fear can be a reminder to continuously work on strengthening that faith.

Thank you God for all the abundance you have put into my life and the realization that you and not circumstances, or others are the source of all the abundance I receive.

Thank you for opening my mind, my heart and my spirit and for providing me with continuous sources of knowledge so that I may increase my wisdom and understanding in all things.


Monday, November 10, 2014

Lost time traveling

Sometimes it can be almost as if time is lost, as if your presence was elsewhere, and maybe you were. For at times we can feel as if we have just woken up or stepped back into our lives. We look at the clock and are amazed that so much time has passed as we remember just sitting down to some task for what seems like only minutes ago.

Are there portals we occasionally step through? Have we gone to speak with our spirit guides to access our journey? Have we stepped back or forward into another lifetime? We call this zoning out or lost in a daydream of which we have no recollection. But is that really what happened?

I think we have the ability to transport ourselves, to reach other dimensions and the only clue we were gone is the lost time we cannot account for. But somehow we feel as if something important has occurred. We have a sense of feeling rested and it takes awhile to adjust back into our surroundings.

We may shrug it off for forget it until the next time it happens. Then it is like a sense of déjà vu. Where have we been? The spirit self has the power to transport itself anywhere and sometimes we are aware, such as in astral travel. When we become fearful we immediately bring ourselves right back.

At times all we have is a dream sensation of being elsewhere. We can vaguely remember a different time, place, people, scenery that may be totally unfamiliar. Sometimes we can remember briefly bits of conversation, even in another language, what we overheard or might have been involved in ourselves.

Often we are afraid to share it with others that they may think we are a bit off or we worry ourselves that we might be. We are afraid to think there might be a truth to being elsewhere or that perhaps we can even control willingly our absences, and we can.


Sunday, November 9, 2014

What is your intention?

What is your intention for the work you are doing? Where do you want it to take you in this lifetime? What difference can you make in those around you and in the universe with your chosen course? You are here for a purpose to fulfill. Your personal growth is part of that purpose.

Constantly seek to reach new levels of understanding. Be aware in your interactions with others. Be willing to share your knowledge. Learn to listen and hear the truth behind the words. There is always a deeper truth in all that is said.

Listen for the message that comes, whether it be a song or a conversation overheard. When we seek answers they always come. You must learn to tune in to hear. Don't live absently but consciously. It starts by quieting yourself within, observing and truly seeing, hearing, feeling everything around you.

To be at peace and mindful. To open the spirit to be able to receive. Like fine tuning an engine as it runs smoothly. Without the fine tuning, the work, practice, breathing, being open, we may misfire and stall along the way. It is important to work on it daily to maintain our sense of peace and to retain our energy.

There is so much around us that can drain us if we let it. Daily meditation is like recharging your batteries. Nature is one the the purest forms of rekindling that energy. Take time to be in nature. To just sit and observe the trees, the sky, clouds passing, birds chattering and taking wing.

The colors, sounds, the feel of the breeze all bring us an inner calming and renewing of spirit. It's like God speaking "be at peace, all is well". We become part of all-that-is. Release your thoughts and just be.

To do this in the morning and then to set your intentions for the day helps bring synchronicity and a freedom from disorder and chaos. When we expect the best intentionally we open ourselves to receive it. Try it yourself.


Saturday, November 8, 2014

Change your outlook

What direction do you want your life to be going in? Is the direction you are seeking spiritual or material? What brings a sense of happiness into your life? Do you allow yourself time each day to be quiet and go within? To remember all the blessings of the day and to be grateful?

To truly see the beauty of the world around you? Life isn't about struggle it is about the small joys we can give, share, and receive. It is about counting our blessings instead of our sorrows. It is in taking the time to smell the roses. In sowing goodness in order to reap the benefits. In making a difference in our existence.

By recognizing the opportunities and synchronicities in life. It is not just seeking but doing. Setting aside time for self, to pray, meditate, read and yes, to be quiet are ways in enrich our spiritual growth and to express our gratitude for each little blessing in our life.

To be aware and be grateful is one of the biggest life changing things we can do. It opens our spirit to an abundance we never thought possible. We learn to concentrate on the positive instead of dwelling on the negative. It changes our way of thinking and brings a sense of empowerment and of being truly loved.

It's a realization that God has always been there in our corner and of His unconditional love. That we don't have to be perfect, just willing. That life itself is a wonderful experience not a drudgery to be gotten through day by day.

We can experience joy through sharing and giving. To pass on part of the blessings we receive. We can be more loving in our encounters with others. To act as a loving child of God instead of reacting as an injured party.

We can set our intentions before we begin each day. We change the world one step at a time by changing our own perceptions. Life truly is what we make it, and when we change our outlook we change our reality. Then all things are possible.


Friday, November 7, 2014

Speak to the spirit

Respect your inner feelings. Listen to the guidance within that is the spirit speaking. We also have guides and angels available, all we need do is ask. Know that their intent is only for good. Anything negative is not from the Divine.

As you work on your inner spiritual growth you will notice a corresponding outward change in your life and an increase in synchronicity. We find ourselves meeting others who likewise are working on the path of spiritual growth.

We find articles, books, music and programs which address what we need to learn. We learn to release outcomes and concentrate on intent. We come to realize the external is affected by the internal. To better our lives we must first become better ourselves.

We must learn to love ourselves not judge ourselves or others. We must learn to see with a clearer vision. To not categorize or limit ourselves. We must remember we are here to learn and to focus more on growth and less on possessions.

We come to learn "the more we believe, the more we receive". God is more generous in His abundance that we ever imagined. We can change our whole life and open a world of possibilities when we change from limited thinking to unlimited options.

It takes us from fear to faith. Trust is knowing God's love because we have opened the door to a greater sharing. Each day becomes a walk with God and a joy of living in the fullness of His love. We take on a new outlook in all that we do and with all we encounter.

We can see beyond the person to the spirit within. We learn not to address the outward appearance but to look for the inner goodness. When we speak to the spirit we give up defensiveness, anger, expectation and the world starts reacting in kind. What we give in love, comes back in love and everything evolves.


Thursday, November 6, 2014

Reach, teach, live, love

Reach out not only your hand to others but also your heart. God gives each of us the ability to make a difference in the lives of others. To be generous in extending our hand in friendship, warmth, and caring. Do not overlook the good you can do, the comfort you can give, and the joy you can bring to others.

Do not neglect to see the beauty of the world around you. To feed the hungry, even if it's a hummingbird or a rabbit. Offer others the gift of your time in a visit or in assistance. Don't forget the warmth of a hug when you greet someone.

Take time to play, to be with children and to share your wisdom. Spend time each day outside to admire the beauty of God's creation and to revive the spirit. Don't say you haven't time to pause for a few minutes. It's like saying you're too busy for God.

He's never too busy for you. Take time to pray and be grateful. Share the abundance God provides with those who are not so blessed. Teach the spiritual beliefs that God has bestowed on you through example. How you live is a reflection of what you believe.

Faith is not an attitude but a way of life. Each day is a gift make the most of it. Be at peace. Life is not a competitive game but a journey to a higher spiritual fulfillment. When we stop struggling we start living. When we stop hoarding we start giving.

We return to others the blessings God grants us. Abundance is a cycle not a one way street. Like a stream we must keep its energy flowing. Love too is a form of energy that grows with the giving. So what we receive we must pass on, joyously.

Through giving the heart and the spirit expand, and has far reaching results. It's God's way of teaching that blessings shared are greater than those hidden away in the dark. Let the light into your life. Open your eyes to the beauty within all things and in the hearts of others.


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Small miracles of God

Life is full of small miracles that we take for granted. That God gave us sight that we can see the beauty of creation. That God gave us hearing to listen to the sighing of the wind, the melody of the birds, songs that lift our hearts and the joy of words spoken in love.

That God gave us the sense to smell new mown grass, roses in bloom, the perfume of nature all around, a steak on the grill or our favorite meal slow cooking to be shared on the holidays. The sense of touch and a variety of texture that we may feel including a caress, a hug, a kiss that warms our heart.

That God gave us a mind that we may think, reason and learn. That God gave us a heart that not only pumps the blood through our system but empowers us to be moved by so many things and so many people. That God gave us legs that we may walk, run, dance and jump for joy.

That God gave us arms that we may enfold others and embrace life. That God gave us time to be a part of this world and to make a difference when and where we can. That God gave us a sense of humor that we may laugh and a sense of empathy that we may cry.

That God gave us a sense of wonder that we may be in appreciation of some many things, a hummingbird in flight or a butterfly with wings like stained glass, a rainbow at the end of a storm. God's amazing grace is everywhere we look reminding us of His love for this world, everyone and everything in it.

Take the time to see, listen, feel, laugh, run, smile, play, be serene, notice, be joyful for all the gifts of abundance God grants us. Take nothing for granted. Each day is a blessing not a trail to be gotten through. Don't waste precious moments worrying about what ifs but take pleasure in the now. Don't waste the small miracles while waiting for something bigger to come along. It has - you!


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

God is my guiding light

When you feel lost, unsure of the way ask God to guide you. Whether it is physical, emotional or spiritual God is always there to lead us out of the darkness, whenever we ask He is there. Whenever we are lost He will show us the way.

When we are in doubt He will give us clarity. When we are frightened He will give us faith. When we are in need He will give us the abundance of His love. When we are depressed He will show us the way up and out of our well of sorrow.

He is the light, the truth and the way. Whenever we feel alone He is always there to comfort, guide and love unconditionally. God is constant never wavering. He will give us the strength to overcome any hardship. Open up your heart and life to Him and it will be richer, more fulfilled and abundant than you ever dreamed possible. "I once was lost but now am found" truly speaks the truth of our live when we live it with diving purpose.

Two years ago I asked God if where I was in life and what I was doing was where I was meant to be. His answer was immediate and overwhelming and has totally changed the direction of my life, guided me on a new path, strengthened my faith and provided the abundance to achieve the goal He has intended for me.

I was lost and He showed me the way. I do not know yet where it will take me but I am not afraid for I know He accompanies me on the way. He lights my path and provides all that I need to succeed. The dreams I thought I had lost years ago have become a reality in my life.

The difference is I have opened the window and let in the light that is divine guidance. Whenever fear creeps in I remember how far I have come. When I let faith guide my life it shines brighter, clearer, more beautifully that I thought possible. Where God lead, I will follow.


On the road of life

Time moves like a wheel in motion, ever turning, cyclic. Sometimes it seems to be speeding by and at others moving more slowly. It takes us to different places in our lives and the process we encounter many others on their own journeys.

We may ride with them awhile or just pass them along the way. There are times we stop briefly at crossroads and may change directions entirely. In our childhood we seem as passengers with someone else always in charge, steering us to our destination, but soon enough we take the wheel ourselves.

We learn to be alert, to watch for danger signs, to have a destination in mind and to follow the roads that will take us there as directly and safely as possible. It may be necessary to travel through storms, at times, which means we need to use extra caution and always we need to be aware of others and our interactions with them.

We need to pay attention to conditions that we didn't create but may have an effect on us and our lives. We ourselves must accept responsibility when others choose to accompany us, especially those who are young, helpless, and impressionable.

Unless we are a hermit our journey is never solitary and our choices may not only change our lives but those around us. Sometimes our choices have far reaching effects to people we may never know. That is why it is important to live consciously.

Looking behind, to the sides as well as ahead. For we never know when or where something or someone may come out of nowhere to change your life and the direction in which you were traveling. Listen to your inner guidance.

Be alert not just to danger but to blessings and abundance that you may recognize them when they appear. And when you make your stops along the way take time to look at the beauty around you. It too is a gift and a blessing.


Monday, November 3, 2014

Do not judge

We are always too quick to judge people, experiences, situations, what is said or unsaid. But it is better not to judge but to look for the lessons and the love in them. What are we suppose to learn from the experience? How can we grow through it? How can we act loving instead of judgemental?

Instead of embracing anger, hurt, victimhood, self-pity and react in kind, look for the part your own actions played in the event. We think we hide or mask our inner feelings but its energy speaks through our body language, our tone of voice and inflection and many ways we are not aware of.

We unconsciously speak what we don't say. That is why it is important to be in greater awareness. Instead of seeing the surface perspective look for the underlying truth - in ourselves as well as others. We cannot know everything others are feeling but how they are acting.

What we can control is how we react. Is it in a loving manner that honors our best self? If not we can choose differently. Not for their sake only but for ours. To be the best we are meant to be. If we try to be in a state of love we will act in a state of love, regardless.

It is not as important to concentrate on what someone did as it is what we learned. That is what life lessons are about. Learning and growing from that knowledge. It takes us to a newer level of consciousness. It is not for us to sit and judge ourselves either.

That we should have done or said or reacted differently. Only what we can have have learned through the experience. When we learn to love ourselves more we are able to be more loving toward others. When we give up judging we learn to look for the underlying truth.

Love is the difference. When we can see that others are creations in God's image, as well as we, we learn to see differently.


Sunday, November 2, 2014

Dealing with fear

Sometimes fear tries to raise its ugly head when you think you have learned to be beyond it. When you try to suppress it instead of dealing with it you find your body reacts in revolt. Getting sick in the middle of the night, head-achy and sore, restless yet fatigued.

You've forgotten that fear is a process of learning and we are never through learning as long as we have breath. You must take time to examine the elusive fear that is speaking to deal with it appropriately. What is your spirit trying to say to you?

There are bells ringing and going off but you have not taken the time to look at the cause. Go back, be at peace, listen that you may hear and understand. Each fear is like a crossroad that we arrive at, to pause and check all directions before moving on.

If there is something impeding our path such as a train crossing we must wait until it is clare before going ahead. At times we are not really clear just what the fear is but we know it is there. That is when it is time to go do some excavation, to peel off the layers so that we may find the source.

Usually it is something we already think we have conquered but have been too busy to do our homework to check and see if it really has. The fears come up to tell us we still have work to do, and sometimes it seems that the more we do the  more we have to do.

That is part of spiritual growth. It is a lifelong process and new challenges will always be entering our life. If not it would stagnate. God wants us to grow and fear is a part of that divine process. It is how we deal with it that makes the difference.

Do we let it immobilize us? Do we ignore it or do we try to find the source and thus heal and move beyond it? God has given each of us spiritual guides to help us if we take the time to seek their counsel. If we become quiet within instead of paralyzed by fear. He too is always with us. Just ask!


Saturday, November 1, 2014

Today God Gives Rain

I love the rain. To me it is a sign of cleansing and renewal. It is God refreshing the earth, filling the streams and the lakes. The dark clouds move steadily overhead and the air is fresh and clean. The world seems quiet and at peace.

The plants turn up their heads seeking refreshment. I sit on my patio and seem to be alone with God today. The maple trees are covered with brown leaves and are almost bare. It is truly a winter day. It makes one think of a warm fire, soft music and a good book to curl up with.

But I know homework awaits me. With it I learn something new each day. But first and foremost I take time for God and to be out of doors whenever I can. God does not mean for us to lock ourselves away each day but to take time to marvel at nature in gratitude for the beauty it holds.

Each day is unique and filled with surprises that are slowly revealed. We should not rush through our days but savior them. We cannot regain time lost. I am in appreciation each day. To have the company of the birds and my cats.

To be able to hear the music I play as I work. To be aware of all God's blessings. I try to make each day a spiritual journey. To honor this day and not worry about the tomorrows to come for they are in God's hands. My life is still filled with purpose, of learning and growing.

God works in mysterious ways and He has a plan for me and it will be made clear in time. Meanwhile I will have faith in His loving care. A frog has started his croaking, thankful for the rain. He is hidden well in the bushes, but has made his presence known. It reminds me that we do not need to see to believe. God too makes His presence known. Thank you God.