Tuesday, March 31, 2015

God was waiting

It is good sometimes to take pauses from the routine. To have visitors, to see new places. It is like a shot of adrenalin to the spirit. It opens our eyes to new realities and allows us to be in the moment absorbing the unfamiliar, creating memories to replay in quiet moments and releasing our day to day existence for a period of time.

It is as if we are temporarily reborn. This is how it is to turn our life over to God for He makes all things new and creates a greater consciousness so that each new day is a wonder and a revelation. When we ask for His guidance we are inviting Him to be with us each day in all things, in every thought and experience and to see all things wholly, in God's own truth, not int the illusions of our own fears.

Each day then becomes an enlightenment and a joy filled with wonderful surprises God sends. All things are constantly changing and we learn to welcome the change as we welcome the seasons God brings.

We see each day for the beauty it contains as we release any negativity that would spoil our vision into God's hands. We learn to change what we can, which is only ourselves. We have no control over others and we learn to accept that which we cannot change.

We learn to release the past for it is gone and cannot be altered. Today is the gift of the present we live fully, completely, and in gratitude and sharing. We know that God is always with us and we stop worrying, knowing He will guide us on the right path that will contribute to our continued spiritual growth.

Our days become ongoing quests of new attainment whether we are doing or just being. We create a sacred space we can turn to at any time and welcome the Holy Spirit into our life. There is no routine in God, everything is new.

Each day is a blessing in which we are continually surprised and filled with abundance. I am living a new reality God has given me. All I had to do was ask. God was waiting to show me a whole new way of living in Him.


Monday, March 30, 2015


God answers when we ask, not only for ourselves but for others as well. He does not intervene but God does intercede. God wants us to turn to Him. He waits patiently for our call and delights when we as Him into our life and include Him in all things. To know the difference all you need to do is ask.


Sunday, March 29, 2015

Just invite God in

My life has changed so much for the better after I entrusted it to God. He is my guiding light, each moment of each day. The days are begun with Him and He shows me the way. When I pray He answers, not necessarily in the exact way I, in my limited capacity, would ask to be answered, but more abundantly.


Saturday, March 28, 2015

Enjoy the gift of today

Today is a gift from God. It is filled with light and beauty and wonderful colors. Be aware of every movement of air, every nuance of light and shadow. See the variety of multiple colors and shades. Take time to pause and be aware of life and yourself.

Hear the airplane as it moves through the sky and the sound of unseen trucks and cars as they drive on the freeway out of sight. See the dashes of clouds in the sky as if written in a row, and the leaves as they fall to the ground.

Life itself is variety. No two people's lives are exactly alike, not even twins. Everyone has their own experiences, thoughts, emotions. Just as each leaf is unique, so are we, and God treasures us all. Thoughts come to us as well as ideas when we take time to listen, to be still.

While we are living our life, others are living theirs, perhaps hundreds of miles away, totally unconscious of each other. Yet God knows when each of us breathes, what we think, when we pray. He knows what worries us and what brings us joy.

He experiences our lives even as we do. God is part of each of us and we are connected through Him as part of a greater whole. Each of us makes a difference that we exist and the world would not be the same without us.

As it takes millions of drops of water to make an ocean so too it takes millions of us to create a universe, each doing their part. God brings new people into our lives all the time but on earth we will never encounter the whole. That can happen only in the beyond.

Sometimes we meet another and feel an instant closeness as if we have met before, and quite possibly we have, in another time and place. We are here to learn, to experience, and to grow but we are never alone.

We only need to look around to realize how vast all creation is and we are touching but a small part of it. Take time to notice all life from the smallest ant to the grandest tree, everything is God's creation.


Friday, March 27, 2015

God gives us joy

Worry solves nothing and serves no good purpose. Instead turn all things over to God. He will send the Holy Spirit and His angels to guide us. He will lighten our load. He will bring joy into our life. All we need to do is to be open to Him.

God loves all of us, totally, unconditionally, without limits. He asks us to love each other in return. The Holy Spirit brings miracles into our lives. He reacquaints us with those we have not seen in years.

He teaches us to share joyfully. To accept what we can change and to leave the rest in His hands. To have faith is to trust implicitly with no reservations, knowing God is in charge. He does not expect us to solve all things but to do the best we can in all aspects of our lives.

To follow the example set for us in His son Jesus. To be compassionate, loving, giving, caring to all those we encounter. We cannot change others, only ourselves. God does not expect us to. He only asks us to live our life as an example of His love.

Treasure His words and His teaching. Look for the joy in life instead of dwelling on the sorrow. Try to make a difference, in some small way. Know that God is all loving and all giving and has a great sense of humor as well.

Ask His assistance and He will be there. Seek and ye shall find. Include God in your every day. Make Him a part of all that you do. See others as He would see them. Be forgiving, not just in some things, but in all things.

Do not advertise every good deed you do, seeking recognition. God already knows, and that is enough! Treat everyone as you would wish to be treated. Make each day memorable in some small way.

Call friends and family often. Don't wait to tell others you care, it might be too late if you do. Never withhold a compliment and never be quick to offer a discouraging word. If you have nothing else to give, remember a smile will do, and count your blessings.


Thursday, March 26, 2015

It is our choice

God gave us all free will, so if others do not choose to love, to share, to be part of things, they are making this choice of their own free will. God has given us the power to choose what we will experience, it is not inflicted on us.

We can choose to love and be loving. We can choose to be in fear and to feel victimized. We can choose light and laughter or to be in the darkness and to exclude others from our lives. It is all a matter of choice and free will, nothing more.

Through our choices come our experiences which influence our view on life. Some say life is joyless because they have refused to experience the opportunities of joy. Our lives may become limited by our own choices or full of possibilities.

One person feels they can't do a thing that another person feels they can. It is all in our own perspective. It is, as they say, seeing the cup half full or half empty. If we choose to change our perspective we can change our life.

God, in His pure love allows us to create the lives and our experiences according to the choices we make and the belief of our own egos. We can invite Him into our lives, or not. We can release and forgive or harbor resentments and suffer the consequences. It is up to us.

We can ask God to walk each step of the way with us, or not. We can see life as a sacrifice or a blessing. God waits on our decisions and abides by them. Providing us opportunities but allowing us to choose whether to participate or withdraw.

When we turn to Him in joy, include Him is all things, embrace new experiences and see His hand working in our life, He fills it abundantly. We only need to as to receive. When we have decisions to make we can ask for His guidance and He will lead the way.

Life in God is filled with miracles and wonders, blessings and joy, peace and abundance. Our happiness is also the Father's and He would share it all with us as we are willing to share it with others.


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Lift me up

Lift me up Oh Lord that I may cherish the day before me and realize the joy it holds. My heart is open to your love and all the beauty around me. I play music that tells of the beauty of the morning and of the day and I feel gratitude for the gift of this day.

Not all days will we fill clear headed or at our peak but still we can make the best of the day we have been given. To set our mind and our heart to make the most of what we have. There is beauty when we look for it even on the stormiest of days.

Music uplifts our spirit. Love reaches out to us across the miles and life is good indeed. I am grateful to see clearly through the denseness of the times and ask you to send the light shining through to feel your warmth surrounding me and to lift up my spirit.

I feel a hunger for sustenance and a peace of spirit. I know you are with me in the clear and the cloudy days to enlighten and guide me. Yes it is truly beautiful to be alive, to be in appreciation to the best of our ability.

To not waste one day but to realize the gift it is. To savor it, use it well, to put a purpose in all that we do. You feed the hunger of my spirit, Dear Lore, you comfort me in all my days. You let the sun shine around me and the wind to blow away our fears and the clouds just as you cleanse our minds of the mustiness clogging it.

You open us to new experiences to focus on all that is good in our lives and forget the little inconveniences. To put life into perspective. To sometimes slow us down so that we may take time to notice all the small things we would otherwise overlook.

Thank you for the many angels in my life both the earth bound and the ones of light. I am blessed with the solitude of the day and with the words you send to warm my heart that always lift me up.


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Look for God to do

Do good whenever you can not for recognition's sake but for God's. We can be living examples of God's work on earth through small acts of kindness. It is not the one big thing in life that counts, for it may never come along, but the day to day acts of kindness and charity toward all.

A sympathetic ear when someone is down, a note when someone is far away, helping a coworker when they are behind in their work and we are not. Taking a meal to an elderly neighbor who isn't feeling well and lives alone.

To invite someone to a holiday dinner who is away from home with no family near. To put money in a parking meter that's about to expire. Even children can bring a little extra in their lunch when another child is going hungry.

What may seem as a small deed to us can make a big difference in the life of another. It may not just make their day but change the way they view life itself. When we live in awareness of others we can recognize opportunities to be of assistance, to help, to teach, to reach out in friendship.

To do anonymous acts of kindness without seeking reward or acknowledgement are special gifts to God known only to Him and yourself. With no obligation or expectation of repayment or reward. Whatever we do, if we do it in God's name, will always be done for the right purpose and with and open and loving heart.

Acts of love and kindness not only benefit others but ourselves for it helps us grow in spirit. It teaches us a greater sense of brotherhood and expands our ability to see others in God's light. When we are more compassionate we are less judgmental.

When we are more giving we are less self-serving. When we look for the good in all things we stop concentrating on the bad. When we look toward the light we see less darkness. When we reach out in friendship we do not remain strangers.

When we do good works we are serving God. What we help others we are aiding His children. When we smile we light up someone's day.


Monday, March 23, 2015

God sends miracles

I believe in miracles because I believe in God. Miracles are God's way of reminding us that anything is possible through Him. He only asks us to have faith. To put our trust in Him, to love one another and to believe.

God knows what we need and will provide it, including the strength to go on through any hard times. Life is like the sun sometimes it is not visible behind the clouds but we know it will always shine through again.

Faith is like that. Disappointments and hardships are like clouds in that they are only temporary. Sometimes they bring rain or storms with them but they always pass and the sun brightens the days ahead. Trails but strengthen our faith when we truly believe.

God is all powerful and the source of endless hope. He answers our prayers always knowing what is in our best interest for He knows our path and our destiny. The Holy Spirit is that small inner voice speaking to us if we only take the time to listen.

It is okay to ask God anything. He is always ready to hear what we have to say 24 hours a day. It is never too late or too early to call upon Him. He is never too tired or too busy, and the source from which all miracles come.

Why do we so often struggle on  our own when we have a loving Father always willing to help? To believe we are alone in the world is an illusion. He sends angels to walk with us and to watch over us, and guide us. They too are on call all day, every day.

God feeds and clothes even the tiniest of the birds in the air and they sing His praises. When we have faith and put our life in God's hands He provides for all our needs too, in abundance. Prayer is not the only form of communication with God for He knows what is in our thoughts and our heart.

We can freely talk to Him as we would to our closet friend. To pour out our heart. Ask and you shall receive, all that you need and more. God's love is the greatest love of all, unconditional, endless, and filled with His blessings.


Sunday, March 22, 2015

Life is exciting and new

God works in mysterious ways. He puts into our lives opportunities and people who often times will make a dramatic difference in our careers, our attitudes, and in our direction. Often times it is but a small thing, seemingly, that will change the whole course of our life.

A chance meeting, an injury, something we read or hear or see. An idea or dream that has laid dormant is brought to life again. In a matter of minutes our plans change and our life is redirected. Sometimes, out of the past, we are reconnected with someone we knew and a bond is formed.

Nothing is an accident. Life is full of mystery and unexpected events. It is a thing of wonder ever flowing like a river. Not following a straight path but full of angles and unplanned turns. We encounter ripples and eddies and sometimes tumble over great falls but it is constantly moving and often exciting.

Expect the unexpected. Be willing to learn new things, to see new places, to make new friends. Life is never stagnant but always moving forward. We are never too old for new challenges, new careers, new loves. Live in wonder and expectation and life will never disappoint you.


Saturday, March 21, 2015

God fills our needs

Things work out if we leave them in God's hands. Trust Him. Have faith. God can see the bigger picture that we cannot. Ask for His guidance and it will be receive. Open up your arms, your thoughts, and your spirit and God will fill them with an abundance beyond your expectations.

God loves to give to His children and He is please when we share the gifts He bestows with others. Especially when we teach of His love to others and reach out in His name with love. The universe is a place to experience and grow but never forget you are part of all-that-is and your true home is with Him.

It is here we can experience human love, compassion, giving, and sharing. To strive to be the best that we can be. To be forgiving even of ourselves. To forgo judgement. To see others as the children of God that they are, no matter what their circumstance is, to follow the lessons of Jesus that God sent before us to teach us the way.

Look for the lessons in life and remember we are here to learn and to grow. Don't bypass opportunities but embrace them. Live joyfully. Laugh often. Be an example of a loving spirit. Believe in God's goodness and learn to love yourself for God certainly does.

Realize you are worth of the love and blessings God wants to put into your life. He did not send you here to be abused or neglected. God loves you just as you are. He made no accidents in creating you, the who, where, and why you were born is known to Him and all the potential you have to make a difference by being here.

Life is to be treasured as the gift that it is. Watch for the synchronicity that appears. The more we are aware, the more it comes to us bring messages to guide us along life's path. Learn to listen and to ask. Be open to what is revealed.

Miracles work in many ways, some big and some small. Faith brings them more frequently. When we make God a part of our everyday, and an important part of our life, it takes on new meaning.


Friday, March 20, 2015

A loving world

Let us pray for peace in the world and a time of greater acceptance and love for one another. A time of tolerance and seeing the beauty in our differences, and that there is a place for each of us and that side by side we can create a more loving world.

May we learn to release our fears and seek greater faith. Let all men work together to salvage the damage done to our planet and find ways to build a new and better world based in harmony with all men, all countries, all nationalities, all religions, all colors, and be as one in the realization that we are all God's children and He loves us equally.

Let us put away warfare and work toward peace. Let us share our abundance and eliminate hunger. Let us respect the right of each child to have the best possible education and medical care. Let peace start with the children that they may learn to see the value in each other and end the intolerance and violence so prevalent today.

May we learn the true meaning of equality. May each of us take the responsibility of doing our part and not wait for others to make the first step. Change begins at home with each one of us, in our own hearts and we are responsible for making the change ourselves. No one can do it for us.

Let this day be a first step toward a new reality. If we each one step forward in peace and lay aside our fears global healing can begin. We can make this a better world one step at a time.

May there be a chain of prayers for peace today circling the globe. May the energy of thoughts of peace reach into the spirit of all men that they may seek it in their lives. May Mary our mother and symbol of peace teach us to have greater love and the peace of the Lord be with us all.


Thursday, March 19, 2015

No cure

Will I not see you again?
How do I mend this heart filled pain?
It always seemed right to have you here
now you only live within my dreams I fear
time and space and the heavens recede
and of all earth beauty I taken no heed
I am as a child in the universe
as each day without you becomes worse
and worse... Oh my heart must break in two
without there being a me and you
our love was such a rare and lovely thing
was it all over with the spring?
My soul is distraught without your love
until I think even the heaven above
will open up and cry for me... so futile
am I to sit for awhile
beside our sea... brings only a small
comfort to me. Oh God! Is this really all
our love will ever be? Infinite space
swallow me up... so not a trace
will remain to see... you closed the door
of your heart and left this poor
love lost soul.... a pitiful sight
silent... wilted... faded... cold in the night
my heart colder still.... that's the way I feel
all the memories of great happiness and
experiences count as nothing when they've turned to sand
these memories cannot cure... all the ills
my heart endures... and all the pills
I could take wouldn't fix a heart
once it did break and where apart.


God is the way

It wasn't until I let go of everything that I learned how well God supplies. I no longer cling to false securities and illusions. Instead of living in fear God has taught me what a beautiful path faith can be.

I feel that there is a purpose on this new path and I feel revitalized. I no longer try to control my life but put it in God's hands knowing that He will reveal what is necessary along the way.

I no longer feel bitter about the events that brought me to the place I am at but at peace. I do not try to see the future or worry how I can implement what I learn.

I know that too is in God's hands. I have learned not to project where my continued abundance will come from for God is full of surprises and has supplied from sources I never imagined.

What we need He provides including love, encouragement, serenity, hope, new livelihood, and a chance to serve. All we need do is have faith.

I have learned the importance of gratitude and to make God a priority in my life. To me each day begins and ends with Him. Nothing and no one is more important and I wouldn't have it any other way.

God has taught me that synchronicity is more than a word. I look for His messages everywhere and I thank Him daily for the new life I am living.


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Today is a miracle

Each day is a small miracle when we are in awareness. There is a miracle in the wind and in a bird's flight. In a flower blooming and the leaves falling to earth. Each season's change is a miracle of nature that God set into cycle.

Each morning the sun rises and each evening it sets while its counterpart the moon creeps slowly up the sky. Rain and snow are miracles that seemingly like magic, come down from the clouds in the heavens above.

It nourishes the earth and when the snow melts from the mountains it replenishes our water supply. The sea and its constant motion is a miracle crashing against rocks and licking at the shore. Providing for the life beneath its surface. Leaving deposits of shells and seaweed upon the sands. Each shell a miracle of life itself that houses some small creature to be shed and replaced as it grows.

The forests are a miracle and a haven for animals of wide and varied differences but they all call it home. From the large bear that hibernates during winter to the deer that roam, the rabbits that come out at night to feed, and the owls to hunt.

Colors are miracles that God imagined and then created. The ever changing blues of the water and sky. The browns of bark and earth. The green of leaves and foliage. The many colors of flowers in bloom. The pristine white of snow and the waves that break. The glorious reds, oranges, and purples of the sunset.

The miracle of a rainbow in all its primary colors and us too created in a variety of hues. Each one a miracle brought to life by God. How can we not stop to admire the wonder of it all? To hear, to see, to feel, to smell, and to sing of God's beautiful miracles here on earth.

A gift to each one of us that cost nothing but the time to truly see, to acknowledge and be grateful. God has made of my life a constant miracle. The wind kisses me as I sit bundled against the winter chill, dry leaves beneath me waiting to be swept up. I take a deep breath and give thanks.


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Grace is a gift

Through mercy comes grace and through gratitude we learn grace. Grace is a gift of God. To receive grace we only need to change our perception from one of lack to one of abundance. When we look at all the blessings we receive from God we can learn to appreciate life itself, and each day when it arrives.

To see all the wonder it contains and to give thanks at the closing of each day. We realize each breeze as a caress from God. The sky and the unlimited vista of the ocean as His infinity. Friends, family, acquaintances, are our brotherhood as is each stranger we meet along the way.

We learn to bless the giving as well as the receiving. The sun is the warmth of God's love. A feather reminds us that the angels always are near us, watching over us, protecting us and guiding us. The sound of a creek or the crash of the waves can be as a symphony.

The flowers in radiant color are God's joy. The birds sing a chorus to our spirit as the sand reminds us how God carries us through the hard times and of the freedom He has granted us. The sunrise reminds us to the gift of a new day and God's glory, as the sunset reminds us to be grateful for all we have received.

A tree rising powerfully to the heavens reminds us of God's strength and the shelter He offers us. The animals remind us of God's love for all things, great and small. Receiving mail reminds us that we are remembered, no matter the contents, and to honor our debts, and to trespass against no one.

The rain drops are kisses from heaven that God sends in His great love as well as His tears when we rise up in anger against another, threat others with hatred or prejudice and do not recognize them as the children of God that we all are.

Grace is a gift to be receive in our consciousness, our gratitude, in our service and unselfishness. Grace is a gift of love. To look at life through God's vision is to accept His perception of love and grace.


The gift of life

Some days are like pictures of stillness and almost picture postcards in their perfection. No clouds but endless blue sky and you feel a sense of tranquility. The birds are my only company sitting here meditating and talking to God.

My wish is for a productive day but first and foremost I take time for God. To thank Him for the gifts this day will bring. To ask for His guidance and to watch over my loved ones near and far.

I believe in angels both celestial and earth bound. I have been touch by both many times in my life. I have come to a point in my life where I realize it is senseless to worry when we can just release all things to God and He will resolve all things in ways we never even thought of and the outcome is better than we could imagine.

All we need is faith and patience all else will be provided. Then we need but count our blessings and give thanks. I wonder why it is that I spent so many years struggling and striving often not seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.

No wonder for fear and anxiety are states of darkness when we are unable to see even the beauty around us. But with faith you can see even in blindness. It is all about opening the spirit and making a connection to all-that-is.

There is a supreme power which is God. He is not in some far off place, unapproachable, but within all of us. We can have a direct link. And when we do the world is more alive and beautiful that we ever knew.

It speaks to us in the wind, the fresh air. In the colors, scents, and the seasons. The God that created all this created you and me as well and we are all alive to this moment but the joy is to be in awareness of it.

Life is too precious to live unconsciously like an automation never steeping out of our routine. When we are in touch with ourselves and with God life becomes a precious journey, a blessed gift.


Monday, March 16, 2015

Hidden in the dust

The mirror reflected magic
dirtied with lies
and blood and tears
accumulation of anguish
gathered through the years
the face can no longer
be seen through the crust
the vulnerability unshown
must be hidden in the dust


Keeping Intact

I'm not coming back
from where I'm going
it's too late for that
days past are closing
my memory cracked
my days spent coping
trying to keep intact


Through each door

Dear God, show me what I need to learn. There is no security in the world but in you all things are possible and I put my faith in you. Lead me on the path Dear God where I may make use of your gifts for I am on a new journey.

My life before this has been but a preparation. Closure on the past has seen me through many doors. Now I cross through a door into a world of greater spiritual awareness and a consciousness of living.

You will make the way clear and light my path so that I may step through the next doorway on my journey in this life. You have never failed me, Oh God, but have been with me every step of the way.

Let me not be in fear of the unknown but continue on in faith and the joy of discovery as I turn another corner in my life. My destiny lies with you.


Sunday, March 15, 2015

God, I believe

Belief is the strongest prayer we can have. Belief in God and His all-powerlessness. Belief in His love and that He desires only good for us. Belief in our path and where He is leading us and that we can accomplish what God sets before us to do for all things are possible through God.

Believe that God will provide for your abundance and that you will never be in want but that you will always have enough to share with others. Belief that God will send you the teachers that you need both in your work and in your spiritual life.

Belief that God wants the best for you and will provide it. Belief that God can heal you of all things and release your fear that is blocking any healing, abundance, forgiveness, and attaining a new life according to His will.

Belief that God wants us to be happy and rejoices in our own joy. Belief that we too have the power to help others, if only through prayer. Belief that as night follows day, so too is there a new beginning for all of us.

Belief that we are worthy of God's love and as a loving father He loves us unconditionally. Belief that you can have shelter during the storms of life. Believe that sorrow and worry can be turned into gratitude for God will shower you with blessings when you are open to receive them.

Belief in yourself, for you are a child of God, created in His own image. Belief that you deserve to be working in an area that brings you joy and not stress, disharmony, and anxiety. Belief that you are worthy.

Belief that God will strengthen you to endure all things. Belief that peace is possible if we all believe in it and work and pray toward its accomplishments. Belief that when you treat others with kindness, it will be returned in like measure in your own life.

Belief that you are truly empowered through the power of prayer and that God hears every word we say, so tell Him how much you believe.


Saturday, March 14, 2015

I ask for your help

Help to get me going God that I may complete what I started, and thank you for the knowledge that I have already attained. Help to inspire me God, and carry me forward into the future.

Help me to gain confidence not only in myself but in the talents you have gifted me with that I may put them to good service doing work that will do honor to you and enhance the faith of those in need.

Let me help others to learn, that I may pass on the blessings you have give to me. Let me always do my work in joy. Help me to get up each day to face a purpose that serves you.

Help me to have patience with my mistakes and learn by them. Help me to be a better person Dear God. Let me encourage others to be the best that they can be.

Let me find time for you each day before I do anything else, even if you have to get me up early. Give me faith, Dear God, that I can make a difference.

Help me not to be in fear God but always remember that you will guide me when I ask, that you do answer our prayers, that we each have a purpose in life, and you are the source of our abundance.

To always believe in your power and your love. To be an example to others that they may believe that they too may achieve and that you make it all possible.


Friday, March 13, 2015


The special spirit
rare and gifted
don't let her blow
too far away
you were too slow
in realizing
she took your breadcrumbs
but didn't stay


Begin and end with God

God will bring us harmony into our lives, all we need do is ask for it. God is not the God of last resort but a co-creator of our life whose council we should seek daily and in all things. Begin your day with Him and end your day with Him that He may be the first and last and best part of your daily life and all will go smoother for you.

Ask God's guidance in all that you do, think, and accomplish in each day. In all your interactions with others, and remember, at the close of the day to give your gratitude for all the blessings and miracles, great and small, He has worked in your life.

Release any anxiety into His hands and acknowledge His greater wisdom in all things. Seek His counsel before you make a commitment and remember to listen quietly for His answer for often it is in a still small voice within that He speaks.

In order to hear we must be quiet within as well as without. Ask God to walk with you this day, and He will. Ask His help in controlling your anger, fear, frustration, anxiety, and in any other way you need assistance and you will receive it.

God wants us to succeed. God always answers in the perfect way and at the perfect time. He gives us the teachers we need and the lessons we need as well to help us attain the spiritual growth required on our path. Why wait until you are in crisis when you can have help now?

God is at our disposal 24 hours a day. He never sleeps, is never too busy to take time for us. If we feel unfulfilled He will show us the way to renew our spirit and find joy in our life. Who better to have an ongoing relationship with than God, who loves us unconditionally and wants only the best for us.

He is the alpha and the omega. The beginning and the end. Remember to make Him the beginning and the end of each day of your life as well.


Thursday, March 12, 2015

God works miracles

God leads and we follow. Some may think they are in charge of their destiny but it is certainly God that guides us to our purpose. We may have to wade through deep trials, weather many storms, and learn many lessons before we are ready to proceed, and maybe some never succeed in this.

But even when we are blind to it, God helps us to see, when we are ready. When we willingly turn over the reins to Him it becomes like an accelerated course in miracles! He provides all that we need to learn, the teachers as well as the lessons.

Whole new careers, homes, abundance, and people in a synchronicity we cannot doubt comes from God. That is when we truly realize His will for us is much more than our own puny dreams. Life becomes larger, more conscious, and we truly learn to "let go and let God".


I believe in you

I believe in you, Dear God, and to where you are leading me. I believe that whatever we need can be manifested through you and I thank you in advance for all your blessings.

Please inspire me in all that I do. Help me to accomplish the things you set before me. Give me the strength and the desire to give my all to everything the comes before me.


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

If you were here

You have brought me so far
and given me so much
I feel as though I've been given
much more than I ever deserved
not in gifts, but in happiness
I wish that you were here with me
it does not seem right
that you could not be
you are such a part of me
I think I understand somewhat
what you have been through
for so long
your tortured heart
doesn't know where to turn
who to trust
you have been hurt so much
maybe that is why I've been so patient
I want you to know I care
and I have perfect faith in you
and your decisions
even though I rebel inside
with wanting you
I want you to know
that my love is constant
that some things don't change
no matter what
sometimes you have to take a chance
that's what I'm doing
and remembering all the loving
silly, serious, quiet, all the times
we had mean so much
and if you were here, there would be more
my love....


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Never alone

God, I know that with you I am never truly alone at any time or anywhere. I feel your presence as well as the angel's presence with me, loving me and guiding me. I feel a deep sense of peace and serenity knowing you're with me, always.


Naked Soul

So many things
once important to me
you and love
and ecstasy
a figure grim
without excess
waiting for one
my soul to undress
until you came
this void to fill
now you're gone
I'm empty still


Monday, March 9, 2015

Masked Identity

Tomorrow was taken away
just like all my yesterdays
time eating up my memory
masking up my identity
until there's nothing left of me


Small hours

Dear God, I am grateful for all your blessings. I hear you in the still small voice and am prepared to follow wherever you lead. Life with you is truly an adventure and blessing. This you remind me of in the small hours.



It's this scaredness
in the snakepit of my stomach
fears slithering around
heads alert waiting to strike
the asps of doubt
raise themselves one upon the other
choking me at the heights of despair
eyeless, soundless, intangible
wreathing fears
fill the dark places of me
always waiting, always there


Sunday, March 8, 2015

No longer lost

See me smile
into the guiding light
held by angels
so that I can see
through the darkness
and know
that I'm no longer


Accept the joy

The spirit is a part
of all that is, existence
a slice of the cosmos,
moving in the breeze,
warmed by the sun
and so, we're never alone
but part of everywhere,
connected in truth and light
step out of the darkness
and accept the joy
of your existence
in all its magnificence


Smoke in my eyes

Only until the end of this cigarette
a moment, maybe or not at all
while watching the red tip or ashes fall
my memory will wander to when we met
or when our bodies touched and juices blended
the car lights dancing on an office wall
only briefly will I allow recall
the dinner dance we once attended
your eyes attached to my chest until done
and leaving - how can I forget
your body strokes, each and everywhere
too soon over, but oh not yet
gone now my stars, you and the sun
alone now, my empty eyes wet


The lid of caution

We were.... illicit lovers
avoiding being seen together
foregoing the everyday pleasures
of going out.... no matter whether
people looked or not.
The lid of caution was clamped down
on all the expressions of freedom one got
what a sacrifice to never speak aloud
or write of the deeply honest love
of which I felt so proud.
I was too naive... unaware
this is not to say I was unhappy
it's just that I thought you could care
...for me and want me there.
I wanted time to think down into me
and express myself in my poetry
to tell of the warmth and vitality
your love gift gave to me.
My inner senses never set me free
how infuriating that at this time
I was so careful and inclined
and not until you set me free
did grief's hand release from me
the depth of feeling... this heaven
or hell... in which my heart did dwell
but what good does my cry
for nothing I write... can buy
your love back.... return the times
not all the poetry or rhymes
can bring you back and make us one
again. This you - this I - seem done
gone forever. But how to mend a heart
how to explain to this pain I feel
that you thought it best to part.


Saturday, March 7, 2015

Man in a bar

You were big
dressed in black
quiet muscles
as in wait
one big dude
all alone
even in the dark
of the bar
you stood
out of place
you didn't
ask anyone to
or move
from place
but there was
such longing
on your face


Thanks, I guess

Sifting through the
ashes of our relationship

I find many things
to be grateful for

I can say "thank you" for
warm mornings
quiet evenings
sharing my beach
and all the love
you have ever offered

I can say "thank you"
for being there
willing to be shared

I can say "thank you" for
the countless poems you were
catalyst to

but how, in my grasp of
the English Language,
though certainly not
can I
that you for this?


Limbo often feels like this

My life has fallen down
around me before
lots of times
for lots of reasons....
usually other people.

and most of the time
I was fortunate enough
to have a large lump of
that life hit me on the
head and render me numb
to the pain & desolation
that followed.
and I survived.
and I lived to love again.

but this,
this slow erosion from below
... or within ...
it's me falling down around my life
because you're still in that life
... but not really.
and you're out to that life
... but not quite



A girl with silk pockets
and eyes slippier than fish
was waiting if she ever let him go
her Hawaiian lover
with balls
like fresh leeches
and tongue on her tongue
like a Kumquat
at night
he entered the body
of her dream
his black hair, curled
massed on his forehead,
his tennis trophies ranged
in barriers around them,
his legs leaping
towards love
or some ground stroke
his body was tan
in the dream light,
his penis dark
as a tree
she would never know
who the other was,
speaking her low-pitched Canadian
like wind chimes
trilling syllables
he never understood,
winding and unwinding her feet
as if they were hearts
she sits
on a mat
scented with Jonute
her hands mannered
as an old scroll painting,
her eyes fishing


Friday, March 6, 2015

Until it was too late

My intentions good
my dreams big
always on the horizon
the someday of life
waiting for me
to do more than wish
until it was too late
to do anything else


Once More

You called.... again
as an echo resounding
somewhere in the past
my pulse racing....
if it wasn't love
why do we still cling
to bits and pieces
of each other
a reason to hear
the other's voice
somehow the whole thing
makes me very depressed
Oh God, it was good
to hear from you
it's foolish, to feel this way
when there's an ocean
of.... whatevers....
separating the two of us
I know "you think"
it wasn't love...
at least on your part
but then why can't
we let go... completely,
I know it's not ego!
I keep thinking
someday... somewhere
we'll meet again
to find love once more
who else could I love
when I still belong only to you?
It's a kind of madness
love is somehow
an insanity of sorts
maybe I could
consult a psychiatrist
"Doctor I have this
.... ah, er..... problem
you see I'm in love"
and hours after
your phone call
my heart is still pounding
pulses racing
I could dance
on the ceiling
more or less.... feeling


Thursday, March 5, 2015

It's a kind of madness

Who else could I love
when I still
belong only to you
it's a kind of madness
love is somehow
an insanity of sorts
maybe I should
consult a psychiatrist
"Doctor I have this
.... ah, er.... problem
you see I'm in love"
and hours after
your phone call
my heart is still pounding
pulse racing,
I could dance
on the ceiling
more or less feeling


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

treasured daze

I will treasure these days
and all the memories made
until I'm lost in a haze
and yesterdays quickly fade


as I await

To see the glory of the angels
holding court just above me
as I await my final resting place


only on paper

Somewhere in my mind
I keep a photograph of you
filed away
with the rest of yesterday's
you're not as real to me
as you used to be
I would hardly
believe in you at all
except the void you created
and the aching feeling
left in me
like an amputation
a scale out of balance
the pain has been here
much longer
than you ever were
it was another lifetime
a time of laughter
and youthfulness
leaving me exposed
as a raw wound
now I write you into
only on paper
will you live on.... for me?
It's best to let
old wounds heal themselves
get a tourniquet someone
I'm bleeding.... again


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Abundance Unlimited

Joy is a state of mind not a result of any material possessions. First we must learn to ardently seek a closer relationship with God. Abundance is a result of acknowledging that God is not limited, that He can and will provide what we need in life.

God did not create us to be either poor in spirit or in life, but to seek Him first and then all good things will follow. If we believe that God will supply us with abundance it is so. If we doubt that it is so then He will know our doubts instead, for God gives to us according to our beliefs.

God truly wants us to have a spiritually abundant life and as the inner reflects in the exterior of our life it manifests material abundance as well. Life does not need to be a struggle, but it is if we make it so and we do according to our beliefs and our fears.

If we fear we cannot get ahead in our work, we will not succeed but if we do our work for the joy of creating in itself we cannot help but succeed. What is it we are trying truly to accomplish. Look to your interior motivation.

The material itself will not satisfy us but what is an accessory of the spiritual will bring us joy. When we learn to see the beauty in life itself and in each thing around us, living in total awareness, we realize we are abundantly blessed.

We become a part of the bird's song, the strength of the trees, the freedom of flight, the rustle of the wind, the butterfly, the leaf falling, the flower seeking sunlight, the vastness of the sky and the seas, the star millions of miles away.

We realize we are part of all things and that nothing is impossible. We are all one creation by one Higher Power, which is God. And as He cares for each insect, each tree, each bird and mustard seed, so too does He care for us. And as God supplies for the needs of all things so too does He fulfill our needs in abundance and love.


Monday, March 2, 2015

In God's Hands

I realize the change in myself. The lack of fear or worry I feel when life throws me challenges. God put them into my life when I needed them and He has arranged that they be lessons for me to learn from. Releasing my problems into God's hands has helped me to deal with them better than ever before.


Sunday, March 1, 2015

Energy of thoughts

Each day is filled with blessings we only need to choose to recognize them, acknowledge them, and be grateful for them. For it is what we see, give importance to, and give thanks for that we bring into our life. Our thoughts themselves are an energy and act as a magnetic field drawing to us that which we think of.

If we think upon our reasons to be grateful we will draw to ourselves more reasons to be grateful. If we are thankful for our abundance, no matter how small, we bring into our life a manifestation of abundance in all things.

If we put an importance on friendship we will always have friends. Our thoughts become our reality. What we believe truly is what we receive. However if we are always thinking of our lack, bad luck, loneliness, we will continue to have those misfortunes brought into our lives for we are drawing them to us.

Our outlook on our lives makes a world of difference. It is a declaration to the universe of our expectations whether we know it or not. God only gives to us that which we ask for. We send the messages out and receive back an answer.

If we only believe in material things we may have our lives filled with them but we will not be happy. But if our outlook is toward a full rich life of blessings we may have both. To live in appreciation, consciousness, and gratitude is living fully and experiencing more because we become part of everything around us and alive to each moment.

Things cannot replace that, money cannot buy it, but how we think and live our life can bring them to us. I live in a constant state of thankfulness and I never want, my spirit is filled. I have wonderful friends and a loving family, but most of all my life is harmonious and I am happy and aware of all the blessings God puts in my life. Yes, I was blind, but now I see.