Saturday, April 30, 2016

Release the dead

In closure, bring it forth. Write a letter. The issue is not that the other person read the letter, the issue is for you to have the opportunity to express what you are feeling. Today I surrender, I release, I detach from every person, every circumstance, every condition, and every situation that no longer serves a Divine propose in my life. Today I release the dead.


Friday, April 29, 2016

Allowing Release

Death, like separation, divorce, or the abrupt termination of any kind of relationship, evokes a tremendous amount of emotion that must be released. The release results in closure. When you do not you wonder, you hurt, the whys to unanswered and eventually create anger and fear.

More importantly, when there is no closure, you miss the lessons and the blessings. You are never really sure why this person was in your life, what you shared to your benefit, what you learned about yourself, and why you are better off, better equipped to move on to new and more productive relationships. We're only robbed by death if we don't allow ourselves closure.


Thursday, April 28, 2016

Love is all

I came for love
found and lost
laughed and cried
won and lost
called it mine
gave it freely
built and destroyed
let it come again
each time new
love is all
this is true



Death, like separation, divorce, or the abrupt termination of any kind of relationship, evokes a tremendous amount of emotion that must be released. Let it go, and you'll grow.


Emotional Seas

Judge not, be open, receive
be calm in emotional seas
and let the past stay away
this is how it's meant to be



I needed closure. When you do not have the opportunity to express what you are feeling at the close of a relationship, the relationship is incomplete. It does not matter that the other party is no longer living, without closure in any relationship the people involved feel incomplete. Closure brings things to an end.


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Be who you are

Honor yourself and the person you were created to be by living in the truth of the spirit. Honor others by encouraging them to be the best they are or can be, but not by trying to change them into who they are not.

Often we tell someone we love "them" and then in our relationships we try to alter them through our ego to be someone else. We do this by criticizing, demanding, by showing a superior attitude, discouraging or disappointment.

We want them to conform to an ideal that is entirely different from the person we claimed to have loved and then we wonder why neither of us is truly happy. They for trying to live a lie and to become an image of who they are not, and ourselves for endlessly trying to recreate someone when it is ourselves we are not happy with.

When we are not content because we are living a lie dictated by our ego instead of our spirit we will never know happiness for we can never attain enough money, success, or possessions to fill the empty hole that is our deprived spirit, and so we do not honor, accept, or love.

We have a false sense of what is important and seek symbols to validate who we are. That need to be loved turns into a need for constant recognition that spills over onto our mates, our children and those around us.

We must start by recognizing that we can be loved for who we are, a wonderful child of God. That it is not what we have but who we are inside that counts. Things will never be enough, and a nourished soul will.

We can start with a gratitude attitude for our daily blessings, for life itself, an awareness of the beauty around us. To share with others. By seeing the Divine Spirit in everyone else and honoring it thus we change ourselves for the better by being who we truly are and loving others unconditionally.


How glorious

Anyone can decide in favor of the Divine. Just look at the caterpillars strive for more, transformed into dreams, able to take flight and fill the world with brilliance and color. How glorious!


Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Closure is Natural

There is a time for closure to all things eventually, but in the meantime, we have the opportunity in our life to experience it many times. Sometimes it's in a relationship or marriage that just no longer serves the purpose we are here for.

They have their road to travel and we have ours, and we move on. Always try to make the endings a peaceful closure, realizing the gifts it held and releasing any animosity we may think we have. It was but a lesson on our journey we were to experience.

Look toward the knowledge you have gained through it and let the rest go. There are also closures in jobs we have held and people we have met and touched and been touched by, on the way. And there are careers too, that end that at one time we thought defined our life and who we were.

Other opportunities replace them and we have the challenge of learning new things, of starting a whole new chapter of life and all it may hold. Look on it as the blessing it is and be open to a whole new existence.

Life is anything but dull. Sometimes closure leads us to leaving an area we have spent our whole lifetime in, to discover new places, new people, a different pace, new vistas. A catalyst to many new beginnings.

There is a natural closure of dependence as our children grow and learn to rely more on themselves, and then they are grown and independent, maybe are parenting themselves.

It is for us to do our job in giving them roots with a solid foundation allowing them to pick themselves up when they make mistakes that they may learn, and the wings to fly when it is time, for they too have their own journey and we cannot travel it for them.

Life is a cycle of closures, but also new beginnings.


Pages of my life

This book
is my attempt
to share my feelings
with you.....
to say I still care
even though we may
never meet again
I want you to know
I have grown
in many ways
and even though
I've changed
I think it's for the better
I still don't know
just where I am going
but I do know
where I've been
and for a brief while
you were there
may you read it
with a gentle heart
these pages of my life


Monday, April 25, 2016

Acts of kindness

I am greeted in the early morning by decks gleaming white from 6 inches of snow, an absence of driveway or street, icicles clinging to branches, as well as patches of snow. The mountains are a combination of white and green again.

When the sun begins to ascend, the clouds gradually take on a deepening rose hue and the mountain homes are backlit in color. This morning quail were on the upper deck, walking the rails and calling to others to join them.

As they are too large to perch on the feeder, they depend on the smaller breeds dropping seed to the deck and soon go below for richer pickings. The snow plow seems out of place in this serene setting and an appearance of horse and sled would seem more appropriate.

Snow starts falling again before eight, after I have cleaned the decks, but most of the sky is azure instead of cloud-hidden, it is not a serious storm as yet, but merely passing flurries. I start clearing the driveway by eight even though, as I work, I see more serious gray clouds move in over the forest line and a cold wind quickly picks up.

The snow is so damp it clings to the shovel and it takes a bit of pounding to remove, and still some adheres to it. My feet are freezing and my back prevents me from making the progress I did yesterday.

I realize today will be a long, slow, process. Lord, give me fortitude. By 9:30 I am wondering at the wisdom of my continued shoveling, as the progress is slower, the air colder, and the snow heavier. There are no blue patches left of the sky, but a continuous fog like mist as the latest storm takes over the morning.

I take time to fill the bird feeder that a pesky little squirrel has claimed as his own and nearly emptied. Patience will get me a worthwhile picture as he performs his acrobatics. The weather has cleared some, so the snow shoveling continues. I also needed to fill the feeders in the trees, they have quickly been emptied by my abundance of bird visitors.

I gave the wee lucky squirrel who spends most of his day on my lower deck a treat of several peanuts, and in a blink of the eye, they were gone. My day ended with an act of kindness. After taking a break inside the house to warm up, I went out to finish shoveling and found the young man from next door with a snow shovel in hand finishing up clearing my driveway for me.


Sunday, April 24, 2016

Better farmers

Most of us develop a pattern of thinking and behavior we believe cannot be broken. We make our own brand of mistakes because we have not been taught the creative potential of our thoughts and emotions. Our souls hide in the shadows, but within our beings are millions of seeds of potential. Our thought patterns and emotional responses germinate those seeds that ultimately grow into experiences. So, if we want a better life, we need to become better farmers.


Saturday, April 23, 2016

This is me

I've come to realize and understand myself a bit better. Like all God's children, I'm a Divine and creative being whose every thought is manifested as a tangible physical experience. This is the reality I've been given, this is me.


Friday, April 22, 2016

A better world

Your predictions and expectations are self-fulfilling. Your thoughts shape and build the world around you, they create your universe, so if you want to build a better world all you have to do is change your consciousness.


Thursday, April 21, 2016

If we choose

We have the gift
we can create
given to us freely
by our Father above
to build a better world
if we so choose


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

When the time comes

Make your days what you want them to be and your time becomes a treasure to hold in memory, shared sweetly with others when the time comes.


Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Accept the worst

What is the worst that can happen? When we can learn to accept that fear and deal with it, the reality will be a walk in the clouds in comparison. We keep ourselves immobilized with fear when in reality, with faith, there is nothing to fear.

If we discipline ourselves to quiet the fears of our imaginations, our spirits can be freed to live a joyful life. Stop seeing the boogieman around every corner, a crisis in every event, a disaster waiting to happen.

Allow yourself to see the beauty that is the reality, the rainbow without the storm. Living in conscious awareness does not mean that nothing bad will ever come our way, but why forgo life while you wait in fearful anticipation for something that may never occur.

While you were waiting, imprisoned in your fear, opportunity was knocking on your door and a glorious life was waiting if you came outside to meet it. Invite it inside as well. Open the shades and let the sun shine through.

Even on rainy days enjoy the freshness and the blessings. Trust that you can handle the ruts in the road when you are conscious of all that is occurring in your environment, internally as well as externally.

Only be aware and you will be prepared, you do not need to anticipate. Life is happening in the moment. Seize the day! Make room for God and miracles and tear down the roadblocks. We cannot receive if we block the way.

We are in the midst of life. Believe everything is for our highest good. What we experience is a reflection of what we believe. We are in the care of the angels. Open your heart to Divine influence and experience life in all its wonder.


Monday, April 18, 2016

Be in alignment

Be in alignment, physically, mentally, and spiritually, so that you may live a balanced existence. Take time to pray. Take time to play. Do work that you love. Serve in gratitude to the One above. Be humble, be joyful, have faith that wherever you are right now, you are in the right place.

Release the words can't and fear from your vocabulary for they don't reflect God who is faith, trust, and all possibilities. Most of the time our fears turn out to be needless worries anyway, that in the meantime consumed our joy of life, our peace, serenity, and our rest.

It is a paralysis of the mind. A dark tunnel that blocks out the light of God. There's an old saying "there's nothing to fear so much as fear itself." When we have faith we can see the blessings in the smallest things, the tiniest act of kindness and be grateful.

Grateful that the sun is shining through the trees, a bird is singing, a flower is blooming. It literally fills our heart and changes our life. You are responsible for your own awareness, your own choices, the way you honor the spirit, the way you live in truth.

Truth does set us free, and the truth is God loves us, we are His children, created in His image to experience life and love. We also have to honor other people's choices and their right to experience the consequences and growth through them.

It is not our job to fix everybody and everything. When we are in alignment we accept that knowledge and release false expectations for the greater reality of truth. Only then can we be at peace.

Only then can we feel the Divine energy and the power that is our birthright and give compassionately without a need to control the outcome. For then we realize God is in control and all is for our highest good.


Sunday, April 17, 2016

You have the power

Go within to find the power of yourself, your true self, your authentic being. The power and energy of the spirit are greater than the physical for they are a connection to all-that-is, a universal source. We do not own it but share in it.

The Divine flows through us to touch all that is in our path. Its essence is endless. When we turn within we will never do without. God works through the spirit, enhancing and expanding all we experience. Creating blessings out of chaos, caring when we ask, sharing, and givings us a new vision on the meaning of life.

We see the greater picture in the daily grind and it becomes a joy instead of an effort. God responds to our requests in greater abundance than our limited vision can expect. He is a source of endless resources, depths that we cannot fathom, and greater love than we can humanly experience.

He is the power of the all. The Divine wants more for us than we want for ourselves or can even imagine, all that is good in life and beyond. Without fear and greed there is no need to abuse the power we are given, but to use it compassionately with wisdom, to always seek the higher good in all that we do, and to accept that we can be more than we ever dreamed possible.

This is the power to accept without understanding. To be in faith and trust in the guidance of the Holy Spirit. To be at one with the power of all-that-is and can be, without limitation. It is the power to be complete.

A realization that we are never alone, but always in God's care. There is Divine purpose to everything, and growth, and evolution, and the power of being a child of God.


Saturday, April 16, 2016

What age does

I'm a glass doll
I break when I fall
Shattered bones
Make me moan
So many pieces
And well wishes
It's hard for the old
We've been told
I'm here too tell
That since I fell
Mending looks bleak
For one so weak
It's all so true
What age does to you

A greater gratitude

Today I experience a greater gratitude for the gifts I take for granted. God has created us all unique and has blessed us in abundance. The fact that I can think this and express this is a gift to be grateful for.

That I can write this down with my own hand is a reason to be grateful. That the gregorian chants are playing and I can hear them is a reason for gratitude. That I can feel a sense of joy in realizing all these blessings is a reason for gratitude.

Everything we do, think, feel, see, hear, breathe, realize, are all gifts and a reason for gratitude. God truly blesses us in many abundant ways that we take for granted until we fear the loss of an ability.

Open your mind, heart, spirit to the blessings of the moment, this is true consciousness. Take nothing for granted, but truly be alive to your existence. Consciousness is a choice we can make. It teaches us to love our existence and be grateful.

It teaches us Divine understanding, faith, the unlimited, harmony as an experience, to be greater than we thought possible, and humility. It is a gratitude attitude of being fully awake even in the ordinary.

To be comfortable as who you are, a Divine creation of God. Know yourself. Respect yourself, and be grateful for being the unique self that you are with all the abilities God has gifted you with in His great love.

They are yours to truly experience, be grateful. How you live affects not only you, but those around you, and those you may never know. Be an example of gratitude in action. Be perceptive. Be open and receptive.

Participate fully in life. always do your very best. Journal your gratitude and you will see a visible change take place. You will become aware of God in action in your life.


Friday, April 15, 2016

God Provides

God is in control, I need not worry. He provides money in the bank, food on the table, financial support, physical healing, emotional healing, and most of all spiritual guidance. He is there for us at all times.

Just ask and He responds. No matter what it may look like, know there will be enough, and then some. All we need do is have faith and trust. God responds as we believe. So if we believe in scarcity, we will have it.

It is just as easy to believe in God's abundance. The difference is an open mind and heart. God not only provides for our needs, He puts harmony in our life. Empty the clutter from your life and watch God fill it with blessings.

A consciousness of nature is one of the benefits we reap when we release the hurt, anger, and fear that keep us in darkness. We receive a joy of life that we never dreamed possible. It allows you to walk in love.

Believe that you deserve to be blessed, that you can do what you love and be paid for it. The obstacles we create are in our mind. Sweep it clean. Remember, you have the power of faith.

Faith not just in God, but in yourself. Opportunities happen when we are ready to accept them. We limit ourselves by our own beliefs. In reality, we are all possibilities for we are perfect in spirit.

We were created to live in joy and love, to unfold to life, not struggle against it. Set yourself free to be all that you can be. No one but yourself can stop you. There is purpose to your life, a Divine plan that only you can fulfill.

You, a wonderful, unique, child of God. Value yourself, God does. See the higher purpose in life. Release yourself to God's will and prosper.


Thursday, April 14, 2016

Doing God's Work

To serve God, you must honor your gifts. We each come delivered, wrapped in a package of talents that is unique to us. To use them to good purpose is to value and honor them as the gifts from our creator that they are.

It is a way we can serve the Divine and our spirit. The reward is to love what we do and share it with others. It is an expression of our Divine self.

This is love in action. When your heart is in your work it is an expression of your true self. When you share it you give of self to others. If it brings joy to others it is an added blessing that money cannot buy.

We each have a purpose in this life and the God-given gifts to accomplish them with. Use them well. Where you put your heart in creating, abundance follows. Our life's passion is joy itself. Open your heart and the inspiration will come.

Your sense of peace and purpose leads you on the right path. When we do something with love and care, others respond. For love in all forms speaks to us and we recognize it for the gift of spirit it is. Be generous in your efforts for your benefit is the accomplishment and the inner reward.

It is a gift of love to our spiritual being. God encourages us and sustains us. He would not have given us the gift if he had not intended us to use it. It is through His will that our gifts are bestowed, develop, and bring joy and love.

Use me God in my right purpose. Let me serve your will lovingly. Grant me faith to know I am in your care and that you provide for all my needs while I perform the service I was sent here for. Doing God's work with God's gifts is peace on earth.


Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Be in the light. Find your joy and pleasure in life. Treat others with respect and compassion, and also yourself. Be gentle in all things. Recognize the God-self in your being and in others. Love yourself in order to love others.

Love shared will spread outward in all directions like the warmth of the sun. Celebrate life joyfully. Take pleasure in each new day, for living in conscious joy makes us open to more light.

Suffering is an illusion, not life as it is meant to be lived. Self-destruction is seeking the shadows, a betrayal of self. Self-love sets us free.

Teach by example and others will embrace God's existence in their lives. It is pleasurable work. Never forget God is the light within you, and all things in Him are of the light.

Life is a growing, loving, pleasurable experience when we live in the light of God's love. We are here to live and to learn, this is our choice to be here, and what we are experiencing is valuable to our growth, it is necessary.

Let us choose to experience it in the light and truth of purpose, as we develop our consciousness and vision expands to encompass and accept more of the universal truths that lie within us as yet undiscovered, and find the path of enlightenment.

The entire purpose of our journey is to find the truths we are seeking and enhance the light within. Our souls yearn for the light as their natural state.

As our awareness increases, so do the synchronistic events in our lives leading us on our true course of expanded consciousness. The laboratory of life is to learn and grow. Our experiences are our schoolbooks, our tools. There is no error or coincidence in purpose. There is only love and light.


Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Life is making choices for that is God's gift to us, free will. And in choice, there lies great power. There is no victimhood in choice, but an expanded awareness of living. It is both a responsibility and a joy of consciousness. It is a misconception we try to make reality when we want to abdicate control and responsibility and consequence of our own choices.

This too is a choice we make. The power of choice envisioned in manifestation. For what we envision in our own life is manifested in the physical. It is the power of our own creative impulse. This is why it is so important to develop self-awareness in living.

Because we do design our own life, to do it in full consciousness is to accept the joy of creation, physically and spiritually as well as emotionally. What we believe is what we receive. We can create our own garden of Eden or hell on earth.

If we recognize we have a higher consciousness beyond our humanness we become more aware of our choices and more conscious in our living. Thus, we can choose self-love and all that goes with it with open arms, gratitude, giving, and full awareness.

Then we have mastered the art of receiving instead of the preconception of unworthiness that is a lie of the sense of guilt. The law of the Divine universe is abundance. Not in greed to hoard, but in true abundance to share.

There is only conflict when you choose to believe in the limitations of God's love. Choose to accept that love fully and you accept the power of joyful living. Release fear, regret, and a life of seeking and accept a life of becoming, to live in the light of truth and love by choice.


Monday, April 11, 2016

Live Today

We rarely take the time to consciously choose how to love our life but instead are caught up in the day to day existence and doing by rote without a thorough examination that this is truly how we want our life to progress.

And so time passes. We have a sense of dissatisfaction without clearly dissecting the whys. We merely mark off goals of attainment that we believe will earmark that magic golden time when we can truly start living.

Always at some distant time, like when the children are older, or grown. When we retire, or other landmarks in our lives. When what we really need to do is change our way of thinking. To make each day an event to celebrate.

To be in gratitude for the gift of life itself. To honor the now of our days. To take the time not only to smell the roses, but the other flowers as well. To pick or buy some for the home. To walk in nature and see the beauty that surrounds us.

To create a space for ourselves that is sacred. Where we can go to be at peace within and to be grounded in spirit. To set our table as if for an honored guest and make breaking bread an occasion not eaten unconsciously in front of the T.V.

To take time to be in silence so that we can quiet our minds and let new thoughts take form. Ones of contentment, thanksgiving, and a growing knowledge of where our true path lies. Not in the far off nethers of some day, but how we can live a more enriched experience now.

How we can honor the Divine by giving of ourselves in ways that matter and bring joy, not just to others, but to ourselves. Our destination is achieved in small ways, minor adjustments of thinking and being now.

Life isn't a preparation of what is to come but a glorious even we arise to each day. Live it in clarity and purpose and love.


April Snows

Are April snows less beautiful than those in the winter as dawn breaks over the mountains casting a red streak beneath the dark gray clouds?

Only to those too blind to its wonder. It's a breathtaking morning to be in God's country. One filled with snow covered trees, roofs, decks, and long icicles hanging from the branches and eaves of the roofs.

It is a silence and wonder so pure it takes my breath away. Soon enough it will be time to clear and shovel, for now, it is time to sit in silence and admire God's handiwork.

I have cleared the drive but the hill is still white. As the sun warms the roses, carnations, and baby breath start to stick their heads out as well as the small pine which seems to grow taller each week.

I certainly gave my muscles a workout today and felt stiff and sore until my medication and hot shower took effect as well as much needed rest.

One of the squirrels almost ate its way through the heavy wooden bird feeders. No matter how much seed and nuts they are given their appetites are bottomless wells and they will take any means to get more.

I didn't realize before moving here how adept they were at chewing their way through things. The spicy hot oil worked fairly well on the back deck at keeping the critters from chewing it up, but I'm not sure it would be healthy to put chili oil on the bird feeders.

My gardening books arrived today and I fantasize the work I can do on the hill as I finger walk through them. I need to know more about what plants survive the snowy winters.

I know when the season is right I will be putting in more bulbs to bloom next year. This season's crop of tulips, courtesy of the last owner of my cabin, has an abundance of buds soon to be in full bloom.

Blueberry bushes scattered alternately with flowers might do well in the very front section of the rock garden. I need to start the border boulders along the drive soon.

I would also add more herbs to that area including chives. I am also still debating the best kind of walkway up my hill. The platform walkway seems it might be best and go well with the house and my decks. I am also considering a grillwork screen. There are just so many options at making my cabin a home that compliments wonder called nature.



When you feel joyous you are recognizing the God within you and celebrating life for He is the window to your soul. This does not mean because you live in joy that you are through growing or will never experience dark times, but that you are more spiritually aware and continue to seek the light within.

Life is a constant seeking, learning, loving experience, and if we let it, a blissful experience. Joy is a natural part of life. Don't hurry, so busy and pressured, through the daily grind that you deny yourself the small pleasures and joyous moments that are part of it.

Be aware, live attentively and with care that you recognize the small blessings of life. Try to be at one with God each day. Live in true consciousness and you will remember to laugh. God's world is full of light and delight.

We need not live solemnly as if this world is a test we need to pass to graduate. Lighten up and let your spirit soar. God does not begrudge us the time it takes to smell the roses. He delights in our awareness of the beautiful gifts He has created.

There is joy in learning and in experiences if we allow God into our heart and our spirit self in our activities of daily living. Then the outer circumstances can become inner joys and you will have an awareness of the true meaning in all life events.

We do not need to agonize over life, that is not rational living when we have the choice to allow joy to alter that existence. There is great power in the visualization of joy. It is a spiritual reality for all things that exist in the world first existed in spirit before they became physical and the spirit self knows this. Go in you.


Sunday, April 10, 2016

Be in love

Be comforted and walk your life in light and trust and in full awareness for nothing will come to you that is not meant to be. All of life's experiences enhance your awareness and serves our soul's growth. With this so too grows our love. Know that love is the most powerful force in the universe, and in it you're safe, infinitely safe. The best place to be is in love.


Saturday, April 9, 2016


There is no such thing as an accident or coincidence but there is synchronicity. You create your life and you create what you choose to believe. Your decisions are choices you make. Because of the choices we make, there is cause and effect, balance and order and God's love.

There are different levels of awareness as we continue to grow spiritually, and our decisions become more conscious as we develop. We become aware of a greater reality and we renounce imagined limitations. When we go beyond we allow ourselves to exist beyond the physical and life becomes more real than ever before.

Allow yourself to evolve, to reach higher. Celebrate the soul-self in its advancement. Release all negativity for it has no place in your soul-consciousness. Cleanse yourself of all resentments. In your expanded consciousness you will be better able to recognize truth and come to a deeper understanding of all existence.

Truth propels growth. Love is the eternal power of the universe. Send love and receive love with an open heart and growth continues. Acknowledge your feelings, it is part of awareness. The purpose of all love is a greater awareness of God, for love comes from Him.

Be open and accepting of love in all its various ways and forms, to the very act of loving, and to all things. To the environment, animals, people, society, seclusion. It is all an open door to love. What is most essential is honest and truth in all relationships. For we are all part of the universe, of all-that-is. Accept and love in full awareness.


Friday, April 8, 2016

Honor your spirit

Honor your true spirit. Be comfortable in your skin. Do not pretend to be who or what you are not. You have chosen this lifetime, your present self, your family, and your existence for a purpose. Live it with insight not in falsehood.

What is it that you are here to accomplish, to learn, to experience? Be open to those you meet on the way, to the message they have to give. Even if it is one to control anger or jealousy. Embrace the lesson you find so that you may move on.

Don't be stuck in "I want to be" but realize "you are", always become something more. Never accept less than you are capable of achieving for you are only cheating yourself. If you can do better, do it. If you can be better, be it.

Love what you do and do what you love. That is authenticity. Be vulnerable, if not to others, to yourself. How else can you grow? Be the mirror that reflects your Divine self with love, not a distorted image.

Do not be a stranger to yourself. Seek the company of those whose values in life achieve high standards and morals. For we are known by the company we keep. We teach others through our example of living.

Seek soul friends for they will last a lifetime. Most important, be the friend you would like to have. Take time for others. Listen to what is said and not said. Speak from the heart. Be connected with your inner spirit as well as with others.

Reach out and make a difference in someone's life. Seek Divine guidance. Nature your higher maturation that is love, selflessness, generosity, and a sense of peace. Love yourself and your life, and always remember it is a gift.

Be worthy of it. All life is holy, treat it with respect. Treat yourself with kindness, not neglect for the Divine is within your being, and you are the guardian of its spirit, eternally connected in a bond of love, here and in the hereafter.



Don't take the business of life too seriously for it is an illusion that can change in a moment. Life is what we experience on a minute-to-minute basis, and everyone sees things differently depending on their viewpoint.

What we have been taught we may learn is untrue. What is true now may change in reality tomorrow as circumstances change. Life is the knowledge we hold in the present, in the now. We may view our existence as wanting and someone in poverty would see it full of possibilities.

We are what we believe and it is unfortunate if we see it as limited. When we live in faith instead of fear, we look for, and thus find, opportunities. When blinded by fear we won't recognize them when they come calling our name but would turn and run for cover.

We create what we believe, and it manifests in our lives as reality. If we believe we have abundance and share, we will always find we have enough. If we live in love, we will have love. If we live in truth we will recognize it in our lives.

There is no need to try to control our lives for we are not in control, we are experiencing. Be excited about life for it is a constant discovery. Let your spirit be free and you will find a spiritual serenity, conscious awareness, and peace.

You will be in the light. Let love and light guide you on your journey and you will only know truth and joy. Life is a compost of the interactions of many. It is never solitary. Your responsibility is to act in full awareness at all times.

For when we do we benefit of the highest good in the universe, for everything that exists is connected and we are part of that oneness.


Thursday, April 7, 2016

Slip Away

This is the last stage
it's so late in the game
nothing left to change
coming round again
nothing to explain
even if I could
there's nothing to gain
in letting these last days
just slowly slip away


Snow in April

I wake up early and the scene from my bedroom window, before I even rise, is of snow covered trees once again. The snow is still falling and apparently has done so, gently and steadily, all night.

There is at least six inches of snow on the railings and decks. The visibility is like looking through a thick fog out back, except the fog is falling snow. The mountain behind me is an outline of shapes, trees houses, poles.

The mountain beyond that is not visible at all. Out front on my deck, the roofs, trees, driveways, roads, and lines are coated as if with confectioner sugar and it is still steadily falling.

The birds are awake and at the feeder and I can hear the whoop whoop sound of the quail below and a deep chill penetrates my sweater and shirt. I spot the shape of a large bird flying through the mist.

At seven-thirty I went out with my trusty dustpan to clear a path to the patio table and to clear the table as well to put Pesky the squirrel's feeder on as he had hungrily come calling, leaving his tracks in the snow. As I was working snow began to come down harder, at which time there was no point in trying to clear the whole deck while the sky is still delivering its wet, white abundance.

By the time I quickly finished my hair and my sweater were quite soaked, as were my feet, still encased in slippers. Time to warm up.

The squirrel who lives across the road, and is terribly noisy has decided to fight for his right to raid the bird feeders. The squirrel that live on this side of the road have banned together to chase him away, running across the roof, knocking things over on the decks and screeching in squirrel talk.

It is so cold there are icicles in April, clinging to the trees and off the roof. I had to clean the back deck as by evening the snow still had not melted. It has been a good day staying in, keeping warm by the fire and enjoying nature's display. I'm blessed.



Emotions are just expressions of our inner beliefs. Feelings are our deeper, truer self. When you feel emotional dig deeper to what the true feeling is. Quiet yourself so that you may seek the inner being, and you will find the profound truth of what you are feeling instead of the outward display.

Feelings contain love, emotions are reactions of the ego. There is no fear or anger at the core of feelings. Choose to know your inner self and understand your true feelings and you will live more consciously, without guilt, "ought to haves," and "what ifs."

For you will be acting with honor and patience and deep feeling, which is love internally spoken and appropriate. Feelings say "God is spoken here," and He is. It is not complicated, but inner truth. To truly feel is to open your heart and open yourself.

To be whole instead of emotionally fragmented. Honor the love within and you bring joy to the experiences without. Feelings are not mind, which is ego, but heart, which is soul. Emotions can be judgemental, whereas feelings are forgiving.

They mirror our inner God-Self and treat ourselves and others with respect and love. To be in touch with our inner feelings, our inner being, our God-Self is to truly experience life on the deepest, truest level.

It is claiming your own power through faith and loving the self you have chosen to be in this lifetime. We choose the experiences we are living in this world for a purpose, embrace them with great feeling and gratitude.

That is living to your fullest potential. Live with a deeper knowing and greater awareness and an introspection of our true feelings beyond mere emotion to our God-Self of possibilities.


Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Peace is letting go, releasing tension and expectations of "our way or no way". Peace has its own engergy and its outcome is joyful living and awareness of the beauty around us. Peace is acceptance of the reality of our unique selves and gving that self love.

Peace is living in truth and honoring the Divine. Peace is not a lack of purpose but a world of infinite promise. Peace is putting your trust in God. It is seeking guidance from the Divine to show us the way.

Peace is right living. Peace allows us to be open to new experiences. There is not fear in peace, no negativity in peace, no what ifs, or a need to control. Peace is acceptance with gratitude of all we receive knowing there are lessons, growth, and blessings in everything, and looking for them.

Peace is a natural high. Peace comes when we release the wounds within. Peace is contageous when we share it, are a living example by living it, and pray for it to come to others throuhout the world. Peace is active not reactive.

It requires energy to receive serenity. Of doing your inner work and being love in action. Peaces is in giving and sharing. In forgiving and caring. Peace is in acting in the best interests of all and not one's self alone.

Peace is not being perfect but accepting who you are and loving yourself anyway. Peace will take you through all the difficulties and challenges in life and you'll still be able to smile.

Peace is being able to be still, be aware of everything around us, and going within. Peace brings grace, and wonder, a sense of the Divine in our daily lives knowing God is with us, always.


Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Prayer is not something we need wait to do before retiring, or upon awakening, or in a specific place. We can pray at any time and anywhere. Pray in gratitude for when something good happens, or just for your daily experiences, pray for guidance, patience, love.

Pray when you  are angry, before you say a destructive word, stop and pray. Pray in affirmation. For for a willingness to receive as well as give, for it is good and allows others to feel blessed. Prayer acknowledges God and that He provides for our needs.

Be open in prayer, and be open to receive, and ready for God's blessings. An affirmation is saying "I believe!". Pray for others as well as yourself. Be generous in prayer. Allow God, by His Divine will, to answer according to His superior knowledge of the best outcome of our needs.

Pray for strength to release the power within you to accomplish what you must do. Pray that you may live in more conscious awareness, that you may realize the best self you can be. Trust that God answers all prayers.

God provides all we need, thank Him. Pray for awareness that you will recognize the answer to your prayers when they come. Pray to be open to new experiences for that is growth. Prayer is an unlimited possibility.

It is an ongoing conversation with God. Prayer provides spiritual enlightenment. There are no time limits to prayer, it can be a simple "thank you!". Share your thought as if you were speaking to a friend.

For truly there is no greater friend on earth. No person has the capacity for love, compassion, joy, sorrow, or giving as abundantly as God and He loves to hear from us in prayer.


Monday, April 4, 2016

Fear Not

"Fear Not" said the Lord, that can be easier to say than to do.  But slowly, by doing our inner work, through prayer and meditation, and by releasing our understand of this truth, it becomes a reality and God becomes a participant in our daily world.

We may start out sharing our experience with friends, and family, then synchronicity brings other seekers our way. Eventually, we gladly live our beliefs and everyone we encounter benefits. For when you can no longer live in darkness you can only exist in truth.

Worry brings us no further on our journey, so we release it, and put our trust in a higher wisdom. When we realize the truth of who we really are only love is left. Love is saying yes to life, unconditionally.

There is a purity in love. Don't try to manage it or control it, just accept it for the gift it is. Allow love into your being, to touch the spirit of self and you will be free. If we do not allow ourselves to recognize blessings when they come how can they be present in our lives?

When you are fully aware you have a new sense of seeing, of hearing, of acknowledging, that it is as if the earth itself were reborn in more brilliance. The doorway is an open heart, when we honor self and living in love.

That love is unconditional, it is a whole new vocabulary without words to describe it. We are all perfect love in oneness. Be patient in your transformation, it takes time, and work, and a sense of joy and light.

The light of the inner self is what transforms darkness and we remember who we are, a part of all-that-is, and all that ever was.


Sunday, April 3, 2016

God within

Trust in yourself for you are a being of God, an instrument of Divine will and He will provide for and guide you. To trust is to acknowledge the spirit of the Divine within us. We have created the life we experience to accomplish what we have chosen to do in this lifetime.

We can alter our experiences through awareness. When we remember who we are, co-creators with God, we accelerate our growth. We become aware of the very now of our existence and of our oneness with all-that-is.

Now is eternal and unlimited. There are no boundaries, and time, as we believe it, does not exist. Live without fear for we have an eternal safety net in God. Let your experiences unfold and embrace them, they are the teachers you came to meet.

Look for the knowledge to be gained and then release them for they have served their purpose. Your higher self has grown from the encounter, your spiritual self has been blessed with understanding. By living in consciousness, and spiritual awareness we are open in heart and mind and thus to the revelation of our daily world, our chance encounters, hidden messages for God speaks through many channels and reveals in a myriad of ways.

Be open to receive. God always speaks in truth and simplicity and He always answers our prayers. He is within us as Divine purpose, acknowledge that power within for our thoughts manifest our wants. Be careful what you ask for.

Ask in awareness for your higher good. God gives us the strength to accomplish all we need to do and the abundance to succeed. Have faith, trust and gratitude for life itself is a blessing of God.


Saturday, April 2, 2016

Prepare yourself

God gives messages in many ways: In a song we hear, a daily word, a phone conversation, or an article we read. He speaks in many diverse ways. We need to be prepared to receive His word and recognize He may answer our prayers without actually speaking.

Be open to experiencing His word wherever it appears. Be willing to admit you need His help and stop worrying how the answer will arrive. He gives us what we need when we need it. Don't wait idly while awaiting an answer but take steps to prepare yourself towards realization.

Do your homework, take classes to improve your skills, study, be positive in your outlook. Be prepared to recognize the gift when it comes for God answers unexpectedly. Believe in yourself and your dreams.

Practice gratitude on a daily basis. Give back to the universe and to others. Share what you already have. Give thanks to God. Honor God and yourself by doing your very best at everything you do, even while waiting for your aspirations to come to life.

All work is God's work, do it in joy and you will be blessed. Do not abhor what you do and do it poorly while waiting for your ship to come in. This is not right living, or good intention. We learn something useful in all that we do and there is a blessing in all things, do not fail to see them.

Do not be disappointed that your wants are delayed. God does not work on our time schedule. What seems forever to us is just a fraction of a second to God. He knows no time but the appropriate time for things to take place. He gives what we need when we need it not when we think we should have it and He is always right on time.


Friday, April 1, 2016

Bless your authenicity

Take time for yourself, to honor your spirit. Be at peace, quiet the mind and contact the authentic you that lives within. The you that is still part child with hurts and doubts as well as the woman with responsibilities that can overwhelm.

Remember all the growing pains that are part of the foundation of who you are. Allow yourself to feel all the love you would give a child. Honor the part of the Divine that you are and see it unfold in the light of love.

Acknowledge the child of God that you are. Realize the power you have to change your situation, your goals, and your path. The choice is yours to make. Bless the authentic you, regardless of whether or not you have a perfect body, financial success, a model home.

Start your housecleaning inside yourself by unburdening yourself of unwanted baggage and blocks that keep you mired in the swamp of depression, unworthiness, self-abuse, and absence of love for the innocent spirit you were born to be.

Be prepared for a lot of cleaning for we clutter ourselves with all kinds of debris we've picked up along the way. This is your opportunity to clean out the closet of ourgrown beliefs that mask the true person underneath.

We are all beautiful to God for we are pure spirit, a part of all-that-is, a portion of the Divine, experiencing life. In order to share a true fulfilling relationship with another we must first be a loving, fulfilled whole person ourselves, that is at peace with their own authencity.

We must be true to ourselves in order to be in truth with another. We can trust in God for He loves us unconditionally. He wants to give us all the bounty and beauty we can enfold. To let God in we must clean out to make room for His abundance in love.