Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year

Today is an ending, but then again truly just a beginning on this journey of life for it is a pilgrimage of both growth and beauty if we let it be. We are seekers living the questions, looking for the answers.

We are explorers of life. Seeking the spiritual in the madness, the sacred in everyday life. Trying to be our authentic selves. On the road, there is a whole world to explore both within and without. Sometimes the path can be rocky and the ascent steep.

Sometimes we find ourselves in darkness surrounded by "what ifs." Sometimes we feel we are trying to wade to shore through deep currents when things get tough. We may be at the end of this year but we have but begun the journey.

Don't worry though, God gives us all the time we need to complete it. There are many new discoveries to make, but remember we are never alone in our sojourn for God is guiding us and the angels walk with us, and we are surrounded by unconditional love.

It sustains us and enfolds us and protects us along the way. Go in peace! We're as ready as we will ever be to continue the journey. Divine substance provides for our needs in abundance. You but need ask. Ask and you shall receive help, supply, guidance, grace, and love.

Just ask and the power is yours. Ask, ask, ask. Surrender expectations and you will find unlimited joy. Then give thanks. Then watch what happens. Your life will be filled with wonder, synchronicity, and miracles too. All with your name on them.

Never forget that you have all you need. Be aware... creative abundance is a law unto itself and simplistic once one learns it along with they many joys revealed in the small moments. It is a spiraling that leads you every higher.

If you pause on the road you will see the wonderful vista of the path you have traveled thus far and it will fill you with wonder. You've withstood storms, experienced contentment, lived in both the shadows and the light.

Check your log book and your spiritual compass. Believe in yourself. Trust in God to help you on the right path for He loves you unconditionally. Believe in the one who believes in you. All things are possible when you believe and blessings are plentiful.

The soul awakens when you practice gratitude. Live in simplicity, order, harmony and love, and you will experience the beauty of a joyful existence. Pray your journey be a long one wth many stops along the way to savor for they are filled with marvelous, meaningful, memorable blessings.

Live at your own pace, do not rush through the journey but hold it, and all the safe harbors along the way. Each new day is an experience you have never lived before, full of new wonders and hidden treasures.

Seek authenticity for it is truly sacred, filled with many new discoveries of self. It is an ongoing experience of continuous growth. The woman of tomorrow is not the same as today, and yesterday is but a memory, a shadow of the new self.

No longer will you see things as they do, for you are constantly a new you. For you are always reaching new places, and when the mists part you will find the faith that you need to smother the doubts you encounter. Enjoy the journey.



Wisdom is beyond
more than knowing
born of free mind
that serves the heart
liberating the soul


Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Darkness and Light

You the shadow
me the wall
you dance upon
let's mix this
darkness and light


Tuesday, December 29, 2015


We are not strangers to others but the possibilities of friendships, of loved ones, of growth through knowledge. Each relationship is an opportunity to experience. We are all God's children, see the Divine in others as well as yourself.

Only then can you be grateful for each meeting, whether it be only a brief encounter, or develop into a greater knowing, each experience is a gift. See more than the outer shell, look into the soul, for therein lies truth, and the brotherhood of God.

If everyone would acknowledge the spirit of God within others there would be no hate, or prejudice, no wars, or famine, for we would embrace in recognition that part of self we all share with the all-that-I-am and is.

Clean your interior house of the debris that prevents you from loving and accepting others. Live with integrity and you live with God. There is a oneness in spirit we can find outside our door. Open it, breathe in the freshness and put out the welcome mat and you will find the possibilities boundless.

There is a freedom in allowing ourselves to be open and accepting to new experiences. There is no truth behind closed doors, only fear. We live in a world of infinite possibility. Souls come together to grow, to experience lessons, sometimes to move on quickly, and sometimes to become part of our lives.

Do not cling to order but welcome change in all its possibilities for within lies greater understanding. Relationships are not meant to remain static and some are meant to be release. Do it with love so that they may follow their path to greater possibilities and love.


Mirror images

Mirrored in the vastness
is the soul of our imagination
arranging galaxies
building planets
preparing the heavens
for us to roam free


Monday, December 28, 2015

Flowing Deep

The road may be empty
but the solitude is giving
leading to the source of all
everything awaiting
simplicity calls
peace and understanding
picked up along the way
life softened, flowing deep
like dreams to keep



Ensnared in illusion
life a field of brambles
we stumble through it
searching for a path
to a place of peace
and enlightenment


Sunday, December 27, 2015

A new snowfall today

Today I awoke to a white wonderland again, soft flakes falling, then a sound I mistook for rain but instead it was snow like miniature hail falling fast and hard on the deck. There is a cold wind that kicks up its heels and bangs the rockers against the boards and temporarily turns my blood to ice.

The thick screen of clouds shrouds the top part of the mountains like netting over a baby's bassinet and I feel very near to God as if He has reached His hand down to replace what has melted off too soon and reinstate winter that had never really gone, only paused for a few days as if nature held its breath and has now exhaled in a powerful gasp.

And so, I too, remind myself to slow down and just breathe. To make conscious contact with all that I see, hear, feel, and to acknowledge God is at work in the world around me. For the first time in days I hear the sound of the snow plow down the hill and feel the crunch of fresh snow under my feet.

It is time to dig out my long johns out again, the double socks and my boots. I will wait for the snow to let up, as well as the winds, before I attempt to shovel away the growing mound of winter. For the moment I'm lost in awe of the beauty that is nature and her rhythm of the seasons.


Saturday, December 26, 2015

Review and Renew

It is time to get back to work. To put away the trappings of the holiday but to keep its joy and love alive within our heart. Soon a new year will be beginning. It is a good time to reflect upon and review all the blessings of the past year.

The gifts of friendships we have gained and maintained. The love of parents, children, grandchildren, and other family members we hold dear. Those who have moved away but we keep them near through communication in writing, by phone, or on the net.

The heart knows no distance. We have had the opportunity to call or write all those both near and dear with Christmas and Holiday greetings and receive an abundance in return. New avenues have opened for many of us to learn new things and to start out on a new road to a new vocation, to fulfill dreams once tucked away all but forgotten.

God has reminded us that our purpose is yet unfulfilled and dusted them off and set us on a new journey. New doors have opened and the wonder of discovery is lit anew within our spirit. We have learned not to be too comfortable as God has many surprises yet in store.

He has supplied an abundance from unexpected sources. We have learned to practice faith not fear. To ask God for guidance and assistance in all aspects of our life. To include Him in our everyday and to have a greater sense of gratitude.

Life is filled with unexpected surprises, wonder, and secrets as yet unrevealed. Each day has become a gift to be treasured and lived in more awareness and deeper consciousness.

God's touch is everywhere we look. In all seasons. In each leaf, each feather, each cloud that passes by and we feel a new depth to our living than ever before and a greater appreciation of all things no matter how small.

Nothing is dismissed or insignificant but seen in a new light and looked at with greater meaning. We look for the lessons to be learned and the message sent our way. We have truly learned to look and listen and to feel blessed with each new day!


Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas is a gift

Christmas is the essence of love and new birth. A new life and a new beginning. It is a time to give thanks and to remember what is important in our lives. To share the joy of the day with family and friends.

It is not about how many gifts we get but the joy of giving from our heart and the memories we share in the making. It is a day of faith and family. To remember the wee child born in the manger and the difference His coming made in the lives of generations to come after him.

No other individual has touched the lives of so many. His truth is still as meaningful today as it was when He walked the earth Himself. This day was the birth of that new life and reason we celebrate Christmas today.

The angels called the wise men and the shepherds to follow the star and be witnesses to His coming. To marvel at the most precious gift of all, given by God, of His own Son here on earth. Lying in a manger, bedded in straw, and wrapped in swaddling clothes.

He shared this humble stable with His loving parents Mary and Joseph, and the animals also sheltered there. The wise men brought the first gifts of Christmas of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. That is the reason we give gifts today as a symbol of Jesus' birth.

To reenact the giving of that blessed time. It is not the meaning of Christmas itself nor its true purpose. The gift of love we share is more important than any packages wrapped under a tree. As we celebrate our holidays we must remember the guest of honor. The child named Jesus.

Make Him a central part of the day. The shining star in our hearts. It is not just a happy day but a holy day. Wish all you see the joy of the season and may we share it the abundance of love this day symbolizes.

The love of a mother and father for their new born son. The love our our Heavenly Father for the gift of His Son to the world. The love of the shepherds that they left their flock to follow the star and the wise men bearing gifts of love to honor the manifestation of love, the infant Jesus sent to be among us and change the path the world through His great teachings and living example He set before us.


All it took

You brought me light
and filled the darkness
with an abundance of love
the fear I used to know gone
and all it took was belief


Thursday, December 24, 2015

Day of preparation

Today is a day of anticipation, of being with family for the Holidays, of exchanging gifts and sharing a meal. For some it will be a white Christmas and for others the sun will shine. It is the season of giving and of gratitude, of joy and laughter, but more than that it is a celebration of the birth of Jesus who has come to redeem us.

To lie in a manger and so teach us humility. To have come from afar to teach us that life is a long and difficult road but also filled with numerous blessings. The shepherds left their flocks and followed the star to find Him and so too must we lay down our burdens and follow him.

He will guide our way and bring peace and meaning into our lives and fill it with abundance. Today is a day of preparation and perhaps a journey to be with those we love. To listen to Christmas chorals and sometimes sing along. To gather around the fireplace exchanging news and hopes for the year to come.

To admire the tree bejeweled with lights. Go to church and ready everything for the morrow when we get up anxious to exchange gifts and remembrances of love. Things we have taken time and care to select. On the T.V. will be the Christmas story, of times of magic and miracles, and new hope today, in our hearts, we too feel as children awaiting the wonder of the special day to come.

We will miss those who are far away and telephone lines will be humming. The smell of turkeys cooking will soon be permeating the air along with pies that are baking. The smell of cinnamon and apples and all good things along with the odor of pine and holly.

Mistletoe may hang from above for stealing kisses. If we treated each day like Christmas to come, the world would be a kinder place. If we remembered the true meaning of life more often and didn't save it for special occasions. To look to each day with anticipation and make God a major part of it. Then each day will be a blessings, a gift filled with wonder.



it begins at birth
unfolds each day
along our paths
complete only
at journey's end


Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Garments of youth

We wear our innocence
the garments of youth
worn thin in our aging
discarded without care
while we search far
for what we already had


Waiting for the angels

Frozen images
symbols of me
moments long ago
a narrow path
that held the future
now long crossed
brings me here
to the edge, standing
arms outstretched
waiting for the angels
to call out to me
come fly with us


Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A sense of humor

To bring the world to an understandable whole, you'll need commitment, lots of energy, a good sense of humor, patience, and constant vigil, and that's what faith's all about.


Monday, December 21, 2015

Window ledge

This life
a window ledge
from which to jump
into the realms of eternity



Be comfortable with your humaness,
but don't believe in it.
Take a step in faith, see the angels,
there waiting in belief...
they will guide you.



We need to remember
His love is constant
and all becomes clear


Sunday, December 20, 2015

When we stumble

No one walks alone
God has promised us
we forget that often
need reminds us
when we stumble


Saturday, December 19, 2015


Deepening our faith
expands spiritual dimensions
and life takes on meaning
alive with feeling
blessed with wonder
we swim in the pool of belief
and let what will be just be


Friday, December 18, 2015

Put fear to rest

There is a lot of hate in our world. When people disagree with you, you get mad. When people hurt you, you get mad, when you cannot get someone to see things the way you see them.  It is a human tendency to get really mad over the littlest things. If you make someone mad, they think they hate you. The trust is they are probably afraid of you. Fear is born of a lack of understanding, the need to control, and more important, the absence of love. Learn to love and put fear where it belong, to rest.



Be aware of love
it makes the world
and us too, changed
kindness grows
and all is transformed


Thursday, December 17, 2015

Ready to receive

Truth springs
from open hearts
ready to receive
all the love
this world
has to offer


Wednesday, December 16, 2015

When love ruled

I have spoken
often in dreams
with many spirits
and angels too
of days of old
before the fall
when loved ruled


Hear the message

What we need to know
has been said many times
it is we who need to learn
how to hear the message


Tuesday, December 15, 2015


I've grown so tired of hearing all the negative news of hate, violence, war, and crime, day after day. The pastime of our earthly days. So out of touch with our potential, with our souls, with our spirit. We made the world this way, we can make it better, we can heal it. It starts with me I guess, so I unplugged, to do good with love, one day at a time.


Be an angel

God works through people and can at times make angels of us all, allowing us to open our hearts, and our pocketbooks, dash into fires, aid strangers, give shelter to the homeless, help our four-legged friends, find cures for disease, and perform miracles. We can all be angels.



Yield to love
learn to forgive
nourish your soul
and the journey
becomes easier
and more fulfilling


Monday, December 14, 2015


Inside each of us is the ability to create our own dream. It starts by believing in ourselves, honoring our vision, doing what we do, and doing what we love. Realizing our own potential and bringing the mental into the physical.

God gave each of us a talent to create and the power of a dream. It is a gift we all can bring to fruition. First we conceive, then we believe, then be open to receive. When we include the Divine in all we create, in a spirit of joy, it becomes a blessing in our lives.

If we all live according to our greatest creative ability we are in spiritual harmony. Sharing what we do best and love is contributing to the universe our greatest inner potential. It is giving our best through love.

Our lives reflect what we ourselves expect and that is what we experience. The world would be a more joyful, loving place if we living in contentment by pursuing our creative potential and receiving just compensation.

The fear we experience that keeps us performing tasks or livelihoods that cause us stress, physical, and mental anguish, would be dissolved. For they would be performed by those who creatively enjoyed such careers.

We fear failure, lack of finances, leaving job security when it is all illusion which destroys the very gift of creating we were giving. Be aware of your own creativity, your life enjoyment that fulfills your spirit self, and release its power into your life.

This is your creativity becoming inspiration in action. See yourself living in peace and harmony looking forward with joy to each new day as you honor the creativity God blessed you with and the abundance to realize your Divine potential.


Our Choices

We are witnesses
to our lives unfolding
unscripted adventures
destination unknown
the outcome bound
by our choices


Sunday, December 13, 2015

The mirror

Love the mirror
reflecting the light
the world basks in


Saturday, December 12, 2015

As you love

As you love
you transform
your essence
your soul


Friday, December 11, 2015

Love yourself

One cannot love and be self-destructive, that is a denial of truth. It is the ultimate lie. When you truly accept love then you also must honor yourself as loveable, that is the ultimate truth, and deepest reality of life.

Find the ember that is love within and you will find yourself embracing the world in love. Pray for all the possibilities not as a self-defense but as a joy, a powerful force to be cherished. It allows us to know and be known and open the doorway to greater truth and oneness.

We are mirrors of God, let His light shine through your spirit. Embrace yourself in His love and recognize the soul 's process of acceptance and growth, of the beauty and wonder of being. We are all capable of being loved, guided, cherished, first by God, then by ourselves, and others.

We all have a purpose to teach as well as to learn. Communicate with love as your guide. Be compassionate with yourself and you will gain wisdom for that is the soul's purpose. Give the gift of self to others.

If we were to be grateful for ourselves, what would we learn? A greater kindness toward others and acceptance of self. For not to love the being God created as you is to be in fear. To hide from truth. To be judgemental and devalue His creation.

To love is to allow healing. None of us are alone in this world. When we deny ourselves, we deny others, and rob them of our gift of self, of our contribution to life, and leave them with a sense of guilt, of unfulfillment. Let your mirror accept the grace to love.


So I forgot

Illusion formed my world.
It blocked out the light,
and hid away perfect love...
so I forgot and trudged along
through numbing days
one after another....
trying to remember
myself, and the realm of heaven


Thursday, December 10, 2015

In Oneness

Be aligned with love
relish its perfection
in oneness from above
there's no separation


Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Touch Me

The love I was waiting for
simply did not exist
until I allowed it to touch me


Tuesday, December 8, 2015

At the station

I took the express
all the way to nowhere
my baggage loaded
with doubts and fear
forgetting who I was
along my way
you'll find me now
standing at the station
with no one to greet me


Monday, December 7, 2015

Guide Us

There are angels who provide protection and influence quite beyond our consciousness. The angel's function is to impart charity and faith, to notice the direction in which the persons' delights turn, and to modify and bend those delights toward what is good, so far as they can do so in the person's freedom to choose. They are here to guide us. We are here to listen and grow.



Open your arms
come fly with me
through the moments
of many tomorrows
and all the yesterdays
love an awaiting


Sunday, December 6, 2015

From within

The voice of fear
whispers in the night
it knows not love
nor the words of comfort
it is only the light
that makes us feel safe
let that light shine
from within....


Saturday, December 5, 2015


The sunrise was hidden
blocked out of view
behind anger and fear,
resentment too
waiting to be forgiven
year after year
giving the devil his due
no dream came to fruition
my vision so unclear
until my faith was renewed


Friday, December 4, 2015

From fear to love

God knows who we are and what our needs are. He asks us to love unconditionally in return. That means without barriers or doors and hearts that are closed, for if they are we cannot receive all the blessings He bestows.

He has never left us, only guided us onto new paths. To worry is to obscure faith and trust with our human doubts. Blessings cannot be known until we are open to accept them. There are so many gifts He sends that we do not recognize at the time because we are stuck in the "what if" mode.

In God's world there are no what ifs, no "looking through a lens darkly". No negatives. When we honor life a little more each day we find ourselves living in a new world and we find ourselves different and new too, for we have an awareness of everything around us that before we were too blind to see, and we feel a oneness with the universe.

To transform ourselves into faithful followers we must constantly be closing the door on fear for it is an illusion that keeps cropping up to test us. The more of us that choose to live in the light of faith the brighter the world becomes.

Each time we choose to trust in God's love the more we honor ourselves and transform darkness into the light of fully living. Every time we remember we are God's children we honor His love and we transform our problems into new possibilities.

This message is not new. It has been said throughout the ages. All life is a chance to journey from fear to love. We only have to be ready to listen.


No Shadows

The light of revelation
let me walk its path
to see God in its brilliance
where no shadows exist


Thursday, December 3, 2015

Be in the moment

Life is a tool for learning. See the lessons and embrace them for the growth you acquire. Do not struggle with your life, it need not be difficult, God's blessings are always available. You need just ask, your Father, who loves you, for He will always provide.

He is the doorway to a new way of life, where fear does not reside, only infinite possibility, joy, abundance, and truthful existence. Be in the moment for therein lies God's promise for a new life. Be in awareness of His loving presence in all things.

The loving truth is that we are part of all-that-is, in the now. This is our personal power, the truth of living, and the result brings us into the light.

Be conscious in your seeking and the oneness of your acceptance, releasing all fear and doubt. Conscious acceptance leads to awakening, to the light, to the very now of existence. When we open our heart in acceptance we experience a great freedom, and we know we are safe in God's love.

When we are fully aware we are in harmony with our spirit. To be in harmony is to be at peace with yourself, with life, and with God. When we release the struggle we are open to receive and self-love, and worthiness, are some of the gifts.

When you realize, as a child of God, you've always been worthy of love, you can love yourself exactly as you are. We need but acknowledge His as our Father, and accept that He, in His infinite wisdom, created us in love.

Stop judging yourself, it is not your job. Only become aware and change will follow. God empowers us with His love when we choose Him, and make the choice to live consciously as His beloved child.

Release the illusion of expectation and "become" your higher self. It is not what you do, but who you are that counts. When you are yourself in truth, all else follows.


Out of darkness

Ignorance a dark corner
where fear breeds
spawning evil forces
Lord shine the light of truth
and show us the way
out of the darkness


Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Just for today

God gave you the blessings of today. It is the only today you will receive today. Look in wonder upon it. Notice the clear sky, the warmth of the sun, the call of the birds. The sights, sounds, smells, and beauty. Or if it's raining, walk in the dampness and imagine God's tears cleansing you of all your pain, sins, and disappointments, washing all that is negative from your spirit.

Be still and be in touch with the greatness that is creation. Be thankful for your todays, each and every one of them, and do not neglect to truly see them evolving. Do not rush blindly through them, but savor the gift of today.

The smell of a rose, the vibrant colors, the soft breeze. Be consciously aware of each action you do today. If you are cooking do it with love, aware of the nourishment you bring to yourself and others that you love.

Share words of kindness and generosity that you bless this day with only good thoughts, spoken or not. Believe that God created this day for you to enjoy and make each thing you do a blessing in return.

Be in touch with yourself and your spirit. Let your joy of life soar. Each ritual is new today, even if you performed it yesterday, it is new to today. The mail you receive or send is today's mail. Today is the day to affirm a new you, for each day we are created anew to choose how we will experience our life this day.

Give up worry and fear for this one day. Realize you can have all the blessings God has given for today. Know that you are right where you are meant to be today. Miracles can happen today. Do not settle for less than the best today. When we are aware, each and every day is a gift and a blessing.


Angels are near

Angels are messengers and send us signs that God is real and He cares. They may show up as a soft billowy cloud with wings spread and arms reaching or a soft voice in our ear telling us "everything will be okay" in times of trouble.

They guide us, protect us, and love us unconditionally. Ask your angel her name and you will know. Seek their guidance and they will show you the way. They carry prayers to heaven and messages to earth.

They are present at every birth. Include them in your daily life, in times of joy, and times of strife. They let us know we are never alone. They are visibly acknowledged in the media, on T.V. in shows of miracles and comfort, magazine articles, and magazines themselves are dedicated to spreading the word that "they exist".

In times when we hear repeated stories of violence, it is comforting to know they are here and always near. You may feel their loving arms protecting, comforting, loving, and be reassured. At times they take human form, give aid, and disappear.

They are an image of peace, a message of faith, a gift of healing. They serve us through the power of the Divine. You have yours and I have mine. No one is not blessed with an angel, although some choose to ignore their guidance and deny belief.

Others have been comforted by them in times of grief. They tell us God has not left us. That our loved ones are safe and at peace. They come to carry us home when it is time. There are many documented visitations in the bible down to present times in the media.

We are never lost, nothing is unendurable, all things are possible. Be at peace. The angels come to tell us, all will be well, God loves us, and through His angels He blesses us.



Forgetting is not the truth
the courage to remember is
nothing is lost of any value
so let's choose to remember
it's like choosing to love
the foundation of our history


Tuesday, December 1, 2015

In my silence

My divine teacher
let me choose wisely
in my silence
let me contemplate
the days to come
sustained by you
let my faith grow