Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Void of Despair

My blank stare
now all that's left
beyond recognition
confused, unaware
all I was I forget
each day a repetition
no legacy to bequest
just a void of despair



The impulse of creation
beats in constant rhythm
with the soul's freedom


Splendor and Glory

Sky and ground become one,
falling snow piles up all around,
reaching towards the heavens,
waiting to meet its maker,
just as I do in splendor and glory


Monday, June 29, 2015

A passing

This pleasure
a passing life
a burning flame
a nightmare
a consuming pain
passing strife
hidden treasures
here and there
my sweet refrain


Infinity Awaits

You are safe
infinity awaits
counting down
remaining days
until I touch


Thoughts at night

I have seen as many as six shooting stars in one night, one trailing a fiery tail for miles across the blackness of the night, like a comet in flight, and then disappear from view in the blink of an eye.

Sitting in peace in the total darkness, except for a wondrous abundance of stars, with music softly playing in the background is a form of meditation itself. You cannot help but reflect on the creator of all that is.

I wonder if there are others sitting in their own space, as am I, staring up at the heavens in awe just like me. It strikes me with awe, the beauty of the night sky winking back down on us mortals here on earth.

The night is almost silent, but if you listen carefully you'll hear subtle sounds. The snap of a twig, the rustle of bushes, bats calling to one another, and sometimes the howls of coyotes near or far. The echo of crickets surrounds me and I wonder if everyone, everywhere sat just for a minuet and looked at the stars if more thought would gravitate towards peace than conflict, towards love than prejudice, towards calm instead of fear.

Ultimately we all are the same to the stars, if they notice us at all, microscopic bits of dust in the vastness of the cosmos. But God knows who we are, our thoughts, our prayers, our desires, and our needs.

Just as He knows each star in the universe for we are both His handiwork. I am so grateful for this moment and the beauty on display for me. God led me to the mountains, and answered so many prayers. I now know peace and serenity, and the rhythm of life that is nature.


Sunday, June 28, 2015

The archer

Tonight the moon has risen, not gold but as white as the snow, accompanied by its sister star. They hang over the same mountain each night. I see the dippers and look for the archer among the billions of stars God created to light the night sky. A marvel we ignore.


Saturday, June 27, 2015

Winter Comes

This morning there is not one twinkling star to see, even though I am up very early, as there is a blanket of clouds and the soft fall of snow continues. Today, winter comes.

The quiet stillness is soothing. The sound of the snow plow breaks the silence a little, somewhere off in the distance, even at this hour, in the dark, and then the silence returns to enfold me.


Friday, June 26, 2015

Echoed imagination

The morning fog echoed in my imagination, seeming to hang over the bay as my eyes searched for the Golden Gate.


Thursday, June 25, 2015


There's a dragon at the gate
calling out my name
I run in humiliation
and cower alone in fear


Sacred Place

Each day is a miracle, a gift from God. A time to feed our soul, to greet mother earth, to commune with the trees and sky, the flowers and birds and all of nature, to restore our equilibrium. Even the bitter cold wind is God's gift of winter, accept it, breathe it in and be refreshed by it. Each season has its blessings, its beauty, its purpose.

Our hearts still open to the beauty around us, even in winter chill if we lift up our head to see the miracle of life all around us. When we are still, we can feel our place in the world, deep within the soul it speaks, and we know, that the world is a sacred place.


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Give and be

Be who you'll be
step through eternity
give in to love entirely
and be love completely


Encroaching Darkness

A sea of whos
faces I once knew
float by me
just lost memories
this encroaching darkness
so cold and heartless



To meditate is to be quiet and go within. It is a time to reflect and a time for gratitude. It is a time to slow down within ourselves so that we can reconnect with our spirit. It seems when times get hectic we tend to skip our quiet times, but this is precisely when we need them the most, to put us back on course, to pause and breathe slowly and become centered.

Then and only then can we continue with purpose instead of rushing around without a rudder, tossing about in the storm of the season's headlong hysteria. When we don't pause long enough we find that our spirit begins to cry out in angst.


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Spilling the truth

Wine keeps no secrets
nor drowns out the noise
hiding in the darkness
drop by painful drop
the truth is spilled


Nourish your soul

Find the love beyond
that puts fear to rest
and gives you wisdom
to truly live in peace
and nourish your soul



Be now
no past
no future
no shoulds
no shouldn'ts
exist again


Last Stand

In belief passes darkness
fear held briefly at bay
here we make our last stand


It hardly matters

The curtain falls
into the trapdoor
all seems to go
all my days before
your name too
I knew you I think
you could be anyone
son or daughter
stranger, neighbor
sadly, it hardly matters


In the storm

What is there in a storm
that moves me so? why
am I so much better
and stronger and more
certain of life while a storm
is passing? I do not know,
and yet I love a storm,
more, far more, than
anything in nature


Monday, June 22, 2015

Alone in peace

Distressed mind, forbear
to tease the hooded why,
that shape will not reply

From the warm chair
to the winds welter
flee, if storm's your shelter

But no, your needs must part,
fling him his release
on whose ungenerous heart
alone you are at peace


Sunday, June 21, 2015


We can choose not to fear by choosing trust. What has fear taught me? To let go and let God. To rely on the Lord for all my needs and to seek a greater spiritual knowledge through the teachings God puts in my path. Everything we experience is an opportunity to learn.

To be centered is to be without fear. When we honor our spirit, light replaces darkness, love conquers fear, and we acknowledge our soul's purpose. To choose a life of love is to leave the darkness of fear and doubt behind.

We are empowered when we choose to live in love. To honor truth is to transform our heart and remember our purpose. Truth is enlightenment. Be aware that you have chosen your path and you also can choose to walk it in light and truth.

God gave us the gifts of intuition and discernment to guide us. They are the doorway of the heart and keep us from losing our way. Trust in the wisdom that is the divine presence within. Let your mind be in the now, not worrying about with is in God's hands anyway.

The power of living fully is to be in the now of each moment in life. To live with an open heart and mind is to expand beyond existence, without limits, to follow the wisdom of the heart is to give yourself permission to live beyond human illusion.

Education is but a tool of greater knowing to become your highest self. Our true identity contains God as its essence. We are the centers of our world. Be fully present in it. All that has transpired in our lives is to bring us to this moment of truth and to acknowledge it and then to grow more fully through truth and love.


Saturday, June 20, 2015

Just Be

We are here for spiritual growth. That is our purpose. What path we take to achieve it, is our life. Let us be aware of what we experience and grow by it. No words are needed to express what we achieve and none are adequate.

Just be in the moment. Don't limit it by trying to explain it. Just be! Open you heart to each event to absorb it fully. To think an event is to already begin to create an event, as the mind has that power of spirit.

Make your thoughts positive ones and you will create positive experiences. All else is to live in fear. Truth is to live in accord with the divine will. Truth is eternal. It is an acknowledgement of the existence of the divine in our everyday lives.

It is living in unity with higher spirit in greater understanding and in full consciousness. Truth is an absence of conflict. It is a letting go of expectations and accepting a higher purpose to existence. There is no fear in truth. It is total freedom.

It allows you to just be and to accept the who that you are, a divine creation of God. Bring enjoyment to all that you do, for that is living in joy. God is the power in our life. He is within us and in all life for there is spirit within all things, and a divine order in everything that exists and in every event that happens.

In divine order, we are exactly where we're supposed to be, experiencing exactly what we are supposed to experience at this moment in our life. Be grateful for this God given event.

It is an unfolding of new experiences yet to come for all involved that will bring new awareness and blessings. Be in harmony with your inner self. For to be in harmony is to be at peace in spirit with God.


Friday, June 19, 2015

Another Incarnation

Release this incarnation
let memory take you
to where love has been
a guiding constellation
that fills your view
with enchanting dreams


Love connection

Love is our connection
that can't be broken
given, but not taken
our life and resurrection
my guiding Seraphim


peels away

This illusion
between now
and then
peels away
from the me
I used to be


Living in Joy

We hide from ourselves what we do not wish to see so that we do not have to address the issues. It is living in denial. There is no safety or love in denial, only confusion and inner turmoil and a sense of being lost in the world, out of control.

To be whole is to live in trust and truth, in full awareness, without illusion, but in concert with spirit. In this way we are free and can grow. To honor ourselves and others we need to recognize and love the truth of who we are.

This is peace and harmony and true living. It is a consciousness of our humanity and our spirituality as a oneness of self. We love not just the exterior of a person but their inner being. Honor yourself with as much love as you give to others.

Realize you are worthy of love. Explore the being that you are without judgement. Discover the varied aspects of self. We cannot be fully with another, asking them to complete us, we must heal ourselves first.

Journey within, without fear and find love. You are your own creation. Be in joy. When we ourselves are complete, only then, can we find a greater oneness with another. The greatest gift we can give another is our authentic self and allow them to be their own authentic self.

Honor the uniqueness of each other. Fear will not exist in an authentic, loving relationship for there is nothing to hide. There is no denial or illusion, only trust, truth, and full acceptance. The only reality is love.

Don't live on the edge of life, live fully. Be a mirror to others that they may see love as a reflection. Be open, be conscious, be real, not perfect, but authentic. Then you are truly living in joy.


Thursday, June 18, 2015


There is synchronicity and there is purpose. We may not always know the purpose of events or people God puts into our lives but recognize it as so. There are no coincidences or accidents. Did you think God would leave you abandoned?

He has give youn both the gifts of friendships and family. There is a message from Him in all you encounter, look for it and be thankful. Accept the new into your life and be open to it. Open your heart that you may receive, open your mind that you may learn, open your life that others may enter.

For in the strangers you have met you have encountered angels unaware, and sometimes, now, you are aware. When you ask He answers you. Before you even speak He knows your heart, but don't be afraid to ask for it is then that you are most open to receiving and that you release your desires into the universe that they may be heard, and felt, and answered.

You are learning. You know that the spiritual path is also a journey and you are becoming open to that. You understand and you trust that openness may also be in spaces, and freedom away from the crowdedness of the city or places of congestion.

For your spirit needs to see the mountains, the waters, rivers, and open land. Forests and wildlife, too. You are not meant to stay in congestive atmospheres. It is not where your spirit soars or your creativity flourishes.

You will see. There will be open spaces around you and everything within you, too, will open up and you will find a great spiritualness in seeing the beyond without buildings blocking your view. Your internal as well as external view are connected. Open, open, open, and it will!


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I see nothing

I see nothing at all
no past, no future
lost to the ghosts
calling me again
come see Eden fall
watch the Son suffer
here's the soul's outpost
where spirits ascend



oh, how I long to be
at rest, one
done wandering
where I come from
loved, reunited
with angels underwing


Realms of spirit

In realms of spirit
life is breathed
filling the heart
nourishing the soul
with beats of time
carried on light
giving wings to life



The Lord gives us great beauty in our lives and the joy of sharing. The days and events of our lives, large and small, making memories, passing along smiles, and just being with one another, all blessings beyond measure.


Tuesday, June 16, 2015


The Lord is with us every day and wants us to be the realization of the best we can be in this life. He loves us unconditionally, and wants us to be at peace, to harbor no ill will toward anyone, and to make ourselves an example of love.

Show love to those we encounter along life's way, treat everyone with kindness. Be your authentic self for that is who God created you to be. Feel the power of His love within you, blessing you. God is with you every step of the way in this life, and when you ask for His guidance He shows you how truly glorious life can be.

He opens your eyes to all the beauty around you, that you overlook nothing of the glory He created in every leaf, every flower, in the sound and feel of the wind, the warmth of the sun, and the bright blue of the sky.

He blesses you with love in family and friends. He gives us music that our spirits rejoice, and beautiful color that our lives are ever enriched, art that we may visualize life as seen through the eyes of all our possibilities and dreams.

He gives us the animals to remind us not to be afraid, to be calm and at peace, to be loving, courageous and brave. He gives us birds so we know what it is to soar and to flow with the currents of life.

To watch all nature is to learn and to find the truths of the meaning of all life. The world is still evolving, we must be careful to treat it with respect and harmony that it may continue to be a prosperous environment for future generations to come. Hold all this dear for all things and all peoples come from God.


Monday, June 15, 2015

The finding

Noble in purpose
in still meditation
the self is found


Love once more

Hear your heart
part the silence
push open tomorrow
rejoin your past
and love once more


My Now

Now I await peace descending
feel it invade my soul
happiness, never ending
one year of love
made whole
a time to repair my past hurts
a time to regain
to end the pain
to once more attain
my goal
I am a cup now filled
I have waited so long
taken time to think, to learn how
to lead, not follow
well filled, not hollow
let me hold it and enjoy it
this is my time, now
not to rush through it
my now is here
year after year


Sunday, June 14, 2015


timeless treasure
everywhere I hear my song
not just for this day,
but this whole year
this is the time
I have waited my whole lifelong
my life will turn
now to reap some joy and laughter
this is the year for which I yearn
I have paid well in dues
with yesteryear's tears
this year I earn


Saturday, June 13, 2015

Washed Away

Washed from the shore
the sands of days before
so many faces slipping away
more with each passing day
on this beach of emptiness
forgetting my only witness


Again in time

If you should go away
like an aging memory
erased from my mind
we'll meet again in time


Then and Now

Now is my time
I know how to listen
age has not walked on my soul
but opened the windows, and my eyes
breathing in freedom, reaching my goal
why did I wait for this year's treasure
because each year's the best that I have known
but this, this is the year
I celebrate, alone


Friday, June 12, 2015

A lone motorist

On the back roads of memory
with just a half a tank of gas
the thinning forest
and dying trees
a desert ahead of me
barren days of past
a lone motorist
time fading fast
until at last
I'm but an asterisk
who's been put to rest


Fear Nothing

The harsh light
a truth exposed
when we fear
nothing, anymore



The large green tree
was all I could see
no forest, no wood
just one large tree near where I stood
and looking the other way
just a mountain against the sky of grey
and up in the sky
a small plane is passing by
I looked all around where I could see
until my eyes again rested upon the tree

Beyond these things I could not see
they were all that surrounded me
I felt I could almost reach out
and touch them round about
and in their midst I seemed so small
like I was almost not there at all

Surely mountains and trees are tall
and a sky will encompass all
and even if I were tall as a tree
still the sky would cover me
and if I were a star overhead
still the sky would be my bed
but east to west create the part
that tears my soul so far apart
the sky not such a foreign land
I can almost touch it with my hand
and reaching out my fingers try
to entwine themselves in the sky

I touched upon infinity
and darkness engulfed me
the very air within my chest
became a weight upon my breast
other worlds undefined
took possession of my mind
and spinning round me very fast
my world became a looking glass
until expanding to behold
I saw the universe unfold
and time stopped all sound
as life passed worlds around
each day slipping before my eyes
each moon setting, each sun rise
and I had never felt so free
as when I became part of eternity


Thursday, June 11, 2015

Promise a Cemetery

My garden of memory
choked up with weeds
flowers hard to see
now the days recede
promise a cemetery
waiting just for me


Daze Evasive

Shapes without form
moving shadows
twist about my mind
other places
other times
now without name
familiar faces
just passing storms
tides ebb and flow
nothing is the same
my daze evasive


To begin again

She gives me hope and protection
my guiding angel
every ending another beginning
starting with the dawn
the light bringing opportunity
each day to begin again


A blind eye

The fires roar all night
and day
with body, soul and faith
we pray
as they pick our teeth and drag
our remains away
life here is hell, who wants to
live that way
who once believed in you, now
I say...
would a God in heaven, if there
were, turn his eyes away?


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Such a shame

I gave you a name
that I don't remember
are you friend or foe
son or daughter
such a shame
memories have to go


Not Alone

Love can't heal
the fading mind
nor help to find
the lost or forgotten
no, no, no
but it can make the day
easier, and dry a tear
and keep us from being....
not only lost, but alone


Were to was

I'm filling a void
you're forgetting
who you are....
fragments us two
lost and found
in moments
from were to was



Long ago
when all was one
before the planets
creation was eternal
bound by love
we were born
and given a garden
that we filled
with the weeds
of sin...


Somewhere Still

Chimneys rising dominate belching
people air
from dawn to dark, Oh God, ...
don't you care?
the unforgettable odor, endless
ashes drifting on the ground
so bare
particles of bone, of life, of skin
and hair
they once were people, now
just ashes there
I fear my faith will break, oh let
this pass
a God in heaven would not let
this torment last
I know soon I will awaken, it
was but a dream
but the dark nightmare enshrouds
my inward scream
I feel beyond hope, you have gone
but where?
where once belief lived only
emptiness is there
I weep in silence, my tears
are all gone too
desperation erodes my everyday
forgotten now by you
now I await encased in this
showered hell
through which gas breathes, my
face red, my bulging eyes swell
in blindness I search for you
somewhere still
screaming, nails clawing walls
my lungs exploding fill
traveling toward the road of
endless sleep
with each successive blow of
each heart beat
now who to pray, and to whom
and who will weep?
The fires roar all night
and day
with body, soul and faith
we pay
as they pick our teeth and drag
our remains away
life here is hell who wants to
live that way
who once believed in you, now
I say....
would a God in heaven, if there
was one, turn his eyes away?


Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Caught in a circle
end meeting beginning
all knowing
unlimited enlightenment
boundless love
waiting to start over


Embrace the beyond

The swinging doors
of death, waiting
for us to push
them open,
to step through
and embrace
the beyond
that calls out to us


Passes a lifetime

Passing between realms
vibrantly alive, growing
in this moment
passes a lifetime


Simply Friendship

Do not think
you must send me a valentine
because I send you one
we're not lovers
or roses for my birthday
it's not.... your day
or take me out
for a mother's day dinner
I'm not your mother
or worry about
what shall I buy her for Christmas
or other innumerable holidays
If all these considerations
to your pocketbook
are what's on your mind
to keep you away
our friendship
has just begun...
why do men worry about
such inconsequential things
when the important gift
is at hand
so they withhold
that most precious gift
themselves... their unique person
and another prospective friend
has been lost...
I only ask
that you hold out your hand
when I need one
listen when I talk
hold me close
when I feel alone
share a laugh with me
when I'm happy
a tear... when I'm sad
a crust of bread
a lick of your ice cream cone
a glass of wine
against the companionship
of candles and flickering fireplace
don't be afraid
to offer friendship
it costs nothing
and offers... so much


Monday, June 8, 2015

No Victory

There was no victory
when the battles ended
just two people left
picking up pieces
of love's carnage


Let love be

Let love be
where we
with no
or end


We belong

In the mystical moments
when we let go of all
and just are, we belong



We fade to nothing
no longer separate
nor clinging on
to what was
condemned to age
alone with no desire
for days or control
all that remains
is our reunion
with those who
passed before us
waiting now
in the house
of God...


When we collide

Caring is patience
holding its breath
in all the right places
of our lives....
It's a look, a word
It's allowing freedom
without fences
to protect what isn't ours
for each of us
belongs to ourselves
and a person pursuing
their own goals
is more interesting
so follow your star
and I'll follow mine
when our paths cross
the meeting
is a beautiful oasis...
there is no proper setting
when two planets
or two friends meet....
wherever it happens
is the best place
because they're together


Sunday, June 7, 2015

Your gift of friendship

What a precious gift
is your friendship
held out in open hands
patience is there
to see me through hardships
through all my emotional downs
understanding is given
in times of laughter
and times of tears
warmth surrounds me
when I feeling
lost and alone and cold
silence is shared
when we cannot
be bothered by words
substance is there
to fill the hungry need of me
expectations too
to bring out the best
I can possibly give
freedom is offered
so I never feel smothered
by you... my friend
acceptance you give
leaving me to be myself
comfortable with you
as your true self
and love is there too
always in your outstretched hand
and this I pray
will always be
that I can return to you
these gifts you give to me


Saturday, June 6, 2015

Never Again

The took them out to pondary
lined them in a ditch
and in the darkness of the night
the sound of guns made their pitch
they threw them in the wide, wide grave
and covered them with earth
their only sin to be born a Jew
a yellow star their badge of birth
now the wound of firing stopped
but the moan of pain lives on
2,000 more once alive
now they too are gone
and people living in the ghetto
know the rat tat tat may sound again
and 1,000 more still living
may join their brothers then


Friday, June 5, 2015

Know Thyself

Enlightenment is an expansion into the light of awareness, it is infinite! It erodes doubts and our denial of truth, and it strengthens our defenses. Allowing us to take off the blinders. And thus life becomes love that knows itself.


Why we're here

We come here to struggle with our humanness, to walk in the darkness seeking the enlightenment of spirit. We come here to journey to a more complete state of existence, of knowing, of acceptance. We come here to learn forgiveness not only of others but ourselves.

We come here to release the interior blocks that prevent us from attaining our full potential. We come here to learn to honor the spirit. We come here to learn and accept that we are all part of creation, a oneness with all-that-is.

We choose our lives and our lessons as part of our growth to completeness, and yet we have always been complete. That is part of the darkness, that not knowing. We ourselves create own lifetimes, dream our dreams, and nourish our souls, in love and faith. That's why we're here.


A ghost in decline

The pieces fall away
one or two at a time
my mirror of memory
reflection's castaway
a ghost in decline
losing the whole of me


Let it go

I was careless when
I tasted your lips then
you just turned to go
why didn't you tell me so?
I would not have touched the wine
let your lips thirst on mine
let love blossom within my chest
or your head nestle on my breast
you could have said let it go
instead of letting my love grow
perhaps you couldn't' say
maybe you wanted it that way
how beautiful my love had been
not dead then
and so a year or more ago
we touched
we breathed the same air
that wasn't much
I know
just a minute of time to share
for love to grow
whoever said time is fair?
if time passing eases pain
then let it pass and not stop again
only a remembrance nothing more
let a year pass or maybe ten
whatever it takes to close memory's door
and make me whole again


Thursday, June 4, 2015

Rainy Days

I can remember storms where lightening struck the car and I felt an adrenaline high, life was exciting and full, and rich, and I learned to feel rainy days were the best.


Were you?

A year ago, or yesterday
remembrance of an anniversary
no longer in my mind
was it good and beautiful
and were you - love - kind?


Wednesday, June 3, 2015


There's something about a rainy day - a sweet smell, a sense of peace and being refreshed. The world seems quieter somehow as you listen to the fall of water - earth bound. The plants perk up to receive the abundance heave offers.

It's a day to play some gentle music and write, to breathe in the moist air, to view the heavy clouds, swollen with God's blessings He rains down on us. I have always love the rain and at times have considered them "God's Tears".

Tears of cleansing and renewal. Tears of sorrow and joy. Tears of hope and forgiveness. Tears to take our sins away, and to bring forth a new day, a new chance, a new world of possibility. So, yes, let it rain these tears from heaven that they nourish our souls.


While I sleep

When will I ever learn to be
more joyous, outgoing, less timidity
years passing, I'm growing strong,
things go right, but not for long,
drawing sustenance from my faith
keeping my children warm and safe
now I'm waiting for love's sweet call
many lovers, not at all

I live my life, my deeds to do
waiting for love, but where are you?
Shall not these arms before the end
entwine with yours some time to spend?
or shall the years keep flowing by
barren of love until I die?
I search for one, strong and proud
have I passed him in the crowd?

Here I sit, my heart in grief
love came, but was too brief
I sunk my roots firm in the ground
but the tree rotted and came falling down
years have passed, hard roads I climb
waiting to return to a loving time,
for once more of love my lips to drink
and romantic thoughts my mind to think
my soul sighs and waits to turn
to teach my heart love to relearn

Time has not hardened my heart into wood
I remember love once and it was good
In time if love's dream I keep
I'll find you beside me while I sleep


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Silent Perfection

Me and the moon, up early or late, hard to decide. The cats stare, eyes wide, and share this moment of silent perfection, before the world awakens.


No streetcar

Seems too many people
now days
are interested in how many
people you screw
as if sex is a game
and they're the scorekeeper
musical beds
is not my idea of fun
climbing in and out
of the sack
with a countless number
of faceless bodies
there's no comfort in that
no salve to soothe the soul
I'm not a commodity
to be given away at random
to whomever
I care about me
and whom I share myself with
I'm not a streetcar
that anyone can jump on
nobody's going to make
that trip with me
unless I choose to
I like one to one
relationships... only


Monday, June 1, 2015


One shared night
is not a lifetime
a few hours to touch
are not forever
one winged heart
reaching a new height
two outstretched hands
may not deliver
the same message twice
might not repeat
the touch, the path
of your needed defeat

The rapport we felt
may only a single time
the heights of passion
may never again climb
the need we felt
might never again come
to these same two souls
once touched, struck dumb
by the possibilities of more
afraid, now numb
never able to repeat
the message they did before

Sometimes just once
we open the secret door
of unlocked hearts
and feelings we outpour
always afraid, bruised
and body sore
of being hurt and alone
as we were left before
now silenced or angry
rejected, lost. or more
whatever price it cost
not to be hurt
as we were once before

We close and lock forever
the feelings we would
like to outpour