Thursday, February 28, 2013

Let the world come to me

For hours I lie here
paralyzed with sadness
remembering the two of us
listening to the sea.

Why does there have to be
pain because of parting
when there was such a joy of starting
this creation of you and me?

So utterly exclusively private
there upon the beach
and all within our reach
our love did exist.

What women want is simple
a feeling of security,
a sun shadowed purity,
a feeling bliss.

Men are far less free
I mean sexually,
than women seem to be...

I've always had this feeling,
"let the world come to me".


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I look inside

I look inside
and find that life
has been good to me,
giving me the ability
to see where I have been
and where I am going...


The source of all

The more I grow
The more love I feel
The more love I have to share

At my source


The source of all



It all seems
and ridiculous...
That we two were
ever together...


Always ticking

The edge of the future
grows dull as spells fade
behind a clock always ticking


This death of loneliness

Each night as the dark clouds
of sleep overtake me
you  are my last thought
of the day.
Each morning
when a new day greets me again
you are the first thought
I begin each day with.
I relive each moment
of  our  times together,
though very few.
I cannot sit still too long
at any time
for then thoughts of you
take over my consciousness
and I miss you so
it's as though part of me
is gone...
this death of loneliness


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

No Tomorrows

I have no memories
for memories are to share
I  have no  love
for you are not here to give it to
I am cold inside
for there is no one to smile
warmth into me
I'm numb, non-feeling, dead
as if we never existed
a vanished memory


Monday, February 25, 2013

Beginnings End

When we first began....
suddenly my days were clearer
the sun shone brighter
because of love.
I could rest my eyes
gently on you....
when you were least aware
and feast of you....
whenever I dared.
You were loved as no one else
has ever been loved,
beyond all your foolish,
human faults.
I held nothing back from you.
It was a time of sunshine
and now the dark clouds are here
and I am so alone....
what happened
to our beginning?


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Something Funny

I have always found it difficult
to express myself in words
I  become tongue-tied...
One of the hardest things
is for me to  say "I love you"
I can express it
in so many  other ways
a rose for your desk,
a glass of tea to cool your thirst,
rub your back when it's sore,
to worry about you....
I can say "I love you"
with my eyes,
my touch,
and giving myself to you
and in my writing
God knows I've sent
enough "I love yous"
on paper
and just when I learned to speak it
with confidence
you parted from me
was it my voice, or
did I say something funny?


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Be in a state of peace

Peace is possible.  It is possible individually and collectively.  Prayer is a means to peace as is conscious living to be at one with the spirit in the energy of peace internally and externally.

To choose to release any negativity and to embrace the peace that God offers all who seek it.  Make your actions a reflection of peace without aggression or manipulation.

Take time to ground yourself, to meditate and seek a state of peace whenever you feel yourself becoming agitated for whatever reason.

Breathe slowly, feel a sense of calmness which starts within your solar plexus and moves slowly outward to your heart, your shoulders and neck, into your head, releasing the tension down your spine and into your extremities, until a sense of peace and relaxation restores your tranquility.  with practice it takes but a minute or two.

Say quietly within "let me be at peace" with who I am, in this situation, with another person.  Look to see how you can deal with things differently, in a peaceful manner and you will.

It is a choice we can make consciously when we choose to live in a state of awareness.  We always have a choice in our reactions and our interactions.

It takes less energy to be at peace than to be angry or agitated.  In fact, peace and the serenity it brings into our lives actually increases our energy.  We can feel the energy of light within as it grows and expands.

The energy of peace we put out to those around us and in our environment comes back to us multiplies in ever increasing increments.  The more we give, the more we have.

Seeking peace escalates our spiritual growth, and invites the Angels into our circle of energy where they assist us in seeking an ever more conscious spiritual way of being, of knowing and of living.

Peace is always possible, just seek it.


Friendship is a treasure

Blessed is he who not only enjoys the gift of friendship but the joy of being a friend.  Of giving not only his possessions and time but of his heart and spirit.

Friendship is one of the most worthwhile commodities, along with love, that we can possess.  It cannot be bought but must be earned.  It is a commitment of the heart to another.

It is an act of unselfishness and generosity that rewards us in return.  Friendship is not true friendship if it is one sided, although out of necessity at times one can be more in need than the other.

It is a seesaw effect and we should be there for each other through the difficult as well as the good times.  A friend makes time for the other.

A true friend truly wants to know what is going on in the life of the other because they truly care.  It is not just about them.

They cry with you in your sorrow and rejoice with you in your joy.  They do not judge but accept you just as you are.

A friend embraces your differences and doesn't try to change you.  They treasure you for all the things you are.  A friend is happy for you even when your goals take you miles apart, and they keep in touch.

Friendship is a warm fuzzy feeling.  It is reverent and respectful.  It allows for mistakes without abandonment. 

It is often patient and always kind.  It is sitting on the beach and saying nothing and being comfortable with it.  It is laughing at the same things and having private jokes.

Friends are there for the long haul no matter what.  It is a brotherhood and sisterhood of spirit.  At times it is closer than family.  It is not to be taken for granted but treasured for it brightens our life and our heart.

He who has a friend is rich indeed.


Life's seasons

The leaves of love fall from the tree,
each one a precious memory...
this is what the autumn of life brings,
fading glimpses of youthful springs...


Embrace the surprises

We must cut away from our life the old branches that no longer are a source of growth that we me sprout new beginnings in other areas.  We cling to what we know, even if  it no longer serves a purpose in fear of striking out in a new, as yet unfamiliar direction.

A new path.  We drag our heals in reluctance and keep pounding on a door  that is already closed to us because of relationship  that is over, an injury that prevents a continuation in a known field, a job market that no longer exists, or a change in a financial situation. 

We fail to recognize these circumstances as an opportunity God has given us to fulfill a destiny as yet unknown to us.

We need to stop dwelling on the ending and open our  eyes and hearts to the new beginning and see the joy that is a possibility to be gained in a new direction.

We need to embrace it as a new territory we have never explored with enthusiasm and wonder.  A change of attitude can make all the difference in the world whether we succeed or claim defeat before we even begin.

We must accept changes and sometimes limitations in order to open the window into  tomorrow and all the possibilities awaiting us there.

Until we take time to unwrap the gift we cannot know for sure what it contains.  Life is like that, just when we think we have it  all figured out we are given new surprises along the way.

It is how we deal with them that makes the difference.  We can refuse to move forward, and stagnate or we can welcome it and reap  the benefits.

It is impossible to know how something fits until we try it on.  This acceptance is called faith.  Trust that the Father has a plan for  you, because we cannot see it now does not  mean it is not there.

You are the explorer in your life and a new world awaits.


Friday, February 22, 2013

The digital looking glass

Blow loadly the bugle
for the digital looking glass
the new world by Google
the future has been recast
as the universe enters the pupil


Moments unsettled

As our memories unravel,
through the past we travel,
decaying moments unsettled....


as if

It's as if we never loved each other.
We both seem so different now,
pulled apart, separated, and alone.
Even your smile seems different.
Am I important to you,
or am I just another person
lost forever,
only a fading memory
in your mind?



I have no fear of rejection by you
for I am the only one who can
truly reject me.


The human spirit

The human spirit
is prey to the most
astounding impulses.
Man goes constantly
in fear of himself.
His erotic urges terrify him.
The saint turns from
the voluptuary in alarm;
she does not know that
his unknowledgeable passions
and her own are really one.


Going Away

I thought that by going away
I would keep you.
I would fill myself up
with your absence.
My legs would close
around the smell of you.
My tongue would probe
the rainy air
and the whole sky
would be your mouth.


Today's Intentions

Begin each day with thanks for the gift of this new day and all the surprises, secrets, and wonders it holds.  Be attentive to the rhyme of the day as it progresses and give ongoing gratitude for life's little blessings as they arrive.

To always be open and grateful is like hanging a welcome sign on your spirit that keeps you attracting more good fortune.  If you start your day with good intentions in mind that is what you  will be looking for instead of directing your attention toward all the  little negative mishaps that could be possible.

We draw towards us that which we expect to receive.  God's desire for us is to succeed, to enjoy the miracles of life, to be in joy and to provide all that we need and more.

He wants to fill our lives with blessings, just ask and be prepared to receive.  We are God's spirit in action.  Ask yourself how would He behave under our circumstances.

Be in the flow of life and not just a bystander.  Be generous  of heart and with your smiles for they help to brighten the day of those on the outside looking in.

Feel the power you have  to brighten the world a little with your kindness.  Acknowledge others.  We all appreciate recognition.

Give yourself permission to be authentic, unique, value the truth of who you are and others will  also.  There is no one like you in the whole world!

Give others the courtesy of realizing they are special too  and that God made them also.  It will make a difference in your interaction with everyone you meet.

We never meet anyone by accident, God put them in our path.  Our job is to realize to what purpose and to honor the encounter.

Often we gain knowledge from others or through an experience or interaction that they were part of, look for the lesson and be grateful, and if the encounter isn't always pleasant let it go.

Receive the message sent and release the rest.  Life is beautiful!


Thursday, February 21, 2013

At last

This lonely road
of dying dreams
leads me home


Prison Mask

If love cannot be resisted
is it then a treasure
or a prison made by
our desire for the pleasure
of one so craved physically
but more, much more
beloved for thyself... to be
thought of... as never done before
entrapping us in its grasp
a prison behind love's sweet mask


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

One Rotten Apple

The center of my world
remembers the time
we were
laying together
me hoarding each
precious moment
you building up your
fortress of manliness
tonguing me
with your raspy voice
but outside
I know it is not real
like a worm
inside the apple
it has been eaten away
I push away
all thoughts of you
it was a counterfeit feeling
that poisoned me
against the reality
of what could have been
all because of
one rotten apple
in the barrel


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pushing Forward

Standing at heaven's gate
I push forward without fear
some dreams just can't wait


Memory Contaminated

There was no
on my part
to love you
it just happened
Your smile
the sound of your voice
the picture of you
still exists within me
Each moment
we experienced
lives on in me
I don't know yet
whether it is an
untainted memory
or a contamination


Monday, February 18, 2013

The windows of my soul

You won my heart
to prove what?
That hearts have feelings?
The sunless days
are all grey now
The wind blows through
the shadow left of me
like and old tintype
faded in the sunlight
nothing that matters
has happened
Clouds hide
rain filled days and night
washing away
the windows of my soul
waiting for the sunlight
that you were...


Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Echo

My words echo back to me
from the chasm of the lonely
only time will set me free


Veiled in disguise

Morning light brings to aging eyes
a strange world I don't recognize
wrapped and veiled in disguise


Never without you

You really were
bad for me...
You created such
an emotional crisis
I had to learn
to live with...
but you were
the best of loves
You left more
I have asked
than I would
ever have
had you not
I think I have
grown considerably
I know what
it's really like
to love someone
I have felt more
this past year
for another being
as an interrelationship
than I ever have
and it was good...
So much of what I am
would never have
been... without you


Saturday, February 16, 2013

My Child

I covered you
with one bare arm
and tucked you all away
and kissed your cheek
there while you sleep
and waited for the day.



are like hungry kittens
forever following you
down the myriad streets
of eternity...


I don't know why

Why do certain things
touch me so...
the soft rains falling
the river's flow,
fresh smelling pine,
Christmas time,
a child's laugh,
my love's sweet touch,
the freedom of birds
gliding with such
grace and ease
wherever they please...
I feel alive in nature
the mountains, the sky
certain things touch me
I don't know why...


Before they fade away

I'm someone else today
chasing fleeting moments
before they fade away


I want to miss someone

I want to miss someone
but I don't know who
I want to miss someone
when love is through
I want to miss someone
and it isn't you...



Be not content
with merely
the knowledge
of all things
but rather seek
to understand



it's the candlelight
that makes
you seem so soft
it is the fog
that rises
in my eyes
as I sit
across from you
without words
to tell you
how I feel....


Close, then far away

I'm drifting
as an endless wave
close, then far away
only to return
close, then far away...
What would a wave be
without movement?
What would I be without change?


Things I would miss

I want my freedom
but I also want you.
Can I have both?
Are you different?
Will you give me new freedom to enjoy?
Those things I would miss if you were gone...


Not Ready

The world
is not ready
for translucent
in their
of life's
better yet
says today's
of the
battering against
the lights
of times,


What is

What is happiness,
do you know?
For I sometimes wonder,
is it hiking through a four inch snow
or sunning during summer?

What is love,
how do you show it,
how do you know it's real?
Is it something substantial you can see
or is it an emotion you just feel?

What words we say to one another?
I wish you happiness.
I love you brother.
Letters we put together to describe
a feeling locked deep inside!

Do these letters really say
all we want them to?
For nothing man has created
could tell how much I love you.


Friday, February 15, 2013

Winter in my heart

It's winter in my heart today
and I need someone
to  chip the  ice away.
The cold has  impaired its beat
and left it helpless
I need love's heat
to come and melt the snow
that's drifting in
as the blizzards blow.
The blood moves only slowly through
all my veins and arteries
and slowly, slowly,
they start to freeze.
Must you wait until I turn blue
and my heart is frozen through and through
before you come  to  chip the ice away
from the winter in my heart today?


Extraterrestrial Passerby

It came crashing down
a fiery ball from the sky
the world was astounded
by an extraterrestrial passerby
that suddenly hit the ground


A walk on the moon

Their footsteps left upon the sand
the eagle module close behind
the first man to walk upon the moon
what wonders will they find?

The excitement that fills their voice
in all the things they see
each and every rock may be
a tremendous discovery.

15 rocks were gathered by them
and some of the soft white sand
among other things they found
collected on the moon by man.

The raised our flag upon the ground
and cameras sent it back for us all to see
we pray they make it safely back
from the Sea of Tranquility.


Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Symphony of Living

There is music in all we do,
the symphony of living I call it.
A lullaby of the sky so blue
and the breeze helps us to time it.

The birds hear the song in the air
and sing the music of the earth.
Even the stars twinkle to the time
and the hyenas laugh with mirth.

Flowers wave to the beat of the breeze
as the symphony plays through the trees.
All of the creatures hear the music,
the butterflies, birds, and the bees.

No more beautiful music there is on earth,
you don't need a drum to play it.
The symphony of living for one and all,
all God's creatures say it.


My Ritches

God you have given me so much
to be thankful for
and if I live to be a hundred
I couldn't expect much more.

You have given me a good life
and a love of the things around
the taste of the air
the touch of the wind
the feel of the bountiful ground.

No greater gifts than these have I
and who could ask for more
than to share in God's good earth and sky
and have God himself to adore.


Wings of Truth Book

My short poetry book Wings of Truth is free for the next couple days on Amazon.  Happy Valentine's Day.


To be remembered

If you want to be remembered
to linger in a mind,
it takes more than outer beauty,
or so you'll find.

You have to contain an inner warmth,
an ability to care,
and a little bit of mystery,
a quality that's rare.

We must have a love for others,
a certain something others don't possess,
it must radiate a beautiful glow,
from inner happiness.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Give God's Grace Today

God works in and through us and we can succeed in accomplishing more in our life when we seek Divine assistance and guidance.  For He is the way and through Him all things can be accomplished and without Him we are butting our heads against a stone wall.

He smooths the path before us, aids us in ascending the steepest hills and transports us through the deepest waters.  All we need do is seek Him and He is there.

When we are too weary He will carry us until we have regained our strength.  We are never alone.  He has put Angels at our side to guard the comfort us through the daylight hours and into the night, a constant source of love.

There is no human love greater than God's love, not even that of a mother for her child, but when we seek Him in our relationships He enhances them and intensifies all the love we receive and also give.

We can see Him in the poorest of the poor, the elderly, lame, physically and mentally challenged.  Whatever our circumstances we are all children of God and He loves us equally.

Do a kindness each day, that the day will be blessed.  Ask how you can serve Him to bring joy to the lives of others.  This life is not just about us but what we are doing with the gift of life.

Give it greater meaning by bringing the Divine in to share it.  By recognizing Him in those around us.  By being generous of spirit.  It can be as simple as supplying food for a humming bird, opening a door for someone heavily laden, giving a smile to someone who needs it.

Reaching out in God's Name.  Let His light shine through you and brighten the world.  Pray for others as well as yourself for love and peace, joy and brotherhood that the world become a better place for all.



I know
our touching
toward each other
no longer exists
the time has past
but songs
the mention
of your name
still brings back
so much
of what I felt...
Why do I torture
by still loving you?


The Good Earth

Have you ever thought about how things grow,
how does a bud come up through snow?

How the tiny seeds you plant in the ground,
into flowers and food abound?

How can ground dormant in the winter bring,
such glowing beauties in the spring?

Only God these things could do,
to provide for me and you.


Tuesday, February 12, 2013


What is inspiration?  Some people think it's a muse, your own personal idea genie.  Mostly to me, it is a peaceful contemplation without conscious thought, a meditation on the wonder of nature; the flight of birds, the scent of a breeze, the subtle sense of flowers titillating the air about you.

A visualization of color everywhere; the blues of the sky, the sun-dappled greens of the plant life all around, the subtle nuances of light and shadow, the earth and the roots seeking.

It is an inactive awareness of all creation and the self a component of the energies everywhere.  It's an auditory opera of birds trilling, leaves rustling, air stirring or still.  It is opening myself to all the wonder of the world, a feeling of an expansion of the soul and mind, a becoming part of allness.

We all have it in us if we still ourselves enough to openness.  For it is only when we allow ourselves that space in our soul that inspiration can enter, take shape, grow, reform, blossom, and gradually become a particle, a spark, a dust mote in your subconsciousness.

An idea cannot ignite without that infinitesimal beginning, that seed, that grain that pollinates your thought processes.  You cannot strain and work at bettering your brain for it, only silence yourself and seek it in quiet appreciation and stillness of being.

Love all that is around you and send that rapturous joyful appreciation outward to the allness of the universe.  The gift when returned takes life in your spirit, pulsation in your blood carrying its own energy of creation, we are just a tool God uses.

Inspiration is a gift He gives us, use it well!  Let it guide you, do not try to force it, like a flower it slowly opens until the full bloom materializes, only then can we begin to become the brush, the pen, the sound created, owned by the inspiration, not the author, and in awe that we can create at all.  And always thank God and the Angels for they are the means to the creative journey.


Harmony with the past

Lynn's harmony with the past
came with forgetting the hard times
bringing her comfort, at last


To be a bird

Sometimes I wish I were a bird
with freedom to fly
spreading my wings on the breeze
taking to the sky

I would fly across the seas
and over the countryside
the currents of the air
carrying me far and wide

I wound find me a tree
and build a nest right there
and if I chose some spring day
I would fly away elsewhere

No house then would time me down
for I could fly on high
leave all my cares upon the ground
and not tell one how or why


Monday, February 11, 2013

The courage to say no

Sarah knew Bitsy couldn't be laid to rest until spring, after the snows had melted and the ground had thawed. Until then she'd remain wrapped in plastic in the back freezer.

Sarah hoped by then that Thelma would forget about getting another cat.

Kittens were cute and so full of life, but Sarah knew her mother was too old to take care of a pet.

She'd have to find the courage to say no.


This path of age

This path of age
is mine to fulfill
to grow and change
moving through life's
seasons with grace...


Discover the truth

Discover the truth
and watch dreams
blossom and grow

Discover the truth
set the world free
with creative flow



or live by default
and the world's yours
and give life meaning


Reins of Destiny

If you don't make your dreams come true,
then they're just lies you tell yourself...
We all hold the reins of our own destiny


Wings of Truth

My ebook Wings of Truth is now available on Amazon.


An oracle she was

An oracle she was
past, present, and future
united in vision
her songs calling
to the angels
that protect us


Time is a void

Time is a void
we fill with memories
that slowly slip away
leaving us void
once again...



I have no bearing
I have not name
one more anomaly
not the same

Unnumbered among
the crowd of many
unnoticed, left alone
to walk in my life
not love, not union
I can call my own

The ache in my groin
unquenchable in desire
for him who left me
long ago, buried in the mire

unravel my ends
the price has been paid
in pain and anguish
you'll find them frayed


Sunday, February 10, 2013

My friend in love

Love is also like a friendship
and there's no better friend then you
who else would listen to all my woes
my joys and plans too.


In many ways

How many ways can you love
I don't think anyone knows
for each year I love you more
and each day my love grows


Love's sweet mask

If love cannot be resisted
is it then a treasure
or a prison made by
our desire for the pleasure
of one so craved physically
but more, much more
beloved for thyself... to be
thought of... as never done before
entrapping us in its grasp
a prison behind love's sweet mask
freedom rides away
with the sorrow of our days


Saturday, February 9, 2013

Winter is coming

The leaves from the trees
come tumbling down
and settle softly
on the icy ground.

The rain sweeps gently
from the sky
and the earth in winter
does dormant lie.

The birds are quieter
somehow they know
soon will come
the soft white snow.

I will watch in wonder
all these things to see
and I will thank God for his treasure
this beauty just for me.


Remove the love

Cut open this host
that  is my heart...
and remove the malignancy
that is your love...
Destroy me if you must,
rather than let me corrode
with a love....
unanswered by you.


Friday, February 8, 2013


What do you call a beautiful thing?
A sweet youthful smile,
a flower in spring?

Do you find beauty anywhere?
In a blade of grass,
or the heavens beyond our stare?

Even words can have a glow.
How about the sight of newly fallen snow?

A bird's song has a beautiful sound,
oh, so many wonders all around.


An afternoon

I lay in the wet grass
the sun, like an unearthly
substance, shining down upon me
making me part of all the
earth, part of the grass,
the bushes, trees, all nature
one with me, watching the
clouds overhead, watching
evening descend upon everything


Thursday, February 7, 2013

Force of love

I have loved you as not other
has ever been loved and as
I shall love you always...
beyond the end of my days.
I feel as though one abandoned
in the desert... with nothing
to nourish me... but love itself.
I will not turn against you
even though my heart cries
out its desertion... there is
no power on this earth that
can put out the force of my
love... it is eternal.


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A murder of crows

May a murder of crows
carry our souls
anywhere the wind blows


Finding Demons

I fell into your eyes
seeking truth in promises
only to find
demons that held me captive


Two sides of myself

I have two books upon my self
one of dreams
one of redemption
two sides of myself
in a quest for salvation
so it seems....


The road of destiny

Today I gave my dreams a voice,
and listened to their haunting melody,
reminded of every difficult choice
made along the road of destiny


My sleep world

At night the clear sterility
of the day
turns into happy times
when I play
out all my dream fantasies
of you
and in my sleep world
they all come true


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Feeding Doubts

The more I fed my doubts,
the bigger they grew,
until I couldn't see over them...


Let the parasite out

What I did desire
is engraved now in my mind
the most enormous
mistake I ever led myself into
its roots now sunk deep
into the bloodstream of me
growing, forming
through the complexes I am...
eating its way through
tenacious in its wants
reaching into my heart
the transformation
almost complete now
a sacrifice to love
the scalpel ready
to complete the surgery
and let the parasite out
to feed elsewhere
leaving the fatality...


Monday, February 4, 2013

Time and Faith

Given enough time,
and a lot of faith,
dreams can come true


You've watched over me

I walk this road
back to you
in humble gratitude
for the years
you've watched
over me...


Turn the blade

am I angry
that I am woman
and unable to take advantage
as men can
to strike back
hit them once in the balls
below the belt
don't pull punches
I am sick of myself
for the need I feel
they degrade us with sex
using love
to turn the knife blade
sink it in deeper... baby


Sunday, February 3, 2013

Peacefulness of truth

We give them voice

We give them control

Shame and rejection
given power from within

True freedom comes from
learning to let go...

and to live in the peacefulness
of the truth...


Purpose found

In the center
where the univserse
comes together
we stop becoming
all things together
are seen as being
it's purpose



The badderlocks
are served for dinner
dredged up from the deep
sucked out of the ocean depths
I sulk over dinner
this isn't fillet mignon
it's not even lobster
couldn't they bring that up instead
they used my poems for bait
and this is all they caught
I never did
learn how to write
for my dinner
I bake my books
and eat the pages for supper
and wash it down with
ice water... salted
chilled ocean
my tongue swells
I prepare balm
of badderlocks
and am cured...


Saturday, February 2, 2013

Guide me in truth

perched upon my shoulder,
my angel of light,
guide me in truth


Letting go, I'm free

Divine consciousness
forever expressing its true nature
my only responsibility
is to be aware of this truth
letting go, I'm free


Void of dreams

If just for a moment,
to put the numbers aside,
the dollars we chase,
the void of our dreams filled


Gather what I may

The earth wears no peril
more than what was there
for treachery lives only
in the hearts of men
I am filled with hunger
for the world's beauty
and an urgency
to gather what I may
it is an artistic gift
humans cannot recreate
it was touched with love
color, shape, change
and birth
are its legacies
I am thankful
for its visual enjoyment
the only thing
that defames it
is man...


Friday, February 1, 2013

Growth unnoticed

I'm not quite
as certain of
my uncertainties.

I am beginning to
doubt my doubts.

And I'm having
second thoughts
about my
second thoughts.

I appreciate solitude.
I romanticize it sometimes.

Some growth has taken place
I'm kept myself
too busy to
really notice.