Saturday, December 31, 2016

As the birds sing

Let us be aware of the world around us. Let us open our eyes to the beauty of the world God has given us. Let our hearts ring with joy as do the birds. May we always praise the Lord in gratitude each day, for hasn't He given to us abundantly?


Friday, December 30, 2016

Smelling Roses

I feel almost as if I have been sleeping through life unawares and have finally awakened to the God-given glory around me. Taking time to smell the flowers is now a reality instead of a saying. I not only take the time to smell them but to tend them and in awareness make them part of my life as is all nature around me.


Thursday, December 29, 2016

Make it so

The light of truth came to me in a dream. The light was the most glorious blue sent out in love from the heavens, radiating blessings, and I forgot my troubles and tensions, and just breathed in the light.

I felt the presence of Mary, who I beseeched to pray for the peace of the world so that all people may know love, and peace. She reached out and touched me gently, saying that we can make it so.


The Change

Where did the joy of discovery go? When did life become a chore and beauty cease to exist? There is no security without faith. There is no joy without loving life itself. There is no peace without prayer. There is no contentment without the journey within.

There is no love without giving of oneself. There is no abundance without trust and right living. First, we must slow down and reexamine our existence and goals. Take time for gratitude for the many blessings we have.

Stop searching for possessions to fill our inner needs. Take time to smell the roses, gardenias, pansies, and the rest of life. To clearly see without hurrying past the beauty around us. Start each day in gratitude and prayer for the gifts already bestowed on all of us. Pray for peace and guidance and to be open for the change that comes with faith.


Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Become One

Greet nature and become one. As the flowers and all nature, just be, without thought, without constant movement, close your eyes if you wish and just be, for a time. Find yourself, in meditation.


We limit ourselves

Let us speak of fear today. We fear the unknown and for that reason we toil in drudgery and unhappiness through our lives instead of seeking the true path of enlightenment. We feel safe in the known even though we are unhappy with it.

We lack trust in the Lord and a sense of adventure. We are convinced by a steady income, though often meager, that there is nothing better out there and we should be grateful to a job. Therefore in our negativity, we ourselves limit the abundance in our lives.

For that kind of thinking is lack. Lack of happiness, lack of trust in ourselves and our right purpose, lack of joy in doing our life's work, lack of right thinking, lack of faith in the Almighty. This will never bring us abundance. Remember that the spirit within is limitless.


Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Be grateful for the gifts from God, for hasn't He blessed you? We are all blessed as children of the creator, made in His likeness so that He may experience the joys and wonders of the life we've been given along with us.


He's the way

Follow your path. Do not forget to be aware of your surroundings along the way, the sky and clouds, the trees and bushes, the grass and berries, the flowers and new growth, the sunlight and shadows, the silence and sounds, the wind and the rustling, all of it is part of your journey.

We don't get from here to there without traveling the path through life. We cannot neglect to do this or we will not evolve spiritually. It is in God's plan. We cannot know where it will lead us, we can only enjoy the journey, the discoveries, the beauty, and the hardships, for this is life and He is the way.


Monday, December 26, 2016


Let us hear the joyfulness in nature's song. Let us follow the light into the promise of peace. Only reach out with your heart and follow in love. For within each of us resides God. Seek and you will find.

Knock and the door will be opened to you. Look inward rather than outward and you will find all that you seek. This is what we've been promised.


Sunday, December 25, 2016

Light of the soul

When our minds and hearts connect in love and peace we have the power to overcome all hatred, all bigotry, all war, all animosity, all darkness, for God alonge is the light of the world. In Him is the peace, love, and abundance we seek.

First we must open our hearts and see God in every man, woman, and child, for we are all created in the image of God and withing eace of us He resides. Let us release the blindness of animosity and see with the light of the soul and the love within,


Saturday, December 24, 2016

Our all knowing

God is the light of the world. In unitiy we can change the world! Without God in our lives we are as nothing. Together with God we can do all things for He is our strength, our all knowing, our salvation.


Friday, December 23, 2016

Let us love

Love erases pain, love is forgiveness, love conquers sorrow, love reaches out, love shares, love acknowledges everyone, love is the most powerful force in the universe. Love cares, love takes time to just be, love is a blessing, and love blesses.

The opposite of love is corruption, be not corrupt in yourselves, but let your hearts be open so that love can enter. Give all you can of love for it will be replenished. There can only be peace when love is a commodity we share lovingly with open hearts and hands and minds.

For whoever is not a brother to you, you are guilty of not loving, for all were created as one by the almighty. Reach out and offer love and you will find a common bond, love. Do not turn away with an excuse of unworthiness for God loves all and so must we. Through love come all things. Let us love.


Thursday, December 22, 2016

Take time to love

Take time to love, take time to be love, for when we ourselves are love then only love do we give. Love everything and everyone, love the earth and all things above and below. If we strive to feel and be only love then hate cannot exist within us. Love is our gift from God.


Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Find Peace

In meditation, we go into the silence within. Inward, we learn to see, and from within we're guided in our outward world. Life is full of abundance that we've been so blind to. Meditation clears our eyes, frees our mind, and the gift of life becomes clear. Truths are made visible. This is the way God reveals them to us, when we're still, when we listen we can hear, when we look we can see, when we love we find peace.


Clearing the way

Love abounds when you nourish it. So, love everything, even the hard times, for through them we grow and evolve. They're not to be treated as tests to be gone through, but as steps on our path, which by nature isn't meant to be a smooth highway. Our way is cleared as we make our journey.


Tuesday, December 20, 2016

In Awareness

Pray for everyone, pray for those who cannot pray for themselves, pray for the lost souls, pray for peace and abundance. God hears our prayers and knows our hearts and answers us. See the answers in life all around us.

Listen and hear, it is speaking to us in nature, this too is the voice and vision of the absolute. All of this is a gift, care for it. Be aware of the life all around us, and in our universe.

Peace is possible if we attain it in every heart. Go in peace and reach out in peace and love in peace and we will find the light of peace in each of us. The light grows stronger in our awareness as we make others aware.

The angels are messengers of this light and speak to our souls. Each day we need to listen more carefully, letting the awareness enter our lives. Thus we will learn to hear and know of God's message, in awareness.


Message of Love

Send the message of peace with God's guidance, there are those who will listen. There are many in the world who are searching for a better, more loving way. The angels are all around that the message of love for all may be spoken and received. Speak and be heard.


Monday, December 19, 2016

Hidden Blessings

If we look at each event in our lives as a hidden blessing and thank God we will be enlightened. For enlightenment is to see God in all things and purpose in each new day.


Poured Out

No doors are ever closed to you that new doors do not open in their place. When a path ends, a new and better path begins. It is right to take the time to meditate, to pray for peace. United in one voice across the world the energy of love and peace is poured out into the universe.


Sunday, December 18, 2016

Let it become

So if in consciousness we all spend time each day concentrating on more important matters such as universal peace than our petty worries, do not think it useless for many thoughts are interconnected and thus have more energy, we might actually see them become reality.


Saturday, December 17, 2016


This is the here and now, don't let it pass unnoticed. See the world around you as it really is. The reflection itself is a prayer, the going inside oneself to expand awareness. In the vastness of God's creation man's petty worries are like a raindrop amidst a storm, seemingly insignificant, but no less important than the whole. Know this.


Friday, December 16, 2016

Dignity and Respect

Be aware that the eye of the Lord is always upon us and He blesses us abundantly with all goodness. All He asks of us is to love, love everything and everybody as you yourself wish to be loved. Hold back nothing of your love, but reach out to others in your heart. Treat others with respect for each of us deserves dignity, and you will be respected in return.


Thursday, December 15, 2016


Life may seem overwhelming but is not if we but put our trust in the Lord. This is life! It would be dull indeed without events, if each day were the same without surprise, without shadow and sunlight, breeze and stillness, storms and calm, laughter and tears, failure and triumph, glorious is life.

Be thankful for all of it and for the growth you acquire through experience. The path can be rocky indeed, and the climb steep, but the view is extraordinarily breathtaking. Sing and shout and dance and be glad for your life.


A resting place

Take time to be peaceful and serene and to quiet your mind and to seek God, for it is food for the soul. Put aside your worries and troubles and go within, in meditation, there you will find your resting place, a place of complete peace.


Truly Live

The Divine consciousness that I am a part of is forever expressing its truth in nature. Being aware of this is what I've learned, and in doing so, I can let go, and let God. Thus truly live in faith.


Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Soul Food

True love suffocates the negative by enfolding it in joy and wonder. Our eyes see only the beauty in God's light and the darkness has no hold over us. When we love, each day is a blessing, a new birth, a gift, a wondrous delight full of surprise and new found hope.

This is the day that God has made. Let us be thankful for each new day. Start each day with gratitude and a thankfulness, for its blessings, for with this attitude we look toward the goodness we encounter and neglect to seek out any faults we may find, but let them pass by unnoticed, giving them no energy to have the power of existence in our lives.

Thus, we allow only good to take root and therefore we give abundance to our life. For abundant living starts with love. Love generates peace, peace unleashes hope, and hope becomes nourishment for our soul.


Aging Silence

True presence
a rare occurrence
that visits me
enfolding enlightenment
filled with answers
that I still ponder
in aging silence


Tuesday, December 13, 2016


To feel at peace, deeply, within, is the greatest gift one can know and it can only come from faith. Faith that our heavenly Father loves us totally, faith in ourselves and our endeavors, faith in the right outcome through our trials and tribulations, by putting our trust in the Lord.


No Doubt

I keep my mind and thoughts off this world and instead, place my focus on God within. I acknowledge His inner presence as the only guidance I need in my life, as the substance of all things. I place my faith in this and move on my journey through life.

Yet, some days I just don't seem to feel as focused as others, as if I suffer from a weariness of heart and mind, and my concentration is dim. It is not a lack of love I am feeling or a hopelessness, but I feel lost in a fog world, and am unable to find the light in the clearing.

I guess it must be a bit of melancholy and lack of purpose. I know that God is with me and these days of unclarity are gifts too. May the winds clear my mind of the cloudiness within and bring clarity to my mind's eye.

Sometimes the news should not be heard as it makes oneself wrought with sorrow for our world and the children as they are so vulnerable to the evils that stalk the shadow world. It is despairing that ones so young are contributing to such violence.

We need more prayer against the darkness, for evil is a reality. May the angels be with us and strengthen our faith. May God dwell within every home. May the confused be drawn to the light which is the Lord.

Saint Michael, you who have battled the darkness before come to our aid against the evil forces that are rampant among us. Strengthen our resolve. Saint Gabriel carry our prayers to the Almighty for in truth he already knows our hearts, of this I have no doubt.


Monday, December 12, 2016

Road to Change

Truth is the road to change. Truth is what we should seek. We must fully acknowledge this higher seeking, and be not afraid, but instead, put ourselves in the hands of the Father. We have always been part of His great plans.

We've been too busy to realize this. Our lives filled with trivia, too distracted to truly listen. Oh, but the world becomes so much grander when we take the time to truly see and feel and love.

Love who you are at the moment and the whole universe opens up to possibilities we never imagined. Life itself is a miracle, and blessing, a continuous evolution, so too are we, if we but engage in our own lives.

To remain stagnant and unchanging is a loss of life fully lived, a life without accomplishment. Life is full of surprises and challenges, of new birth and beginnings, of cycles and seasons, of warmth and rain, of storms and calm.

So too is our life evolving, changing, and growing. We must not seek just the storms of busyness, but the calm of replenishing our souls, of listening to nature, of seeking inner peace.

For it is in these times of silence that we find our answers we are seeking. That we can see a new path of enlightenment, of love and peace, and enrichment that we never dreamed possible.

We are an integral part of this universe, prayer has power, and so does silence, and seeking within them is a new birth for our spirit, our journey, our soul.


Time to listen

We can change. Prayer is essential to make it so, and an opening of the mind, heart, and soul that we may alter our journey and seek a new road.  We must quiet our thoughts and take time for silence that we may gain knowledge for we cannot hear if we do not take time to listen.


Know and Believe

Be still and become
in silence all is one
calm in the chaos
here lies wisdom
here there's peace
it's waiting for us
know and believe


Sunday, December 11, 2016


The flower's heart
is waiting for me to see
all of the  many parts
that caused it to be
clouds and sunshine
altered photochemically
minerals, earth, and time
all combine botanically
to make this beauty mine
if but only momentarily


Saturday, December 10, 2016

Seek Remembrance

All things are a blessing, see them as such and cast your worries aside. The Lord knows what is in your heart and soul. Seek the remembrance of soulfulness and you'll set yourself free.


Friday, December 9, 2016

Share this gift

Let the world speak to you and through you, may you bless the Lord in all you do.
May you extend God's blessings to all you meet and take joy in your life. Share this gift you've been given.


Thursday, December 8, 2016

Quiet Days

Some days are meant for quiet contemplation and renewal. For a quiet going inward, a restfulness. This replenishes our soul, this quiet seeking. The angels know we need a time of rest and watch over us, calm us, bring a peacefulness and serenity in these times.

Take advantage of these days to listen when your body and soul says that rest is important. These are the messages of our inner needs. We must be in rhythm with our true selves for that is part of the cycle of life.



The desire for privacy is not a precious adolescent attitude or want, but an essential element that nurtures and protects us. It is okay to create and cherish privacy.

This means you can have private thoughts that no one else ever needs to know about, and private feelings you want to keep inside. Even if you want to have a private lifestyle that you share with only a few people, this is all okay.

I realize it is okay to be a private person. I give myself permission to choose who to share things with and when. Some people, having no privacy when they were growing up go to extremes with their privacy when the are adults and become secluded, almost hermits or don't know how to create their own privacy or don't think it is okay to create it.

We can create whatever level of privacy we feel appropriate in our own lives without shutting people out. We can have friends without sharing every personal thought we own or have. There are different levels of friendship or relationships, each unique, and what we choose to share with each person will be as individual as the person or relationship, it is our choice.

If you want to keep things from people, this is your right, you are not violating anyone's right to know unless the relationship is such as to violate their health or rights. There are no rules in the world that say in order to be a good friend and a good person you have to be totally open to every aspect of your life, exposed like an x-ray to everyone who comes along.

Creativity is a perfect example of expressing private thoughts. You can create a picture that has special meaning to you and no one needs to know. What others get out of your art is their own interpretation, you needn't explain every symbol or nuance.

You can write your feelings in your own private journal, using code if you choose and share only what and if you decide to and with whom. You can share your private thoughts with your angels, the gatekeepers of your soul, who desire your highest good and never tell secrets.

You are the judge of what a person needs to know and if they ask a question, and you choose not to answer, you have a right not to share, to deflect their inquiry or simply to state "I don't feel comfortable discussing that."

Ask the angels to help you, they can actually create a barrier to protect your privacy, for they shield us in many ways and respect our inner self. This day and age of sharing everything works against us and we need to fight against this trend. Privacy is sacred.


Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Empower the truth

How has it been growing up with such an unconventional mother? I have always fostered personal freedom of expression for myself, my friends, and my children. To reflect our true inner selves, to discover new insights, to live our creativity, and not be afraid of expressing who we are.

I know some people feel threatened by differences, better known as diversity. I know some people think that those of us who believe in angels (better said: "know" there are angels) are unconventional because of our belief and knowledge in the supernatural.

I gave up the idea of popularity a long time ago and get more satisfaction out of "liking myself" and "self-love". If you're not truly yourself people won't like you anyway. Fortunately, I find myself an abundance of good friends, so I am doubly blessed. I get to be myself and I am liked by others for it.

I don't think I'll ever be bound by customs or conventions that are not my own. Expectations and belief are the sculptors of reality (our reality). Whatever we expect will be our experience. If we expect recovery to be hard, painful, and lifelong, that is what life will give us.

But I learned in childhood we create our own truths, and oftentimes, they are completely contrary to doctor's opinions and general knowledge. I was taught to silence expectations and to go on and do what you have to do.

When the doctors told my father he would never walk or work again he never accepted that as "his" reality, and therefore it wasn't. The doctors were amazed, but he wasn't. He could never have visualized himself as less than whole and productive.

We can never let other people's expectations trap or bind us. We create our own truths and the mind is a very powerful commodity. The bottom line is to be true to ourselves. Logic is just a process of thinking, trying to encapsulate life with mental limits.

I don't really believe there are any, we are our own truths and perceptions. I refuse to live down to anyone's expectations. When you cease expecting you gain all things.Don't explain, don't accept others' imposed beliefs.

There is no such thing as should. Go ahead and do the unexpected and expect the unexpected. Express yourself. Abundance is another reality we create in our mind. Abundance is, we just need to release the negative thoughts so that we can empower the truth of its existence, and thus live abundantly free.


Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Quiet Time

No matter what your life, or work, or schedule, always take time for gratitude and for God. For all gifts flow from the Lord and each day is a blessing He gives to us. Do not make your lives so complicated that you do not leave time for self and moments of peace, for these periods of quiet are as refreshment to the soul, needed as much, if not more than nourishment.

Life should not be rushed that at the end we wonder what happened to it. Life should be lived in the moment, each part of it counting, in full knowledge and awareness. Then we can truly say, this is life and it is good, and give thanks for the abundance we received.


Becoming One

Mindfully aware
there's no fear
nor a sound
in stillness
time stops
all becomes one


Monday, December 5, 2016

Soul Free

Harbor no ill feeling to corrode the peace within. Let them go as if on butterfly wings, releasing any ill feeling before it can take root, so that only love abound in your spirit and your soul remains free.


Sunday, December 4, 2016

A better place

Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me. For we are each in ourselves the keepers of peace, in our thoughts, our souls, our minds, and in our hearts. If we are mindful of peace than peace and love we give to the world, and it becomes a better place.


Saturday, December 3, 2016

No Sunflowers

I see no sunflowers
yet know they exist
waiting in the spring
that is yet to come
just like a reunion
with those I love


Friday, December 2, 2016

Never Alone

I am blessed to know God, with Him my heart is at peace. Lead me to life's purpose, make the road visible, guide me in my journey. We are never alone with God, even in our fading days of aging solitude, He's always there with us.


Finding Patience

Through my consciousness of my God-Self, the Christ within, as my source, I draw into my mind and feeling that nature is the very substance of the Lord's spirit. This substance is my supply, thus my consciousness of the presence of God within me, and all around me in beauty and wonder.

Thus, we must learn patience and in order to do this we must slow ourselves and our minds to be fully aware in every moment of every day. To be connected, plugged in, to nature, to the universe.

To be a participant, as well as an observer, active in our own lives. To not give time away unnoticed. To be aware of cause and effect in our lives and to remember to pause when we are rushing inattentively.

Patience is a conscious gratitude for the gifts we are blessed with each day in abundance. We forget to take the time to open our eyes to nature and the beauty around us. Instead, we are always rushing and hurrying to somewhere else.

Patience is actively listening to our inner selves, to others, to the sights and sounds around us, to be alive in each moment. Even the birds lose their fear and come up close to you when you sit quietly in patience. You become a part of their world in acceptance.

What is the hurry man feels to rush through his life for to rush is not to feel or experience or appreciate, only to live blindly in the moment? Yes, there are things to accomplish, but be aware of what you are accomplishing by actively doing one thing at a time, in full awareness.

And when you pause, relax your breathing, open your eyes, silence the mind's racing and take notice of the world around you. Do not shut yourself away in dark rooms mesmerized by television, but blend with the world, the mind cannot expand in this environment or atmosphere.

Where is life but all around you? To find patience you must go within and quiet the racing mind to find the soul. Ask the angels to help you, listen to soothing music or seek nature and listen to the gentle waters, soft breezes, whispering grasses.

Hear the frogs and the crickets, the rustle of unseen animals in the bushes and listen to the silence and the peace and there you will find patience.

How can we find our path, our purpose if we never find the time to slow down and notice it but rush right by instead? We are so hypnotized by the toys we created, we are not even aware of the beautiful world we live in. Patience is turning off and tuning in.


Thursday, December 1, 2016

The gift

I am conscious of the inner presence as my lavish abundance. I am aware of the constant activity of the mind of infinite possibility. Together we walk in the light of truth.

If you listen you will hear God as He is present in all things, in all nature, in all souls, in everything imaginable. See Him soar on the wings of birds, see Him caress the earth with water lapping, see Him tumble over the rocks in a spring river, see His majesty in the blue of the sky.

Wherever you seek Him, He is there, cannot you see that in the magnificence around you? Go inward and there too shall you find Him, in the heart, in the mind, in the soul. He dwells within us all.

Look to your brothers and see His reflection. Reach out to one another in peace and love as He has commanded, for when we seek His gifts we will find them.

Not in deep caves, hiding the treasures of worthlessness, but in the light, along the path, in every pebble at our feet. This is the gift of God in all its abundance.

Its glory is for all who seek. There is no one richer than he who is loved by friends and is surrounded by family. That is true wealth. He who can look at nature in wonder and joy is truly blessed for he sees God in every blade of grass and knows the wonder.

Let the peace of the Lord fill your heart and you will never hunger for you will be feasting on His glory. There is no greater gift than inner peace for he who has that has God in his soul. May the spirit of the Lord satisfy us and open our eyes to what we already possess, the gift of God's love.