Saturday, December 31, 2016

As the birds sing

Let us be aware of the world around us. Let us open our eyes to the beauty of the world God has given us. Let our hearts ring with joy as do the birds. May we always praise the Lord in gratitude each day, for hasn't He given to us abundantly?


Friday, December 30, 2016

Smelling Roses

I feel almost as if I have been sleeping through life unawares and have finally awakened to the God-given glory around me. Taking time to smell the flowers is now a reality instead of a saying. I not only take the time to smell them but to tend them and in awareness make them part of my life as is all nature around me.


Thursday, December 29, 2016

Make it so

The light of truth came to me in a dream. The light was the most glorious blue sent out in love from the heavens, radiating blessings, and I forgot my troubles and tensions, and just breathed in the light.

I felt the presence of Mary, who I beseeched to pray for the peace of the world so that all people may know love, and peace. She reached out and touched me gently, saying that we can make it so.


The Change

Where did the joy of discovery go? When did life become a chore and beauty cease to exist? There is no security without faith. There is no joy without loving life itself. There is no peace without prayer. There is no contentment without the journey within.

There is no love without giving of oneself. There is no abundance without trust and right living. First, we must slow down and reexamine our existence and goals. Take time for gratitude for the many blessings we have.

Stop searching for possessions to fill our inner needs. Take time to smell the roses, gardenias, pansies, and the rest of life. To clearly see without hurrying past the beauty around us. Start each day in gratitude and prayer for the gifts already bestowed on all of us. Pray for peace and guidance and to be open for the change that comes with faith.


Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Become One

Greet nature and become one. As the flowers and all nature, just be, without thought, without constant movement, close your eyes if you wish and just be, for a time. Find yourself, in meditation.


We limit ourselves

Let us speak of fear today. We fear the unknown and for that reason we toil in drudgery and unhappiness through our lives instead of seeking the true path of enlightenment. We feel safe in the known even though we are unhappy with it.

We lack trust in the Lord and a sense of adventure. We are convinced by a steady income, though often meager, that there is nothing better out there and we should be grateful to a job. Therefore in our negativity, we ourselves limit the abundance in our lives.

For that kind of thinking is lack. Lack of happiness, lack of trust in ourselves and our right purpose, lack of joy in doing our life's work, lack of right thinking, lack of faith in the Almighty. This will never bring us abundance. Remember that the spirit within is limitless.


Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Be grateful for the gifts from God, for hasn't He blessed you? We are all blessed as children of the creator, made in His likeness so that He may experience the joys and wonders of the life we've been given along with us.


He's the way

Follow your path. Do not forget to be aware of your surroundings along the way, the sky and clouds, the trees and bushes, the grass and berries, the flowers and new growth, the sunlight and shadows, the silence and sounds, the wind and the rustling, all of it is part of your journey.

We don't get from here to there without traveling the path through life. We cannot neglect to do this or we will not evolve spiritually. It is in God's plan. We cannot know where it will lead us, we can only enjoy the journey, the discoveries, the beauty, and the hardships, for this is life and He is the way.


Monday, December 26, 2016


Let us hear the joyfulness in nature's song. Let us follow the light into the promise of peace. Only reach out with your heart and follow in love. For within each of us resides God. Seek and you will find.

Knock and the door will be opened to you. Look inward rather than outward and you will find all that you seek. This is what we've been promised.


Sunday, December 25, 2016

Light of the soul

When our minds and hearts connect in love and peace we have the power to overcome all hatred, all bigotry, all war, all animosity, all darkness, for God alonge is the light of the world. In Him is the peace, love, and abundance we seek.

First we must open our hearts and see God in every man, woman, and child, for we are all created in the image of God and withing eace of us He resides. Let us release the blindness of animosity and see with the light of the soul and the love within,


Saturday, December 24, 2016

Our all knowing

God is the light of the world. In unitiy we can change the world! Without God in our lives we are as nothing. Together with God we can do all things for He is our strength, our all knowing, our salvation.


Friday, December 23, 2016

Let us love

Love erases pain, love is forgiveness, love conquers sorrow, love reaches out, love shares, love acknowledges everyone, love is the most powerful force in the universe. Love cares, love takes time to just be, love is a blessing, and love blesses.

The opposite of love is corruption, be not corrupt in yourselves, but let your hearts be open so that love can enter. Give all you can of love for it will be replenished. There can only be peace when love is a commodity we share lovingly with open hearts and hands and minds.

For whoever is not a brother to you, you are guilty of not loving, for all were created as one by the almighty. Reach out and offer love and you will find a common bond, love. Do not turn away with an excuse of unworthiness for God loves all and so must we. Through love come all things. Let us love.


Thursday, December 22, 2016

Take time to love

Take time to love, take time to be love, for when we ourselves are love then only love do we give. Love everything and everyone, love the earth and all things above and below. If we strive to feel and be only love then hate cannot exist within us. Love is our gift from God.


Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Find Peace

In meditation, we go into the silence within. Inward, we learn to see, and from within we're guided in our outward world. Life is full of abundance that we've been so blind to. Meditation clears our eyes, frees our mind, and the gift of life becomes clear. Truths are made visible. This is the way God reveals them to us, when we're still, when we listen we can hear, when we look we can see, when we love we find peace.


Clearing the way

Love abounds when you nourish it. So, love everything, even the hard times, for through them we grow and evolve. They're not to be treated as tests to be gone through, but as steps on our path, which by nature isn't meant to be a smooth highway. Our way is cleared as we make our journey.


Tuesday, December 20, 2016

In Awareness

Pray for everyone, pray for those who cannot pray for themselves, pray for the lost souls, pray for peace and abundance. God hears our prayers and knows our hearts and answers us. See the answers in life all around us.

Listen and hear, it is speaking to us in nature, this too is the voice and vision of the absolute. All of this is a gift, care for it. Be aware of the life all around us, and in our universe.

Peace is possible if we attain it in every heart. Go in peace and reach out in peace and love in peace and we will find the light of peace in each of us. The light grows stronger in our awareness as we make others aware.

The angels are messengers of this light and speak to our souls. Each day we need to listen more carefully, letting the awareness enter our lives. Thus we will learn to hear and know of God's message, in awareness.


Message of Love

Send the message of peace with God's guidance, there are those who will listen. There are many in the world who are searching for a better, more loving way. The angels are all around that the message of love for all may be spoken and received. Speak and be heard.


Monday, December 19, 2016

Hidden Blessings

If we look at each event in our lives as a hidden blessing and thank God we will be enlightened. For enlightenment is to see God in all things and purpose in each new day.


Poured Out

No doors are ever closed to you that new doors do not open in their place. When a path ends, a new and better path begins. It is right to take the time to meditate, to pray for peace. United in one voice across the world the energy of love and peace is poured out into the universe.


Sunday, December 18, 2016

Let it become

So if in consciousness we all spend time each day concentrating on more important matters such as universal peace than our petty worries, do not think it useless for many thoughts are interconnected and thus have more energy, we might actually see them become reality.


Saturday, December 17, 2016


This is the here and now, don't let it pass unnoticed. See the world around you as it really is. The reflection itself is a prayer, the going inside oneself to expand awareness. In the vastness of God's creation man's petty worries are like a raindrop amidst a storm, seemingly insignificant, but no less important than the whole. Know this.


Friday, December 16, 2016

Dignity and Respect

Be aware that the eye of the Lord is always upon us and He blesses us abundantly with all goodness. All He asks of us is to love, love everything and everybody as you yourself wish to be loved. Hold back nothing of your love, but reach out to others in your heart. Treat others with respect for each of us deserves dignity, and you will be respected in return.


Thursday, December 15, 2016


Life may seem overwhelming but is not if we but put our trust in the Lord. This is life! It would be dull indeed without events, if each day were the same without surprise, without shadow and sunlight, breeze and stillness, storms and calm, laughter and tears, failure and triumph, glorious is life.

Be thankful for all of it and for the growth you acquire through experience. The path can be rocky indeed, and the climb steep, but the view is extraordinarily breathtaking. Sing and shout and dance and be glad for your life.


A resting place

Take time to be peaceful and serene and to quiet your mind and to seek God, for it is food for the soul. Put aside your worries and troubles and go within, in meditation, there you will find your resting place, a place of complete peace.


Truly Live

The Divine consciousness that I am a part of is forever expressing its truth in nature. Being aware of this is what I've learned, and in doing so, I can let go, and let God. Thus truly live in faith.


Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Soul Food

True love suffocates the negative by enfolding it in joy and wonder. Our eyes see only the beauty in God's light and the darkness has no hold over us. When we love, each day is a blessing, a new birth, a gift, a wondrous delight full of surprise and new found hope.

This is the day that God has made. Let us be thankful for each new day. Start each day with gratitude and a thankfulness, for its blessings, for with this attitude we look toward the goodness we encounter and neglect to seek out any faults we may find, but let them pass by unnoticed, giving them no energy to have the power of existence in our lives.

Thus, we allow only good to take root and therefore we give abundance to our life. For abundant living starts with love. Love generates peace, peace unleashes hope, and hope becomes nourishment for our soul.


Aging Silence

True presence
a rare occurrence
that visits me
enfolding enlightenment
filled with answers
that I still ponder
in aging silence


Tuesday, December 13, 2016


To feel at peace, deeply, within, is the greatest gift one can know and it can only come from faith. Faith that our heavenly Father loves us totally, faith in ourselves and our endeavors, faith in the right outcome through our trials and tribulations, by putting our trust in the Lord.


No Doubt

I keep my mind and thoughts off this world and instead, place my focus on God within. I acknowledge His inner presence as the only guidance I need in my life, as the substance of all things. I place my faith in this and move on my journey through life.

Yet, some days I just don't seem to feel as focused as others, as if I suffer from a weariness of heart and mind, and my concentration is dim. It is not a lack of love I am feeling or a hopelessness, but I feel lost in a fog world, and am unable to find the light in the clearing.

I guess it must be a bit of melancholy and lack of purpose. I know that God is with me and these days of unclarity are gifts too. May the winds clear my mind of the cloudiness within and bring clarity to my mind's eye.

Sometimes the news should not be heard as it makes oneself wrought with sorrow for our world and the children as they are so vulnerable to the evils that stalk the shadow world. It is despairing that ones so young are contributing to such violence.

We need more prayer against the darkness, for evil is a reality. May the angels be with us and strengthen our faith. May God dwell within every home. May the confused be drawn to the light which is the Lord.

Saint Michael, you who have battled the darkness before come to our aid against the evil forces that are rampant among us. Strengthen our resolve. Saint Gabriel carry our prayers to the Almighty for in truth he already knows our hearts, of this I have no doubt.


Monday, December 12, 2016

Road to Change

Truth is the road to change. Truth is what we should seek. We must fully acknowledge this higher seeking, and be not afraid, but instead, put ourselves in the hands of the Father. We have always been part of His great plans.

We've been too busy to realize this. Our lives filled with trivia, too distracted to truly listen. Oh, but the world becomes so much grander when we take the time to truly see and feel and love.

Love who you are at the moment and the whole universe opens up to possibilities we never imagined. Life itself is a miracle, and blessing, a continuous evolution, so too are we, if we but engage in our own lives.

To remain stagnant and unchanging is a loss of life fully lived, a life without accomplishment. Life is full of surprises and challenges, of new birth and beginnings, of cycles and seasons, of warmth and rain, of storms and calm.

So too is our life evolving, changing, and growing. We must not seek just the storms of busyness, but the calm of replenishing our souls, of listening to nature, of seeking inner peace.

For it is in these times of silence that we find our answers we are seeking. That we can see a new path of enlightenment, of love and peace, and enrichment that we never dreamed possible.

We are an integral part of this universe, prayer has power, and so does silence, and seeking within them is a new birth for our spirit, our journey, our soul.


Time to listen

We can change. Prayer is essential to make it so, and an opening of the mind, heart, and soul that we may alter our journey and seek a new road.  We must quiet our thoughts and take time for silence that we may gain knowledge for we cannot hear if we do not take time to listen.


Know and Believe

Be still and become
in silence all is one
calm in the chaos
here lies wisdom
here there's peace
it's waiting for us
know and believe


Sunday, December 11, 2016


The flower's heart
is waiting for me to see
all of the  many parts
that caused it to be
clouds and sunshine
altered photochemically
minerals, earth, and time
all combine botanically
to make this beauty mine
if but only momentarily


Saturday, December 10, 2016

Seek Remembrance

All things are a blessing, see them as such and cast your worries aside. The Lord knows what is in your heart and soul. Seek the remembrance of soulfulness and you'll set yourself free.


Friday, December 9, 2016

Share this gift

Let the world speak to you and through you, may you bless the Lord in all you do.
May you extend God's blessings to all you meet and take joy in your life. Share this gift you've been given.


Thursday, December 8, 2016

Quiet Days

Some days are meant for quiet contemplation and renewal. For a quiet going inward, a restfulness. This replenishes our soul, this quiet seeking. The angels know we need a time of rest and watch over us, calm us, bring a peacefulness and serenity in these times.

Take advantage of these days to listen when your body and soul says that rest is important. These are the messages of our inner needs. We must be in rhythm with our true selves for that is part of the cycle of life.



The desire for privacy is not a precious adolescent attitude or want, but an essential element that nurtures and protects us. It is okay to create and cherish privacy.

This means you can have private thoughts that no one else ever needs to know about, and private feelings you want to keep inside. Even if you want to have a private lifestyle that you share with only a few people, this is all okay.

I realize it is okay to be a private person. I give myself permission to choose who to share things with and when. Some people, having no privacy when they were growing up go to extremes with their privacy when the are adults and become secluded, almost hermits or don't know how to create their own privacy or don't think it is okay to create it.

We can create whatever level of privacy we feel appropriate in our own lives without shutting people out. We can have friends without sharing every personal thought we own or have. There are different levels of friendship or relationships, each unique, and what we choose to share with each person will be as individual as the person or relationship, it is our choice.

If you want to keep things from people, this is your right, you are not violating anyone's right to know unless the relationship is such as to violate their health or rights. There are no rules in the world that say in order to be a good friend and a good person you have to be totally open to every aspect of your life, exposed like an x-ray to everyone who comes along.

Creativity is a perfect example of expressing private thoughts. You can create a picture that has special meaning to you and no one needs to know. What others get out of your art is their own interpretation, you needn't explain every symbol or nuance.

You can write your feelings in your own private journal, using code if you choose and share only what and if you decide to and with whom. You can share your private thoughts with your angels, the gatekeepers of your soul, who desire your highest good and never tell secrets.

You are the judge of what a person needs to know and if they ask a question, and you choose not to answer, you have a right not to share, to deflect their inquiry or simply to state "I don't feel comfortable discussing that."

Ask the angels to help you, they can actually create a barrier to protect your privacy, for they shield us in many ways and respect our inner self. This day and age of sharing everything works against us and we need to fight against this trend. Privacy is sacred.


Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Empower the truth

How has it been growing up with such an unconventional mother? I have always fostered personal freedom of expression for myself, my friends, and my children. To reflect our true inner selves, to discover new insights, to live our creativity, and not be afraid of expressing who we are.

I know some people feel threatened by differences, better known as diversity. I know some people think that those of us who believe in angels (better said: "know" there are angels) are unconventional because of our belief and knowledge in the supernatural.

I gave up the idea of popularity a long time ago and get more satisfaction out of "liking myself" and "self-love". If you're not truly yourself people won't like you anyway. Fortunately, I find myself an abundance of good friends, so I am doubly blessed. I get to be myself and I am liked by others for it.

I don't think I'll ever be bound by customs or conventions that are not my own. Expectations and belief are the sculptors of reality (our reality). Whatever we expect will be our experience. If we expect recovery to be hard, painful, and lifelong, that is what life will give us.

But I learned in childhood we create our own truths, and oftentimes, they are completely contrary to doctor's opinions and general knowledge. I was taught to silence expectations and to go on and do what you have to do.

When the doctors told my father he would never walk or work again he never accepted that as "his" reality, and therefore it wasn't. The doctors were amazed, but he wasn't. He could never have visualized himself as less than whole and productive.

We can never let other people's expectations trap or bind us. We create our own truths and the mind is a very powerful commodity. The bottom line is to be true to ourselves. Logic is just a process of thinking, trying to encapsulate life with mental limits.

I don't really believe there are any, we are our own truths and perceptions. I refuse to live down to anyone's expectations. When you cease expecting you gain all things.Don't explain, don't accept others' imposed beliefs.

There is no such thing as should. Go ahead and do the unexpected and expect the unexpected. Express yourself. Abundance is another reality we create in our mind. Abundance is, we just need to release the negative thoughts so that we can empower the truth of its existence, and thus live abundantly free.


Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Quiet Time

No matter what your life, or work, or schedule, always take time for gratitude and for God. For all gifts flow from the Lord and each day is a blessing He gives to us. Do not make your lives so complicated that you do not leave time for self and moments of peace, for these periods of quiet are as refreshment to the soul, needed as much, if not more than nourishment.

Life should not be rushed that at the end we wonder what happened to it. Life should be lived in the moment, each part of it counting, in full knowledge and awareness. Then we can truly say, this is life and it is good, and give thanks for the abundance we received.


Becoming One

Mindfully aware
there's no fear
nor a sound
in stillness
time stops
all becomes one


Monday, December 5, 2016

Soul Free

Harbor no ill feeling to corrode the peace within. Let them go as if on butterfly wings, releasing any ill feeling before it can take root, so that only love abound in your spirit and your soul remains free.


Sunday, December 4, 2016

A better place

Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me. For we are each in ourselves the keepers of peace, in our thoughts, our souls, our minds, and in our hearts. If we are mindful of peace than peace and love we give to the world, and it becomes a better place.


Saturday, December 3, 2016

No Sunflowers

I see no sunflowers
yet know they exist
waiting in the spring
that is yet to come
just like a reunion
with those I love


Friday, December 2, 2016

Never Alone

I am blessed to know God, with Him my heart is at peace. Lead me to life's purpose, make the road visible, guide me in my journey. We are never alone with God, even in our fading days of aging solitude, He's always there with us.


Finding Patience

Through my consciousness of my God-Self, the Christ within, as my source, I draw into my mind and feeling that nature is the very substance of the Lord's spirit. This substance is my supply, thus my consciousness of the presence of God within me, and all around me in beauty and wonder.

Thus, we must learn patience and in order to do this we must slow ourselves and our minds to be fully aware in every moment of every day. To be connected, plugged in, to nature, to the universe.

To be a participant, as well as an observer, active in our own lives. To not give time away unnoticed. To be aware of cause and effect in our lives and to remember to pause when we are rushing inattentively.

Patience is a conscious gratitude for the gifts we are blessed with each day in abundance. We forget to take the time to open our eyes to nature and the beauty around us. Instead, we are always rushing and hurrying to somewhere else.

Patience is actively listening to our inner selves, to others, to the sights and sounds around us, to be alive in each moment. Even the birds lose their fear and come up close to you when you sit quietly in patience. You become a part of their world in acceptance.

What is the hurry man feels to rush through his life for to rush is not to feel or experience or appreciate, only to live blindly in the moment? Yes, there are things to accomplish, but be aware of what you are accomplishing by actively doing one thing at a time, in full awareness.

And when you pause, relax your breathing, open your eyes, silence the mind's racing and take notice of the world around you. Do not shut yourself away in dark rooms mesmerized by television, but blend with the world, the mind cannot expand in this environment or atmosphere.

Where is life but all around you? To find patience you must go within and quiet the racing mind to find the soul. Ask the angels to help you, listen to soothing music or seek nature and listen to the gentle waters, soft breezes, whispering grasses.

Hear the frogs and the crickets, the rustle of unseen animals in the bushes and listen to the silence and the peace and there you will find patience.

How can we find our path, our purpose if we never find the time to slow down and notice it but rush right by instead? We are so hypnotized by the toys we created, we are not even aware of the beautiful world we live in. Patience is turning off and tuning in.


Thursday, December 1, 2016

The gift

I am conscious of the inner presence as my lavish abundance. I am aware of the constant activity of the mind of infinite possibility. Together we walk in the light of truth.

If you listen you will hear God as He is present in all things, in all nature, in all souls, in everything imaginable. See Him soar on the wings of birds, see Him caress the earth with water lapping, see Him tumble over the rocks in a spring river, see His majesty in the blue of the sky.

Wherever you seek Him, He is there, cannot you see that in the magnificence around you? Go inward and there too shall you find Him, in the heart, in the mind, in the soul. He dwells within us all.

Look to your brothers and see His reflection. Reach out to one another in peace and love as He has commanded, for when we seek His gifts we will find them.

Not in deep caves, hiding the treasures of worthlessness, but in the light, along the path, in every pebble at our feet. This is the gift of God in all its abundance.

Its glory is for all who seek. There is no one richer than he who is loved by friends and is surrounded by family. That is true wealth. He who can look at nature in wonder and joy is truly blessed for he sees God in every blade of grass and knows the wonder.

Let the peace of the Lord fill your heart and you will never hunger for you will be feasting on His glory. There is no greater gift than inner peace for he who has that has God in his soul. May the spirit of the Lord satisfy us and open our eyes to what we already possess, the gift of God's love.


Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Peaceful Patio

Life is peaceful on my patio. The flowers are in bloom in an abundant array of purples and golds, whites and reds, lavenders and pinks, all like happy little faces. It is a small corner of the world, but it looks out on infinity and is surrounded by life. Nature is soft and silent this morning and the sky is cloud laden in sections and blue laced in others.

In every direction is a different drama interconnected and the crows are taking flight. The day is still awakening and the scent of the soil is musky with dampness. It seems as if nature is alive with anticipation, as if awaiting the sun's warmth and a brightening of the new day so newly arrived.

The birds are beginning their morning chorus in greeting. How wonderful all life is, I have not made any plans for the day, but will let it evolve naturally. There is always much to do, but life has ceased to be a schedule revolving around time to be hurried through.

Life isn't a schedule but a glorious wonder, a birth, a joy, and yes an abundance. God thank you for the vision to see, the heart to feel, the time to feel serene and joyful, the soul to be at peace, the mind to seek and grown, and the wisdom to be grateful.

All things are a gift from God, even the experience of timelessness, to just be one with nature and experience the joy and abundance of being in the now.


In stillness

In stillness we know, and then we find. Only open your heart and your soul and feel the waves of love encompassing you. For God, our Father, and Mary, our Mother, always have open arms to embrace their children and enfold them in a wealth of love.

In the darkness, they shine their light brightening the whole world and all the souls of those who seek. God is the light and the life, in Him, we never walk in darkness or alone. His angles accompany us in our travels to guide and protect us. Even when we are unaware, they are there.

Oh guardian angel of God, so dear, be by my side and accompany me where on my travels along life's way. Protect me at night and through each day, always. Amen.


Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Filled with Love

When we meditate, we seek peace and harmony within ourselves and within the world. We ask God for blessings on the world and the universe, and in seeking these blessings we too are blessed.

We become less aware of time and more aware of the world we live in. The world takes on a richer color and a sense of serenity enters our soul and our hearts are filled with love.



Joyful is the heart that is loved and loves. Be grateful for the blessing of love to be shared for then you are truly blessed. Take time to be thankful. Motherhood is a great gift and blessed is the mother who is remembered. These are gifts more valuable than money and possessions.

For those who have love are rich indeed with a priceless gift. We all, however, are blessed with the greatest gift of all, God's love. We are never without love when we have God in our lives and we are unaware His love is there awaiting our recognition.


Monday, November 28, 2016

Let Them Guide Us

Our journey here is one of enlightenment and joy. When we go within to the soul of ourselves we are reminded of this. Peace within and without is attainable, so is peace in this world. Feel at peace with all nature around you. Feel the lightness that is your true self.

Feel the connection to all that is around you, pray in and for peace. God hears, God knows, God answers. The world is timeless, as are we, existing in many lifetimes. The angels are our sentinels, messengers of hope and love. Let them guide us in building a world of peace.


Golden Light of Love

What we seek, we find. God answers our prayers, only have faith that He knows our needs and provides. His blessings are as the raindrops in plentitude. Give thanks to the Lord our God for through Him all good things come.

Nature knows this for truth and responds. The angels are very near and keep us in their loving care. They follow us through may lifetimes. The wisdom of God is more plentiful than the leaves on the trees.

Listen for God is speaking in the elements. Cleanse yourselves of all impurities, blow away any injustices from your hearts, make way for the golden light of love.

Open your hands and your hearts that you may receive. Be not blind to the messages of the Lord for He is in all things. Bend with the storms and bask in the sun. All things are gifts, recognize them as such, and give thanks.

Many are called, but few are chosen says the Lord. Be grateful, chosen one that you may see first hand the power and love of the Lord. Accept the will of God, He is your lifeline, your truth.

Do not be afraid to build your nest in the highest tree, for He will not let you fall. God cradles His children in His hands that hey may know comfort in the Lord.

Even as we are tossed and blown about in life He is our safety line to heaven. Simply hold on to the truths He has taught and find yourself safely on the shore.

Do not be driven away from God's truths, but seek the comfort of His eternal love. Precious child rest in the safety of the Father's love. Today seek rest and sanctuary and light and love.

Not all days are to reap and sow. Today is for the tranquility and preparation. All things have a season and place in the plans of God.

When He speaks, listen, quiet the mind that you may hear. Rest in the Lord, an inner peace is at hand. Gracious is the giver and blessed is the receiver.


Sunday, November 27, 2016

Let the rains come

My inner self instantly and constantly takes on form as I awaken, molded by experience, ready to meet my needs and fill my desires, posed for action. This gift from above.

So, today it was almost as if I were sleeping or in a trance rather than meditation, almost transported. In God, we may rest our mind and be open to the messages of the Lord.

The rains are as of a cleansing of our world. A purification, for we must all seek to be purified of any anger, greed, selfishness, doubt, covetousness, vanity, and to open our heart and soul to the purity of the love of God.


Saturday, November 26, 2016

Good fortune

Money is not my supply. No person, place or condition is my supply. My awareness, understanding, and knowledge of the all-providing activity of the Divine mind within me is my supply. My consciousness of this truth is unlimited, therefore my abundance is unlimited.

This is a time of renewal, but in order to be renewed we must put aside any grievances we have with others for only this way can we find peace within.

You cannot be at peace and continue to harbor resentments, release them as the clouds release the rain to be dispersed in the elements, blown away with the wind.

It is a new rebirth, so plant seeds of kindness, hope, love, charity, joy, and remove the weeds that would choke off the growth that is all good. Water them carefully with continued prayers for peace and watch them grow, and bud and bloom in glorious arrays of vivid color.

Tend your garden well. Keep the soil turned and mulched so that the nutrients of love can feed the soul lest the dirt harden into hate and bigotry.

Be on guard against infestation of intolerance and prejudice. Do not use the insecticides of greed and power, for that will poison all it touches. Speak with your plants in encouragement so that they may know of your great care.

Laugh and be merry so that they may spring up in joy. Smile upon then as the sun and they will open up to you. Do not leave it untended, for in no time it will be overgrown and the life will be choked out of it with neglect.

And when it is time to harvest you will reap abundance. Remember to invite your neighbors to the feast that you may share in your good fortune. That is love.


Friday, November 25, 2016

Peace and Love

I lift up my mind and heart to be aware, to understand, and to know that the divine presence within is the source of all, and that's good.

God said "I am the way". The way to peace, humility, love, understanding, appreciation, joy, compassion, prayer, and abundance. Did Jesus not bless the bread and the fish and fill the hunger of the needy with an abundance left over?

And so it is when you live your life in acknowledgement of this, and find the way, for there is only one path to follow, and that way is through peace and love.


Thursday, November 24, 2016

As above, so below

God is lavish, unfailing abundance, the rich omnipresent substance of the universe. This all-providing source of infinite prosperity is as unique as this reality of me. So, may the peace of the Lord be with you, as it is with me.

May the peace, love, joy and abundance of the Lord go out to the world. I pray for the troubled souls who are unable to reach out to God for themselves. I pray for the children of the world who were brought up on anger and hate that they may know the love of the Lord and find self-love and peace.

For only if you love yourself are you able to love others and recognize that God is everywhere. For we truly are brothers and sisters in the Lord. I pray for the hungry of the soul, and the body, that they may find abundance in the Lord.

I pray for my right purpose in life. Lord lead me on the path of righteousness for your namesake. In gratitude, I thank you Lord for all the blessings you have bestowed on me and for opening my eyes to the gifts of each day's dawning.

I am grateful you have slowed my world so that I can move in abundance and appreciation of your wonder God. I am truly blessed.We are living in paradise because it is God's creation and that makes it one of the wonders of the universe.

Bless my flowers, Oh Lord, that they may continue to give sustenance to the birds. Bless the rain that nurtures them. Bless the sun that shines upon them. Bless the new growth that is a sign of new life and rejuvenation, especially during this time of the resurrection.

We are all renewed by God's loved which is given in abundance to rich and poor, dark and light, male and female, no matter what religion, or race, for God sees into our souls and hearts, and knows us only as His children.

Blessed be the name of the Lord. Open my eyes, Dear Lord, so I can better see, open my heart, Dear Lord, so I can better love. Fill my soul with Joy, Dear Lord, so I can better laugh. There is no night that day does not follow. There is no struggle without the serenity of peace if we seek it.

Do not be in such a hurry to rush through your life that you do not pause to enjoy the gifts and blessings God has bestowed upon all of us. Each feather, each leaf, each cat whisker, each seed, each raindrop, each breath, are all gifts from above.

As above, so below. Stop looking for the pot of gold and be grateful for the harvest of each new day, and be sure to thank the Lord.


Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Beautiful abundance

I keep my mind and thoughts off this world, placing my focus on God, dwelling within, as the cause of my prosperity. I acknowledge the inner presence as the only activity worth concentrating on, and let the abundance flow accordingly.

I ask the angels to intercede for me today as messengers of God. To help my prayers join in the unity of prayer that together creates a stronger force in the universe. I give thanks for all the many blessings God provides and in the beauty of all creation.

Let me be alive to every moment and each experience of every day. There is such wonder in all God's creation if we are but conscious to our environment. The simple overwhelming abundance in every cloud as it slowly moves through the sky. Some heavy and grey with rain, others stark white with the sun's reflection even though it itself is hidden from view.

The face of each flower unique in design and fragrant with perfume more splendid than any created by man. All a magnificent gift from God who has truly blessed the world.

The birds in flight coasting on the breeze and the leaves dancing and rustling their own soft background to the conversation of the birds as they bob with the moving branches. Oh, wonder is everywhere we look or listen.

Squirrels come out on the lawn to picnic and deer crash through the edges of civilization all sharing this same beautiful day as we. As the clouds part, the sky so blue shines through as an airplane with a smoke trail passes, echoing his flight as he is already gone, and my friend the hummingbird comes for his liquid lunch hanging from the eucalyptus tree and nervously makes eye contact as he makes his own rhythmic wind with his wings.

We two share the same outdoors and who is the visitor him or me? I am blessed with family and friends and thoughtfulness. I truly feel at peace right now. A sharing of man and nature, comingling.

The bushes are newly red leafed for spring, putting on their new colors. Cycles, seasons, each day brand new, a gift more lavish than any play or production put on by man, if we but pause and notice.

Stop the hurry and worry that seems to be the center of our lives. This here is life itself in a panoramic view. The hills snow covered, and the gullies filled with rushing waters, a product of the bountiful rain of late, causing nature to be green with new growth, new life. Beautiful abundance.


Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Hidden in the soul

Life, right now, is a blank canvas awaiting a possibility of new discovery. There are endless ideas to entertain. Each day is brand new, full of hopes and new dreams, endless vistas and buried desires to be made real, and full of forgotten memories.

There is a possibility to make fresh all the creative wonder buried deep inside through all the years of yearnings and aspirations. It is time to transform the drab day to day grind into a cornucopia of color and light, an inspiration of spirit with the angels to unlock all that has been hidden in the soul.

Let me be wise enough to embrace a second chance and make my dreams be fruitful. Give me the energy and capacity to throw open the doors of the mind and begin anew. God has blessed me with the gift of time to be bold, and grab the magic ring with the angels' guidance.

I feel as if I've been reborn to new life. Let me live it.


Monday, November 21, 2016


God is not in any particular place but exists in all places, and all things. He knows what is in your heart and provides not only the answers, but the questions we seek knowledge of. With Him peace reigns in our soul, love within our heart, joy within our spirit, and the knowledge of abundance is what the world's been blessed with. Rejoice.


For my dad

It's not by the gold in his pocket
that measures the wealth of a man
but the gentleness of his touch
as he says "I understand".

It's the love in his eyes
the warmth of his smile
and the openness within his heart
that makes others feel worthwhile.

It's the richness of friends that surround him
for of himself he's willing to give
it's love returned by those around him
wherever he happens to live.

Wealth is not just in a palace
for the richest of men
lives within the heart of others
whatever his home has been.

He can be the poorest of travelers
without a possession for others to see
but the goodness that is all around him
makes him a rich man to me.


Sunday, November 20, 2016

Enough for today

There is no true comparison to any of us, we are all an original, and everything we do is successful if we choose to see it that way. I think success is in having a meaningful life, love, friends, a sense of peace, happiness, and so many other things that do not have a monetary value.

I think maybe success should be redefined to living up to our individual highest standards and values. I think I stand for my values and I am successful because I have inner happiness and a desire to continue to grow, learn and expand. To live in faith.

Enough thoughts for today!


Saturday, November 19, 2016


Imagination and faith are one,
blended, together, the same,
they give substance to our hopes,
and reality to what's unseen


Friday, November 18, 2016

Life is good

It's a beautiful morning and I feel blessed to have the time to enjoy my patio, to watch the hummingbird drink from the feeders I bought them and to notice the wonder of God everywhere and in everything.

To realize heavenly qualities are alive right here on earth, we only need to see the beauty around us and to feel it in our soul. I feel I am in the process of awakening to a new life. I don't know where the path will lead me, but I trust in the angels to follow where the creative energy is moving me.

I feel my soul is alive with more wonder and that there is a greater purpose to my existence now that I have allowed a greater power to change direction in my life.

Life makes sense again and I feel free. With the angels, we are free to adopt fresh perspectives and experience a new openness to explore all possibilities. The most creative thing we can ever do is to be fully alive in the here and now.

When we are fully mindful of the moment we are in full harmony with life, and it is beautiful. I have read that the two most inspiring elements are personal freedom and spiritual integrity. For freedom, when cultivated, allows us to be ourselves, and integrity is being true to ourselves.

We came into this life to be ourselves and the sooner we are true to ourselves, the sooner we will accomplish and enjoy our true purpose. I've found the blocks that we impeding my creative spirit existed only in my mind.

This mindset I had about work and the necessity of being there were consuming all possibility of purpose and was weighing me down. Once I made the conscious choice to leave the decision up to God I feel as though I've come out of the darkness and into the light and I can honestly say it changed my life.

Now it is time to look within for answers for they are inside waiting to be discovered. With the angels' help, I know I will find my answers. They have very creative ways of guiding us and they know the secrets of our soul.

They will be with me each step of this new journey in my life. They have not only give me a gratitude for God's blessings, but a deeper experience of the here-and-now reality. One thing that has really helped me in changing my attitude is keeping a gratitude journal.

Each day I write at least one thing I am grateful for that day, even if it's as mundane as a good night's sleep, or a hot cup of coffee to start my day.

If we do this each day we start looking for the positives and the negatives have less importance. It's 8:20 in the morning, and so far today, I am grateful to be up early to enjoy the day, to be outside for my morning coffee, and to hear the birds singing and the joy it brings to my heart. Yes, life is good.


Thursday, November 17, 2016

Share the Gifts

God loves you as one of His children and does not a father provide for his children with love, the necessities and more? Be grateful to God your loving Father and harbor no doubts in your mind for He has provided a table before you and shelters you in His care.

He has sent the sun to shine upon your and His angels as messengers of hope. We need to listen more and believe in the truths already spoken. We need to share our love and the promises in belief. For to share is to love.

Give joyfull in love with open heart. Live in love and peace with your neighbors, offer help when you see need. Always take time for prayer and meditation for it is nourishment for your soul.

Open your hearts to the Lord for you are blessed. Do not bring troubles to your table or bed for there is no rest or faith in that.

Look to each new day as the gift that it is, the blessing freely given and know that in abundance you receive all as a gift from God, your Father.


Be as a bird

God has promised He will care for us in radiant abundance, even as He does all of natured. The birds believe, that is why their song is always joyful and their needs provided for. Be as the birds in joyful praise for today and everyday your needs are met.


Like Fire

Fill my being with gratitude
both mind and heart
let it flow from my soul
let it be my life too
for the creator wishes it so
like fire from a spark


Wednesday, November 16, 2016

See the gifts

There is no want unless we make it so. There is a vista of abundance before our eyes in whatever direction we look. These are the gifts of God, yet we fail to see them.

May will be in continous need unless he opens his eyes to what is around him. blessings of abundance for all God creatures. For, if God supplies all of nature in abundance does mant think God loves him less?

He even gives man angels to watch over him day and night. It is man's vision of lack that limits the supply. Man's feeling that he himself is the supply, then blames the lack on others, or circumstances, or misfortune, when all he has to do is open his heart and his soul to God, the supplier of all.


An offering

Let me make an offering
in love and gratitude
in wonder of everything
thankful in solitude


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Let love rule

Yesterday I saw a fish skeleton in the shape of Jesus on the cross and was awed that God gives us such reminders of His great love in our everyday lives through creation itself. Bless His wonders we behold.

Sometimes we become blind to the wonders around us and have to get away from our routine and out of our everyday selves to discover again who we are, what are our goals, so we can continue on our path.

It is but a pause, a breath that refreshes us. We so often get caught up in daily life that we forget the importance of the pauses in life. The angels are here to remind us. As children, all life was a discovery of wonder, but as we mature it seems we put on blinders to life, we forget to take time in the name of obligations, and so it passes us by and we wonder "what happened", "where did it go?".

Life is what happened while we were too busy to know. That is why the pauses are so very important. They put us back on track, open our eyes and hearts to the world around us.

We need to turn off some of the world news in favor of today's life. To be more aware of cause and effect. To be less depressed by global events, to focus on the daily "what can I do to make a difference?" thinking.

If each of us lives attempting to do some small good, this would, in turn, have a global effect. If we each lived in peace, then peace would be achieved, if we each shared, then abundance would abound. If we each loved unconditionally all our brothers and sisters, then loved would rule the world.

Hatred cannot exist if we all love. Hunger cannot exist if we all share. There can be no doubts if we all have faith and peace and joy would abound. We say this is impossible and so we don't try. Se we have to start with "me". Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.


Stay Focused

Let me stay focused
on all the good in life
and the blessing it is
as I follow the light
remembering goodness


Monday, November 14, 2016

Make the leap

We are full of worry regarding our security and way of life. We compensate this with a growing sense of guilt, and a feeling of lack with things that do not bring us true happiness, but some strange temporary of elation over the possession of material things.

We come home tired and unfulfilled from our jobs and do not take time to enjoy the beauty of the world around us. We have a sense of futility and frustration and are not at peace within ourselves. This isn't living, for we've lost ourselves and our true purpose.

We need to cast our fear aside in order to see this, to appreciate that time we have and not let it races by. If we don,t we will continue racing around in circles with no end in sight. It takes a leap of faith to let go and get ourselves off the treadmill. We must make this leap, or life will be gone, and we will have missed it.


Clearly Now

Our home and our life are interconnected with God from whom all things come. May the angels guide you and lead you into peace and restfulness. They will bring you the truth and show you the light. They will reawaken your eyes so that you may see clearly all that your soul already has knowledge of.


Sunday, November 13, 2016

He is the answer

The Lord is my faith and my strength, I will put my trust in the Lord. The path is made easy for we travel it with God. He guides our way and carries us through our hardships. He provides for our needs, He silences our doubts, He is the answer we are seeking.


Saturday, November 12, 2016


We learn by failure
one lesson after another
day by day, year after year
until we perfect ourselves


Friday, November 11, 2016


Look at me! Look at me!
this thing you fear most
my love.... for you is pure
not soiled, or tainted,
or shabby in some way
else it would not endure
without the fire here
the embers still burn
on their own.... they still glow
look at me!
this rapture in my heart
will continue.... this I know


Thursday, November 10, 2016

Faith my crime

I climb the public gallows
to face the world boldly
quietly, this one last time
here I will twist and hang
swinging with the wind
my faith was my crime


Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Each Day

I am grateful to the abundance that is God. I am grateful for the gifts He endlessly bestows. He is the creator of all that is seen and unseen. He sends us angels to guide and protect us and to enlighten us. Listen, He is speaking in the gentle breeze, in the language of the birds, in the cornacopia of color, in the sun and the clouds.

In the beauty all around us has He showered us with abundance in rich array. God gives us everything and more. We are rich indeed, and God is the all supplier. He moves as subtly as a cloud across the sky and says to us do not race through time, but make time for God and His gifts and he will but shower you with the abundance of all life. It is here, it is now, it is today, and each day after.


Drink in the day

Let me drink in the day
this blessing you've given
so sweet, so delicate,
so unique it is too,
never to come again


Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Feeding lost love

Love needs nothing else to feed on
it nourishes itself on broken hearts
grows strong on lost souls too
until there was no me and you
no wondering what went wrong
or why we drifted so far apart


Monday, November 7, 2016

Our Reunion

My words and deeds are coming to an end. A past folded up and put away. This my pause, before passing into other realms, new explorations, old faces waiting for our reunion.


Sunday, November 6, 2016


Let me walk in the realm of compassion
one of understanding of another's world
like it was my own for just a moment
this is where love and faith grow together


Saturday, November 5, 2016

Keep Holy the Day

Praise the day and keep it holy. Think only kind and loving thoughts for this is the Lord's day. Remember to give Him praise. Take time to share His glory in prayer and communion with others. Set aside this day for special remembrances and prayer for others as well as gratitude for all the blessings in your life.

Make this not a day of work, but of rest, and joyfulness. Seek the Divine in all you do this day. Love one another. God gave you life. He gives you guidance. The angels are commanded to watch over you thus He keeps you in His care.

The feathers are to remind you that the angels are around you, and to assist you in your needs they speak with you in that still small voice within. Even when the path is rocky, it is but a time of learning and growth, not a sign of abandonment.

For the Lord, who loves you unconditionally, would never desert you. Be at peace. Ask Him to help you with your burdens and include Him in your joy. For this is the grace He sends into your life.

Keep family in your heart and mind. For they were chosen by you to be a part of this life's journey. This is a time of peace and new purpose in your life. Be open that you may know and have faith that you will be shown the way.

Each day is a gift to be savored. To see it fully, to be in awareness is to know God. For He is within all that exists. Each flower, each leaf, the expanse of the sky, the sound of the surf are miracles created by Divine will.

To be one with nature is to be one with God. God cares for all of his handiwork and there is spirit in all that exists. let your inner self speak to the universe, hug a tree, spend time with the stars in the night sky, walk a country road or along the sand with the water kissing your feet and you will know of God. S/He exists everywhere.


Friday, November 4, 2016

Live in God's Light

Dear God, help me to be like Ste. Therese and to seek the simple truth which is your love. The love you have for us is greater than any earthly love possible. I am never alone as I have you in my life at all times.

Wherever I look I see a manifestation of your love and I hear it in the bird's song. With you, as an example, we learn to give more love that others may share in knowing you we try to bring your light to others.

To be a reflection of your generosity. Help me to touch others with my smile, with a warm heart. I thank you for teaching me. For learning to rely on you for my needs has taught me a greater humility and faith.

What I cannot do, you do for me. What I cannot accomplish alone I ask for you help and guidance. The simple life is a blessing indeed and we learn to be grateful for what we have instead of looking for what we do not possess.

For I possess the greatest of all things, the unconditional love of a Father for His child. You have never turned from me even in my darkest hour. You have seen me through many dark days and taught me to look for the blessings in each one.

That when we look closely we find the joy. How much that outlook has changed my life others may not fully comprehend. But a gratitude attitude is the biggest life changing way of being we can accomplish.

And when we learn to be more grateful, we learn also to be more generous with others that they too may know the wonders of gratitude and pass it on. Thus we see an increasing awareness and love in the world around us.

Life is not changed so much by big events but by the little day to day evolution of being more loving. Of a revelation of God's presence in our everyday. How blessed is life lived in your light instead of in shadow.


Thursday, November 3, 2016

Humility is God's Blessing

I think it is better not to seek fame for fame's sake. If we achieve it not for ourselves but as a tool, God uses to help others and spread His world we must accept the notoriety, but that is not who we are. Do not let the ego get in the way of your work.

Do not lose perspective about self. It is better to walk in the little way remembering we are but a small part of all that is. When the ego foreshadows the fact that all we have, all we do, all we are, are gifts from the Divine, then we have lost our way.

I thank you God for the experiences that have humbled my life and brought me closer to you. I am grateful to start my day and end my day with you. I can't imagine feeling too impatient to seek you out first.

To realize I am blessed with family and friends that show great love and keep me in their heart and that also in their heart is you, Oh Lord. What great company that is to share their heart.

Everything I see is an example of your love. I thank you for the gift of school and learning. I know that there is a purpose at the end of this road for you sent it into my life. Even if I cannot see where it is taking me, I have faith that you will show me the way.

It is better that I be unknown that your work may speak through me than to be famous for what "I" do and lose sight of you. This too is your gift and blessing. Thank you, God.

I would rather have peace in my garden than to be lost in a palace of opulence. I would rather walk the beach with a true friend than have strangers seek me out for what I do and not who I am.

It is better to be humble and happy than rich and righteous. Thank you for opening my eyes and seeing the truths that you show me. Thank you for the awareness that helps me see the beauty in all things.


Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Let it be so

May our hearts be lost to love that it may pump out joyfully to the world. Oh, let it be so, that we may reach out with heartful love to everyone we meet that they may know that they are truly loved. Oh, let it be so, for there is no violence, or greed, or hatred, or fear in love.


Teach Me, Oh Lord

So many things come up to test our faith, and yet, why do we need to test the Divine who is always with us? He who has provided for us and shows us the way. We only need ask and we receive. So why do we first encounter fear and doubt?

There is no need to fear! We are tested to strengthen our faith and to learn to turn to God as the supplier of our abundance, the giver of our strength, and for the love in which we find peace.

All things human can be taken from us, our wealth, our health, those that we love, material possessions. But the one thing constant in our lives is the great love of our Heavenly Father, our Mother Mary, and their Son Jesus.

That love never wavers. Therefore we are never alone in our tribulations. And when we ask and seek, they embrace us in that love.They want us to teach others how much they love us. That we are never alone. And they shower us with their blessings.

We have been supplied the beauty of the world and yet we are careless in our appreciation. We must learn to hold dear the gifts of God. We must learn to respect others as His children, as well, for we come in a variety of shapes and color.

Thus He teaches us through humility to strengthen our faith that we may greater know. When life is too easy we tend to forget where our true source is. Let me not forget, Oh Lord, for without you I am as if nothing.

Let me be humble in your sight. Let me seek the privilege of your grace. Grant me your guidance in this life and the peace of knowing your love. When I have doubts let me turn to you as the source that will heal me.

When I worry let me be assured that you will provide for me. Let me share that bounty with others, that, they too, know of your love.


Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Synchronicity in today's world

To learn more about synchronicity is to be aware of God's hand in our lives. For what comes into our lives just when we need it is surely sent by God. It may be a message, a person, a book, or a life changing event. Things happen for a reason, and through synchronicity, we learn a greater purpose in life.

We learn to look for the messages, to be open and aware. We allow ourselves to be guided and as we do, the occurrence of synchronistic events increases, until it becomes a part of our daily lives. We no longer think in terms of "what a coincidence", but instead, ask "what is the message?" and respond to it accordingly.

It leads us on paths we might not have anticipated we would travel. Synchronicity opens up the wonder of greater possibilities. Knowing they are not random helps us to reaccess the way we live and what we believe.

We look at people differently for they may be a messenger or a teacher that contribute to our growth. What we need is supplied in ordinary and extraordinary ways. Life itself becomes more exciting as we open up to the changes, in ourselves and our lives, that synchronicity brings.

New doors open with increasing frequency and we find ourselves on a spiritual journey. The whole world takes on a different face because we are more aware. Nothing goes unnoticed, including the small inner voice within, which is Divine guidance.

Listen and you shall hear. Seek and you shall find. Be open to receive and the messages will come to you. There is a greater increase in synchronicity than has ever existed before.

Right here and right how. Wherever we look we can find God speaking through whatever format is available. He is reaching out. We need but be ready when synchronicity calls for there is a message and it is for us.


Monday, October 31, 2016

Beyond Imagination

There is a purposefulness that's an outgrowth of love and peace. The messages are many for there is a need among us. Many blessings abound when we seek. Do not worry about needs for they will be met. God loves and cares for His children, you only need to open your heart to the gift.

Do not be troubled over what you cannot control, only pray. Much is in God's hands. He is our shelter and our strength. Peace will come, only seek it within yourself. Do not let your mind be troubled, only relax and let the love flow.

Love is a creative energy with a message of its own. Love, love all, seek serenity within and use the gifts God has given you and share them with the world. When we seek peace and love, we find our answer, and when we share it we are fulfilling a purpose.

This is God's gift of life and truly living, so share it. He leads you to the path, have faith and follow it, the journey will be long and fruitful beyond imagination.


Created in Love

Have faith in the Lord for He is your Father-in-Heaven who loves you as he loves all men and women. Seek the right path that has been made clear for you. Follow the light of God that you may see more clearly.

Reside in love and creativity for there is a message to be said. Be a spokesperson for truth. The truth of the heart is love and joyfulness. Give kindness to all, seek peacefulness in your soul. The world we live in was created in love, cherish and care for it that it may continue.


Protect and Guide

God knows what is in your heart and mind. These are the times for reclamation of the soul that you may be closer to God, so listen and observe. The angels of God are with you in this time of turbulence. They are here to protect and guide you.


The Lord Leads Me

At times I feel as if I am not doing enough or accomplishing enough. I want to succeed and move forward here and now. But this is not God's plan. God is teaching me both patience and love, and through that, humility.

I know to put God first before any of my other activities and return o thoughts of Him often during the day. Asking for His assistance and guidance. For if the Divine gives us our little path, He will also show us the way.

The hearts of others have been opened, and they have provided for my needs in this endeavor guided by or through Divine will. I worry to pay them back and this too I must release into God's hands, knowing everything takes place in Divine time and not in my time.

Bless you, Oh Lord, for the lessons I learn this day and each day. Many friendships have been granted me through the struggles we mutually endure. They lead us to a closer bond, not only with each other, but with our Divine maker, and a deeper faith that we can share.

My children too have been through many trials and I have learned it is not up to me to lift them up but to pray and release all things to the Lord, my God. I have been blessed with the love of Mary, the loving mother of us all.

I ask Her and the angels to watch over my little flock when I cannot be near and to keep them in Her loving care. And so She does. No one has more understanding of a mother's love than She who saw the trails and suffering of Her own Son and was there for Him each step of the way.

She who has made the ultimate sacrifice enfolds us, Her children in the warmth and comfort of Her arms. She teaches us to seek the way of peace and love in all things and to honor the brotherhood in all men.


Sunday, October 30, 2016

Help me learn Lord

Help me to learn, Oh Lord. For I can do nothing successfully without your help. If this be my chosen path and I am inspired to seek it then I know you will aid me in my intentions. Open up my mind that I may grasp the meaning of the mundane that leads me to fulfilling the necessities to move on into the creativity locked within me that seeks a way to express itself more fully.

At times it is our desire to just jump in and do and we become impatient with the learning. But all things must start at the beginning, except God who always was. We, however, who are but just human must be taught.

We must learn to master the tools before we can express the art. We must learn the language before we can put down on paper what is in our hearts. Help me to be patient, Oh Lord, and follow the path you lead me on.

Help me to grasp the complexities of the tools that are more than paint and brush. But nevertheless are tools indeed, and can be used in a myriad of ways that paint and brush alone cannot accomplish.

In life, we have a tendency to "want it now" not realizing how much more we will appreciate the gift when we have mastered the tools that we may unleash our abilities better for the knowing. When we know better, we can do better.

And what we learn, even those things we think we will not need may find a purpose we could not foresee. So learn it well. For in the future, it may well aid you in your success. Be open to knowledge.

Do the very best you can even with those segments you feel are repetitious or boring, or hard and difficult to master. Ask for Divine help and you will receive it. God wants us to succeed that we may better serve Him.


Saturday, October 29, 2016

Help me to know

Oh God, help me to simplify my life by putting it in your hands. That instead of on worry, my thoughts may be on you, and on others. May my time be spent on prayer instead of petty issues. Instead of looking for what is wrong in life, let me concentrate on what is right.

Let me release fault and instead have faith. Let me look for you spirit in others and not their human errors. Let me embrace each day as the blessing it is. Let me not fear I will be in lack, but believe in the abundance you provide.

Let me not wander aimlessly without direction, but seek your Divine guidance instead. Let me open my heart that you may fill it, and teach me to share that overflow of love with others. May I always be grateful for all that you do in my life, even if, at the time, I do not see the blessing.

Help me to know that it is there as it comes from you as do all things. Help me to seek enlightenment instead of being content in the darkness of ignorance. Help me to make a difference in the lives of those I encounter along life's way.

Let me not seek riches or fame, but love and understanding. Help my words help others for they too are a gift from you. Help the visions you grant me to see be translated on paper that I may share them with others.

Help me to truly listen and not be selective in my hearing. Help me to control my tongue that I not say an unkind, hurtful word. Remind me to smile more and laugh often. Let me be grateful for the friendships you have given me and the blessings of family.

Let me value others for they too are your children. Let me notice all the wonders around me for they are your creations. Let me be conscious to the purpose of all things and seek your guidance along life's path.


Friday, October 28, 2016

To feel it

When you can feel another's pain, sense their fear, what they are going through without considering them to be a victim, or feeling your own sense of victimization, your are ready to demonstrate compassion. To feel and know it, to be it. To serve God. To find purpose and truly help to make the world a better place.


Thursday, October 27, 2016

Today we pray

Today is a day for world prayer. May we remember to take time to quiet ourselves and turn our thoughts, our hearts, and our being toward prayer throughout the day. Toward God and love and peace. Toward a realization of brotherhood, not only to those we know and love but toward all men.

May our prayers turn toward the little differences each of us can make that would preserve instead of pollute our world. Know that the voices and thoughts of many turned toward God in prayer can make a difference.

The Divine listens to each on of us individually, do not imagine that He does not respond to us collectively. Lord teach us how to truly love all our neighbors. Those that are near and those across the seas far away.

Let us embrace our differences and recognize how we can work together to make a better world. How collectively we can feed the hungry, educate the unknowing, house the homeless, and bring the Divine into the lives of all.

Teach us tolerance and love. Help us open our pocketbooks and hearts. Show each of us individually how we can work collectively for the good of all. Let us see your face in strangers near and far that we may not turn away but embrace our brothers and sisters and celebrate our cultural diversity as the gift from God it is.

Let us not worry that we do not know how to begin or that we cannot do enough. Let us allow you to show us the way, and it will be done by your will. Today let us pray for everyone and everything here and abroad. Let us pray to be better people. Let us lift up our hearts and minds and pause to pray, throughout the day.


Wednesday, October 26, 2016

It is so

The mind is a powerful thing, God created it so. If we unleash it with unbridled love, in togetherness, it could conquer all the evils of the world.

For if in unison we pray in love for peace, joy, abundance, we can change the world, move mountains, reroute rivers, and more, we have that power.

God sees into the heart and knows the mind. He sends his angels in encouragement and hope. Listen to the inner voice by which they speak. They guard and guide and open our hearts to truly know and appreciate all that's before us, this gift called life.

When we struggle in darkness they enlighten us and we know we're not alone. God is with us always. Each breath is a promise of purpose. Each cloud a foreshadowing of what is to come.

The warmth of the sun a blessing. A rainbow eternity. We are blessed with abundance as our God given right. Remove the blinders of doubt and know it is so, for God has made it so.


The here and now

Be aware of all that is around you and take time to be silent and watch all that transpires in your world, each coming and going, each rising and setting of the sun, the movement of the clouds, the freshness of the air, the rustling of the breeze through the leaves on the trees as they sway, experience the wonder of it all. This is the here and now.


Let go to learn

There is no purpose in life until we include the Divine in every aspect of it. Until we recognize the synchronicity of the events and people God puts into our lives and listen to and for the messages He sends.

He shows us the way when we release the reins and let go and let God. Then we experience the wonder that is life as we allow it to unfold through God. It may develop down paths we didn't imagine we would take and have greater satisfaction than we ever knew possible.

When we stop worrying about the material things in life and allow God to provide we realize He takes care of our needs so that we can concentrate more fully on the spiritual, on serving Him to our best abilities and on our greater purpose.

Yes, when we let go and let God, life is richer, our faith stronger, and we can accomplish things we never dreamed possible. Life itself takes on a whole new meaning. At times He may have us slow down, that we can become more aware.

Information that is needed to contribute to our growth will appear whether it is through the written word, the media, or through other people. What we need He will provide. We must but release our foolish human worries, false pride, and become humble servants of the Divine to realize the difference we too can make in the lives of others as He enriches our own lives.

The great creator that made all things, including us, knows our possibilities better than we and wants more for us than we could imagine for ourselves. He sees the "big picture" that we, with our human eyes and vision, cannot see. Dear God, let me let go that you may lead me and I may learn how to serve your will.


Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Live for today

Live one day at a time but not as if it were something to be gotten through but as if this were your unique chance to show Divine love for your father. It is the one day you can show your faith that He will provide and to show your infinite gratitude.

Live it as an opportunity to serve with all the generosity of your spirit. To be an example of what it truly means to be a child of God. Live it in appreciation for the beauty and the joy He has given you. These are the treasures He has bestowed on us.

All the wonder of the seas, the endless sky, the running rivers, the majestic mountains. The vastness of the deserts, the elements, the beauty of the flowers, the panorama of colors. All this and more. He has given us a brotherhood, a virtual cornucopia to love.

Treasure this gift of this day. Be the best you can be for this day. Be a messenger of peace, a deliverer of hope, and ambassador of His loving word. Ask how you can be of service. How you can get the most of this day by giving it as a gift to God.

Walk awhile in His footsteps today. Speak to Him often in your thoughts and with your heart. Try to live life differently today, realizing the wonderful gift it is. Take time to pause today. To breathe in the air, the scents of nature, the salt of the ocean.

Be alive in your total existence today. Treasure each moment, each breath, each thought, each person, each task, each thing you learn or have the opportunity to teach. Realize the infinity that exists and leave your footprints as you pass on the road of life today.


Monday, October 24, 2016

The Divine Speaks

God speaks to me in the quiet and in the angel wings in the sky. I hear him in the bird's song softly greeting the morning, and in the peace I feel in prayer and meditation. I recognize the Divine in all the wonders in my world.

In all His creation, even in me. I see Him in the faces of others, in the birds overhead, in my pets, and the wild rabbits I throw carrot slices to. I hear Him calling to me in the breeze that rustles in the leaves, in the voices in many languages, in the waves kissing the shore, in the silence and the still small voice within.

I open my heart to Him and give back to Him by kindnesses to others, known and unknown. The Divine has many appearances, colors, and forms. I can seek Him in solitude or in a crowd. His is the face of loving kindness, of hunger, loneliness, abandonment, joy.

I see Him in the faces of the children and the innocence of a baby. I recognize Him in the old as well as the young. The dying as well as the exuberance of youth. I see Him toil and I see Him play. He is present in all nature. Hug a tree and know Divine strength.

He nourishes me in the food I eat and in the spirituality that feeds my spirit. In His words I read, handed down through the ages, and in all that is unsaid, but understood. I choose to start my day with Him and end it in gratitude for all His blessings.

He encourages my in my endeavors and is the source of my abundance in this life. I thank not those who give, but those who have been led by the Divine in their generosity for their gift is from the heart and spirit. Take time to look, to listen, to feel, and to acknowledge the Divine in all things in life and know His love.


Sunday, October 23, 2016

Winter beauty in the now

I still remember the first snowfall here and the wonder of waking to a white world after staying up late to watch the drifts build. I recall getting my camera to capture my first impressions on film and the numbing cold in my extremities.

I have my first memories of when Pesky the squirrel began to call on the deck looking through the window hoping for a handout. Obviously, he had been fed winters before. I've learned different snows, the soft fluffy flakes, the wet ones that melt as they hit the ground, the Pez snow that retains its shape, and the slushy snow that is dense and heavy.

Some snow clings to the leaves and the branches waiting for the warmth of the sun to slowly melt it, dropping with resounding plops to earth. It also adheres to your shovel when you're trying to clear a path or a driveway and necessitates pounding the shovel to knock it free.

There is the snow that flurries while the sky looks perfectly clear, the snow that comes through heavy mists and the bendy snow that whips in the wind, the sky darkened with storm clouds and freezing cold.

The snow hasn't changed but the people here have. They have stopped seeing the beauty around them. When the light hits the snow it still sparkles like diamonds, even if they can't see it. Bird and animal tracks can still be seen imprinted on the hills, decks, and right up to the door, and they still shiver at their feeders even when they too are being covered in white powder.

There are the days when everything becomes as shades of black and white, days when the mountains are hidden from view or stand out in dark relief. There is ice that forms when the snow melts and the runoff freezes as the temperature drops and can be quite dangerous.

It hasn't been more than three months since winter began and it doesn't snow every day, but I hear often how people are sick of the snow, how beautiful it is up here in the spring or summer. The same things they said about the beauty of God's country in winters long ago. They've lost the marvel for the beauty I get so lost in. Being in this now touches my soul, always.


Saturday, October 22, 2016


Sometimes what we think is but a thought is a Divine voice in our mind. That still small voice and we wonder if what we are hearing, only not hearing but knowing, is true. And we may put it out of our mind only to have it played out later as fact.

We may be struck dumb in awe. As we replay the earlier knowing and see the evidence of truth. And we ask ourselves what is the meaning behind this unspoken dialogue? Am I truly worthy of Divine attention?

It definitely changes the way we see things. And we have to acknowledge we are not in charge even if sometimes our ego mistakenly says we are. We are not. Oh, we can choose not to listen. But we cannot alter fact or truth.

We can try calling it a coincidence. Yet we know it isn't that, and it doesn't explain that still small voice. Then we start listening for its direction. Asking for its guidance. And waiting for its answers. It leads us to believe we are on the right track.

We notice our unspoken thoughts are answered at the turn of a page, an overheard conversation, in the words of a song. The more we pay attention, the greater the frequency. For, now we are tuned into Divine frequency and He is broadcasting.

What is the message? We begin to ask is there something I'm supposed to be doing? We become more conscious. We have the desire to be better, to do better in our lives. To make a difference. We question the meaning in our endeavors and to seek the inner peace following the path brings us.

We may be guided to change careers, relocate, study a spiritual path. When we follow Divine synchronicity we truly are enlightened and life becomes joy.


Friday, October 21, 2016

Put God in everyday

God is in everything we do, everyday. His presence is not reserved for Sundays. It is not enough to keep Holy the Sabbath day but to allow His influence in our everyday. To be aware, in our interactions, of "what would Jesus do?".

To remember to be loving in our thoughts and our deeds. It is not our purpose to judge but to judge not lest thou also be judged. God does not just reside in us but in others as well.

Even though we may feel we cannot abide another if we remember to look for and address the Divine within, though hidden, we will elicit a change in attitude, bot ours and theirs.

We are all children of God and He truly treasured the lost sheep, as must we. What good is it to spread the word of Divine love to those who already know it while we shun those who need to hear it most? Which is doing God's work?

The easy road is not always the right road. let the Divine show us the path we must climb not the one of least resistance. Accept the challenges He lovingly bestows on you. It is the way of the cross and the way to salvation.

We are living in a time when so many are lost and are in need of someone to show them the way. That it is the spiritual, not the material that matters most. That our great riches are not in things but in a wealth of love.

Open your heart to those that are walking the path and teaching His world for they need our support. Make a sacrifice of a luxury that others may have a necessity. God has blessed you, pass it on.

Remember especially the children. So many see violence, hate, and prejudice as a way of life. It exists outside their door, in their schools, and often at home. They no longer see it as abnormal, but the way of peace and love is for it has become unknown to them. To heal the world, start with the children.


Thursday, October 20, 2016

Mary's motherly love

I have a mother who loves me absolutely, unconditionally, and at all times. Her name is Mary. Her son gave her to us and to the world that we all may know a mother's love and that she may bring a sense of peace into our hearts.

She is an example of motherhood we can use with our own children. We cannot always make everything safe for them, but we can be there for them in their struggles. We cannot ensure that they will never experience hardships or prejudice, but we can teach them the way of love.

We cannot shelter them from the visions of violence in the world for it is in the papers, on the news, and within the neighborhoods, and schools, but we can teach the way of peace and to respect others.

To embrace our differences as God's gift, not as a means to prejudice and hate. We can teach our children the gift of giving instead of wanting. That they may know the blessings and joy experienced by giving and not just receiving.

We can teach our children to reach out to the sick and the elderly. To not taunt the handicapped and those that are different, but to celebrate the uniqueness in all and to recognize the Divine in everyone, everywhere.

Each of us are one of God's masterpieces. Created as individual works of art. Lovingly, and to fulfill a purpose. And then He bestows upon us His greatest gift of all. His own mother's love. To share her with the world.

She speaks to all of us, but especially to the children. For it is when we are as loving children we act most like Her son who so loved us that He gave His life for us. And as He was dying said "behold your mother", and for eternity He has granted us Her love.


Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Joys and Sins

I'm a magnet
drawing all in
building slowly
a personal universe
a symphony
finding purpose
a life of memories
that I'll forget
all my joys and sins


Be always grateful

God loves you.... pass it on. Not just in words, but in thoughtfulness, kindness, and in daily living. Be an example of His love to others. Don't be afraid to speak to a stranger, to smile in passing. Share the abundance that is given to you and share the love.

For love grows the more we give it away. We always have something we can offer others even if it's only time to listen. Do not spend time dwelling on what is wrong in the world, but what is right in your life.

Look for the good in all things that you may be grateful each day for something. When someone leaves your presence tell them to "go with God"  that they may always be looked after. Those are the most heartfelt words you can say.

And when you say "peace be with you" mean it! Peace is always possible even in the most trying circumstances for it relies not on the external, but on the internal. It is God's love within. The body may struggle but the spirit is strong. "Let go, let God" is not just a saying, it is Divine wisdom.

For we can do nothing without him. And with Him the smallest things are filled with joy and purpose. Riches do not buy happiness, or health, true friends or eternal love. But the poorest man can have it all with God in his heart and life.

Give back to the universe what you receive in life. Praise God, and pass it on. Remember where your true source lies. Sometimes we have to lose everything to find it. For the greater treasure is not in things but in life itself.

Live it with purpose and good will. Make each day count. Touch someone's life whenever possible. Create opportunities. Begin each day and end each day with God and let Him fill the in-between. Count the blessings and release the sorrows, and always be grateful.


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Staying Home

I'm grateful to stay home and enjoy a day of rain, we got lots of it. I went out several times during the storm to enjoy the freshness in the air and marvel at the splendor of God's creation.


Monday, October 17, 2016

The whole experience

I feel like I'm learning the ABC's of life all over again. I'm learning a whole new career, beginning with baby steps and like any small child I want to hurry to get the prize that is out of reach but within my vision.

I haven't learned as yet all the steps it will take to get me there so sometimes I stumble and fall and pull myself up. I have to practice and practice to learn a new task so that in time I may reach my goal.

We learn to crawl before we walk and we need training wheels before we learn how to balance ourselves on a bike. And we must do some things repetitively before we do them with confidence.

God created it so, otherwise we all would be born athletic geniuses who didn't need to learn for we would already know.  Actually, we know, we have just forgotten and we can't remember where we put our wings.

We have come here to struggle and to know the joys of learning and accomplishment as well as trials and tribulations. It is something we can only experience in our human form. Without our failures we wouldn't recognize success.

Without sorrow who would know what joy is? We need the highs and the lows to greater understand. That is part of our life's journey. And through it, we learn the capacity to love.

To know humility. To know compassion. What we learn we also teach. What tests us also strengthens us. We choose to come to earth to experience all of life that we may attain a greater knowledge of what it means to live.

For we are all a part of all-that-is. Through each of us the greater whole journeys in all directions and a greater awareness becomes possible. Through synchronicity we touch each other's lives.


Sunday, October 16, 2016

A new chapter

Today is a day of closure and a new beginning. I am officially retired, although no trumpets went off and it was generally unacknowledged. And I came home with the equipment to begin again on a new path.

The tools are new and I feel as if I'm a toddler again or a youngster starting kindergarten. Tomorrow opens a new chapter in my life. The curtain has closed and a new act is about to begin. I feel excited about the prospects and eager to learn the unknown.

I will be a schoolgirl again. To be instructed in areas that did not exist for us on a personal level when I was in school. The world is now computerized and so too is some aspects of our creativity. It's a new type of exploration for me. And I am so blessed to have the support of friends and family.

To not only gift me with the tools but to share their knowledge and their enthusiasm. And to cheer me on. I believe I can do this and I know it is the right direction by the feeling of peace I receive and all the synchronicity God sends into my life.

The right people at the right time. The sales when I need to purchase a product on limited funds. When I do not know exactly what to look for the right people come along to show me the way.

There are no coincidences, only God's guidance. I feel as if a barrier has been lifted that was preventing me from reaching the other side until all the tabs were paid and as I hadn't the monies I had to earn my passage through hard work.

Most of it interior. All the debris of the past had to be cleared away to make a path to a new life with a bright future awaiting. It hasn't happened overnight and there is still a big hill to climb, but I look forward to it. One step at a time with God's guidance.


Saturday, October 15, 2016

We are part of the whole

When we look back at our life we can see each step led up to and helped form the now. Events strengthened us where we needed strength, gives us pauses when we were needed elsewhere, created compassion through our own hardships, and gave us the teachers we needed to grow.

Life doesn't just happen, it develops. It is a right of passage. There are cycles, endings, and new beginnings. Trust that you will be put in the right place for what you need to learn, for future developments.

We learn to recognize synchronicity and fate. To know that life is not a series of random events, but destiny and choice. We come to realize we are not alone but part of all-that-is. As we affect nature, the universe affects us.

To care for our planet, our forests, the waters, the atmosphere is to care for the self. We are all one in existence. We learn to have a greater consciousness. To recognize grace when it arrives. To seek not things but inner peace.

To be a contributor so that the cycle of providing continues. To not deplete but replenish. To give back benefits our own spirit. It fulfills a need within. We much also learn to seek times of stillness and not constant motion only.

For it is in the stillness where we may receive insight we would otherwise overlook in our haste. To be quiet in order to know all things take time to achieve, seek patience. Some things need to simmer slowly and cannot be rushed else they don't reach their full potential.

At times, we may feel adrift in unchartered waters but there is a tide carrying us to a new destination, a new leg of our journey where a whole new chapter of our life starts anew. Be open that you may receive the blessings coming your way. We cannot see what is around the corner but destiny awaits.


Friday, October 14, 2016

The past is tomorrow's key

We look for our roots and we seek our wings. We desire to know the heritage from which we came and to transcend beyond it to achieve our dreams. One grounds us, the other allows us to fly. All that has gone before is a part of us, but does not limit us.

We find synchronicity in patterns, our talents that seemed inherent in those before us as in the now. We learn to understand why we are drawn to the sea, to art, to a love of gardening. It is as if certain attributes are embedded in our genes.

The excitement of exploration takes on life as it relates to our own. We can see the coasts of our ancestors and feel at home. As if we have found a piece of the puzzle we need to fit into place to see the whole picture of who we are.

Some day scientists may find it existing within our DNA, our brain cells, and the blood pulsing throughout us. It both calls us back and sends us forth. Past memories of those who have gone before us may lie withing us.

This is part of the feeling of deja vu, the feeling of knowingness instilled within us. That we have walked this way before when it was not our footsteps, but those that went before us. It is a lighthouse calling us home.

To see all that shapes our potential, our desires, and our talents we must look in the before. We can see footprints of the future embedded in the past. Through synchronicity, all time can exist as one, even the beyond knowing is known somewhere within.

Things are revealed in the right time and right place. I am all that went before me and all things to come. The rings of life are within me, as in the tree. The seeds of the beginning are within the fruit. The more I know, the more I grow. What grounds me also frees me.


Thursday, October 13, 2016

You can learn

We must not get discouraged when we plod along instead of advancing at a gallop for each step forward is progress and is at the pace it was meant to be for our own learning.

In youth, it sometimes seems easier, but retention is harder to attain, at times, when we age, but it is not impossible. It is important to keep the mind active and engaged. It is always easier to learn that which we love, but it is necessary to learn the basic tools before we move on.

Embrace them as a means to an end. At times our teachers too may be deficient and leave us to struggle much on our own. Know we can always seek and be granted Divine assistance.

Do not think the Lord does not understand for He is in the spirit of all things in existence. All things, including the human ideas that also create, are gifts from God. Nothing exists without His knowledge.

What we can accomplish is but a speck in the universe compared to Divine creation. Offer up your struggle to His glory and He will help you carry the load.

There is something too to learn in the learning. About ourselves, our dedication, our feeling of accomplishment, as we begin to understand a new thing.

When we can share it with others and also teach, we are giving back that which was given to us. Thus learning is an endless cycle. To have the gift of a new thing to accomplish in our life gives purpose to our days.

If we grasp just one concept we have reason to be grateful for that wee bit of knowledge that we didn't possess before. We have the ability to continue that road each day and to embrace it for expanding our horizons. Believe you can succeed and you will. For what we believe is what we receive.