Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Set Free

We know not
changeless truth
as we are bound
and blind too
until we're set free


Time for a Jubilee

A jubilee is a time for restoration and renewal. A time of hope and celebration. It is a time to free the ties that bind, releasing the yoke of servitude. It is a time to move on and to do better. It is a new beginning and a closure.

It is a time of forgiveness and peace. Is a new phase coming with the millennium? This has seemed a time of preparation with more evidence of Angels visible. A greater interest in the spiritual and an abundance of information in evidence in books, seminars, television programs and series.

They speak to us of God, of Angels, of mysteries, and miracles. Of hidden messages in the bible. Of prophecies and predictions. People are filled with doubt and hope. There is an increase in visionaries and apparitions.

Whatever reason turns people toward greater faith it is a blessing. We must reach and teach the young. Violence is not an answer to the emptiness they feel, but finding God is. Stop seeking outward for answers and instead, go inward with questions.

We are living blueprints the Almighty has created, and within us is encoded the answers to the mysteries of life, and our purpose within this life. We cannot find them without seeking and we cannot receive them without listening.

In order to listen, we must silence the chaos within our mind, the anger within our hearts, the doubts that drown our spirit. Learn to be still and you will know. The Divine will provide all that you need to learn in truth and faith.

You will be able to see with new eyes enriched in variety without being distinguished by colors. You will recognize the unity of spirit within, instead of the difference without. If we prepare for change we create change for what we believe is what we receive.


Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Abundance finds me
with an open heart
grateful for all that is
that is today's treasure
to be shared like sunshine


Call me Abba

He said to call Him "Abba." Not just Father which is formal, but Abba (Daddy) which is affectionate. That is the closeness our Divine Father wants us to feel with Him. Not the stern foreboding Father of old, but the Abba who enfolds us in the palm of His hand.

The Abba who shelters us, comforts us, listens to us, answers us, provides for us, and loves us unconditionally. The Abba who forgives us our mistakes. Reassures us when we are afraid. Consoles us in our sorrow. Understands us more than any mortal could.

Guides us when we lose our way. Accepts us for who we are, and sends His Angels to watch over us. The Abba who shows us we are never alone even in times of isolation. The Abba who never rejects us but waits patiently for us to turn to Him.

The Abba who speaks to us in the silence when we open ourselves to hear. Who never leaves a prayer unanswered. An Abba who gifted us with talents and purpose. Who asks us to share, to aid, to help and serve our brothers and sisters.

An Abba who gave us all the beauty a world can hold and a promise of more in the life beyond. An Abba who wants more for us than we could ever imagine for ourselves. "Call me Abba"! With such love, we should realize we are never orphaned, abandoned, unloved, or alone.

He sent His Son to awaken us that we may know the joy of His love. A love so greate He would make the ultimate sacrifice for us, do anything to save us. Teach us what true giving is.

Despite all our human faults and frailties He says "call me Abba". And when we truly look we see Him everywhere and within everyone for that is where He resides. I am so grateful for the love of Abba and all His blessings.


Monday, August 29, 2016

Lead the way

My heart wanders
as I long for home
waiting in silence
dreaming of angels
please gather my soul
and lead the way for me


Flashes of Recognition

I smile inside
where I dwell
in small moments
though I'm still
years come and go
in wild flashes
of recognition


Journal your prayers

Keep a journal of your prayers and God's answers that you may track your progress. See the proof of God's love as you see the number of times S/He responds to your requests. Reexamine those things that you have asked of Him that you may recount the worthiness of what you seek and also whether what you were given was not even better than what you anticipated for yourself.

Do this in conjunction with your gratitude journal/book you should be keeping. It is the spoken word visualized. It is a testimony to God's answers that we may look back and see that over and over through the years God hears and responds.

Notice too that the more aware you are of this interaction with God, the more worthy your requests the more rapid the answers. God has been waiting for you to seek Him out. The proof of His word is what you should share with others that their faith too may be increased.

Record how God works in your life as did the disciples who went before. A journal not only shows you what you ask but how you ask it. You will notice, over time, that what you release to God, without requesting a definite outcome will always be answered to your fullest benefit.

Beyond your own human limitations of what could or should be. When we pray for guidance, God shows us the way and a new door opens to us. In this way, through our journal we can truly see a visible acknowledgement of God working in our life over and over again.

The more conscious we become of it, the more we seek Him out, the greater we involve Him in all that we do and the more answers we receive. Why? Not because our Father wasn't responding before, but because we now see Him as the source working visibly in our life and we stop stumbling on alone. It is the act of the known, made visible, a reminder of His love and involvement in our lives.


Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Sabbath

When did we demote the Sabbath from being sacred and holy and fill it with mundane chores, sports games on the TV, errands to run, and non-stop doing?

It's as if we are afraid to have one day of rest. To take time to honor ourselves and our spirit, and we wonder why we feel as if we are on a constant treadmill, unable to relax.

Take time, make time, you deserve it! Set aside a day of rejuvenation. To walk a path of harmony. To sit by the waters that refresh. To let our troubles and doubts be carried away on the wind.

To reacquaint ourselves with the miracle that is nature and the wonder of its creation. To seek and find peace for a day. It's not some far off illusion but is available wherever we are.

It's a state of mind we can enter, with practice, at will. It's free for the asking. It's a willing release of all the tensions of the previous week, as well as a preparation for the days ahead.

When we take the time of one day to just be, without filling it with endless scheduled activities and busyness, we find ourselves better able to cope with the rest of the days ahead, and look forward to the next day of peace instead of enumerating how many things need to be accomplished.

It not only takes some planning but a change of heart and mind about the necessity of doing. A day of rest is a gift to ourselves that has been decreed, by the highest authority, as necessary.

His wisdom far exceeds ours. To honor the day not only honors our spirit but the Divine as well. It recharges our batteries, gives our mind and body a rest, but allows us to be closer to what and whom are most dear to us.

To be in appreciation of what life is about. To be in touch with our inner spirit and with the world itself and be grateful.


Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Truth in Amen

Jesus is "the amen" of the world who spoke God's truth to all men. Amen says we accept, without doubt, "the word" given. "Amen, I say unto you" and so He has, and so it is written. Put the amen of God in your life. Accept His world that He speaks to you in the small voice within, leading you on your path and to greater faith.

God speaks only amens to us, that is the truth in His word, and in our life if we follow what He has said to us, recorded in the bible and accepted in our hearts. Jesus may, at times, often have spoken in parables, but within the story was always a truth to be applied to our own life.

It has not changed today, although we say things are different. Truth is always "truth", not to be altered to fit the circumstances as we see them. Brotherhood, love, fair play, honesty, and truth apply as much today as in biblical times.

What we send out to others in thought as well as in action comes back to us. So if we had to put an "amen" to all that we did, in other words, seal it with truth, we would be more cautious in our word. It would be the cornerstone of who we are.

We would fulfill the word that we gave and not speak it frivolously. We would consider it a thing of value, to be honored and learn to take great care in our "amens".

What if all the world leaders had to live an "amen" to their words? To swear to God to uphold the truth of what they have spoken? Would we not be more inclined to world peace? Would we not be so cynical about who is guiding our country, our city, our lives?

They would not be saying one thing while they mean another if they had to say an "amen" at the end and be held accountable for their world. We've forgotten the importance of truth in this word as we say it by rote. Now say it consciously and mean what you say.


Friday, August 26, 2016

Hidden Away

Fear the cause and effect
of the days we surrender
to live in the shadows
hidden away from success


Be love and peace in action

Love begins in the heart. It is nurtured in the home. Be an example of love to your children, to your family, to friends, and to the brothers and sisters who are around us everywhere; at work, when we shop, in our neighborhood.

See others through the eyes of love, not as strangers, but in recognizing a brotherhood. For we are all children of God. There is but one Divine Father and He loves us all.

Love doesn't judge and as loving children, neither should we. To be at peace first we must seek peace in our lives and our hearts. There cannot be a confrontation if one of your is at peace and refuses to retaliate in kind.

Peace is not only an attitude, it becomes a way of life. It is better to build bridges that help us work together than walls that keep us apart. Faith and love is what helps accomplish this.

Treat others with the respect you would wish for yourself and those that you love. Don't gloat over a talent God given but seek instead how you can use it for the most good.

Our purpose is to serve a higher good, to be of service, to learn and to teach. Realize that the Divine doesn't love just some of us and we are favored, but loves us all equally and some gifts are unseen.

There is a purpose to every person's life. It isn't necessary that we recognize it for God knows what it is. Do not worry for others, but endeavor to improve yourself.

Seek Divine wisdom before you act. Pray for yourself, for others, and for the work. Take time for quiet meditation that you may open your heart and your mind to the love of God and hear what He is saying to you in the still small voice within.

The difference is not what we say we're going to do, but in what we succeed in doing. Actions do speak louder than words.


Thursday, August 25, 2016

Loving Souls

God is expressed in the elements, like the rain falling down upon us, touching everything in the world. Do not despair that your words don't seem to be heard for God knows each thought before it is even expressed and He knows a sincere heart and loving soul.


Carried on the wind

No one is alone when they walk with God for He enfolds us in His great love and leads us on our journey. The path is traveled inward and the growth is within but reflected outward to the world, just as a leaf following is carried on the wind, so too is the energy of our souls.


Doing God's Work

We need to spend less time worrying about possessions and finances and more time thinking how we can serve God. To what greater purpose can we live? How can we bring joy into the lives of others? How can we help the sick, the dying, the helpless, the unloved?

How can we serve? All else is like jewelry, merely accessories to our life. We would not be undressed without it. To make a difference in the life of at least one person is important. To be loving to neighbors and family is important. To share what we have is important.

Why do we worry so about saving for a rainy day? God not only provides the rain, S/He provides for our needs also. S/He is the source of our abundance. When we seek to serve others, in His name, S/He sends what we need to accomplish the means.

What we need ask is "how can I serve you Lord?". Know that S/He has been waiting for this question and will answer. If we spend as many hours in prayer as we do in worry it would make a huge difference in the world.

If we spent less time accumulating and more time giving, the benefit to others would b immeasurable. We are a country of excesses, in our closets, in our pantries, in our waste, and our wants.

In order to be truly grateful, we must visit the homeless, the hungry, the forgotten, and then make a difference in our lives and theirs. How can we use what we know to teach others? To share our knowledge and give hope?

Give not just from your excess but from your heart. Become a channel for God to work through. The seeds we plant today are what will bear fruit in the future. What we pass on to others is a legacy that lives on and prospers and grows. It is God's work.


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Beyond this life

You travel each day on the journey of truth as you open up to the inner knowledge beyond this life. The inner light continues to burn as a small flame that flares to life within you to connect with others in unity, prayer, faith, and brotherhood.


The Dance of Life

The dance of life
changes, but never ends,
it just grows wings
to carry us into heaven


Growing Perfect

Recognize failure for the lesson that it is,
often a blessing to move us forward,
setting our path in the right direction,
allowing us to grow into perfection


Stillness is like prayer

The air is so still it's as if it is waiting for God to breathe life into the day. The humidity is a weight on the mind and the spirit. Heavy in expectation. It is a waiting to exhale, for a drop of rain or the sun to break through.

As if we are alive in a moment of suspended animation and only we ourselves can move. Even the birds are subdued, as if in anticipation. They chatter but don't take flight. There are some who would say it is earthquake weather, but only God knows what lies in the stillness.

It is like waiting for lightning to strike and I am the rod. Clouds are building up overhead, heavy even in their puffiness. They are neither an angry grey or billowy white, but thick with an unknown promise unspoken.

Not skittering across as they sometimes do but seemingly immobile. I do not see any Angel or animal formations today. It's like a prayer and then waiting for God to speak. That quiet pregnant thought, is someone there?

Then knowing, understanding, being aware of a vast eternal love that enfolds you in His care. My child "stillness" at times is needed for you to hear. That's why I put pauses even upon the earth so that your promises of Divine thought can give birth.

The vastness is my love for you and all my children as you struggle through this life, this learning, this experience on earth. I am never farther than the beat of your own heart. Your soul from me will never be apart.

Just breathe and you can take me in and feel my loving care within again, you have forgotten so you do not know. I am within you everywhere you go. At night, my Angels watch you sleep and within their care is where you'll always keep. Now be at peace.


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Brotherhood of Family

I can be friendly to a stranger or choose to be estranged from family, why this contradiction? Is it that we expect more from one than the other? Is it rivalry that drives us apart that we refuse to see our acknowledge a bond?

If we have chosen this life, these parents, this family, then are they not, too, part of the life lessons we came to learn? How can we be open to the Divine spirit in others and yet reject it in our own kin? Do we not wish to share with them what Divine love teaches us to share?

Are we not judging what God tells us not to judge? They may need our help and love more than the strangers we meet and welcome in the name of friendship. We must leave family and home when it is time to follow our own path, but it does not mean we must shut the door against them.

What would Jesus do? Who are we beneath the facade we have created, but all brothers and sisters in Christ. If we need love our neighbors as ourselves doesn't this include family?

If we go out to help the world but refuse to acknowledge one of our own are we truly being Christian? What about forgiveness? As you forgive you also will be forgiven. Does this mean it's okay not to forgive a brother or sister, but to ask for Divine forgiveness for ourselves?

Or should we seek first to mend the broken family ties? To forgive and ask to be forgiven? To release the anger, resentments, and hurt that keeps us from healing. God wants us to love and accept all His children with unconditional love for the Divine that is within all of us.

Stop expecting others to live up to our preconceptions and acknowledge that they are creations of Divine love and therefore deserving of our love.


Monday, August 22, 2016

Love lives on

Love lives on
in our memory
to keep us warm
when we're elderly
and outworn


Everything in life is Divine

We must learn to see the Divine in all others. In the poor and hungry who beg for food and money. In those unable to legally work, who stand on street corners hoping for someone to hire them for the day.

To those who rummage in the trash for cans and other recyclables that may be converted into money for food and necessities. In those too ill to work that they must depend on charity.

God created us all. The needy as well as the wealthy. It is only circumstances that separate us. If you have a family member with whom you are estranged and they seek to bridge that chasm, open your arms to them for they too are part of the Divine.

Rid yourself of judgments lest you be judged. If someone is gay understand that in this life they are experiencing rejection and struggle on many levels. Treat them as the child of God that they are, recognizing that part of them in the spirit of love, and remember God doesn't make mistakes.

If someone is of a different nationality, color, or religion, see the brotherhood of the Divine within, not the difference that exists without. Honor others and you honor the Divine. Life is something we came to experience, to share, to learn and grow from.

It is a finite part of our infinite selves. Even in animals recognize the spirit of the Divine within.If they are pets embrace the joy they bring into our lives and treat them with the dignity of all Divine creatures.

Allow your own spirit to grow through the acceptance and love of others. There is not superior and inferior in life, only Divine creation experiencing a journey which is the path of truth they have chosen to travel. Indeed, they may be Angels in disguise sent to test our faith and love.


Sunday, August 21, 2016

Live the seasons of life

Be patient. New beginnings take time and a closure before moving on. You cannot achieve both at once, for before a new window can open first a door to the past must be closed.

We tend to want everything now. But for all things, there is a season and a right time. Life is a cycle of evolving and we must grow into new adventures, new careers, new places, and new ways of thinking.

Know that there is a purpose to all things, even the waiting. It teaches us to slow down, to savor the stillness, and to find peace and a closer connection with the Divine. Life is not about constant movement, constant challenges, but to savor the gift of life itself.

To have more awareness instead of filling ourselves with busyness. Take nothing for granted. There is a natural ebb and flow to life and all things. Take time to laugh. Take time to mourn. Make time to be quiet and to go within.

Make time to pray and time to listen for the answers. For it is in peace and silence that we hear. The Divine is aware of your presence and of your needs. Take time to play. To do things just for the simple joy of it.

Take time for friends and family, for the gift of sharing is a blessing in itself. Have faith in yourself and the gift of talents Divinely bestowed that you may use them wisely and for the benefit of others. Do not waste what God has given you to use.

Take time to be of service. For what we give to others we give to God. Do not worry about financial gain for God will supply Divine abundance when we live in service to His will and for a greater good. Life is a miracle we receive each day. Be open to the experience. Live it in gratitude.


Saturday, August 20, 2016

Worry Solves Nothing

Be at peace, for everything is in God's hands and nothing is solved through worry and sleepless nights. To realize we can do nothing alone and to seek Divine guidance is the surest way to receive an answer.

All the anxiety in the world cannot replace Divine wisdom. Release and be at peace. All is right with the world when we let go and let God. He sends Angels to walk with us and to be that still small voice within that guides us.

When we quiet and calm ourselves we are able to hear. When we believe we become open to receive. Even in the wilderness His voice calls out to us. We just need to stop, look, and listen to hear our Father's voice.

Don't let fear drown out the voice of wisdom, and the wat ifs drive you to distraction. Have patience, especially with yourself. You are here to learn and when we are ready a teacher is provided. We start by admitting the need for help and asking the Lord to be with us as our companion and our guide.

To ask our guardian Angel to not only watch over us but to assist us. And to be aware of the signs that are sent. For answers can be heard in a song or a word that catches our ears randomly.

The Divine answers in mysterious ways. Be we cannot see or hear when we are locked in fear. While in faith, all is revealed in Divine time. We receive what we need when we need it.

Our loving Father is generous indeed and He wishes more for us than we would ask for ourselves. The Divine is generous in His abundance as is any loving Father. Our purpose is to learn. Struggle is not a necessity unless we make it so. Relax. Know you are loved. Do not neglect the beauty of the day with useless worry.


Friday, August 19, 2016

Time to grow

God gives us time in life to grow, to learn, to know. To see the wonder in all things and to be in appreciation. As we grow, we learn not to run so fast, least we forget to stop and see, to admire, to be in awe.

We learn not to just expect but learn of the joy of giving to others. We learn to give to ourselves also by taking time to reflect, to go within, to be at peace, to live in the now, to have gratitude for all our blessings and to be in awareness of all we see, hear, feel, smell, and taste.

Of each beat of our heart and our ability to think. We learn to take nothing for granted and we appreciate the richness of our lives, of our ability to experience. To know we are loved is a blessing and to give love is a joy.

Our greatest wealth is unmeasurable and is never stored away. It is not depleted by sharing, but enriched by the giving. It cannot be stolen from us, but can be given freely. The old saying that "the best things in life are free" is a great truth starting with the gift of life itself, and the freedom to choose to live it in joyous abundance and gratitude.

We can give the gift of teaching by example. Of speaking always in loving kindness and being of service when and where we can. If we have a gift or talent we can enrich it by passing it on. We can be generous in our smiles. They cost nothing and brighten the lives of others we pass along the way.

We learn to treasure the small things. A hug. A drawing or not from a child. A call to keep in touch. A quiet morning outdoors. A good book. The ability to read. Laughter. Life is rich indeed and we know that for sure when we take the time to count our blessing each day. Thank you, God.


Thursday, August 18, 2016

Celebrate Now

There are many occasions to celebrate. Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays. But we needn't wait for a special time or a special day. Celebrate life. The gift of each day and the surprises it holds for us. Celebrate the beauty of the world and of all God's creations, including yourself.

The magnificent ways our bodies function without conscious control, and often without gratitude. We can celebrate the evening sky. The stars, moon and planets, a more wondrous display than any fireworks man devises.

Celebrate the changes of seasons. Leaves turning, snow falling. The sun's warmth, and the rain's replenishment. The birds sing the day into being by greeting it with song each morning. The Divine speaks to us in nature itself and we are in awe of His creation.

The majesty of a sequoia growing for hundreds of years. The vastness of the oceans and their constant movement. The life it holds within it far below. The variety of the animals that share this world with us.

The Divine provides all that we need, seen and unseen. And the greatest of all gifts is His unconditional love that brings us here to experience and celebrate this life. To be aware it is happening and to live in acknowledgement and gratitude.

To allow God to tend to our worries and to seek instead Divine guidance. To ask Him to "show us the way". Listen to Him speak in the wind. In the light and the darkness, and in the still small voice within.

Feel the angels around you. S/He has sent them to be with you in this life and beyond. Celebrate our union with all-that-there-is and know greater happiness and understanding in the awareness.


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

God lifts us up

Listen for the still small voice that is the Divine speaking within. S/He wants to give us guidance and is joyful when we seek it for it means our heart is open to receive the Holy Spirit. It is not always easy to rely on faith when it seems everything in our life is going wrong, but what greater ally do we have to turn to than God and what greater support can we receive than Divine help, Divine answers.

What we, in our limited vision, see as chaos, despair, our world crashing, may be but lessons we have chosen to experience in this lifetime, a means to bring us back to faith, and a communication with God. Something we seem to tend to forget when all is going right with our world.

When there is nothing and no one left to hang on to God is there, waiting for us to reach out so that S/He may lift us up. When we are the voice crying out in the wilderness who else is there to listen but one with a Divine ear?

Praying is merely talking and sharing. There is no need for formality. Remember you are speaking to your Father who loves you. All parents rejoice when they hear from their children, even the Divine parent of all parents, the all-that-I-am.

We are eternally connected, we just forget that at times in our humanity. Hard times are a means of reminding us. In difficulty, we can find faith. In faith, we find renewed hope. Hope is having our prayers evaluated and answered in a way that will be for our best outcome.

We may think that means getting what we want but the Divine in His wisdom gives us what we need to achieve not only our purpose but to enhance our development in the spirit so that we may possess more than worldly goods, but a fulfillment of a greater understanding of of service, love, generosity, and gratitude.


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A little each day

My journey comes to an end
in silence, words forgotten
time undone a little each day
not a word said, nothing spoken
alone now, without a friend
failing memory took them away


Give from the heart

Give generously not just from your abundance but from your heart. Make giving as much a part of your everyday life as paying your bills, buying groceries, or putting gas in your car. So that when you sit down at a meal you will know that the less fortunate will also.

Do not give of your waste, your unwanted, your castoffs that you will not use, or no longer desire, but as you would a loved on in need, wanting only the best for them.

To make a sacrifice so that others may share in our blessings becomes not a sacrifice at all. If we would give up what is harmful to us anyway, such as cigarettes, alcohol, excess sweets, and give that money to those who hunger for the basics of life we would know greater joy and greater health.

Instead of overindulging our children with toys they quickly tire of, take them shopping for a new toy for a child who will have nothing and teach them to give that they may experience greater happiness that giving to others brings into our own lives.

They will learn much and appreciate more. When there is a special when shopping, for a buy one get one free, give the other to the needy, especially when it is groceries. What we waste in the garbage disposal or trash would have fed many who have nothing at all.

When you cook large amounts, give half away. There are many elderly who cannot afford to feed themselves because their health care costs are so high. They have to choose between medication and meals.

We can ask ourselves when we are buying a luxury: do we really need it or can the money be better used serve those that are in need? We are here so that we can learn to share. We are all God's children. When we open our hearts it is filled with Divine love. When we give, we also serve.


Monday, August 15, 2016

Pray and Plan

Life speeds by, often without our acknowledgement and a half a year is gone before we know it. What is it we want to accomplish, to make a change in our life for the rest of the year?

Do we want to learn something new? Retrain for a different occupation? Buy a house? Lose weight? Become more fit? See something of the world or visit someone we love?

Put it on our Devine calendar and ask for Divine guidance that what is meant to be will be. Then do your own leg work and homework. Plan and pray. We need to do both, for without including the Divine in all we do life is not the joy it could be.

There are so many possibilities when we open ourselves up to them. Don't wait for the someday, some year, some time. Why not do it now? Believe in yourself and in your destiny.

Know that you deserve the best and it will be available to you with the right attitude and Divine guidance. The Holy Spirt is always available. Ask and you shall receive. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door shall be opened to you.

Not sometime, somewhere, but right now! Life is a gift to be treasured, an adventure to be lived fully, an opportunity that is waiting to happen. Just open up your self, your mind, your heart, your spirit, that you may receive.

You know spiritually when something is right and when you are just going through the motions. Trust in that inner knowledge, that still small voice, and that you will be shown the way and that all that is necessary to succeed will be provided for you when you are on the right path.

It is never too late. Remember to give thanks each day along the way, for without Divine help we can do nothing, but with Him all things are possible. Remember to give back to others the gifts you are granted today that you may pass it on.


Sunday, August 14, 2016

Put yourself on the list

Sometimes we need to stay in, slow down and rest ourselves. Our human body needs to rejuvenate itself, especially when there is stress, heat, humidity, long hours, and endless errands.

We forget to put our own self on the list of things to do. To take a day and honor our spirit. To rest and relax. To be at peace. To meditate, pray, and commune with God.

Would we treat others with the abuse we pile on ourselves in the name of accomplishment, have-to's, and neglect? Not stopping to feed ourselves until our heads are throbbing. Not resting our eyes or our minds. Pushing and punishing ourselves to the limit, always trying to do one more thing.

Do we really call this living? We forget that we are a creation of God and that we should honor all S/He has made. The old saying "take time to smell the roses" is full of common sense. The bible says to give ourselves a day of rest, but we rarely heed it or the warning our own physical self speaks to us with high blood pressure, headaches, stomach pain, or many other says it sets off warning bells.

Is this the life we want to live? Is this all there is? Did the Divine create all the beauty of the world for us to be too busy to truly see it, waiting for the day when we have the time instead of honoring ourselves and taking time?

When we slow down and rest, rejuvenate, pamper, replenish our low energy, we are actually able to accomplish more, at other times, when we have a busy day it is important to take at least five minutes to walk away, go outside, and refocus, but we think we can't spare the time.

Trust that you are worth it and that few minutes is restoration, not only of body, but of spirit. It is the breath of life that gets you through and reminds you that there is more to life.


Saturday, August 13, 2016

Take time to share

To share is a blessing and we should be grateful for the opportunity. Whether with family or friends, when you gather together do it in love and in the Holy Spirit that you may all be blessed in coming together.

Be warm and open. Be willing to listen as well as speak. Genuinely care how others are doing and in the events of their lives. To break bread together is a sign of unity and peace, to lay aside past hurts, and a renewal of relationships.

To see the children join together in the spirit of play, new and old acquaintances alike in joyful pleasure shows us how the world can be if we truly accept others openly, without judgement.

God says we must come to Him as children and this is what S/He means. It is only as we get older that we hold on to our grudges, feelings of past offenses, and our need to be right.

With children, they can have a spat one minute and be playing together again the next. They don't hold on to a feeling of victimhood or who's right or wrong but put it aside in the spirit of whatever game they are playing.

They all have their likes and dislikes but it does not stop them from joining in the fun, from embracing a new friend, from playing hide and seek, or old lady witch. This is the openness and acceptance, as well as forgiveness, that we need to practice in our own lives.

Be as children. See the good in others instead of dwelling on your differences. Take turns instead of needing the spotlight. Join together to accomplish what we cannot do alone. Welcome someone new into your life without making judgements at first sight.

Learn to laugh and experience and show joy, just for the fun of it. Don't be so serious. Take time to play and invite others into your circle. Put aside your differences. Life is short, make the most of it. Pretend you're a child and the world is your friend, and it will be.


Friday, August 12, 2016

Have Faith, God Provides

Faith is a learning process, not a place we arrive at. We are constantly being tested by circumstances in life. There is financial uncertainty that comes to all of us at one time or another. We may pray over it and hope for a symbol that we have been answered, but what are we looking for?

Is there a dollar amount that will make us feel secure? Instead, we should pray "give me faith". The Divine word is that "all things will be provided" and we are to trust in the Lord. But when will they be provided?

Usually, when we need them! So at times we feel helpless, but why? We are feeling a need to have that symbol of security, so we worry.

We worry about our livelihood, our bills, our future. What we need to pray for is courage, to acknowledge that we are not in control in this life, but that "through Him", the Divine all-that-is, all good things come.

He is the supplier of abundance. We have a purpose to serve in being here and all that we need will come. Not through our own powers, but through the grace of God. "Have no fear, for I am with you, always" is His promise.

Not just in good times, bad times, or indifferent times, but always. Sometimes we need to be reminded of that when we are making a request. Maybe we should start by thanking God for all that we have.

Then we can ask Him to strengthen our faith, that we not live in doubt, but in gratitude. That we not seek symbols with dollar signs. For when we do that what we are saying to the universe is "I believe I have an insufficiency" and that is exactly what we attract.

The Divine is our abundance and as long as we put our faith in Him all our needs will be provided for. Be confident in His love.


Thursday, August 11, 2016

Relationships in Life

Relationships are important, maintaining them as well as releasing them when the time comes. We can only listen to our heart, ask for Divine guidance and try to make the right choices. We are here to experience life.

It does not always work out the way we imagine it in our youth, as we travel the path and mature, new people, new places, new adventures, and new opportunities come into our life and others go.

We must learn to release them with joy. Do your best to have made a positive difference with those you touched along the way. Everything in life is part of our personal growth and learning.

We empower ourselves with choice. More so when we ask for Divine guidance in our decisions. It allows us to feel a rightness and we know our direction is the correct one. Even when, in our fear, we do not consciously choose, that too is a choice and has an effect on its outcome.

Nothing is ever stagnant. We cannot keep something by clinging to it when it is time to move on, and in the process, we develop a greater awareness of these truths and become more conscious in our choices.

We learn to listen for the small inner voice which is truth spoken by our guardian Angels and at times by the Divine Himself giving us the wisdom to move ahead on the course of knowledge we have chosen before we even became.

There is a purpose to each life, a journey only we can make. A difference only our presence can fulfill. A knowing that we have come to find. Those who are meant to come into our live will.

Some briefly, others may linger for awhile and then move on, and some will travel the long road with us. Each has something to teach us, love to reach us and we them. Journey on.


Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Life is full of curves

Make provisions for our future but know too it is in the hands of God. No future comes with known guarantees, but do not live in fear for when we have faith, God provides. S/He will give us the guidance that we need to find the right path.

S/He will give us the guidance that we need to find the right path. S/He will bring the people and opportunities into our life to keep going toward growth and attainment in constantly expanding and elevating paths. Life is a climb with rests along the way.

The Divine will provide the abundance to keep going. Our job is to be open when it is time to change and to believe and be confident in the purpose of the experience even if we cannot immediately see the goal.

The Divine does not lead us astray, but one step at a time along the journey we have come to realize and the purpose we have come to fulfill. We cannot see where the road leads us there are many curves and rises along the way.

What is around the bend or on the other side of the climb will not be revealed until we get there and then continue on to the next turn or assent to yet new discoveries. Life is never stagnant and neither should our thinking be.

We are here to learn, to share, to grow, to experience, and to serve. No one's journey is greater than another's, it is simply that the purpose they have chosen is different. Life would be dull indeed if we were all walking the same path, but our journey is to reach the same destination.

To be fulfilled in the glory of the Divine. To return with the knowledge and the love we have received along the way in this present existence. To make a difference that we were here. Each grain of sand, each drop of rain is necessary to complete the whole as are we. To everything and everyone there is a purpose. Serve it well.


Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Living your potential

You know you are following the right path when it reaches out with excitement and lights up your spirit. You see, you know, and you anticipate the doing. Life is a gift and a discovery. An endless process of greater learning and personal growth.

It is a fulfillment of the purpose of your whole being. Then you can truly give to others, to share in abundance because life itself is a joy. Not necessarily easy, but filled with great pleasure as you are creating and realizing the true meaning of your existence.

When we do what we most love and are attuned by using the talents that were Divinely give that spirit speaks in our work and its vibrations are felt by those, near and far, who enjoy our labors and its products for their own purpose.

We bestow that love of doing and the objects absorb the energy and carry it within them. Thus, it speaks to those we never see, and it is felt by those we never know and it touches the lives we are not even aware of.

Feel assured you make a difference in whatever small way for you are serving the Divine in what you are here to do. Your reward is an inner contentment and joy in simply living. When we are on the right path our life is like a magnet.

Bringing to us that and those which we need to proceed, to greater understanding, and continued growth in our endeavors. There is no greater blessing than doing what we love and being able to share it with others.

Every day is a present and we are the recipient. Our whole existence takes on a new meaning and we have a greater sense of gratitude and of the Divine working in our life. We live consciously. We take nothing for granted, and our desire to give back so that others may understand and purpose is truly living your potential.


Monday, August 8, 2016

Change is Good

Change and a new fork in the road on our life's journey can be actively pursued instead of dreaded. All we need do is release the fear that keeps us locked into a routine that we no longer find purpose in, but continue on with because we are uncertain of the unknown.

We forget to dream, to feel enthusiasm, to be excited about our life. We have doubts that we can start anew. We measure success by monies instead of joy, and we spend our lives worrying about the things we need to acquire to feel successful and thus feel we need chase after them and worry about our ability to pay for them.

We are caught in a roller coaster world and most of us feel deprived of a true sense of accomplishment and love of our occupation. We may come to resent those who rely on us and feel locked into a no-win situation.

We think that is what life is about until for some reason we are knocked off course and begin to reevaluate life itself, and contemplate if there is a greater meaning and purpose to life.

When we realize we can have another chance to do it differently. When we release the blocks and begin to believe in ourselves and seek Divine guidance. That abundance will be provided when we need it in order to achieve what we are meant to do.

The right people will come into our lives, at the right time to help us, to guide us, to teach us, and to encourage us. We learn to tune out the naysayers who tell us it is better to be safe and secure and unhappen than to follow our dreams and inner wisdom to pursue what we truly understand is our life's work.

We can become confident that we are being led on the path that not only will better serve, but bring us greater contentment in our own life and an exuberance of joy and gratitude that we are fulfilling our true purpose is worth it. Change is good.


Sunday, August 7, 2016

Let healing begin

Be at peace and let the healing begin. When you change in spirit and release your own hostility, expectations, resentments, and jealousies, and all the pain within that has been eroding your spirit, others will see the change within and react differently towards you which helps you to heal.

You cannot change others, you can only work to remove the blocks and barriers to your own healing. To seek your own peace. To confront the uncertainties and doubts. To seek and find faith and work on strengthening your own inner spirit.

To become aware of the beauty in your existence as you release the obstacles that were blinding you that you may feel excited about the new day that is a gift.

When we seek the courage to do our inner homework we find a new assurance and joy in life. The Divine blesses us in abundance, contentment, and confidence and teaches us the generosity of sharing those blessings with others.

We learn so that we may teach by example. What we learn becomes apparent to others by the way we live. We spend less time in the valley of despair worrying about our deprivations and celebrate each small blessing of each day's abundance and beauty.

Gifts that are available to each one of us if we release in order to receive. When we take the blinders of self-pity off we are open to the radiance of Divine creation. We learn to seek Divine guidance so that we stop stumbling in the mire of what ifs.

They no longer matter. We come to realize how very much we are loved. That we are surrounded by Angels to guard our steps. That we are never alone and that there is a greater purpose to life.

It becomes not so much about us, but what we can do for others. We learn to seek the quiet so that we can better listen. When we heal we help heal others as well.


Saturday, August 6, 2016

Let Go, Let God

Not only do we intuitively know when a relationship is over, but when it is time to move on from other things  as well. Such as a job that we have been at too long and not only feel a loss of joy for, but a daily dread of being there.

But we deny what we know for fear of change, of the unknown and because of our own self-doubt. We will stay in a situation overlong, clinging desperately to what not longer serves our purpose simply because we are familiar with it, even if it is no longer comfortable.

Like an old shoe that is worn down and uncomfortable. We put off breaking in something new for fear of blisters, or a tightness from the newness. We struggle not only emotionally but physically. Soon our stomach is tightening and burning.

Our sleep is disrupted our mind churns over the events of the day, and the dread of tomorrow. Our moods are no longer a pendulum, but a lead weight and we are sinking ever deeper with it. We forget that we can ask for Divine guidance in our uncertainty.

We do not trust that the opportunities we need will be provided and we certainly do not believe in ourselves. Instead, we have locked ourselves into a helpless and hopeless cycle of emotional discontent and anxiety.

This is not the way we're meant to live, spiritually deprived. We must ask to receive and we must quiet ourselves to hear. The answer, the opportunities, and the purpose will appear. We will find an inner peace of knowing.

Be confident in trusting your spiritual knowing that inner voice that is the barometer to guide us. It is your Angels speaking. The Divine showing you the way. Illuminating the path that will serve your destiny. Be assured that you can do what you are here to do. Let Go. Let God!


Friday, August 5, 2016

When the tide is out

Don't take yourself seriously when you're feeling down and don't try to make life changing decisions at this time for you are not at your optimum and neither will your decisions be.

You're at low tide and vulnerable. Easy to anger. A time at best when you want to be left alone. It's important not to fight it, or others, or take on the world at low tide. But only to recognize that's where you are and that the tide will change again.

All you need do is relax and weather the storm. The sun will shine on you again and the grayness of your world will return to the bright colors of feeling good, once more.

When the tide comes in it fills us with hope and happiness. With a sense of well-being and that all is right with the world. Everything looks better again and our perspective on life is out of the gray and into the pink.

People comment about seeing the world with rose colored glasses. Well we only do that when we're at high tide and feeling good. Our decisions are more optimistic because we have the sense to look further instead of being stopped by the first rejection.

We don't take affront at every minor mishap and turn it into a confrontation blowing things out of proportion. It's best if we become aware of our internal tides and when we are low, wait for the tide to change.

All things pass. Nothing ever stays constantly down or up. The law of gravity itself brings everything down, but in our reality we realize we can and will rise again.

We have our highs and lows. Our flows and ebbs. Our coming and going from gaiety to despair. Just be aware when the tide is out and wait for a better day when the tide is higher before you decide anything major.


Thursday, August 4, 2016

Finding Purpose

When you can set aside your needs and desires, becoming completely willing to give of yourself to fulfill the needs of another, you have discovered your sense of power, and that enables you to be truly compassionate, and free. You've found your purpose.


Be willing to serve

What we receive is balanced by what we give. Not just monetarily, but emotionally, lovingly, supportively, generously. If we reject being there for someone when we could, only because, we don't care about those others.

We are sending a message to the universe that we are uncaring. If we refuse to see someone when they are ill because it would make us uncomfortable, we are saying to the universe only bother when the times are good.

When we deny others when we could share what we have we are saying to the universe that we ourselves are bankrupt of a generous nature. When we allow our self-respect to be trampled for what we believe is financial security we are saying to the universe we are unworthy.

When we don't have many friends because we don't reach out in friendship we say to the universe I am unloving. When God gives us the opportunity to give to others, to demonstrate acts of love, to be generous of spirit, He does not ask us to judge "is this person worthy?".

He merely give us an opportunity and says "what will you do with it?". Then it is our choice. It is our own choice to see that this person is also a child of God. That we don't have to like everyone to be generous of nature.

That when we feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, minister to the sick, visit the incarcerated, pray for the sinner, love the unloving, look for the lost, try to achieve peace, cheer up the lonely, or smile at a stranger, we are doing God's work.

For what we do, for the least of His children, we do for Him. We cannot just expect and pray for our own needs, but say to the universe I am willing to serve.


Wednesday, August 3, 2016

I'm rich in love

My life is more enriched by a friend, though he has nothing, one who loves me as a sister than one whose only thoughts are to achieve wealth and fame and whose only concern is for himself.

One enriches all they meet, the other withers in spirit in their quest for attainment. The beauty of a garden that brings joy to all who pass its way is more precious than jewels locked away in a dark safe for fear they would be taken from you.

Something cannot be taken that is freely given, beauty, love, sharing, friendship. They are gardens to the world, and we offer them freely. They are messages of hope, of renewal, of life itself.

A garden honors the earth and all it contains. It speaks of our character and attention to spirit. Like a tree whose roots are firmly planted in truth and brings nourishment to the birds, squirrels, and a haven and shelter from the sun.

So too love given increases tenfold, perpetuating itself. It doesn't just stay in the heart, but flows out, continually replenished. My most valuable treasures are the love and friendships given freely. That are there in good times and bad. That ask no profit, but make me feel wealthy indeed.

There is no amount of gold I could receive that could replace one valued person in my life. I have been truly blessed. I have the richest of gifts in my life. How grateful I am to be so loved and treasured and to be able to return it so fully, unlimited and in abundance.

I truly have been given what I value most. I need never lock it away for fear of vandals, but let in shine in Divine Light. Let me be that kind of friend in the lives of others. A gift, not of darkness, but of light. A garden of love to grow and share and to bring joy to those who pass along the way.


Tuesday, August 2, 2016

A movement in time

I find little peace
in this in between
waiting in silence
clothed in confusion
the days pass slowly
each another goodbye
a movement in time


The sum of life

The sum of life is not measured in big events, but in day to day living. In the silence and the pauses of the spirit, not the insidious chatter that drowns it out. Be mindful in your life that you may look back with gratitude and look forward with anticipation.

Mostly, be at peace with yourself. This is the life you have chosen and you are who you have chosen to be. you have come here to experience and to make a difference. Not in large things but in everyday joys.

If you have not been perfect, be compassionate, you are only human, with the possibilities of seeking perfection in the life hereafter. See God in all things, including yourself, for He is the greater creator of all, and His presence is apparent wherever we look.

In a flower, a tree, a blade of grass, in the birds, the animals, and the clouds overhead. Reflected in the sun rays, and the colors of a rainbow. In the majesty of a mountain and the simplicity of a grain of sand.

If the Divine so loves all the small things he creates, like a butterfly in flight, know that He also loves you, just as you are. Our life is like a path, it winds and it climbs. It is full of hidden surprises and endless possibilities. Color it with love.

Treasure your memories, but live in hopes of tomorrow and the blessings of today. Check your spiritual map to see if you are on course. We are not as limited as we define ourselves, denying our dreams and believing that is reality.

When truly all things are possible with Divine help. Greatness lives in living authentically, not in riches. For our goodness cannot be taken from us and us worth more when it touches others and makes a difference in their lives.

Do not set your eyes on the material or fame, but on personal gain. All else comes as a by-product as a gift from the Divine.


Monday, August 1, 2016

Take time to know yourself

Take time to know who you really are, not who you think you are, developed by the circumstances of our life, but the inner you since childhood with a Divine connection to all-that-is and the power to be all that you can be.

If you take the time to know yourself and realize what that is, what are your fears and why, what brings you joy, what are your hidden talents you have been ignoring, what are your weaknesses and how can you overcome them, and much more.... you'll be all the better for it.

What were all the dreams you were going to accomplish but instead have tucked into a drawer of darkness and left ignored for years?

How can you make a small difference in the world? See the truth of who you are and the self you can be and you'll know the answer.

We are our own teachers, but we must take time to listen to the spirit within. To that small voice of truth that we have shut out in our daily routines. We must learn to value ourselves and our lives.

To live them not just with existence, but with meaning. Honor the self you were created to be. Forgive yourself for doubting that you can be entitled to be loved for who you are and be less judgmental our ourselves.

The Divine loves us unconditionally. Let us learn to love ourselves more. God want the best for us and to fulfill the desires of our heart, but first we must open up to them and recognize that all things come from the Divine and we can trust Him to provide.

This is called faith. When we honor the spirit within, we honor the Divine. We need, but think differently, to live differently. To reevaluate our situation, our life and whether we are fulfilling our purpose of just existing.

Truly living requires that we be more conscious in our choices, our awareness, our life. To be alive to the moment and follow our heart.