Thursday, July 31, 2014

sprouting roots

Did I tell you
about my heart
it's sprouting roots
growing slowly
the veins and arteries
the seed of whatever
you left there
filling my inner being
an unlikely start
for a
human... planting


Let me grow

Let me grow
to discover love
the more I grow
the more I learn of love
the more I have to give
share with me
in my love
so I can learn to live


You are the path I follow

Lord you speak and let me listen for the words. Let me not try to lead for I do not know where I am going, but to ask for divine guidance and to let you show me the way. Let me seek peace instead of possessions, knowing that all I need you will provide for me and more.

Let me be open to your teaching Dear God. Let me remember to ask for your help rather than stumble and fall on my own. Let me treat others with the kindness that you show to me. Let me remember that you put me here for a purpose and let me seek your help in fulfilling it.

Help me to let go, Oh Lord, that I cannot receive until I release. To hold on to something that is not my destiny blocks what is from arriving. Help me to have faith. Let me remember that those you send will uplift my spirit and not degrade and humiliate me.

The nay-sayers I encounter were not sent by you but they can help me to realize that I need to turn to you. Let me be honest always in my dealings with others. Let me put you first before all things. Let me remember that you love me unconditionally and that I am your child and so are the many I meet along the path as I travel through this life.

Let me be grateful for those I can be my true self with, that help me connect with my spirit and with you. Let me know when I am on the right path instead of stubbornly pursuing "my" path even when it is not working and I feel unfulfilled.

Let me know the joy of following your lead. Help me to have greater understanding. Help me to conquer the fear of change. Let me be grateful for all the blessings you have bestowed upon me and that all good things come from you.

Teach me to have patience, that growing spiritually takes time. I am in a period of evolution, of growth, of change, of enlightenment. You, Dear Lord are the constant in my life. You never leave me but are always here with me.

My light in the darkness showing me the way. In you I both seek and find. You have given me a whole new life. Much is ahead of me and you will reveal it in time.


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Crucified Heart

I don't always
do alright
I even do badly
eludes me
is non-existent
in solitude
I find peace
in writing
I try to rid
of some of
this pain
I doubt
my own beliefs
I crucified
my heart
I'm not real


Teach what is important

I am so grateful for family. For my children and the bond that we continuously work on. For the encouragement we give to one another. For the love we share and our faith in God to see us through all things.

We take the time to reach out and to stay in touch. To say "I love you" instead of just thinking it. To express ourselves without worry that we will be put down. Miles may separate us, but it cannot weaken the closeness we feel.

I have always tried to encourage them, to teach them to believe in themselves and to praise their accomplishments. I have strived to teach them not to limit themselves by fear but to reach out in faith. There are many times I have prayed for them and still do.

Like all parents I want the best for my children but I have also taught them that life is not about "things" but who we truly are. That it is important to be aware of their surroundings and of the beauty in the world. To grateful for their blessings and to share not only what they have with others but their time as well.

The gift of time is one of the most precious things we can give another. Life is not meant to be rushed through but savored. Work we love is more important than a well paying job we hate. God will provide when we are doing from the heart.

Believe in yourself and what you can accomplish. And take time to smell the flowers and to plant seeds as well. Life should be balanced with time taken to pray and talk to God the number one priority. Time to work and time to play.

Time to be serious and time to laugh. Time to sit quietly and listen and time to speak. We should live with our whole heart and give from the spirit. Each day has blessings, look for them instead of concentrating on what can or does go wrong.

It makes us more aware of the goodness and abundance of God in our everyday. Take time for the small things that remind others how much we care. The note, the call, the words. What we hold back we may come to regret. What we give in love lives on in our memories.


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Never to return

No longer the same
I can't remember
places or names
no before, no after
gone up in flames
my tears and laughter
never to return again


No crime

Salvation from scorn
and innocence too
from forgetting time
no loss to mourn
and so little to do
aging's no crime


Send Me A Sign

Lord give me a sign. I ask for your guidance in all that I do. My life is in your hands. Since I have surrendered it to you it has been filled with more blessings than I have ever been aware of. I want to help others know this joy, this peace, this richness and awareness of living and I pray for them.

Sometimes I get asked to share or give in ways I am not sure is your will. It is at these times I turn to you for a sign. In all things, I wonder if I am acting, in answer to prayer on your behalf or am I robbing others of an opportunity to increase their faith in you.

I know you hear me, oh Lord. I ask that you speak to me most clearly that I may do your work. I feel guilty at times that you have blessed me with abundance while my friends are still struggling. I know there is a purpose to this.

I know there are lessons for all of us to learn. I know it is necessary to have faith. To release all things into your hands and to have a positive outlook on life. How may I serve you dear Lord? Make the way clear. Enlighten me.

I do tell others of your love and to make you a priority in their lives. I tell them to have faith that through you all things are possible. That you love them and to put all their concerns in your hands and that you will answer. I try to bring your world to others and to tell them of the great change you have made in my life and the lives of my children when we turn to you.

I'm no better than anyone else, but at times feel more fortunate. I am so grateful that you are guiding me along my path. I do not worry for the tomorrows or dwell on the past and any regrets I could have. Today is important for it is this day I am living now. Through faith all is revealed in time.


Monday, July 28, 2014

On Friendship

I've been very blessed with friends. It's not that I have a lot of them, but the ones I have are some of my dearest blessings God has put into my life. One is like a sister to me. We have been through personal ups and downs through many years and continue to cheer each other on.

One wants only what is best for the other. We've laughed together, cried together, know each others darkest secrets and love each other unconditionally. Each friendship is unique and has seen the test of time. We have a fellowship that is lasting. We pray for each other and with each other.

We're there for the good times and the hard times. We're not here to judge but to open our hearts, our homes and our arms to one another. True friends rejoice in your accomplishments. They aren't jealous or resentful, but celebrate with you.

True friends aren't afraid to cry with you over your loss. They don't slander you to others but help pick you up when you fall. They are available for that late night call when you just need to talk. Miles can separate you but not diminish the closeness you share.

Friends are an extended family and sometimes closer than your own siblings. There is true purpose to the friendships God gives us. We learn from one another and grow in spirit through the knows of one another.

A true friend doesn't just take or use you for their own benefit, but repays you with equal kindness. With friends you know you are never truly alone. Their door is open to you as is yours to them. A friend looks forward to your visits, anticipates your annual breakfast.

They are sharing, caring, loving, thoughtful and a precious gift. He who has friends is never poor but rich in God's blessings. Friendship is filled with memories that we can replay in our minds. All life has a purpose. All relationships have a purpose.

Friendships teaches us how to give and to receive. To trust and be trusted. It is rooted in the heart and gives wings to our spirit. Friends bring out the best and accept us for who we are.


Sunday, July 27, 2014

Faith is God's Path

Sometimes God lets us struggle waiting for answers, when what He is waiting for is a sign of our faith. God knows sometimes we all have our fears. Fear of being alone. Fear we are not able to conquer the challenges life gives us. Fear of loss. Fear of commitments. Fear of something or somewhere new, of starting over.

Fear of love or loss. Fear will get us nowhere but stuck in the mire of fear. We cannot move on or celebrate life while in fear. It keeps us from appreciating the beauty around us and from being happy. How can we succeed when we are stuck in fear? We can't.

It takes faith to succeed. Faith in God. Faith in ourselves and faith in others. Faith that God will provide for our needs. Faith that all is right with the world. Gratitude leads to faith. For when we concentrate on our blessings we are too busy to worry and be in fear.

When we recognize all the wonderful things God puts in our life, each small blessing, we know that God is present in our everyday. It leads to a greater spiritual existence. Believe and you will receive. Sometimes our minds are so busy we cannot hear the messages God sends.

That is when we need to learn to quiet ourselves and go within. To stop talking long enough to listen. To be more aware. God loves it when we take time for Him. It can set the tone for our day and be our guidance along the way.

It is important to remember God loves us and wants the best for us. God can heal whatever wound we have, be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. He completes us and makes us whole. When we have God in our lives we are never alone.

He provides the abundance and shows us that all things are possible. It doesn't matter where we are, God is there too. It is not "things" that will fulfill us but peace and strength of spirit. When we have faith, we have everything. We see His greatness in all things and know that He is within us, guiding us, loves us, and is providing for us. Take the leap of faith, God is there!


Saturday, July 26, 2014

A walk with God

Thank you for this day dear God. Help me to accomplish what I need to do and be with me each step of the way, and help me to believe. Let me take time to see the beauty of the trees, the sky, the air, and to know that whatever I do and wherever I go that you too are with me there.

Let me be at peace knowing you are near and guiding me along the way, and that you are here for me to talk to today and every day. You know what is in my heart, dear Lord and you love me just as I am. You have taught me to love myself and love my life and to be the best that I can.

You have put in my hands books of wisdom to read and other means to help me to grow. You have taught me to be quiet within and when you speak, not to question, but know. You only want the best for me to share the gifts you have provided to learn new ways to serve you Lord and know it is by you that I am guided.

I do not know that what the future holds. You will reveal all things in time. My job is to have faith in you, my God, my Father, the Divine. I know there is a purpose we all are here to achieve and when we turn to you, oh God, we will follow wherever you lead.

I thank you for my morning thoughts and my work throughout the day, and when the sun sets and it turns to night in gratitude I pray. I remember each blessing you bestow on me, every great thing and everything small. But that you speak and walk with me I am grateful most of all.

My mind is no longer filled with worry but with thoughts of love and faith. I know that where I am being led, you too will be in that place. My children may be far from me, but I am never myself alone. I have you for company and where you lead me I will call home.

You have blessing me with abundance and with love I share. Not holding on, but letting go. I have learned the greater gift is to love and to care. When I go to sleep at night it is with peaceful thoughts anew and when I awaken it will be to spend another day with you.


Friday, July 25, 2014

This void so blue

Nothing will bring
me back to you
in my forgetting
I play the fool
the sun is setting
life passing too
me here staring
this void so blue


Life is Beautiful

Let me be a tool of yours dear God, let me be in your school. You the teacher, me the student. Let me not be restless or despair over the time given to me not filled with things to do, but realize the gift it is - time to get closer to you.

Let me count my blessings instead of concentrating on what I feel is lacking in my life. When it is filled with your love there is no lack. All that I need is provided. Let me be more aware of my surroundings. To take time to pray each day. To be quiet within and listen as your words fill my heart.

I may not have a job, but I have joy. My work is your work. What I need to learn you will put at my disposal. You will provide the teachers and the means. It is a new day and I am on a new path. Let me release the old that I may move on.

Fear is not a word associated with you. For with your guidance we become the faith - full. When we become tired you lift us up. When we become discouraged you fill our lives with new possibilities. When we feel alone you show us your love.

Through you we are renewed. Each day is a new opportunity and a new beginning. Teach us to share your love with others that they too may realize how precious they are in your eyes.

I feel the spirit within that is you filling me. Your warmth surrounds me and I am at peace. This gift of time is so precious. You have taught me how to slow down. How to savor each moment and to be grateful that I may see the beauty of your world and all that is in it.

That I may hear the birds sing praising your glory and wishing me a good day. I enjoy the fresh scents of the air, the trees, the flowers, and feel more alive than I have for years.

These are your gifts and your blessings. Praise to you Oh, Lord and give thanks for this gift of today. You have washed miracles onto the shores of my life by opening me up the the greater possibilities of life and a closer relationship my God thee. Life truly is beautiful when we learn to see.


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Find Salvation

My soul travels the universe
searching for its form
the one whose self caused this curse
the celestial inner storm
within what I once was
now limited in relation
left this canvas portrait.... does
it find its own salvation?


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Butterflies and Dragonflies

The two yellow butterflies are dancing in the air. They dip, pirouette and soar. I'm sure they must be birth twins and they are celebrating life, the end of the cocoon and the wonder of the wings. They land near each other on one garden plant, both opening and closing their wings in synchronization.

After a short rest they again take flight, one coming up to investigate the upper deck and this person observing them. The other studying the wonder of the trees and the fruit ripening on them. Then they find each other to resume their freedom of flight dance. Their life cycle may be brief but it is beautiful, brilliant, unique of design and symbolism.

Today dragonfly also came to visit the garden, different in shape and more steady in flight than the butterfly but vivid itself in color and sense of peacefulness and liberty. The Chipmunks are playing tag in and out of the boulders, climbing up the barrel in down again after investigating all the flowers, they revel in the garden and seemed to feel I have designed, planted, carried home and placed large rocks just for their pleasure to romp in like children let loose at a theme park.

I feel like I'm the Disneyland in the neighborhood as so many animals love to explore my garden. I try to discourage them from acting as if it is the local luncheonette and eating up all the flowers and plants. The cotton tails and deer can be especially destructive but I realize it is their home and they have inhabited it long before we people came to join them and it is our idea to change the landscape, preferring roses to wild sage, lilacs to scrub oak and fruit trees to firs.

So I gently discourage total destruction and try to combine the wild with plants that are natural to the area. I search out seeds that are indigenous to the high mountains, cold winters and that can survive warm summers. Watering is a daily ritual done slowly and thoroughly by hand it is a time to meditate, to enjoy the beauty of God's country where I am privileged to live, surrounded by beauty, and sharing it with the creatures of the wild.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Life in the wild

It seems as if there is a quail convention going on. This morning my front hill is filled with several families whooping and pecking, at least 40 or 50 of them. After a long discussion they decide to break up into two groups. Half ran across the street and went up the hill and proceeded left, in-line, to continue to climb.

The second group after finding whatever they could to eat on my hill made their own procession down to my backyard, through which the greenbelt runs. Earlier there was a single young doe that came walking up the road and into the forested area across from my home.

First though it paused to have its fill of oak leaves and to watch me furtively and with great curiosity. Just the two of us, me on my deck, she on the opposite hill until the chipmunk breaking cover startled her and breaking eye contact she moved quickly into the greater density of the forest.

It is interesting to see how the wild creatures look out for each other. The Quail always have a look out that tells them when it is safe to go and in which direction. The squirrels too have posted guards to make warning calls by slapping their tails when danger or humans are near. When a feral cat or predator comes near the whole forest comes alive, squirrels slapping, birds screeching, quails whooping like telegraph drums in the wild.

Some birds will swoop in and dive while  rabbits and chipmunks run for cover. Sometimes I see a Quail Hawk perched on a pole or wire waiting to spot a quarry to dine on, but more often than not he is thwarted, as is the feral cat that comes to hunt stealthily in my garden.

I think at times they feel as if I am one of their lookouts as well, high up on my deck. And I too call out warnings or shoo off the trespasser. I also provide seed, water, nuts and other treats to the wildlife so that many gather in my yard. I realize they were here first and we live in peace and harmony here.


Monday, July 21, 2014

Circular Time

My sordid past
a wound, a gash
a cut to the jugular
time so circular


Be outraged and appreciate

The other day I was at the nursery when someone called there asking what they could use to kill the squirrels. Now why would people want to move to a forested to the area where wildlife abounds and want to destroy it? I find that is much of the problem in too many places and soon if we don't preserve and protect our natural resources and the wildlife, there won't be any left at all.

There is way too much building for the resources we have, but unfortunately people want to have it all and to conserve nothing. They think that there is an endless supply when there is not. The panic when bears and bobcats are seen in their neighborhoods after they destroy the natural habitats to build more and bigger houses is pathetic.

They plant lawns and gardens where pines and wildflowers used to grow and then complain when deer and rabbits come feast and want to raise tall fences and walls to protect what is "theirs". Where does it stop? Where I live fencing is mostly prohibited except maybe a small enclosure for your dog or little chicken wire around the favorite rose.

Every day I see wildlife and embrace it as part of the beautiful area in which I am privileged to live. Things so get nibbled on but I also put out feeders and water. The deer cross my driveway, the squirrels climbed the trees, chase each other on the decks and roof, chipmunks play hide and seek in the boulders out front, the birds nest wherever they like.

Hummingbirds are provided nectar as well as an abundance of flowers they share with the bees. My cats lay on the window ledges watching birds and communicating with the squirrels who come to call. As they are pets I neither let them out to hunt be hunted. My neighbors have lost a dear pet to coyotes or other predators through their own negligence. When something is not raised to fend for itself in the wild it is not equipped to do so.

We need to learn to conserve, respect, be tolerant and appreciate the wonders of nature.


Sunday, July 20, 2014

God creates miracles

God has worked so many miracles in my life. He is the source of my joy. Everything I do has purpose because God is guiding me, providing for me, opening the doors for me and bringing new people into my life. God is leading me to the family roots that I have been searching for, is healing wounds that were festering too long and blocking my spiritual growth.

To let go and let God is to find a whole new meaning to life. To put aside any misunderstandings in the realization that they take up too much energy, accomplish nothing except to deter our own growth, and that forgiving is a liberating way of life that frees us to concentrate on God.

I am truly blessed and have come to realize how unconditional God's love is and that we can all share in it. That we too learn to give to others unconditionally and bring joy, thus our own joyfulness expands tenfold and were able to give even more in an unending circle.

There is no greater teacher then the Holy Spirit who is in Trinity with God the Father and his Son. We are all, in spirit, part of God's family for we too are His children here to learn, to remember, to love and to share. To know that this life is not about jobs, big houses, fancy cars, cruises, clothes and things.

It is much more than that and each one of us can make a difference. When we learn to love one another and to accept one another then we can live in peace and joy. The only differences are in our minds and there is no place for judgment in God's love. We are all one family and our greatest family roots are not here on earth but in the eternity of God's love.

Our spirit remembers who we are and our true home even if we don't. Life need be neither a struggle nor hardship when we give our will to God. He supplies all our needs and more and opens us to see the miracles in all things for God is in the business of creating them. Just ask.


Saturday, July 19, 2014

Give it to God

Instead of living in a state of worry "give it to God" who will show us the way. If we are having difficulties with any relationships "give it to God" and ask His guidance in healing it. Do not see fault but forgiveness. Do not harbor resentments but instead seek resolution and peace.

If a job is becoming a burden and you are struggling, ask God if it serves your purpose and if you belong there or if it is now time to move on and to seek a new path. God hears you and will answer, sometimes quicker than anticipated. God hears all we ask of Him.

It is our need to let go of the fear so that He show us the way. Fear blocks progress and change and sometimes keeps us in situations we have long outgrown. If you desire something, like a home of your own, ask God. Tell him your needs and then "give it to God".

He fills our needs but we must remember to be specific when we ask. Envision what it is you desire in its entirety instead of being vague. God works with us not against us and will provide for us abundantly. Ask God too how you can serve, to give back so that others too may learn of His love.

Teach others even as you learn. Pass on the lessons God gives you. Live as an example of His love in action. Faith is the greatest gift we receive. To know that God is with us each step of the way showering us with His blessings and His great wisdom.

Share with Him your joys as well as your sorrows. Make Him a part of your every day including Him in all you do, think, and feel. Start your day with God and ask Him to accompany you each step of the way. It is much more fulfilling when we walk each step in His grace giving Him our gratitude, asking for His blessings and sharing all that we have.

See God in those that you encounter along the way for we are all His children, even those who have temporarily lost their way. Celebrate life for the gift it is and "give it to God" that He celebrates with you today and always.


Friday, July 18, 2014

When we ask for help

God, the Angels and the Saints we pray to assist us and intercede in our lives and make wondrous miracles happen when we turn to them. They've put my whole life on a new path.

I pray that all can know how truly enriching life can be when you visit with God in complete awareness. He has healed so many wounds I carried within, sent me the right teachers at the right time to help me whether in person or in books.

Some I've encountered through the miracle of television and some I have attended lectures with. I feel so much lighter and have a sense of peace and freedom I have never felt before. It is almost as if God has given me wings.

He has given me the wisdom to help others along the way, this too is a blessing for we learn what we teach. God continually brings new wonders into my life lately in the form of the family tree and in working in conjunction with others to search the past and to share our thoughts.

We wonder so much about the reasons behind choices. It is my desire to have some of the present generation write down their thoughts, and and what brought them to where they are so that future generations can better understand.


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Until I'm eulogized

Faraway are my eyes
struggling to remember
constantly forgetting
age doesn't compromise
loss never tempered
I sit lost and perplexed
until I'm eulogized...


Patience leads to Revelation

Patience is a learning process. It is not rushing ahead blindly. It is taking the time to look at a situation from all angles so that we can see the larger picture. Patience is having faith that God will help us resolve things for our greatest good.

It is loving ourselves for who we are, without judgment, while we're still growing spiritually until we are all that we can be. Patience reminds us that we are all a work in progress. A never ending unfolding of greater possibilities, as we encounter new experiences, new lessons, and new people come into our lives.

Patience is taking the time to review where we want to go and grow and seeing the patterns we have created in our life. Being willing to discard those that do not work or honor our authentic self and patiently creating new ones that do.

It is not being stuck in the comfort zone of habit but a continuous spiritual soul-searching that will lead us to higher levels of awareness. Life is not just about existing, but conscious living and spiritual learning and growth.

Trust in your inner voice to guide you. Do not rely on habit but in spiritual truth. We must address our fears in order to conquer them. We must see our self-doubt and inadequacies for what they are. For until you recognize something for what it is you cannot heal it. And this takes patience.

The more we uncover, the more we discover. Each layer leads to another until we can reach the core of our being and be in truth with our divine self and understand a greater purpose to being here in this lifetime.

There is a purpose to all things in existence and the reason for all things in our life. When we awaken to this knowledge we see things in a new light. We stop blaming and accept gratitude for the growth we achieve in each new experience of living. In patience all meaning as revealed.


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Honor self and environment

You must put order into your home in order to put order into your life. People require good housekeeping. They both require that you take out the trash, sort through the debris, decide what to keep and what to discard. They both should reflect the intended you, not something you feel others will want to see.

You must be able to feel comfortable in your own home as well as in your own skin. Honor your person. Give it so much attention and love as you would to a priceless piece of furniture, not be abused but to be cherished. As with your garden, the self of you must be pruned, watered, fertilized, freed of the pesky weeds choking it.

Old growth must be removed so new growth can have space to take place. This requires loving care and personal review of who we are and where we are going and need to be growing. Be honest about the direction you want your life to take, not in fear but in joy.

Learn to love your own company and to celebrate the life you have. Until you realize the wholeness of your own being you are not ready for a commitment. For no one can complete you but you. Two halves do not make a whole for they are not made of the same material – the self.

But two wholes can celebrate a union completely. Giving all of a self in its entirety. This is not to say you must overindulge yourself, but to respect yourself, giving it what it needs to be healthy and whole both mentally and physically. Exercise and a balanced diet are part of that as well as rest and relaxation, recreation and replenishment, silence and meditation as well as introspection.

Make clear goals. If you cannot be clear where you're going how can God manifest into your life what you need to get there? Arriving is not the major goal in life. It is the journey, the growth, the knowledge we collect along the way.


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

As I depart

I knew you once
there's recognition
beating in my heart
now out of sequence
I've lost cognition
my memory fallen apart
oh, what resemblance
forgetting an imposition
causing me to depart


Last Stop

Last stop ahead
no need to pack
I won't be leaving
let me rest my head
no memories to distract
after I stop breathing


Open your spirit

We cannot know the future, cannot change the past, but we can be at peace today. We can make our own intentions today be reflections of God's love for us, for others and for the whole world. As we reflect on peace around us to send the energy of peace, like rays of light, into the universe.

When enough of us do this daily, or many times a day, as we pause, we will bring a healing wherever this energy is received. Know that God loves us all and see his spiritual presence in all people and in all things that you may treat them with the respect they deserve.

When people are angry or in fear they have forgotten they have the power of love, peace, joy and abundance within them. They are seeing things with the limitations of human vision which causes fear instead of the spiritual vision which reveals only love.

It is our choice how we look at things in life. It is only a matter of changing our minds, quieting the mental chatter and seeking the spiritual care within that allows us to see more clearly. It is opening the third eye, which is pure spirit within to a new consciousness and greater awareness, to take time for the daily pauses, especially in times of stress, doubt and anxiety, to the greater realization of life.

This moment we are feeling is but the blink of an eye in the overall picture of our life, and journey, it is a raindrop in the storm. Be in perspective, be at peace. Set your intentions, and your actions will follow. Do not limit yourself by your fears, but be open to the greater possibilities that await you when you open your spirit to receive.

We get locked in the turmoil of struggle, but when we release all things to God the outcome is always for our own higher good, and the abundance necessary to achieve all that He wants for us will manifest itself in our lives.


Monday, July 14, 2014

The essence of God

God is the essence of all the and He loves us unconditionally. We are a part of Him even here on earth. We are here to learn and grow not to be separate from Him for He is always within us. The sense of being apart is only in our mind, created by the ego.

Within our spirit the acknowledgment of a oneness with God is always present. That is why seeking a greater spirituality (which is not religious at all) brings us into closer alignment with a part of us that is divine. Small miracles become a day-to-day occurrence. An unexpected windfall of monies arrive just when we need it. We find a place we were looking for that completely fits our shopping list of wants that has just come on the market for exactly what price we felt we could afford.

When we allow ourselves to become more open and live more consciously, we learn to ask him and when we do our necessities are filled in wondrous ways, in an abundance we never expected. God is generous with His children.

When we seek we find more than we ever dared hope for and we walk each day aware of God's love in all things. God loves it when we take the time to talk to Him. When we appreciate the beauty of the world He created and all living things that come from Him.

When we seek the light which is God's presence in the world it is a transformation. Everything takes on a new clarity and we live in a state of wonder and peace, and greater attunement. We learn to truly listen, our vision is more enhanced, and our love has grown tenfold.

We want to reach out to others that, they too, may see the world and its true enlightenment. That they we share the abundance of God's love and realize their true spirituality, their divine oneness with God. It is within and without and present everywhere.


Sunday, July 13, 2014

Turn to God today

Trust in God for He knows the best outcome for all situations, the path that you have chosen for your true purpose on earth, in this lifetime. When you pray there is always an answer. Seek His guidance and that of the guides He sends to you to help enlighten you and the many Angels He puts at your service.

No one is here by accident but by choice. Some choose the path of awareness, others do not. But whenever we decide to turn to God, divine guidance is given and all that we need to provide for our journey is made available to us in abundance.

The same way God brightens the sky each dawn, He lightens your burdens and enlightens your spirit so that you may see more clearly. Each day we are given a new beginning. It is never too late to seek Him out, to make His will our will. To know a greater way of living and giving and to know the true power of our existence.

For we have the spirit of God within, we only need to connect with it and with Him. Life truly can be Fuller, more enriched, less limited, more enhanced, when we walk with the Angels and talk to God.

Everything is clearer, brighter, more beautiful than ever before because we listen, see, feel, and sense things not just with our eyes, ears, nose, touch, but with the spirit within through God's love.

It gives us a greater understanding and clarity, we can release our fear for we have faith to replace it. God is constant, never wavering. He is only waiting for our acknowledgment, our seeking, our asking, and inviting Him into our lives, more fully.

To realize we can do more with Him than without Him. That there is no need to struggle when He is prepared to provide for our needs abundantly that we may serve Him more fully.


Saturday, July 12, 2014

We never walk alone

God's gift comes in the form of daily blessings, sometimes small and sometimes larger-than-life. All we need to do is be aware of them. When we look for the reasons to have gratitude in our life not only do we become more conscious but God blesses us with more blessings than ever so our gratitude is continually growing.

He also teaches us to share our abundance which increases the gratitude in the world and broadens the knowledge and awareness of God's loving abundance He wants to bestow on all His children. No one loves us more than our Heavenly Father. He is aware of all our needs.

He gives us strength in times of trouble and He wants to share our joy with us as well. When we include Him in our daily lives they are enriched 10,000 fold. The more we give the more we receive and pass it on. Like a prayer chain God's blessings grow.

In our awareness we realize we have never been alone. That He was just waiting for our call that He may let us know of His great love for us. The world takes on a whole new dimension. Everything becomes more alive to us as we become more spiritually conscious.

We become more attuned to our purpose in life and more aware of sharing the joy within with others. We want them to know the peace and serenity that can be experienced when you make God a part of your daily life. And of the abundance He provides that you may succeed in sharing His word, His love, and His mindfulness with others.

We learn to "be not afraid" for we find faith through Him and a greater purpose to all that we do. Life can be beautiful when we awaken to the light in the world which is the Holy Spirit. To the guidance He provides and that we never walk alone but with the guides and Angels He has sent to accompany us.


Friday, July 11, 2014

Follow your blueprint

Life is the blueprint you helped create before coming here even though you have forgotten the details. Your family is the genetic pool you chose to be your own even if you do not feel bonding for everyone in it. Remember to honor that others have their own blueprints and that not everything relates to you.

Your divine self is a part of your human self in this life as well as to next and each are constant connections to God through the spirit. All other things in life have a spirit too, each tree, blade of grass, insect, animal, as well as human you meet.

Hug a tree and see if you don't feel a spirit within. Treat all things with the respect their spirit deserves. When you experience déjà vu don't discount that a spirit remembers where has been in the past. When you feeling instant bonding with someone you have just met, as if you've known them before, you probably have. It's not just your imagination.

Don't take everything in life too seriously. See them for the lessons they are, learn and move on. Enjoy your life. Remember you chose to come here for a reason. It was to learn, grow and be joyful, that you can expand the spirit of self and bring that knowledge back with you.

Treat all others with dignity. See the inner spirit and not the outer clothing, whether it be a skid row bum or corporate vice president. They are on a path of learning. They have chosen this path for their journey and it has a purpose for them.

You cannot know their blueprint so do not try to judge it or them. Be loving in life. It is a part of your journey for the spirit is pure love in its true form. When you're feeling troubled look for the lesson, do not get mired in the feeling.

Once you acknowledge the lesson you feel a true spiritual release and can move beyond it as there are many more waiting in your blueprint of life.


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Connect with God

Open your mind to all that is around you. Let go of the ego that tries to drown out the peace of the world with its worries and fears. Release and just be. Open your eyes that you may see the wonders of God's creation and be in awareness of all that is.

Open your heart that you may receive the blessings God wants to bestow and to others that you may share the abundance of love you receive. Open your ears you may hear the songs of the birds and the music of nature singing God's praises.

Do not try to drown it with the noise of the world. Open your spirit that you may become a part of the trees, sky, the flowers in bloom, of all that you see, hear, feel. Let God speak to you in the silence. Open your senses that you may taste, smell, hear, see, feel and be all that you can be more fully in God's world, of beauty and enlightenment.

All that there is He gives to you. Accept it in true awareness and joy, take time to be still and know. Take time to give thanks for the blessings of each day. Take time to speak to God from your heart. Prayer isn't just reciting words by rote. It is communicating from the heart and the spirit.

It is remembering who we truly are, if not why we came to be here at this time or in this place. Take time to ask for God's guidance in all things. For greater understanding, love, compassion and how we may better serve.

God wants to hear from us and He does answer. His gift is love, overwhelming, unconditional love. When we are in a state of harmony, of conscious awareness, we feel an expansion of all that we are. A greater appreciation and a desire to share that wonder with others.

To teach them to slow down, to remember, to open up and to expand. For when we are truly open, a part of us feels it is beyond our mortal self and can reach out to be a part of all we can see beyond, into infinity. Interconnected directly to God through the spirit.


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Create a Haven

Home is important. Not its size, not fancy furnishings. It doesn't have to be bigger or better. What it does need to contain is first - God's blessing and presence. A sense of peace and comfort. It needs light and warmth.

It should reflect those that dwell within. Their passions, interests, family history, beliefs and character. Pictures are mirrors of our mind, therefore should be chosen to reflect what we think and what we feel. A home should feel welcoming.

It should embrace you as you cross the threshold. Bless your home before you move in and ask God to dwell there with you. Choose colors that bring you a sense of peace and relax you. A home shouldn't feel too busy that your mind and eyes wander instead of rest.

A home is a sanctuary. When you enter you should leave the cares of the world behind. Find a space you can call your own and there place meaningful objects, candles, incense, and perhaps the good book. A sacred spot where you can go and clear you mind.

It can be anywhere and does not require much space. Fill your home with flowers and greenery that it reflects life. The kitchen often is a center of gravity when we have others over. Let it be spacious and user friendly with plenty of cabinets, counter space and a good pantry. As well as have a friendly nook where you can sit and sip tea with a friend and share stories and good times.

Have a place out of doors where you can watch the world, the birds, where you not only have beauty, but privacy. Create a garden filled with color, blooms, and aroma where you can plant and prune and enjoy the fruits of your labors.

It brings us back to earth and our roots. Gardeners are nice but save some space for your self. Let them do the heavy work and you do the joyful work. Hang some feeders that the birds may come and a fountain for a sense of peace.

A home is your world that you create from your heart. Let it speak of who you are and may only the loving cross your threshold.


Fear makes us deaf

Fear sometimes keeps us from hearing when God is speaking. Fear of the unknown especially. We will stay at a job or in a marriage that is not serving our purpose or allowing us growth because it is the familiar.

The unknown is what frightens us. We think there is security for us if we stay with what we know. We fear taking chances even if it is doing something we have longed to do. So daily we continue to follow the path to nowhere, without joy or a sense of satisfaction. Not feeling we are really making a difference in the world.

We suffer from a sense of unfulfillment and frustration and oftentimes depression. We are neglecting our souls and not seeking God's guidance because we are afraid. We fear we may not succeed where He leads us.

We are suffering a lack of faith. It is not God who would lead us on a path of destruction, but toward enlightenment. But because He has given us free will God waits for us to ask, to seek, to pray and to release ourselves into His hands that He may show us the way.

That He may make clear our path and show us that He will provide for our needs while we are on it. When we take that leap of faith, miracles begin working in our life in a myriad of ways.

The right work, the right teachers, a newfound joy in living, a sense of peace and rightfulness descends on us. When we have faith God makes things right in our world, and we don't sense but know we are on the right path and that He is with us every step of the way.

God is the beacon in our darkness, the light of the world and our life. We become more aware of His guidance, of His speaking to us, and of His love. We know we are now right where we are supposed to be doing His Will. Serving the purpose we have come here to serve.

Making a difference in some small way and we wonder why we waited so long to turn to Him and at His patience. Life takes on a whole new meaning and with Him it is like going from black and white to Technicolor. Everything in life has more meaning and gratitude becomes our favorite act of thanks.


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ghost Tales

Ghosts of the mountain
visit me each day
with tales so astounding
I hardly believe what they say


Fill my life, Oh Lord

Let me seek the Lord and a closer relationship with Him for He is the road to a clearer understanding and to peace. Let me learn a greater tolerance of others and to release any judgements against them.

Let me be free of prejudice and live in a state of love. Let me understand more of the brotherhood you profess and that we are all family in your eyes, Dear Lord.

Let me be grateful for each new day to neither dwell on the past or worry over the future. Today is a gift from you. Let me see the beauty in it. Let me do your work this day. Let me acknowledge you in every way.

Help me to remember to pray for others. That those that are lost may find their way. That we may all appreciate a more intimate relationship with you. That we take time for you before anything else and set the tone of our day through prayers, meditation, and especially listening and with faith.

Faith in you has brought me where I am. To a greater sense of contentment than I have ever experienced in my life. Know that there is no security in earthly things but only in you, Dear God.

You will lead us on the right path and show us the way. You reveal to us the truths and knowledge we need to know. We cannot fill our minds with worry and faith at the same time.

Worry serves no purpose, but faith in you brings endless blessings, right living and peace not only of mind but of spirit as well. I know no want in God for He provides for "all" my needs: emotional, spiritual, financial. Both mentally and physically.

He has made me a changed person and has revealed to me a new way of living, in total faith and acceptance. I see the glory of God wherever I look. It is the breath I take, the food I eat, in the soft breeze and in the rain that falls.

Nothing exists without God and all things are possible with Him. When we put our life in His hands our whole world is changed for the better and there is no going back, only forward. God is only waiting for us to reach out that He may fill our lives with His love, His peace and endless joy.


Monday, July 7, 2014

Memories are precious gifts

The most precious gifts we have in life is not wealth or possessions, but the memories we create. When we think back upon our life certain moments always come to the forefront of our mind.

To my sons, they have brought up the times we spent searching out memorabilia on Bruce Lee, meeting Chuck Norris, and going to karate tournaments.

I remember my granddaughter Chantal's first trip to the snow that I was privileged to be a part of on New Year's Day when she was two.

I remember my and my dearest friend Marie's children digging holes to China on the beaches each time I look at the wee shovel on my deck, and the picnic lunches we brought with us.

We may not have had much in the way of money, but we were rich in friendships. I'm sure my daughter Yvette remembers her first trip to Hawaii her sister arranged as a celebration of her graduation and the time we went to see the Nutcracker Suite and mom fell asleep.

We've all had moments where we laughed together and cried together. Some holidays are special for us. Not just Christmas, but Memorial Day for all the I Madonnari's we have shared. It has become a tradition, like a family reunion.

I remember going to the Vatican show with my Angel friends, eating sandwiches in the car as Lea had packed a surprise lunch complete with mints, and the magical rainbow that appeared that day.

My life has been filled with precious moments and I am truly blessed. I will always remember the sheer joy of visiting the wineries in the pouring rain. Discovering nude statues in the midst of the endless back lawn.

The low hanging gossamer clouds swirling over the mountains like a fairytale picture. Seeing five rainbows in one day. A sign of abundant blessings for sure.

The love shown when others waited with me when my plane was delayed on my way back home. They could have gone home and not stayed but they did and I was deeply touched. I hope your memories keep your life filled with as much appreciation and sense of being loved as mine do me.

Your rainbows radiate good memories and precious times when you're feeling lonely. Times to look back on with tears and laughter. They cannot be taken from us or bought for any price as they are irreplaceable. Authentic moments in time imprinted forever in our hearts. Precious gifts of time well spent that we can replay at any time.


Celebrating Solitude

We can rejoice, even when we are alone, for the beauty in our life. For life itself. For our ability to move about, to start each day anew. Being alone does not constitute loneliness. In a way it is very liberating. You are responsible for yourself and not others. Unless, of course, if you have pets, as I do.

They are dependent on you, but not contributors, except in love, to the home itself. Alone you can walk when you want, shop when you want, dine when you want, stay up late or get up late, if you want.

No one fights over the T.V. station or the music that is played. It is a joy you have earned after you raised your family. To have time to travel, to see other places. There is not a hurry to be home at a certain hour.

All you closet space is your own and you can sleep on any side of the bed if your want or smack dab in the middle. You don't have to compromise on decorating. Your home reflects you and you alone.

The mail is all yours, as are the bills. Living alone does not mean you should shut yourself away from the world or from others. Be a part of the world. Spend time helping others in some capacity. Not just giving, but doing.

Keep in contact with friends and family. Plan outings, enjoy your life. Realize the blessings in your world and in your opportunities for solitude. Take time to learn new things. To go back to school or tutor yourself at home.

Now is the time to learn those things you always wished you could do but were too busy before. To sit in peace with that good book without being disturbed. To research on the internet. To trace your family's roots and to go back in time and places where your forebearers walking in their lifetime.

Today you can use your God given talents to create the pictures you've always wanted to take. To learn photography and to practice your skills. The chance to be on your own is like a rebirth and discovering of the real you.

To find your authentic self and celebrate her and her accomplishments. Feel the liberation and the possibilities given to you and be grateful.


Witnessing through God's eyes

Each day is a thing of beauty  and I am grateful to be a witness to the wonders God has created. To listen when He guides me as He did to my mountain retreat. I believe in manifestation for God has provided for my needs and all He asks is our faith.

It is the ego that falsely believes we are in charge. That makes us competitive, seeking success and acknowledgment. I have given up that way of life and found peace and contentment and a greater fulfillment allowing God to light the way.

To live each day to the fullest and in the greatest awareness. To see God's hand in the smallest creature and the highest mountain. In the warmth of the sun and the depth of the snow. When I get stuck in a drift God provides me with the means to extract myself with the help of others.

What I can do, I will do joyfully. God is the light that brightens my world. He has given me the gift of truly experiencing winter again. He created the elements to provide for us. When we are rich in snow we are manifesting a future water source for the dryer months.

Trees not only provide shade but shelter for many of God's creatures and food as well. All things come in their proper order and time as does each sunrise and sunset. I now need a more reliable vehicle to maneuver these roads. I know that God will provided in the abundance as well and I will leave it in His hands.

Once we give something to God, to worry and try to control affirms that we have not released it at all. To give something means it is no longer our possession. God knows what we need before we even express them but He likes to be asked.

It is an affirmation of our faith in Him, are acknowledgment of our belief in Him and that He knows what is in our best interest. For God provides more for us than we would ask for ourselves.

His hand is in the details like the windows that look out reminding me of the wonder of His creation and make me in awe. I myself cannot imagine such a view but when I walked into my home I felt I was seeing the world through God's eyes.


Sunday, July 6, 2014

On Being A Mother

Being a mother doesn't end when your children are grown, the definition and the challenges just change. When to speak your mind and when to keep quiet. To be there when needed but not to interfere.

To teach by example of living in joy at any age and that blessings continue even as you grow older. To treat others with respect. Teach don't preach. Let them recognize that you are still active, vital and independent.

That you don't want to be smothered anymore than they do. We all need encouragement and approval at any age, especially from our moms. Teach them how to find their own peace. That it comes from within not from possessions or position.

Always strive to be the best you can be at any age. Treasure the blessings of friendship and family. Be authentic and you will be happy. Don't try to be something you're not to please others. Teach your children to see the gift of each day and not to be afraid to reach for the stars.

Remember your faith is important and your relationship to God. When we put Him first all good things will follow. Don't get into the middle of an argument between your children and their spouses, but withdraw to another place.

It's okay to pray for your children's happiness and their difficulties, but don't try to solve all their problems. Allow them to learn their own lessons and to grow by them.

Don't discourage your children from moving away, they need to learn to spread their wings and fly. Where we are in life is where we are supposed to be. When someone is in your heart they are always near.

Don't let them discourage you from being and doing either. Help them understand that you also have a life. It is never too late to learn new things. Don't make your children your life. Know when to let go.

Sometimes you may even need to give them a push. Be patient when they are trying to find themselves. If you're still living, you too are still learning. Being a mother doesn't mean that we know everything, so don't pretend you do.

Our children can teach us as well. Trust God to care for them. Remember He loved them first and is the Father of all, including you. Continue to make memories, share joys, and holidays, but mostly love.


Saturday, July 5, 2014

God is my inspiration

God inspires me in whatever I say or do. I've learned to ask Him for the words that I may express the love He has given me to feel each day. The blessings of friends and family and the abundance and joy He enriches my life with. I am grateful He has turned my life around.

Not long ago my life was filled with stress and hopelessness doing what I no longer enjoyed doing and feeling out of step with my world. But the minute I turned to Him He answered my prayers. He gave me time to find myself and to seek a new path.

He gave me the tools I needed to free my spirit and to release the bitterness, sorrow, anger and inner pain I had been carrying for so long. He opened up a whole new world of possibilities and provided abundance for my journey.

He took away my fear and replaced it with faith. And He introduced me to world of others making their own journey. I've learned to take time for myself. To put God first before anything. I begin and and each day with Him and I am content.

He put the creation of a new life in my path and has accompanied me on my way each and every step. He slows me down so that I take time to really see and appreciate life, beauty, friends, family. From the smallest squirrel and Hummingbird to the wonders in the sky and each passing cloud.

The rabbits that come out at night, each tree and flower. He has taught me how to go within and reflect that inner peace in my outward world and to all I meet along the way. I do not know what the next turn in the road holds but I do know that with Him by my side I anticipate with joy each new experience.

Life truly is a blessing when we live it with God for he enriches each aspect of it. He knows what we are here to learn and He supplies us abundantly with the means to serve Him with gratitude and joy.


Friday, July 4, 2014

I'm blessed in life

I have been so blessed in life with all the experiences God has given me. To grow up in a century that is free. Where you can dream and work to fulfill these dreams. I grew up in an era where women had achieved the vote and the ability to have a career they choose, as well as a marriage and children.

I grew up having faith and it has only deepened over the years. God truly has been generous in His love and abundance. My father was a good provider and though he didn't give many compliments, he was a loving parent.

My mother's insecurities gave me strength and helped form the woman I am today. God put into my path wonderful teachers who encouraged me to pursue the art that I loved. They helped me believe in myself and my abilities.

Even though many years have passed while I journeyed down another path, I have never forgotten my dreams or the hope and love they instilled in me.

I have four beautiful children and even more beautiful grandchildren. God has blessed me with miracles in my life that I could see His love in action.

He has strengthened my faith and answered my prayers. The closeness I feel with my children is a blessing as is their love and respect for me.

My friends are a gift I treasure and some are more family than friends. God has given me a second chance to pursue my dreams. To serve Him with the gifts He has given to me.

He has also blessed me with time to learn, to grow, to be more aware, and abundance to see me through, and the teachers and class to guide me on my way.

I have learned to listen to God and not naysayers. It is His work and the path He has given me that counts. I have learned now to be quiet and listen and to have a greater sense of gratitude.

God has given me the teachers I needed to enlighten my past, to release any negativity, to realize the power of forgiveness, and the joy of living an authentic life centered in spirituality and love. Thank you God for all I have learned on my path and grant me continued growth.


Thursday, July 3, 2014

What Are Riches?

What constitutes wealth? I'm sure each of us has a different opinion. Some would think it is a large bank account, a fancy home and furnishings, a closet full of shoes and the clothes that go with them, fancy cars and endless travel, but is that really the definition of wealth?

I am rich in love, although I do not have a mate. I have beautiful children and a wealth of memories we have created and more to come. I have books and books of photographs of happy times captured on film. I have the treasure of friends who are an extended family to me.

We share yearly breakfasts, swap gifts, spiritual growth, recipes, and good times. We have helped each other cross many bridges and I know if I should call they would come.

I have a wealth of dreams and the ability to study so that I may live them. Each day I share with God Himself. I open up my spirit and receive an abundance of love and all that I need to succeed.

I am surrounded by Angels and a sense of joy and peace. I live in full awareness each and every day and see beauty in all things. God has given me a creative mind, a love of good books and an appreciation of my life.

I have many reasons to be grateful each and every day. I have more than enough that I am able to share with others. I give not just financially but of self. My grandchildren love their "Grandma Angel" and run to meet me when I visit. They act out their plays, share their thoughts and bask in the attention I can give them.

God blessed me with the ability to draw, paint and see beautiful pictures in my mind that I can bring to life on paper. He allows me to share this gift with others that it also brings them pleasure.

On cold nights my kitties snuggle up with me and they keep me young with their games and freely give their love. God blessed me with the knowledge of what true riches are and that the more we share, love and care, the richer we will be.


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

What I have learned

I've been blessed because I grew up learning to appreciate, sometimes you learn that by doing without, sometimes by watching others. I've seen those that had everything that wealth could buy long for friendship and good health.

I've seen the strength my dad had that enabled him to overcome injuries and adversities, caring for his family with love and without complaint. I've learned how to be a grandma without an example to go by as I never knew my own grandparents.

I've learned that parenting is more about love and giving time and listening than it is about fancy clothes, new cars and vacations we couldn't afford.  I learned not to make promises I couldn't keep, that others know they could count on my word as my bond.

I have learned how to speak up for others long before I learned to speak up for myself. I have learned the greatest riches are those people we are blessed to have in our life. I have learned that true sisterhood can be chosen and is not a necessity of birth.

I have learned that those who truly love you will be there for you, if not in person, in their thoughts and prayers. I have learned that the most beautiful gifts come from God and are free.

I have learned that the true source of my abundance is my Heavenly Father and that He is always available to listen. I have learned the incredible richness of books, of thoughts committed to paper.

I have learned that true happiness requires nothing more than our choice of attitude and of sharing. I have learned that the greatest satisfaction is not those deeds that are acknowledged but those that only you and God may be aware of.

I have learned to treasure what is really important and to release what is not. I have learned not to hold on to grudges, past mistakes, resentments or envy and that forgiveness, even of ourselves, is the road to peace.

I have learned to take pleasure in each day and to live in a state of awareness. I have learned to really listen and to interrupt less. To hear with the spirit is more valuable than the ears. I have learned to give up judgements and to be grateful for my life.


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Each day perfection

I think we all have our times of doubt and bad days, but when we can remember each day is a gift that will not come again it reminds us to be grateful for all the blessings from God.

Some think of rainy days as gloomy but I can see the beauty in the clouds. Some are irritated by the noise around them but I delight in the birds chatter, the haunting melody of a train whistle even though the train itself is not visible.

Some are shutting themselves indoors because of the cold, but with my mittens, warm socks, coat and sweats I can sit on my patio and feel refreshed and delight in the fine drops of rain, heaven sent.

Some shiver at the wind but I have learned to listen to the breeze and the rustle of the leaves. I have always loved to walk in the rain and to raise my face to the wet kisses sent by God or to consider them His tears for humanity because He loves us so much.

Some people wait for the right day, the right conditions, that they may go out and enjoy themselves. While they are waiting, I come outside to talk to God and praise Him for the beauty in each season, each day, whether it be filled with sunshine or rainclouds, blue skies or rainbows.

It is all God's gift. Each day is unique. We needn't wait for perfection because all that God creates is perfect in its own way. We wouldn't appreciate the sunny days if we didn't have the winter chill.

Without the snow and the rain to fill the rivers and lakes all would be arid and desolate, instead of green and fertile. The birds knows to praise God everyday and so should we.

I choose not to stay locked indoors, but spend a little time outside each day for they are beautiful in their own way. It is refreshing to take a deep breath of clear clean air that is at its best after a rain.

To hear the patter of droplets on the earth . To go out and face each day in gratitude. To remember to slow down and look around and see God's hand in all things.