Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Begging for my return

The past has crossed my path,
bringing with it many ghosts.
Calling out from ancient France,
chanting in foreign tongue.
Reaching out to me from beyond,
begging for my return....
to the land of my ancestors.


Great Wall

I find myself at times,
like today, giving way
to the despair that has
grown a great wall within
me... the wall you created
blocking out all happiness
and the tears flow down
I feel so.... alone!
I feel so exposed
and raw, pain and suffering make me feel
so alone... no one can be
with me for it shuts
all else out... I mourn
the loss of you so...


Monday, September 29, 2014


They found me crying
alone under the bed
overcome with dying
forgetting things said
my world cracking


I can't

I've tried to forget you
... and I can't
I tried to replace you
... but I can't
no one can take your place
... in my heart
no one's voice is just like
... yours
I'm cold toward other
... men
they don't warm me
... you do
I thought I wouldn't
.... react anymore
but you called, and
I did
it wouldn't be better
... with someone else
I would miss you...
just as much
I'll live with it always
this missing of you
I realize that now
how else cout it be... so


Sunday, September 28, 2014

A past without end

Where is my time?
Did I leave it somewhere?
Misplaced along with names,
and so many places too...
Where have days gotten to?
I can't sort things out
I'm a child once again
living a past without end


Say Goodbye

I'm missing pieces
they float on by
in stranger's faces
in tearful eyes
and bygone places
and so many whys
days without a trace
stop and say goodbye


Let it be

You shook me
as blankly I stared
you held back tears
knowing I couldn't see
your face held no memory
gone were all our years
it was hard, you still cared
you'll learn to let it be


Part of me

You said you loved me
... not long ago
what happened to that love?
you are the reason I exist
my destiny.... intertwines
with yours....
even when you are absent
.... from me
whe who but passionately loved you
to remember...
that you acted as one in love
is a consolation
I cannot cease to love you
... for it is more than love
you are part... of me


Saturday, September 27, 2014

I take my leave

Nothing up my sleeve
all is plain to see
in aging I take my leave


The trouble is

The trouble is
sex that is casual
is not my goal
I am out of practice
in games... loveless
leaving you less than whole


Friday, September 26, 2014

bang... bang

You don't realize how sick you are
bang... bang
you think you can control it
only go so far

with a gun in your hand
bang... bang
somehow you feel
more like a man

with your finger on the trigger
bang... bang
each outrage grows
a little bit bigger

don't wait to find out someday
bang... bang
for God's sake
a gun is not a toy
with which to play


Thursday, September 25, 2014

No more todays

Oh to remember
what I am,
who, and when
like rains in December
give me a beginning
give me an end
something to hold
in the days of passing
and no more todays


Took Us

I'm not me
nor you you
or anyone
took us
and left


Last Crusade

My hunger fades
with each passing day
life draws the shades
letting memories fall away
dying is my last crusade


Not the same

I sort through
the remains
of our...
what once was
a relationship
I'm more
than ever...
wanting to need
like I did
I am
for what you
gave me...
I thought
it was
at the time
I just don't
I do appreciate
having shared
a part
of yourself,
being there
have been the
for so much
I have
to say...
and for the
many changes
you have
to evolve
in me...
I'm not
the same


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

How Long

How long
can love exist
empty handed?
How long can
lips remain
like one man did?
How long
can this heart
beat for you
How long
before love will
and peace come
How long
can love stay
this intense
it's been so
I watched
you go
I'm waiting
for loveless
a season
to freeze away
my caring
spring then to come
bring back
my right reason
for joyous sharing


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

God gives us peace and more

Pray together for it not only strengthens the prayers but it teaches others how to seek out God for the answers and for guidance. God always knows what is best for us and He will guide us, provide for our abundance, watch over things in our absence and always give us unconditional love.

He wants us to rely on Him for the answers and to share fully in our joys and our sorrows. In small things as well as large. Teach me, Oh God how to teach others that they may increase their faith in you. Help us all to learn how peacefully and orderly life is when we include God in all aspects of our lives.

God you are our hope and our salvation. You know what we need before we ourselves do. You strengthen our faith and help us to conquer the fears that we as humans let arise over things that are not really important or necessary but seem so at the time.

We suffer sleepless nights and anxiety over things that, in the scope of life don't really matter at all and it helps nothing. But when we turn to you and release the outcome you always see to the best outcome for all things and bring us more blessings than we dare to ask for ourselves.

You guide us on new paths, lead us to new beginnings and provide abundantly for all our needs, and more. Thank you God for teaching me to put my faith in you, for sharing my mornings and my life, for teaching me awareness and a greater sense of gratitude.

I realize that when I leave things in your hands my life goes more smoothly and joy is my constant companion. It is difficult for me to remember how stressful my life was before I learned to release my life into your hands, to "let go and let God".

You helped me to bloom as the flowers bloom and to raise my face and my thoughts toward the heavens, even as they do. You have brought light and a greater sense of love into my heart and spirit and a greater sense of appreciation of all things.

Just to look at a tree, its movement, the light and shadows as it reaches heavenward brings me peace and joy and a feeling of being part of all that is. Thank you for changing my life. I pray for the same joy for my children, friends, and all people.


The catch

My Hawaiian lover
we touched tongue to tongue
we stole moments
when you entered
the body and soul of me
your balls hanging down
meeting me
stroke for stroke...
I will never know
just where your thoughts were
you spoke like the wind
I wound my life around you
along with my legs
clamping you to me...
you who loved to fish
look what you caught
oh, you baited your hook well
I feel as the stuffed trophy
mounted... for others to see
show off your catch
or if it's too small to keep
throw it back...
then go looking for a bigger catch


Monday, September 22, 2014

Follow God's Guidance

This is a start of a new week. All that is past put behind you. Begin the week in peace and joy and with gratitude for all your blessings. God has provided abundantly for all your needs. Do not worry that He will not continue to provide, for He will.

Enjoy the time with family for that time is too soon over and then it will be awhile before you see each other again. Today is a gift and a blessing embrace it. Live it consciously. Bask in the sunlight that God has provided.

Hear the music of the birds and the sweet melody of the bells, the rhythm of the ocean waves and the call of the gulls as they circle above dancing on the currents of the air. See the sparkles, like diamonds of light on water. Breathe in the freshness of the sea air.

Take time to just be. Take time for God. Have no worries for the day or for the future for it is in God's hands. Feel the warmth of God's love and the angels surrounding you. Laugh often. Let your spirit take flight. Be serene for this is the day the Lord has made, delight in His gift and in the company of those surrounding you.

Take time to share and to hold fast to the memories you are making for these days will not come again. Hold those that you love close to your heart. God has given you the opportunity to experience a freedom you have never known and the abundance to enjoy it.

Soon enough it will be time for work again but look forward to it with joy and you will be fulfilling your purpose and serving God in the capacity you were meant to at this time in your life. You will use your talents for His glory and the enlightenment of others.

The angels will aid you in this task. To draw and write, to paint and have visions of beauty will bring peace and serenity to not only your spirit but to those who enjoy your work. As a butterfly wings over a garden you too will be free to do what you were meant to do.

To do that you came here to accomplish for love of creating. God will give you the words you need. He will guide your hand to create the pictures He puts in your mind. Just release all tension, let God provide and all will be well.



Sunspots of failed dreams
exploded along the way
of getting away from myself


Dream Again

You dreamed of seeding
the populace with your sperm
the world's women pregnant
from superman
your tongue is like a viper
biting them into submission
while your eyes of degradation
enter into them
causing them to abort their souls


Sunday, September 21, 2014

find me real

I arrange my face
into the pillow of my dreams
I have been dragged down
into the ocean's hollowness
waiting to drag me down
with all of the creatures
inhabiting it...
The sea maiden waiting
within me... is like death itself
I float through the sea
into nothingness
he and the ocean
are my dream
of what life could be like
the mist of the sea air
blurs my eyes...
it cannot be tears
for what will never be
I by myself
will wrap up in emptiness
never to be fulfilled
no one
to find me real... for them


Saturday, September 20, 2014


The invisible man
who shares my bed
only in my dreams
he's been there for years
from the first I took
sight of him...
I wait for him
deep in my solitude
he is as silent
as the breath I do not
the butterflies of my heart
flutter their wings
in time to his own pulse
I hear him breathing
in the silence of the night
the mirror leaves no
image of he who is not there
he is the ultimate end for me
he meets me in the
distance of the darkness
the aire of the night
closes in on me
I stir my love
with the swivel stick
in my drink...
when the ice melts
so does all that I am
why do I scare men so?


Friday, September 19, 2014


I don't knock on doors
or remember names
things just fly away
while I sit with ghosts
who visit more and more
left free to reign
with nothing to say
to this I've been reduced


God sent the animals

God made the animals and the birds in the air as well as us. They can be our comfort and our joy. Our pets bring us companionship and often times laughter. They interact and understand. They comfort us when we are ill and run and play with us in the best of times.

God knew what He was doing in creating our animal friends. The hummingbird often comes to greet me and gives me a real bawling out when his feeder is empty. At times our pets become like family itself. Children in their own way who need our caregiving and a scratch or pet or two.

I know my life has been less lonely since my first cat showed up after the earthquake. She looked ragged and dirty and was terribly frightened but persistent. We weren't allowed to have pets where I lived and I tried ignoring her but she wouldn't go away.

Each day when I came home from work there she was waiting. Now I believe God sent her at a time when I was filled with stress and uncertainty. I was having a hard time at work and needed a dose of faith. I think now that's what I should have named her but instead I called her crum.

She was like a medication that calmed my nerves, gave me someone to talk to and care for. Since then I've been adopted again by an abandoned pregnant kitten and am now a grandma more or less. It took my mind off being out of work and in limbo as I had to feed him with an eyedropper and baby formula as he wasn't able to nurse.

Now he's a frisky 10 month old. God in his wisdom sent me just what I needed and now I have a family of 3 that don't always get along. That can be mischievous and the little one has learned to play fetch. I never thought much about it until now.

It is true that God sends what we need when we need it and sometimes it's an animal or a pet to teach us of His love. Theirs, like His, is unconditional. God has brought me peace and abundance and I am grateful for the pets in my life.


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Giving is a Blessing

The question isn't always what we can do for ourselves or what others can do for us but what we can do for others. We can remember to pray for them for one thing. We can listen for another. Everything in life is not about us. We can value the good in others instead of concentrating on the faults.

We can give encouragement. We can share our knowledge with someone who wants to learn. We can give love when it is needed. We can share our abundance. We can make a call or spare some time for someone who needs a visit. We can always speak kindly of others instead of eagerly speaking ill.

Why would we want to talk of negative things anyway. We can teach by example. We can lead by our faith and we can spread the truth of God's love. We can adopt an animal that needs a home or better yet a child. We can be substitute grandma to someone who doesn't have one or a mom even if that person is grown.

We can reach out to others and answer when they reach out to us. We can be there in times of need, ill-health or crisis. We can give frequent hugs and encouraging words. If we have nothing else to give we can give a smile to someone who needs one. We can knit or crochet blankets for babies who need them. Mittens and caps for older children, or a warm scarf, or a sweater.

We can help look and serve at the kitchen for the hungry. Give our old books to a library. Find a favorite charity and send them a little each month. What we give to others comes back to us ten-fold. It makes us more conscious of the less fortunate and fills us with love.

Write to someone who is lonely and perhaps far away from home. Share your holidays or a meal with someone who is alone. Say hi to your neighbor. Don't wait for them to speak first. Laugh often, as it is contagious. Grow flowers that cheer others as they pass by and let a child pick one or two.

Remember to say thank you for the kindness you receive. Don't miss an opportunity to give something back to the world and to talk to God daily. He loves to hear for you.


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Summit of Yesterdays

Set me breast up
over the closeline... to dry
I've had your penis
introduced into me
and I was filled
with our meeting...
I was let down
turned loose... upon myself
after months of uniting
I have opened all the
secretness of what was me
to your knowledge
you stood motionless
and then you ran...
now I close in on myself
cold showers
to turn my brain thoughts off
you... you... you...
beat rhythmically
with the plummeting
of the shower waters
you are acutely clear
an image to me...
the summit of yesterdays
penetration of thoughts
feelings... deepen
my position now is one of
I'm tired of caring
for unresponsiveness
you slipped away from
what was once me...


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

One rotten apple

The center of my world
remembers the times
we were
laying together
me hoarding each
precious moment
you building up your
fortress of manliness
tonguing me
with your raspy voice
but outside
I know it is not reality
like a worm
inside the apple
it has been eaten away
I push away
all thoughts of you
it was a counterfeit feeling
that poisoned me
against the reality
of what could have been
all because of
one rotten apple
in the barrel.


Monday, September 15, 2014


I am a butterfly
in reverse
returned to the worm
heavy with many feet
weaving my cocoon
in thin layers
each morning
around me
to shut out
all the pain
layer after
in the warm cocoon
are no thoughts
or reality
to shatter me
when the days
and nights
have passed
in reverse
their healing balms
someday I may
a butterfly
once again


Sunday, September 14, 2014

List to port

I used to try
to drink
into a stupor
I have a very
high tolerance
for alcohol
I've found...
then I thought
I was going
quite mad
Van Gogh
was slightly
but I only
to list to port
a little...
I find
I'm too stable
for such
a venture...
the neighbors
think I am
going through


Saturday, September 13, 2014

Us Unknown

Return to sender
I'm not home
left to wander
left to roam
age does plunder
us unknown


Identity Theft

Identity gone
stolen by time
confused I roam
talking to ghosts
losing what's mine
memories echo
songs losing rhyme
aging's grand theft
leaving me a shadow
forgetting my crime
until there's nothing left



I thought
by getting rid of
all that
reminded me
of you
all the mementos
that brought
back memories
of what
we once had
the disease
on me
would be cured
so they're
all gone...
the sickness
is still here
I guess
the contaminated
is me...


Friday, September 12, 2014

Thanks Doc

You should have been a cardiologist
you've operated on enough hearts
without anesthesia
not caring
how much they hurt
just cut it out of the chest
clamp here
snip there
leaving them half of what they were
or without
hearts at all
robots of non-feeling
castrated of caring
empty... non-pumping
vessels of nothingness
like me...
thanks... doc
the surgery was successful
the patient lost her heart....


Thursday, September 11, 2014


Thoughts hover heavy
in my smog filled mind
unutterable words
are never spoken... aloud
my tongue swells
like the ocean...
my nightmares rise up
to rebuke me
for screwing up my life
I wash away... empty


Wednesday, September 10, 2014


I've lived within
my transplants
I've accepted some
rejected others
a cripple without crutches
the blood
sucked out of me
filled with seminal fluid
instead... or black ink


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Treasure the peace

Treasure the peace
find the joy...
at play and rest
in moments
that quickly pass



Winter is miserable this year
and they say it will still
last a little longer....
the heat has been shut down
for all my showers are cold
the earth reaches up
for rain... seeking
I'm droughtful too
unwatered, uncared for


Monday, September 8, 2014

aging, uncensored

I haven't yet
gotten to the point
of creaming and oiling
my face to stave off wrinkles
aging is a natural process
I know I have - what's
kindly called laugh lines
around my eyes
the only grey hairs
to be seen are
around my cunt
the rest is complimentary
of the peroxide bottle
and some coloring
my breasts are still
like ripe cantaloupes
and as yet
are not heavy on the vine
still upright
like good soldiers
my neck, and my hands
haven't given way to age
though I'd like to
zipper my abdomen together
I'm not going to censor
what old age will bring
I'm not that desperate
I'll still have something
I'm sure... to say
just don't leave me
entirely alone


Sunday, September 7, 2014


I hide behind sunglasses
so none of them
can see the pain behind
the eyes... socketless
I always forget to put on
lipstick... or I'm just too lazy
my fingernails peel
but I won't bite them
in nervousness...
I'll chew up my insides
instead... lined with booze
pollute myself with smoke
then chew breath mints
certs... they make you kissable
or so the ad says
I'll cleanse my private
areas with lysol...
or maybe novacaine
to deaden the feelings there
I cry out in rage
but am voiceless...
sunglasses hide so much
of what's going on inside


Saturday, September 6, 2014


I cleanse myself
but don't feel clean anymore
I guess it was you
who made me see my dirt
I scrub and scrub
peeling off the skin of me
until my fingertips
are raw with rage
I'm contaminated
with my own unworthiness
unable to be touched
I'm no longer weightless
with happiness
like I used to be..
the heaviness from my heart
has infused itself
in my body also
I walk with leadened feet
mute in my solitude
silence of the leper
unclean... unclean


Friday, September 5, 2014

Why wait, do it now

We always have choices. We can be at turmoil or we can be at peace. We can either listen to our doubts and fears or hand them over to God in trust and faith. We are not separate from God for He is always within us, but sometimes we let our fears drown that knowledge out.

But, when we can quiet ourselves and the ego that feeds the fear we can hear that small voice within that is the Holy Spirit and we can again be in a state of peace. We need handle nothing alone but only need turn to God who will take up our burdens as His own.

He will lighten our loads and our hearts and reveal His great love to us. God is always there, it is we who are too blind to see, too deaf to hear, too lost in our own fears to acknowledge Him. Nothing is too small or too large for Him to handle. He will do for us what we cannot do for ourselves.

Share this knowledge and this faith with our brothers and sisters. What is shared becomes even stronger. God tells us that we can abide in Him. He will bring us joy, peace, abundance and right thinking. All is well in God's world and can be in ours if first we seek Him.

We do not need to wait until we are overwhelmed or troubled. We can seek Him just before all things, before each decision, before we begin our day, before we speak. We can make God a conscious part of every waking and sleeping moment of our day and God will help us rejoice.

He will smooth the way for us, calm the storms, bring us the right worlds and the necessary teachers into our lives. Every day then will be a joy. Why then do we so often wait to turn to him as if He is only a last resort?

Choose Him now as your constant companion, your mentor, your guide, your counselor, as your father and your friend. You can share your deepest thoughts with Him, your wildest dreams, the secrets of your heart and He will listen. Nothing we think or do is too trivial for God and no one knows or loves as much as God does, so do it now.


No hand to hold

The candlelight
brightens the dark cavern
I seek your hand
to grasp and steady myself
against falling
feeling a false step
will drop me bottomless
into the unknown
I imagine myself alone
here... sucked into
the deep abscess
shuttering in my nightdress
spasms of helplessness
send waves through me
walking the edges
of the recklessness...
the animal smell
of the air
frightens me...
your hand is nowhere
gone... like your footprints
I was following in my dreams


Thursday, September 4, 2014

Shattered Porcelain

I am utterly broken
my mind unraveled
there is no truth here
I'll never see myself
again, nor you, nor them
this is forgetting
you must understand
my remains are empty
of all that was, us too
no longer able to hold on
the pieces fall, tumble
I'm trying, smiling, forgetting
all the while...
me, I'm shattered porcelain


Mistaken Perceptions

We cannot see the full picture of our life but know that God can. To us it evolves and is revealed a little at a time and gradually we get a greater understanding of our purpose. We learn that life is not restricted but only seems so according to our own perceptions.

It is we who put limits on our possibilities. We feel unworthy of living life in an unlimited way, so instead of reaching for the stars we choose to settle for less. We listen to an ego that tells us we are not capable of all we desire.

We also listen to others who speak words of discouragement and take them to heart instead of turning to our Heavenly Father who would give us all we desire and more. Nothing is limited with God and we will not be happy unless we are living our truth.

Nothing created by God in His own image lacks anything but complete fulfillment unless it is of our own choosing. We forget that God created us to live in joy and fulfillment. We struggle because we live in denial of our own inner light and truth.

We are afraid of sharing and giving believing that we will deplete our resources when, in truth, all things from God are unlimited and what we give and share only returns to us ten-fold. God is infinite as are we. Only this life is finite but for us there is life beyond life.

The ego wants us to live in fear and to feel restricted so that it may gain control but when we seek and acknowledge the real truth of our relationship to God we must also acknowledge the falsehood of the ego who wants to keeps us shackled and in constant discord in order to be in control.

To follow the will of God is to give all things over to Him and to know a life of abundance, joy, and love. To be at peace within ourselves and with the world. To know others in brotherhood instead of rivals. To be in continuous communication with the Spirit and to live in total accord with God.


Memory Consumed

I see the dead
and forget the living
as I shuffle about
from room to room
whispering and mumbling
ghosts in my head
scream and shout
my memory consumed


Closed for repair

You entered me
making me a home for you
a home away from home
running from whatever
sweeping me along in the tide
the sea wind blowing in my ears
the salty taste of you... breach bred
closeting ourselves away
pillowed on the rough carpeting
unfinished tapestry of life's embroidery
you replaced me with suddeness
denying what I had been and was
refusing to acknowledge me
the one you gave birth to
now I write you out of me
refuse to cook what you'd enjoyed
accepting my freedom
my aloneness with myself
yesterday you were everything
today... nothing is left
the entrance is closed...


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Joy is best shared

Nothing feels so blessed as being able to share our abundance with others and to allow the joy it brings to spread through you. To remember that when we receive, to share. To not be in fear that we will not have enough, but believe of you as our source of supply in all things.

Let us also remember an attitude of gratitude for all that we receive. Teach us Oh Lord how to share joyfully for everything we receive in life is a gift from you who is unlimited and help us to teach others through our own actions.

Show us how to value what we have, that each day is a blessing to be embraced and not to squander it while we wait for better, more abundant times or more success or whatever it is we feel will make us happy. The best time is always now. It is the gift of the present.

It does not mean that we should not prepare ourselves for the future, but that we should not be all consumed by it and forget to be joyful in the now. Today cannot be relived, so make the most of it you can. Do not lock your treasures away in darkness thinking to save them for the tomorrows that may not come but live in the light of God exposing all that you have to His blessings.

Remember what is most valuable to us cannot be bought, but lives in our friends and family. Spend time joyfully with those you care about. Show your love, share it abundantly in the today for tomorrow may never come or those that you do not have time for now may not have time for you later.

We teach what we live. When we teach faith in all things, to reach out, to share, to be joyful, to take time for others and especially for God we then have our treasures in each day of our life and appreciate fully the gift of today.

The gift of giving of ourselves is always a choice and the most precious thing we can give. Live it now, do it now, share it now, and be joyful in the now and always be grateful in the now. This is God's gift to you, enjoy it.



Oh, I miss loving you
miss holding you close
feeling your warmth
pressing against me
miss waiting
for your infrequent
the loneliness
when you didn't show
the wondering
where you were
when I was alone
I miss seeing you
the sound of your voice
the joy just
being near you
the pain after you were gone
and mostly
I miss


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Life as an example

God sends us many angels in our lives, some we recognize at once, others we realize only after the fact but they all come to teach us something we need to learn in our life. Sometimes to prepare us for a new chapter or a new path. Sometimes to become our sister or our friend, to lead us in a new direction, to fill an empty space, to heal an old wound.

They may come in all shapes and forms but always sent just at the right time to fill a purpose we ourselves might not even recognize. I have been blessed with many angels, some have stayed briefly and others have become as family and enrich my spirit for life.

Some I often wonder about. Where they are, what they are doing and I wonder if they too think of me. They have all left their imprint on my life and I would not be the person I am today without them. I am grateful for each and every angel that God has given to me.

Some say, I have been an angel to them. If so it is because God has a purpose to our meeting and whatever I did that made a difference, an impression or influenced them in any way was directed and choreographed by God. I was simply a tool He used for the message He was sending and I am grateful that He was able to use me to help others.

We often don't realize we are making a difference ourselves, we are just going where God is leading us. I look forward to each day, each path along the way, for the new angels I have yet to meet and for my own opportunities to touch others as God allows.

I will always try to be my best as I never know when I am being used as a lesson for others so I choose to live as if I am, at all times. To be loving, forgiving, open to assist, to remember that all that we do and how we behave is a reflection on who we are and choose to be. Let me be but a reflection of God's love, a shadow cast in His footsteps, a flower's opening to new beginnings, the rain that touches souls when it falls.


Ignoring Tomorrow

I put off tomorrow
as long as I could
ignored the knocking
and the pounding too
but it came nonetheless
as I knew it would



Men plant their seeds
within us
I guess that's why
they call it
the fruit of the womb
when you're pregnant
when you're no longer
a virgin
they say you lost your cherry
lipsticks and douches
now come in fruit flavors
to make them more palatable
your penis entered
the fruit between my legs
I wash my hair
to smell clean and fruitful
they should call the fragrances
fertile apricot, horny honey
sensual strawberry,
then we would shampoo
all over
so you could taste
the fruit of us
the men should be
watermelon flavored
for all the seediness
they carry within themselves
they say you're a real peach
if they like you
sometimes though
you get sour apples
or they give you the rasberry
fruity world
I'm full of fruity thoughts
must be I'm ripe...


Monday, September 1, 2014


My thoughts are pregnant
they keep growing
month after month in size
with remembrances of you
they should be coming
into full term soon...
translucent pictures
of gossamer dreams
each grain is ripening
ready to puff up
like popcorn...