Sunday, June 30, 2013

Exploding everywhere

Your passion rises
to meet my tongue
and the bottomless pit
...of the earth
swallows us up only to rise again
as another wave birth
setting us on the mountain ranges
dropping us into the sea
laying us in the melting snow
that melts as passionately
you gallop upon
...the fire of me
This is just the beginning
we sail into the air
and as quickly drop downward
...exploding everywhere


Saturday, June 29, 2013

Unleash your song

Angel of music
trumpet in hand
unleash your song
of the promised land


Celestial Army

This celestial army
sent from above
angels so mighty
protect us with love


This brief reunion

In a renaissance
infused with love
we reminisce
this brief reunion


My sweet surrender

If you should go away
and the passing of time
begin to play
tricks on my memories
making me forget
all the places that we
together met
to exchange our love,
erasing from my mind
the words we exchanged
till I'm unable to find
our past clear to me
still my lips will remember
and my hands too
how your skin felt so tender
as I traced the contours of you
and recall
my sweet surrender...


Friday, June 28, 2013


If I had the foresight to see
all things as they would turn out to be
would I do it all over again
just as I have done?  I'm not so vain
to think I could plot it all out
so much better... and to do without
My Kids, they're what gives me a lift
No, I don't think knowing beforehand
would be much of a gift...
Then there wouldn't have been that special man
who taught me what love is all about
It was brief but oh, so special... I have no doubt
Even if there have been some tears
I'm sure in time they'll heal with the years
No I think I would do things just the same
not go and play a changing game
I don't think I would want to see ahead
In case I were tempted to do it different instead
God has given me vision enough to see
and be thankful for the gifts he gave to me...


Never before

Every time
a man and woman
fall in love
a new door opens
for each love is unique
with its own special
gift of happiness
some love more...
than others
some more possessively
some are sorry
they cannot love enough
love too much
some loves are
long lasting...
others brief
but each experience
of love
is... brand new
it never took place


Thursday, June 27, 2013

I'll write a book

I'll write a book
an attempt
to share my feelings
with you...
To say I still care
even though we may
never meet again
I want you to know
I have grown
in many ways
and even though
I've changed
I think it's for the better
I still don't know
just where I am going
but I do know
where I've been
and for a brief while
you were there
may you read it
with a gentle heart



I sat beside the ocean today
and watched the jellyfish display
themselves upon the surface wide
and dance their death scene
caught in the sea tide
breeding time here at the sea
only one to watch the show
the sea nymph who is me
They looked like parachutes afloat
brown speckled and white waving
I decided to join with them
and go deep sea bathing
They didn't like me to join their party
they said I could not stay
this time is just for jellyfish
to water dance today...


Uniquely different

Being single suits me fine
I like my independence
to be alone when I choose
silence if I wish
long walks
the sea air
but I also like
you there
a regular sex life
feeling sensual
and close
I don't want to be a wife,
and least not now
but I take pleasure
in giving you pleasure
and love
and fulfillment...
am I incompatible
with myself,
uniquely different
a trophy on a shelf?


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Seeing clearly

My wordless chasm
now filled with tears
soundless desperation
a road of many years
my grief of raw emotion
made my vision clear


The weight

This pain I feel is physical
like a heavy weight
sitting on my chest
or like a demon pushing
trying to get out...
I need someone to ease
this awful heaviness
I feel as though my body
is like a bed quickly made
thrown together in
too much haste...
I look at myself in the mirror
and no young eyes look back
for they have seen and felt
...too much pain...
I feel pressed in at times're gone.


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

When Elvis was King

Life was simple
when Elvis was King
and the world fit
into faded blue jeans
all seemed possible
not just silly dreams


This Void

I knew when it happened...
it was a mistake...
a misstep out of time
I didn't know how long it would take
the answer came too soon

I was aware suddenly
of a break in our communication
unable to figure out
the change in our situation

Groping was I, in darkness
until you had your say
I did not understand it still
but I knew I could not stay

The pain others had caused you
it was my love that paid the bill
I gave you all I had to give
and remain empty still

Others have traveled through my life
but this void they cannot fill


Monday, June 24, 2013

I'm just fine

It's going to be just me here
alone for yet some time
I have a bottle of wine and some food
here, and lordy I'm just fine



Adrift, I am adrift
and the night is coming round
while I float upon the waters
and dip quite far down

Some will remember yesterday
the sea nymph golden brown
was carried far away out to sea
wrapped in her seaweed gown

And they will say tomorrow
just as the dawn rises red
there once lived here a sea nymph
who retired in sunset's bed...


Ask God

Others may listen, encourage us, advise us, but the only one who can make a decision for us is us.  I find it helps to meditate, to quiet myself and listen.  To seek God's guidance.

He always knows the right answer to the question.  He just waits for us to ask.  Just ask and He will always answer.  It may not be the answer we wanted but it is the right answer for us and comes at the right time for whatever soul searching question we've been struggling with.

When the answer comes, our intuition of the Spirit knows it is right.  Sometimes it entails letting go of what we have been clinging to so desperately.

It me be the announcement of a new beginning, a new path, a new direction, a new challenge.  Sometimes where we are or with whom we are is right where we should stay.

The Divine Truth is always the answer.  When we are at a crossroads God is there waiting.  We struggle so hard when all we need to do is surrender to his Divine Will.

Uncertainty, worry, anxiety, fear will not bring us answers.  But a silent question spoken earnestly in prayer will remove all doubts, and God's assurance will give us the strength and the courage to follow our destiny.

To be confidant that we can do what we are here to do.  To achieve our purpose.  To make a difference in the lives of those we touch along the way.

God's answer is always the best answer.  If it is in the Divine Plan there is nothing we desire that will not be fulfilled.

We are empowered by God to achieve our highest good and He will show us the way.  You know your choice is right when you feel a sense of peace with the decision.

What we are meant to experience at this time in our life and with whom will come to us, and where we are supposed to be, we will be.

Live consciously that you may recognize your answer when it comes that you don't have a preconceived notion of how it should be packaged.  God often surprises us.


We all must move on

I wanted to reach out
and hold you in your sadness
to take away all the past hurts
you had ever endured
to show you what joy is
that life can be laughter
much more than tears
all things need not end painfully
you needed something of me
I had to give for awhile
if it helped... I'm glad
it was given openly... gladly
and now you have outgrown
that need... well
that's okay too
we all must move on
but wasn't it beautiful...


Let the stream flow

My feelings
one still my own
no one
can stop the stream
that courses through
what I am...

So why should I
wait for the world
to respond?
Let me just
what it is... I feel...


Faith is a given

Faith is a given.  We have faith that the sun will come up each day.  That the wind or rain or snow will eventually stop.  That each day contains 24 hours, that nothing lasts forever.

Doubt is the belief that someone else can be the cause of or loss of your personal happiness.  Our joy cannot be put at the feet of another.  It is something we must find within ourselves before we can even share it with another.

What we experience is part of our personal growth.  Life is a balance of emotions.  For in order to recognize joy we must experience pain.

In order to know love we must realize loss.  We don't need to remain in the negative.  Live it, release it, move on.  The truth is we all experience a variety of emotions in our development.  That is how we grow.

Those in faith know that all things are temporary and that the Divine Spirit will lift us up when we ask.  He will carry us when we are tired of spirit.

We create our own world with our beliefs.  God always works toward our greater good.  He bestows blessing amid hardships.

Faith is know that all things are possible and that we can survive any challenge.  Faith is doing your very best and letting God do the rest.

Life is full of unlimited possibilities, conscious choices, hopes, dreams, and discoveries.  Everything you need to fulfill your journey will be provided at the right time.  In the right place, for the right purpose.

People are put in our lives for a reason and to fulfill a purpose.  There is a divine plan in all things.  There is synchronicity in faith practiced.

What we need shows up in our lives just when we need it.  We are the realization of what we believe,.  What we give we receive back, in abundance.

Our journey is a constant work in progress of self, of spiritual discovery, of increased wisdom, knowledge and awareness, of belief in the divine power which is called faith.


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Not so gloomy

In weariness I awake
the sun had turned away
leaving the sky overhung
I thought what a gloomy day
but the birds around were singing
they said please don't go
if you're not afraid of the sleet and rain
then how could you fear the snow...


I just like to write

They think I'm out of place
black coffee
here in a bar
jotting in my notebook
are you a journalist
no... work for a paper
no... doing your homework
no... hey are you
taking notes... no
You're sure?... yea
I just like to write... Oh!


My promise, written

My desire to succeed
is at a fever pitch
within me
I will not submit
to failure
I write that promise
to myself
in menstrual flow
I will survive quite well alone
deep down... it's true
I know!


I see you everywhere

You've captured me
I see you everywhere
there's no escape...
You cloud my mind
and fill my sight
I see you everywhere
Running doesn't help
I've no place to hide
I see you everywhere
Time doesn't erase you
even after you died
I see you everywhere


Riding my dreams

I'll ride my dreams into the sunset of my days
filling me with the hope of better tomorrows
floating far away from my yesterdays...
and all the shackles of pain and sorrow


A joyful call

My tears fall
like yesterday's rain
heeding a joyful call
of love and not pain


Beckoned by the sea

Beckoned by the sea
its waves in sync beat
with the torn heart in me


Back to your world

I have cried
in quiet silence
for the sadness
I felt in your heart...
When you were raw
from hurt caused you
I could feel the pain
as if I were punished too
for whoever causes
you hurt
wounds me also...
I have read all the
thoughts of your mind
good and bad
and still do not
reject you...
If there ever comes
a time
when your whole world
has crumbled beneath you
When your faith
in yourself
has gone
When all your friends
have turned against you
I will still be waiting...
You can lean
on me
until the time
when you can support
your own days again
and your butterfly wings
take you away
back to your world...


Saturday, June 22, 2013

A transformed aching

The joy sublime
like youthful spring
and mountains climbed
a transformed aching
when you were mine
my soul awaking
with love so kind


Morphing Strangers

Another stranger
morphs with the
thoughts of you
Parting in anger
unkind words
nothing said, true


Absorbing rain

Sorrow you cannot conquer me
I welcome you with open arms...gratefully
to blend and merge into every part
Spread into each fiber of my heart
and pulsate, diffuse and spread
from my toes up to my head
and so to become ingrained
like the earth absorbing the rain
to mix with this love and thus grow
Into what?  I do not know...


Falling off the bones

As the meat
falls off the bones
of memory
and we're left
with less
to chew on
may what
not be


Love is an elusive butterfly

Love is an elusive butterfly
the more you try to grasp it
the further it will fly
You cannot cling to it
if it doesn't want to stay
the butterfly of love
goes its own merry way
It may stop for awhile
to gather sweetness here or there
but flies on to the next flower
so tell your heart to beware
Now I'll be the butterfly
and flutter softly and free
no one will ever hold my heart
to the butterfly... not even he


Friday, June 21, 2013

Many's the way to say I love you

Many's the way to say I love you
I have heard but one
low and raspy in the twilight
honey upon the tongue

Murmuring endearments into my ear
loving whispers long and deep
each time said with new inflection
these memories I keep

Breaking like the ocean's sunrise
upon my peaceful sleep
crashing like a thunderstorm
until I awake and weep

For the sorrow departed upon me
now that joy is gone
many's the way to say I love you
I have heard but one


Because I am

Let me be thankful
for being, and free
Let me thank God
because I am, me


The lady of anonymity

You no more will I see
hiding behind timidity
do you arms ever ache for me
the lady of anonymity
Tell me, do confess
would it have helped to love you less
to have left your contours uncarressed
and left my heart non-possessed
In my dreams I see your face
on my checks the tears I taste
love belonged in another place
too much given is such a wast
nights alone don't satisfy
love was such and awful lie
goodbye love, goodbye


Climbing You

I want to understand the steep thing
that climbs ladders in your throat
I can't make sense of you.
Everywhere I look you're there...
A vast landmark, a Hawaiian volcano
poking its head through the clouds...
Gulliver sprawled across Lilliput.

I climb into your eyes, looking...
The pupils are black painted stage flats
they can be pulled down like window shades
I switch on a light in your iris...
Your brain ticks like a bomb.

In your offhand, mocking way
you've invited me into your chest.
Inside, the blur that poses as your heart
I'm supposed to go in with a torch
or maybe hot water bottles
and defrost it by hand
as one defrosts an old refrigerator,
it will shudder and sigh...

Oh there's nothing like love between us...
You're the mountain, I am climbing you.
If I fall, you won't be all to blame,
but you'll wait years, maybe,
for the next doomed expedition....


As a new bud in bloom

I want to have a relationship
that I can look at
in the light of day
and say... yes
this is true
and honest
One based on a fairness to both partners
as fresh as a morning shower,
like the daylight
always renewing itself...
As beautiful
and right
as a new bud in bloom
To be able to look forward
into it blossoming
as it opens
and develops
oh, somewhere


Thursday, June 20, 2013

I believe in freedom

I believe in freedom... but in my own way
The freedom to be yourself... to give to others
what they need... to choose your own friends
I believe in the freedom to love whom you will
even if it's not returned... to have children
... if you want them... and as many as you want
providing you can afford them... I think
I would like to have one more... How do
you ask someone to father your child...
when you have decided...he is the one?
I believe in the freedom to make my
own mistakes... but not at someone
else's expense... Real freedom respects
the freedom of others... no matter what...
I believe in freedom of religion... for I
feel there are many roads, but only
"one God"... Peace comes through faith
Inner peace is hard to achieve but...
comes if you truly believe...


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Give me enterprise

I will not give up
in pride
for a handout in help
me to grovel in gratefulness
I don't like being used
so someone
can use me as an example
of their generosity
as a donation to charity
give me enterprise
and I'll put everything
of myself
into it... to succeed


Lovers without pain

When I watch lovers
walking hand in hand
my heart turns over
with envy
that sense of closeness
a oneness
each lover has
I miss the physical intimacy
I had with you
my love
but more your friendship
than the sex
your tender expressions
the loss you caused
at times
almost does me in
but when I learn to face
lovers without pain
I'll know
within my heart
I'll win


Oceans of eternity

No more mountains to imprison me
or grassy knoll for my grave
just drifting on the endless sea
my sea nymph soul to save
in these oceans of eternity


Wild surprise

Dreams come true
And when they do
It's such a wild surprise 

Foggy World

I lived in a foggy world
filled with self doubts
but I have learned...
yes, a hard lesson
from all the people
who have used
and abused me...
and my kids
is ever going to walk
on us ever again...
Life is going to be different
I am honing myself
for the uphill climb
some people
will say I'm getting hard
they're the ones
who taught me
nobody's ever
going to get us down again
Hey man...
I've been there


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Life is a process

Life isn't a test.  It's a process.  To every process there are steps that must be performed along the way.  There are new ideas to develop that will improve the product.

Sometimes there are failures, more often there are successes.  Nothing in life is perfect, all things can be improved on, and we are not in charge.

There are two forms of growth:  exterior and interior.  It's the inner workings of all things that is most important.  It is our spirit we must give our greater attention.

For it is the foundation of our strength which is faith, our generosity which is love, our knowledge which is wisdom, our serenity which is peace, and our happiness which is a joyful heart.

All thing must be in balance that we may perform to our optimum.  No one can do the work for us.  Some may influence us, enlighten us, encourage us, but only we can fulfill us.

It is the most important thing we can do in life and it requires constant homework, correction, and improvement.  This is why it is called a process.

We make new discoveries all the time and add it to our knowledge.  We encounter adversity which develops greater strength.  Chaos erupts and when resolved we have a greater sense of peace.  And sorrow enters all our lives and reminds us to be grateful for all our blessings and to demonstrate love to those most dear.

Disappointment and despair may rock our boat but when we have built a strong interior we will overcome the hurdles with a joyful heart.

Knowing at the most difficult times the Divine steps in to lift us up.  We are never alone, but when we seek right guidance it is always given.

What we need we receive, and we feel the brush of an angel's wing that reminds us we are loved, watched over, guided and protected.

Truth is, there is purpose to our lives.  The process helps us discover our right purpose.  Peace and joy are living it.


Love will stay with me

Love will stay with me
Until the end of time
Though I be dead...
It will live on and on
In the rustle of the trees
And in the waters, river fed
In the wind that carries
And somewhere we will meet
Again...In eternity I'll care
And we will unite once more
Never again to be put apart
Forever to have you near
Who dwells within my heart.


Buckets of tears

I can cry buckets of tears
or try to laugh away my fears
but not matter what I do
I can't forget the touch of you.


Monday, June 17, 2013

The first day of spring

The first day of spring arrived
and the mountains peeked out
over the clouds dressed like dry ice


My minds wanderings

My mind goes walking
a transparent trip
of fantasies mounting
undressed ideas
keep advancing
hard core feelings
intimate dreams
physically entrancing
thoughts speak with passion
a sweet seduction
I feel adoration
for my mind's wanderings
a sweet sensation


Ashes wet with tears

Marriage is
a hopeless unsuitable dream
to me
a pursuit I don't wish
to undertake
tripping over myself in pain
and ending
ashes wet with tears
to mark
the end of another era
is not my idea
of happiness


The longing for you

The longing for you
saps me of all desire
for activity... and drains
my soul... I wish I
could have you to fill
up that need in me
... you created


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Love's messages do tell

Love's messages do tell
what is written in the heart
across our face so well
we cannot hide this part


No more dark corners

That dark corner of my life
vanished with your light
as you pushed away my strife
gone are my lonely nights
lulled to sleep by songs of love
the world around set right
as we share this gift from above


Forever changed

Our souls touched
in that moment
without words
and were one
if only briefly
and are forever


Missing my dad

Missing my dad today
missing my dad everyday
we'll be reunited one day


Own Yourself

People mirror our beliefs.  What we think they will echo or argue.  They reflect our opinions of ourselves.  If they say otherwise we don't believe them.

To change reactions we but need to change actions.  Be authentic with what you feel.  Examine whether it is divine truth or an echo of past pain and fear.

Ultimately, we are what we create ourselves to be.  After we allow ourselves to do our own internal excavation, and release the baggage of the past that is weighing us down.

We need to free ourselves of the fear that has locked us in a cage of doubt, unworth, anger, dysfunction, denial, self-abuse, guilt or any other negativity we use to define ourselves.

Do a heart search to find the divine within.  It is there for God created us out of pure love.  We are not what we experience.  We are life's purpose discovering the self who is on this journey.

We are not the mirror image but the authentic being of light and love.  The miracle of who we truly are, a part of all-that-is, experience life, love and adventure in this lifetime.

It is more a journey within than without.  Our true purpose is in finding our self.  Our true and authentic self, the divine being we are. A unique, one of a kind creation.

There are no comparisons.  No one can take your place or do what you came here to do.  Each pebble in the water makes its own ripple.

Own yourself, honor yourself, be glad for who you are.  God did not create you to be anyone else.  Honor the gifts you have been given. 

They too were given for a purpose.  To create, to share, to serve.  Open your heart that you may better know.  Welcome the spirit of faith.

We do not journey alone.  Our angels are always with us, and the divine connection to all-that-is can be short circuited but never destroyed.

We only need but tune in, adjust our frequency, make the right connection to find we are on the right path after all.


Saturday, June 15, 2013

River of time

How deep is this river of time?
Where does it flow?
What will happen to these memories of mine?
Where will they go?


On a mountaintop

I only wish
I lived on a mountaintop
and you were the sun
to warm me each day
and the moon
to smile down on me
as nightfall waxed in
again each evening


As much as today

This terrible pit of fear and doubt
who let this green eyed monster out?
Who made you fearful of my love?
What made you doubt the one above?
... the one who patterns all our life
that at times can cut like a knife
or other times give us so much bliss
like two lover's first shared kiss...
What made you think this good was wrong?
I have at times been wild with joy
like a child with a new toy
I have never in all my years...
experienced so much love... so many tears
It's like a seesaw... up and down
or like a free wheeling merry-go-round
It rejoices my heart... the thought of you
clutching together in the darkness we'ere going through
and how I wait for the ring of the phone
and to hear your soft voice on the other side
... then to clam up and try to hide
this happiness I feel inside...
to know it's really you
that I am speaking to
and I want to tell you, oh my dear
I'll love you forever if that is near
or until tomorrow if that's far away
I'll love you to eternity... as much as today


Friday, June 14, 2013

Ghosts of your presence

Out of the darkness
rising from the sea
ghosts of your presence
came to haunt me


Cruel world of wickedness

Uttered tenderness within
brings me back to you again
a swan song from start to end

Far better to be humiliated in
love and expose its nakedness
to a cruel world of wickedness


Thursday, June 13, 2013


That millionth thought of you
clouds passing by peacefully
soaring birds, skies so blue
leaves dance so gracefully
the day glows in translucent hues
my weekend passing so blissfully


Love is

There is no distance to love, we need but reach out and it is there.  Love never depletes itself.  The more we give away, the more we receive in return.

Love is divine for it is a gift from God.  It is a blessing we were given to share with others. Love is the foundation upon which we build our lives.

Love is acknowledging our authentic, innermost self and accepting who we are.  Love is recognizing the child of God in all of us.

Love does not separate but binds us, each to the other.  Love is never heavy, weighing us down but light as butterfly wings allowing us the freedom to soar.

Love is always truthful, always kind and generous of spirit.  Love makes us strong.  It is an emotional embrace of the heart.  There is no shame or guilt in love, for love itself is pure.

Love frees us to become our highest potential.  It is uplifting.  Love gives us the power to be the best we can be for the joy of it.  It is a reward in itself.

There is no blame in love and no need for forgiveness.  Love is something we need to give ourselves first, on a daily basis.  We can never lose it or overuse it.

Love is a choice that empowers us.  It is unconditional and free to all and essential to our well-being.  To love is to open your heart and allow the experience of the spirit to fill you.

It will open your being to all the wonders around you, and to be love itself in action.  Love is healing, to live in appreciation and joy.

Love does not expect to be repaid.  It is sharing and caring.  Love itself is satisfying it needs no recognition.  Love multiplies itself in abundance.

Love fills us with grace.  It is giving to ourselves and others what God has give to us.  Love.


In the hours

In the hours
of my dreams
angels come to me
In the hours
in between
angles watch over me
In the hours
of my need
angles comfort me


Where all is made known

in the pauses
the waves
I find myself
where all
is made


You and me

It was a shot in the dark
you and me
just a random encounter
you and me
those highs and lows
you and me
like night and day
you and me
joy and sorrow
you and me
until the undoing
of you and me...


I wish I were a free bird

If it would help ease the pain
I'd erase the memory
of who I am and what we had
in times that used to be
I'd take away our yesterdays
and all my love for you
and replace it with tomorrows
dreams of all that is untrue
I'd give you loveless days
to live without regret
instead of this heart of mine
that never can forget
I'd wish you spring forever
and no autumns come to pass
and all the sweet flirtations
you know will never last
That way there would be no heartache
at the sight of me
and like a bird soaring overhead
you'd forever be just free
May you never find a love
like I have found for you
and a woman to break your heart
because she's never true
Fly, fly my free bird
up, up in the sky
never build a nest of love
like fools such as I....


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Honor Yourself

If someone else does not give us the appreciation we deserve it does not mean we are unworthy.  Do not let your self value depend on the actions or inaction's of others.

Love yourself first.  Treat yourself with attentiveness that your spirit may thrive.  Do you wait for someone else to cook your meals or do your laundry?

If your partner is having a bad day, or week, or month don't let their issues become your issues.  You cannot handle their life for them.

Light some candles, put on your favorite music, fill up the tub with scent and bubbles, bring a good book and go soak for awhile.

Paint your toe nails.  Have a glass of wine.  Let your partner know you're taking time out from their personal crisis and that your own self needs attention.

Do not expect anything from them.  Have a self-appreciation party for one.  You deserve it.  Invite the angels.  They love a party of the spirit.

When you do interact with your partner treat them with the kindness of self, but let them know this is a day of self-recognition not resolution.

They can schedule an appointment another day, another time.  This time is your time.  Too often in a relationship we put the needs of another ahead of ourselves and we become a sounding board, a dart board, or a pin cushion.

We feel that what they repress elsewhere is expressed to us.  Or they become moody and we become the dentist, trying to pry the problem out.  Not today!  Today is your time to recharge your love energy.  To reconnect with your spirit of self discovery and self-indulgence.

We are not defined by the conditions of others or our experiences.  To take time to know yourself puts you in touch with your true feelings.

It releases the resentments that have been building up.  It puts things in perspective.  You need to honor the child of God that you are.  That is enough truth for today.


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

It is a rare beauty

The world is too beautiful I fear
the air is soft... the sky so clear
the fields of green stretch far and wide
and down the rocks you see the tide
of the ocean, sparkling blue
and everywhere flowers of every hue
The clouds overcast the earth
and all creation is giving birth
It is a rare beauty I am privileged to see
and I feel so alive... amazingly, all sensitive to everything
It's my first experience of "this" spring
If I could... I know what I would do
... bring it as a gift you you


Monday, June 10, 2013

A glass slipper

Today I'm seeing
butterflies winging
above the flowers
I hear birds singing
and I'm walking
through a beautiful
fairyland... sort of
like a Disney movie
Show White, Cinderella
could this be love?
and are you
my prince charming
the knight
in shining armour
who has swept me
off my feet?
Have you found
a glass slipper lately
size 4 1/2?



I have come to tell you I have survived.
I bring you chains of paperclips instead of emeralds.
I bring you lottery tickets instead of poems.
I bring you mucilage instead of love.

I lay my body out before you on the desk.
I spread my hair amid a maze of rubber stamps.
I am open, will you like me like an envelope?
I am bleeding, will you kiss my paper cuts?


The harvest

Reap the love you've sown
bask in the warmth of the harvest
and be grateful for what you've grown


Release and Renew

We know we are progressing, on our spiritual path, by our ability to seek and find peace.  When we are feeling as if we are in troubled waters we can center ourselves and come back to a sense of serenity.

We do this through meditation, and also by releasing.  Thus bringing ourselves back into alignment with the spirit and with God.  Prayer is not only a communication with God, it is a means of being in harmony with our thoughts and with the Divine.

It is speaking in truth to one who loves us unconditionally.  It is confessing a need for spiritual guidance, for help along the way, and a means to express our gratitude.

There is no separation, for when we reach out we feel a part of all-that-is.  We need never be lonely for we always have the overwhelming love of God.

We just need to quiet ourselves and tune-in. The presence of the Divine is always with us.  The only requirements to begin to find inner peace is our willingness.

Once we reach out and receive the demonstration of His love, we are forever changed.  Fear can be put behind us in a moment, each time we renew and remember to release and let God.

Let him reassure us, guide us, reaffirm us, and love us.  For in Him there is no fear, only peace.  Open your heart and let the spirit of the divine enter in.

To be at peace is to feel an absence of all negativity and it is a sense of heightened awareness.  It is an experience of pure joy.  It is feeling intense love fill your spirit.

As we progress we become an open invitation to love that we can enter in a moment.  It is so joyful that we seek to maintain that state of peace.  We are attuned to our spirit and aware of disruptions.

We can stop and release before negativity can build up.  By being receptive to love we can eliminate discord.  Release and renew.


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Until I find my inner peace

I go in hunger of the soul
a want defined in absence
a need lacking purpose
there's no seeds to sow
nor a harvest to reap
until I find my inner peace


The loss we mourn

The flower has faded
leaving behind thorns
gone a love once sacred
replaced by rage and scorn
and so starts the hatred
and the loss we mourn


Crumbling Illusions

You can't break the system
the flaws are there by design
it's the illusion that it worked
that we see crumbling....


One with God

Fear should not exist in our vocabulary or our lives once we come to the realization that we are at one with God, our path is one of higher purpose and that we are never alone but in his divine care and guided with infinite love.

Fear is a denial of that love.  Love your life for it is a gift from God, a journey we have chosen to make to rediscover our higher purpose.

Fear tells us that life is about deadlines, schedules, material success, accumulating as much as we can, to achieve.  Love is accepting who we are as part of the divine all-that-I-am.  That there is a greater purpose to live.  To honor our spirit and God.  To release expectations and to be free to create.

Love is faith, truth, acceptance, gratitude, generosity of spirit, peace, joy, and being in the light.  Fear is darkness overshadowing the light which is God's love.

Fear is human but our spirit is divine and knows a greater power works within us.  Fear cannot exist in truth.  Truth is love speaking divine knowledge in our hearts.

When you experience fear, call forth the Holy Spirit and release the negative into God's hands.  He in turn will send love and faith and strength to get you through any and all things.  For he is always with us.

Just ask and you will receive, what you need, when you need it.  Just recognize the gift when it comes, and be grateful.  Gratitude is like remembering to send a thank you card, only more.

It is a life changing attitude and praises the Lord at the same time.  Love releases us into action.  Fear freezes us in its grip.  We can choose to recognize it and release its hold.

We can ask god to take this fear.  You can again feel the power of his love moving through you with those words.  We are never helpless, we can learn to love ourselves when we accept we are one in spirit with the love of God.


Saturday, June 8, 2013

You thought I was foolish

I thought you believed in me
all my silly hopes and dreams
painting a world to set me free
you thought I was foolish it seems


Roses I do grow

Those Easter chats with my mother
oh, how I miss them so
more with each passing year
so in her honor, roses I do grow


All the wonders

These pages of the past
our history of where we've been
are torn away, they couldn't last
like all the wonders we have seen


I should have listened

Your promise of a new life
opened my eyes and forced me to see
that all the tension and strife
was coming from you and not me
this truth cut me like a knife
I should have listened to my family


Moving with the task at hand

Rows of threes or fives
moving with the task at hand
carefree and alive
spring spreads across the land


To complete the puzzle

Freedom and love
what we all long for
for these two things
to go hand in hand
to complete the puzzle
that keeps our lives
in pieces...


To bloom once more

How beautiful it wold be
to find someone I could
let my hair down with
and just be myself...
Someone who wouldn't
run away...
because they say I'm
too nice...
Someone to soften the
thorns I've put out
to protect myself...
and help me to bloom
once more...


Friday, June 7, 2013

And the world bloomed

You gave me love
love gave me freedom
and the world bloomed


What is it you want from me?

I don't own you, and you don't own
me... I don't even want to
the only things I own, truly own are
my memories
you told me I was too possessive...
to possess, to me... is like clutching
butterfly wings too tightly in your fist
you destroy the thing you most wanted
to keep
I am not a spider spinning her web
around you... there are no fine strings
I can see on you from me
and I am cruel it seems to you... to
love you now... so I don't say "I love you"
anymore... you felt it smothered you
I took away all that I could, that I
gave you... what other freedom can I
give you?... I took them away not
because I don't care but because
I do
and I smile when I am happy,
not when I am told to... and if
I don't want to smile it's because
a smile is a butterfly wing... I
will not do things on cue... NO
Since you don't want me, wha
is it you want from me?



now that is a word
that can mean more than
one thing
I'm female
which are you?
as atracted to the opposite
some are attracted to the same
some to more than
as in have you had any lately?
ah, what a word
it describes so much


Color the world

Joe painted his canvas with shades of gray,
Splitting hairs and mincing words for a living,
His red nose and slurred words gave him away,
Wishing for a different pallet for his painting,
One of vibrant color to liven up his days...

When will this love die

When will this love die
and my soul stop its hunger cry
...out from missing you
all my life I have been true
waiting for your touch
to light the fire of my desire
I love you much too much
when will my heart heal
from this pain you made me feel
as if the very being of me
were drowning in the endless sea
all alone since you've been gone
what, my darling, went so wrong?
Did a mere tear or two
separate me from you,
is giving in the tiny speck
that caused you to lose respect?
Where before you looked with ecstasy
today you are too blind to see
Did telling you how much I care
send you away in despair?
I guess you wanted just my touch
and I loved you much too much...
I've said all this before,
when we were together
the world was so much more...
so, as marvelous, or inconceivable,
or ridiculous it still seems
there are still those moments
when it was just you and me
Oh, when will this love die
and set me free...


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Foolish Lovers

It's so easy to be critical
when you're not involved
but when you care...
you realize how cruelly
the tongue's lash can bite
but even more...
the coolness a lover
treats you to after...
to let you know...
how unimportant you are
that sting is 1,000 times worse
may I never be critical
of foolish lovers,
such as I... again.


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Blessings, counted

The Lord allows us to be tested, that his strength may become ours.  May we consider the blessings of our trials that we may continue to grow in spirit, in faith, in trust and in our beliefs.  Yea though I walk through the valley of death I will fear no evil for thou are with me, my Lord.

We release to God the outcome and set aside our doubts and fears and are encourage to go forth in truth, trusting in the Lord.  God constantly blesses us with his love in abundance.  He knows us better than any other.  He lifts us up when we stumble and his peace is with us when we are anxious.


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Solace in my tears

I have a right to feel remorse
over an intimacy lost, a sorrow
perfumed with my tears...
pity the death of an affair
written off like a bad check...
Each of us has his own special
grief... I sorrow for my lost
love... you for whatever...
Let me feel this bitter loss if
I want to...
I shall cry for all that could
have been... and was not...
I am paying my own debt... in
my own way...
Who are you to set a prices
on the cost of lovelessness?
I have a right to feel this pain
for it is all I have left of you
Tomorrow may bury everything
but for tonight I find solace
in my tears...


Monday, June 3, 2013

You cut me out

You have cut me out
of your life except as
you choose to include
me... I will not intrude
on this freedom of yours.


Your silence, damn

Your skin is that of a young child
so very smooth to the touch
but under your hands
you turn me wild
I love you much too much...
Who locked you to the ground
and gave to you not a sound?
Why do you run from my love
while the sun still shines up above
but lock me to your chest
when the moon is at its crest?
And the silence grows and grows
Why you don't speak... Heaven knows
Was "I love you" so hard to say
that you had to send me away?


Sunday, June 2, 2013

Chasing storms

Chasing storms
you'll meet
the end you seek

The cyclone
of life
shows no mercy


My bones

My bones remind me
of my age
communicating in pain
and rage



I am convinced
no man could love me
just for myself
I write in crimson blood
filled with the inkwells
that are my veins
you passion rose for me
but who's to say that is love
I am the blood red rose
the violet purple bougainvilleas
enmeshed in its thorny boughs
I am enkindled with fiery light
all glowing redness...
I want it to go away
instead I pour out
like rosy wine...
The enormity of my dissatisfaction
bleeds my heart dry.
Enough I say - enough
I am enswathed in scarlet robes
entrenched in a bloody pool
an aftermath of love
Valentines red hearts
cupids arrows, and entry
into me... as you did.


Saturday, June 1, 2013

The joy in love

The joy in love so brief,
and yet it fills a lifetime
with unforgettable moments
that in dark times, always shine



Because she was clamped
in the vise of herself,
because she was numb,
because words moved slowly as glaciers,
because they flowed from her mouth like wine,
because she was angry
and knotted her hair
and wore sand in her bra,
because she had written herself into a corner,
and could not get out,
because she had painted the sun on her ceiling
and then got burned,
because she invented the stars
and watched them fall.....
There is nothing to say now
You have filled her grave
with your theories,
her eyes with your sights.
You have picked her bones clean
as ancestor bones.
They could not gleam whiter.
But she is gone.
She is grass you have trod on.
She is dust you have blown away.
She sits in her book like an aphid
small and white.
She is patient.
When you're silent
she'll crawl out.....

I curse myself
for being born.... a woman.


Tart Cherries

I dreamed
that you called
and asked me back
to your office
and I rejected you
thus rejecting myself
and my feelings...
to myself
the tart cherries
oozed out of my skin
leaving me flat
a turnover without filling
and I baked
right there on the sidewalk
people stepping
over me
so as not to get their shoes
like my clammy hand
when you called
in my dream...