Sunday, December 31, 2017

This Energy

My intentions
in this life clear
realize the truth
within my being
this energy divine


Saturday, December 30, 2017

Look Carefully

Triumphs and disappointments
makeup all our passing days
lessons held within each one
should we care to look carefully


Friday, December 29, 2017

Like Smoke

Deep in the night,
while I slept....
an angel came to me,
she brought me hope,
gave me love, set me free...
together we wept...
in joy and delight,
despair vanished like smoke....


Thursday, December 28, 2017

Fear Not

Feel the energy of love,
let it flow through you...
give faith substance,
and you'll fear not....


Wednesday, December 27, 2017


Follow your heart,
live a meaningful life,
committed fully.
Learn from faith,
accept uncertainty.
You'll be guided,
protected, and loved,
always, at all times.
Give and you will receive.


Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Fill My Heart

Fill my heart with grace
let me know God's love
seeing each day a new
a miracle and blessing
opening before me...


Monday, December 25, 2017


In searching for my path
life has brought me to God
guided here by angels
I've had to learn to trust
before I could be set free


Sunday, December 24, 2017

The Power

The Power of God
living within me
I realize this truth
acknowledging it
sets my soul free


Saturday, December 23, 2017

Finding Gifts

Love eternal, unconditional
what our true nature holds
when we open our hearts
we touch our essence
we grow and flourish
this the substance of faith
our gift to be found....


Friday, December 22, 2017

Guilty Goodbyes

You weren't there
but I visited anyway
just a shell, silent
you sat and stared
aged stone, cold eyes
once my father
now just a shell
you'd gone deep
beyond all reach
these visits now
my guilty goodbyes


Thursday, December 21, 2017

Made Visible

Teach me,
oh, spirit,
that I may serve,
open my heart and my eyes,
let me be as a newborn,
the road, made visible before me....


Wednesday, December 20, 2017


This is the day the Lord has made, be grateful for this new day, it is yours. At times it seems as if our minds are muddy, sit still, meditate and let all become clear. All will be revealed when it's supposed to be and no sooner. Have patience and know that this is a test of faith, for it is the Holy Spirit who opens us to knowledge, and gives us the gift of knowing.


Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Joy and Love

My consciousness
the spirit within me
unlimited in potential
a divine power filled
by our creator, God
with joy and love


Monday, December 18, 2017


God's language is silence
awaiting my translation
quite gifts of the spirit
waiting to teach us to love


Sunday, December 17, 2017

The Door

The Buddha came to me
in meditation, he called
a voice of deep silence
a door that opened to me
and there I found the way


Saturday, December 16, 2017

The Seed

The holy spriit descended on Jesus and he too became a manifestation of holiness and spirit, love supreme. With the Holy Spirit in Him, Jesus' power as a teacher and healer transformed the world. We so, the seed was planted within us, and so too, the capacity form healing, transformation, and love. We but need to touch the seed within, let it grow, and know God the Father.


Friday, December 15, 2017

Be Mindful

The Buddha was asked, "holy one, what is it that you and your monks practice?" The Buddha replied, "We sit, or walk, or eat." The questioner continued, "but sir, everyone does that," and the Buddha replied, "When we sit, we know we are sitting. When we walk, we know we are walking. When we eat, we know we are eating. We and our acts are one. We strive to be mindful of our lives."


Thursday, December 14, 2017

No other way

In God alone,
will my soul rest...
and my spirit free.
There is no other way.


Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Resolve Conflicts
Flourish in Peace
This is the possibility
When we find the way
Our path becomes free
Our destiny is clear....


Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Embrace the day

This morning I gave a prayer of thanksgiving for a clear deck and driveway. When I went out on the lower deck in front both the quail and chipmunk came asking as I put out seeds, as they were hungry. They didn't run off but instead to stood there watching me and as soon as I accommodated them the quail went to get his friends while the chipmunk thanked me and started eating. I imagine very soon there will be quite a party there for breakfast. Feeding friends inhabit every deck but the lower back one and I am grateful they come to visit.

The sky is overcast with a few blue streaks running through, and the sound of snow popping from the trees in all directions as well as the incessant dripping from the roof can be heard.

The squirrels are running up and down the sides of the house and across the roof and climbing the tree outside the window to check on our indoor activity. The birds too are very active this morning and a variety visitors have come to call, one was a new orange breasted one the size of the dove. Song in many forms, each unique to its species, is being sung. The red-crested finch, the Blue Jays, the morning dove, wrens, all are here as if it is social hour at my home and they have all come calling.

The weather seems uncertain of itself, not knowing whether to rain, snow or be a brighter, more beautiful day, and it leaves us confused as well. There is a strong chill in the air and in the late afternoon the birds exhibit nervousness I interpret as a weather change of a possible storm and soon enough fat flakes of snow start to fall.

The neighbor and I discussed whether we will be shoveling snow in the morning and how he would rather do it daily; to strengthen his back, than to have the brakes I'm grateful for. He is anxious to be off out of town again and I wish them a safe journey but I refuse to let his discouragement affect my appreciation of this day or those to come whatever the gift of weather mother nature of God Himself bestows on us.

Soon enough spring will be here and the winter just a memory captured on film. I treasure all that I see, experience, and grow through. This is the only today I have and I will embrace it with all the love in my heart.


Monday, December 11, 2017

Another original day

Everything is white in all directions, a kind of monochrome morning; mountains, trees, homes, and sky, as the new day comes slowly to life. I get new pictures of the same view previously photographed. Just as each day is an original so is each picture.

I've cleared the decks early as the squirrels and birds have already come to call, awaiting their meal of fruit and nuts. They don't run off but wait impatiently, trusting that I will provide for their hunger needs. I have become a constant in their world and to them, I serve a purpose thus am accepted as a necessity.

It is another day for shoveling but the snow is light, almost airy and damp without clinging and it goes faster and easier than usual. There are only two of us clearing our space this morning and we exchange greetings, comments, and encouragement as the work progresses as well as the day. I am satisfied with what I have accomplished although I acknowledge my belief that this is not the last before the winter is over.

I never try to anticipate what tomorrow will bring but wait instead to see what unfolds. The day is enjoyably warm, no need for many layers of clothing, and I am able to drive myself into the village and marvel at what a good job of clearing the plows did on the roads. The mail wasn't worth retrieving, just an ad, but the drive was exhilarating and the stop at the wee market to get some fresh bread and exchange pleasantries.

I spent the afternoon at the computer working on my pictures and greeting cards. Blank paper comes to life as a new winter scene, thanks to technology, prints itself onto the grain and trees, mountain cabins, snow, become more than a photo but a representation of God's country ready to mail, complete with envelope.

It is been a productive day and makes me eager to capture more of our village on film, to explore and discover new visions and grasp the essence, not just the scene but also the spirit, peace, as well as the beauty of this winter season. Blue shadows against white snow, crisp ice you can almost breathe in. I love to look through the lens and then discover own the life in the development.


Sunday, December 10, 2017

A universe of change

We create our own universe and each of us is at the center of it. What we invite into the core of our world is our choice; what we allow ourselves to see, to experience, to feel. We can be alive to the moment or just exist. This is what I meditate upon.

To being in consciousness is to not just observe but to become part of all that is around you. The mountains become our strength, the stars our visions, the daybreak our rebirth each morning to all the possibilities we can allow ourselves to live within. Each moment of each day is important, as are we. There is a purpose to each one and everything in creation. Nothing is stagnant but constantly changing, evolving, becoming.

My world in the mountains this winter has been a very white world as we have had record snowfalls. The last two days have been combinations of rain and wet snow but at Four this afternoon heavy snow started to come down again in earnest. The kind of snow that claims to the branches, leaves, and bends the young saplings. I see my Aspen curved again toward the ground. It was finally beginning to recover from the first big snow that changed its shape. The current snow has been dampened and heavy enough to cause a repeat.

The fruit trees and bushes are altering appearances as they take on the shape formed by the wet, white powder clinging to them, forming clumps in areas, leaving only brown patches where the trunk climbs out of the ever-increasing buildup, layer upon layer over many days, weeks, months, never being warm enough, long enough, to decrease it significantly before it accrues more.

The path my grandchildren created riding their sleds down my hill is no longer visible and the entrance to the igloo they built is steadily being filled in, by morning only those who know would recognize it as anything but a huge pile berm above the road.

The light from the window highlights the sparkling flakes as they come spiraling down from heaven as thick as feathers during a pillow fight, exploding with motion, dancing on air. Icicles are growing, as are cotton like clumps of snow layered on branches, clinging to leaves and piled in the crooks and crevices. As he universe is continuously evolving, so are we, and the morning will bring a bright white and transformed landscape again, as each day brings its own blessings and surprises.


Saturday, December 9, 2017


God, please bless me
give me insight
let me focus and see
thinking clearly
let ideas take flight
ideas coming freely
like waves in the sea
radiant like starlight


Friday, December 8, 2017

Mine to explore

God lives within me....
oh, how long it took
to realize this truth
no more searching
the path is before me
together with angels
mine to explore


Thursday, December 7, 2017

It waits

The harmony I seek
is here before me
I just had to look
and there it was
a tree, a cloud
hills and rivers too
all creation waits
for us to become


Wednesday, December 6, 2017


Let me remove my mask
and set aside the illusion
I've been hiding behind
my essence awaits ahead


Tuesday, December 5, 2017


Eternal and unconditional
that is what nature is....
we, removed, must return
that is where our souls are,
where we will find ourselves


Monday, December 4, 2017


When we focus on the light,
we're able to see what it is...
truth and freedom ours,
love and peace too....


Winter is hanging on

Mother nature is not ready, as yet, to let go of winter. This morning she has unleashed another serious snowfall. The flakes are big and moist falling in a heavy sheet. The challenge to many, at this point, is to see the beauty of each one. So many of my neighbors who couldn't wait for the first snowfall as a wondrous sign of winter here in God's country are now bemoaning another storm instead of being grateful for the blessing and the gift. Too soon it will be over and spring will be here. Already small signs are raising their heads anxious for their turn.

The squirrels, up early, have arrived for breakfast. Life is present; snow makes no difference as long as they have food and shelter. The cats and I have that and more; and warm fire, a dry shelter with a wonderful view, hot showers and entertainment, and a shovel when the snow subsides. God provides me with all that I need and more, as well as the ability to enjoy, not wish away, the gift of today and to see it with eyes of wonder still.

The snow is alternating with rain and turning to/on the ground in melting off the driveway even though the air is quite frigid and requires gloves and hat outdoors. No need to shovel under these conditions, and the snowplow has been making regular runs but there is not a lot on the road to create a berm accept what he dislodges from the old piles and leaves all my driveway.

My friend blessed me with a ride to the post office but the only thing waiting was an ad. She also brought me a new Angel for my collection from her trip to Panama.

The morning snow became afternoon rain, slowly melting and washing away at the thin layer of mushy snow from the driveway and also creating a rivulet of ice to the backyard. Evening brings a magnificent sunset of charcoal clouds against the crimson sky over the broad ridge of the tree-topped mountain and a temporary deluge from the sky.

The wind is now silenced and the chill has paused, becoming a more tolerable cold. Night comes gently to God's country. The igloo my grandchildren built still stands, a monument to their weekend in the snow, of their persistence, and the sound of their voices echoes in my mind and heart.


Sunday, December 3, 2017

What a beautiful day

What a glorious day it is today. No sign of any rain appears but instead unexpected warmth that allows me to shed my extra clothing and appreciate this special gift from God. It is not so hot that it melts the hill of snow so it is like having the best of two worlds at once. The squirrels are in the mood to play and arrive very early for their breakfast and games of tag.

Much time is dedicated to catching up on my computer work but I take frequent breaks outside to enjoy the wonder and the warmth. My cousin has invited me to travel with him to Italy, France, and Brussels, a very appealing offer indeed.

In the afternoon I make my mail run and take advantage of the wonderful weather and take the high roads and drive up the hills to capture the wonderful views, to see winter from a birds eye view. I brought my camera along in the hopes of collecting more pictures but unfortunately a UPS truck was tailing me and I found not one area where I could pull off. I will try again the first opportunity I get.

I am, as always, fascinated with the ever-changing scenery, the terrain, sky, and the beauty of God's country. No two days are ever alike but there is always a sense of being in a spiritual environment. I almost feel the spirit of the Chumash Indians who inhabited this area and would like to study further the special relationship they had with all living things and with the powers that govern the universe and all that is.

In the early evening great billowing clouds come over the mountains resembling fields of cotton opened to the sun, begging to be picked, areas highlighted as if God Himself had spotlighted them. Soon there was an avalanche of fog, heavy clouds, creeping quickly down the mountains as if an invasion were taking place by a force of nature that could be seen but not touched.

By nightfall the air again holds a bone numbing chill urging the necessity to again find warmer wear. The clouds have gone elsewhere and the stars have made their appearance. Tomorrow will be another God-given surprise to be revealed and I will create it with joy.


Saturday, December 2, 2017

Sunshine on snow

The sky is so beautifully clear today Mr. Sun is out bright and shiny for the first time in at least a week. To be in the moment is to appreciate and embrace the experience and the gift of life. Right now it feels like God is smiling and the world is in a state of joy. Everything the sunlight touches glistens and the air is filled with Birdsong as if they are extolling God's praises and their gratitude.

The squirrels came early for breakfast, anxious to begin their day and the neighbors are off, I presume for an early trip to town. They've seemed to be suffering a bit from cabin fever of late. If it had been this nice yesterday I would have lingered longer in town.

The squirrels, I notice, have completely broken the bird feeder on the front tree and the seed is now scattered all over the ground below. They are joined in the foraging by the quail and bluebirds, all trying to get the greatest share.

Today is dedicated to catch-up, on settling some problems, housework, and email, as well as word-processing documents I am working on. I did take time to phone visit with both my daughters. My cousin is complaining he hasn't had any email from me of late. I guess dedicating so much time, due to the necessity, to snow shoveling does take time away from other things, but priorities take precedent

More rain is predicted for tomorrow, which may mean more snow here. So for tonight the sky is clear and the stars stand out like a tray of diamonds against a background of black velvet. Outback the lights from the houses on the hill shine like a double moon or beacons guiding an airplane on to a landing strip at midnight. Of the moon itself there is no sign. The houses themselves cannot be seen but you know their location by the lighted shapes of windows and doors hanging in space.

It is quite serene tonight. The hoot owl is silent and no coyotes have been heard in the near vicinity for weeks. It is comforting to sit in the rocker on the deck, bundled against the cold and just be. Not concentrating, but a part of all that is around me and at one with the universe and with God.

I appreciate each day, the gifts each one holds, God's guidance in leading me here, and the journey this life has taken me on. Amen!


Friday, December 1, 2017

A trip to town

The sky this morning is cloudy with great coral billowing clouds and others gray streaked, almost charcoal, moving in over the mountains. Much of the roof tops are cleared of snow and I notice the absence of the constant dripping caused by melting snow from my own roof and realize, it too, must now be clear, but I was mistaken. After walking up the hill on the road I see that one side of the roof is partly clear, the other side is still mostly snow-covered. It is just too icy as yet to drip but will continue on with the sun's warmth.

Today I will go into town, to Santa Clarita. The forecast is cloudy but no snow or rain is predicted. Oh, joy! As the clouds gather, increasing in density I question my decision, but as the sun begins to peek out briefly I feel I should not miss the opportunity presented as I don't know what next week will hold and my shagginess is beginning to bother me, also I look forward to the freedom of the drive. So with faith in hand I am off.

Is a beautiful drive with clouds closing in behind me as I descend down the mountain. As I get ever lower both are reaching to meet, cloud to land and land to cloud until all blends into one.

The continued threat of inclement weather was even in town as if, at any moment, the sky would open up. I took care of my business in record time rather than linger as usual but felt no sense of anxiety, rather a reassuring peace from God that the journey would be a safe one.

It is good to be home as a thick fog has descended hiding all below in less than half an hour. The mountains, trees, and houses behind my home are all hidden from view, only indistinct lights show through as an indication of where a home is located.

Pesky, the squirrel, is agitated and screaming on the deck and dives into a tree while still chattering loudly. Peeker on the front deck was clamoring as well.

There is a damp feel to the air, almost as if you could wring it if you could hold it and release a wealth of water to the ground.

The cats are all resting, Lil Bit centered on a pillow as if he is a royal offering, the little king of the house for sure.

A few stars appear in the night sky out front but are hidden from view behind. It is as if front and back are two different worlds, door-to-door, a house divided indeed.


Thursday, November 30, 2017

Rain, shopping and quiet time

It seems odd to be grateful for rain but it was a change that is exciting. This is only the second time I have seen rain up here, as the last time was when I came up to paint before I moved in. I have seen quite a bit of snow and I still find it entrancing and beautiful but we, at least every once in a while, all need change.

The bulbs are trying to bloom; gold petals are ready to open in the flower bed courtesy of the last occupant. The ones in my barrel planter have been waiting for it to warm enough for weeks but instead, repeatedly, get refrozen. My son decided I needed it moved to my deck and as heavy as it is, it surely won't be moved again soon, at least not by me.

My friend is going into Bakersfield wants to know if I want to tag along so I hurry to ready myself. It is an opportunity too good to bypass, as I need to restock some supplies and check out the roads. If they are good enough I will head for Santa Clarita tomorrow to keep my hair appointment. I hope I have the right date as my stylist forgot to give me an appointment card. I also want to develop film and prepare more greeting cards in the hope of making some income. I see that I have some competition in the local grocery store but not in the antique shop, as yet.

The road back home was being monitored and only residents, or those that had business in the area, were being let through. Still there were trespassers cutting through the barbed wire of the ranch fences on the way home and cars leaving litter along the highway, their calling card upon departing. I can see why it is necessary to limit visitors. Others have been caught stealing lumber, cutting down trees without permits, or being a danger on the mountainous roads as if they had a death wish to self and others.

Men don't linger to shop so we were back home in a little over two hours and the cats were anxious to welcome me and check out my packages. They love playing in bags.

The rain had let up leaving a freshness in the air behind. I felt it a perfect day to make a pot of soup and relax, play fetch with the kitten, and do some cuddle time with all my cats, as well is some necessary chores. I'm exhausted from the high energy and the lack of sleep over the past few days, and so this quite time is deeply appreciated by all.


Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Grandchildren, day two

I am up early while there is still silence and I am able, at peace, to have my first cup of coffee and to luxuriate with a good book knowing that, soon enough, one by one, my grandchildren will appear, anxious for another round of snow play and so it is. They do not even settle down for breakfast first but run outdoors falling upon the hill of snow, before even the squirrels have come out of their shelters to beg seeds and nuts.

The children are supercharged and the adults keep watch from the upstairs deck, coffee in hand. Soon they are joined by my son intent on finishing the igloo they started the day before, as well as a renewed interest in sledding.

It takes almost three hours and a snack of Pop Tarts to convince one and all to stop, get ready for town to have a real meal, visit the local stores, have an old-fashioned snowball fight, get sweets at the candy shop, and marvel at the great outdoors, then back home for more play time as if they will never see snow again and they feel a sense of deprivation already. They come in only long enough for bathroom breaks and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for more fuel. They have to be dragged in for dinner even though they are exhausted, where they a enjoy a warm fire and command of the television.

The day is charged with energy, a commodity almost all children have in excess. They want to stay another day but, as all parents know, there are things that need to be done at home and so it is time to pack up, find anything that might be missing, as there always is, get and give lots of hugs, settle everyone into the car and promise another visit soon.

The quiet, after two days filled with activity, seems unnatural but also welcome. The cats, who have been mostly in hiding, come out one by one and settle around me for some love and attention. The sky is cloudy and rain is falling, it is uncertain whether snow will come during the night. The fire slowly dwindles and the lighting is reduced to a minimum as we all drift off on the couch while the television plays to itself.

I am awakened to a call that all are home safe and sound. Then it is finally time to head off to bed and a deep sleep. I thank God for the blessing of my family, and the priceless treasure of being able to spend time with them.


Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Before me

Words seem like talk
which I've used often
trying to shield myself
from the awful silence
and aloneness of eternity
stretching out forever
right in front of me....


Monday, November 27, 2017

Without Anger

Anger troubles the heart,
it brings us trouble too...
it's best to leave that behind,
and follow the path of love,
without the obstacles anger brings


Sunday, November 26, 2017

True is right

If it is true, it's right
like the Holy Spirit
truth brings peace
it nourishes my soul


Saturday, November 25, 2017


I build my world with words
choosing what I should say
as I speak or what to write
as my words are the path
on which I will walk....


Friday, November 24, 2017

Snow visitors

My son, his wife and my grandchildren are supposed to come up today. I am excited to share my experiences with them, as well as my world, and weather here in Pine Mountain Club. The kids are looking forward with anticipation of having a whole yard of snow at their disposal.

They arrive in the afternoon loaded with weekend necessities, a great deal of enthusiasm, love and hugs, and inflatable sled, not enough gloves to go around and preparation for dinner for the next two nights as well as lots of snacks they keep the energy level high in the small whirlwinds, in constant motion, I call my grandchildren, but the biggest kid of all is my son. He is the first to slide down the Hill claiming it needs his weight to pack down the snow and he needs at least three or four runs to do it properly.

My son is the first one to find a shovel and start digging, throwing snow as fast as he can down the hill. It's his idea to build an igloo, even though he recruits his children's help, and it's his design. He wants it to be big enough for everyone to huddle within and share the experience. Stairs are carved as well as two entrances and, even though it's not well-rounded, it gets and deserves the attention of neighbors.

There are lots of changes of clothes as the dampness seeps through several layers and snow gets into every seam and crevice causing frozen hands, feet, faces, and a myriad of other body parts, and the washer and dryer are in constant usage. I teach them how to apply plastic bags over socks and between shoes to help ward off the chill and they are surprised at how well it works.

There are breaks for warm-ups in front of a crackling fire and for hot chocolate. The cats are still all in hiding in this highly charged atmosphere and the continuous reminder of "shut the door" resounds like a pealing bell on a Sunday morning but continues to fall on ears with dense screening power.

At the end of the day, children are falling asleep where the land and are gently carried down to bed. That gives the adults time for play and late at night my son and his wife are sledding on snow with a thick icy crust. Whee! Then we take time for relaxation and I am the first to retire. What a wonderful day with my lovely family, oh, how I love them so!


Thursday, November 23, 2017

A hummingbird friend

I arose to a new snowfall this morning. We will have no shortage; it seems, of water this year. It lasted a little over three hours but was not a deterrent to the squirrels, the birds, or my high spirits.

At nine the sun was out and as I open my front door to an in my face encounter with a hummingbird that came to call. It was as if he had two messages, "Spring is coming"and "where is my food." I have not put out any hummingbird feeders, as yet, not having expected them so soon. It is time to rethink my expectations. The little gold freesias bloomed yesterday, another sign of spring. I took my trusty shovel and expeditiously cleared my driveway, the berm, my car, and my stairway. It was good to be out and exercising and meditating in rhythm.

Ron, the carpenter, came to measure for my staircase handrail and to have me select my preference of wood color. It is time for me to get busy painting the stairwell before the rail is installed. I left off after it painted half of the entryway and have not resumed.

The drive to the post office is an outing I look forward to and I try to make it a time of exploring my new area as well, both to acclimate and admire. This time I was able to cruise the hills at a leisurely pace, to pause at the side of the road when I saw an eye-catching view and to attempt to capture it on film: pictures of the houses nestled in deep valleys with the snow-covered mountains in the background, of winding roads climbing through the forested heights, cloud enveloped mountain caps, and the sheer beauty of God's country. Another time I will return to catch the images of houses clinging to pinnacles. Last night I was concentrating on cloud formations.

Snow flurries started again once I arrived home. There is a deep haze hanging between the mountains and the back deck, so thick it seems as if it could be separated with any object or perhaps blown further away if you could take a deep enough breath. Small icicles have started to form on the tree branches and the birds hopping on the branches left uncovered sent some bobbing like crystals. The birds themselves seem as if nature ornaments until they move. The new snow looks like powdered sugar the edges of the hill while the driveway is still clear. The air stings like tiny arrows through my skin, driving me indoors, where once again I'm greeted by the warmth of my fireplace.


Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Up before dawn

I was up before the sky lightened. The stars, the moon and I seem to be all there was of morning and the shadows that were indistinct on my hill ended and the once across the road began. It wasn't until the light arrived that I noticed the berm behind my car, which means that sometime since the driver of the snowplow, who tried to rearrange my hill yesterday, had returned to plow again.

My right arm and shoulder are still numb from my workout and I realize how little I really accomplished compared to other days. I'll have to be careful with my shoveling and snow tossing today, to do what I can, and remember there is no contest to win.

I put out some peanuts, raisins and sunflower seeds for Peeker, the squirrel, on the front deck. At first, he and his friend ran away but it wasn't very long before greed, or hunger, brought one back. Could it be Gutsy? He ran across the deck and right in front of me, almost reaching the pan before fear made him make a quick retreat. Instead, they went to the back deck to bother Pesky, coming from both sides. They will be out front again soon as Pesky refuses to share and is very territorial. I wonder if they will share with each other, I bet not!

In the meantime, the Blue Jays have discovered the pan and are taking peanuts two at a time, flying away and quickly coming back for more. Even the stellar jay was here. There won't be many peanuts left for the squirrels, or none at all, if they don't come soon. The fracas on the back deck continues. The quail are all over the front yard and the birdfeeders are a hub of activity. A slice of moon still hangs in the pale blue sky.

By eight thirty I am out shoveling, admiring the wonders around me as I take it slow and steady. The snow piles I created yesterday look like tall peaks of meringue before the pies go into the oven to brown. There are pockets of individual feathers across the ice; I count twelve in all, like the apostles. The Mickey twig nest is all covered in snow, looking like a miniature igloo. My neighbors are on their way to Bakersfield for the day. After an hour it is break time.

The car is now clear of snow, next to the berm, and I still need a path to the propane tank. The sun is warm on the front deck and the squirrels continuously cross under my legs to get to the birdfeeder over and over, not as if I'm invisible but that they recognize I am not a threat to them. How much braver will they get, I wonder? My break time is over and another round of snow awaits me. Another lovely day in God's country.


Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Got my mail

I realize that I must commit to continued shoveling. Today will be day three of clearing what the blizzard brought. I thank God for the strength He is building in me and for the perseverance to keep going even during adversity and that He is always with me. I thank Him for the beauty of the environment around me and the privilege of being a part of it.

The shovel gang was out, the two neighbor men and me; we are always digging and moving the snow from the latest storm. The wonderful warmth causes me to shed my jacket very early and not long after my wool slip-on. I waited long enough before beginning so that I would not be in danger of falling on slick ice.

I am ever entranced by the sparkle in the snow and it reminds me of the day my granddaughter brought the magic deer food, which was mostly glitter, and how together we scattered it atop the hill and she was sure it would bring me deer for Christmas, reindeer of course.

This morning I found a foot long icicle hanging from my back deck light. I took a picture and hope it turns out as intriguing as the physical sight of it was upon discovery.

My neighbor gave me a ride to the post office as it has been days since either of us could go and of course, wee Betsy, my car, wouldn't make it on these icy roads. He took the scenic route up and back. Going home we climbed up higher and higher and were able to see most of the town below and houses perched on the very tips of the mountains. What a marvelous view they must have but what a challenge to get up there. Who plows those private roads?

Often times there was a single home with a solo view in all directions and for miles below, mainly roofs, treetops, the mountains below them, the curving roads, and above all the breathtaking beauty. The winds must hit with a tremendous force up there with nothing to block the onslaught and mists that however with the clouds could be isolating.

My gift of the heart today was several pictures of my new granddaughter. My favorite has a smile and a twinkle in her eyes that speaks of a mischievous nature. Her sweet smile and sleeping face in others steal my heart. I miss seeing her grow and holding her close. These photos are my lifeline to her and my daughter.


Monday, November 20, 2017

Waves of Love

I am the spirit of infinite plenty, individualized. I am boundless abundance in radiant expression. What is expressed and experienced in love must be returned in full measure. Therefore, wave after wave of love and gratitude flow toward me, to share and pass on.


Sunday, November 19, 2017

No Surrender

I believed in the power of money, therefore I surrendered by God-given power and the authority to an objectified belief. The opened the door for the possibility of lack, thus causing a separation in consciousness from the source of my supply. Cut off from what gives me life. I believed in mortal man and carnal conditions, and through this faith gave man and conditions power over me.

I believed in the mortal illusion created by the collective consciousness of error, the way humanity plods along in unison, unthinking, and in doing so, I limited the unlimited. No more! This day I renounce my so-called humanhood, and claim my divine inheritance as a being of God. This day I acknowledge God and only God as my substance, my supply, and my support.


Saturday, November 18, 2017

Beyond Belief

Today, I cease believing in visible money as my supply and my support, and I view the world of effect as it truly is.... simply as an outpicturing of my former beliefs. Today, I've decided to change, to put my faith in that which is beyond man.... outside of objects and material things.


Friday, November 17, 2017

It's a clearer day

The most beautiful sight this morning was to see a clear sky and Mr. Moon. It may not last through the day but what a lighthearted greeting it is.

The second thing I did, from the necessity of warmth, was to replace the triple pair of socks I removed before going to bed so my feet could breathe. Now I will wait to see the wonders sunrise. Areas of mountain become highlighted by a pink glow as the sun begins his ascent. Then it lightens to crisp white and I am grateful for a new day in God's country.

The clearness reminds me of God's love on this special day and lightens my heart, if not my muscles, to the work ahead, to shovel and clear, as well as always think clear thoughts and know I am loved.

I give myself the goal of creating a path of five feet by five feet at a time and then take a break. I have moved a lot of snow, a shovelful at a time, and the piles on each side of the path I created doubled in height as I continued developing my way out. I ended at my car, clearing part of the hood, one tire, and part of the windshield, and only realize after a hard fall my right hip how slippery the ground beneath my feet had become. The sun was slipping down and no longer aiding in melting the residue of ice beneath the snow I removed. I would guess my new walkway, in the midst of four feet of snow, is approximately fifty feet long.

I took pictures from the deck above and from the front door to document the gift from the blizzard and my hard work. I understand we haven't had such a heavy snow since the 60s.

My neighbors next door were shoveling in tandem until the wife gave in and went inside and left him to toil alone. The neighbor down the road and across the way played music loud enough that all of us could work to the beat. I enjoyed some of the music, like Enya, better than others, such as the wailing sad country songs.

The neighbor's dog is disappointed he cannot take his usual walk and refuses to do his duty in the snow. I laugh at the promises of future green grass and a trip to town, lucky dog. It will be a while before I can take a road trip but my grandchildren may come for a few days play and romp in the mounds of snow and may even build their grandma a snowman in the yard.


Thursday, November 16, 2017

Acts of kindness

I am greeted in the early morning by decks gleaming white from six inches of snow, and absence of driveway or street, icicles clinging to the branches as well as patches of snow. The mountains are a combination of white and green again. When the sun begins its ascent the clouds gradually take on a deepening rose hue and the homes are backlit in color.

This morning quail were on the upper deck, walking the rails and calling the others to join them. As they are too large to perch on the feeder they depend on smaller birds dropping seed to the deck and soon go below for richer pickings.

The snowplow seems out of place in this serene setting, an appearance of horse and sled would seem more appropriate. Snow starts falling again before eight, after I've cleared the decks. As most of the sky is azure instead of cloud-hidden it is not a serious storm, as yet, but merely passing flurries.

I start clearing the driveway even though, as I work, I see more serious gray clouds move in over the forest line and a cold wind quickly picks up. The snow is so damp it clings to the shovel and it takes a bit of pounding to remove and still some adheres to it. My feet are freezing in my back prevents me from making the progress I did yesterday. I realized today will be a long, slow, process. Lord, please give me fortitude.

By nine thirty I am wondering at the wisdom of my continued shoveling as the progress is slower, the air colder, in the snow heavier. There are no blue patches left of the sky but a continuous fog-like mist as the latest storm takes over the morning. I take time to fill the birdfeeder that Peeker the squirrel has claimed as his, and nearly emptied. Patience will give me a worthwhile picture as he performs his acrobatics.

The weather has cleared some, so the snow shoveling continues. I also needed to fill the feeders in the trees as they have quickly been emptied by my abundance of bird visitors. I gave the wee Mickey squirrel, which spends most of his day on my lower deck, a treat of several peanuts. Within the time it took me to take a warm shower they are all gone.

My day ended with an act of kindness. I went out to finish shoveling and found that the young man with the snowplow had cleared the end of my driveway. What a wonderful surprise. Thank you for the kindness of strangers, dear God.


Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The end of the day

Tonight the sky is clear and the stars are out to play. The temperature has dropped and the remainder of the snow, after I cleared the decks, crunches under my boots.

The snow was steady all day; sometimes hardy, soft flakes and at other times small pez pellets. The cats got their private animal show and there was so much activity to watch I had to pull up the blinds on even the front windows and I joined in watching and filled the space with my laughter.

Pesky the squirrel, as usual, came to eat but was so continuously distracted chasing off birds and other squirrels that Shredder took the opportunity to gorge himself with seed. Peeker discovered the feeder hanging off the upper front deck and found that if he could stretch out he could grab it and pull it inward and raid the seed, as well as spill seed all over the ground below. Even when I came out on the deck he continued his endeavors and allowed me to take pictures. I wish the neighbors, who laughed at his antics attempting to get the seed from the one I hung from a hook near the eaves, unsuccessfully except in frustration, could have seen him do his circus act with the latest one. He certainly is tenacious.

In the meantime, Gutsy tore open the seed bag and was having his own meal near the front door downstairs, mostly out of the snow, joined off and on by a large variety of birds. When I came out he ran away and then came back while I stood as still as possible, wishing I had my camera, as he was less than a foot away. The next I looked my front deck was filled with quail eating, scratching, investigating, and a few wandering the snow filled yard, then coming back to shelter.

I went out midday to fill all the feeders as the high volume of activity had nearly rendered them empty. I kept the cameras busy snapping pictures and hoping the photographs capture the high energy activity, ingenuity, playfulness, and the joy we all had today.

I feel totally blessed to welcome God's creation and share the abundant bounty He blesses us with. Now it is time to get my feet warm and enjoy my fireplace.


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Me and the moon

The moon and me are up early. It's not quite time for the moon to be in bed and the cats roused me early with their fighting. I marvel at the moon's perfection, in full radiance, and the shadows of landmasses or perhaps waters, outlined like an atlas on the surface, as he drifts in and out of the clouds, lighting them in gold wherever his luminance touches. There is a cold breeze blowing in the stars hang in the sky like brilliant polished white diamonds. All is peaceful and quiet and nothing seems to stir put me casting a solitary shadow on my front deck and admiring the light outline of snow below, and the trees which are nearly black against the horizon. Good morning God.

One by one a light comes on in the scattered houses in the hills around me causing gold lit window shapes to be seen fractionally through the trees and I know I am no longer the only early riser here on the mountaintop. Good morning world. I wonder if my neighbors share my fascination with the receding night and new breaking dawn.

The outline the houses slowly take shape as the sky, almost imperceptively, lightens in gradients. Inside my own place, I only hear the soft ticking of the clock. As the moon disappears from view and the sky lightens, the snow takes on a blue whiteness, ever brightening, and the mountains are seen in greater detail. Welcome to you, oh morning, the coming of a new day.

Now there are incoming dark gray clouds that the moon, as it recedes, plays peekaboo behind, and there is a touch of pink sky appearing behind the mountains. The air so cold you can only stand it for minutes at a time before retreating indoors to thaw out again. In a short while, the gray clouds move on and in their wake are mountains of green backlit by salmon-colored clouds in a light aqua sky.

Day is truly breaking; the birds have begun to sing in joy, the air is filled with the scent of a morning fireplace lit to warm the inhabitants of a nearby home and Pesky the squirrel will soon be here for his breakfast. It is time to put the feeder out, filled with goodies a squirrel and birds consider a banquet.

As the sky deepens to a darker hue, more clouds move in from the north and it seems a new snow storm may quickly be approaching and the temperature seems to have dropped even further. The birds are enjoying their morning seed and I will wait to see what the day holds, whether sun or snow, I will live it joy and conscious awareness, as well as gratitude. Thank you God for this day that is only beginning and for all that holds.


Monday, November 13, 2017

Squirrels, driveways and pictures

I'd been husking and throwing peanuts to the big gray squirrels out front when one of the little Mickey squirrels comes up to me begging for his share, which I gladly provided. I threw them in the seed bag, which he had knocked down in order to eat from the hole they conveniently created and he dove in after them.

Snowflakes are swirling and dancing in the sky and softly floating to a landing on the ever-growing drifts I have not shoveled, as I'm waiting for the snow the let up first.

This morning Pesky the squirrel was quite vocal, sitting on the railing and chattering loudly, making the squirrel warning sounds. It was as if he were trying to tell me something that in my ignorance I could not understand. I came right up to the window and he allowed me to take pictures without skittering away and he held one paw quite close to his chest. He didn't stay to eat but left suddenly and the birds have been enjoying his rations.

The quail came to create designs in the newly fallen snow, with swirls and loops going out in many different directions. The sun is come out to warm the day and to melt the snow again, at least some of it. I will help clear the driveway with my trusty shovel. In the meantime, a calmer Pesky has come back for his breakfast and the cats are now giving him the attention he feels he deserves.

I learned later that the Hawk was here in the morning, seen by my neighbor, circling overhead; a good reason for this skittishness and chatter of the morning. The Hawk is more interested in catching quail but a fat little squirrel probably would not go unnoticed either.

My neighbor cleared my whole driveway in return for its use to transport the wood he has brought back in his truck to his backyard. I find it a good bargain indeed.

I spend the day on creating more greeting cards. The photograph taken through my upstairs window is lovely but not as crisp as the ones outside because the glass is lightly tinted. A drop of snow hitting my camera lens has marred the picture of my home that is outstanding otherwise with the icy white bushes and the snow falling, blown by the wind. You can feel the cold chill just looking at it and see the flying flakes against the brown of the wood of my home, like fine polka dots in motion. The mountains are barely an outline through the haze and the trees stand out in green relief. Still, I have several pictures that turned out well for my greeting cards and I have the anticipation of finding what the two rolls of undeveloped film hold in the future when I can get down to town to have them brought to life.


Sunday, November 12, 2017

The Eternal

Let me stand strong
in the face of adversity
fight for justice always
and do right daily
give me guidance
when I stray....
show me the light
that I find the eternal


Saturday, November 11, 2017


Knowing God's love
gives me meaning...
and balance in life
He fills my heart,
and blesses me...
with grace.


Friday, November 10, 2017

Thank you

Lord, you helped me find balance
 and the proper measure in all that I do.
You've been witness to my life,
and the good I've tried to do.
You've helped me up when I failed
and never lost patience with me.
For this, let me thank you.....


Thursday, November 9, 2017

A new snowfall today

Today, I awoke to a white Wonderland again; then a sound I mistook for rain but instead was snow like miniature hail falling fast and hard on the deck. There is a cold wind that kicks up its heels and bangs the rockers against the boards and temporarily turns my blood to ice. The thick screen of clouds shrouds the top part of the mountains like netting over a baby's bassinet and I feel very near to God, as if He has reached His hand down to replace what has melted off too soon and reinstate winter that had never really gone, only pause for a few days, as if nature held its breath and has now exhaled in a powerful gasp. It reminds me, as well, to slow myself down and just breathe, to make a conscious contact with all that I see, hear, feel, and to acknowledge that God is at work in the world around me.

For the first time in days I hear the sound of the snowplow on our hill and feel the crunch of fresh snow under my feet. It is time to take the long-johns out again and the double socks and boots. I will wait for the snow the let up, as well as the winds, before I attempt to shovel outside. Pesky the squirrel has braved the cold and come for his breakfast at a very early hour. I hadn't, as yet, put his feeder out, but as it is already filled from the night before I soon remedy that. He jumps down to the trees when I come outside but is soon back to eat with gusto before the birds steal the tastiest treats.

I believe the snow will be with us most of the day and possibly through the night and I plan my activities to coincide with the weather. To live up here you must learn to accommodate the rhythm of the seasons and better yet, to be conscious in your appreciation of nature. So today, I will work on my writing, my greeting cards, and on my computer.

Unusually, the snowplow has made several passes on the road, trying to get the snow ever higher on the berm and to widen the road where it long ago disappeared from sight, leaving a one-lane path down the middle. The quail and a variety of birds are having a dig fest in the snow, uncovering a banquet of birdseed and leaving a calling card of tracks imprinted on the freshly fallen flakes behind them. Gutsy, the big gray squirrel, hasn't been out directing traffic of late, running off the competition for every kernel of food, but Pesky has company outback who acted quite bold. Could it be our front yard friend?


Wednesday, November 8, 2017

We learn by lessons

When we believe that God gives us what we need, when we need it, we often overlook the fact that includes the lessons in life we need to grow in spirit as well as the many blessings He bestows in our lives. It is through hardships that we grow. Today I'm worried for a friend who is going through much difficulty. I've been unable to reach her but my prayers and God can, so I offer them up on Angel's wings that she knows she is not alone.

I continue to explore our beautiful village with camera at my side, driving new roads, today climbing ever higher that ended in a cul-de-sac and a magnificent view of the snow-covered mountain with stately pines reaching skyward toward heaven's gates and spreading their wide branches as if to encompass the horizon. I cannot stop for long as the roads are narrow and made more so by the snow burms on both sides. It would be a marvelous privilege to view even more from the privacy of the decks from houses clinging to the sides of the Hills. I can only imagine from the beauty I experience from my own decks and would love to see it from different perspectives.

I have many roads left to travel and many seasons yet to experience here. I look forward to it with a sense of excitement and anticipation but I concentrate on the now to see this beautiful place with fresh eyes each day, to live in the moment.

A wee bird was feasting in the birdfeeder on the upper deck. He seemed as curious about me as I was interested in observing him and not at all nervous or flighty. He allowed me to get up close and take his picture while he continued to pick apart and choose over the seed, throwing his rejects down for the Mickey Squirrels to find. The birds are accepting me in their same space more and more, as are the squirrels.

I spent the afternoon working on my greeting cards and the logo for the back. I finally settled on Pesky the squirrel on the deck. He seems a symbol of mine new life here in God's country, a closeness to nature, God's creatures, and that we share this home, me in the house in them in their own homes in trees and nests. I may have paperwork and make payments but they were here long before I came and they allow me to see into their lives when I am quiet and treat them with mutual respect, they are a part of my every day and I theirs.


Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Embrace the day

The summeresque sun is out again today doing its work of turning snow into rivulets of water making their way to the backyard or washing down to the streets below the hill I live on. The patches first appear around the plants that were buried as if their extra heat gives an incentive to clearing it away. A wee Brown Squirrel was scratching in the flower bed in search of food and as I had cleaned up most of the husks he wasn't having much luck in finding any. I shelled some peanuts and dropped them from the deck above. The Mickey Squirrel must have thought it was manna from heaven when he located the first one. Grabbing it the squirrel sat in a flowerpot with his treasure to feast upon. It took him almost five minutes to accomplish the devouring of one peanut, not like the quick work the bigger grays make of it. I don't think he had ever had a peanut before as he ate it was such reverence and relish as I watched out of his sight from above.

Since I moved the pan of seeds to the side of the house it hasn't had as much traffic as before. Either Gutsy the squirrel  doesn't like the area it's in as well or he hasn't discovered its new whereabouts. Neither have the birds been fighting in it but instead have been eating from the several hanging bird feeders.

I was reminiscing as I lounged outdoors of small planes that were flying overhead, in formation, just yesterday. There were three in the group, two white and the red one, circling above me in several loops and then one more trailing far behind. Finally, after several passes, they changed direction and headed back toward the small airport they had recently left, with the tilt of their wings and, I'm sure, a sense of satisfaction.

A small bevy of quail have made their way from the back yard to go up the hill into the forested area across the street. It's not like the whole group, which sometimes comes to my hill, but just a small representation of the whole.

The computer has brought results of much activity in the genealogy search of late. New relatives have been located in far-off lands. It puts an excitement into the rhythm of the day. Also old pictures have been located causing the past to come to life on my screen and looking back at me. It's hard to express just how much finding out about my roots means to me, a true blessing indeed.

I embrace the wonderful gift of this day and all the blessings that it has brought to me and I look forward to tomorrow.


Monday, November 6, 2017

Like a summer day

Today my flower beds reappeared in front of the house for it was warm as summer and very invigorating. I hung the new birdfeeders, two in the trees and one from the front deck. It didn't take long at all for the birds to discover their whereabouts and partake of the sunflower seeds. Eventually, the forest outback will also have feeders dangling like ornaments from their branches as well as homes for my nesting friends.

I've been busy moving flowerpots to more permanent stations and putting up brackets so that others may be suspended from the rail. It will be wonderful to have them in bloom with flowers trailing as they do in European villages. I will have to locate my seeds soon but I will wait a little while longer knowing this warmth may be but a brief respite. I've swept up two bags of seed husks from the driveway as the snow receded and they thawed in the warmth of the sun.

The roof provides a constant sound like raindrops as the snow melts from the shady side. Part of the stairs are now showing through the snow although there is still a large ridge of ice down the middle and the backyard, as it is shaded by the large grove of oaks, still deep in snow. The steady melting from the front is causing a stream of water to run around the side of the house to the back. If enough snow runs into the crevice that is carved into the earth a small stream will form. It will take many more days of summerlike conditions to clear the hills around me, including my own. The snow berm is slowly dissipating and gravity is caring it downhill.

The ever-changing, continuously evolving, world and the mountains is like being in a constant state of joy. The evenings are still cool and require warm jacket outdoors. The sky slowly deepens into a cobalt gray and the moon and stars are beginning to make their appearance. The mountain blur into a dark shadow, it's detail disappearing into the dusk. It has been a day of serenity, as well as accomplishment. The decks are clean again and I have placed a rug in the front of the lower door, as there will be much mud of foot. Lord, thank you for this wonderful day.


Sunday, November 5, 2017

One day of play

This morning the air is filled with children's voices echoing with excitement as they ride their sleds down the snow-packed slopes behind the weekender home. Sounds of "oh, my God" fills the usual silence. I can imagine the exhilaration they feel as if it is Christmas morning and they just discovered their packages under the tree. Piercing screams as long as the ride comes careening down to my ears. They probably spent an intense night waiting for the morning light.

There is a bevy of squirrels on the decks, both on the railing and under the table. Pesky must be very hungry as he's trying to eat as fast as he can and doesn't chase the other squirrels right off until they get much too close. I suspect that the something that has been nibbling on my railing is the frustrated squirrels. I'm thinking of what could be a safe but effective deterrent, like curing a small child of thumbsucking.

I have needed to stock up on groceries and had a talk with God last night. Today my friend called and asked me to go to Bakersfield with her. I am grateful for another answer to a prayer. I know it will be a while before it is safe to drive my own wee car to town. God provides what we need when we needed and what we believe is what we receive. Faith is a powerful force, an element of movement in the universe.

It is good to be home at the end of a long day of shopping. I have accomplished much, including acquiring three more birdfeeders. I will decide tomorrow where it is best to hang them. I also bought one hanger that clamps onto the railing, whether it accommodates the squirrels are birds is something for the eyes to see. It just might be both.

The evening stillness is broken by the hoot of an owl, over and over again. Then the high-pitched calls of the coyotes send shivers down my spine, 'yip, yip, yhooh'.... First from one side of the hills then another. It is apparent they are on the move and foraging for prey. The almost full moon is out. I have not heard coyotes in the neighborhood for a while, it could be they prefer the fuller moon to hunt by?

The weekenders have already left after arriving just last night. One day of energetic play in the snow must have been excitement enough. Now to bed for me, I've had enough as well. It was a good day of play.


Saturday, November 4, 2017

Taking more pictures

As I look out the window the mountains are almost free of all snow as is the big oak outside my kitchen. The day holds a promise of more warmth and sunshine, which kindles a desire to explore the outdoors in greater depth.

The quail this morning are here in mass, some skiing down the hill, others running or taking a short flight to get to their destination. Gutsy, the squirrel is running in all directions trying to scare them away. The rabbit appears once again across the road and two stellar jays are on the wires overhead. It is a bedlam of activity and bird calls, mini-battles of the moment and some confusion. It is nature alive in the elements. The kitties are at the windows watching and Pesky is holding his own ground on the back deck and chasing the birds and other squirrels which are invading what he considers his territory.

It is liberating to take my own car to the village, although I deeply appreciate the kindness of friends who have driven me in the inclement weather. Both will soon be working so, weather permitting, I will be on my own. I came back up Zurmatt Street on the way home to get a different view. I had taken more pictures while in town, one of the village sign and the minimart and others of the lake and the golf course for my greeting card project. Later I went for walk up the hill admiring my neighborhood, gathering pictures, and getting a view of my own home from a different perspective, seeing my back deck and windows from another street and the houses I usually look down on from my deck, I now admired front side from their driveways.

On my way home I saw my neighbor shoveling the weekender house next door. I assumed, by the actions, the owners are coming to visit for the weekend and, certainly later, lights were on and children were making snow angels in the backyard yelling for their grandpa's attention and toting sleds of different colors.

My neighbor next to me has spent another day digging out his driveway after being away last weekend. He's been working at it for several days now. Today he was using a pickax to break up the ice and then shoveling it into a wheelbarrow, which shows that it is more difficult longer you delay, but we all need to get out of town at times. I believe we just need to weigh our options and make a conscious decision based on our priorities. My priority right now is enjoying the day and taking more pictures.


Friday, November 3, 2017


Give me kinship
with all creatures
big and small
in sky and water
one in nature


Thursday, November 2, 2017

In Faith

Flourish in a peaceful way
Give from the heart with love
Honor yourself and others
In faith live each day....


Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Live in the moment

It's another beautiful day. All the squirrels are out; Pesky on the back deck, Peeker came up the side of the house and sat on the eave and stared at me for a while as I made conversation at him. Then he ran up on the roof. Gutsy is hogging all the food out front in the pan and running the birds off so they are coming to the feeder. I saw a Jackrabbit across the road, the first I've seen in a long time. Shredder, the squirrel with the torn ear, has shown up on the back deck and is keeping Pesky busy chasing him off, and then managing to get a share of the food in the meantime. My yard and my world are certainly full of activity.

I took a short walk and threw some sunflower seeds up on my hill so that the birds and small brown squirrels and maybe even the quail and rabbits can come to feed. The black lab that wanders the hill across the road warned me not to come further in my walk, at least not in his direction.

The small Mickey squirrels, which live in the wood piles in the forest area, came out chirping, at least one chirped and one just looked. These are the piles my son was sure were inhabited by rats and wanted to destroy. These are the homes or nests of many small, shy, darting brown squirrels and I'm sure it took much work and time to build their shelters.

Something has been eating heartily on the wooden balcony and the bottom edges of my back deck. I haven't heard a woodpecker so I am curious what it is and how to prevent further damage. I will have to inquire of others. In the meantime, I will have to keep a better look out.

The old lady cat, lately, has taken to sleeping the night upstairs while the other two cats who often slept together upstairs now come down to be with me. I wonder if they have come to some agreement on this. They certainly haven't become any friendlier in the over three months they have not lived separate lives.

It is good to be able to drive into the village for the second day in a row and to have my independence. I took my camera along to capture the ambiance on film. The golf course covered with snow and the warning of "thin ice" captivates me, as does the post office, which has become a gathering spot as well as a place of news to all who live up here.


Tuesday, October 31, 2017

One home and garden

This place is definitely one of the spirit, for you feel a greater interconnectedness just looking out the windows at the majesty of the mountains behind, the snow-covered hills in front, sparkling icicles melting from the sun, clinging to the branches of the oaks outside my kitchen and dining room.

The array of birds seen in the trees as I sit at my table is a constantly changing tableau. I am learning to identify more of them and to recognize their differences as in the variety of Blue Jays alone for we have several. The gray squirrels also are constant climbers in the trees and often stop to peer in the windows. They are gluttons when it comes to food but they are worth the expense for the joy amusement they give in return.

I took a walk of the hill and back for exercise. I've found that I too would like to plant more pines up front and to see which ones thrive best here and to at least plant one a year. Also, I want roses in my garden and feeders dispersed among them and some baby's breath and yarrow. I understand the butterfly bushes do well up here, a deep blue one would be nice in the yard and a good contrast. Also, I need to decide on the type of ground cover.

I have noticed that on the sunny side of the house most of the snow is melted off the roof while the other side is almost totally covered still. It is quiet and still and peaceful. I have never found such serenity anywhere else in the world. To have the wants of the sun and the beauty of the yard filled the snow is a double blessing. Is like having summer and winter combined.

I've been looking at gardening books and trying to picture a landscape for my hill in my mind before I lay it out on paper. Patience and time will bring it to a reality as well as hard work and healthy plants. It will be an investment well worthwhile. I do not want it to look like a city garden, just to enhance what already grows naturally, defining the outcroppings it already has. The challenge will be to create some type of path leading up so that I can manage it all. It needs more thought and study. There is no hurry for I plan on being here for a long time. Like me, my home and garden, as well as my forest need to evolve.


Monday, October 30, 2017

Home of the spirit

I awake to a frozen world this morning. The car windows are frozen over with ice and the snow that melted across the driveway is now a slippery to avoid. The birdseed froze in the pan and the birds were unable to pick out individual portions for breakfast. The hanging feeder is almost empty now but has enough for the frequent visitors arriving one or two at a time.

The sun is come out promising a beautiful day with greater warmth to look forward to. Everything it touches sparkles. My neighbor is home and working hard on his driveway after leaving for three days. It is hard work he says and will take days but he is hoping the sunshine will speed up the process.

There is a hawk sitting on the telephone wires. All the birds are gone from the yard, not wanting to be his prey and they are all making a large racket trying to drive the predator away. He calmly looks around in all directions waiting for movement and listening for a sound he can target in on. Later I learned that he caught and killed one of the Quail and that the neighbor has seen him lurking about in the back forested area frequently. He looks both majestic and lethal.

Down the Hill hears of more of the cars spinning its tires as someone obviously tries to extract it from the snow they have let build up and engulf it. Their efforts, at this time, seemed unsuccessful.

Today I devoted time to catching up on my writing, my correspondence, my thoughts and to continue to be in touch with my spirit as I reach out to others with my inspirations, my words, my photographs, and my art. It has been a fulfilling day.

Tonight the moon is risen, not gold but his light is the snow, accompanied by its sister star. They hang over the same mountain each night. I see the dippers and look for the archer amongst the billions of stars God has created to light the night sky and I breathe in the beauty of Stardust.

This is the first home that has been mine alone, not chosen for children our schools but one that has drawn me in spirit. I knew it was home the minute I set foot in the door and when I looked out at the beauty beyond. I was sold as surely as if my name were inscribed on the woodwork and it was tied with a bow. Each day is a gift a new; each sunrise and sunset, each snowflake and Sunbeam a bountiful blessing of abundance.


Sunday, October 29, 2017

Watching cloud formations

The air this morning is brisk and cold but the sky is a deep clear blue with wisps of clouds being blown across it in fragmented, ever-changing shapes. The day never warms and heavier clouds, fog-like in density, take over the sky, I am grateful for the break from shoveling snow, for the friends who gave me a ride to the post office and for the brief company.

As I stand outside on my deck I watching area of clouds swirl like a whirlpool and I am so mesmerized I feel almost sucked in by its pull, then the sun peeks out and lights up the whole area, touching the tips of the trees as well as the clouds. It is too cold today to snow but saw but perfect to freeze. It eats into your bones through the many layers of clothes and it seems to even slow the blood.

The mountains are patterns of shadow and light and texture. The white roofs below me are like signatures of the inhabitants around me and I never feel alone are lonely but truly blessed to live in surroundings that are so alive. The Blue Jay perches atop my tallest pine tree like an angel topper at Christmas only more befitting rural atmosphere.

What I feel most is at peace and in awe, connected to all that is, linked with the universe. I feel as the tree reaching heavenward and yet rooted deep in my beliefs. I feel as fresh as the snow covering all that I encounter and having the power to change what I can. I am as the clouds taking different form, being in motion, sometimes light as a feather and other times fuller, deeper, ready to share all that I have with others. Nothing in life is separate but part of a greater whole.

As evening comes the clouds again recede and the slip of the moon takes its place in the sky. Icicles hang like lace decorating my windows on two sides. I see new sprouts of pines peeking out from the snow in my forested backyard. It is the neighborhood of oaks leading down steeply with huge boulders growing up from the earth, at random, beneath them. Piles of twigs stand like a fortress built to house small animals against the cold winter brings here. The suet has been well nibbled and the new feeder is almost empty of sunflower seeds. My yard is a banquet for the hungry that come daily for their portion of the daily fare. Another day closes and tomorrow is yet another new beginning.


Saturday, October 28, 2017

Family Roots

My family, my alter
together we pray
stronger we grow
bound with love
rooted as one....


Friday, October 27, 2017

Our Gift

The enlightenment of the Buddha sits waiting....
compassion and love the path I choose....
let me grow each day, here and now.
Let me be me, in understanding....
This the gift of Jesus given us all


Thursday, October 26, 2017

Day by Day

I made contact with an angel,
when I let go of my limitations,
and stopped blocking my way...
She took me by the hand...
and led me to my path,
together we walked, day by day


Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Let Go

God is love,
the unity above,
promised so,
pure is the one
who let's go


Tuesday, October 24, 2017

All you see

My kinship is with all creatures,
high and low, near and far,
on earth and in the sea...
where sky and water merge...
and all is one, bird and fish,
all you touch, feel, and see,
you, and me...


Monday, October 23, 2017

Wonderfully Blessed

Let me return to heaven
in the full measure of love
carried on angel's wings
wonderfully blessed
in life and death


Sunday, October 22, 2017

Just Waiting

My spirit soars
free from worry
infinite plenty
fills heaven
all for us
just waiting


Saturday, October 21, 2017

Break time is over

Today I must attend to the driveway snow I took a holiday from yesterday. The penalty of it is large patches of hard ice I'm unable to get up. I hope the sun, later, will melt it off without turning it into black ice making it into the possibility of a dangerous fall. I walk aware of my every step. This round of forgot to put on my gloves and had to return to the house after only 15 minutes, and a good deal of shoveling, to unthaw them. I'm making good progress despite the ice.

The big gray squirrel was sitting in the pan and stayed there eating as long as I didn't move from the porch. When I did he jumped out and quickly returned for just a few more bites. They are getting quite used to me and I am recognizing their individuality. Besides Pesky, I have named one Peeker because he's always spying on me. The big one I have named Gutsy because he is the most unafraid and bold his actions. There are more unnamed as yet. The one with the torn ear, whom I seldom see, is Shredder. He looks like a real scrapper. They truly are sources of constant amusement.

The sky forecasts a sunny day and my son and his families contemplating a visit if the roads are safe enough I miss my children and grandchildren look forward to seeing them but to not want them to put themselves at risk.

The icicle refractions are back, giving an appearance of starbursts through the window. Another storm is predicted for tomorrow when my neighbors will be making their way oh. I wish them a safe journey. They will call me for a weather report.

I try to live each day as a soul experience, welcoming the gifts that it brings, to see the blessings of beauty and gathering strength through activity and to exercise my brain as well as my body and to be in a conscious state of awareness. To not rush through the day but to savor the moment, concentrating on the now instead of dwelling on the pastor being in anticipation of the future and thus missing the gift this moment brings.

I found the blue scarf the neighbor lost. It was peeking out of the berm across the road. I have retrieved it until we meet again as I do not know where he lives. I put it out where he can find only to discover someone is brought it to my door.

The snow tracks tell stories of passings we have not personally seen but are still a witness to, like spirit invisible but imprinted nonetheless.


Friday, October 20, 2017

Off to town

Yesterday was the first day with such an abundance of snow people were not able to get out and go to work. Many enjoy the holiday, especially as it came right before the weekend. It snowed off and on all day and for the first time I was not able to finish my shoveling as I was in too much pain and it was coming down too fast, but almost!

This morning there is not one twinkling star to see, even though I'm up very early, as there is a blanket of clouds and the soft fall of snow continues. Only about 4 inches of fallen since I last cleared the deck about seven in the evening. The quiet stillness is soothing.

The sound of the snowplow breaks the silence a little after six. I can hear the slow steady whirling long before his beacon lights the hills ahead and then comes the strobing yellow flashes and I know he's getting nearer. He pushes on down the hill, the snow partying in his wake, building the berm ever higher. Then he passes out of sight to return in the other direction. This time it is the large yellow plow, not the smaller trucks fitted with a shovel up front. Then the morning peace returns to enfold me.

That the birds have now been using the new feeder, as the level of seeds has dropped considerably. At first, they would not go near it. The quail and the birds are pecking at the snow trying to scare up some buried seed with not much luck. I filled up a large pan that a flowerpot would drain into with seed and set it out in the snow for them and they came flocking to get their share. The gray squirrel is climbing the roof and trying desperately to reach the new feeder again. He also comes around the corner and peaks at me as if he is studying the human species. When I turn around he stares for a while then quickly out of sight.

Once the roads were opened up I had the opportunity to visit the big town with a friend so I gladly abandoned my driveway clearing for the day in order to have my snow pictures developed and have lunch at a new barbecue restaurant recently opened. I know the snow will still be there when I return, and it is, glistening in the twilight of the now clear evening sky. The constellations, planets, and moon are waiting to greet me, seen so clearly in the mountain of home. No new snow has fallen in my absence and my cats eagerly greet me out the door. I'm grateful to be home, in God's country.


Thursday, October 19, 2017

Sore but still moving

We had another 6 inches of snow last night. As of yesterday my neighbors were asking in November "and December "where is the snow?" and "when will he come?" are already complaining that we're getting it all at once and making plans to get out of town. To me it is still a beautiful world and I marvel at its newness each day.

From experience I know the snow must be removed while it is soft as feathers. Not only is it easier, though still a chore, but also once you walk on it you pack it down to hard ice and then it becomes impossible, especially when one has bad shoulders, to remove. Some neighbors have done absolutely no shoveling at all, others sparsely and then have gotten their vehicles stuck. I may not be able to drive my car because it is not equipped but neither do I want to completely buried and frozen in place, which is already happened once.

The clouds are dark and heavy, forewarning of more snowfall throughout the day. Today I will have to proceed with caution, less enthusiasm, and more frequent breaks, as my back and shoulders are still sore from yesterday. The physical work may make me sore but it keeps me limber. Also the elements will continue to bless us with more, even as I remove what is already here. The sky is like looking through fog covered glasses.

The pez snow is now started to fall but I have cleared both decks, which will make it easier the next round, for I'm  certain it will keep coming today. Without the view and with a good imagination it could almost seem like looking at the fog over San Francisco Bay as you search for the outline of the Golden gate Bridge. Everything seems surreal as if coated with a layer of heavy plastic and nothing is distinct.

When I come into rest I spend my time making greeting cards to catch up my friends on my adventures in the beauty of being a mountain woman. I feel truly blessed when I think of how much more snow my Canadian relatives of getting an feel a sense of satisfaction at how far I've reached already. Each day is its own blessing. I look forward to developing more pictures and to create a line of greeting cards. Work is important but joy in what you are doing is a gift from God.

Before I come in for the day I have a big pan of seed for the birds. They have been unable to scratch any that snow has buried, and they too need to share in my joy of life.


Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Another sunny day

It's wonderful to be up and active in the early mornings and a blessing that the more I shovel and scrape at snow the less my muscles ache. They are building confidence, as is my spirit up here in God's country. The beauty is spiritually uplifting. I have no sense of aloneness but on infinite peace, and serenity of being.

Today the sky is blue and clear and holds the promise of a sunny day, filled with warmth and inspiration. The birds are taking advantage of the feeder being out early and Pesky's late arrival to have the first choice of the food makes of nuts, fruit, and seed.

The cats are playing chase upstairs, obviously filled with vitality and stop periodically for a wrestling match, mother, and son, although old lady Pretends not to be watching but she obviously is enjoying their antics.

My energy is high this morning as well in by 8 o'clock I have already cleaned both upper deck's and half the driveway and thrown several scoops of seed out for the birds and onto the snowy hill so that they can feast while I take a break.

Another storm is predicted late tonight so I will embrace today to the fullest, with the deepest appreciation and awareness.

The new feeder I bought is providing much amusement to me and my neighbors and lots of frustration to one squirrel. He is determined to reach the sunflower seeds and to prove his acrobatic skills. He is hung on the roof icepack feet, tried swinging over from the side of the house. He managed to hit the feeder and put it in motion, which almost got am knocked off the wall. He tried from above, below and every which way but was unable to succeed, so it appears the feeder is safe from my fluffy tailed friends. Amazement good laughter rang out as we watched with the sounds of "look, look!." Only one of us felt he might be able to do it eventually.

The telephone lines are finally repaired after many arguments with the voices without faces on the phone and I can dedicate my other line back to the computer. It was to do a faulty spliced wire outside that would get damp and none of my equipment, as he claimed. He knew what it was right away as he had done the shortcut instead of replacing the faulty line when he was here before. Thank you God, I am no longer cut off from the outside world.


Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Help me strip off the mask of illusion,
to see myself truly, beneath it all,
and find the love inside me...
that is my essence,
hiding underneath


Monday, October 16, 2017


Let God's love be my guide,
let it light the dark roads...
showing the world justice


Sunday, October 15, 2017

Stand Strong

Light triumphs over darkness,
calm awaits in in days ahead....
we need but stand strong,
and face life's adversity....
this is how we will know
how deep is God's love...


Saturday, October 14, 2017

All Is White Again

It's a Currier and Ives morning of sky and ground. A one color world and snow still falling in soft and steady flakes have obviously been at it for hours. The areas that were cleared due to self and sun are almost invisible now, only a faint outline of depth, which will soon be gone, still shows. That should last but a few minutes more. The trees again don their coats of snow so that they too may join in the endless whiteness where you recognize by shape or form and not by color. My little tree that just recently has sprung back from touching the ground is again being burdened to lower itself flake by flake and is bent again in the effort. I should've covered my outdoor rocker last night while I had the chance!

The birds are here collecting what seeds they can, but Pesky the squirrel, as yet, has not appeared, although I am sure he eventually will. Oops, there is now and I hadn't put out his feeder yet on the snow-laden table although I had already filled it. I was too mesmerized by the beauty around me. I put it out knowing that he would soon return. The cats are looking out the window in anticipation of greeting him again. One, of course, is busy trying to sit on my journal as I write. It is a ballet of wills and movement.

I left a plate of seed on the front lower deck for the squirrels and the birds out front. If I get a ride into town I will seek out the birdfeeder I've had my eye on and get it hung as the flat dishes fill with snow and the seeds soon freeze.

The sound but not the sight of an airplane passing overhead fills the silence, briefly. About 4 inches of snow has fallen thus far. I wonder if again I will be up to my knees in snow. The plow has just come by to clear the road and push more of what is gathered onto the berm. It will be a frequent action needed, I believe, from the steady continuous fall of the flakes, which has increased in intensity. It hangs like a living vapor distorting my view what is beyond my immediate vision. It will be a good day to finish my film and to work on creating and doing indoor things although I know I will give in to the lure of the snow and periodically visit the white wonderland outside my door.


Friday, October 13, 2017


Rain is predicted for tonight but the skies are clear and the stars shining like beacons to heaven. The wind has come up and the odor of logs burning in fireplaces is carried in the air along with the chill it brings. Frequent falling stars can be seen up here because of the clarity and expense of the sky. I can hear the soft tinkling of the neighbor's wind chimes. Mine are still packed away somewhere. Here in my own home I can finally hang them and let them make music when the winds caress them. No signs of the clouds that will bring rain or snow but the winds did proceed the last big snowfall.

I didn't get to finish clearing the stairs today as the ice was too hard for me to chip away and where I had it was slick and slippery from the moisture that had fallen from the roof and I would be foolish to walk on it and take a fall so instead, I retreated.

Again I made the run to the post office while I could, to savor my independence and to exercise the car engine. The drive isn't far and is by now quite familiar. I received the treasure package of pictures from my cousin. The women dressed in the headdresses and gowns of their native towns in Brittany, each one a little different. At times it takes a discerning eye to notice the subtle change from one community to another. No one smiles in the pictures of course; in former days it was not the proper etiquette. Not even at the big events, like weddings, when it is supposed to be the happiest days of your life. This is my family that stayed behind in France. I am a descendant of the branch that chose to look for another world, a new way, a better life. I guess, in a way, that seeking is still in my blood.

My mother, brother, and sister all live in the same area and it has been with me, the wanderlust, who never felt I quite long, and that seeking has led me here to God's country, to eternal beauty and seasons of whiteness, I live in the mountains where you feel a sense of one with nature.

My progress is not seeking a way of life of more but a life of simplicity and peace. A place where my spirit can come to life again and I feel drawn to see the old country and the part of my spirit that remain there.


Thursday, October 12, 2017

A sunny day in the snow

The sun is out bright and beautiful today. The rain never came and the clouds have moved on. The phone too is in miraculous working order again. In the meantime, I found I could use my computer line if I needed to call out.

The birds are full of song today as if in appreciation of the warmth and the beauty around them. Some sitting on the very crest of the trees singing praises to God. Looking at the designs left in the snow as it melts is almost like looking at cloud formations and the unique patterns they make. I took a picture of an angel cloud at one time. Now I see what looks like a set of giant footprints, side-by-side, the heal and center region very clear as well as the toes. Amazing! More craters are forming in the snow, with the asphalt from my driveway showing through, and the rocks for my flower beds have begun to appear.

No more items temporarily frozen to the outdoor tables and not a need of a jacket or heavy boots today. I will be able to make a run to the dump in the post office without a problem and to get a registration sticker for my car. Possibly I even pick up that extra birdfeeder I was thinking about. I'm thinking of trying my hand at making some for houses for my feathered neighbors. I can even do some individual decorating for the inhabitants.

For exercise, today I cleared the snow from my lower decks with the aid of my new flat shovel. I did what I could to the stairs leading down to the back of the house but the ice dripping down from the roof has hardened a great deal so I'm only able to do the edges. If the sunshine continues tomorrow I will pursue the steps again. My shoulders and back limit how much I can achieve but I am proud to be the only woman on the block who does this much and I am the oldest as well.

I am grateful to be independent, to live in awareness and appreciation and to truly listen to my inner spirit. To seek always to be the authentic self I was created to be and to encourage others to grow in spirit. To be willing to truly listen, see, and to take time to just be at one with the universe and with God and to be grateful for each day as it comes.


Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Until another life

My dreams of travel, love,
owning and decorating a shop,
writing, collecting angels,
enjoying family & friends,
plants and a garden,
touching others in a meaningful way,
to be happy and share,
they've come to an end,
some came true, others
will have to wait....
until another life...


Tuesday, October 10, 2017

My Transition

Lost inside waiting
silent, and forgetting
the clock winds down
memories long gone
grown empty now
bring on my transition


Monday, October 9, 2017

Learning to Fly

I made contact with my angel
one night lost and wandering
she came to me in silence
to lead me back to the path
and show me the way ahead
then she touched my soul
that taught my spirit to fly


Sunday, October 8, 2017

A Quiet Sunday

It's an overcast Sunday and looks like another storm is moving in it's an overcast Sunday looks like another storm is moving in. The clouds are heavy, hanging in the continuous, unbroken landscape overhead. The phone is out of order but I am able to drive into town and purchase a calling card, as I know my daughter Wisconsin will be worried. I was supposed to call or two days ago but due to circumstances beyond my control, I haven't been able to.

I do not mind being homebound as I have much here to do. I enjoy the ever-changing days. The trees are back to being green sentinels, having shed their coats of snow. More of my bushes are emerging day by day. I even uncovered one of my rockers on the front deck and enjoy my break time outdoors watching the many squirrels and birds that come to call. I haven't seen any rabbits since the first snowfall.

One or another of my cats has to come and lay on or as near to my books as they can while I am writing. I always have to nudge someone over or give a little stroker to with my other hand while logging my observations and experiences as well as feelings into my journal. Right now it's Mother Boots clamoring for attention. Crum is in the window keeping an eye on the squirrel on the front deck while Lil Bit gives himself a tongue bath on the couch. They've adjusted well to their new environment and the added attraction of our daily visitors gives them much to look forward to as well as great amusement. When they are bored a chase each other around the house or Bitsy requests a game of fetch.

Life here in God's country is never dull or lacking in a "need to do"as well as a continuous peacefulness. I had to move my clay pots as they were beginning to disintegrate in the dampness and I spend time outdoors "just being" and marveling at the gift of such beauty.

The quail have not made an appearance today. The one squirrel still chases off the birds that come to feed on the ground. I will have to purchase more birdfeeders to hang in the trees and refill the feeders that have become recently empty. I'm enjoying solitude in my magnificent view. Chili's on the menu tonight as it befits the weather and my palate. There's nothing like a quiet Sunday.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Ready to go

I'm tired
I've grown old
faced my fears
over the years
shed many tears
laughs too
made memories
to lose with time
stories once told
are mysteries
the faces I behold
just strangers
sadly, I'm ready to go


Friday, October 6, 2017


Prayer transports me
frees me along the way
when I'm lost it's there
to give me strength
and hold me up.....


Thursday, October 5, 2017


Miracles are wonders
God's gifts to us
in our times of need
when we can no longer
walk the road alone


Wednesday, October 4, 2017

A better person

My joys,
I've sought them out
when I could,
learning along the way,
to be a better person


Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Begin living

When we are at one with nature our consciousness expands. There is no us and them, no me, no you, just being. It's that simple, meaning fills us, we are complete, filled with spirit, as we were meant to be. Our searching comes to an end, and living begins.


Monday, October 2, 2017

The mountains

I feel privileged and blessed with view that I enjoy. The passing clouds, the singing birds, the wildlife that shares the mountains with me. It's as if I'm in heaven, above the fog that surrounds the world below. How magnificent is God's creation, how wonderful the mountains truly are.


Sunday, October 1, 2017

My Supply

Money is not my supply, just a means. No person, place, thing, or condition is my supply either. My awareness, understanding, and knowledge of the all-providing Lord and His gifts to us is my supply. He is he truth I seek, and the love I need.


Saturday, September 30, 2017


I woke up in a strange monastery,
awaiting a morning meal....
reciting the five contemplations
were monks aplenty...
on this, I meditated quietly
the gift of food to come
will nourish my soul....
and complete my transformation....


Friday, September 29, 2017

The Promise

When I'm no longer earthbound,
I'll return to my true home,
surrounded by those I love,
for all time, no worries or concerns,
for this is the promise that awaits....


Thursday, September 28, 2017

Lavish Reality

God is so lavish,
providing abundance,
He unfailing, true
the substance of all,
the universe too....
He's the source,
infinite prosperity,
and love too,
the center of me,
there's no need
of any other reality...


Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Wait for it

God's language is silence
and unanswered prayers
veiled are these gifts
beyond comprehension
until the time is right...


Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Language is a living thing,
with a life of its own,
beyond our control....
with time it morphs and grows,
meanings now will change,
what is hidden will be shown...


Monday, September 25, 2017

A sense of faith

Faith comes through hearing
let the birds sing to me
Faith comes through seeing
let the stars shine brightly
Faith comes through feeling
let the sun's light warm me
Faith comes through smelling
let the flower's aroma flow
Faith comes through tasting
let the sweet nectar flow


Sunday, September 24, 2017

Fall and winter

Fall is upon us, change is in the air, green leaves give way to yellow and orange, and soon will fall to the ground to make way for winter. There's a chill in the air, and clouds hang lower, heavy with the rains they will bring. This is a season for introspection, to think of the peacefulness that winter will bring.


Be Clear

Let me hear
let me say
what I need
is my faith
to be clear
to me today


Saturday, September 23, 2017

Be Humble, Create

When you realize
anything you write
or draw or dream
comes from within
despite your weaknesses
all our creativity
becomes more profound
and stands out
as a humbling activity