Sunday, October 22, 2017

Just Waiting

My spirit soars
free from worry
infinite plenty
fills heaven
all for us
just waiting


Saturday, October 21, 2017

Break time is over

Today I must attend to the driveway snow I took a holiday from yesterday. The penalty of it is large patches of hard ice I'm unable to get up. I hope the sun, later, will melt it off without turning it into black ice making it into the possibility of a dangerous fall. I walk aware of my every step. This round of forgot to put on my gloves and had to return to the house after only 15 minutes, and a good deal of shoveling, to unthaw them. I'm making good progress despite the ice.

The big gray squirrel was sitting in the pan and stayed there eating as long as I didn't move from the porch. When I did he jumped out and quickly returned for just a few more bites. They are getting quite used to me and I am recognizing their individuality. Besides Pesky, I have named one Peeker because he's always spying on me. The big one I have named Gutsy because he is the most unafraid and bold his actions. There are more unnamed as yet. The one with the torn ear, whom I seldom see, is Shredder. He looks like a real scrapper. They truly are sources of constant amusement.

The sky forecasts a sunny day and my son and his families contemplating a visit if the roads are safe enough I miss my children and grandchildren look forward to seeing them but to not want them to put themselves at risk.

The icicle refractions are back, giving an appearance of starbursts through the window. Another storm is predicted for tomorrow when my neighbors will be making their way oh. I wish them a safe journey. They will call me for a weather report.

I try to live each day as a soul experience, welcoming the gifts that it brings, to see the blessings of beauty and gathering strength through activity and to exercise my brain as well as my body and to be in a conscious state of awareness. To not rush through the day but to savor the moment, concentrating on the now instead of dwelling on the pastor being in anticipation of the future and thus missing the gift this moment brings.

I found the blue scarf the neighbor lost. It was peeking out of the berm across the road. I have retrieved it until we meet again as I do not know where he lives. I put it out where he can find only to discover someone is brought it to my door.

The snow tracks tell stories of passings we have not personally seen but are still a witness to, like spirit invisible but imprinted nonetheless.


Friday, October 20, 2017

Off to town

Yesterday was the first day with such an abundance of snow people were not able to get out and go to work. Many enjoy the holiday, especially as it came right before the weekend. It snowed off and on all day and for the first time I was not able to finish my shoveling as I was in too much pain and it was coming down too fast, but almost!

This morning there is not one twinkling star to see, even though I'm up very early, as there is a blanket of clouds and the soft fall of snow continues. Only about 4 inches of fallen since I last cleared the deck about seven in the evening. The quiet stillness is soothing.

The sound of the snowplow breaks the silence a little after six. I can hear the slow steady whirling long before his beacon lights the hills ahead and then comes the strobing yellow flashes and I know he's getting nearer. He pushes on down the hill, the snow partying in his wake, building the berm ever higher. Then he passes out of sight to return in the other direction. This time it is the large yellow plow, not the smaller trucks fitted with a shovel up front. Then the morning peace returns to enfold me.

That the birds have now been using the new feeder, as the level of seeds has dropped considerably. At first, they would not go near it. The quail and the birds are pecking at the snow trying to scare up some buried seed with not much luck. I filled up a large pan that a flowerpot would drain into with seed and set it out in the snow for them and they came flocking to get their share. The gray squirrel is climbing the roof and trying desperately to reach the new feeder again. He also comes around the corner and peaks at me as if he is studying the human species. When I turn around he stares for a while then quickly out of sight.

Once the roads were opened up I had the opportunity to visit the big town with a friend so I gladly abandoned my driveway clearing for the day in order to have my snow pictures developed and have lunch at a new barbecue restaurant recently opened. I know the snow will still be there when I return, and it is, glistening in the twilight of the now clear evening sky. The constellations, planets, and moon are waiting to greet me, seen so clearly in the mountain of home. No new snow has fallen in my absence and my cats eagerly greet me out the door. I'm grateful to be home, in God's country.


Thursday, October 19, 2017

Sore but still moving

We had another 6 inches of snow last night. As of yesterday my neighbors were asking in November "and December "where is the snow?" and "when will he come?" are already complaining that we're getting it all at once and making plans to get out of town. To me it is still a beautiful world and I marvel at its newness each day.

From experience I know the snow must be removed while it is soft as feathers. Not only is it easier, though still a chore, but also once you walk on it you pack it down to hard ice and then it becomes impossible, especially when one has bad shoulders, to remove. Some neighbors have done absolutely no shoveling at all, others sparsely and then have gotten their vehicles stuck. I may not be able to drive my car because it is not equipped but neither do I want to completely buried and frozen in place, which is already happened once.

The clouds are dark and heavy, forewarning of more snowfall throughout the day. Today I will have to proceed with caution, less enthusiasm, and more frequent breaks, as my back and shoulders are still sore from yesterday. The physical work may make me sore but it keeps me limber. Also the elements will continue to bless us with more, even as I remove what is already here. The sky is like looking through fog covered glasses.

The pez snow is now started to fall but I have cleared both decks, which will make it easier the next round, for I'm  certain it will keep coming today. Without the view and with a good imagination it could almost seem like looking at the fog over San Francisco Bay as you search for the outline of the Golden gate Bridge. Everything seems surreal as if coated with a layer of heavy plastic and nothing is distinct.

When I come into rest I spend my time making greeting cards to catch up my friends on my adventures in the beauty of being a mountain woman. I feel truly blessed when I think of how much more snow my Canadian relatives of getting an feel a sense of satisfaction at how far I've reached already. Each day is its own blessing. I look forward to developing more pictures and to create a line of greeting cards. Work is important but joy in what you are doing is a gift from God.

Before I come in for the day I have a big pan of seed for the birds. They have been unable to scratch any that snow has buried, and they too need to share in my joy of life.


Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Another sunny day

It's wonderful to be up and active in the early mornings and a blessing that the more I shovel and scrape at snow the less my muscles ache. They are building confidence, as is my spirit up here in God's country. The beauty is spiritually uplifting. I have no sense of aloneness but on infinite peace, and serenity of being.

Today the sky is blue and clear and holds the promise of a sunny day, filled with warmth and inspiration. The birds are taking advantage of the feeder being out early and Pesky's late arrival to have the first choice of the food makes of nuts, fruit, and seed.

The cats are playing chase upstairs, obviously filled with vitality and stop periodically for a wrestling match, mother, and son, although old lady Pretends not to be watching but she obviously is enjoying their antics.

My energy is high this morning as well in by 8 o'clock I have already clean both upper deck's and half the driveway and thrown several scoops of seed out for the birds and onto the snowy hill so that they can feast while I take a break.

Another storm is predicted late tonight so I will embrace today to the fullest, with the deepest appreciation and awareness.

The new feeder I bought is providing much amusement to me and my neighbors and lots of frustration to one squirrel. He is determined to reach the sunflower seeds and to prove his acrobatic skills. He is hung on the roof icepack feet, tried swinging over from the side of the house. He managed to hit the feeder and put it in motion, which almost got am knocked off the wall. He tried from above, below and every which way but was unable to succeed, so it appears the feeder is safe from my fluffy tailed friends. Amazement good laughter rang out as we watched with the sounds of "look, look!." Only one of us felt he might be able to do it eventually.

The telephone lines are finally repaired after many arguments with the voices without faces on the phone and I can dedicate my other line back to the computer. It was to do a faulty spliced wire outside that would get damp and none of my equipment, as he claimed. He knew what it was right away as he had done the shortcut instead of replacing the faulty line when he was here before. Thank you God, I am no longer cut off from the outside world.


Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Help me strip off the mask of illusion,
to see myself truly, beneath it all,
and find the love inside me...
that is my essence,
hiding underneath


Monday, October 16, 2017


Let God's love be my guide,
let it light the dark roads...
showing the world justice


Sunday, October 15, 2017

Stand Strong

Light triumphs over darkness,
calm awaits in in days ahead....
we need but stand strong,
and face life's adversity....
this is how we will know
how deep is God's love...


Saturday, October 14, 2017

All Is White Again

It's a Currier and Ives morning of sky and ground. A one color world and snow still falling in soft and steady flakes have obviously been at it for hours. The areas that were cleared due to self and sun are almost invisible now, only a faint outline of depth, which will soon be gone, still shows. That should last but a few minutes more. The trees again don their coats of snow so that they too may join in the endless whiteness where you recognize by shape or form and not by color. My little tree that just recently has sprung back from touching the ground is again being burdened to lower itself flake by flake and is bent again in the effort. I should've covered my outdoor rocker last night while I had the chance!

The birds are here collecting what seeds they can, but Pesky the squirrel, as yet, has not appeared, although I am sure he eventually will. Oops, there is now and I hadn't put out his feeder yet on the snow-laden table although I had already filled it. I was too mesmerized by the beauty around me. I put it out knowing that he would soon return. The cats are looking out the window in anticipation of greeting him again. One, of course, is busy trying to sit on my journal as I write. It is a ballet of wills and movement.

I left a plate of seed on the front lower deck for the squirrels and the birds out front. If I get a ride into town I will seek out the birdfeeder I've had my eye on and get it hung as the flat dishes fill with snow and the seeds soon freeze.

The sound but not the sight of an airplane passing overhead fills the silence, briefly. About 4 inches of snow has fallen thus far. I wonder if again I will be up to my knees in snow. The plow has just come by to clear the road and push more of what is gathered onto the berm. It will be a frequent action needed, I believe, from the steady continuous fall of the flakes, which has increased in intensity. It hangs like a living vapor distorting my view what is beyond my immediate vision. It will be a good day to finish my film and to work on creating and doing indoor things although I know I will give in to the lure of the snow and periodically visit the white wonderland outside my door.


Friday, October 13, 2017


Rain is predicted for tonight but the skies are clear and the stars shining like beacons to heaven. The wind has come up and the odor of logs burning in fireplaces is carried in the air along with the chill it brings. Frequent falling stars can be seen up here because of the clarity and expense of the sky. I can hear the soft tinkling of the neighbor's wind chimes. Mine are still packed away somewhere. Here in my own home I can finally hang them and let them make music when the winds caress them. No signs of the clouds that will bring rain or snow but the winds did proceed the last big snowfall.

I didn't get to finish clearing the stairs today as the ice was too hard for me to chip away and where I had it was slick and slippery from the moisture that had fallen from the roof and I would be foolish to walk on it and take a fall so instead, I retreated.

Again I made the run to the post office while I could, to savor my independence and to exercise the car engine. The drive isn't far and is by now quite familiar. I received the treasure package of pictures from my cousin. The women dressed in the headdresses and gowns of their native towns in Brittany, each one a little different. At times it takes a discerning eye to notice the subtle change from one community to another. No one smiles in the pictures of course; in former days it was not the proper etiquette. Not even at the big events, like weddings, when it is supposed to be the happiest days of your life. This is my family that stayed behind in France. I am a descendant of the branch that chose to look for another world, a new way, a better life. I guess, in a way, that seeking is still in my blood.

My mother, brother, and sister all live in the same area and it has been with me, the wanderlust, who never felt I quite long, and that seeking has led me here to God's country, to eternal beauty and seasons of whiteness, I live in the mountains where you feel a sense of one with nature.

My progress is not seeking a way of life of more but a life of simplicity and peace. A place where my spirit can come to life again and I feel drawn to see the old country and the part of my spirit that remain there.


Thursday, October 12, 2017

A sunny day in the snow

The sun is out bright and beautiful today. The rain never came and the clouds have moved on. The phone too is in miraculous working order again. In the meantime, I found I could use my computer line if I needed to call out.

The birds are full of song today as if in appreciation of the warmth and the beauty around them. Some sitting on the very crest of the trees singing praises to God. Looking at the designs left in the snow as it melts is almost like looking at cloud formations and the unique patterns they make. I took a picture of an angel cloud at one time. Now I see what looks like a set of giant footprints, side-by-side, the heal and center region very clear as well as the toes. Amazing! More craters are forming in the snow, with the asphalt from my driveway showing through, and the rocks for my flower beds have begun to appear.

No more items temporarily frozen to the outdoor tables and not a need of a jacket or heavy boots today. I will be able to make a run to the dump in the post office without a problem and to get a registration sticker for my car. Possibly I even pick up that extra birdfeeder I was thinking about. I'm thinking of trying my hand at making some for houses for my feathered neighbors. I can even do some individual decorating for the inhabitants.

For exercise, today I cleared the snow from my lower decks with the aid of my new flat shovel. I did what I could to the stairs leading down to the back of the house but the ice dripping down from the roof has hardened a great deal so I'm only able to do the edges. If the sunshine continues tomorrow I will pursue the steps again. My shoulders and back limit how much I can achieve but I am proud to be the only woman on the block who does this much and I am the oldest as well.

I am grateful to be independent, to live in awareness and appreciation and to truly listen to my inner spirit. To seek always to be the authentic self I was created to be and to encourage others to grow in spirit. To be willing to truly listen, see, and to take time to just be at one with the universe and with God and to be grateful for each day as it comes.


Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Until another life

My dreams of travel, love,
owning and decorating a shop,
writing, collecting angels,
enjoying family & friends,
plants and a garden,
touching others in a meaningful way,
to be happy and share,
they've come to an end,
some came true, others
will have to wait....
until another life...


Tuesday, October 10, 2017

My Transition

Lost inside waiting
silent, and forgetting
the clock winds down
memories long gone
grown empty now
bring on my transition


Monday, October 9, 2017

Learning to Fly

I made contact with my angel
one night lost and wandering
she came to me in silence
to lead me back to the path
and show me the way ahead
then she touched my soul
that taught my spirit to fly


Sunday, October 8, 2017

A Quiet Sunday

It's an overcast Sunday and looks like another storm is moving in it's an overcast Sunday looks like another storm is moving in. The clouds are heavy, hanging in the continuous, unbroken landscape overhead. The phone is out of order but I am able to drive into town and purchase a calling card, as I know my daughter Wisconsin will be worried. I was supposed to call or two days ago but due to circumstances beyond my control, I haven't been able to.

I do not mind being homebound as I have much here to do. I enjoy the ever-changing days. The trees are back to being green sentinels, having shed their coats of snow. More of my bushes are emerging day by day. I even uncovered one of my rockers on the front deck and enjoy my break time outdoors watching the many squirrels and birds that come to call. I haven't seen any rabbits since the first snowfall.

One or another of my cats has to come and lay on or as near to my books as they can while I am writing. I always have to nudge someone over or give a little stroker to with my other hand while logging my observations and experiences as well as feelings into my journal. Right now it's Mother Boots clamoring for attention. Crum is in the window keeping an eye on the squirrel on the front deck while Lil Bit gives himself a tongue bath on the couch. They've adjusted well to their new environment and the added attraction of our daily visitors gives them much to look forward to as well as great amusement. When they are bored a chase each other around the house or Bitsy requests a game of fetch.

Life here in God's country is never dull or lacking in a "need to do"as well as a continuous peacefulness. I had to move my clay pots as they were beginning to disintegrate in the dampness and I spend time outdoors "just being" and marveling at the gift of such beauty.

The quail have not made an appearance today. The one squirrel still chases off the birds that come to feed on the ground. I will have to purchase more birdfeeders to hang in the trees and refill the feeders that have become recently empty. I'm enjoying solitude in my magnificent view. Chili's on the menu tonight as it befits the weather and my palate. There's nothing like a quiet Sunday.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Ready to go

I'm tired
I've grown old
faced my fears
over the years
shed many tears
laughs too
made memories
to lose with time
stories once told
are mysteries
the faces I behold
just strangers
sadly, I'm ready to go


Friday, October 6, 2017


Prayer transports me
frees me along the way
when I'm lost it's there
to give me strength
and hold me up.....


Thursday, October 5, 2017


Miracles are wonders
God's gifts to us
in our times of need
when we can no longer
walk the road alone


Wednesday, October 4, 2017

A better person

My joys,
I've sought them out
when I could,
learning along the way,
to be a better person


Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Begin living

When we are at one with nature our consciousness expands. There is no us and them, no me, no you, just being. It's that simple, meaning fills us, we are complete, filled with spirit, as we were meant to be. Our searching comes to an end, and living begins.


Monday, October 2, 2017

The mountains

I feel privileged and blessed with view that I enjoy. The passing clouds, the singing birds, the wildlife that shares the mountains with me. It's as if I'm in heaven, above the fog that surrounds the world below. How magnificent is God's creation, how wonderful the mountains truly are.


Sunday, October 1, 2017

My Supply

Money is not my supply, just a means. No person, place, thing, or condition is my supply either. My awareness, understanding, and knowledge of the all-providing Lord and His gifts to us is my supply. He is he truth I seek, and the love I need.


Saturday, September 30, 2017


I woke up in a strange monastery,
awaiting a morning meal....
reciting the five contemplations
were monks aplenty...
on this, I meditated quietly
the gift of food to come
will nourish my soul....
and complete my transformation....


Friday, September 29, 2017

The Promise

When I'm no longer earthbound,
I'll return to my true home,
surrounded by those I love,
for all time, no worries or concerns,
for this is the promise that awaits....


Thursday, September 28, 2017

Lavish Reality

God is so lavish,
providing abundance,
He unfailing, true
the substance of all,
the universe too....
He's the source,
infinite prosperity,
and love too,
the center of me,
there's no need
of any other reality...


Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Wait for it

God's language is silence
and unanswered prayers
veiled are these gifts
beyond comprehension
until the time is right...


Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Language is a living thing,
with a life of its own,
beyond our control....
with time it morphs and grows,
meanings now will change,
what is hidden will be shown...


Monday, September 25, 2017

A sense of faith

Faith comes through hearing
let the birds sing to me
Faith comes through seeing
let the stars shine brightly
Faith comes through feeling
let the sun's light warm me
Faith comes through smelling
let the flower's aroma flow
Faith comes through tasting
let the sweet nectar flow


Sunday, September 24, 2017

Fall and winter

Fall is upon us, change is in the air, green leaves give way to yellow and orange, and soon will fall to the ground to make way for winter. There's a chill in the air, and clouds hang lower, heavy with the rains they will bring. This is a season for introspection, to think of the peacefulness that winter will bring.


Be Clear

Let me hear
let me say
what I need
is my faith
to be clear
to me today


Saturday, September 23, 2017

Be Humble, Create

When you realize
anything you write
or draw or dream
comes from within
despite your weaknesses
all our creativity
becomes more profound
and stands out
as a humbling activity


Friday, September 22, 2017

Morning Dew

This can't be the end
oh, I've so much to do
dreams still on the shelf
love letters left to send
another morning dew
let me not lose myself
can't I be me again?


Thursday, September 21, 2017

Grow Better

Wisdom comes with patience,
discipline, and strength....
will follow hard times....
tested we grow better....


Wednesday, September 20, 2017


What I wanted
I never found
faith instead
came my way
patience too
tested I found


Tuesday, September 19, 2017


To the ones I love
letting you go
was how I held on
I bound you to me
giving my soul rest
fulfilled now


Monday, September 18, 2017

Trees Wisper

Listen to the trees
they're talking
if you just listen
you can learn a lot
they chatter on
about the weather
and much about time
of which they've seen
so so much....


Sunday, September 17, 2017

Path of Love

Radical change awaits
breaking down completely
we can get there sure
so much easier though
if we take the path of love


Saturday, September 16, 2017

Be Love

Celebrate, be love
set free to serve
knowing true meaning


Friday, September 15, 2017


Love takes me beyond
projecting me in time
where we'll find meaning
and become aware
of who and what we are


Thursday, September 14, 2017


Good company, together
we share experiences,
that transform today,
making it a memory....
we'll call it a ceremony,
or a tradition to share,
year after year,
until one by one,
we each depart,
or forget the company
we kept today...


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Sunshine Waits

The door of time
soon to close for me
love once mine
there waiting for me
golden sunshine
shows the way to me


Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Hope, the great unseen,
where prayers are sent,
hard choices made too,
for better days do come


Monday, September 11, 2017

Good within

The divine
points us towards
the good within



For some, laundry is ritual
a pathetic attachment to me,
for it's here I feel I'm in control


Sunday, September 10, 2017


Life brings us wisdom
given to us by God
should we but listen


Saturday, September 9, 2017


You were precious
in your scarcity
you my daily wish
come back to me
bring me bliss


Friday, September 8, 2017

Empty Shell

I'm an empty shell
tossed about the shore
from the sea of memory
where I once lived
and dreamed of more
than days to fade away
with no stories left to tell



God shows us the way
we can choose to follow
or not, either way....
He's done enough.


Thursday, September 7, 2017

Dare to be

Dare to be one
with the spirit
God's blessing
His gift of love


Wednesday, September 6, 2017


I've been unconscious
for oh so long....
out of touch, out of reach
behind a veil, hidden, blind
soon that will end....
dreams will take me
frontiers await....
the way home shown
there I'll awake


Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Work Together

In the ceremony of life,
we work together in love,
what other choice do we have
if we want the world to survive....


Join the dance

Join the dance
let spirits soar
this masquerade
brings flowers
and spring rains
to make the earth
new again...


Monday, September 4, 2017


Listen to the spirits of spring
when you're quite still
you can hear them sing
songs of love, songs that heal
nature give's us everything


Sunday, September 3, 2017

Pink Hair

Shocking pink hair
pairs so well with
green eyeshadow
and silly hats
and April Fools
bring back my youth
days before despair
and forgetfulness
when I was still... me


Saturday, September 2, 2017

Let's play

Angel's wings
stir the air...
soft is the aroma
left to caress me
let's laugh and play
in innocence
once again
it's peaceful today


Friday, September 1, 2017

Winter Rest

The earth ready
for her winter rest
soon she will sleep
not to stir for months
until the heavens
bring her spring
once again....


Thursday, August 31, 2017


The road to emptiness
is a long way from home
lost in its vastness
alone one just roams
confused and speechless
everyone unknown
slowly growing selfless....


Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Cast Aside

In order to cast aside illusion,
we must look deep inside....
meditation upon the self,
seeing who we really are....


Calm Waters

Faith is the mast on which I hang my sails,
guided by  the winds of love and gentleness,
on calm waters, my way sure and true .....


Tuesday, August 29, 2017

All the better

My past has brought me to where I am today, and I'm grateful for that. Without it, I would not have grown nor seen my blessings for what they are. Time gives and takes, some things bad, some good, but all for us to grow by and become all the better. So, let me be grateful for each, yesterday, today, and tomorrow.


Monday, August 28, 2017

Daily Blessings

I'm grateful for my God given talents and abilities, and I try to continually refine them and use them to express myself and make my life fulfilling. These gifts help me to grow beyond my wildest dreams and bless me each day.


Sunday, August 27, 2017

Feel Connected

My family and friends give me much to be grateful for, just being in my life. I love their company and see it as a gift. I'm grateful too for work I love and gifts from above. Art and music, poetry too, oh how they let me express myself and help me to feel connected.


Saturday, August 26, 2017

Let me be grateful

Gratitude fills my heart, my body, my mind, my consciousness, my soul, and my very being. It radiates from me in all directions, touching everything in my world and those I love, and it returns to me as more to be grateful for. The more gratitude I feel, the more I am aware that the supply is endless a gift from God. This makes me feel good, and all I want to do is share. This is love.


Friday, August 25, 2017

Foolish Gestures

Just as the ocean washes up
on the sand to cleanse it
defeats and disappointments
share can wash away
the hurt you'd sustain alone
it's the tender, sometimes
foolish gesture to show
you care for another
that helps so much


Thursday, August 24, 2017

Become the whole

You never really grow up....
no matter how old you are....
until you're willing to accept
responsibility for someone else's
between a loving couple
real intimacy is possible only
when you've both reach this
level of maturity....
when the two parts
become the whole....


Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Gone Blank

My nightmare
my truth now
a blank stare
empty inside
like me



No one grows too old to need
physical closeness--
a loving pat, a comforting hand
sexual desire continues, I guess....
but the need for companionship
is even greater....


Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Real Loss

Fearful of any real intimacy
as I suspect many "swingers" are
in their sexual relations.....
they miss all the discomforts
and the enduring satisfactions....
of real connection, real love,
nor real loss...
that comes with broken hearts....


Monday, August 21, 2017

No Risk

Without commitment
sex becomes mechanistic, impersonal,
devoid of any real fulfillment
If you sleep in ten different beds
will you have a fuller,
more exciting life?
or will you count the foreign
countries you "know"
by the number of plush, plasticized
hotels you've slept in
never risking experiencing
the world as it is....


Sunday, August 20, 2017

Bigger Void

Without commitment
sex becomes mechanistic, impersonal,
devoid of any real fulfillment
If you sleep in ten different beds
will you have a fuller,
more exciting life?
or will just build a bigger void
that you're incapable of filling?


Saturday, August 19, 2017

Each Day

All that the ocean is... I am
moist with wetness
for you to enter
with changes from warmth to cool
for I am woman
I have been trampled upon
leaving footsteps in my life
to form what I have become
as the sand
has seen the footprints
of many travelers
many particles make up
the being of me
as the ocean is also filled
I am movement
and change
the sun sets upon me each day
all that the earth is, I am too
filled with hills and valleys
you have traveled many times
and deserts hot
with desertion
the rivers of my blood
flow through as the earth's do
greater and smaller channels
air fills me
and I breathe
as all earth's elements do
I have my storms
and my calms
at times the rains of tears flow
and other times
I am as in a fog
the scars I have earned
are the freeways
that blotch my life
having been traveled by others
who have only passed through
and I stretch out
upon my self
and the suns warms me
awake... each day


Friday, August 18, 2017


If I, making my awkward way
among my cluttered thoughts some day,
the lost and ominous key should find
to the sealed chamber of my mind,
would I the secret room explore
and, knowing what I know, know more?


Thursday, August 17, 2017

Note to my readers

This book, when I am dead, will be
a little faint perfume of me,
people who knew me well will say,
"She really used to think that way."
I do not write it to survive
my mortal self, but, being alive
all full of curious thoughts today,
it pleases me, somehow, to say,
"this book when I am dead will be
a little faint perfume of me."


Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Beach Walk

I am not afraid of tomorrows
as I put no restrictions
on yesterday....
and I still love.... today
the tide rushes in
to meet my footsteps
and carries them off the sand
I walk in order
to retrace our yesterdays
but leaving the sand fresh
of where I am today
free for tomorrow's lovers
it's getting dark,
and misty,
and cold, and I am locked in
with the darkness
into the depths
of what once was
you are not here
with me now
but your warmth
and closeness
engulf me....
the waves are crashing in
closer and closer
I'm enrapt in its movement
all the beauty of its being
the vastness
the constant flowing....
you are away from me now
but only your presence
for you are always with me
in my heart....
since you died


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

To give

I wonder if you've ever realized
how very much I care.... for you?
I want each day
to be one of happiness
for you....
with time for you to share
the burning sunset
two eyes meeting
across time
a smile... gentleness
as you softly caress
all your tomorrows
may you always care enough
to give what you have
as I did.... giving you
all the best I had
of me....


Monday, August 14, 2017

Forgotten Sands

I have no demands of you
just to share your warmth
with others who need it,
give happiness to those
whose hearts are heavy,
and love to the lonely...
please remember me
with gentleness
if I should pass
through your mind
like the ocean when
it is calmest... kissing
the forgotten sands


Sunday, August 13, 2017

Gone from you

Because you were so wonderful
I have wanted to give you
something special
something of me....
but nothing seems enough
to show my true feelings
are written words enough?
I give you peace,
and time,
and love....
and to be gone from you
if you want me to....


Saturday, August 12, 2017


On the beach tonight,
alone, just thinking....
I do understand
our relationship added
a dimension to our lives
we each were lacking
and we gave to each other.....
I certainly hadn't expected
....this... wonderful gift...
of love....
nor was I prepared....
to lose it....


Friday, August 11, 2017

I understand now

We were so happy once
strolling down the beach
hand in hand
tossing pebbles
at the seagulls
watching other lovers
you were so lighthearted
laughing and smiling...
I could only give
what I needed most
my commitment
written on the sunset
blowing in the wind
to give you my heart
my love....
as long as I live...
I've offered you
a part of me
I've never given to another
my love
will not be washed away,
eroded by the sea of life
it is soft... gentle
like the mist
that kisses my face
but without measure....
there is always a feeling
of peace within me
when I am near the sea
for everything that has
touched the soul of me
be especially for you....
I watched the tides
the crimson sunset
inflaming the sky
I walked the beach
our beach....
and thought....
I do understand...


Thursday, August 10, 2017


We sat and listened
to the sea that night
and I always return
to stand in the darkness
listening to the surf's
pounding... against the shore
always questioning
will my life lighten
like the sky at dawn?
The evening we spent there
is a beautiful memory... to me
part of the yesterday's keepsakes....


Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Now Gone

I always think of you
whenever I go to to the beach
remember back to our
once happy times there...
The sound of the slapping,
crashing waves always brings
it back....
I drift out on the
endless waves....
My thoughts wash out with
the tide....
What is the ocean without
its constant movement...
like me.... what would
I be
without change?
You now gone...


Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Remembering all the meetings
we planned....
and you never came
each time... me believing
and being there
wondering.... what it was
that always kept you away
bring you presents
for you who never cared....


Monday, August 7, 2017

A Shame

Our little games
slowly eroded everything
until there was nothing
to hold on to
no more me and you
and that's a shame


Sunday, August 6, 2017

Never Could

I'd tell you I was going out
and all the things I would do
just to make you jealous
while I was screaming inside
please please please, care
tell me you want me with you,
not places apart....
but you never did...
and I never could


Saturday, August 5, 2017

Home Alone

You'd always asked me
what time I got home
when you left to go somewhere
without me.....
to wander and roam...
I alway told you
my schedule
was none of your damn business
I knew why you'd left me
to got to someone else
despite my prayers and wishes
it didn't matter when....
I got home....
I'd still be alone


Friday, August 4, 2017

It's wrong

In pain
I reach out
to help him
this is wrong
or so I'm told
by society
by they're wrong
not me
how can it be
comforting arms
joyful jubilation
spontaneous giving
this is wrong?
sharing a small part
of oneself....
you who's always
backed away
never letting people
get too close
or so you think
who will touch
but won't be touched
think you've got to be
so firm, so strong
everyone's rock
I'm sure you'll cry
locked in some room
I could come to you
in fullness of feeling
and naked with love
but you'll say it's wrong


Thursday, August 3, 2017

Too Tired

Marriage is no guarantee
of a lasting relationship
no words spoken
though creating bonds
that are like red tape
will keep dying love at your doorstep
though it just makes harder
to untangle the mess....
your kids together created
won't keep you from cringing
at his touch
he's become repulsive
you're killing each other
a little more each day
within a cold war, hate unspoken
this life
it's what we were taught to wait for
in illusions and fantasies
as little girls
to wake up in middle years
and realize
it was only a nightmare
with paper bells
and a tiered cake
wet diapers.... crying babies
is this is the glamor
we all dreamed of?
it just doesn't materialize
while mopping floors
your husband comes home
too tired to tell you
you're beautiful anymore


Wednesday, August 2, 2017

No smiles

I don't smile
not when I'm told to
and if I don't want to smile
it's because a smile is a butterfly wing
I will not do things on cue for you
since you don't want me
what is it you want?
surely nothing from me


Tuesday, August 1, 2017

His Realm

Jesus is the Son of God and the son of man. We are all, at the same time, the sons and daughters of God and the children of our parents. This means we are of the same reality as Jesus, and His realm awaits us. This I believe.


Monday, July 31, 2017

Key of Faith

Jesus said, "I am the door".  And indeed He is the door of salvation and everlasting life, the door to the kingdom of God. Because God the Son is made of the energy of the Holy Spirit, He is the door for us to enter the kingdom of God once we find the key of faith.


Sunday, July 30, 2017


Whenever I read the stories of Asita and Simon, or the sages who visited the Buddha and Jesus shortly after their births, I wish that every one of us could also be visited by a sage when we are born. The birth of every child is important. We, too, are a Buddha to be, and we all are sons and daughters of God.


Saturday, July 29, 2017

Be Open

Sitting beneath the Bodhi Tree,
many wonderful days pass by,
holy seeds blossomed wisdom,
there waits Buddha in meditation....
let the tao guide humanity....
let the Holy Spirit descend,
may we be open to understanding....


Friday, July 28, 2017

Give me centuries

Let my journey take me far,
to encounter a true master...
give me centuries to study,
and understand her teaching....
to become living enlightenment,
endowed with freedom and peace....
looking into the eyes of the Buddha,
holding the hand of Jesus....
blessed with their love and understanding....


Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Key

Jesus lived exactly as he taught,
so studying His life is crucial
to understanding His Teaching.

For me, the life of Jesus
is His most basic lesson,
even more important than
faith in the resurrection
His life is the key to eternity...


Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Walk In The Light

Let me overflow
filled with love
and understanding
bring me close
to the Buddha
let me meet
Jesus Christ
where I will
walk in the light


Tuesday, July 25, 2017

To Touch

Even in monasteries, monks have to cook, clean, sweep and wash. There's no getting away from daily routine. The difference is doing the mundane in meditation. To practice mindfulness while cooking, cleaning, sweeping, and washing. To let life touch us and we touch the ultimate dimension of reality.


Monday, July 24, 2017

May we live

Let me contemplate the feast before me, completely. The universe has provided an abundance beyond comprehension. On this, I meditate and pray. The earth and sky ours. May we all live a life worthy of the gifts given to us.


Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Source

The image of God if found all around mankind. Each culture possesses it as a whole, or in many parts, entirely. Divided and Undivided, all together, more than we can know or understand. One must ponder this alone, in meditation. The stillness will bring understanding. In this way, we can become one, intimately united with the universe, which is the image of God and the source of all life.


Saturday, July 22, 2017

All that I was

My path once paved with words
is erased with each passing day
leaving only one destination
that will have no memory of me
no mention of all that I was


Friday, July 21, 2017

In Slipping

Few are the days ahead...
Many are the forgotten,
all the more left behind...
Love my solace, in quiet,
I'm sustained in slipping


Thursday, July 20, 2017

My Gifts

My gift, free choice. My choice is to follow whatever path and purposed God has set me on. His will be done. God has supplied me with an abundance of friends who keep me going, loving children, and a cat called Crum who brings me great joy and companionship. Live would be truly lonely without her. Thank you God for these blessings and for surrounding me with your angels.


Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Free Choice

When I pray to God for abundance or for a sign He has sent symbols in the form of Angels. Victory and Triumph they're called. My faith restored, all life in His hands, and though we've been given free choice, it's how we use it that makes a difference.


Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Hold in Love

God has opened my eyes to the abundance of the wonder all around me, everywhere, in my life, the birds, trees, the miniature pinecones they supply and to wish to my garden a gift of abundance, filled with plants and flowers, in gratitude and joy. A bit of nature for me to nurture and share. A blessing from God to hold in love and fill my heart.


Monday, July 17, 2017

Let me share

It is true that God is all abundance and once I turned my life over to God, put myself and my future into His hands He has provided for me in abundance. I have not lacked. My needs have been more than met. I let go of worry and sleep in peace. I've been able to share, and in sharing more abundance has been provided. Sharing does indeed bring back more of the same to us. God has proven that to me.


Sunday, July 16, 2017

Nothing Else

Follow the path to God and believe for He is the light and the way. He is our salvation, all else is the small stuff and don't sweat the small stuff. The most important thing is how we live our life and to have faith. Thank you God and the angels for reminding me and awakening my eyes. I am truly blessed in your abundance love. Nothing else is as important in this life.


Saturday, July 15, 2017

Larger Questions.

God has given us his Ultimate Love. He has shown us the path of forgiveness and peace. "Father forgive them for they know now what they do...." were words for us to heed. Life is bigger, more profound than our day-to-day worries. Only trust that God has already in His all-encompassing love relieved us of the small things as He did many years ago, with the death of His Son, answer our larger questions of life. We've been forgiven, so we need to move forward.


Friday, July 14, 2017

Ultimate Love

Man has no greater love than that of Jesus who died for us. If God loves us this much can we not already know that He is aware of what troubles our hearts and will help us to resolve it in the best way possible. We do we continue to beseech Him for such pettiness when He has already proved His ultimate love.


Thursday, July 13, 2017

No Greater Love

Sometimes we need to be reminded of what is truly important. We get so caught up in our petty anxieties that we forget to look further than our own shallowness. God so love the world His only begotten Son died on the cross for us. Now is the time to remember how much God truly loves us beyond our imagination. No greater love is there.


Wednesday, July 12, 2017

He Alone

This Divine consciousness that resides within is forever expressing its true nature of abundance and love. This is its responsibility, not mine. We all have our own purpose, and mine is to take responsibility for being aware of the truth. Therefore, I'm totally confident in letting go and letting God into my life. He alone can guide me in my affairs and provide.


Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Prayers are answered

Dreaming, I heard your voice. You said to me "you are my child, do not be afraid..." you commanded me to have faith, and so I did. Falling back into a deep sleep, all went still and dormant. Only to come back to me this morning in my meditation. Your message assuring me that prayers are answered.


Monday, July 10, 2017


Life unfolds like a flower petal and gradually goes from bud to full bloom. So too does our purpose here unfold, and when we are ready we too will be fully open to God's purpose for us. It isn't by accident we meet like-minded people because Got puts us on the path and our souls cry out in recognition and thus a bond begins. How foolish it would be to think synchronicity nothing more than coincidence or chance. When likewise we turn our eyes in the same direction we are only following God's plan. Now hush and wait and it will be revealed.


Sunday, July 9, 2017

All in time

There is no symphony that can compare to the bird's chorus, the harmony of life. But be still and listen. Do not hurry through the days and miss the miracle of life. God indeed has a plan for you and it will unfold in good time if you do not hurry and worry about it. God does not work on our time system of everything at a moments notice.


Saturday, July 8, 2017


Would we, as humans, have ever thought to create the tree, the rivers, and sea, the sky so sky, or me and you? God created it all and put us here not to pollute and destroy, but to care and enjoy. This world His gift to us, much greater than that we could give to each other. How breathtaking, this display of love.


Friday, July 7, 2017

The Imagination

Each flower, each bird, each blade of grass is a wonder. Take time to play for God created joy and laughter for that purpose. He created the heart for love as well as tears for sorrow. Do not let days be lost to worry when that day will not come again, but venture out and open your eyes to the wonder all around, all-encompassing creation wherever we look on such a grand scale it's overwhelming, the imagination of God.


Thursday, July 6, 2017


Joy is in the air. Hear the angels sing. Celebrate, take yourself lightly, enjoy the gifts that God gives. See the world He paints for us, so brilliant and colorful, unlike anything we ever could make for ourselves. What human soul could create a rainbow or a sunset? We as artists can only try to capture what the Master Himself creates, all original and unique. Like us.


Wednesday, July 5, 2017

My inner voice

My inner voice constantly supplies me when I'm in need. Instantly assured when I need it. Experience tells me to have faith, all will be well, in time. And so, I listen, in prayer and meditation.


Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Know it's there

The sun will rise each day, whether we see it or not. The clouds in the sky do not make it less so, only know it is there. So too is the abundance God supplies whether or not we can see it each moment. Just know it is there. Have faith, for our needs are already provided for.


Monday, July 3, 2017

Let them come

Time is a gift God has given, use it wisely, be at peace, open your soul for the spirit has work to do yet. God will provide as He has always provided. Abundance is yours without even reaching out, but wait and all good things will come to you. Let them come.


Sunday, July 2, 2017

Our World

The more of us who actively pray for the work daily, the more energy is sent to all corners of the earth and beyond to heal our planet, our universe, leaving only the abundance God planned for us. This is our world, pray for it and all who inhabit it.


Saturday, July 1, 2017

Make Room

When we have love in our hearts we are truly joyful and peace reigns in our soul. Abundance comes when we allow God's love in our heart, when we release all ego, all self, all hurt we feel has befallen us, all bitterness, and make room for the gloriousness God will unleash there in its place.


Friday, June 30, 2017

Let it shine

May the light of the world shine down on us all. May the "sun" of God warm the hearts of bitterness and hate. For we are all brothers and sisters, let us be reminded of this. The light of the world is God's love, let it shine.


Thursday, June 29, 2017

All One

God provides. My consciousness of this truth is unlimited, therefore, so too is all that He provides me with. Pease, Love, Joy. These are the rights of every child, woman, and man. We've ben created to share in these gifts. We are all one in God's eyes. All His children.


Wednesday, June 28, 2017

This Truth

Money is not my supply. No person, place or condition is my supply. My bounty comes from above. My awareness, understanding, and knowledge are gifts given by the Divine. He is my supply. This truth is all I need.


Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Angels descend from the heaven to bless and comfort us. The carry us with their wings and fly us to the safety and shelter we need. They are a grace bestowed upon us by God in love. These protectors bring us the mercy of heaven.


Monday, June 26, 2017


Prayer flows from my gratitude, some silent, unspoken thanks, others in full voice and song, rising from my soul. I call out to the angels, and together we transform the moment into glorious thanksgiving.


Sunday, June 25, 2017


May our paths be lined with flowers, not fire, love not hate, peace not war, abundance not wants, joy not fear, thanksgiving not sorrow, for this is our calling to walk a path through life in joy and love, in peace and thanksgiving, to remind others of the abundance God pours on us all.


Saturday, June 24, 2017


Abundance comes when we give abundantly with our hearts in love. May the love of all shine like a lighthouse in a storm, bring us all to the safe harbor of God's love. This is how we're meant to sail forward into the seas of heaven.


Friday, June 23, 2017

Beacon of Hope

May we learn to love all for there are truly no enemies, only the children of God, some enlightened, and some not. Pray, always pray, for peace and love, as Mary has bequeathed us to. For she is the light of love in the world. Our beacon of hope.


Thursday, June 22, 2017

Do More

May each of us be a storehouse of all that is good, and always, always, may peace, love, gratitude, and abundance fill our hearts. May we walk with our brothers and sisters in equality, respect, and love of one another. For Christ so loved the world, can we do less... No, we must love with all our hearts and do more for the world each and every day.


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Fill Our Hearts

May all the children of the world be blessed by love, for they are all "our" children. May we all reap the abundance in endless measure granted by God the Father who withholds nothing. May the Holy Spirit descend upon us and fill our hearts.


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Walk in Peace

God within me is my supply. I send the gift of peace, love, harmony, and abundance to all, as we are all, whether in awareness or not, created by the God of us all. May we learn to love all our fellow men and women and through that love restore the harmony of our planet that we may all walk in peace.


Monday, June 19, 2017


Through meditation, I'm more conscious of God, of myself, and of Christ within, as my source of life and abundance. I draw this into my mind, and feeling nature as the very substance of life and source that feeds my spirit. This substance is my supply, thus my consciousness, and so I become.


Sunday, June 18, 2017

This Life

This life, this is God's truth he has promised us. As the birds of the air are provided for, so too are we. Put aside our constant worry, instead, praise God for having fulfilled your soul's smallest desire in abundance. Be at peace for He is with us always and gives His angels charge over you to protect you on your journey lest you stumble or fall.


Saturday, June 17, 2017

As Promised

God fills the world with an abundance so profound it could only come from Him. Flowers in an array of colors and trees of all shapes and sizes. Birds of many different song. Seasons that vary. He gives us all this and more. The various animals that roam the earth, the fish in the seas and streams, clear waters and rain.

Whatever our needs He has supplied in abundance. Always thank and praise the Lord for our coffers are full, our needs are met. We lake nothing but are truly blessing by His love in in infinite measure. This is God's truth. This is what He promised us.


Friday, June 16, 2017

Our Purpose

God created a world of beauty for us to care for and cherish and filled it with love, Our garden, our paradise. We've neglected it for so long, it needs our care, our attention. We need to wake up and fulfill our purpose.


Thursday, June 15, 2017

Walk in the shadow

God created a world of beauty for us to care for and cherish and filled it with our brothers and sisters. Though we may walk separate paths, we all walk in the shadow of God by whatever name we call Him/Her.


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Seek Peace

Peace is the light of the world and shines its light into our souls. Without peace, there's no abunance and we cannot prosper. Peace creates love and through love we prosper with abundance in all aspects of our lives It is our natural state as beings created in the image of God and part of this great universe and all-that-is. Seek peace.


Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Light of Truth

There's an inner presence I've become aware of in meditation. In stillness, I can hear it clearly as it lavishes me with abundance. Infinite prosperity and peace await me should I fill my conscious with the light of truth.


Monday, June 12, 2017

Shining Down

I see the angels
rays of peace
shining down
in selfless love


Sunday, June 11, 2017

Short Stay

Until my dying day
show me the way
this is what I pray
watching the world decay
during my short stay
give me strength today


Saturday, June 10, 2017

I follow

I know that the power of God lives within me. I've come to learn this truth through meditation, where I'm silent enough to hear his voice deep within, comforting and guiding me through my days. He has shown me my path and now I follow.


Friday, June 9, 2017

At ease

I visited heaven
and spoke with God
we talked at length
all through the night
my mind felt at ease
peaceful morning
awaited my awakening


Thursday, June 8, 2017

A little more

The earth stirs slowly
shaking off her sleep
the long winter cold
passing each day
come the fields green
a little more today
heavenly spirits dance


Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Keep it there

I'm reminded love can be
the center of all things....
it's up to me to keep it there


Tuesday, June 6, 2017


I endure
God loves me
in His eyes
we're all


Monday, June 5, 2017

To truly know

Unless we're open to the gifts of love and friendship,
allowing ourselves to be love, to love in return,
we will not truly know God's love for us....


Sunday, June 4, 2017

Upon the rock

I dreamt I was running
chasing after lost love
fueled by my anger
an unhappy neighbor
showed me I was lost
blocked by pride, a rock
upon which stood the beast
the world knew as me


Saturday, June 3, 2017

We'll Understand

To understand what's possible
we need to let go and believe
the deeper mysteries will be
and with faith, we'll understand


Friday, June 2, 2017


The Lord blesses me,
He gives me food and rest,
love and warmth,
and guidance when I ask


Thursday, June 1, 2017

To pass on

Life comes from the Holy Spirit,
a creation of God, a gift to us,
to learn, to grow, to love,
to move forward, to pass on,
when our journey is done


Wednesday, May 31, 2017

To become one

Fill my heart,
my body still,
quiet, peaceful
love expands,
faith sustains,
I meditate....
to become one
whole, again


Tuesday, May 30, 2017

At my core

Fill the well of my faith,
let me have infinite gratitude,
let me love without bounds,
fully aware in growing,
expanding in consciousness,
at my core, I'm still....
meditating, at peace


Monday, May 29, 2017


I thank thee God for all the abundant good you have put into my life, for the sacred space you had me create so I could have a place to put my daily thoughts aside and come to you. I am grateful for the angels you send my way to guide and protect me. It means so much to me to share my joys with you as you so abundantly share them with me. I feel truly blessed.


Sunday, May 28, 2017

Inner Calm

I lift up my mind, heart, and soul... let me be aware, let me understand, let me know peace and the Divine presence within. Let me quiet myself so that I can hear that small inner voice leading me down the path and directing my journey. Let today's meditation find my inner calm.


Saturday, May 27, 2017

Sharing a meal

When Buddhists and Christians come together, as we often do, we should share a meal in mindfulness, a deep communion between the two. To share a piece of bread and a bowl of rice, mindfully in togetherness. So that we can be aware that every morsel is a gift from the universe, that Divine creation we share.

Let us live deeply. Let us not distract ourselves from the food, even when listening to chants or reciting scripture. Buddha and the Saints showed us the way. When we're mindful, we can find the path, live in the present, and know the Holy Spirit. On that, we can all meditate.


Friday, May 26, 2017

Peace of Freedom

Let me encounter
a true master
Let me meditate
on my true nature
Let me know
the peace of freedom


Thursday, May 25, 2017


The more that I can learn to distinguish between my true needs and my idle wants, the more shocking it is to realize how little is enough, and in that realization I'm free.... give me faith and I'm complete.


Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Hitting the stone

I sat, waiting and watching
through the window slowly
came a play of light and shadow
this glory hitting the stone
became my church alone
a place to be silent and still
to become one in meditation


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

My Models

Jesus and Buddha, my models for faith and meditation. They've sown the seeds for us to harvest and grow in awareness and enlightenment. All we have to do is quiet the mind and listen to the small voice within. There we'll find all we need to know.


Monday, May 22, 2017

Golden Velvet

The morning glowed
golden, soft as velvet
rewarding me with awe
after my long night
of meditation and prayer


Sunday, May 21, 2017

Kingdom Come

The Kingdom will come
it's just a matter of time
until His will is done
the salvation of mankind


Saturday, May 20, 2017


Let the commandments be revealed
pull back the cloak of mystery
show us the path of love and serenity
so that we can grow and be healed


Friday, May 19, 2017

Free my vision

My struggles
free my vision
letting me see
the reasons why
and that brings
and understanding


Thursday, May 18, 2017


Our imperfections
led us to find God
to mend our weakness
and heal our wounds
imperfection is the path


Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Grace is a blessing
another who tells us
we've been helpful
without knowing


Within the Calm

For us to understand
we need to meditate
on our place in this world
the secret awaits
deep within the calm


Tuesday, May 16, 2017


found within
calls to us
when we meditate
we can hear it
calling out to us
to become complete


Monday, May 15, 2017


I come to my senses
let me recognize
my errors
put behind me
I must be


Sunday, May 14, 2017

First Step

At the start of my journey
I began to sense that this
was exactly as it should be
God wanted me empty, alone,
silent, and watchful....
as the first step on a long path


Saturday, May 13, 2017


All of us has access to God,
we just have different paths....
our journey manifests itself
when we follow the heart
setting our love free....


Friday, May 12, 2017

With Care

Let no malice grow
nor take root within
be wary of neglect
the garden of love
thrives with care


Thursday, May 11, 2017

All for us

God sends down the rain
on the just and the sinful
washing clean earth's creatures
let the water flow forward
into springs, and rivers...
let the forests grow tall
from what God has given
all for us, all for us....


Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Let Us

Let us practice what we believe
Let us be the peace we seek
Let us do the work of good
Let us share the word of God
Let us know the light that awaits


Tuesday, May 9, 2017


You can't monopolize truth
it belongs to all who live it
within it we are all better


Monday, May 8, 2017

True Love

True love is founded on respect
and with that comes happiness
and understanding without words
this is where compassion is born
and where we belong within time


Sunday, May 7, 2017

Touched by words

Let me fruitful in my endeavors
let me live and love deeply
on my terms, building my life
so that I can share and serve
let me listen to others, truly hearing
touched by the beauty words can bring
and the hopes that they carry


Saturday, May 6, 2017

My Friend

My companion the Holy Spirit
with me from childhood
humbles me through the years
and comforts me in old age
my gift, my guide, my friend


Friday, May 5, 2017


Let me heal my body
give from the soul
the food of faith


Thursday, May 4, 2017


The world is an unfolding treasure,
its value comes from us
as we explore the unknown
and give it to our soul


Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Freedom comes from discipline
so we can cross the chasm
becoming the artist we are


Moving On

I've mastered imperfection
and learned oh so much
like a young bird I wait
come, teach me to fly
coax me from this nest
my failings made me strong
come, help move on


Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Exposed and dirty
the laundry awaits
so much has been done
let me wash it away
let me be clean again
dressed in white
spotless, at the gates


Monday, May 1, 2017


Inspiration awaits me in unknown realms
let me reach out to it and be touched
for it holds the secrets I seek to know
for we all know that there's so much more
than can be explained by our intuitions


Sunday, April 30, 2017


The world is built on opposites, a duality, and between these two poles, it seems to me, we seek to become complete, whole creatures. Between shedding our self-consciousness, and taking on our own awareness, between our fears that cause us to withdraw, and love which allows us to reach out, beyond measure. Between the need for vigilance in the face of danger, and trust, which allows us to sleep. Between all this, we need to decide which way we want to be pulled.


Saturday, April 29, 2017


Prayer my remedy
particularly on difficult days
Oh, God help me
put this day to rest
let love and sympathy
bring out my best


Friday, April 28, 2017


The sky last night, so glorious
vivid color lighting up the sky
sunset from east to west
like dawn in reverse
gold gone to peach
rose to scarlet.....
I began to feel God
His presence in the sky
speaking to me
through the colors
touching my very soul


Thursday, April 27, 2017

In solidarity

A vision before me
where beauty lies
such precious eyes
clear blue and free
this binding friendship
it's own fulfillment
we in solidarity


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Don't Give Up

I still pray for peace in the world. Please let it come to be, let it start with me, and so I go about my day, as best I can, trying to make the world better. And though it often seems futile, I continue, for I know that giving up won't make it be.


Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Between two poles

I'm between two poles
of being and been
of living and dying
a snake shedding skin
the last phase of being
until I'll be complete
reunited, whole, welcomed
with love into heaven


Monday, April 24, 2017

A Lift

Let my troubles burn away, leaving behind only the essential. Let the fire's light shine forth. May the Lord bless me and bring us deliverance in immortality. He is our champion of good, always supporting us in our endeavors, and guiding the lonely struggler, giving a lifting hand to all.


Sunday, April 23, 2017

Dove Song

I dreamed a flock of doves descended from an opening in the heavens. They were looking for the Lord, but he'd already ascended, enlightened and full of love. So the birds circled the earth and shared their song. Yet no one listened. Let us learn to open our hearts, seek the doors of heaven, and hear the song of the Holy Spirit that the doves have given to this world.


Saturday, April 22, 2017

Give Measure

Let me create the meaning I need through the gifts I've been given from God. Let the experience be so deep that it can only be understood through the experience of living it. We all need to use our time to explore and discover what we are, to slow down, and develop. Let us find value here, let us learn, and with each breath give measure to life.


Friday, April 21, 2017

From Love

Love has taught me how to love, even when it's gone, and I have to adjust to life alone, to sit and face myself and my loneliness, my emptiness, without distractions, and know who I am, and what I've got to give. That all comes from love.


Thursday, April 20, 2017

This time

I am grateful for the quiet time this morning, not to be hurried or off somewhere, but to spend time with God and at peace on my patio. It is truly a blessing to be aware, to know I am being guided, to have a conversation with God and listen to His answers. I am grateful for this time in my life.


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Fill the world

Look for me and you'll find me
between the moon and the sun
a space far out and hard to touch
where faith and love are born
filled with possibilities, yet empty
if we fill our hearts with fear
let the light of the stars guide us
let the heavens be filled with warmth
let our minds be free from want or worry
where there is light there is love
we just need to dream, to live
and fill this world with understanding


Tuesday, April 18, 2017


I began to believe, and in so doing, I started to see the three elements of love as a trinity, always in motion, and the three loves promised became interdependent. It would be impossible to love God without others, impossible to love others without love for self. So the circle took shape and love embraced me, making me complete.


Monday, April 17, 2017

Blessed Life

Let me contemplate in my way of living so that I always recognize a blessing for what it is, and to share those blessings with all that I meet. This would truly be living a blessed life.


Sunday, April 16, 2017

Free from seeking

Give me substance where I can melt into the now. Let me be Buddha and touch the universe, entering the present, finding my true self, free from the confusion of seeking. Let me put away all else and know only what is essential.


Saturday, April 15, 2017

Without Time

We shared many memories in celebration of life. My private moments reflective of our time, passing, and so came the forgetting, past, gone, present too. No future to record. Forgotten before it happens. I sit now, oblivious.... without time, and nothing to share.


Friday, April 14, 2017


Let go and make. To create means to relate. Help the world to fit together and make sense. We do this all the time and don't even realize it. Each time we fit something together we are creating, whether it is to bake a loaf of bread, to teach a child, we're making a better world. Our dreams become real when we unleash our creativity.


Thursday, April 13, 2017

Our Words

Choose your words carefully. They can spread love, or they can kill. We need to learn to be more mindful of what we say, as well as of what we do. Speech, thought, and deeds say so much more than we know.


Wednesday, April 12, 2017


My son was asked by his father, "what would you like for your birthday?", and he responded, "daddy I want you!". This didn't come to be. Work was more important, and my son missed out on the love that could have been if his father would have just given his time and true presence.


Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Whole and Healed

To me, mindfulness is very much like the Holy Spirit. It thrives and blesses us. When you are mindful, you see more deeply, and you can heal the wounds of the soul through love and understanding. It is in living in faith do we see the miracles all around us, allowing us to be touched deeply with love and move forward whole and healed.


Monday, April 10, 2017

Creative Journey

Become the brush that paints the portrait of your life. Become the bloom that defines the beauty of spring. Become the pen that writes the poem. Become the sound of the symphony of life, triumphant in faith, at one with knowing all within. Be inspired by the angels, give thanks, and take the creative journey of becoming.


Sunday, April 9, 2017

True Art

Become your truth. Discover who you are and the meaning you hold within. Feed and nourish it, let it grow. The true art of the universe is in becoming one with it, in harmony.


Saturday, April 8, 2017

Greater Good

Within us all are limitless possibilities waiting to be experienced. Our is the privilege of giving birth to our dreams. We need to align with the flow of the universe, be positive and grateful for the challenges and difficulties that help us grow, and work in faith towards the greater good.


Friday, April 7, 2017


Whenever we become stuck, the Lord can assist us in lifting our spirit towards a more enduring vision of life, supported by His love. He is there to guide and protect us against injustice and to help us open up ourselves to what is eternal and everlasting. Let us ask Him to help us in all situations, especially where life overwhelms us, or when we are alone and in need of His support.


May I Share

I am grateful for my children, they are the joy of my life. I am grateful for my friends, they are my lifeline. I am grateful for my mother and father and my childhood. Everything is a blessing and I am rich indeed in life.

My blessings too numerous to count. May I make a positive difference in the lives of those around me. May I bring joy to the hearts of those I encounter along the way. May I always be aware of the abundance of God's gifts and be thankful for life itself and share in praise of the Lord.


Thursday, April 6, 2017

Kept in Care

I am grateful for my sense of charity that I may share. I am grateful for my sense of seeking that I may know God. I am grateful for my angels that they may keep me in their care.


Wednesday, April 5, 2017

This Holy Man

Jesus was already enlightened when the heavens opened to take Him away. He was the reality of life, the source of mindfulness, love, wisdom, and understanding. This made Him different from the rest of us. The son of man, He opened His heart to us, and the door of heaven to the world. The Holy Spirit is within Him, and lets Him soar like the doves. This Holy Man.


Lavish Blessings

Serenity is a sign of peacefulness within. Hope is an answer to a prayer. Joy is found in truly living and love is a blessing we should bestow on all. Gratitude is our acknowledgment of the blessings in our lives.

Me, I am grateful for my eyes that I may see, my ears that I may hear. I am grateful for my sense of touch that I may feel. I am grateful for my soul that I may be at peace. I am grateful for my heart as it abounds with love. God has been lavish with his blessings.


Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Seek Within

I am truly blessed as I can feel my Father, our Lord, within me, and I am at peace. Open your mind to the richness all around and the blessings bestowed upon the world. Life is good. Turn inward, rather than outward for what you seek starts within yourself. When you do, you'll know His love.


Monday, April 3, 2017

Love and Prayers

What is it of our needs that God does not supply? He knows of all our necessities and provides for them He does, in abundance. Love and prayers are needed and this He asks of us. Put your life in His hands, He will not fail you.

You are a child of God and through you He experiences all life and through Him you will experience all love. Do not set your heart to worrying for your Father has you in His care. God will never fail His children.

He only asks that we come to Him as a child would. As all children we turn to a parent in loving trust. Be not afraid for God has blessed you. Be at peace in you heart and your mind. He will send signs that you may know you're in His care and are loved. Believe always, comforted in loving joy.


Sunday, April 2, 2017

He Supplies

Has God not created an abundance of beauty in our world? Has He not supplied us with an abundance of food and drink for our tables? Has He not supplied our oceans and rivers with an abundance of fish and water, and our lands with livestock beyond imagination?

Are there not so many varieties of things for us to behold that we can scarcely comprehend them? Has He not supplied trees to shelter us and a sun to shine down upon us? Have the rains not come to water the crops and quench our thirst? What is it of our needs that God does not supply? He supplies all...


Saturday, April 1, 2017

His Will Be Done

Love will heal the earth if it comes from all of us in consciousness. My I live my life in the divine presence of the Lord. Created by God in His image as is everyone, no matter their color, sex, religion, nationality, or their state of mind.

For each has to find God in their own way. May I help others on their path if that is God's will. I put my trust in God to guide me. His will be done. Amen!


Friday, March 31, 2017

Abundance of Love

Let there be no enemies in the world. Let us share what we have with others. May each find their sacred space within themselves, there in the soul, where they came from and where they can be part of the Devine, to go to in peace within and release the anger, fear, and hate, and only find an abundance of love.


Thursday, March 30, 2017

Show us the way

The cross on the rosary reminds me of special times given to us by our redeemer. I beseech the Divine to send out the white light to all for peace, love, joy and abundance everywhere and to everyone. Let the angels come, we need them to show us the way.