Friday, February 28, 2014


You collapsed so suddenly
like a rock you fell
too heavy for me to lift
you died there in the sand
the beach waited for you
the sea took you away
back to the beginning
in death, we will rejoin


Thursday, February 27, 2014

I stop too

I can't stop my tears
nor hold back anguish
this pain is from living
this pain is from loving
this pain is from caring
when it stops, I stop too





My hurt moves

My hurt moves
like unending ripples
without intention
without knowledge
from within my confusion
there's no malice
nor emotion driving it
it's my fading mind
that seems so unkind
and cuts you so
until I breathe no more


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A problem junkie

I was a problem junkie
living from crisis to crisis
thriving on shallow drama
and the spoils of pain and hurt
a tainted soul of my making
blind to the bigger glory
of what life could truly be
until one day.... I gave it up
and just started living
as we're all meant to....


Always around

Angels provided
when I couldn't
watched over me too
when I was down
always with me
always around...


In remembering

How easily you forget
the day we furtively met
locked in a silent kiss
that to this day I regret
tears washed away the bliss
and in remembering I grieve


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Remind Me

I could use an angel today
to remind me good will prevail
and that peace will come
at the end of the journey


Final Visitor

My future is behind me
fears become real
as the clock winds down
no need to set it again
I've lived things out
too late to change
but it might be time to forgive
starting with myself
and all the things I've denied
death will knock soon
I need to set the table
for my final visitor....
we've much to talk about


Clarity of forgiveness

Salvation waits
for clarity of forgiveness
that comes in time
or not at all
and we damn ourselves
to walk down this path...


My Green Glade

We met by the river
sitting quietly in the shade
you just a drifter
sharing my green glade
this spring day so tender
nature's serenade
pass the running waters
in their escapades
of reflecting colors
of this joyful day


Monday, February 24, 2014


I cried when I realized
all that I've been forgetting
my past plundered and vandalized
yesterday and tomorrow intersect
aging an unspoken wicked scandal
that leaves us alone, dying, perplexed
with drying tears realization disassembles


Between mind and matter

Reality between mind and matter
governs our destiny in passage
of time, of heart, of soul, of love
as we push stars into the heavens


Sunday, February 23, 2014

Until my last goodbye

Panic and confusion
my defining moments
of failing mind
of aging, and dying
until my last goodbye


Counting down to nothing

My days run out in confusion
I'm not the same, never will be
each day forward, a little less
to share, to remember, to forget
life has run its course, tick tock
this is my era of subtraction
counting down to nothing


You've forgotten

You've forgotten - but I remember
though it was but an affair
I was not supposed to love you
still I did - heart - it's unfair

I was with you - yesterday
no - you say - it wasn't me
but though your lips deny it
love - still - in your eyes - I see


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Joy of a new day

Deprived are the hearts
that fail to grieve
with the setting sun
or cry tears of redemption
such is the joy of a new day



My harvest poison
and dread to pass on
blind and crazy
no thought beyond
myself, and so
the damage lives on


Used Rubbish

You've had everything
the way - you wanted it!
You had me, when - you
decided you wanted me.
God only knows why...
and you knew I loved you!
Then when you were through
you discarded me -
like so much used rubbish
and you soothed your
conscience - with a little pay.
Does that buy and pay for
... the love you used?
and please - don't I come around
because it nags at your soul.
Well, you used me up
and left me an empty cup
do you feel more fulfilled now?
more of a man...


Friday, February 21, 2014

Another Gone

Another gone
more tears to fall
may peace come now
after the pain
and long goodbye
of cancer
shed this mortal coil
and journey anew


Never was

I'll live your loss
until I die
or forget
we ever were
and the world
will be the same
just as if
there never was
you and I


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Roads of trouble

I mend the wounds of love
the cuts of life hard won
on roads of trouble
and days forgotten
because we no longer cared


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Mold your dreams

Mold your dreams
remember them
write them
make them
stay with them
and let them be
they are our gems
our promise
our future
our alchemy


Viking Destiny

Ghosts move in shadows
signs bestowed upon us
we set sail for Valhalla
and cross the open sea
thus guided by Neptune
towards our Viking destiny


Roam with angels

Our souls pulled to heaven
with our final passing
we're given wings at last
and set free to roam with angels


Unopened gifts

Unopened gifts
fill my storehouse
of tomorrows
they hold no love
these tokens
of caring
are nothing to me


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Setting Sun

Time for goodbyes
but I can't say them
all those years gone
in the blink of an eye
I watched you bloom
now I'll watch you die
like a setting sun...



I learned to live - learned of life
granted by the pain
I learned how it felt to love
laying in the rain

My feet found their home
walking upon the shore
the air so salty - the air so clean
I learned to love some more

I've learned too from anguish
when my lovers go
and then my soul - I send out to sea
to the healing place below

Life isn't ceaseless sorrow or love
it's balanced well indeed
with a pinch of this and a pinch of that
and a balm made of seaweed



You tossed me pennies
to pay for broken dreams
lies and bad memories
are worthless it seems


Monday, February 17, 2014

Moving Ahead

Sometimes I stumble
sometimes I fall
trying to move forward
often I tumble
and roll like a ball
or just awkwardly
move at a crawl
just moving onward
answering my call


Cause of my tears

I wanted to forget
be left alone to grieve
pretend we'd never met
let alone leave
strangely my wish came true
after all these years
I find that I can't remember you
and that's the cause of my tears


Thawing snow

My stupor grows
lucid moments
are so few
like thawing snow
my regrets
wash away slowly


Severed Ties

We all  die
and are forgotten
bye and bye
dreams unspoken
with severed ties


In my eyes

The smile on my face
a facade, a lie
and yet I'm betrayed
my pain shows in my eyes


Sunday, February 16, 2014


Death knocks again
soon, so soon my turn
until that time let me mourn
let my tears reign


Beach Dreamer

Dawn is coming, so's the morning
tomorrow will be another day
growing I will meet the sunrise
hurry coming, don't delay

Let me hear water lapping
and see the golden soaring bird
the salty smell, and crunchy sand
the most glorious sounds you've ever heard

Let me float upon the seas
and soar way up in the skies
let me come home to mornings
the beach dreamer awaiting lies


Saturday, February 15, 2014

Simple Pleasures

I nourish my spirit
sitting quietly
looking at the sky
so subtle and blue
above the spring blossoms
such is the celebration
of simple pleasures


Music Shared

Songs of love
vibrating in the air
a thousand birds
their music shared
from high above


Never Finished

Memories fade in the sky
passing stars of that undone
dying brings an angel's sigh
we never finish what's begun



More than my heart
to you I give
my body and soul
I surrender
please love me gentle
and long as time
just give me your touch
so tender
and in the passing of time
exchange your heart
for all the love I have to give
and may we never have to part
for as long as we both shall live


Friday, February 14, 2014


Uninvolved deity
hands off the puppets
of your absent pity
we your tearful subjects
just long to be free


An ocean view

I called to see how your weekend went
you'd been so excited, nervous even
giddy like a school girl over someone new
life is like that I guess, love sweeps us away
makes birds sing better and the sky more blue
so fresh the world around us, our vision glows
I was surprised in not hearing back from you
surprised too by the call I got from your sister
telling me of your fatal heart attack
while watching the sun set, you and him
laughing and enjoying a glowing ocean view


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Out of step

Age and debt
every dream's death
forced out of step
to catch our breath


The thread of life

The thread of life
wears so thin
and is so frail
ready to break
at any given moment
should we but blink
or forget to care


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Love for children

Faith raises from the tomb
set free of its burden
set free of its cross
all acts of love for children
so vain and so flawed
may we one day
find a way to redeem....


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I planted a tree

I planted a tree
that will outlive me
by at least a century
it's something to see
this mighty tree
watching over humanity
ever so silently
so tall, so free


Like this

Some things are lost, some are dead
like love once shared within a bed
your chest to nestle my sleeping head
these things died!
You I lost without a word
promises you made, how absurd
you never meant one single word
yes, you lied!
You who have gone I'll never miss
what's to be remember in a kiss
you'll never see me cry like this
tis' what's bliss!
What I have lost only I know
it was such a long time ago
now covered well with icy snow
dying's like this!



Darkness can't hide
in a forest of love
yet, flowers won't
bloom in a heart
filled with darkness....


Blown out to sea

Up in flames
the mind palace
of hidden treasures
memories lost
in dusty corners
cobwebs of age
all burned away
and the ashes
blown out to sea


Flashing Stars

With devotion
I stand naked
beneath a thousand
flashing stars
holding their grace
in an instant
of eternity


Monday, February 10, 2014

Tender and loving mother

Tender and loving mother
the keeper of lost souls
I've come to visit you today
just another lonely creature
filled with regrets and troubles
your love manages to take away
all that I suffer and lightens the load


Tripping Curcuits

Love runs through
my wires again
tripping circuits
and blowing fuses
a force that can't
be held back
this energy of life
from which
we all spring


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Never enough

We can never
have enough


Your palace

Your palace
will never burn
built of love
and promises
of all the glory
that can truly be


Saturday, February 8, 2014

No packaging

Love is the real success
not money, not things
Love is a truth unexplained
it needs no packaging
Love needs to molding
into images of the vain


Behind the moon

I hid behind the moon
shadowed from the sun
in awe of the stars
waiting to be born
and love to carry on


Friday, February 7, 2014

Let it flourish

It's up to us
to nourish
and care
for the faith
planted within
let it flourish
and brighten
the world



I climbed your imperial towers
and knew the painful indifference
you treated me with after...
Intimidated by the letters after your name
I crawled within myself...
as a butterfly awakening in a cocoon
you can't intimidate me anymore
the mountain wasn't so steep
afterall... I'm not afraid anymore
as you said before... men are animals
all of them.... and will say whatever
is necessary to get what they want
your voice echoes over the telephone
my mouth touches the other end
it's blackness singing over the lines
is this really you... or am I dreaming
it must be a bad connection...
the love I thought was dying....
leaps into my throat... hello... what's new?
did you want to know... I've survived?
or did you call to stick pins in...
pop the balloon of what I was
sizzle, swoop, siss.... nothing
I gave you my body... what did you give
pain... I'm bleeding of minute cuts
all over me... love is oozing out... for you


Thursday, February 6, 2014

For the blood

We collected aging dreams
That would die a bloody death
Like a promises of one day

A time to lay down

The moment was upon me
Everything had slowed slightly
Smiles flashing in vibrant hues
This is the very edge of eternity 
I'd taken my bows and paid my dues
Casting away life's shallow vanity


Call it insanity
this longing for you
never pausing
you're a residue
of growing intensity
your memory exhausting
me like voodoo


Wednesday, February 5, 2014


An echo of the past
on the other end
of the line, midnight
waiting for your words
waiting for you, again
but you never did
have the courage
to be honest...


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Soul Straved

We make prisons
for ourselves
bars of addiction
soul starved
unless we fight
and set our course
once again


Monday, February 3, 2014


God created motherhood. It is a great responsibility for lives are in your hands to guide and direct, but mainly to love. It is a mother's job also to teach love and respect for those around us as well as ourselves. Mothers teach us manners, prayers, sharing and giving.

Motherhood is mainly joy, but it can hold its sorrows too. It is a gift and a blessing and we are entrusted with a child of the divine, perfect in every way, even in their imperfections.

It is the most important job in the universe, parenting. Whether through birth, adoption, guardianship or fostering. The example you show will make a difference for all time. Choose wisely your actions and your words. Hug often, scold less, listen carefully. Read and teach that they may learn.

Take time to pray as well as play. See the world with the wonders that they do for a child's vision is magic and everything is new. Encourage often. Praise each accomplishment, even the smallest for it teaches self-worth and pride.

Love their differences that they may take joy in their own individuality. Be grateful for each gift they bring, even if it's a weed. Teach them to plant that they may see things grow from their own hands. Be there there when they triumph and when they fall. Kiss the boo boos and the tears.

Help make mealtime a sharing of not just food but of spirit. Teach them to give thanks for all we receive. Teach them to believe in themselves and always do their best, whatever their best can be.

Show them teamwork, that at times we need to work together to accomplish more. Allow independence and responsibility appropriate to their age. Stress kindness and acceptance, that the world comes in all colors but we'er all God's children.

Teach them to be gentle and it's okay to cry. Laugh together, love together, and be available for the talks about everything under the sun.


Sunday, February 2, 2014

Reach Out

This is a world where we can reach out in so many ways and do it often and in an instant. Communication is so important. It's an opportunity to share our fears and our dreams or to just hear a longed for voice on the other end of the phone.

But letters, they are for keeping and shouldn't become a lost art in our automatic age. There is something special about a newsy letter or a cheery card postmarked, with your name. It has a permanency that email doesn't seem to embrace. Remember to take occasions to use it.

Love letters are to be treasured for a lifetime. Scented, signed and sealed with kisses. Letters can be not only a part of our history but national history, of world events. Of times and topics that can later be shared by many.

They tell of times away from home of how the world looked through the writer's eyes. Some legible, some scratchy, but always welcomed. Some contain photos or a dried flower, or a little gift that says "I'm thinking of you".

So many times I receive emails that pass from one source to another and thought it's nice to hear from that person, I just wish it were from that person, and not a thousand others before it was forwarded to me.

It seems we get lazy in this computer age and it's easier to pass on then to be on, up front and personal. Or people just join chat channels anonymously. Safe in their unrecognition.

People spend more time on videos than phone calls. Communication is an art that should be better taught. Are our grandchildren going to know what it means to write? You can't put an electronic care on the mantle.

We know how to download but not to say what we're truly feeling. A big part of communication is to commune. To join with, to unite, to be a part of, to share so much, and hopefully often.


Saturday, February 1, 2014

Roses from heaven

Roses fell from the heavens
and showered us in fragrance
soft petals of blood red grace
all past deeds have been forgiven


Mend our wounds

Charity and contrition
hope and acts of faith
give us kind hearts
mend our wounds
and lead our way
out of darkness
heaven awaits...


A time to cast away

The time to cast away is here
after my long journey of years
through much laughter and tears
many roars and many cheers
all behind me now I fear
waiting for the end to draw near


My tree of memory

My tree of memory
planted long ago
near quiet stream
running many years
subtle tranquility
My tree of memory
grew tall and strong
full, and green
until the drought
dried up the stream
that kept it growing
My tree of memory
fading, dying, blowing
away, each leaf
that held so much
never to be seen again
and so it will be
My tree of memory
will die with me


These are the keys

Body, blood, and soul
these sacrifices are key
to open the door to heaven
and set ourselves free


Light Smiles Down

Your smile a stream of light
your whispers of forgiveness
opened my heart again
my angel is near me
to carry away my sins


Noon Sun

When under the noon sun
alone confused undone
step slowly, don't run
says the devastated one