Monday, October 31, 2016

Beyond Imagination

There is a purposefulness that's an outgrowth of love and peace. The messages are many for there is a need among us. Many blessings abound when we seek. Do not worry about needs for they will be met. God loves and cares for His children, you only need to open your heart to the gift.

Do not be troubled over what you cannot control, only pray. Much is in God's hands. He is our shelter and our strength. Peace will come, only seek it within yourself. Do not let your mind be troubled, only relax and let the love flow.

Love is a creative energy with a message of its own. Love, love all, seek serenity within and use the gifts God has given you and share them with the world. When we seek peace and love, we find our answer, and when we share it we are fulfilling a purpose.

This is God's gift of life and truly living, so share it. He leads you to the path, have faith and follow it, the journey will be long and fruitful beyond imagination.


Created in Love

Have faith in the Lord for He is your Father-in-Heaven who loves you as he loves all men and women. Seek the right path that has been made clear for you. Follow the light of God that you may see more clearly.

Reside in love and creativity for there is a message to be said. Be a spokesperson for truth. The truth of the heart is love and joyfulness. Give kindness to all, seek peacefulness in your soul. The world we live in was created in love, cherish and care for it that it may continue.


Protect and Guide

God knows what is in your heart and mind. These are the times for reclamation of the soul that you may be closer to God, so listen and observe. The angels of God are with you in this time of turbulence. They are here to protect and guide you.


The Lord Leads Me

At times I feel as if I am not doing enough or accomplishing enough. I want to succeed and move forward here and now. But this is not God's plan. God is teaching me both patience and love, and through that, humility.

I know to put God first before any of my other activities and return o thoughts of Him often during the day. Asking for His assistance and guidance. For if the Divine gives us our little path, He will also show us the way.

The hearts of others have been opened, and they have provided for my needs in this endeavor guided by or through Divine will. I worry to pay them back and this too I must release into God's hands, knowing everything takes place in Divine time and not in my time.

Bless you, Oh Lord, for the lessons I learn this day and each day. Many friendships have been granted me through the struggles we mutually endure. They lead us to a closer bond, not only with each other, but with our Divine maker, and a deeper faith that we can share.

My children too have been through many trials and I have learned it is not up to me to lift them up but to pray and release all things to the Lord, my God. I have been blessed with the love of Mary, the loving mother of us all.

I ask Her and the angels to watch over my little flock when I cannot be near and to keep them in Her loving care. And so She does. No one has more understanding of a mother's love than She who saw the trails and suffering of Her own Son and was there for Him each step of the way.

She who has made the ultimate sacrifice enfolds us, Her children in the warmth and comfort of Her arms. She teaches us to seek the way of peace and love in all things and to honor the brotherhood in all men.


Sunday, October 30, 2016

Help me learn Lord

Help me to learn, Oh Lord. For I can do nothing successfully without your help. If this be my chosen path and I am inspired to seek it then I know you will aid me in my intentions. Open up my mind that I may grasp the meaning of the mundane that leads me to fulfilling the necessities to move on into the creativity locked within me that seeks a way to express itself more fully.

At times it is our desire to just jump in and do and we become impatient with the learning. But all things must start at the beginning, except God who always was. We, however, who are but just human must be taught.

We must learn to master the tools before we can express the art. We must learn the language before we can put down on paper what is in our hearts. Help me to be patient, Oh Lord, and follow the path you lead me on.

Help me to grasp the complexities of the tools that are more than paint and brush. But nevertheless are tools indeed, and can be used in a myriad of ways that paint and brush alone cannot accomplish.

In life, we have a tendency to "want it now" not realizing how much more we will appreciate the gift when we have mastered the tools that we may unleash our abilities better for the knowing. When we know better, we can do better.

And what we learn, even those things we think we will not need may find a purpose we could not foresee. So learn it well. For in the future, it may well aid you in your success. Be open to knowledge.

Do the very best you can even with those segments you feel are repetitious or boring, or hard and difficult to master. Ask for Divine help and you will receive it. God wants us to succeed that we may better serve Him.


Saturday, October 29, 2016

Help me to know

Oh God, help me to simplify my life by putting it in your hands. That instead of on worry, my thoughts may be on you, and on others. May my time be spent on prayer instead of petty issues. Instead of looking for what is wrong in life, let me concentrate on what is right.

Let me release fault and instead have faith. Let me look for you spirit in others and not their human errors. Let me embrace each day as the blessing it is. Let me not fear I will be in lack, but believe in the abundance you provide.

Let me not wander aimlessly without direction, but seek your Divine guidance instead. Let me open my heart that you may fill it, and teach me to share that overflow of love with others. May I always be grateful for all that you do in my life, even if, at the time, I do not see the blessing.

Help me to know that it is there as it comes from you as do all things. Help me to seek enlightenment instead of being content in the darkness of ignorance. Help me to make a difference in the lives of those I encounter along life's way.

Let me not seek riches or fame, but love and understanding. Help my words help others for they too are a gift from you. Help the visions you grant me to see be translated on paper that I may share them with others.

Help me to truly listen and not be selective in my hearing. Help me to control my tongue that I not say an unkind, hurtful word. Remind me to smile more and laugh often. Let me be grateful for the friendships you have given me and the blessings of family.

Let me value others for they too are your children. Let me notice all the wonders around me for they are your creations. Let me be conscious to the purpose of all things and seek your guidance along life's path.


Friday, October 28, 2016

To feel it

When you can feel another's pain, sense their fear, what they are going through without considering them to be a victim, or feeling your own sense of victimization, your are ready to demonstrate compassion. To feel and know it, to be it. To serve God. To find purpose and truly help to make the world a better place.


Thursday, October 27, 2016

Today we pray

Today is a day for world prayer. May we remember to take time to quiet ourselves and turn our thoughts, our hearts, and our being toward prayer throughout the day. Toward God and love and peace. Toward a realization of brotherhood, not only to those we know and love but toward all men.

May our prayers turn toward the little differences each of us can make that would preserve instead of pollute our world. Know that the voices and thoughts of many turned toward God in prayer can make a difference.

The Divine listens to each on of us individually, do not imagine that He does not respond to us collectively. Lord teach us how to truly love all our neighbors. Those that are near and those across the seas far away.

Let us embrace our differences and recognize how we can work together to make a better world. How collectively we can feed the hungry, educate the unknowing, house the homeless, and bring the Divine into the lives of all.

Teach us tolerance and love. Help us open our pocketbooks and hearts. Show each of us individually how we can work collectively for the good of all. Let us see your face in strangers near and far that we may not turn away but embrace our brothers and sisters and celebrate our cultural diversity as the gift from God it is.

Let us not worry that we do not know how to begin or that we cannot do enough. Let us allow you to show us the way, and it will be done by your will. Today let us pray for everyone and everything here and abroad. Let us pray to be better people. Let us lift up our hearts and minds and pause to pray, throughout the day.


Wednesday, October 26, 2016

It is so

The mind is a powerful thing, God created it so. If we unleash it with unbridled love, in togetherness, it could conquer all the evils of the world.

For if in unison we pray in love for peace, joy, abundance, we can change the world, move mountains, reroute rivers, and more, we have that power.

God sees into the heart and knows the mind. He sends his angels in encouragement and hope. Listen to the inner voice by which they speak. They guard and guide and open our hearts to truly know and appreciate all that's before us, this gift called life.

When we struggle in darkness they enlighten us and we know we're not alone. God is with us always. Each breath is a promise of purpose. Each cloud a foreshadowing of what is to come.

The warmth of the sun a blessing. A rainbow eternity. We are blessed with abundance as our God given right. Remove the blinders of doubt and know it is so, for God has made it so.


The here and now

Be aware of all that is around you and take time to be silent and watch all that transpires in your world, each coming and going, each rising and setting of the sun, the movement of the clouds, the freshness of the air, the rustling of the breeze through the leaves on the trees as they sway, experience the wonder of it all. This is the here and now.


Let go to learn

There is no purpose in life until we include the Divine in every aspect of it. Until we recognize the synchronicity of the events and people God puts into our lives and listen to and for the messages He sends.

He shows us the way when we release the reins and let go and let God. Then we experience the wonder that is life as we allow it to unfold through God. It may develop down paths we didn't imagine we would take and have greater satisfaction than we ever knew possible.

When we stop worrying about the material things in life and allow God to provide we realize He takes care of our needs so that we can concentrate more fully on the spiritual, on serving Him to our best abilities and on our greater purpose.

Yes, when we let go and let God, life is richer, our faith stronger, and we can accomplish things we never dreamed possible. Life itself takes on a whole new meaning. At times He may have us slow down, that we can become more aware.

Information that is needed to contribute to our growth will appear whether it is through the written word, the media, or through other people. What we need He will provide. We must but release our foolish human worries, false pride, and become humble servants of the Divine to realize the difference we too can make in the lives of others as He enriches our own lives.

The great creator that made all things, including us, knows our possibilities better than we and wants more for us than we could imagine for ourselves. He sees the "big picture" that we, with our human eyes and vision, cannot see. Dear God, let me let go that you may lead me and I may learn how to serve your will.


Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Live for today

Live one day at a time but not as if it were something to be gotten through but as if this were your unique chance to show Divine love for your father. It is the one day you can show your faith that He will provide and to show your infinite gratitude.

Live it as an opportunity to serve with all the generosity of your spirit. To be an example of what it truly means to be a child of God. Live it in appreciation for the beauty and the joy He has given you. These are the treasures He has bestowed on us.

All the wonder of the seas, the endless sky, the running rivers, the majestic mountains. The vastness of the deserts, the elements, the beauty of the flowers, the panorama of colors. All this and more. He has given us a brotherhood, a virtual cornucopia to love.

Treasure this gift of this day. Be the best you can be for this day. Be a messenger of peace, a deliverer of hope, and ambassador of His loving word. Ask how you can be of service. How you can get the most of this day by giving it as a gift to God.

Walk awhile in His footsteps today. Speak to Him often in your thoughts and with your heart. Try to live life differently today, realizing the wonderful gift it is. Take time to pause today. To breathe in the air, the scents of nature, the salt of the ocean.

Be alive in your total existence today. Treasure each moment, each breath, each thought, each person, each task, each thing you learn or have the opportunity to teach. Realize the infinity that exists and leave your footprints as you pass on the road of life today.


Monday, October 24, 2016

The Divine Speaks

God speaks to me in the quiet and in the angel wings in the sky. I hear him in the bird's song softly greeting the morning, and in the peace I feel in prayer and meditation. I recognize the Divine in all the wonders in my world.

In all His creation, even in me. I see Him in the faces of others, in the birds overhead, in my pets, and the wild rabbits I throw carrot slices to. I hear Him calling to me in the breeze that rustles in the leaves, in the voices in many languages, in the waves kissing the shore, in the silence and the still small voice within.

I open my heart to Him and give back to Him by kindnesses to others, known and unknown. The Divine has many appearances, colors, and forms. I can seek Him in solitude or in a crowd. His is the face of loving kindness, of hunger, loneliness, abandonment, joy.

I see Him in the faces of the children and the innocence of a baby. I recognize Him in the old as well as the young. The dying as well as the exuberance of youth. I see Him toil and I see Him play. He is present in all nature. Hug a tree and know Divine strength.

He nourishes me in the food I eat and in the spirituality that feeds my spirit. In His words I read, handed down through the ages, and in all that is unsaid, but understood. I choose to start my day with Him and end it in gratitude for all His blessings.

He encourages my in my endeavors and is the source of my abundance in this life. I thank not those who give, but those who have been led by the Divine in their generosity for their gift is from the heart and spirit. Take time to look, to listen, to feel, and to acknowledge the Divine in all things in life and know His love.


Sunday, October 23, 2016

Winter beauty in the now

I still remember the first snowfall here and the wonder of waking to a white world after staying up late to watch the drifts build. I recall getting my camera to capture my first impressions on film and the numbing cold in my extremities.

I have my first memories of when Pesky the squirrel began to call on the deck looking through the window hoping for a handout. Obviously, he had been fed winters before. I've learned different snows, the soft fluffy flakes, the wet ones that melt as they hit the ground, the Pez snow that retains its shape, and the slushy snow that is dense and heavy.

Some snow clings to the leaves and the branches waiting for the warmth of the sun to slowly melt it, dropping with resounding plops to earth. It also adheres to your shovel when you're trying to clear a path or a driveway and necessitates pounding the shovel to knock it free.

There is the snow that flurries while the sky looks perfectly clear, the snow that comes through heavy mists and the bendy snow that whips in the wind, the sky darkened with storm clouds and freezing cold.

The snow hasn't changed but the people here have. They have stopped seeing the beauty around them. When the light hits the snow it still sparkles like diamonds, even if they can't see it. Bird and animal tracks can still be seen imprinted on the hills, decks, and right up to the door, and they still shiver at their feeders even when they too are being covered in white powder.

There are the days when everything becomes as shades of black and white, days when the mountains are hidden from view or stand out in dark relief. There is ice that forms when the snow melts and the runoff freezes as the temperature drops and can be quite dangerous.

It hasn't been more than three months since winter began and it doesn't snow every day, but I hear often how people are sick of the snow, how beautiful it is up here in the spring or summer. The same things they said about the beauty of God's country in winters long ago. They've lost the marvel for the beauty I get so lost in. Being in this now touches my soul, always.


Saturday, October 22, 2016


Sometimes what we think is but a thought is a Divine voice in our mind. That still small voice and we wonder if what we are hearing, only not hearing but knowing, is true. And we may put it out of our mind only to have it played out later as fact.

We may be struck dumb in awe. As we replay the earlier knowing and see the evidence of truth. And we ask ourselves what is the meaning behind this unspoken dialogue? Am I truly worthy of Divine attention?

It definitely changes the way we see things. And we have to acknowledge we are not in charge even if sometimes our ego mistakenly says we are. We are not. Oh, we can choose not to listen. But we cannot alter fact or truth.

We can try calling it a coincidence. Yet we know it isn't that, and it doesn't explain that still small voice. Then we start listening for its direction. Asking for its guidance. And waiting for its answers. It leads us to believe we are on the right track.

We notice our unspoken thoughts are answered at the turn of a page, an overheard conversation, in the words of a song. The more we pay attention, the greater the frequency. For, now we are tuned into Divine frequency and He is broadcasting.

What is the message? We begin to ask is there something I'm supposed to be doing? We become more conscious. We have the desire to be better, to do better in our lives. To make a difference. We question the meaning in our endeavors and to seek the inner peace following the path brings us.

We may be guided to change careers, relocate, study a spiritual path. When we follow Divine synchronicity we truly are enlightened and life becomes joy.


Friday, October 21, 2016

Put God in everyday

God is in everything we do, everyday. His presence is not reserved for Sundays. It is not enough to keep Holy the Sabbath day but to allow His influence in our everyday. To be aware, in our interactions, of "what would Jesus do?".

To remember to be loving in our thoughts and our deeds. It is not our purpose to judge but to judge not lest thou also be judged. God does not just reside in us but in others as well.

Even though we may feel we cannot abide another if we remember to look for and address the Divine within, though hidden, we will elicit a change in attitude, bot ours and theirs.

We are all children of God and He truly treasured the lost sheep, as must we. What good is it to spread the word of Divine love to those who already know it while we shun those who need to hear it most? Which is doing God's work?

The easy road is not always the right road. let the Divine show us the path we must climb not the one of least resistance. Accept the challenges He lovingly bestows on you. It is the way of the cross and the way to salvation.

We are living in a time when so many are lost and are in need of someone to show them the way. That it is the spiritual, not the material that matters most. That our great riches are not in things but in a wealth of love.

Open your heart to those that are walking the path and teaching His world for they need our support. Make a sacrifice of a luxury that others may have a necessity. God has blessed you, pass it on.

Remember especially the children. So many see violence, hate, and prejudice as a way of life. It exists outside their door, in their schools, and often at home. They no longer see it as abnormal, but the way of peace and love is for it has become unknown to them. To heal the world, start with the children.


Thursday, October 20, 2016

Mary's motherly love

I have a mother who loves me absolutely, unconditionally, and at all times. Her name is Mary. Her son gave her to us and to the world that we all may know a mother's love and that she may bring a sense of peace into our hearts.

She is an example of motherhood we can use with our own children. We cannot always make everything safe for them, but we can be there for them in their struggles. We cannot ensure that they will never experience hardships or prejudice, but we can teach them the way of love.

We cannot shelter them from the visions of violence in the world for it is in the papers, on the news, and within the neighborhoods, and schools, but we can teach the way of peace and to respect others.

To embrace our differences as God's gift, not as a means to prejudice and hate. We can teach our children the gift of giving instead of wanting. That they may know the blessings and joy experienced by giving and not just receiving.

We can teach our children to reach out to the sick and the elderly. To not taunt the handicapped and those that are different, but to celebrate the uniqueness in all and to recognize the Divine in everyone, everywhere.

Each of us are one of God's masterpieces. Created as individual works of art. Lovingly, and to fulfill a purpose. And then He bestows upon us His greatest gift of all. His own mother's love. To share her with the world.

She speaks to all of us, but especially to the children. For it is when we are as loving children we act most like Her son who so loved us that He gave His life for us. And as He was dying said "behold your mother", and for eternity He has granted us Her love.


Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Joys and Sins

I'm a magnet
drawing all in
building slowly
a personal universe
a symphony
finding purpose
a life of memories
that I'll forget
all my joys and sins


Be always grateful

God loves you.... pass it on. Not just in words, but in thoughtfulness, kindness, and in daily living. Be an example of His love to others. Don't be afraid to speak to a stranger, to smile in passing. Share the abundance that is given to you and share the love.

For love grows the more we give it away. We always have something we can offer others even if it's only time to listen. Do not spend time dwelling on what is wrong in the world, but what is right in your life.

Look for the good in all things that you may be grateful each day for something. When someone leaves your presence tell them to "go with God"  that they may always be looked after. Those are the most heartfelt words you can say.

And when you say "peace be with you" mean it! Peace is always possible even in the most trying circumstances for it relies not on the external, but on the internal. It is God's love within. The body may struggle but the spirit is strong. "Let go, let God" is not just a saying, it is Divine wisdom.

For we can do nothing without him. And with Him the smallest things are filled with joy and purpose. Riches do not buy happiness, or health, true friends or eternal love. But the poorest man can have it all with God in his heart and life.

Give back to the universe what you receive in life. Praise God, and pass it on. Remember where your true source lies. Sometimes we have to lose everything to find it. For the greater treasure is not in things but in life itself.

Live it with purpose and good will. Make each day count. Touch someone's life whenever possible. Create opportunities. Begin each day and end each day with God and let Him fill the in-between. Count the blessings and release the sorrows, and always be grateful.


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Staying Home

I'm grateful to stay home and enjoy a day of rain, we got lots of it. I went out several times during the storm to enjoy the freshness in the air and marvel at the splendor of God's creation.


Monday, October 17, 2016

The whole experience

I feel like I'm learning the ABC's of life all over again. I'm learning a whole new career, beginning with baby steps and like any small child I want to hurry to get the prize that is out of reach but within my vision.

I haven't learned as yet all the steps it will take to get me there so sometimes I stumble and fall and pull myself up. I have to practice and practice to learn a new task so that in time I may reach my goal.

We learn to crawl before we walk and we need training wheels before we learn how to balance ourselves on a bike. And we must do some things repetitively before we do them with confidence.

God created it so, otherwise we all would be born athletic geniuses who didn't need to learn for we would already know.  Actually, we know, we have just forgotten and we can't remember where we put our wings.

We have come here to struggle and to know the joys of learning and accomplishment as well as trials and tribulations. It is something we can only experience in our human form. Without our failures we wouldn't recognize success.

Without sorrow who would know what joy is? We need the highs and the lows to greater understand. That is part of our life's journey. And through it, we learn the capacity to love.

To know humility. To know compassion. What we learn we also teach. What tests us also strengthens us. We choose to come to earth to experience all of life that we may attain a greater knowledge of what it means to live.

For we are all a part of all-that-is. Through each of us the greater whole journeys in all directions and a greater awareness becomes possible. Through synchronicity we touch each other's lives.


Sunday, October 16, 2016

A new chapter

Today is a day of closure and a new beginning. I am officially retired, although no trumpets went off and it was generally unacknowledged. And I came home with the equipment to begin again on a new path.

The tools are new and I feel as if I'm a toddler again or a youngster starting kindergarten. Tomorrow opens a new chapter in my life. The curtain has closed and a new act is about to begin. I feel excited about the prospects and eager to learn the unknown.

I will be a schoolgirl again. To be instructed in areas that did not exist for us on a personal level when I was in school. The world is now computerized and so too is some aspects of our creativity. It's a new type of exploration for me. And I am so blessed to have the support of friends and family.

To not only gift me with the tools but to share their knowledge and their enthusiasm. And to cheer me on. I believe I can do this and I know it is the right direction by the feeling of peace I receive and all the synchronicity God sends into my life.

The right people at the right time. The sales when I need to purchase a product on limited funds. When I do not know exactly what to look for the right people come along to show me the way.

There are no coincidences, only God's guidance. I feel as if a barrier has been lifted that was preventing me from reaching the other side until all the tabs were paid and as I hadn't the monies I had to earn my passage through hard work.

Most of it interior. All the debris of the past had to be cleared away to make a path to a new life with a bright future awaiting. It hasn't happened overnight and there is still a big hill to climb, but I look forward to it. One step at a time with God's guidance.


Saturday, October 15, 2016

We are part of the whole

When we look back at our life we can see each step led up to and helped form the now. Events strengthened us where we needed strength, gives us pauses when we were needed elsewhere, created compassion through our own hardships, and gave us the teachers we needed to grow.

Life doesn't just happen, it develops. It is a right of passage. There are cycles, endings, and new beginnings. Trust that you will be put in the right place for what you need to learn, for future developments.

We learn to recognize synchronicity and fate. To know that life is not a series of random events, but destiny and choice. We come to realize we are not alone but part of all-that-is. As we affect nature, the universe affects us.

To care for our planet, our forests, the waters, the atmosphere is to care for the self. We are all one in existence. We learn to have a greater consciousness. To recognize grace when it arrives. To seek not things but inner peace.

To be a contributor so that the cycle of providing continues. To not deplete but replenish. To give back benefits our own spirit. It fulfills a need within. We much also learn to seek times of stillness and not constant motion only.

For it is in the stillness where we may receive insight we would otherwise overlook in our haste. To be quiet in order to know all things take time to achieve, seek patience. Some things need to simmer slowly and cannot be rushed else they don't reach their full potential.

At times, we may feel adrift in unchartered waters but there is a tide carrying us to a new destination, a new leg of our journey where a whole new chapter of our life starts anew. Be open that you may receive the blessings coming your way. We cannot see what is around the corner but destiny awaits.


Friday, October 14, 2016

The past is tomorrow's key

We look for our roots and we seek our wings. We desire to know the heritage from which we came and to transcend beyond it to achieve our dreams. One grounds us, the other allows us to fly. All that has gone before is a part of us, but does not limit us.

We find synchronicity in patterns, our talents that seemed inherent in those before us as in the now. We learn to understand why we are drawn to the sea, to art, to a love of gardening. It is as if certain attributes are embedded in our genes.

The excitement of exploration takes on life as it relates to our own. We can see the coasts of our ancestors and feel at home. As if we have found a piece of the puzzle we need to fit into place to see the whole picture of who we are.

Some day scientists may find it existing within our DNA, our brain cells, and the blood pulsing throughout us. It both calls us back and sends us forth. Past memories of those who have gone before us may lie withing us.

This is part of the feeling of deja vu, the feeling of knowingness instilled within us. That we have walked this way before when it was not our footsteps, but those that went before us. It is a lighthouse calling us home.

To see all that shapes our potential, our desires, and our talents we must look in the before. We can see footprints of the future embedded in the past. Through synchronicity, all time can exist as one, even the beyond knowing is known somewhere within.

Things are revealed in the right time and right place. I am all that went before me and all things to come. The rings of life are within me, as in the tree. The seeds of the beginning are within the fruit. The more I know, the more I grow. What grounds me also frees me.


Thursday, October 13, 2016

You can learn

We must not get discouraged when we plod along instead of advancing at a gallop for each step forward is progress and is at the pace it was meant to be for our own learning.

In youth, it sometimes seems easier, but retention is harder to attain, at times, when we age, but it is not impossible. It is important to keep the mind active and engaged. It is always easier to learn that which we love, but it is necessary to learn the basic tools before we move on.

Embrace them as a means to an end. At times our teachers too may be deficient and leave us to struggle much on our own. Know we can always seek and be granted Divine assistance.

Do not think the Lord does not understand for He is in the spirit of all things in existence. All things, including the human ideas that also create, are gifts from God. Nothing exists without His knowledge.

What we can accomplish is but a speck in the universe compared to Divine creation. Offer up your struggle to His glory and He will help you carry the load.

There is something too to learn in the learning. About ourselves, our dedication, our feeling of accomplishment, as we begin to understand a new thing.

When we can share it with others and also teach, we are giving back that which was given to us. Thus learning is an endless cycle. To have the gift of a new thing to accomplish in our life gives purpose to our days.

If we grasp just one concept we have reason to be grateful for that wee bit of knowledge that we didn't possess before. We have the ability to continue that road each day and to embrace it for expanding our horizons. Believe you can succeed and you will. For what we believe is what we receive.


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

God gives us more

Someone recently told me, I prayed and God answered, and it gave me goose bumps, or chills. Why would that be? It is because we feel we are not important enough for God to answer. We think we are too insignificant for Him to notice.

But nothing in life is too small for God's attention. No words go unheard. God allows what is for our best interest. He increases our faith by answering our prayers but He also makes us turn to Him by giving us hardships we cannot handle alone.

Seek me says God. Make me the pivotal point of your life that I may send blessings down upon you. God knows when each sparrow drops from the sky, when each flower opens up and turns its face to Him.

If we do not include God in our accomplishments they are empty, without spirit. With Him, even the most trivial of successes becomes a joy. How does He ask us to repay Him? Through gratitude, through humility, through love, and through sharing with others.

We also become the tools He uses to answer the prayers of others when we pass it on. Always give back a part of all you receive, that others too may prosper. That they too, in kind may pass it on. Thus God's love is shared and His word is spread.

Oftentimes what we want is not received. We think God does not hear. That is not true. It is we that are not listening. We have a fixed goal. He has a bigger path in mind. He is saying what you ask is not in your best interest.

Be open and I will lead you where you have never dreamed possible. But all things are possible in me. Put your faith in my guidance. Allow my will to fulfill your life. For you are my child and I want what is best for you. That's what God is saying to us.


Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Reach out in gratitude for all life's gifts. Take time for stillness. Still the mind so you may hear the words of the Lord. All blessings are yours says the Lord, see and be thankful. Your home is not empty for the angels reside with you and you are never alone.

Open you heart to the fullness of life. God has plans for you and in good time they will be revealed. This is a time of healing and meditation so that you are better prepared. It is not yet time for the enlightenment, but it soon will be.

God is the way and the truth. He is the light in the darkness, all things come from Him. To believe is to see and know. When it is time all awareness will be yours. For now be at peace. The sanctuary of the garden is a place of peacefulness as is the heart of a righteous man or woman.

Believe, have faith, and trust. This is not the time to harvest but the time to plant the seeds and to water and nurture the soul. God is not all lightning and thunder. He is also the soft breeze and the ripening fruit.

Keep your vines healthy through prayer and seeking and in faithfulness and you will be rewarded with much bounty in due time.


Taking Wing

The angels came to me
like a dream it seems
in their arms I was free
together we took wing


God brings fulfillment

Life can give us so much more than we anticipated when we give control over to God. Our dreams are all so small compared with what He has prepared for our path. The surprises we will encounter, the twists and turns along the way.

Life truly is not a straight path to an intended goal but one full of new marvels, new people, new experiences, a return to school, a new career, and new hope. In the midst of what we planned God shows us the unplanned, at least not by us.

It is His guidance that leads us to a fuller life. One much more enriched than we ourselves ever dreamed possible, and it usually always involves making a differences in the lives of others.

Each of us, in some small way, can and will make a ripple in the world in our comings and our goings and in our contributions along the way.

We may not see or feel the ripple, but it is there non-the-less. A hummingbird may count on you for its meals, or your smile lights up someone's day. Your encouragement helps others to continue seeking a higher path.

The example you set is noticed in the eyes of those around you. Even the little things make a difference. Share what you receive that others may benefit also. Let the gifts God gives you not be wasted, but be a means of enhancing the world in some way.

Take time to notice the beauty in your surroundings, they are a gift from God. All things that come from Him are filled with goodness. He even gives us the gift of pets that we are never lonely, and have purpose to each day.

Open up your hearts, your minds, and your spirit to receive and God will fill them. In God there is only abundance. It is we who create a deficit. It does not exist in God. Through Him all things are possible. Without Him, no matter what we possess we are lacking and unfulfilled.


Monday, October 10, 2016

The joy of giving

The best gift we can get is giving. The wonder on someone else's face at the generosity of others is a blessing to the give. To help someone in their need and seeing the relief on their face brings us joy. To reach out to others gladdens our hearts.

What difference to someone else's life can we make today? A letter of cheer to someone who is lonely, ill, or depressed can make their day so much better.

A quick call, just to say hi tells someone you care. Whether to aid in a time of trouble or to celebrate a time of joy, when we share ourselves with others we are giving the greatest gift of all, ourselves, our time, our love.

Nothing wrapped and tied with a bow could mean more. Top know that they can count on you is a trust given that is not forgotten. We receive in turn ten-fold what we give from our hearts. It should not be done for any reward or recognition.

It can be done anonymously with only God aware of the good works we do. We can do it in His name and release the need for acknowledgement for all things ultimately come from the Divine. You may hold it to yourself or offer it up in thanks for all the wonders God has worked in your own life.

The gift of friendship and love is the most precious commodity we can give. It is a gift of the heart and the spirit. In some cases, people have been able to give others the ultimate gift, the gift of life, even after they themselves have moved on to the beyond.

Or they have borne a child for those unable to do so themselves. Giving makes life worthwhile. All of us, no matter how impoverished can give something, if only a smile. Be grateful for your ability to give to others in thanks for the many blessings  that have filled your life and see the blessing in all things. God is generous indeed.


Sunday, October 9, 2016

God makes himself known

God gives us the gift of His word in so many ways today. He reaches out through the media, magazines, books, and song. Maybe this is because people no longer take the time for the bible. It used to be the mainstay of the home.

Now we keep the kids tranquilized by the T.V. In the bible there was always a moral to a story. Now, too often, what we watch has no morals. It is just sex, violence, and foul language. But then God reaches out and gives us stories about Angles, miracles, and the living word.

He inspires songwriters, authors, and filmmakers, and slowly we see a change taking place in what we see, hear, and read. He brings faith to the fallen and discouraged. He makes us aware that He is active in the world and our lives and brings us to share the good news, and people are listening, and rejoicing.

More and more people are turning off the crime shows and onto Christ. The #1 best sellers are inspirational books. Topics such as Christian principles and values are opening people's hearts and strengthening their faith.

Giving and gratitude are encouraged by world famous talk show hosts. Owners of T.V. stations dedicate it to feel good shows with a message of love, compassion, and inspiration. The top songs speak of Angels in our midst.

More people are awakened and seek His world in these troubled times. Meditation and prayer are hot topics. People openly discuss their beliefs, reach out in prayer and make God a central part of their lives.

They make church an important part of their week and the spiritual a realization of who they are. Faith is growing and will continue into each and every millennium as we release fear and seek faith. We know we are not alone as more and more we reach out our hands to others and soon we will circle the earth with God's love.


Saturday, October 8, 2016

Live as one with God

Do not only speak to God when you are entreating Him for favors but take time to share your hopes and dreams, your everyday thoughts. Take time to greet Him when you arise as you do the day. Take time to nourish your faith and spirit as you do your human body.

They both run more smoothly when we give them proper care and attention. If we spent as much time in prayer as we do in worry we would find no need for concern for we would allow the Divine to be active in every aspect of our life.

It has never been said that worrying over something has ever answered a dilemma, but it has been said that prayer has. For when we worry we are only seeking an answer from ourselves who obviously don't have it or we wouldn't be so concerned we are stuck in the worrying mode.

But when we pray we are seeking an answer from a Higher, more knowledgeable power. One who knows all the answers. One who can create the universe, move mountains, cause the sun to rise each day, and knows what is in our best interest.

The Divine is all seeing, all knowing, all loving, and desires our sharing in the everyday, in all aspects of our life. When speaking with Him becomes common place we find every aspect of our life changed for it becomes not just an occasional acknowledgement of God, but a Divine relationship.

He is part of everything we do and every decision we make So whatever occurs in our life involves the Divine also. In this manner we can rely on His guidance in all things for we don't wait for trouble to ask for His attention, but have an ongoing dialogue throughout each day, in our minds, in our heart, and with our spirit.

Do not just set aside time for God, but involve God in your life. He wants to be part in all we do, see, think, feel, experience. In order to become one with God we have to let Him in.


Friday, October 7, 2016

Have Coffee with God

I have a chance to do things right today by seeking Divine guidance in all that I do. Then instead of feeling frustrated at my own inadequacies I can have the understanding God gives all of us when we ask, when we seek, when we desire Him as an active part of our everyday existence.

I start each day with God and prayer as there is no one I would rather sit down to coffee with. The one who sees me as I truly am, with no need to put a face on for the outside world. God is concerned about what is on the inside, in my heart, my spirit, my mind, and my soul.

The day just wouldn't start out right without Him. Together we look at the beauty of the world around me and greet the morning, the hummingbird, the flowers, trees, the air I breathe and I know it's a wonderful world for God created it.

And I know too that I am valued and loved for I too am His creation. Therefore, like everything else, I have a purpose to being here as does every leaf on every tree. As they reach up to the heavens, so does my heart, my mind, and spirit, seeking a oneness with God my Father.

And I thank Him for the gift of this day, for my daily bread, and I ask His help in appreciating all I accomplish today and that I do it for His glory.

When we offer up our activities to God we are more conscious while we are doing them and endeavor to always to our best and our day is filled with joy and purpose even in the smallest tasks.

There is nothing too small when we make it an offering to God. Every act is a gift of love. Thank you God that I am able to perform these tasks today. My ability in their accomplishment is a blessing. All that I do, see, speak, hear, feel, breathe, taste and touch came from you and at the end of the day let me give things for all I experienced. Blessed be God.


Thursday, October 6, 2016

Life is a puzzle

There is a purpose to all things. We need to listen to the messages in them that is for us. At times it is to slow down. To be aware. To listen. The message may teach us compassion or an appreciation of life, and we must realize we came here to experience and learn chosen goals, lessons, and tasks.

Our journey is to serve a purpose even though in human form we may not remember what it is. Know that God will guide us when we ask for guidance and even when we don't ask He is still there. For His love is unconditional.

When we actively seek Him the road is easier and the way is made clear. As we have free will it is our choice to call upon Him. Lord, I can do nothing without you. Show me the way. In my ignorance, teach me, that I may be of service through you. I have lost the way, show me the path.

When I take myself too seriously remind me to laugh. Let me see you in all those around me. Let me not be judgmental. Teach me gratitude and awareness. Help me to have patience, not only with others but also myself.

Let me be respectful of all things and all others. Teach me to take time to admire the beauty of the world, not to rush past unknowingly. Remind me to smile at others I pass along the way. To offer a helping hand when needed.

To recognize the synchronicity and the messages in life. Everything in the right place at the right time through the right people will be provided. We only need to listen to learn.

Life can be a puzzle but you provide the pieces and show us how to put the picture together bit by bit. We are given a part here by someone, a part there by someone else. Be open to receive that you don't have any missing pieces in your life.


Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Rejoice in the Lord

Let us not give sorrow to any heart. Remember to give only love. If our words will cause pain to another, is it not better to leave them unspoken?

Be in truth with yourself and others. Do not give false hope, but remember too that through God all things are possible.

Seek peace in your home and invite God to dwell there with you. May your doors be open to His messengers and to those who bring friendship and love.

Take time to pray together, it is the greatest bonding you can have. Fill your hearts with the joy of the Lord. Make a place for Him at your table and in your hearts.

When you are troubled read His word that you may know comfort. Speak to Him as a child would to his loving Father. Trust that He will always work to the good of all in every situation.

Remember God loves His children big and small. So come to Him as a child, with the simple faith of a child and God will enfold you in His love.

God is not judgemental but loves us unconditionally. He only asks us to seek Him first and make Him a priority in our lives.

Do not look for the sorrows in life, but count the joys. Always look for the reasons to be grateful at the end of each day. It is the most life changing act you can perform.

It teaches you the appreciation of your day and the blessing of your life. It is not the big events in life, although they make a difference, but a change of outlook when we notice all the small gifts God puts in our path.

When we learn to open our arms and offer to fully share out life, God enriches us. Be not in fear but rejoice in the Lord.

Share your day with Him, your joys and your sorrows as you would with any loving Father. Open your heart to Him and make Him a part of your life. Not just in prayer when you are concerned, but at all times. In every season and for every reason.


Tuesday, October 4, 2016


The teaching of the true master
floats across the centuries
wisps of enlightenment floating
grasped in the freedom they hold
her every word a truth to engage



The sunflowers have died
to make way for autumn
days growing shorter still
the seeds planted today
waiting unseen, silent
through the coming winter
for their days in the sun
when at last, spring comes


God heals wounds

When there is distance caused by hurt and you don't know how to heal it seek God. He knows what is in our heart and the heart of others and He can guide you to a healing. Distance may be needed for awhile.

You cannot rush or push others. Let the Angels speak to them in a soft little voice within. Let them speak of the love you've shared and that a mother's heart is always open. Time too heals but too much time past builds a chasm that is difficult to cross.

Keep an unkindness unspoken as it serves no purpose except to wound. If you see an accomplishment acknowledge it. Love builds bridges instead of barriers. It remembers the blessings and is blind to the faults.

Do not offer an unkindness to repay another. Remember Christ offered His other cheek and forgave greater pain than we will ever know. Know too that your father and mother in heaven always love you, unconditionally.

You cannot change people, they can only see their own mistakes and have the willingness to change themselves. This is part of our life's journey, to perfect our spirit. And each of us is on our own path of learning we cannot hold them back or travel the road for them.

We can but reach out and say, "if you but need me, I'll be there". True love extends forgiveness even before it is asked of us. We don't build walls but open wide the door. Love can truly heal anything, just open your heart to receive it.

The path may not always be easy, but love itself is its own reward. It can cross an ocean, climb a mountain, circle the world, accept the impossible and conquer it through God, who can do all things. For nothing is impossible with God. When you seek love it always finds you!


Monday, October 3, 2016

God answers prayers

God answers when we show faith. Not only must we believe to receive, but we must release the outcome into His hands knowing that God will not give us the outcome we want, but what is in our best interests which is more than we ourselves would ask for.

S/He also asks that in our gratitude, we share that we may be a means of service to Him in helping others and in some way answering their prayers also. Even when a small bird asks for help, God may use us as a means of answering the call.

Always be prepared to do it joyfully. When we willingly become servants of God, S/He opens His arms to us and we receive the outpouring of His great blessings. Do not act in generosity as a means of receiving gratitude or glory, but do it humbly knowing it is God working through you.

We are but a source, a tool God uses. He himself is the great provider. It is to Him we give thanks. God not only answers our financial woes, but He leads us on our path, guiding our way, opening doors for us, and making the impossible possible.

Never think it cannot be done, for God proves over and over that through Him all things are possible. If a relationship troubles you give it to God. He alone can heal what we in our humanness cannot. For only God knows what the other person is feeling and experiencing and can reach into their hearts with Diving healing and bring about a reconciliation.

But first, we must release the outcome and any expectations. For it may not happen in the time-frame we wish and again it may not happen at all. Only God knows what is in our best interest and we, in turn, need to learn acceptance of His great wisdom.

And remember too, God's time is not our time. Our greatest gift is to be open to all possibilities and S/He will fill them abundantly.


Sunday, October 2, 2016

We are God's tools

God gives us what we need when we need it, and before we know that we will need it. It is true that He knows what lies ahead and puts at our disposal the tools and supplies to succeed in our endeavors.

The rest is up to us. Our faith is rewarded and when we ourselves can do nothing else, having trust and faith proves enough. Each day is one of gratitude for all His blessings, for His guidance, His abundance, and for the opportunities He supplies that enable us to serve Him more fully.

The Lord is great indeed and I praise His Holy name. Help me to be an instrument in this world. That I may make others aware of the many ways God works in our life if we only believe. Nothing is impossible through Him, and with Him all things are possible.

He puts greater meaning into our lives. He shows us that the little things we accomplish make a difference in not only our lives but the lives of others as well and that each day is a wondrous gift.

Prayer too is a powerful means to make our world and the lives of others better. God hears our words and what is in our heart and acts on them to the greatest outcome. Oftentimes giving us much more than we ourselves would dare ask of Him.

His generosity is truly Divine. When we feel unworthy He lets us know of His unlimited, unconditional love. He only asks that we pass it on to those around us that they may also benefit by His love when they are stuck in their fears or are lost and need someone to show them the way.

Be grateful that you can be of service, that when something can be accomplished by your hands it is God's work in action. Take no credit for yourself but give the glory to God.


Saturday, October 1, 2016

Success is in the spirit

God doesn't see success in the same light as we do. His first goal is to lead us to success in the spirit. To a realization that it is through Him that all good things come. The rest is only material, thus not lasting.

It is what we attain in the spirit that is our true riches. We so often feel, in fear, that we cannot leave the security of our job, or of a relationship. We feel that they are providing us a sense of stability, even though we may be unhappy and have no feeling of joy or accomplishment, only to find ourselves sorely disappointed when we lose the job, for whatever reason, and the relationship has ended.

And we wonder what went wrong. Anything not done in joy is not lasting and only drags us down when we continue it, for it is without spirit. If it is without spirit it is not our true path. So, how do we find our true purpose?

By going within, by centering ourselves, by releasing our attachments to certain outcomes, by becoming open to guidance and actively seeking it within. Let go and let God and have faith that the right path, the means, and even the miracles will take place at the right time.

If we have closed the doors and forgotten to open the windows, which is our soul and our mind, how can they enter? Seek and you will find, but first you  must be open to receive or you will not recognize the opportunity when it arrives.

We read this in "the word" over and over and yet somehow feel this does not apply to the present day. So, we struggle along trying to make things fit by compromising, sacrificing, suffering and counseling, indulging and denying, while something inside us withers and loses its zest for life, which is our God given joy.

Is this what life is about, this day to day struggle, or have we somehow forgotten the meaning of true living, our greater purpose and that we are here to serve the Lord? Release and be joyful for the time is now, God is at work in our lives.