Monday, June 30, 2014

I am not isolated

You can get snowed in physically but in spirit, only if you allow it. Spirit is not controlled by elements but our intentions. How we choose to view our experiences, circumstances, each day, each minute of our life. Spirit lives in the now through mindfulness.

A conscious awareness of our environment, our thoughts, the elements, everything in our existence, movement, silence, acceptance, just being. When we are tuned to all that is we realize the needs of others without judgment.

Giving is an active returning of the blessings we ourselves receive that it may continue to perpetuate. When we choose to see the possibilities instead of the limitations, we think are there, we are open to growth, to life, to spirit.

What can I do today to make a difference? What good can accomplish in the now? Not to exist in postponement, waiting for the what ifs to happen so that real living can begin, but to do all that I can here and now thus accepting as the gift it is, this day, the present.

The sun is out now in the light is reflecting through the icicles like prisms making many dimensional designs on the glass of the windows. I put out food for the birds and squirrels. The big birds with a black bed, polkadot chest, and striped back is back today.

The Northern Flicker which I've been told is impossible, visits up here this time of year as if they migrate lower. Impossible or not, it has become a frequent visitor but always solo. not like the quails who come as a group along with the bluebirds who take turns.

The squirrels that used to come so early don't arrive for breakfast until 9:30 AM when the sun has warmed the air a fraction two. More big grays are coming now that it's winter and snow covers the treetops as well as the ground.

The smaller brown squirrels I see less often than I used to. They dart out briefly and then run back to shelter. However they have managed to tear several holes in the seed bags on the front porch and I have startled them feasting there where they can keep their little paws dry safely away from the crowd.

Because of that I would not put it all into plastic bins, but instead frequently sweep up the piles of empty shells. The critters have enough feed for now



Roam the chambers
of memory
Roam the halls
of the past
Roam the roads
of yesterday
Roam the world
as it's cast
Roam until
it all fades away


Love Without Regrets

First take time for God and all things will follow in their rightful path. Take time for others and to truly listen. Don't be in a hurry to interrupt with comments and a quick fix.

We don't always know what is best for others, but we can teach ourselves the art of hearing which is one the the greatest gifts we can give someone. To be heard is to be acknowledged.

If you are a parent give time to your children as an individual. One-on-one caring and sharing is a gift from the heart and a memory to treasure. Each child is individual, get to know them, encourage them.

What are their passion? How can you help them grow and realize their goals? To be all they can be? Set aside a day for family, not just at a movie or in front of the T.V., but interacting. Read together, play games, make cookies and share.

Go to museum, see a live performance and make sure you're there for all their accomplishments, cheering them on. Take time for yourself that you may honor your spirit.

Take time each day to be quiet and go within. Life is a journey to be savored and learned from, not something to rush through unawares.

Give time to be of service to others, it brings its own reward. Be aware of the lessons in all that you do. Don't just rant and rave, but ask yourself "what am I supposed to learn?"

Be open to change and especially to spiritual growth. Always seek to be better, kinder, wiser, and to be in the now and to appreciate the gift of this day. It will not come again.

Look to the ways you can bring joy into the world. What can you do to make a difference, and do it. Don't postpone life waiting for the right time, to have enough money, for when the kids are grown.

Life is what is happening while you're too busy to enjoy it. Take time to stop and access the now. Happiness does not require great wealth or an accumulation of things.

God doesn't care how many toys you have, but what you have done and how you have lived and loved. Take time to tell people that you care about the, love them and that they are important in your life. Be there when it matters, not when it is too late. Live and love without regrets.


Sunday, June 29, 2014

At peace with myself

My life is transient. It once housed a young child, a waif like creature with a Prince valiant haircut and dark intriguing eyes, and then temporarily after the death of this first occupant, a young lady who was a run away, leaving her tracks behind her like a delicate line on the sand.

She ran away and left a shell of self to me. I wonder if the me that I know now may someday make her exit too? For I too, though in my own way, am running, hoping to find a better mode of living. The shell of me has become untidy, housing too much clutter in my mind.

The shape of my life has been influenced by the trauma of growing up, my family, children, my conscience and its pressures, my heart and its desires. I have an obligation as a parent, citizen, friend, woman to share a part of myself. But I want, first of all in fact, as an end to these other desires – to be at peace with myself!


Saturday, June 28, 2014

God's love just is

Realize that love is the reason for all things. Love is the reason you have come here to experience this lifetime. Love is the reason for your interactions with others. You have chosen to grow through love. Your experiences in life are leading you to that personal growth.

Some experiences are on a more personal level than others but all help you achieve a higher degree of love through the knowledge you acquire. Not all love leads to lasting relationships. Not all are meant to. As you see yourself grow in self-awareness you will also see yourself grow in love. Not all things are about you but they are learning tools for you.

Seek to learn the lessons of love that are hidden in each experience you encounter. Open your spirit that the message of love may be revealed to you, and that it will grow. Become clear in your intentions before you act or speak that they reflect only love.

That all things to not work out to your expectations is not a failure but an experience of growth in this lifetime to expand your knowledge of what love is. Love comes in many forms but the greatest is God's love.

It is not something you must seek but just is. It does not depend on whether you feel you deserve it or not, or whether you are aware of it or not. It always was and always will be. For you are part of all–that–is. As humans we tend to worry too much about achieving love.

It is state of being in spirit not a place you arrive at. Love yourself for who you are, a child of God. Do not question whether you are on the right path for God never leads you astray. Listen for the inner guidance that is always there. Be open to within. That is God's guidance with you, always.


Friday, June 27, 2014

Be open to love

We must not become too attached to the petty issues of life. Life is bigger and more important than that. Life is about love not judgment. It is about giving and serving not seeking, in greed, more and more.

Recognize others as the children of God that they are. Do not try to change or control them. The Holy Spirit listens to all of us whether we recognize it or not. Be an example of a beacon of that spirit instead of wasting your time on anger, frustration, guilt, prejudice or other negative elements that do not serve your higher purpose.

What can you do to bring joy into the lives of others and therefore to yourself? Seek the light within. Seek peace and love. Love is the only thing that lives beyond time and human existence. Love can change the world.

If we all existed only in a state of love there would be no more war. If we all gave up our urge to control others there would only be a state of peace within. The way to change is within each one of us. We are responsible individually for how we act and react.

When our intent is always motivated by love we will be an expression of that intent. Be conscious of how you feel, of how you express yourself, both inward and outward. Release the necessity to judge and embrace the possibility to love instead.

Life is a gift do not waste it on petty issues. Walk in the path of life. Take time to center yourself instead of rushing around in multiple directions. See the lesson in what you experience and then release it so that you may move on.

We are here to learn as well as to live. We are here to remember who we are and our greater purpose. We are here to make a difference in some small way. It is up to us how we choose to express that love. To be in harmony and love opens the doors to life itself.


Thursday, June 26, 2014

live abundantly

Faith comes from within, it is not an external force. It comes from having faith knowing God will provide. It is in a releasing of the expectations of the ego and being rigid and not seeing what is the source of your abundance. Of not being in a state of love.

God has the power and the desire to supply all we need but when we are restrictive in how our needs are to be met we block the path that lead to greater abundance. The ego speaks in fear. The spirit speaks only in love.

The ego is closed in its path, rigid in its ideas. The spirit is open to all possibilities, without expectation, knowing God will provide but not limiting Him to where the means may arise.

Faith frees us and frees God to unlimited resources. Life then is a constant wonder, a miracle in action. We find ourselves led interactions where fear would never have allowed us to go. God sets us on a new course and expands our life and what we accomplish we do in love.

We also learned the importance and joy of sharing what we receive with others that they too may prosper and good works continue. We do this in the name of love, not for acknowledgment.

When we release the fear we allow space for peace and it fills our spirit and overflows into our world and touches others around us. Faith is being in a state of peace. To actually feel a release we let go of fear. It literally changes us. It is like being able to take a deep breath for the first time.

We see the world differently for we are no longer blinded by worry, anger or fear. Everything seems clearer, more beautiful. We become attentive to small things and take time to be grateful. God truly slows us down so that we become in a state of awareness and we know He is here within us showing us how to believe and live abundantly.


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Vigilante, time...

There's no love left in my pantry
there's nothing and I'm angry
confusion replacing memories
time taking them like a vigilante


God opens the door

God enlightens us when we are open to receive it. He teaches us to see the reality in situations and that we've always had the free will of choice. Some choices led to resentments or bad relationships and we must learn to accept our responsibility in making them in order to release them and be at peace.

Sometimes they come to us like a light bulb revelation and at other times through years of soul-searching. Mostly they are a combination of both. When we are ready the truth is revealed to us.

In order for us to open new doors and to move ahead we must heal ourselves and close old doors that have been blocking us. It is a liberating experience – release. To let go of the pain of the past in order to experience the joy in our lives now and look forward to the future with faith, unencumbered by the burdens of unnecessary baggage that is serving no good purpose.

To concentrate on issues that no longer matter are time-consuming at best and a hindrance to our spiritual growth at worse. Do your homework, be enlightened and let it go. There are more important things in life that need our attention.

God has work for us to do and He will supply the means for us to accomplish them. You are  important and what you came here to do is important. It matters and you make a difference. So do others. Honor their choices for through them they will find their path just as you are being led to find yours.

It takes some of us years to discover these truths, others are enlightened early. But all of us are right where we are supposed to be in our own time and place. Keep searching, keep growing, and mostly keep asking for guidance.

God knows what we need and is just waiting for us to ask so He can open the door. He is the source of all wisdom, abundance, joy, love and peace. Stop seeking the source in others when all – that – is awaits!


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

What is it I want?

What is it I want in this next stage in my life? Do I want the companionship of a mate, a partner, someone to spend the days and nights with? Or do I seek the silence of peace, as I have been alone for many years now and it truly doesn't bother me. What is it you want for me, Oh Lord?

I've spent many hours reading, studying, praying, and in spiritual growth. I have sought you out so often my beloved, my God, my savior and you fill my life. I have asked your guidance in many things but not in finding a relationship.

My life is good. You provide for my needs. It is not as if I do not see or admire a good looking man, but I have had no desire to go through the dating ritual again. I have found no other that I would wish to spend my life with. I seem to desire a cat sitter more than a man.

I have become comfortable in my existence. It has a deep sense of freedom and is unencumbered of tos. I can keep my own agendas without worry. To paint and put off lunch. To read through dinner. To arise or retire as I choose. To accommodate myself to no one but you.

This is true freedom. Did I find marriage so confining and unhappy that I never want to experience that emotional entrapment again? I am not sure for I haven't thought much about it. I know others feel lonely when they are uninvolved.

They have a sense of desperation about them I have never claimed. I enjoy my children, but do not want to live with them. My friends and family fulfill my need for companionship and love. I feel genuinely loved and cared for, especially by you, my God.

You have quieted my inner turmoil, brought me peace where there was stress, a reaching out for new knowledge and joy in the learning. I value my time and the quiet. To just be.

To have time to think and to grow. To know myself better and to listen. Your voice is the one I seek. My life is filled with your presence and the beauty you created. What I love is to bring my own vision of beauty into the world using the gifts you gave me.


I roam at night

I roam at night
confusion my plight
memories take flight
leaving me in fright
until I'm contrite


Live in Love

Love people as they are for they too are creations of God. Learn to be accepting, not judgemental. God will guide them, your joy is in loving them and in recognizing the wondrous God given qualities they possess.

Always look for the good in everyone and you will find it, even in yourself. Be in tune with your inner spirit. Be as open to receive love as you are to give it.

Never think you are not worthy of love. Be yourself, do not try to emulate others. For God created all of us uniquely. We are one of a kind, each with our own qualities to serve our purpose here on earth.

Each with our own talents, dreams, hardships and blessings. The one capacity we all have is to love. Make use of it. What you do, what you create, what you pursue, do in love.

Your mission in life is not the same as anyone else's. It, like you, is unique and will be revealed to you in time. Meanwhile be at peace. Be a student of love. Reach out to others with love.

We are not created in an isolated world but one populated with God's children of which you are one. See the joy in each day. Count your blessings and give thanks.

Be an open heart that you may share your joy with others. Be an example of loving and seeing the best in all you encounter. Do all that you do putting your whole heart into it.

Do not live half-heartedly. When your heart and your love are in our work, it is reflected there and it makes a difference. Do not worry about your path for God knows it and will guide you along the way.

He will open the doors that need opening and lead you away from what is not serving your true purpose if you let Him. Ask Him to show you the way and He will. Then release it into His hands and do your best each day to live in love.

No kindness is ever overlooked or unappreciated. If not by the person then by God. His Angels watch over you. They are with you each step of the way and each and every day, you are loved.


Monday, June 23, 2014

God Lightens The World

Let us remember to pray for others to keep them in our thoughts and to reach out, when we can to do God's work. Be there as a friend, and they will be there for you. Be not there in fear or in charity, but in love.

Love is God's greatest gift to us and the more of it we share, the more that is returned to us. Be grateful for life's blessings and do not dwell upon the hardships.

Seek a sense of joy in love. Do your best in all things. Take time for quiet meditation that your spirit will be at peace. Include God in all aspects of your life.

He loves to hear from his children as we love to hear from ours. Be kind and generous in all that you do. Release any negative thoughts or feelings as they are not from God and serve no purpose, instead fill your mind and heart with all the beauty in your world, all the love God grants, even in trying times all you need do is seek it.

The Angels are near and you can feel their presence. Call on them whenever you need an attitude adjustment and they will lighten your life. Notice all that is wondrous around you. You are part of God's creation.

As He loves the birds in the air, He loves you more. As He gives strength to the trees against the storms, He will strengthen you against adversity. As God gives us clear skies after a rain, know that He will put calm into your life, and peace.

There may be dark times, but when we turn to Him, God lightens our burden and our world. God provides for your needs as He does the birds in the air, the fish in the sea, and for all living things. Put your faith and trust in Him.

God wants to hear from you. He smiles when our thoughts, our hearts and our spirits are raised up in praise and thanks. Do not feel unworthy for you are created in His image. You are here to learn and to grow.

Your life has purpose as does all life. You are here on a mission that serves God. Remember that in times of darkness and stress, God will lighten your  load just as He brings light into the world. The darkness never lasts.


If you care, share

It is a time for spiritual joy. A season to count your blessings and share with those we care for. It is a time to contemplate the greater meaning of life, our hopes, goals, dreams and how we can greater serve.

What have we accomplished in the past year not only ourselves but as a society? How can we make a difference? Is there one other person we can help? Can we mentor, encourage, be an example, teach, reach out? If we each one teach one wouldn't the world be a better place?

Share your talent, your knowledge in the coming year. Be shining star in the life of another. Laugh more, sing and dance and jump for joy. Life can be beautiful. It's a matter of perception. We are each a flower in the garden of life: loved deeply and unconditionally by our Father just as we are.

We have so many possibilities before us if we but allow ourselves to grow, to be shining examples of God's love toward others and to be of service. Be aware of your environment and of nature. How can each of us make a difference in our planet, our neighborhood, our home. How can we each conserve, recycle, protector our forests, the animals, the atmosphere, life itself?

Be more conscious in all things. Be an opportunist of good. Nothing is too small to make a difference. Added together small things become large. Do not neglect a kindness you can offer. A hand to lift someone up. Be a smile to warm someone's day.

A good word spoken instead of just a thought. A genuine thanks. Take time for God in your life, not just as a Sunday ritual but as a part of your every day. Remember you are loved and share the message to anyone who needs to hear it.

Take time to just be quiet and contemplate wonders God sends into our lives, the miracles and abundance. If you care, share. God reveals ways in which we can do His work. Be open to hear, to see, to acknowledge and be grateful to serve Him.


Sunday, June 22, 2014

Wisdom is not new

The wisdom has gone on in the world longer than we care to contemplate. In the early biblical times the interpretation of dreams were considered omens or warnings of events to come. They were more in tune to nature and in being in harmony with our environment then we are today.

The early Indians respected life, even that given up to provide food and practiced gratitude for what was received and respect for the environment. They suffered not from greed but used only what they needed. They gave back to mother earth.

Early man realized a relationship between us and all things: the animals, trees, plants, the weather. They read the stars for direction and sought spiritual guidance. People sought times to be at peace. To go within. To seek for things to be revealed to them and interpretation of information received on their spiritual quest.

As man has become more concerned with the material he has turned away from the sacred, the inner knowing, of protecting what will pass on to others after us. Of being a part of all-that-is.

We are now in a time of reawakening. When the possibility of reconnecting and value for the true blessings of the world, of our interconnectedness, a realization of what is of greater importance.

Listening to that small inner voice that provides guidance. And knowing and a greater sense of gratitude for each day in the blessings it holds large or small. To take time, to slow down, to be more cognizant of all we see, hear, feel, sense, taste.

Kindness can become a way of life instead of a novelty. We seek like-minded people and information that will lead us to inner growth and inner peace instead of our endless parade of things that have no true value.

What we become may be more important yet than what we have. Listen to the synchronicity and guidance that leads to higher connected appreciation of life.


Saturday, June 21, 2014

Harness our blessings

Who am I really? What elements make up the core of my personality? How do others see me? What are my values and what do I want to accomplish? I know it makes a difference we are here and that we touch the lives of others.

How can we do this more consciously? And when we do will we not more often be a better self consciously? To be in a state of consciousness with others is to give them our best for then we are actively seeing and hearing, experiencing and feeling, our mind is tuned into our exchange, our interaction, our sharing.

What a wonderful gift it is to give, and to receive. No more tuning out your mind a million miles away on trivia, such as what you need from the store, things that can wait. To be as the elements is to feel passionate about what you do such as fire. To lighten your world and warm those around you.

To be as earth is to feel sheltered and comforted to others. To be loyal and rich in maintaining balance. To be nurturing. To be as wind is to soothe as a soft breeze that stirs others to greater challenges. To blow away unnecessary debris we hold on to. And at times to rage against unrighteousness.

Water quenches our needs. It carries us along its path. It can be soft and gentle or crash against the shore cutting new channels in its path. How do we see ourselves, and how can we use the positive energies we have to make a difference?

How do we harness our power within? First by recognizing our abilities and working to improve our blessings. Broadening our capacities by learning, teaching, seeking, and listening to our inner spirit. By making the most of what God gave us and following where our diving instinct leads us.

To not be in fear of change or new direction. By becoming a willing tool in God's hands we can discover what truly matters and let the rest go.

Who is this person God created me to be? What is her mission? Let me be conscious of where I am going and what brings joy into my life and thus into the lives of others. Our true purpose has a sense of rightness about it, being led by God.


Friday, June 20, 2014


Behold my mother! Hers is the power and mission to cleanse the world
the glory of redemption springs from her love and each tear she sheds
the world needs but to believe, and all that is to come will be…


Be a joy magnet

You are a beautiful child of God, why would you believe otherwise? Because of something others have said? Something you were told as a child? Surely it's nothing God ever said to you! The Bible clearly states "we are created in His own image". Therefore we are worthy of love, and it starts with self-love.

Sometimes we act in negative ways, that hurt ourselves as a means affirming what we are told is true. We expect pain so we cause ourselves pain. We feel unworthy so we set ourselves up for failure. We were told we were unlovable so we become unloving.

This is not why we are here. We've come here to learn and what we are experiencing while we are here are lessons that have come along to help us increase our spiritual growth. We can spend our time blocked in our own negativity, afraid to move forward or we can choose to release it and see ourselves in God's light.

Affirmations help us to to reprogram our thinking. Do them daily. Remind yourself, you are beautiful child of God, who loves you. You are worthy of love. You are a positive contribution to the world and people around you. You can and will succeed in the path of your choice.

Stop listening to negativity, even your own. Do the best you can at all things. Don't program yourself to fail. Keep a list of all the things you accomplish that day and one of gratitude for all the blessings that have come into your life and you will begin to see a change in your outlook by taking notice of all the good instead of dwelling on all the bad.

Life is a gift to fulfill ourselves. Live it fully and joyfully and you will bring like people into your life. We attract what we believe we deserve and when we change our mind we change our own life.


Love yourself first

Forgiveness is an important part of being at peace. When we refuse to release resentments we continually bring them out like old letters and it blocks our healing. It is important also to forgive yourself instead of beating up on yourself. We are only human. We all make mistakes. We only need to recognize them, learn from them and let them go.

You are the source of your own happiness, you cannot put it as a burden on others. Until we recognize that we are constantly seeking exterior fulfillment and feeling unloved. We are all loved by God. No one is ever alone. The old proverb "seek first the Kingdom of Heaven" means to find God in your life.

Follow His teachings. Become the loving person He meant us to be. Release expectations, and judgments, know He will provide. True love is unconditional. God doesn't say if you buy me this or behave in a certain way, perform certain tasks, or tell me thousand times you love me I will love you back.

Love just is. It also doesn't mean we need to prove are loved by giving what we don't have to give or by smothering those we profess to love. When we hold on too tight that is not love that is fear.

When we are too controlling or demanding that is fear. When we release fear and turn to God He fulfills our needs and more. He teaches us to have faith, self–reliance, love and peace. See others not through their faults but with love.

Feel joy in their accomplishments. Encourage them on their path, enfold them in love, and give them their wings and applaud their flight. We cannot tie people to us with guilt and need. We cannot make them responsible for our happiness or welfare.

God never leaves us but leads us. He is the source and is awaiting our call. There is a purpose to our life and our lessons. To love, to learn, to give, to serve, and to remember God dwells within us.


what is love?

Love is not about control, about others meeting our needs, about outward monetary signs that we feel represent love. First we must love and respect ourselves and accept that we are worthy of love.

We must examine and heal those parts of us that doubt our worthiness to feel loved. We must accept that we are not perfect and no relationship is perfect. We must learn to practice forgiveness not only to others but to ourselves.

We all fear of rejection in one form or another. See the truth of your feelings and not just the momentary event, argument, disappointment or sense of failure. What is the deeper truth that is causing you to react?

It is usually fear speaking in some form. What is the root is the fear? In order to dig deeper into our feelings we must go into our past and release of the pain that caused the fear that is controlling our actions and reactions today.

We must forgive the past in order to heal the present and move on to loving future. What is it we are seeking in a relationship that we feel will make us whole? How can we heal the hole within so that we become whole?

Sometimes we need to examine our own laundry, to sort it, mend it, decide what to keep and what to discard. What needs cleaning or pressing, to iron out the wrinkles. No one else can make us whole but ourselves.

A relationship is not meant to mend us but to create a partnership of mutual love, understanding, support, respect and sharing. Only when we have cleared out our own closets do we have room to share that space with another.

Love is not a need but a gift we give to each other with open arms. Love is not meant to bind but to teach us to fly. Love is generous not controlling. Love is not riddled with guilt but a blessing we share.


Waiting Heaven

Faith rides on Angel wings
and sees me through it all
thick and thin, high and low
protecting me time and again
easing all the pain and sorrow
and guiding me along my way
to my waiting heaven one day


A second chance

We have a chance to pursue our dreams no matter what our age. It is never too late to start anew, to go back to school, to make a difference.

Life will always be unfolding in ways we never anticipated. Dreams can be rekindled, new challenges overcome, and new possibilities will come to life - thanks to God.

We have a new sense of appreciation as we discover new frontiers in our later years. We have a greater sense of giving back to others, of making this a better world.

Life needn't stop being exciting, we just need to look around, to open our hearts, and ask God to show us the way. I have a greater appreciation of each day and a new joy in my accomplishments. In my ability to create. In the encouragement I receive. In the challenges I encounter.

In my continual seeking, spiritual growth and a deeper faith in the Almighty. He has shown me a new path and resurrected my dreams of long ago. What has lain dormant has been brought back to life in a new age.

There are new skills to learn that weren't possible when I was young. The computer age only opens new vistas for me. It opens new doors and God provides the teachers. At first it felt strange to be a student again, but now I see the excitement as I accomplish new ways of using the abilities God gave me to create the beauty I see more clearly in this place in time.

I have learned a greater awareness, a sensitivity to all that has made me who I am today. I realize it is God's work that has put me on this path, nothing is an accident but comes through faith and a willingness to listen and follow where God leads me.

My dreams are clearer and more alive than they have been since youth. I am so grateful for this second chance to serve God through the gifts He has blessed me with.

May I make a small difference in the lives of others, accept the challenges ahead and have faith that God will lead me where I am supposed to be. Thank you God!



Are we somehow living the expectations of others or are we being true to ourselves and our gifts from God? Do we take them for granted or benefit by them? If they bring joy to others do we share them or hide them under a barrel, making less use of them?

What was instilled in us as a child? What was encouraged? What did we come to believe ourselves? What do we consider true success? Talk to God about all this. Ask for clarity. Don't force answers, but be open to them. What do we feel we are missing in life?

Go within and find the self you were created to be. Who is she? Often we become products of our own misconceptions, experiences, and what we "choose" to believe. We may suppress our best and true self and wonder why we feel dissatisfaction with life.

We are not honoring the spirit of who we are. We are going through the routines of job and life without bothering to examine the whys. Why are we living this way? Why are we working at something that brings no satisfaction?

In order to become authentic we need to find ourselves. We need to allow ourselves the time and the guiet to be introspective and go within. To look into the dark corners of our life and to let in the light. To turn over the stones and see what we have hidden there.

The Angels will guide you in this path for they are good beacons of light. They know us better than we know ourselves and they see what we have forgotten. It's time to take an inventory with Angel assistance. If it helps, put on some soft music.

Remember your dreams when you were young. Remember what brought you joy. Bring it back into the light. Give yourself permission to rekindle your hidden desires to see if they will lead you to a new path in which you use the wonderful God given gifts only you have.

He has personalized all of us, not just with our fingerprints, but with what we need to accomplish our purpose.When we follow it our life is filled not with struggle, but joy. We are living as God meant us to live and new doors will open to us.


Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thank you God

Trust in the Lord. Put your concerns in His hands. Do not be reluctant to ask, but remember His will is for your highest good and that He can see things that are not apparent to you.

Teach me patience, Oh Lord and greater faith. I cannot see into the future, only you know what possibilities it holds. You are my strength. To you I release all fear. It is not an option in the face of trust and faith in you.

Never have I lived in such peace of heart and mind. When I doubted the road you have shown me the way. You have led me out of the dark place where I suffered stress and anguish and into a healing only you could bring.

You have shown me a new path and made the way possible. You have provided for my needs not only financially but through the generosity of others, the equipment and tools I needed, and through the teachers of the knowledge that has helped me grow.

Yet you are the greatest teacher of all. You have shown me what faith can do. You have sent me the teachers that have shown me the way to forgive and release that I may move on.

You have shown me what true joy is and how, when we come to you, all things fall into place. You have taught me to open my heart to others in a greater capacity.

You have taught me that through gratitude we gain awareness and our outlook on life takes a dramatic change. We learn to see all the blessings in life in all things instead of concentrating on any problems we think we might have.

In this way you help us overcome difficulties by accessing them as "what are the lessons we are supposed to learn" and moving on. Thank you for teaching me to truly look therefore I may greater see and have more beauty revealed to me.

You have shown me what true goodness exists in the world. I pray that others may experience this awakening, for that is what it is.

Life has taken on a whole new meaning through faith. My feeling of a personal closeness to you is my greatest joy. Thank you for the gift of love! I am blessed!


God's gifts are many

Guide me on my path Oh Lord for you know the way when I do not. You are the light in the darkness, the hope of the world, the compassionate Father who always listens and holds us tenderly in His love.

You accept us for what we are and what you created us to be. You know all our secrets but never reject us. When we ask, you supply all that we need, when we need it. You are available at any time and it is never too late or too early to call on you.

You teach us what the really important things in life are and how to be at peace in an unsettled world. You teach us it is more important to count our blessings than our sorrows.

You create beauty wherever we look and created the most glorious rainbows as well as breathtaking sunsets, valleys of wildflowers, canyons of color that cannot be fully captured on film.

I think your greatest beauty is reflected in the face of a child and in butterfly wings. You gave us voice and songs that we may speak with you as well as glorify you, and words such as Hallelujah.

You give is wisdom when we seek it and abilities that we can share with others. You give us time to slow down and enjoy life all we have to do is realize our true priorities.

At times you give us miracles, some large and some small, and the gift of appreciation. You give us the joy of friendship and of partnership and the knowledge that we are never alone for you are always with us.

You give us Angels  to watch over us, to teach us, and to guide us. And yes, sometimes even to save us. You give us a soul that we may seek the spiritual, a heart that we may learn to share.

You give us both laughter and tears to express ourselves emotionally. You give us life, may we realize it as the blessing it is. You give us gifts that we may serve you.

Each day is a gift waiting to be opened and appreciated. You give us the ability of awareness that we can see beyond ourselves and our limitations. Through you all things are possible. You awaken us.


Shadow of myself

Walking in the shadow of myself
I see faces I don't know anymore
my broken past upon the shelf
as I fade into forevermore....


Seek the joyful path

We can think of events that happen in our life one of two ways, as a catastrophe or as an opportunity. It is our choice. The first keeps us locked in our pain, looking at the what ifs and unable to move on.

The second leads to the possibility of new beginnings, growth, discovery, appreciation, release and a whole new path to explore. It gives us a sense of wonderment through the positive outlook we choose to have.

One way keeps us locked into the past and the other opens doors into the future. When we concentrate on the negative we see ourselves as victims, thus we unempower ourselves.

When we see things as a new opportunity, we free ourselves to make new choices, to to accept new challenges and move forward in our life. It requires letting go. Of seeing ourselves in a new light, allowing ourselves to accept new possibilities and to become all that we are capable of being.

One way leads to darkness and depression and the other to an appreciation of each new day. To a sense of gratitude and wonder, and yes, even to a feeling of excitement about the future.

One way mires us in fear. The other opens us to increased faith. Which road is the road to a successful, satisfied life? Do we stay in the darkness or do we seek the light?

Self-pity robs us of seeking a new future, of appreciating the gift of today. It blinds us to all the possibilities we can choose because it closes our minds and our hearts.

It is never too late to learn something new. We cannot have growth without challenges. We are more than the exterior elements that define our life. Ask God for guidance.

Release the past in order to embrace the future. Let go and Let God. It works. He will provide the teachers and the means. The path to a new future is open to those who seek it with a loving heart.

Joy in each day is possible and a new and greater awareness. We only need to believe to receive. To seek in order to find. To be willing in order to learn and to trust to receive faith.


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Symbolism revealed

Synchronicity itself is intriguing. The more I learn, the more I am amazed. The frog to me as a symbol of survival but I have recently found that it is also connected with astral travel which I have experienced a few times in my life. It amazes me to find myself as though stepping out of myself to be briefly elsewhere.

It is something that just happens, not something I can seem to control, and now I find it a symbol of a creature I have associated myself with as long as I can remember. Numbers have also played a part of my life at times especially the number four. At one time the number four was popping up his insistently and together with it was a deeper meaning within it.

At the time it was during a period of stress and greater spiritual seeking which led to a totally different direction in my life. And ending in a new beginning. This beginning was closing of one chapter of my life and a new door opening.

It led to a greater sense of awareness and a seeking for more understanding, a new way of life and a far greater connection with the spiritual. In order to achieve this we must be willing to release the past, set expectations, and a rigid mindset, and be open to believe and receive.

To realize that we are not solely in control of our lives and that grander things are in store for us beyond our imagination when we let go and let God. He knows better than we what our greater purpose is and how we can better serve. He gives us abundance from sources we never considered and leads us in directions we never thought possible or as I gave up as the impossible dream years ago.

He led me also to explore my thoughts. To me it is as much a process of the spiritual as praying and meditating. It is being in touch with my inner self and with God. At times I am drawn to share but always I am encouraged to continue.


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

All things are possible

The ones we love are always near us for they are always in our hearts. A thought can reach across the miles or into other dimensions. Synchronicity can bring a thought into a phone call from someone you care about. When you don't know how to reach them they will find you.

Your thought waves reached them and they had the urge to call. It is more than coincidence. There is energy in the universe and thoughts and prayers themselves are a form of energy that can reach out and touch someone. Beyond distance is love and caring.

Dreams too are means of communicating, when our mind is in a state of rest it can receive messages that we would otherwise dismiss by the ego or that would be shut out by the chatter of life and our thoughts.

Meditating can bring us to that state of peace were we may also receive without being in a dream state. To some this visualization may also occur. They not only hear but can see another, even if only in their mind's eye.

Thought transference is not dead, we have just forgotten how to use it that it exists at all. For some astral travel is possible. To suddenly be there in another place and sometimes others can sense your presence, your essence, or sometimes your scent.

It is the love for another that draws you like a magnet. It is familiarity with God that allows us a closer union. To believe that what some consider impossible is indeed possible. To not let distance divide you but to know you are only a heartbeat away. We can ask for guidance from our loved ones who have passed beyond, and they will respond.

We all not only have Angels but guides to help us on our journey through life. To help show us the way. God in His unlimited love for you sent them. He is always within us, as there is her breath, and each beat of our heart.


Monday, June 16, 2014

Include God daily

Open your heart to God. Make Him an integral part of your life. To have a running conversation with God is to acknowledge we are never alone. And as we do we find the events of our lives becoming more synchronous and rewarding.

We find that the abundance that we need is always provided. We become more at peace and aware. We see signs reminding us that we are loved frequently. A parking space may open up one we need it.

We may find a beautiful white feather at our feet or rainbow shining through her window and across our floor. These things we no longer consider accidents of nature or good luck but realize it is God's way of touching our spirit. Of letting us know He is always there watching out for us and that He sends angels to watch over us.

Life was meant to be more than just routine. The only have to allow it and to connect spiritually with the all-that-I-am through our spiritual center. To plug in more or less. When we stay connected we are constantly sending and receiving. We only need to keep the line open.

We often forget from where we come. We are beings of the spirit long before we take human form. When we quiet ourselves to meditate or pray, to take time to just be, we remember some of what we have forgotten and a sense of peace settles over us.

A sense of vast belonging in love overwhelms us, and a knowing that God and his angels are near. Is the greatest sense of a possible. When we recognize these feelings, experiences, synchronicity's, even our dreams are fuller, pictures emerge and escalate.

It is as if date knowledge with in the awareness themselves lead to an increase in spiritual happenings and abundance. It is a right living we were unaware of before and in inclusion of God in our every breath in our daily life.


Sunday, June 15, 2014

Private corners

Back to our private corners,
returning to the veil…
Our passing moment of flesh,
so soon a private hell…
A voluntary surrender of reason,
fooled by the heart again…
May all all our sins be forgiven


Saturday, June 14, 2014

Crimson River

Fill my cup of love
let me drink deeply
from the Crimson River
until my heart overflows


Friday, June 13, 2014

remember who you are

It is our job to be the best we can be. To be loving. To follow our conscience. To be patient. To set an example. To be tolerant. To do each thing to the best of our ability. To be nonjudgmental even with ourselves. To be generous in all things.

To seek, to serve, to learn and to grow in spirituality. To recognize the child of God and the essence of love in others from the boss in his office to the man in the gutter. Look for your true self within not the mask you have learned to wear.

Be accepting of other's beliefs and follow your heart and God's word. Reach out in times of trouble. Help when and where you can. Not just with a financial donations but with personal concern and care. When we honor others we honor God.

He is the master creator and no one is here by accident but by grand design. We don't need to know the path of each person, that is not our job. Only to seek our own direction, to be open to all possibilities, to love, and to enrich the world around us and to be at peace.

God knows what He is doing. It is not for us to judge. Listen for the messages He sends in a myriad of ways and through various sources. Especially now, reminders of God's love are around us wherever we look. He wants us to remember who we are, His children and that He loves us unconditionally.

That with faith all things are possible. To keep His light shining in the world, and to do His will. God is generous in His love and in the abundance He showers us with when we turn to Him instead of wallowing in our fear.

For fear is is a closed door. Faith is an open window. We are where we are supposed to be and in time God makes our purpose clear when we silence our mind and seek His guidance. He leads us step-by-step on the path into those we need to interact with so that we may do our small part and remember who we are.


Living your purpose

Each one of us is here for a purpose. Sometimes we spend our lives searching for that purpose while we fill our lives with mundane things that do not serve it at all. Often times we say we are too busy or too tired from the rat race to even think about it.

Your purpose should not drain you but energize you. Living your true purpose is fulfilling but it requires we take time to seek it. And what is the easiest way to do that, through God. To let him show us the way. So often we don't even bother to ask Him.

In school we cannot even declare a major for we don't know our direction. We start and stop and change courses almost as often as we do our socks. Or we stay, unhappily, giving years to a profession that we know in our spirits is not right for us, dreading each day to come.

We call this security, but it's closer to insanity. Do we really think this is the reason we chose to exist in this lifetime? I think not. Our society has lost its direction, as have we.

Its priorities revolves around consumerism, things, and acquiring more and more of what we will leave behind, that becomes outdated and disintegrated, as does our spirit.

In this type of living we can never acquire enough to make us happy because someone else will always have more. It's like a dog chasing its tail. To live in our true purpose is to be at peace.

To simplify, not complicate our lives. It requires a seeking within to the care of who we are and what we truly are here to accomplish. It requires that we reach out to others, especially God, rather than for meaningless things.

It is in having faith that what we need will be provided while we serve our true meaning in this life. It is finding a greater meaning in all things for we take the time to appreciate them.

It is releasing worry and fear into God's hands and letting Him fill us with faith. It is in seeking your path not your elusive fortune that you find true happiness.

It is sharing what you learn with others that they too may be enlightened. It is in caring, sharing, and loving that we truly live.


Alone and Free

Thinking of ways outside of me
get me back to where I need to be
obscure, alone, and free


Getting Cut

We all walk edges
from time to time
along the road of life
sometimes we get cut


Thursday, June 12, 2014

Jubilee of chance

Let's go to India or France
and enjoy our summer romance
living a Jubilee of chance


Make them real

Caution lingers
with possibilities
and distant dreams
rise with the dawn
just waiting for us
to make them real


Sharing Peace

My angel is with me in the between. Like a reflection, a shadow, a flower, a flame. Like the wick of a candle or stem of a match with a golden glow on both sides and like the smoke that rises from it and like the sky.

Thank you so much, Lord, for giving me friends to share this experience of peace with.


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mermaid at sea

Oh come with me to the sea and we will romp eternally. We will splash and we will play and search for shells along the way and swallow the sun at the end of the day. Along with the fish we will swim and dive. It's not for me to toil and strive to be in the water-world vitally alive.

To tangle seaweed in my hair. To let the sun kiss my complexion fair and to live life without a care. I'll ride upon a porpoises back, my purse a seashell pack with nothing of love and life to lack.

Gently along the currents I'll glide, swishing my tail along to ride upon the sea's enchanting tide. And then I'll sit upon a rock or sneak up under the dock and then swim away but never walk.

I'll sing a song upon the wind that will carry out and then back again, calling to the ferry unmanned to look for me from across sure, to remember the mermaid lore and to yearn forevermore.

I'm a dream but I'm really not. I'm the truth in the ocean often sought and disappear as quickly as a thought. My jewelry a pearl or abalone shell and I must say I wear them well upon my neck and around my tail lifted high as I dive deep down beneath the swells and below the  sound away from life upon the ground.

So throw me a petal upon the sea my love wherever you may be, but let me stay wherever I am unencumbered and free. Don't try to change the who that I am to give up my tale and try to stand and become just another curl upon the land.

It's not for me, it's not who I am when I can dive down and bed upon the sand and be rocked in a clam shell dreamland. The fish are my friends, this is my home. There are others like me, I'm not alone, so sing my ballads and write your poems. Be on your way and let me be the beautiful mermaid upon the sea.


this earthly realm

night and day
everything under the sun
to have
to hold
to share
to lose
as we pass through
this earthly realm


The last time

The last time I saw the sea
I was young and carefree
unburdened by fading memory


Much to anticipate

The youth await
their teacher's lessons
like the synchronicity
of the rising Sun
insight falls with the moon
into the sea
leaving much to anticipate…


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Stand Still

In the shadow of the mountain
I sit in the feet of the hills
waiting in peace and pieces
for the world to stand still


Sea Dreams

I loved you and gave freely
filling my eyes for you to see
without words I spoke the rest
and welcomed your head upon my breast
together we watched the tide
leaving our footprints at the seaside
you were my heart, struck in your gaze
you taught me love and wicked ways
if by our ocean we had remained
we might have kept our treasure gained
naked I came to you, stripped of my pride
all my barriers laid aside
now I walk along memory's wet seam
to wake up pleasantly from my dream


Monday, June 9, 2014

Love: pass it on

Love is a miracle that we can give to others. God created love that we may know the perfect joy of giving, sharing, of reaching out even across miles, and  the recipient will receive it. It does not require a package, or postage and arrives instantaneously.

The sound of a voice will bring it and it can come in a letter. Love doesn't have to be written for us to recognize it. Our heart and spirit see the essence of love without form. It comes in diverse shapes, is not conscious of color or ethnicity. It can be romantic, a gift of friendship, parental or childlike.

It can be spiritual and include the world. It is a blessing and at times it heartache. To know love is to step outside of yourself and embrace others. Look for the good not only in others but in life itself. When we are loving, everything shines brighter and has more beauty.

We are conscious of all that is in our environment and beyond. God's love is the greatest gift of all, without conditions, it just is. He embraces us with his great love, with miracles, small and large, and with life itself as well as abundance.

In our love we can remember to always be grateful for all the blessings we receive and to return that love. We can make time for others with God at the top of our list. We can always endeavor to be the best we can be and to give to others what we receive in kind.

To pass on in generosity what we also are given in love. Live life with an open heart, and withhold judgment. Don't just think thoughts of kindness, speak to them. Don't withhold the good you can do today. Don't neglect or put off saying I love you, for someone may greatly need to hear just that.

Reminder others that they are God's children and are loved. It does not matter our station in life. We are all equal in God's eyes. When we pass on love we are serving God. It is His greatest message. To do God's work in whatever capacity we can use our true purpose in life. How will be revealed to us in time.


Veil removed

Destroyed by understanding,
exposed completely…
Betrayed by trust,
my veil was removed


When I'm nowhere

The world is different when you're not there,
the birds don't sing, the clouds hang low,
and I look for you everywhere I go,
calling your name over and over…
The world is different when I'm nowhere


Create a new vision

What kind of life do we envision having if we had a choice? So often we drift along in a job, career, a relationship without thought and without putting our energies into making it all that it could be.

We stay when not only is it not fulfilling us, but is demeaning us, stressing us out, and leading us away from the possibilities we could be living. This is our gift of life. What do we want to put into it, to accomplish, to share, to create, to have on a day to day basis?

Why do we postpone what could be and settle for something that is wrecking such havoc in us mentally, physically and spiritually? Life is not only what we make it, but what we envision it to be.

Don't settle for less than God wants for you. Our thoughts and emotions create an energy around us. When we raise our expectations and envision ourselves doing better and believe in our positive actions our lives will change for the better.

Give up the complacency that is keeping you stuck in the mire. If you see no way out it is because you have lost your vision and belief in yourself and in God's love for you. I don't believe God has ever said to someone be a doormat, a failure, an alcoholic, or an unhappy person.

If you were "He" what possibilities would you create for yourself? What would you envision in your life for yourself? What goals would you accomplish? What relationships, family, or friends would you have? What difference would you be making if not in the world, then in the lives of those you touch? What are your values?

What keeps you from moving ahead to bring your vision into reality? God created us to be all that we can be. He does not limit us, we limit ourselves. It is time to wake up and smell the roses.

It is time to enjoy life and to realize your existence does make a difference, now what are you going to do with it? Spread your wings. Write down your vision and start working toward your goals. Do not wait until tomorrow for it is a day that never comes. Do it now!


Sitting Naked

Stripped down to nothing
as the anger flares up, again
moments of rage, called aging
lost, alone, struggling
which in the end is nothing
just me naked, sitting, yelling


My Choices

He will not degrade my soul
nor cause me to hate or forgive
those choices are mine to hold


Sunday, June 8, 2014

Down to sleep

Boots upon my feet
protect me from the cold
wandering I do seek
a future bright and bold
no longer do I weep
with glory to behold
I lay me down to sleep


Walking Enlightened

There are answers on the path ahead
if we but seek to seek them out
we'll find ourselves walking enlightened


I've moved on

I slipped away,
and moved on…
Somewhere along the way
awaits another destiny…
I'll go with it hesitantly,
until I forget and get over
this aging tragedy...


Clothe the soul of me

Who is the teacher
who's the student
you or me?
I was hungry to learn of love
you wanted to devour
what was truly me
eating away at what I am
I'm still eroded inside
not as sure of myself
you taught me hard lesson
leaving me naked before you
in the truth of what I am
but I still have things
to say… To others
teacher too I guess… I am
but words can't
clothe the soul of me
I'm beyond salvation now
I think??…
I wasn't dumb
just trusting and what
I thought was love
but love is a game
played by both sides
and each is the student
and each is to teacher
now who has learned more?
And who has withdrawn less?
What I was
is gone forever now
nothing of her remains
but that hurt
teach me…
To live again…


Saturday, June 7, 2014

Learn your lessons

Sometimes we have to keep repeating lessons because we haven't learned from them. Instead of asking "why me" we need to look for the lesson that we may grasp the teaching and move on. It does not mean that we won't receive further lessons in life, we will.

That is what we came here for - to learn and through our learning be enriched with a greater love that helps us recognize and fulfill our purpose. How can we learn if we don't see? The "why me" is because God loves us enough to teach us. Not to cause us pain.

But in order that we may grow. Just as we, as parents, know that our children learn from the lessons they experience. We cannot protect them from every fall, every heartbreak. We all learn from the consequences of our actions. If something's hot, you'll get burned. If something's sharp you get cut.

If you say something unkind you will cause pain to someone else and possibly lose a friendship. We learn that when we help others in need we also feel good.

When we learn to trust in God we understand that although He loves us unconditionally, as a loving parent, He cannot protect us from experiencing life and the joys and pain of life or He will stifle our spiritual and emotional growth, and, even as children, when we do not learn from a life lesson we may cause ourselves to experience it again and again, in one form or another, until we do.

So always look for the lesson in all things, not to cling to them, but to grow from them. As any parent who loves His child, God is trying not to punish us, but to teach us. To reach into the care of our spirit and raise us up to a new level of understanding.

We must remember, not only to thank him for the joy in life, but for the lessons we receive as well. Thank you God for what you have taught me today and everyday that I may grow in truth, love, wisdom, and spirit. For this may I better serve you., may I continue to learn and to grow, through your love.


Friday, June 6, 2014


When we become shadows
just wisps of fading times
floating songs on the wind
and names beyond the tongue
we know we're gone
like the faces before us
and they too become shadows


Thursday, June 5, 2014

No Other Way

What lays ahead
is more mystery
and a bitter end
there's no other way


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Life's Entanglements

We cast our nets
and wait for out catch
never knowing
what entanglements
await us in the deep
of possibility


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

God's wisdom is greater

Wisdom; where does it come from? Is it through living, experience or when we learn to go within to the spirit to seek answers beyond our limited human knowledge?

The purest wisdom is from God for He knows all, including our reason for being. We cannot learn when we are stuck in self-pity, caught up in the what ifs, or cloud our mind with fear.

We must recognize our condition for what it is, whether it be physical, emotional, or spiritual. To accept it for what it is and to step back, detach ourselves, not from the experience, but from locking ourselves in an attitude that keeps us from moving forward.

From being able to recognize light where it exists. Of seeing a bigger picture instead of allowing our fear to paralyze us and shutting the door to the possibilities that always exist in faith.

When we learn to release, we learn to see the path in the forest, the rainbow after the storm. We learn that "things" are not what is important in life, but how we grow through life's adversities.

We learn that "we" are not what we do or how much we earn. We are not the size of our house or the age of our car. Not how much we have in the bank or the latest fashion.

We are much more than any of that. We are beautiful children of God who chose to come here to fulfill a purpose. To learn and to grow, to teach and to share.

When we learn to detach from the physical things, we begin to remember, through spirit, our true essence and what brings us joy.

It can be as simple as a walk in the rain or the first bud after a winter of snow. The sound of the surf and to watch squirrels frolic across the rocks.

Our breath can catch at a beautiful sunset and the small inner voice within that brings us peace. That tells us "all will be well." Worry cures nothing. But inner peace is the greatest blessing we can receive.

The ability to see and appreciate the beauty around us. To know and take time to be outdoors in God's world for at least a few minutes each day.

Seeing and believing that He cares for all we see, and that He cares for us as well. We learn the wisdom to take time, to understand, and be grateful.


No more for me

My garden's gone fallow
my pets are no more for me
these days of passing sorrow
all caused by fading memory


Monday, June 2, 2014

Gone with the evidence

If you loved…
If it was love
on your part
it's doubtful
balm to sooth your wounds
like an animal
to help you heal past hurts
Lust… Curiosity
an ego trip
probably much closer to the truth
all I've accused myself of
for what?
It doesn't matter…
Nothing really did to you
so why should I establish
any importance to it.
accredit it with any reality
nothing given
leaves what… nothing
gone with the evidence
that I was ever there
I took it all with me
you left nothing
for me to return…
not even love


How I spend my days

What I was
is gone forever now
nothing of her remains
not a wisp nor whim
bedridden and confused
a ghost to myself
and everyone around me
mumbling away incoherently
is how I spend my days


Still in a trance

The invisible man
who shares my bed
only in my dreams
was last seen
in a deep trance
still and nearly dead


Pray for me

I've lost my way
pray for me
confused and frail
pray for me
released from time
pray for me
my final journey ahead
pray for me
to find a home
pray for me
as I fade away


Be not a slave to life

Today, as everyday is a gift from God. So often we do not take the time to be aware of its beauty. We are always in a hurry, we feel overwhelmed. We reason that we cannot spare fifteen minutes from our day to be outside and sit quietly bet feel work comes first. Before God?

We even eat our lunch, without enjoying it, as we continue to work, and then we wonder why we have trouble digesting. Our priorities have somehow gotten confused. When we put God first, even for a few minutes each morning when we take a break with Him, then truly see the beauty of this day He has created.

For what purpose is it if no one sees and acknowledges it? When we take time to break bread with others and with God we will find that we can accomplish more, not less. When we slow down instead of always hurrying we release stress from our lives.

God did not create us to be slaves to a job our work, to have it be the center of our lives. God is the only absolute. Sometimes He creates a pause in our lives to remind us that He is the source of your creativity, the one who gives us inspiration. He can calm our fears and anxieties when we take the time to step out and go within.

We cannot do that at our desk with the phone ringing and constant interruptions. We must take time to seek in order to see. To be aware in order to feel. It is time to live consciously and to include God in our daily life.

Don't we all want to be acknowledged for our work? Why then do we feel we are too busy to acknowledge the ultimate creator? Take time to ask Him about our true purpose in order that it may be revealed.

Do not make yourself a slave to a company but allow God to free your spirit. Ask Him and the angels for guidance. Remember that there is a time for all things under the sun. That life is to be balanced.

When we begrudge God the time we also cheat ourselves. He wants to give you so much but how can He when you are too busy to notice or receive the abundance that awaits you the moment you release your life into His hands and include Him in all things.


Waves of time

Happiness comes and goes
in churning waves of time
like the tides of ones life


Sunday, June 1, 2014

Dig Deep

Dig deep beneath
the wounds
look beyond
the scars
find the essence
that remains
and the soul
longing to be
free again