Monday, February 3, 2014


God created motherhood. It is a great responsibility for lives are in your hands to guide and direct, but mainly to love. It is a mother's job also to teach love and respect for those around us as well as ourselves. Mothers teach us manners, prayers, sharing and giving.

Motherhood is mainly joy, but it can hold its sorrows too. It is a gift and a blessing and we are entrusted with a child of the divine, perfect in every way, even in their imperfections.

It is the most important job in the universe, parenting. Whether through birth, adoption, guardianship or fostering. The example you show will make a difference for all time. Choose wisely your actions and your words. Hug often, scold less, listen carefully. Read and teach that they may learn.

Take time to pray as well as play. See the world with the wonders that they do for a child's vision is magic and everything is new. Encourage often. Praise each accomplishment, even the smallest for it teaches self-worth and pride.

Love their differences that they may take joy in their own individuality. Be grateful for each gift they bring, even if it's a weed. Teach them to plant that they may see things grow from their own hands. Be there there when they triumph and when they fall. Kiss the boo boos and the tears.

Help make mealtime a sharing of not just food but of spirit. Teach them to give thanks for all we receive. Teach them to believe in themselves and always do their best, whatever their best can be.

Show them teamwork, that at times we need to work together to accomplish more. Allow independence and responsibility appropriate to their age. Stress kindness and acceptance, that the world comes in all colors but we'er all God's children.

Teach them to be gentle and it's okay to cry. Laugh together, love together, and be available for the talks about everything under the sun.