Friday, February 7, 2014


I climbed your imperial towers
and knew the painful indifference
you treated me with after...
Intimidated by the letters after your name
I crawled within myself...
as a butterfly awakening in a cocoon
you can't intimidate me anymore
the mountain wasn't so steep
afterall... I'm not afraid anymore
as you said before... men are animals
all of them.... and will say whatever
is necessary to get what they want
your voice echoes over the telephone
my mouth touches the other end
it's blackness singing over the lines
is this really you... or am I dreaming
it must be a bad connection...
the love I thought was dying....
leaps into my throat... hello... what's new?
did you want to know... I've survived?
or did you call to stick pins in...
pop the balloon of what I was
sizzle, swoop, siss.... nothing
I gave you my body... what did you give
pain... I'm bleeding of minute cuts
all over me... love is oozing out... for you