Friday, September 18, 2015

Our Purpose

When we align our will with God's our existence becomes effortless and the universe provides. And so I have found it to be. What joy my life is now and I have oh so far to go yet. I have surrendered and it is bliss. I feel a freedom I have never experienced before and yet I still have debris to clear.

The more fully we know ourselves, the more accepting we become of our individual imperfections, the greater the light. For only through acknowledgement can we expand and grow and create. We are here to serve God through our individual experiences. That is our purpose.

Everything that exists is love including ourselves and yet we are least accepting of self as being love. God commands that we love ourselves and others as ourselves. There is the oneness of God within you, how can you deny that oneness of love?

Bring it out of the darkness of doubt and into the light of humility that we as His children are part of all-that-is and are therefore love. Live love, be love, therefore you can give love physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

To not find ourselves loving is the illusion. For to deny ourselves is to deny God. It is an unbreakable connection - it just is as God just is. Accept it.