Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The sum of life

The sum of life is not measured in big events, but in day to day living. In the silence and the pauses of the spirit, not the insidious chatter that drowns it out. Be mindful in your life that you may look back with gratitude and look forward with anticipation.

Mostly, be at peace with yourself. This is the life you have chosen and you are who you have chosen to be. you have come here to experience and to make a difference. Not in large things but in everyday joys.

If you have not been perfect, be compassionate, you are only human, with the possibilities of seeking perfection in the life hereafter. See God in all things, including yourself, for He is the greater creator of all, and His presence is apparent wherever we look.

In a flower, a tree, a blade of grass, in the birds, the animals, and the clouds overhead. Reflected in the sun rays, and the colors of a rainbow. In the majesty of a mountain and the simplicity of a grain of sand.

If the Divine so loves all the small things he creates, like a butterfly in flight, know that He also loves you, just as you are. Our life is like a path, it winds and it climbs. It is full of hidden surprises and endless possibilities. Color it with love.

Treasure your memories, but live in hopes of tomorrow and the blessings of today. Check your spiritual map to see if you are on course. We are not as limited as we define ourselves, denying our dreams and believing that is reality.

When truly all things are possible with Divine help. Greatness lives in living authentically, not in riches. For our goodness cannot be taken from us and us worth more when it touches others and makes a difference in their lives.

Do not set your eyes on the material or fame, but on personal gain. All else comes as a by-product as a gift from the Divine.