Thursday, September 24, 2015


Trust is reliance upon the Divine for all sustenance and supply. A mental and emotional recognition and acceptance that the presence of the Divine as the ultimate good is all-powerful and everywhere present. We need to remember this.

There is a big difference between trusting somebody and putting your trust in somebody. When you trust someone, you recognize them as a representation of Divine energy. You see them in the highest light possible, knowing that no matter what they may do, it does not change who they are the core of their being.

It the same fashion nothing that happens to you can change who you are at the core of your being, deep in the depths of your soul. You are not reliant on people. You've learned to rely on the Divine Presence. In truth, our souls shine and lead the way.

When you put your trust in someone it means that you expect them to do what they say they will do, which is usually something that you should be doing for yourself. Trusting in someone usually means that there is something they have that you believe you need, or something you have that you believe they can take away to cause you harm.

You place your reliance on words or promised action rather than the Divine, knowing full well that humans are subject to irrational responses to fear, guilt, and/or shame. People can't see reality. So, why do we place our trust in one another?

Why? Because we forget to acknowledge the Divine Presence in all our life's experiences. Even when we do and our trust is betrayed, we blame those we trusted rather than embracing the experience as a lesson of the Divine.