Sunday, January 31, 2016


It seems to me now, that I learned to pray quietly, affirmatively for myself and for others. And so, I pray over things, in things, because of things, and in the midst of things. Oh, the importance of things. Or so we think.

Prayer is a very personal and intimate act. How and when you pray is a direct reflection of your understanding of the divine and the role of that understanding plays in your everyday life.

Prayer is the most highly effective spiritual act one can perform. Prayer, done as an active demonstration of belief in the presence of God nourishes the mind and supplies the emotional energy of healing within our beings.

The language of prayer helps to bring the mental, physical, and emotional bodies into alignment. These bodies, mind, body, and spirit, ignite the energy of the divine when they are aligned. And this helps the soul to grow, and us to be at one, as we should be, with all that is.