Monday, January 4, 2016

Learning and Teaching

We are here to remember what we have already experienced and forgotten. We are here by choice. Life here is constant choosing. We have chosen to be born and we eventually choose to die, to be born again.

There is no reason to hurry through the experience. Take you time and enjoy the wonder of living. Truth and love are windows of the soul and fulfill our purpose. We are teachers of life as well as students, so be aware of the example you set, even to yourself.

We each come here with needs to fulfill and the abilities to fulfill them through the higher wisdom of our soul-self. The soul too learns through living. As we expand, explore, and become our consciousness grows and we experience our own Divinity, our partnership in the all-that-I-am with the universe.

We are all beings of light and at the center is all light. Nothing happens in life that we have not chosen in our search for greater truth. We choose our experiences, we call them to us, we live our beliefs.

We do this to fulfill our growth in this lifetime. When we grow through truth we experience release and no longer need that life lesson. What is no longer needed then ceases to exist for us. Recognize the experience for what it is and move on.

No need to linger. Welcome it and let it go. Wiser choices are waiting to be made. As your inner wisdom deepens your self-realization expands. Forgive yourself, let go of fear and denial. They are only illusions of ignorance.

Let your experience lead you back to the light and to self-love. We are all children of God. Allow yourself to be loved.