Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The path

The path, is a means, not a goal nor an end. It is the journey, not the arriving. It is what we do along the way. All things done in love are accomplishments. Live with an open heart that you may learn. Our task lies in what we do that gives us greatest joy, what we do best that gives us a sense of fulfillment.

Let you heart lead the way and you will recognize the truth of your purpose. To be our most authentic self is honoring God and loving the self He created us to be. We know intuitively when we live consciously, with open hearts. To be in truth is to live in light, and to see God in all things is to live in total awareness.

Learning is an ongoing process that is not arrived at but constantly lived. To not accept growth as a constant is to deny God's wisdom, compassion, and existence. It is an unwillingness in the face of fear. To grow and give is but a joy when you learn to love life and self. It is never a sacrifice.

To meditate is to open yourself to listen to your inner being, to be totally centered, to be of the heart instead of the mind. To recognize the inner truth and to accept the peace of silence that brings tranquility.

It takes us through the doorway into the light of expansion to your soul-self and greater consciousness. This too is a form of prayer, of acceptance, of greater understanding. When we practice this individually we can make a difference in the world collectively as the light expands.

Each day we live more aware in consciousness the more rapid the growth. Release expectations and give yourself permission to more fully experience and to welcome each day as a blessing for all it contains is from God.