Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Blessed with Time

How blessed I am to be at home, to be a part of all this, of all nature, of all life. The sounds are as of a symphony of life, and through it all the sun is shining, that too is a blessing. I feel rich indeed to have the time to relax and enjoy the beauty of this day.

God in all His greatness answered my prayer and gave me this gift of time to be more aware to all of life around me. To just be, to pray, to go within, to be in tune with the grandeur of all life, to appreciate the small things, to hear and see with more clarity, to be at peace with myself and with God.

May I continue to grow in awareness. May I find the purpose of my life, may my art and writing evolve, and my soul, with God's blessings for His glory.