Friday, February 24, 2017

Create and Enjoy

What purpose is it to create if we don't enjoy the process, experience pleasure, experiment with ideas, and just maybe go a little crazy just for the sheer fun of it? To improve in our creativity we need to make a commitment to practice, to be at one with our creativity.

Like anything, playing the piano, cooking, ice skating, bowling, writing, or just living, we all improve the more time we devote to learning our craft and expressing ourselves. But without enjoyment, passion, zest, and dedication we remain novices without soul, our creations lacking.

Bring your spirit into your art, feel the rhythm you are moving to, the music you are making. Bring your creation to life, make it a dance of color, freedom, consciousness, an awakening, a statement of the movement and it will come alive.

Strive to be new with each blank page, each naked canvas, use your imagination. Invent what you want to say with it, be bold and unique. Create with all that is inside of you as a gift to yourself, but put your heart and faith into it.