Thursday, November 5, 2015


There is only this lifetime of consciousness and to grow into it using the tools provided to us. These are gifts of love and when we share them they return to us again and again. Be willing to experience life fully for this increases your conscious awareness and makes you more tuned into the divine in all existence.

We need to learn to listen to our inner consciousness and be willing to follow the truths that are revealed. This requires faith when we do not know the outcome in advance. Trust is releasing fear, abandoning the resistance to change we cling to.

Become an explorer of life by taking the first step consciously, believing in the divine wisdom that is guiding you. God will give us the courage it requires when we ask. For God is love and only leads us into a more loving, divine consciousness, not into disaster.

He knows when the timing is perfect, to move on, to grow and be aware. When we fear, be silent to hear and you will recognize the truth of what you are being told in your heart. God challenges us to be more conscious and we are rewarded with spiritual growth when we are.

A spiritual foundation is based on faith in God's guidance and protection through all life's many challenges. For when we have faith they dissolve and resolutions appear. God only leads to greater light, there is no darkness in divine direction.

There is peace, joy, abundance, wisdom, and consciousness. To live fully is the only wat to live. To move beyond the ordinary into the extraordinary. To live in truth is to live in love. Release the control of limitation and experience an unlimited future.