Wednesday, November 25, 2015


What we experience is what we have created in our own minds. They very act of expecting something brings it into our lives like a magnet. To surrender expectations and to be alive in the moment is to open up a whole new glorious world full of a great potential of possibilities we never allowed ourselves to believe possible.

The unexpected joy of life itself in total wonder, the unfamiliar rapture of just being, the eager acceptance of spontaneity without fear. A release of the need to be vigilant to the "what ifs" of life and instead be open to the great possibilities.

Each minute of each day becomes filled with excitement as you open your eyes and your heart to the beauty that exists in God's creation, our universe, and we honor its existence with our awareness, recognition, and love.

To love life is to be fully alive, not just going through the motions or sedating ourselves chemically, or hiding in our fears. We become one with all things, realizing we breathe in the same air, enjoy the warmth of the same sun, are moved by the same breeze, kissed by the same rain.

Active living is spiritual growth as your heart, mind, and spirit are touched by the world around you. When we release the limitations we have restricted ourselves with, we empower ourselves with a fuller, more thoughtful life.

For the truth is, all things are possible. A loving life is a fruitful harvest that we can choose to reap. True life is an evolution in the light.

It is wisdom granted for we are open to receive. We have the freedom to live without judgement or preconception if we allow ourselves.

To live simply is to be in abundance, filled with opportunities. There is no need for lack, unless we anticipate it, or for life to be difficult, unless we wish it so. Life fully lived is ours by Divine right. Live it joyfully and openly.