Monday, November 16, 2015


Be patient with yourself for you are a work in progress. Do not expect perfection for you are but human. Grant yourself the gift of love and accept that God loves you just as you are.

When we know this, and recognize that God loves all His children, we can learn to be patient with others as well. We live in a world of instant gratification and when we don't get our heart's desire when we feel it should come we become impatient.

God is not on our timetable so, when it is truly the right moment, and we are open to receive, all that you need will be given you by whatever appropriate means. What we want, when we want it may not be for our highest good.

Be patient, trust, and have faith. In the meantime prepare yourself through seeking spiritual guidance, divine truth, remembering your spiritual self and honoring that self with love, so that when God comes calling, gifts in hand, you are ready.

Experience life in the now, joyfully. Do not put yourself on pause, waiting for life to begin. This is life, each moment is the gift. If you are always busy looking for them elsewhere you may miss the blessings when they arrive on your own doorstep, unawares.

Trust that you are worthy to receive all that you need, and more. God's world is of infinite abundance and He wishes to share all that He has with us, in abundance. He has infinite, unlimited love for us, His children.

He wants us to expand the vision of our possibilities. They are endless. He gives us the potential, the talent, the time to develop and expand our abilities and the joy of accomplishment and empowers us to us them. The rest is easy. Trust, have faith and patience, all we need will arrive on time.