Friday, August 11, 2017

I understand now

We were so happy once
strolling down the beach
hand in hand
tossing pebbles
at the seagulls
watching other lovers
you were so lighthearted
laughing and smiling...
I could only give
what I needed most
my commitment
written on the sunset
blowing in the wind
to give you my heart
my love....
as long as I live...
I've offered you
a part of me
I've never given to another
my love
will not be washed away,
eroded by the sea of life
it is soft... gentle
like the mist
that kisses my face
but without measure....
there is always a feeling
of peace within me
when I am near the sea
for everything that has
touched the soul of me
be especially for you....
I watched the tides
the crimson sunset
inflaming the sky
I walked the beach
our beach....
and thought....
I do understand...