Thursday, August 3, 2017

Too Tired

Marriage is no guarantee
of a lasting relationship
no words spoken
though creating bonds
that are like red tape
will keep dying love at your doorstep
though it just makes harder
to untangle the mess....
your kids together created
won't keep you from cringing
at his touch
he's become repulsive
you're killing each other
a little more each day
within a cold war, hate unspoken
this life
it's what we were taught to wait for
in illusions and fantasies
as little girls
to wake up in middle years
and realize
it was only a nightmare
with paper bells
and a tiered cake
wet diapers.... crying babies
is this is the glamor
we all dreamed of?
it just doesn't materialize
while mopping floors
your husband comes home
too tired to tell you
you're beautiful anymore