Friday, January 31, 2014

Take off the blinders

Sometimes we run from ourselves in obvious or obscure ways. We deny the truth of our actions until we either wake up or are forced to recognize events out of our control. Sometimes God intervenes in a myriad of ways causing us to awaken to the truth.

Sometimes angels are dispatched to save us. Sometimes we ask for help and at times others do it for us, through thought, through prayer, whatever it takes to get us there.

In order to complete the change we must want it and accept the responsibility of our actions. We must look truth in the face and own it. Only then can we accept another way, a better way, a more spiritual way to live.

Only when we admit wrong can we ask to be pardoned, to be shown the way out of the darkness and into the light. Only when we value ourselves will we be valued.

Remember to ask, for only when you ask, will you receive. If you don't knock how will anyone know you're at the door? If you don't seek, and know what you're looking for, how can you expect to find it? Or recognize it when you do?

Sometimes we're blind, deaf and dumb, and can't understand why our life doesn't get better. We can pass hundreds of signs along the way and fail to notice they say Stop! Danger Ahead! Sharp Curve! Dead End! It is time to take the blinders off. To see the truth, own the truth, accept the truth, and embrace the truth, so that we can change to a new and better truth of being.

To stop look and listen before we cross the road to the other side. To a better more conscious existence. One where we treat ourselves with love and not loathing. One where the authentic self we were created to be can shine. That we reflect the spirit of our creator that others many recognize it in themselves and be grateful for our passing their way.